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Dorian crawled into the stress box and pulled out a small bundle of rags. He opened it and handed it to Eremes. Inside were two small snails and a large one. "Here. For you. And you better like them, because I'm NEVER getting the slime out of my clothes." But despite his harsh words, he smiled and wrapped an arm around Eremes, trying to comfort his stressed little friend.

he tries


Kim Namjoon

-People think he’s like

-But he’s actually like

-He naturally gives off that mysterious vibe

-But really he’s just not that open about personal things

-Has one friend

-Can often be found in the library

-Always has his headphones

Kim Seokjin

- Senpai ™

-Always has two lunches

-Perfectionist(He doesn’t tolerate mistakes)

-Blunt (Has no problem telling you off)

-Knows about the latest gossip before anyone else

-President of the Theater Club

Jung Hoseok

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our train company has a sort of public library thing going on and i sometimes takes books home, so i'm looking at the shelves per usual and i see a book by julia quinn; the title is half covered by says "romancing" so i remember u and am like sure i never read romance but i'll take it. anyway i started it yesterday cos why not, right. turns out it's "Romancing Mister Bridgerton" and i'm really loving that 1800 gossip girl, i read like half, so yeah long story short THANK YOU

I CHECKED AND I DON’T HAVE THAT ONE but this ask reminded me that i bought Because Of Miss Bridgerton a while ago and hadn’t read it, so i just did


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you know what we should talk about? trans remus and non binary sirius. and them being in love :)

  • sirius started getting into makeup because it seemed the fastest way to piss off his parents

  • and, like, technically speaking? that’s not logical, because he still gets the brunt of it (it being the screech of his dear mum and the way the hex feels burning against his ribs) and (paraphrasing from james) stop trying to make it so you know why you’re getting the trauma, you fuck

    • in some ways (most ways) james is right, because it is A Thing; if he knows why they’re abusing him, why they’re punishing him, then it isn’t as bad. it’s just his behaviour, and he doesn’t deserve it, but. but-

  • and moony isn’t blind. sure one eye is a little messed up from a bad moon and sure he hasn’t got wormy’s ability to stop something wrong, but he knows sirius like he knows himself, and sirius is hurting 

    • he notices the way sirius ducks his head after putting on eyeliner, smudging on lipstain, the way he closes off when someone comments on it, mouth twisted snide and cruel

  • he notices padfoot because for as long as he’s known him, pads has noticed him back

  • it starts small, from there. remus’s tell him the eyeliner suits him, will say “that colour looks good with your eyes” and makes sure pads can’t brush it off as a joke, sees the sincere curl of his lips, the everthere support in his eyes

  • and then sirius starts back
    • slow, at first, then faster, quicker, smile sharp and warm in the way only sirius black manages to do

    • “you’re the manliest bloke i know, rem”

    • “your voice is really hot” (said half-jokingly, slight panic in his jaw, the tenseness there til remus raises an eyebrow and says back “yours isnt bad either, black”)

  • and it’s easier, from then on

    • remus sees a black lipstick? passes it off to sirius in the dorm, grins at him and says “thought it’d fit your goth vibe” and sirius scoffs and holds back the way he sort of wants to cry

    • sirius comes across a voice-deepening spell when he’s nerding out over new hexes to use when james steals his socks? gives it to remus with the addition of “you dont have to, just thought it might help” because he’s seen the way remus gets shaky, sometimes, especially after a full moon, when his voice is just slightly higher

  • and it seems natural, one day, on the top of the astronomy tower after pulling a shitty prank with james and peter, for sirius to brush a kiss to the soft-roughness of the scar over remus’s cheekbone

  • seems more natural when remus catches his jaw and kisses him full and soft and says “don’t think lipstick’s my style” and sirius smirks at him and says “and i am?”

  • remus denies saying yes

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Do YOU have any Mori or Kyoya headcanons?

I do!~ I’m gonna do these the same way I did the Hikaru ones~



  • He likes to read biographies of people he admires and the classics in his spare time - he especially likes Shakespeare
  • He also really likes mythology
  • Takes notes in a sort of shorthand and everyone always groans and have essentially stopped asking to borrow his notes
  • After history his best subject in school is whatever language he’s taking
  • I feel like he’d be into something like Latin
  • After university and once law school starts he basically lives in the library


  • Always forgets where his glasses are. Like always
  • His room is super clean and organized
  • But he never makes his bed - which has like 5 blankets and a mountain of pillows
  • Talks a bit more at home than at school - mostly to his mother or Satoshi
  • Has a bookshelf where he keeps his books and the models he makes
  • When he’s home, he and Satoshi spend a lot of time together - not necessarily doing anything together, but they’ll often sit together while Mori reads and Satoshi does homework or plays video games


  • As a friend, he’s the one you want to go to when you really need to vent because he’ll wait until you’re done talking to give his advice
  • His advice is always really well grounded - he tries not to let his emotions have any weight on what he’s saying
  • Family is very important to him and it’s a big deal to him to consider friends as family
  • As a boyfriend, he’s surprisingly affectionate. Not in like, a vocal sense, but he likes holding hands and holding his s/o in general.
  • Also the type to leave little gifts around - not like, gift gifts, but like, his s/o’s favorite type of candy at their desk, bringing them lunch at work, things like that.
  • Totally the type to send cute lil text messages at work.


  • He’s slightly obsessive about keeping his glasses clean
  • He gets his hair cut every two weeks to keep it from getting too out of hand - except in college when he let it grow out
  • Meets with Honey for lunch once a week, and the entire host club once a week for dinner
  • Definitely has one of those lame dad aprons that he wears when he cooks - the one with like, a tuxedo on it.



  • He has abhorrent handwriting. It’s so bad. He’s the only one who can read it. He types everything he hands in so his teachers aren’t worried about it - he uses a laptop to take notes at university. 
  • He definitely attends an Ivy League to get his MBA - probably had to pick between them.
  • He is a master all nighter and often can go 24+ hours without sleeping to study/do work but the second he gets home he’s out.
  • Likes to do sudoku when he’s not studying


  • Everything in his house is in its own spot and he likes it that way. He hates when things are out of place.
  • House has a large library, with lots of books that people tend to think Kyoya hasn’t read - but he has.
  • He doesn’t talk much but it’s only because he’s predominately shut up in his room and later his office by himself. 


  • Comes off as very cold and indifferent - but it’s only to hide the fact that he cares very deeply about the people who are important to him. 
  • His network is endless. He knows everyone and their wives and children and when to send gifts and flowers or ask to meet for lunch.
  • He’s the friend you go to when you want something done. He listens to what you say and gives options on what you want done.
  • Incredibly charming when he first meets someone.
  • As a boyfriend, he hates PDA but is more affectionate in the home
  • Takes relationships slowly. It’s not that he wants to get to know his s/o more because he’s definitely done a background check since they’re second nature to him, but that he wants to let his s/o get to know him.
  • After his career has been established, he’s actually rather excited to start a family


  • He has an eidetic memory
  • Finds TV boring - he usually only watches the news and stock reports
  • He eats a surprising amount of takeout, especially in college, mostly Thai and Mexican
  • Dislikes tea because it’s often served sweet, but won’t turn it down if offered in an important meeting
  • Drinks his coffee black - also drinks probably about 1.5 pots of coffee in a day

Libraries aren’t just for books, or even e-books, anymore. They are for checking out cake pans (North Haven, Conn.), snowshoes (Biddeford, Me.), telescopes and microscopes (Ann Arbor, Mich.), American Girl dolls (Lewiston, Me.), fishing rods (Grand Rapids, Minn.), Frisbees and Wiffle balls (Mesa, Ariz.) and mobile hot spot devices (New York and Chicago).

Here in Sacramento, where people can check out sewing machines, ukuleles, GoPro cameras and board games, the new service is called the Library of Things.

“The move toward electronic content has given us an opportunity to re-evaluate our physical spaces and enhance our role as a community hub,” said Larry Neal, the president of the Public Library Association, a division of the American Library Association, which represents 9,000 public libraries. “The web is swell,” he added, “but it can feel impersonal.

It’s about broadening their perspective of what the library is. At an open house, you could see the awe and joy people had in discovering that there was the first edition of [the comic-book series] Luke Cage—things they could relate to. Knowing that the library has the largest collection of comic books in the world and that they could get a reader’s card and use the resources. I’m really interested in making sure people understand that the library’s not just for scholars but that everybody can be a scholar.
—  Carla Hayden, 14th Librarian of Congress 
Check Me Out Pt. 2

Anon: Check me out pt. 2 where they fuck in the library? Thank you!! Btw I love your blog and your writings, keep it up <3

Sorry this took so long, anon. Happy New Years <333

Pt. 1


There was no one around the campus as Park Jimin stuffed his hands in his pockets and headed towards the library. It was cold and he’d forgotten his jacket in the dorm after being to distracted with Tae stuffing lube in his pocket. Why was he even out here? Because of a handwritten booty call handed to him in a library? If it were anyone else, Jimin would’ve found it sort of funny. But right now all he could think about was getting out of the cold and into Jungkook’s strong arms. 

“Fuck why didn’t I bring a jacket?” He mumbled to no one as he walked in the dark.

It was only when he arrived at the library that he realized that it always closed at 10pm. Shame bubbled in his chest and he cursed into the wind. He was being made fun of. “God fucking damn-" 

Before he could finish the front door of the library opened and he was being pulled inside.

"You should really watch your mouth, Park Jimin.” The way his name echoed through the air sent shivers straight down into his crotch and before he could turn around to meet the owner of the velvet voice, he was being pulled farther into the library. 

They reached the edge of one of the library’s tables, and Jimin’s back was pressed firmly against his assailant. Hands drifted under his shirt while soft lips pressed against his neck. A moan escaped his lips as he reached back to grab the table to keep his balance. He was in euphoria, feeling everything that he had been dreaming of feeling. He knew exactly who was touching him.

“Jungkook,” he let out breathlessly.

He was quickly turned around and, even in the dark, could see the intensity in the younger boy’s dark brown eyes. Jungkook licked his lips and held tighter onto Jimin’s hips.

“At your service.”

The table creaked under the weight as Jimin was lifted and now straddled Jungkook’s waist. Then they were kissing, tongues and teeth clashing together roughly. Jungkook reached up and ran his fingers in the older male’s hair before tugging on it roughly, exposing the soft skin of Jimin’s neck. He was mesmerized by the pale color and, without thinking, he began to bite and suck on it relentlessly.

He tasted really good.

Jimin writhed under him, whining at the constriction from his jeans as their groins rubbed against each other. The friction, and Jungkook’s teeth at his neck were threatening to drive him insane and he found himself tugging at the other’s shirt. Jungkook only continued to tease him, sucking everywhere he could and keeping his grip on Jimin’s light-orange hair. He was in control and Jimin was loving every second of it. 

A low, husky growl resonated in Jungkook’s chest as he felt the older male clawing at his back. He figured he should stop, or there wouldn’t be any evidence of the pretty pale skin under the bruises. Instead, he thought he’d would really like to see Park Jimin shirtless.

In one fluid motion he grabbed the edges of Jimin’s shirt, ripping it off of him and tossing the two halves on the floor beside them. 

“Now this is something I’ve been wanting to see.”

Apart from the library, Jungkook had noticed Jimin at the gym multiple times. He was always benching and stretching and Jungkook quietly watched from his treadmill, sweat growing on his brow from more than just the intensive workout. He’d wanted to see Jimin shirtless for so long.

“Fuck” Jimin moaned out as he was turned again, this time his back was against the table and Jungkook was crawling over him with the wildest look in his eyes. God he’s an animal, Jimin thought. A strong animal.

Jungkook didn’t waste any time, smoothing his tongue over the dips and lifts of Jimin’s abs. Here and there he sucked on the skin lightly, leading a trail down his body. When he reached the top of Jimin’s jeans, Jungkook unbuttoned and unzipped them with his teeth, eyes never leaving Jimin’s. The action was enough to earn a twitch of anticipation from Jimin’s cock.

Jimin was sweating, drowning in the overstimulation. All he wanted was for Jungkook to take him there, over and over. It was driving him nuts. But Jungkook was more interested in teasing his hyung until he begged.

“You look so pretty like this,” Jungkook hummed as he pulled Jimin’s jeans off him. The older male was eyeing him with lust basically dripping off of his plump lips. “Thank you for not keeping me waiting.”

Jungkook forced down Jimin’s boxers and once his length was free, Jungkook hastily took its entirety into his mouth. Jimin’s back arched and he dug his heels into the table to keep himself steady. The tip of his head was hitting the back of Jungkook’s throat and he had to bite his lip to hold off the squeaks lodged in his throat.

He felt the younger boys tongue run against the side of his cock and lost it. His head rolled back as he let out a high-pitched moan. Everything seemed to blur as Jungkook continued to suck. Jimin hadn’t thought about his words until they were already being said in between loud moans.

“Jungkook, please please please. Fuck me. I can’t take it.”

Jungkook was upon him again, in a flash, taking up his lips in another rough kiss. He fumbled with his own jeans, pushing them down to his ankles and stepping out of them. Jimin had already taken out the bottle of lube Taehyung had given him, smoothing the liquid over his entrance as he began to prep himself. Jungkook thought he had died and gone to heaven. The sight of Jimin, fucking and spreading himself for Jungkook was beautiful.

He sat there watching as his hyung writhed and moaned and the stimulation of his own fingers. Jungkook gingerly lathered himself in lube, each moan caused his cock to twitch. It was now Jimin doing the teasing.

A smirk appeared on Jimin’s lips as he arched his back letting out a repressed scream.

“I want to cum for you, Jungkook.”

Jimin’s fingers were pulled roughly out of himself and Jungkook positioned himself and the older male’s entrance. Before Jimin could lift his head to see what was going on, Jungkook had forced himself inside. They both groaned.


The table was rocking violently at Jungkook’s quick pace. Jimin’s moans only encouraged his thrusts, determined to hear Jimin scream his name.

Jimin desperately lifted to reach Jungkook’s thrusts, needing more friction. The younger only pushed harder, while Jimin gripped his shoulders for stability. The legs of the table were light lifting off the ground. But Jungkook wouldn’t give up until he found-

“Oh my God, Jungkook,” Jimin’s screams pierced the air as Jungkook hit his prostate.

“That’s what I like to hear.”

The older male’s eyes rolled to the back of his head, and his tongue threatened to fall from the corner of his opened mouth. He could barely control himself as the thrusts continued on their quick pace.

Jungkook nestled his head in Jimin’s shoulder feeling his climax building through him. He lifted his chin and planted a soft kiss on Jimin’s lips. It wasn’t rough like before, but gentle and passionate. When Jimin submitted to the kiss he pulled back, tugging on the older’s bottom lip with his teeth.

That sent Jimin over the edge, writhing and screaming as loud as his vocal chords would allow him to. The thought that he was the one giving Jimin this pleasure, making him scream and shake, sent Jungkook over with him.
They both rode out their orgasms, semen now covering both of their stomachs and chests. When the feeling had finally subsided they laid, limp against each other. Jungkook was the first to speak.

“Wanna know something?” Jimin looked up at him, eyes fluttering.


Jungkook nearly caught his breath. He sounded angelic. “This is the best thing a library has ever offered me.”

Different Kinds of Horned Serpents Headcanons

Slythersnakes, the snakiest of snakes, being fantastic scholars of obscure, dangerous, often dark knowledge. This isn’t to say Slythersnakes are dark wizards and witches, but they believe such information is valuable in its own way, that knowledge of your enemy is the first and best weapon, and that sometimes you might have to fight darkness with darkness. They, like all Horned Serpents, are excellent diviners and use their uncanny insight to further their own ambitions. They hoard spells, potion recipes and components, and are meticulous note-takers. They always write down what they see in their divinations, in case it might prove useful. While Pukindors usually know everything about everyone, Slythersnakes have a knack for digging up deep, personal secrets on the people around them. They keep a tight group of friends. They value their privacy and often seek out secluded places to study with their friends. When the mood strikes, however, they can be quite social and charmingly mischievous.

Gryffinsnakes being the teachers’ pets wherever they go. They love to learn, be it in the classroom or outside of it. They have an insatiable drive to know more and to show everyone how much they know. They love praise and acknowledgement, and they seek these things out. They are likely the most confident and outspoken of all the Horned Serpents. Many are not content to simply learn in a classroom and look for opportunities to apply their skills practically. They love using their knowledge to overcome obstacles and desire for their names to be known to all someday. They look for thrilling, daring ventures to prove themselves. Those who are less extroverted still look for big problems to tackle within the academic realm of theory. They may be gifted with divination and some look for meaning and opportunity in their visions, but many lack the patience to hone this skill.

Hufflesnakes being the most dedicated scholars. They are quick to learn most subjects, but if they don’t understand something immediately they will set to work studying until they fully comprehend the troublesome topic. Hufflesnakes are friendly and relaxed, shunning the pretentiousness that sometimes (okay, often) clings to their housemates in favor of a down-to-earth, matter-of-fact air. They are the most tactful of the Horned Snakes. They also frequently remind their friends in Horned Serpent to take breaks, eat, and get a full-night’s sleep from time to time. They are also accomplished diviners, with focused visions. They may not always get long visions, but what the do see is clear and exact.

Ravensnakes being the daydreamers, the savants of Horned Serpent. They always seem far away and hard-to-reach, bc their minds are chronically bent toward whatever topic they happen to be fixating on. They are not as prone to showing off as Gryffinsnakes; they feel their grades speak for themselves. They are sometimes a bit eccentric, but their idiosyncrasies are accepted as par-for-the-course for such brilliant minds. Ravensnakes tend to be the most talented diviners and scriers, but they might not always remember what they saw or keep the best notes. Some do, some don’t. They take joy in introspection. They’re also hyper-creative and love writing and art.

Horned Serpent being the calmest house. Their home-away-from-the-library is their common room, which is itself a well-stocked library. Many Horned Serpents bring pillows and blankets to the library with them, anticipating falling asleep there. Horned Serpents, usually Gryffinsnakes and Hufflesnakes, that prefer doing over reading spend a lot of time outside or in a sort of shop/tinkering station that has been set up in the common room. Lengthy discussions are the order of the day for all Horned Serpents. Slythersnakes like to pair up with Ravensnakes and delve into little-researched topics or heavily-regulated subjects with them, as they have unusual insights into such things. The Horned Serpent house has its own unofficial and constantly growing library of prophecies and predictions. The other houses pick Horned Serpents’ brains for tips on what questions will be on the next test or what team will win the next big game. Slythersnakes and Hufflesnakes experiment with different herbs to make unique herbal teas. Some of them have magical side effects, and other houses have learned to be wary of any food or drink Horned Serpents offer to them, as Horned Serpents are surprisingly good at practical jokes. Gryffinsnakes are constantly competing with Ravensnakes for the best grades, but Ravensnakes are so focused on what they do that they don’t even notice. Despite the competition, they all respect each other and are good friends. All Horned Serpents take turns helping first years learn how to navigate the library, an essential skill for all Horned Serpents to have.

Did I leave anything out? Do I need to add something? Lemme know!


“It’s so important, isn’t it, to tell those dear to us how we feel. The opportunity can too easily be gone for ever.”

One Week Writers Challenge - Dean Winchester

Thursday, November 26 – Thanksgiving

Dean x Reader

Words: 1,459

Warning: Beware of lots of feels. 

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Imagine you and the boys spend you guys first Thanksgiving at the bunker.  

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The smell of turkey cooking on the oven filled the entire kitchen. A smirk grew on my face as I prepare the layers of the pie. Dean and I been together for four years now, it never crossed our minds we’ll last this long but then my pregnancy test showed positive  both of our lives totally changed. We stopped hunting, matter fact there’s when we met, on a hunt down in New Mexico. I retired the life to be a full time mom, while Dean and Sam only take salts and burns, the easy ones. 

Today’s is Thanksgiving and we’re celebrating i, which to be hnest feels totally strange but Mary is very excited about it, the last three years we only do a small diner but today we’re taking it seriously. At the moment I have everyone on Christmas tree duty. Leaving the pie to cook inside the mini oven, I made my way into the library to see how things were over there. Every step I made was a step more closely to a library filled with old school Christmas songs and laughs.           

Strolling in I’ve come with the picture of Sammy holding my daughter over his shoulders so she could be able to place the star on top of the tree. I chuckled at Dean who’s clearly tense; he’s been a protective dad since the day Mary was born.

“Mommy!” Mary’s tiny body moved more than she should on Sam’s arms, she extended her arms to me and I caught her. Giving her a kiss on her forehead, I glanced at their master piece, “It’s looking pretty good.”

“I know right? Baby has done most of the work.” Dean told me, with a smile. We’ve never put a tree on the bunker, it wasn’t till two weeks ago I was at the store with Mary and she saw the Christmas trees, instantly making me buy one for this holidays. 

My eyes stopped at a really nice white ball hanging exactly in the center of the tree. “That’s pretty.”

“Uh- Yeah, she picked the other day, said it was perfect for the tree.” Dean cleared his mouth, “So, how’s the food going?”

“Getting there,” I handle Mary to Dean’s arms, “you’re doing a great job sweetheart.” Softly I pinched one of her rosy cheeks; she giggled on her father’s arms for a second before crawling down and keeps working on the tree. 

One of our phones started to ring, turns out is Dean’s; “Yeah? Hey Charlie, nah we’re good. You’re on your way? Okay.” He chuckled before hanging up, “Charlie will be here in five.”

I smiled, “How about Cass and Claire?”

“He’s on his way too.” Sam said “Perfect” I smiled.

 “I’ll go back to the cooking.”

“I’ll help, Sam?” Dean looked at his brother then passed his eyes over Mary, then follows my steps into the kitchen.”I have to say, this feels kind of strange.”

“I know right?” I replied with my eyes on the turkey, observing he’s getting that really nice cooked tone and not burned, “It’s literally my first time ever hosting an thanksgiving dinner… or anything.”

Dean’s soft scoff made me grin as I checked up the turkey, “Yeah- I’ve never had a normal nada… till Mary was born.” Turning around I saw him checking up the pie, holding the urges to take a bite, 

“It’s not ready yet.” Taking a couple steps to get closer to him, I placed both of my hands on top of his chest; Dean wrapped his around my waist. “She changed us.” I whispered, Dean leaned in and kissed me.His soft lips on me still make me shiver like the first time our lips touched.

“Get a room you two.” Charlie’s voice joined us.Still kissing Dean’s lips we smiled, slowly turning, 

“Hi Charlie”

“Hello bitches” she raised both of the bags on her hands, hugging us really hard for a moment.

“What you got there kiddo?” Dean asked as he grabbed the bags.

“Beers!” She cheered with her contagious smile.

“Aunty Charlie, come make the tree with us!” Mary appeared doing little jumps around her, making her curls bump nicely. 

Charlie flashed a grin, “I’m going sweetheart.”

 With that she left to the library.Suddenly a weird smell started building up in the kitchen, Dean and I looked at each other awkwardly. He turned his head and instantly widened his eyes at the oven, “Crap!” Both of us yelled and went straight to save the turkey. 

Letting a sigh of relief, I started to take out the parts that didn’t burn which are really minimal. “At least it didn’t burn completely” I muttered. 

Dean grabs a bite of it and winked at me, “Crunchy” he kissed me to make me feel better. 

“Let’s get ready to eat.” I told him before walking out of the kitchen to get my daughter. Strolling back into the library to see Mary making everybody laugh with her goofiness, clearly taking out after her father. “Baby let’s get you ready for dinner.”

“Okay” she replied with a smile and reaches my side.I don’t know when we started calling her baby I just know it did. Dean’s calls the impala that but one day he called Mary as baby at it’s just clicked. It’s kind of funny to hear Dean saying something about baby (the impala) and that Mary quickly thinks it’s her.

“Stay still baby” I told her who’s sitting on my lap as I put a nice red bow on her beautiful dirty blonde hair. “Done” 

Mary quickly turned, giving me her cute pose and smiling, her green eyes lighting the entire room, showing me her red dress “How do I look daddy?

” I looked over my shoulder to see Dean smiling at us, “Beautiful baby

“Go show your uncles how do you look while I finish getting ready” I told her and she left.Standing up, I fixed the red dress I bout to match my little girls. 

“Wow” Dean let out a sight; his jaw dropped not taking his stare off my body. 

Placing my hands over my hips, I smirked; “Do you like the view?”

“Si” he got closer to me, hold my hand and made me turn, I giggled the entire spin.

“You look handsome as well” I stooped to fix his nice black button shirt.

“You made the code dress very clear.” Dean chuckled.

“Y/N! Dean! We’re starving!” Sam shouted I rolled my eyes with a slightly smirk and went to the library, to see Cass placing one of the last trays of food on top of the table, “Hey Cass” I hugged him, “Where’s Claire?”

“Here!” She spoke being dragged by Mary to seat next to her; everyone chuckled, Baby always been very connected to Claire.

 “Let’s get to eat then.” Dean said, I sat next to Mary and Dean sat next to me.

“Wait, let’s do a prayer first.” Cass said, we all stayed in silence, “Mary, would you do the honors?”

She smiled big, “Sure, thank you God for this meal and for my family, amen.”

“Amen” we all said to join her up, after everything we’ve seen we teach Mary to believe in God, Cass does most of the teaching, is a thing he has with her.

The library was filled with laughs and memories of everyone the entire time we ate. Every now and then Dean would stare at me and Mary, his eyes telling me he’s up to something. “Let me get the dessert”

 I was about to stood up when Dean stood before me, “I-I have it”

“Are you sure?” I asked noticing something odd about him.He nodded and winked at me once, “Baby?” she stood up and followed her dad steps

.I looked at Sam, “Do you know anything?”

“I have no idea.” He raised his arms; my eyes ran from him to Cass and Charlie who gave me the same ‘I don’t know crap’ look.

“And we’re back.” Dean appeared with the pie on hands. 

Mary quickly went to my arms and sat on my lap, my brows furrowed noticing the thin chain on her little neck. “What’s-“ I muttered slowly taking the chain up, my heart stopped when a beautiful ring bumped out. 

Everyone kept silence as I gently took out the chain of my daughter’s neck and turned to see Dean on one knee in front of me. “Oh God” was the only thing I could let out when Dean grabbed the chain of my hands, took the ring off and looked directly into my eyes. “Y/N…” He smiled, “We been together for four years now… We have an amazing and beautiful daughter together.” His eyes landed on Mary who’s smiling at her parents, “You and Mary are the best thing that ever happened to me… And today in front of our family, I ask you… Would you marry me?”  

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I LOVE your Anders headcannons. What about self-care headcannons? And Hawke relationship ones? -Shy

The number of self-care headcanons I have for Anders is approximately so many. It’s gonna be a little shorter than that because I have only so many spoons.

I headcanon that when he was in Amaranthine he’d treat himself after long days by lounging over a whole couch– he’s easily taller than the piece of furniture and his knees hook over the end, leaving his feet to dangle as he props himself up with pillows and a book that he is sure would have been confiscated in the Circle. The little rebellion of knowledge he shouldn’t be allow into, added into the comfort of soft cushions against aching muscles helps after dealing with Hurlocks.

I headcanon he got into the habit, in Amaranthine, of sleeping in either a hammock or a blanket nest with Ser Pounce. He doesn’t like dark, close spaces, but the weave of the fabric is breathable and the little creature purring against his chest is soothing.

I headcanon that, after fusing with Justice, neither know what self-care is for quite a while because a spirit doesn’t know how to care for a body and Anders is still just finding out how to care for himself at all over the time with the Wardens. 

When they’re in Kirkwall he pushes himself to his limits because they don’t know them, or ignore them. 

When Hawke befriends him, he takes more time to breathe– to sleep, remembering to eat and drink water more often. To shave when he notices he’s getting to have a little less scruffy stubble and more of a beard. Washing his hair when it’s greasy and smells. 

For relationship headcanons with Hawke.. again, you may need to be a lil more specific because no matter what type of Hawke i play their relationship with with Anders can be summed up with a combination of “My Friendly Nerdmance” … I’ll show myself out after the post.


I headcanon that Anders and Hawke make stupid bets while travelling to and from things they take him on. Like “we’ll see more than 6 birds this trip” and then swearing when Anders asks if his pouldrons count when he’s losing. 

Hawke making sure to bring any food they can to him during Act 1 because they grew up in a series of small towns where the people looked out for one another. Anders trying to give the food to patients and Hawke having to watch him eat it. Later it turns into more of a routine– Hawke comes to the clinic with extra food, helps out, and they both eat together when there’s downtime. 

I headcanon that Hawke uses some of their money in Act 2 to get Anders new clothes and convinces him to spend a day every month with them treating himself and relaxing. They have a tendency to get into a conversation about magic theory/mage rights, either because they are a mage or they are interested. Occasionally he falls silent and Hawke will glance over only to realize he’s dozed off while letting his feet soak in warm water. 

I headcanon that Hawke and Anders have enough inside jokes to fill a library, all stemming from some silly thing either has done on a job or while playing cards. They will reference them constantly at the most horrible moments to make the other laugh.

I headcanon that Hawke always gives Anders a key to their house and tells him he’s welcome at any time and often sends Orana down with baskets of food when they can’t go down themselves.

I headcanon that a romanced Anders generally ends up in a blanket burrito with Hawke when it snows and is entirely content with the fact they’re lazy then. Well, until Justice wants to get up and then Hawke pouts about it. 

I headcanon that a romanced Anders lights up like a sunrise when Hawke says “I love you– both of you” for the first time and holds him close, because some part of him was sure Hawke was ignoring Justice being part of him. 

I headcanon a romanced Anders feeling a swell of emotions from inside when Hawke smiles at him in the morning when he says “I love you” and they say “I love you two, too”

I headcanon that an unromanced Anders resists the urge cry when they ask if he and Justice are alright the first time they have an episode and pass out. Hawke’s eyes full of worry as they explain that they thought the Templar dispelled something and they didn’t know what that would do to either of them– are they ok?

I headcanon that Anders and Justice fiercely defend Hawke after Hawke defends them just as much and refuses to call him an abomination, romanced or not. Hawke throwing themselves at his defense out of friendship and support for his cause, or just because he’s helped them before. 

I headcanon that Anders and Hawke are close friends and spend time together, either Hawke helping in the clinic or proofing Anders’s manifesto.

I headcanon that romanced Anders and Hawke spend a lot of time touching when they’re together– holding hands, pressing their foreheads together, linking arms. Anders likes the closeness of it, the intimacy he could have that wasn’t sexual like it had to be in the Circle. He could play with Hawke’s hair and they with his. Its nice. 

I headcanon that a romanced Anders likes to cuddle and be a bit spoiled, though he wouldn’t admit that because Justice feels they are being selfish. Hawke likes to then lavish him by washing his hair and make him take the time to sit still in a bath to be pampered. It’s usually the only relaxing he gets. Also massages. Yes.

I have a loooooot of headcanon ok.

The Librarians: S2E3 - Jacob Stone

Those who’ve followed this blog know I love to review the minutia. I have fun looking at character motivation, actor choice, directing decisions and whatnot. I pair it all together into something that makes sense in my brain, though I’m not always sure it translates well to the page.

NOTE: Someone did an excellent comparison of Jacob Stone to the Biblical Jacob, so I’m not writing that, as it’s been written before.

I’ve rewatched this episode a few times, now, and I feel the need to acknowledge some beautiful choices by Christian Kane in this episode, as well as wonderful directing and writing. There’s a lot to work with, so lets dive into “And What Lies Beneath the Stones.”

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