things that will not be how it is in canon though whatever glee


Ooooooo, mama! I love me some dragons! Imma stick with the traditional Japanese ones, because those are canonical to the universe. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

(Please excuse the silly names the Shimada dragons were given. I don’t know any Japanese (RIP).)


“The air is shifting.”

Hanzo opened his eyes slowly, his meditation could wait.

“What do you mean, Sui Riu.” He spoke calmly as the beast met his eyes.

“The winds have changed. Listen.” It circled him slowly, moving as if constantly suspended in water.

“Yes, I hear it too.” The darker of the two dragons agreed. The man shifted in his seat, straining his ears to hear whatever change they were referring to.

“Hmm. What do you propose we do, Aoi?” Asked Sui Riu, beginning to unravel itself from Hanzo and around its companion.

Hanzo crosses his arms, still concentrating on the breeze, and lets then have their conversation separately. Something did seem slightly off, he just couldn’t put his finger on it, and after a minute longer of observation, he deduces that the change must be spiritual; something he was much less in-tune with than his dragons.

“Master,” Aoi began, “we think it best to go now.” Hanzo pauses, realizing that he had not been listening to them at all. Any decision they had made had completely flown over his head.

He pauses awkwardly, thinking of how to respond properly. “Yes. That is fine.” He stands, dusting off his knees a bit. “Lead the way.”


It was so nice to finally get some sun!

You stretch, before curling around yourself and resting your head on your tail. Overwatch truly was a blessing: taking someone like you in with a promise to keep you safe, happy and healthy.

You smile and lull your head side to side. “No more crowed forests for me!” Your eyes close, and you sigh, letting yourself relax for once.

That is until distant mumbling made it’s way to your ears.

There was a man, followed by……two other dragons!!? You’re eyes grow wide as you study them. Geez, they’re absolutely beautiful (and kinda tiny in comparison to you). You’re eyes wonder back to the man, who was speaking.

“I..I’m sorry. I didn’t catch that.”

“I apologize.” He bows politely. “My name is Shimada Hanzo.”

You nod your head in response. You pause, contemplating your next move. Deciding it’s best to level with this guy, you allow yourself to swiftly change back into a human.

You reach out a hand, introducing yourself, but he takes a moment to comprehend what had happened. His face pales a fraction and he refuses to meet your eyes; making you wonder if there was a problem with your appearance.

You glance down at your chest, making sure that you remembered to actually cloth yourself this time (and to your relief you had). His cough brings your attention back to him.

“Oh, uh.” You rub your hands together. “May I ask who you two are as well?” You start, praying that that didn’t come out too awkward.

“I am Aoi,” one begins, weaving itself out from behind Hanzo, “and this is Sui Riu.”

“Hello, it’s nice to meet you.” You offer a smile, and watch as they approach, inspecting you.

“I was not aware you could see them.” Hanzo started, voice even. “Most cannot.”

“I assume by that you mean most humans.” You shove your hand into your pocket and use the other to gesture yourself. “As of right now I’m only physically human.”

He nods, feeling as though he might of offended you in some way.

“Well, you seem to be a very appealing human.” Sui Riu said, circling your form.

“And dragon as well.” Aoi added, joining Sui Riu.

“Oh, uh, thank you.” You blush.

“Perhaps you would like to join us later to converse?” The former asked. To which you eagerly agreed, letting them set a time and place to meet.

He didn’t really think of himself as the best welcoming committee. However, it just so happened that the newbie asked to be greeted by him specifically. Nothing about your name rang any bells, and he couldn’t possibly think of many people who would want to be guided by him.

The first thing he heard when the ship had opened it’s doors was a loud gasp. His eyes followed the sound to a slowly approaching figure, eyes wide and mouth covered.

“It-it’s true!” You exclaim, glancing at him, then to his side, then back to him. “The man who is guided by dragon!”

You reach to his side, and he sees a green head meet your hand.

“So you can see Tatsu as well?” He watches you gently stroke it, placing his hand on it’s back to pet it as well.

“Yeah, I never thought I’d really get to see another one!” You grin at him, then pull your eyes back to Tatsu (who was loving all the attention).

“Ah, so you have seen another.”

“Well, I guess you could say that.” Letting out an awkward chuckle, you raise your hand off of it and cross your arms. “You didn’t get the memo, huh?”

“I suppose not.” His dragon begins to slowly drift back to him, not wanting the petting to stop. Genji makes a motion like he’s beginning to speak, but you swiftly cut him off.

“Umm, so, Tatsu. Can you speak too?” You unfold your arms and wave them frantically, “No! Wait! That was super rude! I’m sorry!”

“No, it is fine.” Genji chuckles gently. He runs his hand down it’s back. “They are mute.” He motions at you. “The other one could speak?”

“Uh, well, yes.” You clear your throat. “You see….. I’m…… the other one.” You shift your weight, gazing at your feet.

“I see!” Genji inspects you, with what could only be described as subdued glee. “May I ask how?”

“Well, yeah.” You pause and steady your nerves. “I can sorta turn in to one. Sometimes. I’m not very good at it yet.”

He clasps his hands together, not hiding his excitement well. “Can I see?”

You nod, tell him to stand back, and shut your eyes tightly. The tingling in your arms growing strong before your muscles begin to shift. Letting your eyes open, you see that your arms were the only things you could will to change, and you scrunch your face in frustration.

“Incredible!” Genji cheers from intront of you. He steps closer and hovers his hands over your arms. “May I?”

“Uhh, sure.” He gently takes them, turning and poking them to ease his curiosity. The other dragon watches over the both of you, contently; then decides that the two of you needed to be circled.

“Haha! Looks like Tatsu likes you!” He boasts, removing his hands from you, and onto the serpent-like creature.

You chuckle and look down at your arms. “I gotta say, meeting you two has made me feel so much better.” You look up into his visor. “I should probably change them back now.”

He hums in agreement, picks up Tatsu by its midsection, and allows you some space.

You focus your energy into your arms, letting the shifting sensation sweep over you. Once it settled you peer down and notice a problem with your hands. Claws.

“Wait. I, hmmm, give me a second.”

“Yo, Genji! I was wonderin’ if…..” A voice echoed in from behind him. It sounded familiar, for some reason.

Oh, god. That was that famous D.J. wasn’t it?

He coughs, awkwardly. “I was wonderin’ if I could borrow you for a sec?”

“Yes, I will be with you soon.” He bows to you in apology. “I will be back as quickly as I can.”

He jogs off, leaving you, claws and all, equally relieved and embarrassed.

He was never a fan of going down to the prisoner holding; or as Sombra liked to call it, “the Dungeon.” But, alas, there was a certain someone with needed information, who also happened to be a prisoner.

When all was said and done, it was easy to make them talk, and he was out of their room at in no time at all. An outcome that pleased him slightly.

His feet echo heavily as he makes his way down the long hallway out, letting him relish in the quiet.

“Hello?” He stops. Was someone talking to him? “Hey, uh, any chance I could get some water?”

“Not my job. Wait till diner.”

“C'mon, please? It’s been hours.”

“Again, not my job.” He begins to move again, but is stopped by the sound of intense scraping. He thought all prisoners were suppose to be stripped of all of their belongings; how did this one manage to sneak in something sharp? “You have a knife? They’re gonna have a field day with you when they find out, grunt.”

“I-I don’t have a knife!”

“Sure sounds like you do.” He states, voice taunting. The scraping continues, urgently, than becomes more muffled, and he decides if he should see for himself if they had something they shouldn’t, or to just leave.

Curiosity gets the best of him as he unlocks the door leading to your cell. The room is dim, as most are, but overwhelmingly dry. The shadows shift against the wall, and he knows better than to think that it was just his imagination.

“Come out.” He nearly demands, watching you nervously scuttle forth, almost twice his size. “What the hell?”

“Hey! It gets hard to control when I’m really hungry or thirsty….” You trail off, feeling small compared to the intimidating man before you.

He crosses his arms and stares at you a moment longer. “I’m guessing by that you mean, changing?”

“Mmhmm. But, I thought you guy knew that already.” You turn your head away from him bitterly. “I would’ve thought you knew everything about me by now.”

“Well, apparently, Talon isn’t to found of the idea of spreading the fact that they have a dragon in their dungeon.”

Your eyes sweep back to him. “You mean you didn’t know? You look kinda important.”

“Honestly, won’t have cared enough to remember if I was told.”

“That’s a bit rude.”

“I’m a member of a terrorist organization. We don’t tend to considerate.”

“Touché.” You curl yourself on to your bed and sigh. “If you’re not gonna get me some water, you can leave. I’m sure you have other, more important things to do.”

“I do. But they aren’t nearly as interesting.” He leans against the wall. “I’m curious, how exactly were they able to catch a dragon.”

“Why would you care?” You put dryly, no longer facing him.

“Humor me.”

You shift in your bed, trying to find the right words. “They didn’t FIND a dragon.” You exhale loudly through your nose in discontent. “They made one.”

You both sit in silence as he takes in your words. He pushes himself off the wall and leaves, not saying a another word.


“Wow, even your wallet is edgy.” Sombra snorts, eyeballing the black leather wallet, with a metal skull emblem and chain.

“I told you to stop calling me that.” He growls and she raises her hands in mock defense.

“Why are you buying that many water bottles anyway?”

“That’s none of your business, Sombra.” He pulls the last of the five he bought into his arms, and turns to leave.

“Aww, I was hoping to watch you chug those all at once!”

“Too bad.”

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So to what extent do you think Palpatine ever considered Anakin a potential "apprentice"? Did he always intend to enslave Anakin from the moment they met? Like, I mean, yeah, he did, but. Like, when Sidious is fighting Yoda he says "You will not stop me. Darth Vader will become more powerful than either of us." And somehow I think he meant it? Like, Dark Empire aside, he probably wasn't going to live forever? So to what extent did he want Vader to someday take over eventually maybe?

I don’t think there’s any functional difference, in Palpatine’s mind, between “apprentice” and “slave.”

Maybe Palpatine had some convoluted Sith plan to become immortal. Maybe he didn’t. But here’s the crucial thing about Palpatine: everything he does is aimed at getting and maintaining absolute power for himself.

Let’s assume he doesn’t have some plan to live forever. So eventually he’ll die, and then what will happen to the Empire he’s built?

I don’t think he actually cares.

Why should he? He won’t be in power anymore, and that’s his primary motivation.

I know the EU has this whole complicated thousand-year long Sith plot to take over the Republic, or whatever, but I don’t necessarily see any evidence for that in the movies. What the movies give us is Palpatine’s plot to take over the Republic.

For Palpatine, the Force and the Sith are just a few of the tools in his arsenal, all of which are aimed at gaining absolute power for himself. I think it’s one of the most interesting, and crucial, elements of his character and of his role within the narrative that he could have become Emperor without ever using the Force. If Palpatine weren’t Force sensitive, almost nothing in the PT would change.

So Palpatine wants absolute power. And he’s a master manipulator. He views other people as tools, and he knows exactly how to use them.

I don’t think he ever intended any of his apprentices to be his successor. Possibly Maul or even Dooku thought they would be, but if so they were always deluding themselves. I don’t think Anakin ever even thought he would be - not unless he pulled off a coup against Palpatine himself.

Palpatine’s apprentices are always picked to do very specific things for him. Maul’s role is to be an assassin, to look intimidating, and, most importantly, to provide a distraction for the Jedi. That works beautifully. It keeps working even after his death: for the next ten years, the Jedi are preoccupied with the return of the Sith, which keeps them from paying undue attention to the true danger in the political arena. In fact, the masterstroke of the distraction that is Darth Maul doesn’t play out until ten years after his death, with the start of the Clone Wars. The Jedi are so preoccupied with the discovery of Dooku as a Sith Lord, with the confirmation that the Sith are behind the Separatist movement, that they plunge headlong into a righteous war without asking a lot of crucial questions. (And, it has to be said, without showing any hesitation at using a slave army of people literally bred for war.)

Dooku himself serves as both an excellent distraction and as someone whose own considerable political acumen can hold together the Separatist movement while also carefully directing it to suit Palpatine’s plans. It’s possible that Dooku really believes he will be Palpatine’s heir, though given his age I think it’s more likely that he, like Anakin two decades later, is instead planning a coup against Palpatine.

And then there’s Anakin himself. My take on Palpatine’s thoughts on Anakin is actually articulated best in Trophies, which is a fic that’s part of the Double Agent Vader AU, but which actually fits well with canon, at least as far as Palpatine’s thoughts are concerned. I think he wants to control Anakin for three main reasons:

  1. The Jedi believe Anakin to be their Chosen One. That alone is reason enough to turn him - what better way to completely crush the Jedi than to turn their anticipated savior into their destroyer?
  2. In terms of raw ability / potential with the Force, Anakin is as powerful as it’s possible to get. Palpatine himself, in my headcanon, has a midichlorian count just below the cut off point that would have sent him to the Jedi Order. Palpatine loves power more than anything, and what could be a greater thrill than having complete control over the most powerful Force user who’s ever lived? (This, I think, is what lies behind Palpatine’s glee when he tells Yoda, “Darth Vader will become more powerful than either of us.” What’s important there is the unspoken, “And I’ll have complete control over all that power.”)
  3. I think that Palpatine actually had a vendetta against both Padme and Anakin following TPM. The conflict that would lead to his emergency powers and ultimately to his Empire was supposed to start on Naboo, but these two insignificant children, a girl queen who should have been easily manipulated and a slave boy who shouldn’t have been there at all, ruined his plans. Palpatine’s never been above petty revenge, and he’s very good at playing the long game. By the end of ROTS, Padme is dead and Anakin is completely under his power, which was the plan all along.

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If we ever get a confession from Dean to Cas do you think it would be emotional (for them but also for us as the audience) - I'm not expecting a huge "I love you", typical romantic film line about "it's always been you". I also don't want it to be a life or death situation, like one of ten is dying so it's just said. If it were to happen I would like it to be angsty but with some sweetness after. I don't know what brought this on lmao

Hello my lovely Anon!

What a great question - forgive the overly long wait for a reply - and what brought it on was some bout of inspiration or other because I fucking love it, so thank you! :D

And oh we are getting that confession. It’s not a question of if anymore, it’s a question of when and how. If they don’t give us this moment I swear I will eat my hat. (you don’t own a hat) If they don’t give us this moment I swear I will go out and buy the most expensive hat I can find and proceed to eat it. 

As for the how… I can only speculate, mind.

*rubs hands together* *because destiel speculation* 


As in mirroring a scene that’s come before, one that we know and love, and one that would be serviced by being put into a new context.

For example: I feel Dean made a huge, big, terrible mistake in 12x12 when he couldn’t bring himself to tell Cas that he loved him back. Or even offer Cas a brief “We love you… I love you”, that could’ve been a brolove moment, right? I mean, I’m glad he didn’t, obviously, because Cas didn’t actually die, so if Dean had said “I love you” that would’ve completely taken away from when he says it for the first time and means it from the very deepest heart of him. After nine years of buildup I think they’ll make hella sure this moment fits the characters and the narrative to a goddamn T! 

But that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a huge, big, terrible mistake to not give Cas back that proclamation of love. So I feel this moment could very well be mirrored in a moment in S13 that rectifies this huge mistake. They’re in peril -> Dean confesses his love -> they survive -> what the fuck did you just even say to me? And then there’s slow fallout a la mixtape scene and yeah, shit just got real here, and the romance is ramped up because Cas is still unsure what Dean meant and he’s too unsure to ask Dean what he meant and there’s growing tension and… I could go on and on, but I shall not.

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Out of the Blue

Well. Here’s the thing: however they choose to utilise the plot strands they’ve got dangling all around, I feel I’ll-eat-my-new-and-overpriced-hat-for-lunch certain that they will focus the Destiel love story moving into S13. That means upping the romance, contextualising it completely, weaving those strands into the surface narrative and leaving no doubt that these two men are in love and want to be together. 

And I have no doubt in my mind that, and I’ll say it again, after nine years of bloody buildup they’ll want to make this moment explosive, but perhaps they’ll still keep it low-key and romantic as all fuck. Perhaps they’ll do one of those scenarios where we would never ever expect either of them to say it, and then BOOM it’s there, it’s said, and it’s the cliffhanger into the next episode or shit happens that then separate them or suddenly there’s a lightning storm and Lucifer appears and takes Jack and there’s distraction and immediate need for action and those words are just left there between them and… you know, drama drama drama. It’s how they usually do, no?

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First Kiss

I mean, personally, I like this scenario the most, perhaps because Dean is a man of action and it feels right that he wouldn’t just say “I love you”, but rather he’d no longer be able to stop himself from kissing Cas. Like “I fucking LOVE you and it’s time you knew it” type moment. 

For that matter, I can see Cas kissing Dean because Cas needs to go for what he wants and it’s possible he might lead the way, or at least initiate, taking Dean completely by surprise. Or not. 

I mean, the lead-up to the moment could be the tension between them building and building until they both know exactly what they want and they just smash together because it’s undeniable to both of them and they can’t stop themselves for another seconnnnnnd.

I like the thought of flirtation and lots of it before the kiss, whatever shape the kiss takes. 

I like the thought of a slow build of a “canon” love story (though I maintain that Destiel has always been canon because subtext is part of the text and integral to it, but leaving that now as canon here simply means Obvious To The Casual Viewer) where we get the entire nine previous seasons of the Destiel joint journey condensed and focused as though it was an Entirely New Concept, given to us in a three act structure over the course of S13-14. Presented to us through obvious callbacks - that will more or less make it plain that THIS WAS ALWAYS THERE CASUAL VIEWERS - but that will allow the Casual Viewer to adjust and accept and get on fucking board.

Then the first kiss moment would be riding on the season’s undeniable UST and the clear need in these two to be together, and the moment would either be confrontational and passionate or it would be slow and intimate and timid, but whichever way they go with it I believe it would absolutely happen end of S13 or be pushed to midseason S14 depending on how long they intend to go on with the show etc etc et al

Given how protective and in tune with these characters Jensen and Misha have been throughout this show and how incredibly seriously they take their characters’ respective journeys I have such enormous hope and trust that they’re going to give us something spectacular. 

I can’t wait!!

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Also, I expect to be a bawling, quivering, overemotional mess of feels once this happens. There will be copious amounts of tissues needed. For hours afterwards, I think. Happy tears of joy joy, but tears and tears none the less. And, you know, my neighbours will call the police because all the intermittent screaming will convince them someone’s being murdered in my flat. Screaming and screaming of glee, but screaming none the less. :)


This is based on that really good art by @masdanii a little while ago captioned with “Words Were Said” and a conversation I had with @sovvung about that (awesome) art. This kind of started as an excuse for me to practice writing in Angry Stan’s voice and try to get better at it. Thanks to those two users for being awesome writing inspiration!!

Stan stumbled over something in the dying light of the shack’s living room. He caught his balance on the wall, stopping himself from face planting to the ground. Grumbling, he turned around to see what it was. A backpack. Jeez, thought Stan, Mabel must have left it down here. Stan was worried about the girl—she’d just come home and flung her stuff down, apparently, and tore up to the attic without even a ‘hello’ thrown back. She came home much sooner than he expected. Stan had noticed little things that seemed to be inconsequential, but were slowly stealing Mabel’s happiness. Mainly- Dipper spending so much time without her and with Ford instead.

Stan sighed and leaned down to pick up the pack. He was sure Mabel would miss her things soon, and he wanted to at least try and make her smile today. As he bent down, he heard a rush of static and the edge of a conversation.

Mabel will be fine on her own. She has a magnetic personality—“a rush of static came over the line and then cleared up into Dipper’s voice, “We’ve never really been apart before.” Another shift and Ford’s voice came over the line again “And isn’t it suffocating?” with another screech of static the walkie-talkie Stan found in the bag went silent. Obviously this conversation was not meant to be heard, the button was probably accidentally pushed down to communicate. Nevertheless, Stan crushed the walkie-talkie to pieces in his hand, his arm shaking with barely concealed rage. He set the bag down and flung the pieces from his hand. The plastic aggravated the cut he’d received a couple weeks ago from the portal on his hand, but this time he didn’t even wrap it.

Stan sat down unsteadily in his chair. His entire body was shaking with anger over what he heard.

How dare he say that about Mabel? How dare he! If she hadn’t dropped her bag—no she can never hear that—Dipper’s a good kid, he wouldn’t leave his sister, right? What is he doing to this family? He had one job, stay away from the kids, and now, n-now he’s, ugh… Stan’s thoughts chased themselves in circles as his body gave way to tears. He made no noise, just sat in his chair, letting his thoughts run wild circles through his brain, working himself up over the words he’d heard exchanged more and more, but trying to ignore the last sentence as it kept building within him.

Stan struggled to draw in a breath in between his quiet sobs, and suddenly Ford’s words hit him harder than before. Isn’t it suffocating? I’m SUFFOCATING? Did—did he ever…Was I always just…Too dumb, slowed him down, held him back, s u f f o c a t e d my brother?

Stan pushed down with his thumb on the new cut on his hand and hissed out an expletive. But the pain served his purpose and cleared his head. Looking around him, he swallowed the rest of his tears and stood up, straightening his Mr. Mystery suit. He grabbed the broom and swept up the broken walkie-talkie pieces, dumping it in the trash. Everything his right hand touched hurt, but he let himself feel that pain rather than keep thinking too hard about what he heard.

Finally, he wrapped it up, grabbed a pitt cola to hide the injury, and walked up to the attic to talk to Mabel. Stan listened to her sadness over growing up, her fears and her worries, and gave the best advice he could. He allowed his own vulnerability to shine through for a second, the old ache that his twin didn’t stick with him through thick and thin, before rubbing Mabel’s hair affectionately with a small smile. Mabel responded in kind, smiling up at Stan and told him thanks. When Stan left her room, she was smiling again, picking out pictures for the scrapbook and getting back to her normal, upbeat self.

And Stan was going to make sure that whatever had transpired after the static on that walkie-talkie, nothing would take that happiness away from his grandniece.


Finally as the sun was starting to go down, Dipper and Ford returned home. Stan saw Dipper covered in scratch marks and looking generally beat up. Stan swallowed another wave of anger and told him to go clean up and head straight to bed. Dipper dropped his bag and ran up the stairs, looking too excited about whatever they’d done that day to argue back at Stan.

Ford comes in behind him, not even sparing Stanley a glance, and heads to the kitchen. Stan hears him puttering around in there, probably making coffee. He stands and makes his way into the kitchen, coming to stand just behind his brother.

“Ford,” he starts, his gruff voice quiet. Ford doesn’t turn around, but a tensing of the shoulders means he knows his brother heard him.

Stan tries again, “Stanford,” and winces, his voice cracking. At that Ford turns around, his face hardening into a mask of annoyance, to ask what Stan wants with him.

Stan feels a tremor go through him and he shudders. For as much time as he’s had to think, he still doesn’t know what he wants to say. Luckily, Ford makes it easy for him.

“What do you want now, Stanley? I’ve had a long day and I don’t have time for whatever nonsense you’re giving me right now.”

Stanley feels his spine go rigid with resolve, an angry light in his eyes. His voice is low and strong when he speaks this time. “Ford, have you ever been choked nearly to death? Have you ever been thrown into such a tiny space that you can feel the air go stale and you start to panic, thinking ‘this is it, this is the end’? Have you ever been suffocated?” Another tremor goes through Stan and he lets it show, his arms shaking slightly. “Have you ever felt their hands close around your neck as you try to get away, only to be dragged back into them, to watch the look of glee in their eye as they slowly kill you? Or worse, the complete lack of caring as you’re slowly drifting into nothing, just another check mark on a list of things to take care of.” Stan takes a deep breath and raises his voice, “have you ever suffocated?

Stan never took his eyes off of his brother’s face. At first it was still that hard annoyance, then confusion, a flash of recognition, a wince of sympathetic pain, eyes wide and features going slack. When Stan repeated suffocated though, is when Stan saw a light click on in his big brain, and Ford’s expression turned defensive.

“Don’t be over dramatic Stanley. Where are these questions coming from?”

No puedo respirar!I know what it feels like to be suffocating, Stanford. All you know is a brother who has always had your back and stood by you! A brother willing to do anything for you, a brother willing to spend 40 years of his life making up for an accident! And you have the gall to call me suffocating?

“Stan, that’s not what I—“

“No! How could you say,” Stan’s voice cracked but he didn’t stop, plowing on, feeling his anger turn to sadness, “that about me? How could you j-just dismiss our entire childhood like that? Did you ever even like me—or was I just the dumb muscle in your shadow?” Stan’s voice was cracking and his gestures were less sporadic. He could feel the tears threatening to spill over, but still he waited for his brother’s words. If his brother could contradict him, he’d stay.

Stanford looked back, surprise and hurt written over his face. His jaw was slack, hanging open like a fish. But he didn’t say anything. Stanley swallowed hard and turned away. “I’ll be out of your space soon, then. Only one more week until this suffocating nuisance is away from you forever. Sorry I can’t make summer end faster.”

And with that he stalked out of the house, straight to his car, and drove away.

He didn’t see Stanford crouch down in the kitchen, one hand to his heart, the other to his mouth, stifling himself as he cried. He didn’t see Stanford stay that way for over an hour. He didn’t see Stanford rock himself to his feet and into the bathroom. He didn’t hear his brother retching into the toilet, sick at his own thoughts and actions. He didn’t hear the muffled gasps of pain as Stanford took care of his injuries. He didn’t see Stanford stop outside of his own room and lean his head against the old wood, guilt spread across the planes of his face. He didn’t hear Stanford walk woodenly down to the basement, snagging Dipper’s backpack as he went. He didn’t know his brother was finally sealing the problem they created in front of the machine that started it. He didn’t know everything he wanted from his brother was just subverted by the wrong set of twins fighting.

And at the end of the summer, after the twins had left (together—Stan hadn’t heard Stanford rescinded his offer to Dipper), he didn’t see Stanford offer him their childhood dreams. All he saw was the open road blurred by tears, barely choking out breaths between his sobs.

Stan almost laughed at how suffocated he felt.

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hello, lovely readers! here’s the rebloggable version of my fic masterpost! full list is below the read-more (so try clicking the above link if it disappears on the mobile app in reblogs :D). as always, AO3 links are included if you prefer to browse there.

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Author Spotlight: skivvysupreme day 1

DAY 1: Meet the author

Why Klaine?

It always comes back to Kurt. His story, his journey, everything about him drew me to him the moment I started watching Glee. Then Blaine came along, and became part of that, and then became an interesting character in his own right! And there’s really something to the whole “my missing puzzle piece” motif. They’re fully realized individuals but I think that the way they complement each other makes for a really fun dynamic to play around in. How does someone look at Kurt, and at Blaine, and not find them interesting?

What’s in a typical skivvy supreme story?

If it’s mine, there’s probably a trope at play that you’ve read a million times over that took some unusual turn to the left. I love subverting expectation. Sometimes I’ll get prompts that go in a very clear direction and will choose not to write the implied story because the implied story is too obvious. I just write what I find interesting. My fics also tend to be shorter than people want them to be and end just before the “walks off into the sunset” moment; I want the stories to exist in whatever world they’re in, canon or AU, as snapshots. It makes them feel more alive to me, if that makes sense, because there’s always potential for more in the things that aren’t stated outright. In terms of language, I’m fairly minimal. I can pack a lot into few sentences.

What kind of stories do you write?

I write anything I find interesting at that moment. That could be a fantasy AU, or canon episode-filler, or future-fic, or really sweet, romantic smut. Whatever. I’ll put Kurt and Blaine in almost any situation as long as they still seem like themselves at the core of it.


I do write fluff! But fluff without any sort of weight is too fluffy. I’m not a huge fan of fluff for fluff’s sake (though I’ve definitely got a few of those stories under my belt), and will almost always drop in a little thing here or there that anchors the fluff to something real. I like to mix my fluff with angst, tension, sex, realistic humor, etc.


My angst answer resembles my fluff answer. I do write angst, but angst with no relief is too angsty. It will never just be hurt; it will always be hurt/comfort. It will be a sexy, romantic scenario in which one of them brings up something really serious. It will be that moment when everyone’s laughing about something and then Things Get Real. I can’t write any kind of fic that’s just one thing, be it fluff, angst, humor, sex, because from a character/storytelling perspective, that just doesn’t make emotional sense.


I do write sex! I’m not a huge fan of PWP for the same reasons as the last questions, with the fluff and angst. I need a mix, no matter the genre. Kurt and Blaine’s relationship will always be at the core. It’s always about them loving each other and needing/wanting that mental and emotional connection.

Have you ever written anything way outside your usual wheelhouse?

I’d say the civil war AU I wrote, “The Romantics,” was really different for me. I rarely write anything that would’ve happened before canon events or present-day unless it’s part of a bigger story, so putting them in such a different timeline was a fun challenge.

Do you write AUs or fic that’s consistent with canon?

Both! As long as Kurt and Blaine are still Kurt and Blaine, the scenario doesn’t matter much for me to write it. If it’s something that stirs interest for me, of course. There are some AUs that I just don’t care about and others that I will explore every time.

What do you like about your writing?

I write fun stuff! I like my dialogue, my stories get to the point, and I make a conscious effort to write fic that I haven’t read already.

Every Time

Written for todaydreambelievers prompt: (AU or Canon compliant)  Kurt and Blaine get caught making out by papa!Anderson.

It would be so easy to just completely lose himself in the sensations. Blaine’s lips pressing against his, fists clutching and grabbing at whatever they could, hot breaths meeting one another…

But there was something in the back of Kurt’s mind stopping him, keeping him distracted from the one he loved. “Blaine”, he murmured, pulling back slightly.

Blaine ignored him, trailing his lips down to Kurt’s neck. For a moment, as Blaine started to nibble behind his ear, Kurt’s mind went blank, but then the warning bells started again. They could not have a repeat last time. “Blaine, wait.” He pushed himself back. “What about your parents.”

Blaine didn’t let him go too far. He pulled him back, pressing a kiss to his jawline. “It’s fine,” he whispered into Kurt’s ear, sending shivers all the way down his spine. “Dad said that they would be a few hours. We have got plenty of time.”

With that, he pushed Kurt back onto the bed, before settling over him. Mollified by Blaine’s reassurances, Kurt finally let go and just let himself enjoy the beautiful set of lips currently attached to his.

As their kisses deepened, Kurt moved his hands lower, grasping Blaine’s shirt and tugging it out of the waistband of his pants. When his hands finally met warm skin, he let out a low moan. He loved this. However, his damn blazer was making things a little difficult. He needed it off. Now.  “Blaine,” he whispered. “I want–”

“Blaine!” They both jumped at the booming voice, their state of bliss completely shattered as the door to the bedroom flung open with a loud thump.

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Observations of a Crazy Brittanalyst: Part XXXVIII

“I belong with you”: On Brittany Pierce, Santana Lopez, Second Chances, and True Love

Hey, fandom.

Ten months ago, I wrote what I then had good reason to believe might be my last full-length Brittanalysis ever.

It was all about our favorite story—the one about the two girls who fell in love with each other, faced all sorts of trouble, and helped each other to be the best possible versions of themselves, no matter what.

The girls were soulmates, and they saw in each other all sorts of beautiful, important things that other people didn’t seem to see. They were supportive of each other and selfless in their love, even when things were scary for them.

None of that has changed.

But one thing that has changed over these last ten months is that our girls back, and suddenly their story isn’t over anymore. Our girls have a second chance.

So if you care to join me, I’d love to talk about their story again.

Feelings under the cut—just like old times.

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AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Fearlessly Day 1

Our first new look SPOTLIGHT. 

We’re spending the next five days spotlighting fearlessly , an author whose specialty is hitting the real feeling and romance of a good angst-fest. Find her @fearlesslygleefics

DAY 1: Meet the author

Why Klaine? 

I think first I need to answer: why Glee? … I remember being intrigued by the previews; it was a show about musicals, where people actually sang on every episode. I’ve always loved music and musical theatre, so naturally I started watching Glee when the pilot aired. The motley crew of characters were so unique, and at the same time so relatable in one way or another, that I became instantly hooked.

As season one continued, the character which spoke to me the most, not necessarily because I related to him exactly – but more so because of how strongly the actor was committed and invested in him, was Kurt. Chris’s portrayal of Kurt was outstanding and, from the moment I noticed him in the pilot, I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. I liked him because he was snarky and funny and didn’t take any crap from anyone (“One day, you will all work for me.”). But, he was also soft, sensitive, compassionate, and he loved his dad so fiercely. It was hard not to love that character. I fell for him completely.

… Keep reading for how Fearlessly fell for Blaine, what to expect in her writing, how to keep an angsty story from leaving your readers heartbroken and what Fearlessly likes about her own writing (always the toughest question)

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EVERYTHING(ish) you need to know about Brittany S. Pierce

This mostly consists of some key points to her characterization that I believe a lot of people overlook when playing her. This is in no way me telling you how to play Brittany, rather, it’s me opening my mind of 4+ years of playing the bubbly blonde to hopefully guide you into knowing how to begin to play her or get into her head if you’ve ever wanted to. I don’t get into her relationships or my preference on shipping her, I basically love Brittany and decided to write 2k+ words about her here for you to read, or not read. Like/Reblog as you feel fit.

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Renegades [0.5/?]

For Chinx, the incomparable @seastarved, on the occasion of your birth.

You may not remember darling, but a few months ago when I was going through the worst time of my life, you virtually held my hand, patted my hair and generally reminded me that throwing myself in front of a train would be a really terrible plan. And when I desperately wanted to write, just to forget what a shitty world we live in, and had no ideas whatsoever, you suggested I tried something where Captain Swan keep robbing each other. This is a canon-divergent / EF / Captain Wench adventure story that came from that prompt, specifically written to hit as many of your favourite tropes as I can manage! Or it will be! Eventually! Consider this a 2.5k sneak peek of a chapter.

I wish you the very happiest of days. Nobody could deserve it more. As silly as it may seem to say about someone you’ve never met, who lives on the other side of the planet, you’re the best friend a grumpy, war-obsessed, big-kid could ask for. I love you masses.

This bit is a T, but the whole thing will be M, in the end. Probably. It will also end up about 25k. Maybe. Written under the influence of far too much P!ATD. (Particularly The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, for reasons that will soon become obvious.)

“We really should stop meeting like this.”

Her captive beams at her as he swings gently to and fro in the net, his shortened arm hanging useless at his side as Emma taps his confiscated hook against her lower lip.

“You’re pretty cocky for a guy who’s hanging six feet from the ground.”

He hums in agreement, picking at the ropes with the bejeweled fingers of his remaining hand, and offers her a devilish smirk.

“Believe me when I say, love, that this is quite the enjoyable form of hanging compared to what I’m usually faced with.”

Emma scoffs, and tucks the hook into the waistband of her stolen pants. “Why are you following me?”

“Following you?” He tsks sadly, shaking his head at her as if she’s the one who’s been caught out, “Don’t think so highly of yourself. You have something that belongs to me, and I’d like it back.”

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twelvesfloof  asked:

Hi! So I really like your meta. You seem pretty convinced that destiel is going to be canon, but I'm still having doubts. I'm just wondering, how are you so sure it will happen? I'm a destiel supporter, but I have lost faith in it ever going canon.

Hey! Thank you! I am trying my best to actually put my film degree to good use! Though I am still slightly rusty and less eloquently with words than some of the amazing blogs on here. But thank you :)

Well, I’ll be honest I wasn’t Destiel positive at all prior to this episode. I think I had a spike of hope after 11x10 because as soon as they began this Casifer arc I knew that the outcome would be an emotional climax for the main characters, Cas especially. But I wasn’t sure how exactly they were planning to run with it on Dean’s side since we haven’t had much evidence from Dean’s POV that couldn’t be explained away before. Certainly we have had no evidence from Dean prior to this episode that his feelings may be romantic (or at least, different to his feelings for Sam.) There has always been the subtext of course, and the symbolism hidden within the mise-en-scene for us to pick out and analyse to our hearts content. But textually we have had zero to go on with Dean.

I still think they put just enough in there to keep it ambiguous. The text often supports a Destiel reading as a side reading, with a main and more obvious reading sitting on top of it which is the one picked up most commonly by the general viewer. For example the final scene in 11x14.

That scene on the pier still pisses me off. A lot of people (myself included) tried so hard to make the Cas reading the main reading. It SHOULD be the main reading after all. Even ignoring the subtextual ‘romantic implications’ of Dean and Cas’ relationship, you’d think the guy would be majorly broken up about his best friend being possessed by the devil, and he was, of course he was. BUT they just HAD to go and lay another layer over the top of the ‘dean is upset because of Cas’ moment. They had to make the actual long shot where his voice cracks and he is close to tears about the submarine. To the extent that a lot of the people from that other side of fandom that I call the ‘dark side’ laugh in glee and use it to explain Dean’s emotions fully and also use it as an example of ‘Dean not giving a fuck about Cas’. This irritates me greatly of course because it just isn’t true. But the show should not be giving us any reading that validates that skewered opinion at all.

I don’t understand why the show continues to do things like this. They continue to lay several readings on top of each other to hide anything that might actually imply Destiel. The Destiel reading is always there in the narrative. It is not difficult to find if you look for it, but you always have to look past the main reading. The reading that a general viewer, blinded by heteronormativity and with no prior knowledge of Destiel would see.

I have often said (to myself rather than openly) that once the Destiel reading becomes the main reading, (the more obvious reading and the easiest way to explain a scene that is) then the show is taking it canon. For me, I saw that in 11x18. This episode clearly demonstrated the differences between how Sam and Dean view Cas and what he means to each of them. So much so, that they actually down played Sam and Cas’ relationship in order to make Dean’s relationship with Cas seem more important. Dean’s behaviour and emotional reactions in this scene would not make sense if you didn’t view it from a Destiel perspective. All you have to ask yourself if you doubt the Destiel reading here is say ‘what would I be thinking about this moment if Cas was a woman?’ and BINGO. It is suddenly clear as day that Dean is in love. Sam is not. Sam acts differently. This was all about Dean and Cas.

The problem is, this was one episode. One episode written by writers who are not known for their subtlety. Structurally from a story writing perspective the only way forward now is up, to go where the story takes them to quote Jeremy Carver and Bob Singer here. However, the writers of this show don’t always go in the right direction. We have been speculating for years on how the story seemed to be leading in a certain way (reverse angel fall spell, Castiel’s grace cure for the mark, Castiel as Colette parallel…) they never seem to bring those stories to a satisfying end, often leaving plot holes in their wake (the broken veil) and story resolutions that don’t make sense (Rowena’s spell for the mark’s cure) because they seem to come out of left field and not fit in with the symbolism given to us by the show throughout the prior season. (because the symbolism and subtext almost always points to Destiel anyway).

And why is that? Imagine you are a showrunner of a long running fantasy genre show. You want your show to go out with a bang when it finally comes to its end, and you have one BIG story up your sleeve that you wanna save for that final showdown. The writers have one storyline that they don’t wanna use up on just another season when it is being saved for the GRAND FINALE. Yes, this particular story is a bit of a cliché, used regularly in film and television and has been engrained in the human conscience since humans started telling stories. The most common of all common tropes. The most powerful force in the universe, able to defeat all evil and save our heroes from whatever darkness they face. Shall I start singing Frankie Goes To Hollywood now or…??

Since season 8 began, each mytharc plot has had an alternate resolution to the one shown in the show. The one that came closest to that alternate resolution was in season 8 when Dean broke through Cas’ brainwashing with his ‘I need you’. They have set the paving stones down throughout each season for that alternate resolution to make sense should they choose it. The only reason they haven’t chosen it, is because the series keeps getting renewed.

After all, using the power of love resolution more than once and your show starts to look like Disney’s back catalogue. They are saving it. I am very close to thinking it may actually be used at the end of this season to establish a DeanCas partnership that going into season 12 becomes a background story to a main brothers story where the show instead focusses on the three of them developing a healthy relationship and actually sorting out all the other crap they have left open via plot holes (plus I think Lucifer will escape somehow and be the finale big bad AND I think they are gonna explore this Grand Coven story and develop the world of the Men of Letters – but this is pure speculation).

TL:DR: Ultimately, I see Destiel going canon as a logical resolution to the current mytharc story. It makes the most sense, however, the show could still resolve this story and keep Destiel in the subtext. They could. They might do this. Its more likely knowing these writers that this IS the option they take. It will be really bloody annoying, but they just love keeping things ambiguous. I can’t guarantee Destiel. None of us can. We can be positive and hopeful, even though we know we have been burned by the show before. I would say cautious optimism is the best way forward at this point. Don’t assume canon Destiel is a definite. It never has been and it never will be until the writers actually decide “fuck it – this could really put Supernatural on the map as being one of the most progressive shows on mainstream television to date. Just think of the publicity for season 12!

I understand why a lot of people have lost faith. I don’t want to encourage people to start believing in canon Destiel again since I could very well be wrong. It’s just that it is the most logical resolution to this story.

This became an essay. Sorry. It’s hard to keep such an answer short when my mind is so consumed with thinking about this 24/7! Thank you so much for asking me for my thoughts on this though! I hope that this answered your question and maybe gave you a little faith at least in the fact that Castiel and Dean are heading for a point where they have a healthier relationship I think, even if it remains platonic. 

Jesse St. James' backstory:

Things to consider (with evidence from canon) when writing and playing him.

  • His parents are likely to be rich and distant. (1x15, The Power of Madonna. “They’re wintering in Bali. That’s an expensive phone call.” Clearly they’re fine with abandoning their seventeen/eighteen year old son to go on an expensive vacation alone.)
  • His parents are bad parents. (2x21, Funeral. “Well, that [Jesse being his parents’ favourite] is what my parents told me in front of my siblings.” I tend to play this off as a bitter remark (he’s kind of the best of a bad situation), but it doesn’t change that his parents are happy to pick favourites.)
  • His brother and sister both suffer from mental health issues. (2x21, Funeral. “Some say that led to my brother’s whippet addiction and my sister’s bulimia.” (Whippets being a drug akin to laughing gas.) Whether as the older or younger sibling watching that, it’s going to have some impact on his own state of mind, as well as the risk of it being a family trait.)
  • He has an ‘emptiness’ inside that only success can fill. (1x19, Dream On. “A dream is something that fills up the emptiness inside.” We all know how hard Jesse holds onto his talent and his ambitions, so clearly he’s trying to make up for something.)
  • Being a performer is the only real future he’s considered. (2x21, Funeral. “I [used to] think that fame was the only thing that mattered.” We’re not even gunna talk about what he says afterwards or else I’ll collapse into a puddle of feels.)
  • He’s intelligent and has a good memory, and is probably a big reader. (Deleted scene, 1x14, Hello. “It only ran on Broadway for six thousand, one hundred and thirty seven performances.” 1x15, The Power of Madonna. “I picked the Stephen Sondheim biography section for our clandestine meeting place because only he would be able to express my melancholia.” Though he shows little knowledge of current affairs, most likely because they don’t interest him, he’s clearly verbose and probably well-read, presumably due to his studying of play texts.)
  • He’s far from a virgin, and is comfortable with/nonchalant about sex. (1x15, The Power of Madonna. “Haven’t you done it before?” “No. Have you?” “[with a laugh] What do you think? It’s not big deal.” Clearly he’s not somebody who sees it as a big thing – hinting towards numerous casual hook-ups in the past, and the fact that he most likely doesn’t connect sex and romance. He also sees himself as somebody desirable – the idea that he hasn’t has sex is actually laughable.
  • He’s used to getting his way, but learns from his mistakes. (1x15, The Power of Madonna. “What if then he got really crabby and left?” Jesse evidently isn’t used to girls turning him down, and presumably that translates across into other parts of his life. Additionally, his apology later in the episode shows that he’s reconsidered his actions and feels remorse for them; after that, we only see him being the most chivalrous gentleman towards Rachel. So long as we don’t talk about Funk.)

A little bit of Klaine; 1800 words; A03, canon compliant

Response to Prompt #37 from @todaydreambelievers, incorporating the last two parts:  (AU or Canon compliant) There is no way there wasn’t at least one non glee girl at McKinley (or “tadpole gay” for that matter) with a crush on Kurt. I want to know what they saw when they silently watched him. Or maybe it was a freshman with a crush on Blaine his senior year? Or a student with a crush on one of the “hot new teachers” in season 6?


She goes to see McKinley’s production of Grease all four times, even the matinee on Sunday where the auditorium is filled with elementary school kids.  She may have even stopped by the public library earlier in the week when they were doing the preview.  But she’s not drooling over Ryder Lynn, like all of her girlfriends are.  Or that Jake kid, or even the hot girl that’s playing Rizzo – apparently a college student who came back just for the role.

No, Lia Zhang has the misfortune to be in love with the most perfect Teen Angel ever to croon - Blaine Anderson, who combines sex appeal and gentlemanly charm in an intoxicating mix that she simply cannot resist.

She’s knows he’s gay, she does.  Everyone does, it’s no secret.  But he’s so perfect.  He’s the most perfect boy she has ever met.  He’s patient with her when he meets her for after-school tutoring, bolstering her confidence even though she is practically failing history.  He doesn’t pity her when she stumbles over words in the textbook, and brings his friend Sam Evans in one afternoon to talk to her about how he handled his dyslexia (and oh, Sam is cute too, but nowhere near as dreamy as Blaine).  He’s free with his thoughts, easily complimenting her and encouraging her, and pushing her to think about her life and what she wants to get out of it.

He’s nice to Lia outside of tutoring, too.  Blaine says hi to her in the hallway every time he sees her, even though she is just a lowly freshman, and he is senior class president.  She thinks about trying out for Glee, but she can’t even carry a tune, and with the trouble she has reading words, she isn’t sure that trying to learn to read music would be a good idea.  Plus her mom needs her to babysit most days, and wouldn’t want her to commit to all those rehearsals.

Still, she ponders the club sign-up sheets, wondering what she might do to spend more time with Blaine.  It’s ridiculous, but being with him makes her happy.  She knows he’s not going to be her boyfriend.  That’s not what she’s after.

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Exolvo: Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Thanks aamysantiagos for the once over, I’ve made a couple other minor changes since. This fic is less serious than the first and in ways less Exolvo-canon compliant, but still fun to write!

“Whaat are you doing?”

Kristoff watched bemused as Anna edged slowly around the clearing, arms outstretched and swinging side to side through empty air (and looking pretty ridiculous).

“I’m going after them Kristoff, what does it look like?” Anna called back to him and even though he was behind her and couldn’t see her face, Kristoff knew she was rolling her eyes at him. “Now help me find a Thestral.”

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Fic: Development

Inspired by this post and much encouragement from anderson-hastings. All canonical dialogue sourced from gleetranscripts. ~2700 words, PG, probably obscenely sappy.

In Kurt’s mind, McKinley High School had exactly one thing going for it: the wifi was unblocked, thanks to Figgins’ total technological ineptitude.

(And, okay, glee club was also decent sometimes, when everyone wasn’t infighting over solos and relationships. It still gave Kurt more stress headaches than he really wanted to have, though.)

This complete access to the Internet allowed Kurt to scroll through his Tumblr pretty much whenever he felt like it, so his queue could always be stocked and he could be in near constant contact with his small collection of Internet friends. Sure, his blog wasn’t massively popular, but he got enough messages swooning over its aesthetics that he wanted to devote as much time to it as possible to keep it looking good.

He had only one rule: everything he posted had to be black and white, with the occasional text post thrown in for fun or as a life update. If Kurt was being honest with himself, the black and white reflected how muted and somber he felt outside of the Internet, like his world was just dreary, interchangeable shades of gray.

Kurt shook himself and focused back on his phone, where a new post had shown up in the “black and white” tag he tracked.

bowtiebirdie: hey guys, what’s up? I’m new here and hoping to find some good b+w blogs to follow as inspiration - like this post if you think I should give you a look!

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All I want...

from Supernatural is for the cultural changes around LGBT issues to continue to gain momentum, for people like Kim Davies to be reviled instead of celebrated, for gay-friendly shows like How To Get Away With Murder to continue to TOP the ratings (hehe) and for “Will they or won’t they” to become a recognized trope for LGBT relationships as well as straight ones. 

I want more than one or two shows with LCBT characters and relationships.  I want more magazine covers like the Klaine (Glee) EW one!  I want the uproar around making LGBT relationships canon to become deafening, and when one network finally does it (ABC or NBC) then I want the others to scramble to catch up.

I want this to happen while SPN continues making its monster of the week episodes, concentrating on the brothers’ bad relationship…..   And then one day, I want the door to the studio to crash open and high-ranking WB and CW execs rush in, pointing shaking fingers at spreadsheets and poll rankings. 

“This is it!” they’ll screech.  “We have to do it NOW.  Ratings are suffering, Colbert is saying we’re the primary choice of homophobes everywhere and our 18-32 demo is practically non-existent!”

The creators, producers and writers both will exchange shocked glances.  “You don’t mean….”  Singer will sputter…..   “We can’t!”  

The execs are relentless.  “You have to.  Things have changed, Robert.  Do you want us to go down as the biggest laughingstock since the How I Met Your Mother finale?”

Silence.  Even now, no one wants to think about the How I Met Your Mother finale.  

One of the younger execs, a trim well-manicured gentlemen with a messenger bag and a discreetly jeweled ring on the third finder of his left hand ( “Brian” is engraved inside) coughs and looks around.  “I’m not sure that I get it. We’ve been hinting since season 4.  Most of the fandom and all the press eat it up.  We’ve got one hell of a wow factor with Dean Winchester!  Even though we’re late to the party, we can count on huge media coverage.  Jensen’s more than able to pull off whatever we need and look hot doing it and Misha’s probably been praying for this for years.  What’s the hesitation?”

The writers and producers look at one another, and no one is able to come up with a coherent reason for disliking the show’s long-standing primary romantic relationship.  At least not one that would satisfy the network execs. 

Carver shrugs, turns to Robbie and claps him on the back.  “You can handle this, can’t you?  Call Edlund if you get stuck.  Title:  You Got It.”

Singer glares, Berenger titters and Jenny looks annoyed.  “But Dean is straight!” she hisses.  The others ignore her. 

Berenger starts to hum under his breath…..  Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend.”  Carver looks panicky and makes a shushing motion.  “Do you know how much Queen’s licensing fees are?!”

Dabb laughs and holds up a cell phone on speaker.   Ben’s voice is eerily clear.  “So are we chickening out at first base or going for a full ride?”

The intern clutches a clipboard and looks dreamy.  “Full ride.  Wing-fluttering, wall-slamming, hair-pulling, gasping,clutching…”

And so it was, in the last season, at the mid-season hiatus premiere, to the haunting strains of “At Last” Destiel is finally made canon. 

anonymous asked:

I love that Lexa is choosing Clarke and living up to what she swore. Clarke's needs are her own needs, she will not go back on her words. She won't betray Clarke again. I just hope it won't cost Lexa her life. But I think Lexa is ok with death if that is the consequence of the oath she swore.

Gah! Everywhere I turn there is someone else saying that Lexa is going to die because of the decision she made. A lot of comments saying that doing what Clarke says is going to be Lexa’s demise. 

I can see that happening, 100% I can see that happening.

But I just don’t think it will.

I think the writers are smarter than that. 

They don’t do expected.

Maybe I’m getting too next level on this shit, but everything that has happened so far has been unexpected. The one thing I’ve learned about The 100 is that if things look like they are going to go a certain way, it pretty much means it’s not.

I don’t think Lexa has to die for them to make a statement. 

Sure half a year ago I was alllllll about the, ‘I can never see Clexa working without Lexa dying’ but then I never saw Lexa apologising either. I never saw her bowing before Clarke and swearing fealty to her. I sure as shit didn’t see Lexa walking into Clarke’s room all barefoot and slinky dresses openly adoring her as she wished her goodnight. I never thought we’d see such a momentous do-over of ‘head over heart’ without it being immediately followed by Lexa dying heroically for Clarke.

To be perfectly honest my wildest drunken dreams never even imagined we’d get real Clexa.

But we are.

We’re getting REAL, FULL BLOWN CLEXA. As real as any canon otp has ever been in any story ever. That’s what we’re getting with Clarke and Lexa, and it’s honestly like some god fucking damn miracle. It truly is. 

We are all scared because of the disasters that have come before on other TV shows.

Maybe The 100 are breaking the cycle.

I’ve obviously taken the City of Light pill and I’m a believer. The 100 has been consistently good, and I mean, episode after episode since the start of Season 2. Do you know how hard that is to find these days? It’s almost non-existent in long form tv. I would argue The 100 is more consistent than GoT any day, any fucking day of the week. It’s sure as hell better than TWD, even Jessica Jones (which I love love love) had some patchiness to it. Shows these days lose momentum, quickly. They usually come out with a big strong first season and everyone falls in love with it and then the writers feel the pressure and nonsense starts happening (exhibit A: GLEE). The 100 has gotten better and better and better, and it’s because they are doing what they want.

If you haven’t read this Kim Shumway response I reblogged you really should. It’s excellent. It seems obvious that a writer should know their characters inside and out, but that’s not always the case QUINN FABRAY. I felt so much reassurance when I read Kim’s reply because I was like, ‘yes, this woman knows her shit.’ You can tell how much she cares about the show and its characters from the way she writes, this is how I know we’re in good hands.


Yes, Lexa loves Clarke like she has never loved anybody, correct, but that doesn’t make her weak. Clarke is right in this situation, okay? We’re not applying this to the real world, we’re in The 100 universe. If Lexa sends the grounder army to Arkadia, there will be a very high number of casualties on both sides. Abby, Marcus, Raven, Octavia, Lincoln, Bellamy, Monty, Jasper, Sinclair, Jaha, Miller… how many of them would live? How many hundreds of grounders die before Arkadia run out of bullets? Does Lexa even live?

That is something that I don’t see a lot of people talking about. The fact that Clarke may have just saved Lexa by convincing her not to ride in against machine guns. The very same thing that caused Lexa to leave the Mountain in the first place. Lexa knew then that her army would suffer great losses because the Mountain Men had guns.

That’s why it was important for us to see Lexa filled with such anger after she talks with Indra at the beginning of the episode. Why she immediately orders them to send riders to call upon the 12 Clans. Lexa can more easily deal with pain if it is targeted at her, she can carry that burden, she can overcome it. She can fight for peace even when Costia is taken from her… but when it’s her people that suffer? That have been slaughtered in cold blood? When she sees a field covered in the bodies of her people? Yeah, Lexa wants revenge. She’s almost blinded by it.

And she is cold towards Clarke throughout the episode. She mocks Clarke (mockery is not the product of a strong mind. omfg I have to make that gifset lol), “Have you come up with a way to save your people yet again?” I don’t think Lexa ‘kills every chance she gets”, but also let’s remember that time Lexa very casually tried to have Octavia killed. Lexa is by no means a saint, which is something I think we all tend to forget about because she is perfect. But you know who does makes Lexa better? Clarke.

What are the three pillars of being a Commander? Wisdom. Compassion. Strength.

Compassion is what Clarke brings out of Lexa. She has always been wise, always had strength. But it is Clarke’s show of compassion that brings Lexa back from the brink, back to who she is, makes her more clear-heda’d.

This is why loving Clarke doesn’t make Lexa weak, it makes her strong. Complete. They make each other better in only ways that they can.

When Lexa chooses Clarke’s alternative, yes she is choosing Clarke, yes she is doing right by the vow she made, but yes she is also doing what is right as Commander.

Obviously I can’t say whether or not Lexa lives this season. I completely believe she does, because I’m probably in denial, but also because I just think it’s not a smart decision. Ultimately it rests on whether or not JRoth wants to break our hearts or not. Seriously, that’s all it is. Because Lexa dying at some point makes sense. SHE’S THE COMMANDER. The Grounders are not going to be happy, and they will want to overthrow Lexa. The fucking gorilla could finally escape and seek revenge on Clarke, and Lexa would throw herself at it screaming, “Death is not the end!” There are a million ways Lexa could die.

And I agree that Lexa would be okay with death and die all of those million ways for Clarke, to save her, to keep her vow, whatever. That’s a given. Lexa accepted the inevitability of a short life long ago.

Would Clarke, though?

In 304 we saw that she would let Lexa fight and die, because Lexa asked her to. But Clarke still doesn’t really know, she still hasn’t resolved her feelings – and that is changing very rapidly every episode. Maybe this season we’ll end up seeing just how much our little Clarke loves Lexa when she’s ready.

And if Lexa’s imminent death comes knocking, do we not trust Clarke Griffin with her life? I mean she has already saved it a bunch of times, and that was before she even knew there were tingly feelings involved.

Everyone always assumes that Lexa will die being Clarke’s saviour, Clarke’s champion. But if you think for a second that Clarke is going to let anyone, let alone Lexa, die for her? Do you even know Clarke?

You’ll see.

You’ll all see.

Please everyone link me this dumb post when Lexa dies and I’m crying myself to sleep and vowing to never watch The 100 again. That show I used to love so much and trust back in February 2016.


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