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I've been a silent follower for a while, admiring your art and the things you blog/reblog (10/10, would recommend)! Y'know when you picture someone a certain way because of their blog then you actually see them and you've been so wrong - that happened when you posted your selfies! Like I thought you'd be pretty and all but you're gorgeous, human! Like I low-key questioned my sexuality for like a minute bc of you! Sorry if this seems a little creepy; I thought you should know 😁

this isn’t creepy i’m flattered!! :’0 thank you so much!

My pictures I got of the queen herself today 🤗

I swear Christen takes this backpack everywhere she goes! This was when she had just walked out to go to the photo booth where the professional pictures would be taken. When I went up to her to take the photo op the first thing she said was “Hey I like your jersey” & smiled at me. I swear I got so happy, my nerves managed to calm down but I just could’t believe that actually happened. I thanked her, then left to go freak out with my friend about meeting her 😆

This was about 10 minutes later? We were waiting in line to meet her again to get her autograph, at this point I was more calm given that I had met her earlier but I was still freaking out. 😅

I had recorded my whole interaction with her but this was when I gave her my gift and she was like thank you. After she opened it her reaction was priceless. She was like, “Awww, thank you that’s so nice” 😊 I felt relieved lol.

Now she was signing my jersey & I was happy, all I could think about was how I was going to frame that jersey and praise it forever lol

Can you believe she was looking at me that way? 🙂 Before I left I told her how I waited 2 years to meet her and she told me she was glad that we finally met and that she would see me soon when the NWSL season starts. 😬

Old Friends (6/?)

Summary: y/n and Sam Wilson have been neighbors since she moved to NewYork . When Sam started being an avenger they drifted, just random texts or calls . That was until the events between Steve, Bucky and Tony.  Things are all cleared now, everyone is back at the tower and/or avengers facility, including Bucky. But what happens when the reader shows up at the facility looking for Sam?

Pairings: Sam Wilson x reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, Avengers x reader

Warnings: sexual situation, angst, swearing .

  Steve refused to tell you any other information from the meeting, declaring it all “classified”.  What a dick.

  You still can’t believe the words that came out of his mouth. You and Steve bicker back and forth about what to do. He stands by his plan of going after Ross while you repeatedly call him an idiot. After about 10 minutes of this, you can’t handle the conversation anymore. You start to feel worn out, and the pain from your ribs starts to increase. You look around the room and the team looks so defeated. You sigh and try to ease your way back down to the couch.

   “This isn’t anyone’s fault, so stop looking like you all personally painted the target on me. This is because I called Ross out on the meeting. Maybe if I would have stayed quiet, then this shit show wouldn’t be happening. But I’m glad I said something, and I would do it again if I had to. Ross needs to pay for what he’s done. I don’t know anyone more perfect for the job other than you guys. You’ve taken down Hydra once, you can do it again.” You bring yourself back to your feet and face all of them adding , “So suck it up, Buttercups.” On that note, you leave and head straight to the infirmary.

 The past two days have been filled with the Avengers discussing how to approach the Ross situation, which included a lot of yelling. You try not to think of what could happen now that you’re apparently on a hit list. You keep flipping through things in your mind to distract you, like Bucky. I wonder if he’s thought about the kiss since it happened? Did he like it? Why hasn’t he done it again? What a dick. I’m not making  the first move again. If he doesn’t want to kiss me as much as I want to kiss him, it’s his loss.

  The meeting ends and still no plan was made.  You leave the conference room in need of a nap. You’re body is still healing, so you still get worn out from pushing yourself to do too much. Helen told you during your last check up that stress can affect your healing, so you’ve been trying to stay calm.  I don’t know how Bruce does it, I’d be hulking out every 10 minutes. You finally make it to your bed and get yourself comfortable enough to sleep.

 You wake up an hour later more exhausted than you were before you napped. How does that even happen? You go to the communal floor but it’s empty. Huh, weird. Usually at least one person is watching TV.

“FRIDAY, where is everyone?”

 "Some of the team is currently out on a unplanned mission. Sergeant Barnes, Mr. Stark and Dr. Banner are the only ones who stayed behind.“  Great, of course when I want to shower Nat and Wanda are both gone.  A plan pops up in your head.  What do I have to lose?

“Friday, where’s Bucky?”

“He is currently in his room reading. Would you like me to request for him to come to you?”

 "Yes, please.“

About 10 minutes later Bucky emerges from the elevator. He’s wearing navy blue sweats that hang low on his hips and form fitted white t-shirt. When he sees you sitting on the couch he plants himself next to you.

"Hey Doll, what do you need?” You. You blush from the thought but just smile and turn to face him.

   “Bucky you have to shower with me.” You didn’t say it as a question, it was a statement. A demand, actually.His eyes widen and his mouth opens and closes a few times like he’s trying to figure out what to say. You laugh and save him the trouble.

  “I still can’t lift my arms without pain and the girls aren’t here. I need a shower and I don’t really think Stark or Banner would be up for this. I mean, I could always ask them anyway.”  You act like you’re going to get up, but his response stops you.

“Don’t even think about it, Kitten. I’ll do it.”  A smirk spreads across his face. You wink at him and head towards the elevator.

  “Well, what are you waiting for, soldier?” You keep moving and can hear the patter of his feet as he sped up to get to you.

When you both were in the elevator, you could see the giant grin across his face. You roll your eyes. This is going to be great.

When the doors open on your floor, you both go straight to the bathroom in Sam’s room. Bucky turns the shower on so it can warm up and moves back in front  of you.

 "I won’t look below your face, Y/n. I promise.“ He reaches for the bottom of your shirt and pulls it up as he takes each one of your arms out slowly. Then he bends down and slides your pants off.You’re left in a solid colored bra and black panties. You know you’re blushing, but there’s no way your face is as red as Bucks. He stands up straight and goes to unhook your bra. As he reaches his arms around you, his face is barely an inch away from yours. You feel his breath fan across your face and you tilt your head up to his.

  "You know Buck, I never said you couldn’t look.” He just continues to gaze into your eyes as your bra comes undone. Your eyes don’t leave each others as you step back and let it fall to the floor.  You raise your brow at him, signaling him to take the final piece of your clothing off. He the slowly slides your underwear off, still looking up at you.  Your automatic reaction to being naked is to cover yourself. You have stretch marks on you that you usually hide. But with Bucky, there’s no reason to since he would never think less of you. He stands up straight and you take a step closer to him, tugging at the bottom of his shirt. He lifts his shirt over his head, dropping it into the pile of your clothes. You glance down, and take in a sharp breath. You’ve never seen him shirtless before, but it’s like staring at a masterpiece. He’s still looking at your face while you try to memorize everything about his body. You run your fingers over the lines of his abs, and down the V near his hips. You’re eyes trail up to where his metal arm connects with his shoulder. You can see he looks uncomfortable, like he wants to hide it. You close the distance between your bodies and place a kiss on his scar. You can feel him exhale when your lips make contact with his skin.

 "Don’t ever be ashamed Bucky, scars tell a story, whether it’s good or bad. It shows how strong you are and that you made it.“ You step back and trace over the darker stretch marks near your hips. His hands follow yours and lightly follow your path over them.

  "You really are beautiful Y/n, never feel otherwise.” You look up at him, sending him a small smile.

  “Take your own advice, Barnes.” You start to play with the top of his sweats, sliding your finger under them and following the band around his waist. He takes the hint and  strips them off.

You both take a minute to just look at each other. Your eyes follow the lines of the V on his hips, down the rest of the way. Your eyes go wide at the sight. Holy hell, he could fucking break me in half with that thing. I guess everything did get enhanced. You rest both of your hands on his hips and look up at him. You expect him to lean down for a kiss, but he runs his fingers along the line of your jaw, just smiling down at you. Are you kidding me, Barnes? Take a damn hint. You roll your eyes and he just shoots you a questioning look. You pout, and point to your lips. I don’t think I can be anymore obvious Barnes. He laughs, taking the hint, and leans down connecting his lips to yours. Just as soft as I remember. Your lips melt together, but you feel like you can’t get close enough. You push your body against his and tilt your head to deepen the kiss. You get lost in the feeling of his chest pressed against yours. Bucky moans into the kiss, his right hand lacing into your hair. He tugs a little, making you remove your lips to let out a breathy moan. You open your eyes and see a devious smirk spread across his face. Uh oh.

  He tugs it a little harder, and the sound that comes out of your mouth is anything but innocent. You feel your cheeks turn dark red and let out a nervous laugh. Bucky dips his face down to you neck and begins nipping and sucking, going from your neck down to your collarbone. You close your eyes at the feeling, never wanting him to stop. But right as you do, he removes his lips. What a fucking tease. You open your eyes to see his already on you.

  “Doll, maybe we should continue this in the shower? Before it runs cold.” He lets out a chuckle and you huff. He pulls you by your hand into the shower, closing the door behind you. You move yourself under the warm spray of the water, letting out a content sigh. You pull Buck under the water with you , he pushes back your hair so it’s out of your eyes and peppers kisses randomly over your face. Bucky washes your hair for you, rubbing your head when he applies the shampoo then the conditioner. It stays silent, just you two sending each other shy smiles. You feel all the stress peel away from your body every time he touches you. He keeps a light touch when he lathers your body wash over your ribs. He traces the outline of your bruises so gently you didn’t believe he’s actually touching you. You step closer to him and just lean your body against his . He wraps his arms around you keep yourself pushed against him. You push away from him after a minute, and he knows what you want. He leans down capturing your lips with his. The kiss starts off slow and sweet, but gets heated within moments. You dig your nails into his sides, trying to get yourself as close as you can. You can feel that he is rock hard , and it only spurs you on. You pull your lips away from his, and start making your way down his neck and chest. You can hear him take in a deep breath and feel him smile. You move your hand down and take him into you hand. You run your finger over the tip of his cock and he lets out a low moan. You start to pump his length slowly and he seals his lips against yours again. You can feel him moving his hips in rhythm with your movements. He licks at your bottom lip, and you can tell he want to go further but you keep your lips shut tight. He catches on, and you can feel him smiling against your lips. He weaves his fingers through your wet hair and tugs. You part your lips to moan, and he uses that moment to slide his tongue between them. He gently moves his tongue with yours, and you’re pretty sure you could get off just from kissing him. You feel his dick twitch and you know he’s close.

  “Let go, Buck.” Right after you finish saying that, the bathroom door whips opens and you hear Sam’s Voice.

 "NO ONE BETTER BE FINISHING ANYTHING IN MY SHOWER, YOU NASTIES.”  WHEN DID THEY EVEN GET BACK. But damn, way to blue ball your friend Wilson.You don’t say a word, just look wide eyed at Buck. Your cheeks are red from embarrassment and Bucky has a scowl on his face.

 "Sam, you have 2 seconds to get out and shut that door before I come after you naked.“   You hear the door shut, and let out a snort.

  "That would only happen to us.” Buck just shakes his head, and turns off the water.   

 You guys get out and make your way to your part on Sam’s floor. Bucky helps you into a clean shirt and new pair of underwear. He bends down to help you into a pair of pants and you just shoo him away. He lets out a playful laugh and puts his own clothes back on. You’re both standing there looking at each other. You look down and see Bucky’s hard again.

“Buck…” You take a step towards him, cupping your hand over his bulge. But his hand shoots out and grasps your wrist lightly to stop you. He doesn’t say a word, just leads you to your bed. He lays down as you ease yourself down next to him. He lays on his back and your carefully scoot yourself over so you’re resting your head on his shoulder. You ignore the slight pain in your abdomen, and lay your head on his chest while you tangle your legs with his. He put one arm around your shoulder, playing with your hair, and the other is drawing light circles on your bare thigh. This could have been sexual, hell you wouldn’t of minded it. If someone told you months ago that you’d be in bed just cuddling with Bucky Barnes, you’d laugh your ass off. You never thought you’d get to see a side of James Buchanan Barnes that wasn’t a flirtatious dick bag. But what was happening right now, this closeness and safety, you feel is something you haven’t felt before. You nuzzle yourself into the crook of his neck. You feel him place a kiss on your head and let out a content sigh. This is all I’ll ever need. He is all I’ll ever need.

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   It’s been almost 2 weeks since you and Bucky fell asleep together. Since then you’ve had a hard time not being near him. And it seems he has the same issue. You constantly crave his touch, even if it’s just his arm around you. Today, you were sitting in the tv room with most of the team, minus Tony and Steve. When you asked where they were, Bucky said they had a meeting with someone. You shrugged it off and just continued watching tv with everyone.

  About an hour later Steve and Tony show up. Steve picks up the remote from the table beside Sam and shuts the Tv off. Everyone’s eyes move from the screen to him. He stands back next to Tony and crosses his arms.

  “We came to a decision about what to do about the situation with Y/n and Hydra.” You have almost completely forgotten about that. Damn, how did that slip my mind? You stay silent, so does the rest of the team.

 Tonys gaze stays on the floor in front of him. Ah, making Steve deliver the bad news. Good move Stark.

  “It’s not safe for you here. They know where you are, so we don’t have any other choice but to relocate you to a safe house. It’s off record, so no one can hack us to find you.” You can feel your eyes well up with tears.

“Whose bright idea was this, Steve? Because it’s pretty fucking dumb to me. You plan on sending me somewhere alone when I’m on a fucking hit list? You know they will find me, they always seem to have a fucking way of getting what they want!” Your voice is loud and laced with anger. When Steve goes to respond, someone beats him to it.

  “It was my idea, and this isn’t a negotiation Miss Y/n, so stand down,” an unfamiliar voice says. You look behind Steve to see a man with an eyepatch and instantly recognize him. Nick Fury, I’ll be damned.

   “I’m not an Avenger, Fury. You have no dictation over me.” By now you’re standing in front of him. You feel a hand on your shoulder but you don’t turn.

 "Y/n, why don’t you hear them out a little more before you have a cow?“

 "Take your hand off me now, Sam.” He backs off, leaving you still in front of Nick.

  “Y/n, Hydra doesn’t play games. It’s only a matter of time before they find a way in here to you. Do you want to put your life and the teams in even more danger?” What is he talking about? I didn’t think it was possible for me to want to hate someone as much as Ross, but him and Fury are tied now.

   “So what Nick, you’re going to send me to some abandoned house, alone, in the middle of nowhere and pray they don’t find me? Hydra found their way into SHIELD, don’t you think they’ll be able to find me, too?” You try to keep the sass down but it’s getting harder to put a lid on it.

 "We have a safe house for people of special interest to Shield and the Avengers. You won’t be alone. It’s safer than keeping you here. This isn’t just about you anymore, it’s about the team. Do you think they can all focus on taking down Ross while there worried about protecting you here? Barnes wouldn’t even leave for the damn mission a few days ago so he could stay to watch you.“ At that last sentence you look over at Bucky. He stares at the ground but doesn’t deny what Fury says. I can’t believe him. Why wouldn’t he of told me?

 "The team could have been compromised because they were short a super soldier. So pull your head out of your ass, and do what’s good for everyone. Otherwise I’ll never understand what the team sees in you.” That hits you like a ton of bricks. He’s right. Fury turns to leave but you stop him.

  “When do I leave?” Your voice is quiet but he heard you.

 "The quinjet leaves in 20, so I’d start packing.“ He leaves. You don’t move, just stare at where he was standing. Bucky comes to stand in front of you, but you don’t even make eye contact with him.

   "I’m sorry. I didn’t even consider that you guys would be distracted by me being here. Fury was right, you guys can’t focus on the bigger picture while worrying about me.” Bucky goes to speak, but you walk away. You feel guilt overcome all your other emotions. You never considered the impact you’d have on the team by being here while Hydra is looking for you. I hate this. You make your way to Sam’s level and start packing clothes into a duffle bags. You remember how Tony surprised you and filled Sam’s level with all new clothes he ordered for you after the fire. He took care of you, and treated you like family. Everyone here treats you like family. Tears start to make their way down your cheeks when you realize how stupid you’ve been. You’ve managed to push Hydra and the situation out of your mind, but now it all seems to be hitting you at once. Hydra isn’t going to stop until they find me.

  When your bags are packed, you head up to the hangar. The team is already up there waiting for you. Now that it hurts less to raise your arms, you give each of them real hugs. You save Sam and Bucky for last. Sam pulls you into him, and you bury your face in his neck and let a few tears make their way out.

  “I just got you back Sammy,  don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone. I don’t want to have to kick your ass when I get home.”

 You shove your finger into his chest as you talk, making him wince.

  “I’ll come get you as soon as it’s safe, Y/n. It’ll be over before you know it.” You nod.

Alright, stay calm. When you get to Bucky, holding in the rest of the tears gets harder. You wrap your arms around his neck and pull him into a searing kiss. He holds your body tight against his, his lips dancing with yours. This isn’t our last kiss, don’t make him feel like it is Y/n, cool down. You pull away, sending him a wink and smirk.

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  “No kissing anyone else while I’m gone, Barnes. I’ve got eyes and ears everywhere.” A smile appears on his face.

 "I wouldn’t dream of it Kitten. Do us all a favor, and keep your attitude at a level two at this safe house.“

"I’m offended, you guys really think I’d ever go above a two?”

You get a group answer of “Yes” and start to laugh. You start walking up the ramp to the jet, but pause.

“I want you guys to know, I’ll miss you. And you’d better not die, or else.” You point your finger at them to heighten the effect of your threat. They all salute and wave at you, and you shake your head as you board the jet. The pilot introduces himself as John, a shield agent. You buckle yourself in and take off.

   “Hey John, won’t Hydra notice a giant jet leaving the tower if they are staking it out?”

 "The jet can camouflage itself, no one can see us.“ Thank God for technology.

  It feels like it’s been a while, but you don’t know how long it’s actually been. You had to trash your phone before you left, in case it was being tracked. So you have no form of entertainment, and John’s not exactly a bag of fun right now. You were playing with your fingers when the jet suddenly shook. And it wasn’t just like a little shake. It was like a fucking earthquake. If you weren’t buckled in, you would have been thrown to the other side of the jet. You hear John speaking into his comms.

 "Director, we’ve been hit. I don’t know who it is but I have an idea.”

How did they find us. so much for technology.

“John, how the fuck did they find us? I thought we were invisible!” He doesn’t answer, just keeps talking into the comms.

 You felt another huge shake, and then suddenly there was a hole in the side of the jet across from you. You try to scream, but can’t seem to find your voice. Terror takes over your body and before you know it, everything is black.

  You wake up feeling like you’re floating. But you soon realize someone is carrying you. You try to focus on your senses to figure out who it is. You don’t want to open your eyes and alert them that you’re awake. All you can hear is the sound of the person walking on what sounds like grass. And it smells like grass and trees. I’m somewhere outside, probably close to where the jet crashed. You move your focus to the hands that are holding you. You can’t really feel the one that’s on your back, but the one under your knees feels cold and slightly familiar. Bucky. Your pulse quickens at the thought of him. You open your eyes and see that it’s getting dark out, your head is near Bucky’s neck .

  “ Buck,” You breathe it out in almost a whisper. You turn and bury your nose in his neck, taking in a deep breathe. But the scent isn’t familiar. Bucky usually smells like coffee and hints of his cologne. The scent you just caught was more piney, and musty.

.“Sorry sweetheart, Bucky’s not here right now.” The voice was unfamiliar and sent chills down your body.

You went to push off the man, but your entire body feels broken. He looks down and you finally see his face. He has dark hair that was kind of styled, and brown eyes. He wasn’t bad looking, he had a couple scars scattered around his face. Where have I seen him before? I know this face. You must of looked like you were trying to figure something out because he spoke up.

  “I know Bucky very well, even better than I know Rogers.”

“Who are you? Why did you save me?” He doesn’t answer, just keeps walking. You see what looks like an army base ahead, and he walks through the front doors with you. There was a gurney waiting for you, along with men in black combat gear. You see the hydra symbol plastered on everything. Well Fuck .

  “You guys are real subtle aren’t you. Aren’t you suppose to be a secret group?” You look to the man that was carrying you and your eyes go straight to his metal arm. It’s just like Bucky’s. You feel tears about to fall but you hold them back. Now isn’t the time to cry, it’s the time to fight.

  Despite the pain shooting through your body, you start to thrash around on the gurney. You push against the restraints and curse loudly. Soon you stop resisting, and start chuckling. The man that carried you looks to you with a curious look.

“You know they’re going to come for me, and they are going to win. You stupid bastards won’t stand a damn chance.” A smirk falls onto your face. Stay calm, don’t let them see your fear.

“I can see what Barnes likes about you, you’re feisty. ” He pauses then adds, “I’m not surprised you don’t recognize me. I don’t exactly look like I did before I had a building dropped on me.” Your eyes widen. You remember Sam telling you about what happened in D.C.

Rumlow. Brock Rumlow.

“You…you died though? How is this possible?”

“Never underestimate Hydra.” He has a sickening smile.

Another soldier comes down the hallway. “Agent Rumlow the lab is prepped for her,” he says.

Rumlow bends down and whispers, “Welcome to your new home, Kitten.”

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Aqours Group Chat: Yuri Doujins
  • <p> <b>Yoshiko:</b> Guys! Lily has a huge stash of Yuri doujins in her closet!!<p/><b>Mari:</b> yeah? we know<p/><b>Dia:</b> I didn't! I didn't think Riko was so shameless!<p/><b>Chika:</b> yeah i've seen them<p/><b>Chika:</b> she has some fan made muse ones<p/><b>Dia:</b> Muse yuri doujins!?<p/><b>Mari:</b> oooo are you interested? come on all of us read some yuri im sure<p/><b>Dia:</b> I do not!<p/><b>Yoshiko:</b> No way!<p/><b>You:</b> They help when the real thing comes.<p/><b>Chika:</b> you'd know bb<p/><b>You:</b> ;)<p/><b>Yoshiko:</b> is that how Lily knew what to do…<p/><b>Mari:</b> ooooo riko knows what she's doing!<p/><b>Ruby:</b> What are we talking about?<p/><b>Dia:</b> NO RUBY LEAVE DON'T LOOK AT THIS SHAMELESS CHAT<p/><b>Riko:</b> Why is this happening. I left my phone for 10 minutes.<p/><b>Riko:</b> Yocchan you looked in my closet last night???<p/><b>Ruby:</b> I wanna know tho<p/><b>Chika:</b> We're talking about sex<p/><b>You:</b> We're talking about sex<p/><b>Ruby:</b> Oh that's what I thought<p/><b>Yoshiko:</b> I only peeked Lily<p/><b>Dia:</b> Noooooo my pure little sister is being corrupted.<p/><b>Hanamaru:</b> ruby when are you comming<p/><b>Ruby:</b> PM me Hana-chan<p/><b>Riko:</b> AND YOU TOLD EVERYONE IN CHAT ABOUT IT<p/><b>Dia:</b> Ruby DO NOT apply anything you learn from this sin chat with Hanamaru<p/><b>Hanamaru:</b> wats PM<p/><b>Ruby:</b> Just reply to the message I sent you in our chat sweetie.<p/><b>Ruby:</b> I think they're right sis. It's better if I know what I'm doing rather than going in blind.<p/><b>Dia:</b> I am NOT READING THIS<p/><b>Yoshiko:</b> I didn't know what to do with what I found Lily :c<p/><b>Riko:</b> my life is over<p/><b>Kanan:</b> wow chat’s been active<p/><b>Yoshiko:</b> it seems to be normal Lily! It even helps You says! Please don't leave me!<p/><b>Kanan:</b> lovers quarrel?<p/><b>Mari:</b> Nah Yoshi just found Riko’s dirty doujins.<p/><b>Kanan:</b> ahh well if we’re talking about our gfs kinks<p/><b>Kanan:</b> Mari has a whip<p/><b>Mari:</b> It’s Joke!<p/><b>Mari:</b> hahaha very funny babe<p/><b>You:</b> I'm not surprised<p/><b>Chika:</b> Neither am I<p/><b>Mari:</b> god damn it<p/><b>You:</b> Speaking of all this, am I good to come over tonight Chika?<p/><b>Chika:</b> ye bb<p/><b>You:</b> Sweet.<p/><b>Dia:</b>’re all full of sin…<p/><b>Riko:</b> Yocchan just showed up at my house with flowers to apologize <3<p/><p/><b>Riko:</b> My gf is so sweet. I wasn’t even that mad.<p/><b>Chika:</b> Get it Yoshiko!<p/><b>Kanan:</b> Don’t stay up too late girls<p/><b>You:</b> I guess I’ll see you in the morning Yoshiko<p/><b>Yoshiko:</b> ;)<p/></p>

Fandom: Little Witch Academia | Pairing: DianAkko

Word Count: 1,213 | Read Time: ~ 5 minutes

Takes place after Episode 10. 

Akko drew out the evening in her head, a tesseract of unlikeliness. She couldn’t have imagined half of the things happening in the manner they did without coincidence of circumstances. If Hannah and Barbara hadn’t pulled over to gloat, Akko wouldn’t have been there. And if Akko hadn’t dragged Lotte and Sucy along on her ridiculous scheme, there would’ve been no danger of any of the events that transpired. But there was no going back and changing that.

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I was in a children's psych ward when I was 11

Not asylum like but just for kids that couldn’t live at home for a while due to mental issues, such as being unable to sleep at all (like me), having very serious phobias, anger issues, etc. Here are some interesting things they did.

- Milk water. You were allowed 2 glasses of milk and 4 glasses of water a day, and then 1 cup of tea in the evening. But milk was always half milk, half water. They mixed it so it would last longer.

- Everything happened in 15 minute blocks. We got home from school at 3:20 PM? Couldn’t sit down at the lunch table until 3:30. Going to the bathroom was only allowed in-between blocks.

- Doors locked from the outside. 8:30 PM was lockdown and you’d be in your room for the next 10 hours.

- You had to eat your sandwiches with knife and fork. Nuff said.

- It was in a hospital, so all of our food was mashed or diced. Mostly mashed.

- Their 2nd most important goal was to convert you to Catholicism. You had to pray. No prayer, no food.

- 1 toilet for ~25 kids.

- Things from home that gave you comfort were confiscated. Immediately. No stuffed animals.

- Only the staff could turn on the heating in your room, but the window had to be open at all times. It was winter. It was -12°.

- The longest you could be there was 9 months but there was this kid who had lived there for over 3 years and I still don’t know how??

The longest 5 minutes, better make that 15, in TV History

Yesterday, after adding a comment to @just-sort-of-happened ‘s post about the connection between “watch” and “5 minutes”, and its relation to Sherlock’s deduction about Sebastian Wilkes’ watch in TBB, and John’s watch in Anderson’s Derren Brown fantasy in TRF, I began to wonder if we have yet to see how Sherlock got off that stupid plane. Now, after seeing @isitandwonder ‘s reply to the gifsets “You didn’t kill Mary. Mary died saving your life.”, it just dawned on me – what John said was a very round about way of the same thing Sherlock said to John in HLV:

In a way, Mary that John and Sherlock knew did die. Ironically, at the exact moment Mary shot Sherlock. I think… series 4 was indeed about tieing up the loose ends, and it all happened during that “5 minutes since Mycroft called" and 10 minutes after Sherlock landed – neither we saw complete versions of. And the loose ends are not just about the plot of Sherlock (TRF, HLV and everything since) but also about making a case for Johnlock.

Here’s what I think series 4 was doing.

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Imagine Prompts

1. I’m so sorry, I should of knocked
2. I made a mistake, yes, but I did it to protect you
3. Son of a bitch!
4. Saying sorry means I regret what I did, and I don’t. So therefore I’m not going to apologize
5. Breathe Y/N, I’ve got you
6. Come on who can resist this face?
7. You’re so damn selfish
8. Stop teasing me
9. 5 more minutes
10. What happens now?
11. Why am I not surprised
12. Wipe that smirk off your face
13. Seriously again?
14. Why the hell weren’t you answering your phone?
15. You look so beautiful
16. I can go with you…if you want me to that is
17. I never lied about how I feel about you
18. Right here is where I’d rather be
19. Care to make things interesting?
20. Walk away, that’s what your best at
21. Don’t try and blame me for what you did
22. I’m making you nervous aren’t I?
23. I win, which means shirt off
24. So about last night?
25. All I need is you
26. You think I’m cute?
27. If your done checking me out, we still have work to do
28. I love you and that scares the hell out of me
29. Y/N, please stop moving
30. You wanna be a man? Then start acting like one
31. Please, say you believe me
32. All you had to do was be honest, and you couldn’t even manage to do that
33. I know you want kids, but I’m just not ready
34. We’re in this together, that was the promise
35. Who knew you’d be this good at giving massages
36. Our marriage is the most important thing to me
37. Stay with me for tonight
38. I’m just asking you to respect my decision
39. I’ve got a few ideas in mind
40. Your not getting cold feet, are you?
41. This is me saying sorry for being a jerk
42. Care to explain why I got a phone call, which wasn’t from you by the way, saying you were in the hospital?
43. What were you thinking?
44.  Just sit down and relax, I’ve got this
45. Why did you have to pick tonight to bring all this up again?
46. I miss you, there I said it!
47. Are flirting with me?
48. I’m not going to be one of those people that begs someone to love them
49. I waited and waited for you to realize that no-one is going to love you like me. Imagine my disappointment when you never did
50. You keep telling me that this, us, is real. Now I need you to show me
51. I’m sorry that I can’t be picture perfect like you
52. You want to kiss me, I can see it
53. We make a good team
54. Everything okay? I woke up and you weren’t in bed
55. You’re good enough, it’s me who isn’t good enough for you
56. Promise me you’ll come back
57. I hear drinking alone isn’t always a great idea
58. My feelings were real
59. Do you need help with that?
60. You don’t care who you hurt
61. Don’t you sit there and judge me for the things I’ve done, for who I am
62. As long as you get your way, anyone else be damned
63. Hands off the cake!
64. The answers were right there in front of me, and my mistake was not seeing them sooner
65. Let me help you relax
66. I hurt you before, but I swear this time will be different
67. Us, I like the sound of that
68. Are you going to sit there, or are you going to come and help me?
69. You did that on purpose
70. All I want to do is grab you by the waist and kiss you, but I can’t because your not mine
71. Your my wife, god dammit!
72. Here let me help
73. I just want to make a good impression
74. Care to help me get out of this dress?
75. I know when you’re lying

1)Treat myself as equally as I treat you. 
2)Spend 10 minutes in silence a day.
3)Learn to except bad times, let them happen and allow myself to feel them.
4)Treat my body right.
5)Stop spending so much money (seriously).
6)Start viewing sadness and illness as a complex thing, not as some desired art.
7)Start breathing more fresh air, open the window for once, or even brave the great outdoors.
8) Live how I want to, I don’t belong to a premade social construct.  
9) Love more animals and humans, my heart has plenty of room.
10)Believe in natures ability to heal.
11) Write more with a meaning and passion.
12)Read more that will make me grow and advance my soul and mind
13)Treat my education and job more seriously.
14)Laugh more.
15)See friends more.
16)Find a balance within all these and all previous expectations of myself, I am not a list of tick of goals and aspirations, I am a human.

16 goals we should all follow in 2016 by Amy Kennedy


Hiya, Gang!

2015 is coming to an end and many interesting things have happened with our studio. It was full of hard work, fun and expectations. It has flown away so quickly. 

This year we decided to change our life journey and switch from mobile development which we have been working on for more than 10 years. Yep, we announced our first PC/Console game “Hello, Neighbor!”

This project story began from a few notes and a 10 minutes presentation with game concept and mechanics explanation from our game designer and artist, Nikita. Here are a few screenshots from that presentation - don’t show anyone, it’s still top secret stuff.

So we began to make a prototype. After a few million iterations our very first ugly builds transformed into a beautiful and playable prototype, from which gameplay videos and screenshots were shown to Steam Greenlight gamers.

Thank you guys, after your positive reaction, reviews, comments and questions, we understood our primary direction was right. We received the green light faster than we could say ‘ouch.. we’ve received the green light’.

When our lines of code and art transformed to a playable prototype, we arranged regular playtests. Anyone could came to our office and play a few hours. It was fun and funny. Like going to watch a movie in a cinema.

So it was the moment of the truth - Kickstarter. But how fast it comes, so fast it disappears.

But thanks to your support and kind words, we just can’t stop development. We see your interest and so the game is going to see the light of day – we’re continuing our work! Everyone should fight against Neighbor! Here are a few new screenshots from the game for you.

New Year is a good time for a hot start with refreshed power, and a revival of one’s spirits. So that’s what we’re doing!

Stay tuned. The most delicious stuff is still ahead. Happy New Year!

Ezra: “This whole rebellion thing is keeping you and Kanan apart. You two just need to kriff.”

Zeb: *whimpers*

Hera: “What did you say?”

Zeb: “Don’t say it again!”

Ezra: “I said you two need to kriff.”

Hera: “…how dare you, Lieutenant Commander Bridger, I am your superior officer!

*5 minutes later*

Hera: “KRIFF!”

*10 minutes later*

Hera: “What happens in my cabin, Lieutenant Commander, is none of your business.”

*21 minutes later*

Hera: “KRIFFFFFF???”

*40 minutes later*

Hera: “Don’t ever speak to me like that again.”

This really happened, 10 minutes ago...

So here I am, alone in the living room, watching Skam on my tv, season 3, episode 8 (we have a chromecast) and my mom comes in and sees the part where Isak and Even stand into the lift to their suite and Even kisses Isak on the cheek. I was smiling like an idiot bc smol babies being soft makes me happy but the first thing my mom yells is: “ew”. Sigh… Their intimate scene comes up, and she gets v frustrated and says: “I don’t want to see these sort of things.” And I got so sad. That was the most homophobic comment she could ever make. Fine, you don’t know the show, you don’t know their story, you don’t know how much these boys love each other, you don’t know that this is simply a story of love. But saying that it’s “porn” and “weird”, that really pisses me off. Her comment wasn’t aimed towards the show, it was aimed towards two boys making love because they are in love. And that just makes me sad. Because i told her that she didn’t freak out when a girl and a boy were kissing in tv. And while she says that she’s so openminded, she still admits the doesn’t want to see two boys kissing. But she would need to know that it doesn’t matter if two boys, girls or a boy and a girl kiss, because love is love.

Let it be known, that most elders are so judge full. Let it be known that our generation is the one to change that. We are accepting. We love. Never change that.

my friends as things that definitely didn’t happen at this holiday party:

bossuet: someone tried to take a flaming shot while playing twsteri and lit it on FIRE it’S NOT HARD TO TAKE A FLAMING SHOT!

jolY: courf spending 10 minutes putting the star on the tree and knocking it OVER to find cosette??? underneath it??? when did we start playing hide and seek!!!!!!!!!!

combeferre: well this one time (when i was totally not in the bathroom w enjo ok) joly barged into the bathroom to put vinegar and baking soda in the bathroom and had to slowly back out even though i TOLD joly to NEVER LET ME A) TALK TO EXES OR B) ACCIDENTALLY PROPROSE TO ENJOLRAS

courfffjolras: bahorel getting lost on the way to the bathroom and almost climbng out a window

fooee: once he spilled mulled wine on himself, looked down at it his shirt and said ‘i’m too fucking poor to waste alcohol’ and tried to suck it off his clothes

marius: courfeyrac hiding in the bathtub even though she thought no one knew she was in there

bahorel: enjolras managed get in a fight with montparnasse even though he wasn’t drunk

jehan: jehan sat on the floor and recited poetry about friendship

enjolras: bossuet grabbing my face and telling me how lovely i am and how much i’m loved

montparnasse: combeferre doing flaming shots and absolutely no one being surprised

musichetta: courfeyrac showing up 15 minutues late already drunk with starbucks

cosette: well cosette is hiding under thee right now so

eponine: montparnasse putting too much alcohol in the eggnogg and calling it ‘an accident’

gavroche: is a CHILD but if he was involved he would have snuck the fuck in and tried to steal some eggnogg


okay i did say the words ‘i knocked you up we should get married’ and was rejected because i was severely drunk and married isn’t his thang

- R

Received from: Hanzo Hasashi
[10:03] I have a long assassination contract I expect to take at least 4/5 days. dropping Takeda at yours will be there in approx 10 mins
Sent to: Hanzo Hasashi
[10:05] What? He’s old enough to be left on his own, Hanzo. Also can you actually respect me as Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei and give me more than ten minutes warning for things like this.
[10:06] Believe it or not but the world doesn’t revolve around you, I already have a guest at the Temple this week.
Received from: Hanzo Hasashi
[10:07] not leaving him on his own- he keeps ending up in trouble. want someone to look out for him. could never face kenshi if something happened and I wasn’t there
[10:07] also, deal with it. shirai ryu can handle improvisation maybe the lin kuei need to hone their reaction times
[10:08] he needs to work on grounding his footwork- he keeps jumping around like a fool, can you work on it with him while im away thanks bye

Crowe: “Come on, sir. The Nif thing isn’t the problem. All these missions are keeping you and the Marshal apart. You two just need to bone.”

Pelna: -whimpers-

Drautos: “What did she say?”

Pelna: “Don’t say it again.”

Crowe: “I said you two need to bone.”

Drautos: “How dare you, Crowe Altius? I am your superior OFFICER!”

-5 Minutes Later-


-10 Minutes Later-

“What happens in my bedroom, Crowe, is none of your business.”

-21 Minutes Later-


-40 Minutes Later-

“Don’t ever speak to me like that again.”

i know i say this a lot but i really fucking wish people took adhd more seriously

depression, anxiety and bpd get a lot of attention here on tumblr but i have to follow specific blogs to find any mention of adhd,

my suffering did not begin with my depression and anxiety. in fact, my depression and anxiety came about BECAUSE of adhd.

adhd has made my life a living hell since i was old enough to think. i can tell you plenty of things about stuff that happened 10 years ago that really had no impact on anything ever, but ask me where I put something five minutes ago and i’ll have no clue. people get angry with me and then i start to cry because all of my emotion is solely concentrated into anxiety and i have no other way of expressing my own frustration.

adhd makes it so i have to read sentences over and over and over again in order to understand what they’re even saying. i can’t get out of bed in the morning, i cant fall asleep at night. i cant think of information when i need it, i cant concentrate with any sort of sound going on. im called lazy, stupid, useless, and i feel worthless: all because of adhd.

ive ruined my relationships with people around me because im shit at reading the atmosphere and tend to blurt out the first thing that comes to my mind. (that’s why i prefer talking to people online: it’s a hell of a lot easier when i dont have to pay attention to expressions and body language.)

so heres to everyone else with adhd, whose suffering has gone on in silence, whose struggles have been trivialized by those who claim it cant be that bad, or that its fake and a ploy by the pharmaceutical companies to get more money.

heres to those of you whose parents dont understand, who have gone through similar struggles but still remain strong.

im with you.

even saying i ‘self-diagnosed’ irks me. because it doesn’t communicate in any way what happened. 

which was that i went through my entire life being fucking autistic as shit but nobody knew, so i thought i was a fundamentally worthless and awful person. there was no explanation for the things i did e.g. meltdowns and the things i couldn’t do e.g. function. basically at all. so i thought that i must just have been…not trying hard enough? or being shitty on purpose? 

like i’d be 15 years old lying on the floor in an empty house screaming uncontrollably for an hour that felt like 10 minutes and in the back of my mind i’d think “you probably could have not done that.” 

my parents would be begging me to tell them what’s wrong when i’m upset and i’d sit there choking and aching to get the words out, thinking “you could probably talk right now if you tried a bit harder.” 

i’d fucking humiliate myself by shutting down in the middle of the schoolyard and only being able to get out of it six hours later and having no way to explain or justify my ‘behaviour’ to anyone including myself


that is ‘self-diagnosis.’ nobody ‘self-diagnoses’ for the fun of it. some NT people throw around the terms, like “i like listening to songs over and over, i’m so autistic” but you don’t hear them saying “i sometimes don’t become aware that i need to go to the bathroom until the very last second and i have a lot of issues prioritising that information and dealing with it in a timely manner so i’m frequently incontinent, often in public, lol i’m so autistic.” just as an example. i mean, would it be so hard for you anti-self-dx crusaders to listen to what self dxers are saying? because what they tend to be saying is not a glamorised or lightened version of autism, nor does it tend to be different in any way from the things that pro-dxed autistic people write. same goes for mental illnesses. k? sermon over.

A new student named Jennifer shows up, but there’s no time to talk to her, because Mom gets kicked out of her house by Uncle Asshole. He throws out all of her stuff, including two gym bags and a rug. One of her daughters comes home and mom collapses in a heap. Is she dead? I don’t know, because now it’s a sex scene. A 10-second blowie for the principal, only five seconds with sound.

We learn that mom isn’t dead, she’s just sick. And maybe the daughter got pregnant, because now the principal is paying her off? And now she’s joining a gang.

All of this happens in under one minute. I’ll never finish if this much action keeps happening.

After three minutes, the girl is a pot-smoking back-alley alcoholic. Things happen fast in Nollywood. Speaking of, holy shit she just got hit by a motorcycle, and now like eight people are standing in a semicircle yelling too far from the boom mic for me to make out clearly what anyone is saying. This is getting really hard to watch.

Nollywood: Hollywood’s Terrifying, Drunk Cousin

anonymous asked:

Chessy the funniest thing just happened I told this guy I slept with ONCE that I don't wanna sleep with him again and like.... 10 minutes later he hit up my flatmate (who's also my best friend) and WOW!!!! FRAGILEST MASCULINITY IVE EVER ENCOUNTERED

its so painful to watch

Angel II - Writer!AU

Word count - 1231
Summary -  Being the assistant of the writer Do Kyungsoo is rather.. interesting.

Chapters: (1) / (2) / (3) / (4) / (5) / (6) / (7) / (8) / (9) / (10)

Disturbing images still continuously replay in your mind and you can’t seem to get rid of them. Images of things that might or might not have happened last night play in a loop and you’d do anything for a drink so you can push them away.

You have been standing about 10 minutes outside the door of his room now, contemplating whether to or not to enter, and more importantly what to do. Are you doing to act like it never happened? Or should you just confront him directly about it. ‘Hello Mr. Do, why on earth did you kiss me yesterday and acted intimate? Since, well, I hate you and you hate me as well!’

Imagine how smooth that would go.

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