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guys…. you do realize that the designs are not canon right? like…. can you… can you maybe chill?
jesus christ

latino smh headcanons
  •  latino nursey is very quiet in english and very loud in spanish.
    • everything about him is louder in spanish tbh even his laugh turns into this giant high pitched howl. 
  •  while the difference is most drastic in nursey, both tango and whiskey also raise their volume. 
    • whiskey also relaxes 10x more like hes kinda uptight just a general rule but around other latinos? its like his whole personality changes. 
  • listen, also? tv is such an important part for them to connect w/ the hispanic world?? 
    • nuestro bellessa latina is so important that they dvr it but also all try very hard to schedule around it, so they can watch it in person.
    •  since nurseys not as into futbòl as tango and whiskey are, its really the climax of his life as a latino. 
  • tango cant eat spicy things.
    • he Just Cant
    • Like not even the tiniest of sprinkle of jalapeño on tortilla chips
  • nursey is unhealthily addicted to coffee, like cuban coffee that’s just basically a straight shot of espresso. not for the faint of heart. its like liquid adrenaline 
    • tango tried it once and like, could barely exist on the same plane as us mere mortals
  • whiskey also lowkey makes fun of everyone else’s accents because he grew up in puerto rico up until highschool so his spanish is excellent but he also thinks its really cute when people fuck up esp tango
    • tango has a complicated relationship with spanish bc hes always afraid of sounding too hispanic when saying things like latino countries or specific words that he cant help but say with an accent and then people look at him weird because he doesn’t look hispanic
  • tango is honestly a telenovela encyclopedia. u name it, hes seen it, can quote the most iconic scenes, and will act them out at any given time
  • whiskey is absolutely his abuelita’s child like. he calls her every couple of days if not every day he loves her so so much and nursey chirps the shit out of him for it but really he’s just lowkey jealous whiskey is so close with his family.
  • tango is also jewish and people are often very confused about how that works because both of his parents are argentinean. tango just confuses them more by trying to explain it.
  • all of them just sort of speak a unique blend of all of the slang from their respective countries like they have all just accepted the many different forms “im drunk” or “dude” or “drinking straw” come in. but the curse words that are common phrases in one country and horribly offensive in the other are a constant issue tbh
  • tango and whiskey are fabulous dancers. nursey, bless him, tries his hardest. he truly does. he just really has two left feet off of the ice
  • whiskey is truly an impressive drinker. all three of them can hold their liquor well but whiskey is just. stellar at it. he started drinking at like 13 and enters college as a seasoned alcoholic. (just kidding hes not an alcoholic!(actually tbh its hard to tell but lets just say he isnt))
  • i could forreal go on forever about this so i’m just gonna end it here: they all hate being called mexican, tango and whiskey especially (yes it’s partially about futbòl). there is something about being misidentified so grossly that really grinds ones gears. hence the gratuitous amount of clothing/memorabilia each of them own based on their nationalities.
    • if u think tango doesnt own a big argentinian flag that he definitely ties around his neck when appropriately timed, ur wrong
    • how many puerto rico tshirts can whiskey own? answer: an obscene amount. like for real at least 4 or 5. they’re both very extra
Mexico is mourning.

My country is mourning. Mexico is mourning. Just this week there was a whole family brutally attacked in their way to Puebla, an innocent two year old kid was killed with a gun there, his fourteen year old sister and mother were raped and his dad kicked almost death and then a woman was found dead inside a University Campus and all the media is blaming her for getting killed instead of looking for who did it. There’s a huge movement for woman’s rights right now. And all I see is the world ‘celebrating’ 5 de Mayo because they think it’s a day for partying and drinking tequila. It’s not even our Independence Day. It was a huge battle that we won, but it’s to remember, not to celebrate. We don’t celebrate 5 de Mayo in Mexico. I’m so sad how priorities are so obvious. I’m so angry these things happen and no one talks about it. (I’ll put some links to the news later when I finish work just for FYI)

I think that Black Panther coming soon is important for non black audiences as well.

Representation really matters. In Mexico, before the 2000s, the only local content that had black characters in it was Memín Pinguín, which, in spite of the ostensibly good messages it tried to transmit, drew Memín and his mother to be very ugly and with exaggerated minstrel characteristics compared to the non black characters. Afro mexicans were ignored in society–the only exposure a lot of Mexicans have had to black people is to Americans in movies and music. Even then, the rhetoric was very ugly: figures like former president Fox, even, are on public record for saying things like “mexicans [living in the US] do jobs that not even blacks will do.”

When I was a kid, I was fortunate to have access to channels like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney growing up. My Green Lantern was Jon Stewart; I had a huge crush on Static Shock and I admired the kids from the Proud Family because they were closer to me in age than the super heroes, but just old enough to be cooler and more mature. Numbuh 5 was my favourite agent from Kids Next Door. Kenan and Kel and Raven perfected the teen sitcom before Drake and Josh did, and their episodes always brought a smile to my face. Out of the Box’s black and asian hosts were always very friendly and creative and had new and exciting things to present each episode. Series like that taught me a lot of good lessons growing up, and they also taught me that seeing black characters in media was normal.

Now with more media having black characters in them than before in many cases, that exposure to black people is very positive. Lupita Nyongo’s success after 12 Years a Slave meant Mexican media was fawning over her and completely falling over each other to point out that she’s Mexican: she was in fact born here. Besides the hypocrisy of the fact that they would’ve treated her like shit had she tried to start her career here (not to mention how actresses like Salma Hayek condescended to her with “wow her Spanish is surprisingly good!!”), it was really a surprise to see Mexico take pride in her despite her being black, to accept her as a Mexican.

I want to see Black Panther do well in markets outside the US. Wonder Woman was a big hit too and showed that big budget super hero movies with a woman lead can perform even better than movies with male leads. I want to see that happening for a black film like Black Panther, too. I want non black kids to come out of the movie theatres thinking that seeing black characters in media is a normal, positive thing.

Enter Gordie C. “Jack” Hanna – not the zookeeper from those old television shows, but a plant breeder at UC Davis. In 1942, Hanna had a dream: a world that no longer needed anyone toiling in the tomato fields, but which instead used machines to pick out those blood-red jewels from the bushes. Hanna’s insight, and it was one that you really had to be a plant breeder to come up with, was to see the harvest from the tomato’s point of view. 

Imagine that you’re a tomato, and that you wanted to be picked by a terrifying metal monster without being turned to tomato paste prematurely. Hanna had a simple test for his tomatoes: He would throw them onto the road by the experimental farm at UC Davis, and breed the ones that survived.

It took nearly 20 years between breeding road-resistant tomatoes and building the machines that would pick them before Hanna and his engineer colleague, Coby Lorenzen, got it right with the VF-145 tomato (called the “square tomato” because it wouldn’t roll) and the Blackwelder mechanical tomato harvester. 

But this invention didn’t take place in a vacuum. Hanna and Lorenzen were working against time. National opinion had turned against the dreaded Mexican, leading to things like the Eisenhower administration’s subtly named Operation Wetback. The bracero program was going to be phased out, leaving California’s processed tomato industry with no one exploit. Kick out the Mexicans, and what happens to the ketchup? The square tomato and the mechanical tomato harvester saved the processed tomato industry. In five years, over 95 percent of processing tomatoes in California were picked by machine.

There was one problem, though: The square tomatoes sucked.

America’s Tomatoes Taste Like Garbage (Because Of Racism)

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Does the shaved line in your eyebrow stand for anything or mean anything or is it just for fashion (either way it's very cool)

I have a chunk missing out of it from a hockey injury (hair doesn’t grow on scar tissue), and I usually just fill it in, but lately I’ve been stylizing it into a straighter, more geometric cut for no reason other than that I enjoy looking like I was in a couture barfight.

Edit: @faeryenperatriza also brought up that it’s definitely a Latino boy thing. Like, half of my cousins on the Mexican side of my family have lines cut into their eyebrows, so I guess that could be why I forget it’s a weird thing to stylize.

I’m going to need people from the United States to understand something, that has been discussed countless of times throughout tumblr, so much so that it’s like beating a dead horse. Many people still don’t seem to understand that:

1) Latinos are not a race

2) Not all Latinos are people of color

3) Many Latinos are white. As white as native Europeans and sometimes even whiter than white Americans. This is especially true for people in the media in most Latin American countries. In countries like Mexico the movie industry is dominated by white European descendants, especially those from the elite. This is why Mexican men like:

Alejandro González Iñárritu (who is of Basque descent, with his Mexican wife who is of Spanish and German descent)

Emmanuel Lubezki (who is of Russian Jewish descant)

Alfonso Cuarón (who is of Spanish descent)

Guillermo del Toro (who is a Mexican Criollo)

Are white, despite being Mexican in nationality and ethnicity. They are in no way people of color.

Please take that into consideration when their wins are mentioned as triumphs for poc, because they are not. The reason these men won the awards they have, is greatly due to their whiteness.

With that said, their wins are without a doubt victories for Mexico and the Mexican people, and I’m not trying to take that away from them. My only concern are the people who try to detour conversations about the lack of poc representation in Hollywood by saying things like: well there’s this one Mexican nominated too; ignoring the fact that, that one Mexican happens to be no less whiter than the other white foreigners nominated. 

The reason this is extremely problematic is because it gives the illusion that poc are the champions of these victories, and it literally grants white people a space that is intended for poc. Meaning that, not only do they already dominate the media in their home countries, but now they’re also overshadowing a spot for those non-white Latin Americans who are largely invisible in the media of those countries.

On a side note, I’d also like to remind everyone that: Spain is in Europe and that the indigenous population of Spain is as white and as European as the indigenous populations of Britain, France, or Italy. A lot of you seem to think that Penélope Cruz, Pedro Almodóvar, and Javier Bardem are not only Latinos but also as non-white, which is mind-blowing considering they’re all native Europeans.

My thoughts on Scare Pewdiepie being cancelled

Ok, so, basically, Scare Pewdiepie Season 2 is being cancelled because of “Pewdiepie putting antisemitic stuff on some of his videos”. And let me tell you why this is pure bullsh*t…

First off, I acknowledge that asking two poor people from Sri-lanka to hold a sign saying “Death to all Jews” was a little bit too far. HOWEVER, the backlash Felix is getting is absolute horsec*ck!

Secondly, Felix’s humor is, and has always been based on satire and sarcasm. Anyone who doesn’t understand or agree with that type of humor should not have anything to do with Felix’s content.

The mere definition of satire involves the use of something apparently known by too few people: irony. To those ignorants, irony is the use of something, like a political stance, a phrase, an opinion, to actually mean the opposite, often in a comedic way (ex: “No, please, keep talking, you’re not boring me at all…”). When used blatantly, it is often seen as sarcasm.

Satire, however, is a little bit more intricate, in the sense that it involves “acting” like a certain group of people in a ridicule way to mock their opinion or political stance (ex: people imitating the voice of Donald Trump, saying things like “I want to deport Mexicans”, or when you mimic your teacher to make your friends laugh). Everyone does it, and it often involves exaggerating the imitation. When used in a casual way, it usually ends up pretty clearly. But when used in a “professional” way (and by that, I mean, entertainment in a large scale), it keeps going for the whole video. But it is, still, humor, and fake!

I sometimes joke with my friends about Nazis, jokingly doing a Nazi salute, imitating the all too famous “Nein, nein, NEIN!!” from Downfall, or even saying racist stuff in a strong, cliché, German accent (it IS cliché… I live near Germany, the German accent sounds in no way like the one they do in movies). It doesn’t mean I think this stuff! On the contrary, I find it absolutely ridiculous that some people had the same idea, and even more that some still do! And that is exactly what Felix is doing, using satire, just on a more grand scale!

If someone were to come to me and say “Death to all Jews” in a serious manner, I would laugh at its face! And not only because I think it’s ridiculous, but because those kind of people WANT to be taken seriously, WANT people to be afraid of them, which leads me to my last point.

If you try to silence Pewdiepie, the message you’re sending is basically “It’s not okay to joke about this ideology, it’s not okay to ridicule it, it’s a serious matter”. You’re giving those dumb*sses the credibility they lost! You’re saying “They’re still a threat, they are not a laughing matter”. It’s part of a bigger problem nowadays, because it seems like medias are actively trying to bring back racism by putting it sometimes petty actions on front pages, going “look, this is what some people do, fear them!!”. You’re not silencing them! You’re giving them a voice, a platform in which to speak their moronic opinions in a serious manner! And as much as I respect free speech, that should never be the case for such hateful ideologies. 

Anyway, that’s all for my rant, that no-one will ever see or read fully…

@pewdie, I support you fully, even though I don’t agree with you all the time, or laugh at all your jokes. You went a bit far, you apologized, the video was taken down, it should have been the end of it. But medias are leeches, and humorless imbeciles are everywhere.

And to all the idiots still thinking Felix deserves this, go eat cabbage (I hate cabbage).

Honestly, the more I learn the more I think that the SJ emphasis on cultural appropriation comes from SJ being very US-based, and a lot of the communities here being diaspora communities that are wrestling with identity as minorities separated from the source.

So a Mexican person is like “whoa you like 5 de mayo? NEAT! Let me show you ALL THE THINGS!”

where a Mexican-American is like “dude it’s hard ENOUGH to stay connected to my roots without your gringo ass using them as a fucking excuse for más tequila”

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4, for Big Sis au or Stay at home stan/stana. Buying new furniture for an expanding family.

4. Trying to buy a new couch

This was a lot of fun to write omg.  I’m really fond of the idea that Stan and Angie get bogged down by work stuff and realize when Angie’s in her third trimester that there’s a billion things they still need to do to get ready for the baby.  And buying a new couch is one of them.  They really needed a new one anyways.  The old one had a number of questionable stains and smelled sort of like mice.

Send me an AU and a number and I’ll write you a ficlet!

               “What about this one?” Stan suggested, running a hand along a dark red sofa.  “Seems nice to me.”  He sat down. “Mm.  Comfy.  Angie, come here.”  Sitting a few feet away on the last couch Stan had liked, Angie groaned.

               “When ya said we were lookin’ fer furniture, I thought there’d be more sittin’ ‘n less walkin’ around,” she said, annoyed.  Now less than a month from her due date, Angie had only been coaxed into going to the store by the possibility of sitting or lying down on comfortable furniture.  She braced her arms against the seat of the couch and tried to push herself up. After failing, she slumped back. “Goin’ to need yer help gettin’ up,” Angie said in a defeated voice.  Stan stood and walked over to her.  He took a hold of her hands and pulled her up.  Angie toppled forward a bit, but caught herself.  Stan chuckled.  Angie rolled her eyes.  “Sure, sure, laugh it up.  But you ain’t the one whose center of balance is all messed up,” she said, poking him in the chest.  “Now, where am I sittin’ next?”

               “This one.”  Stan put an arm around Angie’s shoulders, guiding her to the couch he had pointed out. Angie sat down heavily with a loud groan.  She rested her hands on her swollen stomach and shifted herself, attempting to get comfortable.  “So?”

               “I like it nice enough,” Angie said.

               “It’s got detachable seat cushions for forts, a hideaway bed for annoying guests, and it’s big enough for five people.  If we end up with a third kid,” Stan said.  Angie eyed him.

               “Yer gettin’ ahead of yourself there.  No talkin’ ‘bout third kids until the second one’s finished bakin’.  And we’re plannin’ on just havin’ the two kids, ‘member?”

               “We also planned on having the second kid about a year from now,” Stan said. “Maybe our plans get screwed up again.”

               “Don’t jinx us there, darlin’.”

               “Comfortable, isn’t it?” Stan said, rubbing one of the seat cushions

               “Hon, I ain’t been comfortable in two months.  If ain’t my back, it’s my feet.  If it ain’t my feet, it’s the kid kickin’ me.  If it ain’t kickin’ me, the kid’s sittin’ on my bladder.  And if it’s none of that, then I’m hungry,” Angie said.

               “…Are you hungry right now?” Stan asked.

               “I’m eight months pregnant.  I’m always hungry,” Angie replied.  She looked around.  “Where’s Molly?”

               “Over here,” a voice said.  Angie craned her neck, but still couldn’t see her daughter.  She sighed.

               “Sweetling, don’t make me get up to see ya.”  Molly clambered over the back of the couch and took a seat between Stan and Angie.  Angie chuckled.  “Yer my lil monkey, ain’t ya?”

               “Yeah.  Are we done?” Molly asked.  

               “That depends,” Stan said.  “Do you like this couch?”

               “It’s nice,” Molly said.  Stan looked at Angie.  

               “What about you?”

               “If I weren’t pregnant, I think I’d like it an awful lot,” Angie said.  

               “You keep mentioning being pregnant,” Stan said.  

               “Well, that’s ‘cause it’s havin’ a pretty strong effect on my life, darlin’,” Angie replied.  She drummed her fingers on her large baby bump.  “Hmm, I could go fer a churro right now.”

               “Ooh, let’s get churros!” Molly said eagerly.  She hopped off the couch.

               “All right, we will,” Stan said, standing up.  “But after we get the couch.  Hey!” He flagged down a worker and walked over to them.

               “Ask ‘em if they can move it to the house with me still sittin’ on it,” Angie said idly.

               “If you go with the moving crew, you won’t get a churro,” Molly said.  

               “Nuh-uh.  I’m gettin’ a churro, no matter what,” Angie replied.  

               “You’re gonna ask the moving crew to take you to a churro stand?”

               “No, I’ll ask yer dad to pick up a few extra churros fer me.  Which he better.  It’s his fault I’m cravin’ ‘em.”  Stan rejoined Angie and Molly.

               “Are you still talking about Mexican snack food?” Stan asked.  

               “Yeah,” Molly and Angie said together.  

               “The papers are signed and the couch is bought, so we can go get some churros,” Stan said.  Angie held out her hands.  Stan helped her up.  She made an odd expression.  “You all right, babe?”

               “I think so.  I just- that was a strange feelin’.”

               “What- what kind of feeling?” Stan asked.  Angie shook her head.

               “Prob’ly nothin’.  Just the kid stompin’ on my bladder agai- augh!” Angie let out a shout and hunched over.

               “Mom?!” Molly said, worried.

               “Angie!  Angie, talk to me!” Stan said.  Angie shook her head, her face scrunched up in pain.  After a few seconds her face relaxed and she looked at him, panicked.

               “That feelin’ must’ve been my water breakin’,” she whispered.  “‘Cause I’m pretty sure that was a contraction.”

               “So…no churros?” Molly said.  Angie stood to her full height again.

               “No, we’re gettin’ churros.”

               “You’re in labor,” Stan said.  Angie glared at him.

               “Then we pick ‘em up on the way to the hospital.  We got the couch, now we get churros.  That was the deal,” Angie said firmly.  “And it ain’t like the baby’s comin’ out right now.  We’ve got time to stop fer snacks.”  Stan sighed and dug his car keys out of his pocket.

               “Fine.  We get churros on the way to the hospital.”  He put an arm around Angie, helping her walk out of the store.  Molly raced past them, eager to leave.  “At least your water didn’t break on the couch.”

               “It might have,” Angie said quietly.  

               “Oh.  Eh, it was a floor model anyways, who cares.”

Chenle - Dating A Mexican girl/boy

-really loves horchata

-likes eating mazapanes

-has a thing for Mexican candy

-gets along with anyone in your family

-Dances to corridos all the time at parties

-Likes to sign some Spanish song

-he always becomes your primas Chambelán (escort) at the quinceañeras

-plays with your little primos (cousins)


-really loud at parties

-likes to dance with your tías (aunts)

-your mama always takes him to the dance floor to dance

-likes to eat street tacos at night with you

-tries to learn Spanish

-“Me gustas mucho”

-“ayy cállate Chenle!!”

-your mom scolds you for yelling at him in Spanish

-everyone LITERALLY loves him even tus vecinas y la vieja chismosa de la esquina

-likes to watch the soccer games every domingo with your dad

-likes to wear the traditional clothing from where you are from

-going To las ferias when it’s in town

-plays soccer with the kids from the houses near by

-likes pan dulce

-he likes to go to the hometown to eat pozole, tamales, arroz con leche

-likes to eat frijoles a la olla when there is nothing else to eat

-he was the chambelan de honor at your 15 you both did un baile sorpresa at the end

-he really isn’t a big fan of mole

-likes to eat tortas

-puts guacamole on his carne asada tacos

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My younger brother volunteers as a golf caddie for a scholarship he wants to apply to and the golf course is in a more affluent part of town so of course it’s filled with white ppl and apparently an adult caddie asked him today where he wanted to go to school and my brother replied MIT

And this asshole has the audacity to reply “I don’t want to burst your bubble but you need at least a 3.5 gpa” like what kind of racist garbage??? Bet you he wouldn’t be saying that shit to all the white teens that work there would he

the one where komaeda is fine

Komaeda: You know what we should do?

Nanami, backing up: …calm…ourselves?

Komaeda: Nooo… we should all have dinner! Yes, we’ll do it tomorrow night; I’ll cook!

Hinata: Don’t you think that would be a little weird?

Komaeda: [hysterically] Weird? What? What’s weird? The only thing weird would be if someone didn’t like Mexican food, because I’m making FAJITAS!

i understand the point of that whitewashing post but saying “I mean I shouldn’t see characters like Princess Tiana look like she’s Mexican” is probably the worst thing you can add to your otherwise good post.

The relation between americans and mexicans is really funny

In México, we have no problem with americans, you are studing in México? Dude, you are going to party with us, you are going to eat mexican food with our family and some REAL tacos. Oh, you are traveling? Perfect, more party oh… And we will try to sell you things, you know, dollars are a pretty thing.

But when a mexican go to the USA to WORK, oh, we are the problem, all the bad things on the USA, are because of the mexicans, like really, fuck México, is that guy working more than 12 hours a day, fuck him, why is he doing that?

Some people, and Im not saying that all americans, but a lot, are shit to us, when in México we will make you our ‘amigo’ instantly.