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so can we like talk about what a fucking underrated character dustin henderson is and how he deserves so much more?

  • he was the only level-headed member in the party who remained calm when will went missing in s1.
  • max rather ruthlessly broke his heart when she chose lucas instead of him.
  • he is the only character who’s never(?) had a real love interest who feels mutually the same about him in the party (besides will and mike? maybe?).
  • he welcomed el into the party and thought her superpowers were totally awesome. 
  • he’s never had an older brother figure/father figure until his team-up with steve came along.
  • his cat was eaten by a Demodog in front of his very eyes and he had to lie to his mother repeatedly about where Mews went. he was a damn good liar fyi
  • he can purr (it’s fucking hilarious and it gets me every time) and do that “arm thing” that mike compared to mr. fantastic
  • he’s virtually the smartest and strongest character out of all of them and he has such a big heart full of so much love. the only problem is that he has no one to give it to.
  • he has the best sense of humor ever and he can make practically any situation lighter with his jokes and antics–much to the scorn of others (hopper, mike, lucas, max, etc.).
  • mother of GOD HE TAMED A FUCKING DEMODOG FOR CHRIST’S SAKE. if he hadn’t been so compassionate to dart that he was willing to break their “friends don’t lie” code by keeping him hidden–and if they never created their bond over nougat–then dart never would have let steve (and his kids) pass through that tunnel unharmed. THIS HAS BEEN BUGGING ME FOR WEEKS GUYS
  • he was rejected by every girl at the snow ball except nancy for no good reason. like, how do you not see what a precious goofball with his farrah fawcett spray up-do and cute confidence he is bitch??????
  • he called ted wheeler a son of a bitch right to his face. i swear i was like “oh shit yes that’s my fucking son would u like some ice for that burn ted”
  • he stayed up all night trying to figure out what species d’artagnan was and god that melted my heart
  • he calls mr. clarke “my lord” and if that isn’t the cutest thing ever ur shitting me
  • in season 1 dust put up with constant bullying and abuse from troy and james every day at school practically without getting mad and without losing his cool even one time. extra points
  • after dustin noticed dart’s growing /molting and after he ate his cat [:(], he was so brave in taking on the demodog and trapping him in the storm cellar. like- i was surprised and so proud
  • BONUS: he says “shit shit shit shit shit shit shit” and “oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god” on a daily basis

We have 5 days

That’s it, 5. Net neutrality is in danger. The FCC will strip away your free open internet. Say goodbye to fan art, long distance relationships, internet friends, home schooling, fandoms, they’ll all be behind a paywall.

Call your senators

Call the FCC

For fucks sake do something.

You have til December 14th 2017

Aside from the sadness/disappointment/self-deprecation induced tears, from canon we know that Bakugou is an angry crier, Kirishima a sympathetic crier and Kaminari a stress crier, which, when you really think about it, means that once one of them starts crying the possibility of all three of them ending up in tears is pretty high

What if the Prisoner of Azkaban had been a different marauder?

When James and Lily go in to hiding, Sirius is the obvious choice for secret keeper. “Now is not the time for obvious choices,” Albus Dumbledore says. There are rumours of a spy within the Order, and Sirius Black has been disappearing for weeks at a time. “Mister Lupin will be your secret keeper.” Sirius hurls a glass of firewhiskey at the wall, and the last words he speaks to James Potter are screamed at him in between sobs.

The following evening, the last before Halloween, James finds Remus broken and bloodied on his doorstep, ambushed by a pack of werewolves who had heard whispers from an unknown source. It is then Remus knows Sirius Black is truly lost. James heals his friend’s broken ribs and sends a message to Peter, despite Remus’ protests.

The secret keeper is switched, and Lily and James perish the following night.

Blinded by grief, Remus tracks down Peter - the identity of the spy now painfully clear. But his injuries make him slow and Peter blows up a street full of people, not before informing them all of Remus Lupins’ betrayal.

When his ears stop ringing and his vision clears, Remus is in handcuffs.

Afterwards, Sirius stands as a broken man, barely upright in Albus Dumbledore’s office. “It should have been me,” he spits. “Why didn’t you chose me?” Dumbledore reluctantly explains his suspicions and is furiously informed of a private alliance between Sirius and his brother, a secret partnership formed in the shadows of the war, and understands the reason behind Sirius’ mysterious disappearances. It doesn’t matter now. Sirius lost both of his brothers on the night of Halloween, 1981.

“Harry will live with his aunt and uncle,” Dumbledore explains. Sirius tells him to do something unrepeatable with his wand, and slams the door on the way out.

Twelve years later, Sirius stands in the same office once again. Harry has had two near-misses with Voldemort in the last two years, and with news of Remus Lupin’s escape from Azkaban, Sirius isn’t about to risk a third. He volunteers to fill the position of the Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor, to keep an eye on Harry. 

And ensure his old best friend can’t come within a hundred miles of him.