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Famous In Love - (Tom Holland Au) Part 1

Summary: Tom and reader have been together for a years, but he breaks it off because his career is starting to develop more, unbeknownst that the reader is pregnant with his child.

 Warnings: (Wrap it up guys), Teen Pregnancy, sad, fluff, angst, leaving, giving birth.

 Word Count: 1,853

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader.

 A/N: First chapter may not be that interesting. Hope you like it. : ) Wanna be tagged just let me know.

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Falling in Love. 

Many people have a different aspects to it. To you it felt like you were living a dream. A dream where you loved him and he loved you. A dream that made you want to believe you would be together for a long time. Yet somehow that dream brought out the real reality of your living fantasy.

Tom Holland the love of your life or was the love of your life, so it seemed. We were both 17 at the time. You had just graduated from high school getting a full scholar ride to the best college. 

You knew what you set your goal for.

You knew where your priorities stood.

You had everything you hoped for.

The greatest friends.

The most loving and supporting mother any one could ask for. An amazing offer for school, but why did none of that matter that night. The night where you could let go, stop worrying about the future, get drunk wasted for crying out loud! For Tom he was setting out to pursue a career, one that would take him far in life, a successful life, a career in acting. Now you may be thinking how someone like yourself wounded up with him. Well Tom and yours meeting was as abnormal as it could be, it was kind of like your typical, “his friend were friends with your friends so we should meet up, go out for a while, maybe hit a club or something. You both got to know each other throughout a years time. And throughout that time a spark ignited. That’s right you Y/N L/N got roped into the love train with Mr. Tom Holland himself. He clearly reciprocated the same feelings you had for him. 

Your relationship started slow. You’d go out on dates. Introduce each other to each other’s parents. Go out with our friends. Do stupid things…Everything was great, so where did it go wrong?

Tom and his best friend Harrison suggested one night that you should go out for drinks, although do to some of you not being fully at age yet, you had to go with plan B. Throw a stupid party. Your friend Y/F/N and you still lived with your parents so you still had to ask permission to attend said party. There wasn’t many people you knew only a short amount like Tom, Harrison and a few other of your friends.

It seemed great at the time, but as soon as more people started arriving and more booze was being consumed, it was a recipe for disaster. Of course back home where Tom was from drinking didn’t seem that big of a deal, since he was already 18, but here in the U.S he’d have to wait three more years. You four.

You were starting to regret the whole party. You weren’t one to be in the heard of craziness. The music was too loud. Your head was pounding, and there was too many people for your liking.

Tom noticed your discomfort and suggested you two go upstairs away from all the chaos. You held in his as he lead the way.  You passed by people who were way to close for liking, couples practically sucking their faces off, and just passed out drunk on the carpet. 

You both ascended up the stairs and entered the bedroom. “That’s better” You sighed sitting on the bed. Tom closed the door behind him taking a sip of his beer and repeating your actions. 

“Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to throw a party” He frowned.

“Ya think!” You exclaimed.

“I thought today would be fun” You averted your gaze to your lap

“It still can be” He gently lifted your chin to look at him.


He didn’t give you an answer. He gently brushed your lips climbing his way on top of you. The love you had was coming out with a passionate kiss.

“You sure?” His faced showed concerned.

“Yeah” You assured him.

He connected your lips again before begging his task. The night was filled with we shouldn'ts, but were replace by “Don’t stop” or “That feels nice”. It felt like an endless pleasurable evening. You and Tom couldn’t comprehend properly due to the alcohol, yet it was the best thing you had done. It was a night filled with no regrets or any we might’ve made a mistake. No. It was a lovable moment. If anything that night had brought you closer. So you thought.

The passing weeks were enjoyable. You expressed your love you had for each other. Nothing could have ruined what you had, well not until Tom got a certain phone call.

“What do you mean your leaving?” You were slowly shedding tear after tear.

“I just got offered an incredible job Y/N!” He was so thrilled that he had gotten the part for the movie he audition for.

“Aren’t you happy for me?” His expression saddened.

“Of course I am…I-I just, what’s going to happen to us?” You whispered.

“I-I don’t know? But we’ll work it out like we always do.” He shook is head.

“You know how long distance relationships turn out Tom” You looked down at your feet.

He gently lifted your chin with his hand. “That shouldn’t stop of us though” He smiled reassuringly. 

“I’m gonna miss you” You cried into his shoulder.

“Me too”.

Tom leaving was hard on you, but not as much as the lessened phone calls and texting messages. Your departure was sort of an unexpected thing. A break up was never brought up, but you knew where your relationship stood. It was broken up relationship whether you wanted it to be or not. You felt an ache in your heart. Tom had been your first love, and your first heartbreak. He was your love and you were his.

A couple weeks had past and you were trying to get your life together again. You were going to go to college and get your degree in (Subject). But what you got instead was morning sickness, and a missed period. You didn’t want to assume the worst of the situation, but when your period never showed you were growing nervous by the second. You also didn’t want to tell your mom, god knows what’d she do if she found out you were going to have baby. You were still a baby. Bringing a child into this life was not what you needed right now. Not alone. You were so scared, you didn’t know what to do. You needed your mom.

“Mom can I talk to you?” You slowly approached her.

“Sure sweetie what is it?” She was cooking up something for dinner in the kitchen.

“I just want you to know I never intended for this to happen” You nodded at her. She turned around having her full attention now.

“Okay now you worrying me. What’s going on?” She looked at you curiously.

You hesitated. It was now or never, you thought. 

“I’m pregnant…” Your eyes started watering.

Your mom didn’t say anything. She just looked at you in shock. Her silence was something you didn’t need.

“Mom? Please say something!” You cried out. 

She still said nothing.

“I so sorry mom! I disappointed you!” You continued crying. As if it clicked in, your mother walked up to you embracing you in her arms. You cried against her shirt.

“You are not a disappointment!” She exclaimed gazing down at your figure. She wiped your tear stained eyes away.

“But I got pregnant at a young age” You whispered.

“Sweetie getting pregnant isn’t even that horrible of a thing, but it can be difficult at some points in life, besides you aren’t alone in this situation” She assured you. 

You had thought about Tom that moment. He was gone and here you were carrying his unborn child. You cautiously placed a hand on your stomach. You were going to bring a life into this world. 

“You are not a disappointment Y/N, and you aren’t alone in this” She gripped your hand in hers.

Throughout those everlasting nine months you took in your mothers words. You weren’t alone in this. You had her right by your side every step of the way. Tom had left you behind, while he went on to take on his career. You were probably long forgotten by him. Your mother told you that you didn’t need him to care for your child. Your mother had done it by herself, and so could you, but with her helping and guiding you. Something her mother never gave her, your mother gave back to you much more in many ways. You couldn’t thank her enough. 

The day had arrived. You didn’t know what to expect, but boy did your contractions hurt like a b**ch. Your mom had probably broken so many rules to get you to the hospital quickly. You were wheeled off to a room to prepare to give birth. The wait seemed to drag on. Nurses were going in and out of room trying to get a hold the doctor. Your mom was right beside you holding your hand to try and calm you down. If it weren’t for the doctor you would have broken your moms hand by how tightly you held it.

The doctor finally said those six words you had been dying to hear.

“Y/N I need you to push!”

You pushed with all the energy you had.

“You’re doing great, just one more push!”

“I-I can’t do it!” You cried out.

“Five minutes of pain for a lifetime of happiness” Your mother whispered to you caressing your hair back. You looked at her.

“Just one final push!” The doctor said.

You groaned out giving the push your all. Once you pushed you heard the sound of your baby’s cry. You sighed in relief but also because you gave birth to a new life.

“It’s a girl” The nursed informed you.

“Can I-I hold her?” You shed a tear.

“Absolutely” She carefully placed her in your arms.

“Cradle the head” You mother told you smiling down at her precious granddaughter.

“She’s perfect” You softly caressed your finger on the side of her face.

“What are you going to name her?” The nurse held up a clipboard.

You looked down at her little face. You never knew how delicate and small something so precious could be.

She opened her eyes and you couldn’t comprehend words properly, you could only gaze at her with so much love. She had his eyes. His dark brown eyes.

“Alinine Primlet Y/L/N” You smiled at her.

“You must’ve thought about this for a while”

“I did”.

“Welcome to the world Alinine” You pressed a kissed to her forehead. She seemed to react to it because she smiled.

Little did you know you’re whole life would be changed by one special little girl.

Thank you to those who suggested wonderful names. I couldn’t decide so I combined the names I liked:

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@xsabrinalynn - Prim @quackson-central - Scarlet = Primlet

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Here's a What Not To Do

Seeing as we sherlollians are trying to focus on supporting fics and reviewing/commenting and posting recs for them this week, I thought I’d share a tip.

As a reader, what you don’t want to do is to comment on a fic for the first time in order to tell the writer that you had been enjoying it UP TO THAT POINT, but that this particular aspect of the plot now leaves you totally uninterested. So what that means is that for all those previous chapters the reader has been enjoying the fic, liking the plot, and yet NEVER felt the desire to voice it. The only thing that apparently made them feel like speaking up was when they found a complaint.

That, dear readers, is NOT how you comment on fics.

anonymous asked:

The hokage one-shot in particular really got me because that was before Naruto was hokage so all of that "he's too busy for me" stuff shouldn't be nearly as bad yet. And yet, if you look at Naruto in it, he's: utterly exhausted and sleeping on his couch, he looks miserable getting ready for his ceremony and he's 100% done with the kids fighting. Boruto is already resentful and snarky, so things started getting bad even before he became hokage. That's not a happy family at all.

NH shippers like to use him being Hokage as an excuse but that just doesn’t cover all the problems. Naruto stays away from his own home, when he’s not even doing anything of importance. For Pete’s sake, he made a shadow clone to fool his family into thinking he was there for his own daughter’s birthday. He makes shadow clones all the time because he doesn’t care about being around to raise his own kids. Hokage or not, he could find time to be a father and husband. We don’t really see much of before he was the Hokage but if their relationship was good back then, he’d be desperate to spend as much time with them as possible, in the present. I don’t see the love in the “Sunshine family” and that’s really just a disappointment. Naruto looks 10x happier just TALKING about Sasuke than he does spending time with his own wife and kids. Ridiculous. 


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Min yoongi x Mafia!reader

warnings :  violence, drug abuse, cussing

Genre: angst, fluff, romance, drama

word count: 2,992

summary: Min yoongi aka Agust D an underground rapper on the come up , finds y/n outside of a club hurt and on the verge on passing out, little did he know saving her would turn his world upside down

AN: hey guys sorry for the late update, things have been hectic lately. anyways this isn't proof read yet but it shouldn't be all too bad.-sora

Another Author note & update: i changed the whole pov back to third one cause i felt that it would suit the story the most so hope yall dont mind

@josh-the-smol-bean-dun as always ill tag you in this!

character profile


Chapter one 

Yoongi took out a cigaret and lit it up. he sighed ,lately he hasn’t been feeling his performances. he knew they were good but not that good, there was something missing and he couldn’t pin point  it. He lost his inspiration, everything seemed almost mundane, sure he could rap about money, sex and drugs but which artist didn’t rap about that. He wanted that his song inspire the listener, that it resonates with them on a deeper level .

He thought about writing love songs but every time he tried to he kept remembering his ex who was the personification of the devil and what she did to him and he’d rather not think about that. ‘’Business again?’’ He heard the security guard asking someone . ‘’As usual’’ came a monotone voice that belong to a girl.

The Security guard moved aside and open the door ,he then saw as they passed by him that it was two people. First a tall black beauty with a beanie followed by a girl of medium height with a low pony tail. As she walked she turned her head and their eyes met. Her stare was piercing, as if she could see into his soul , however they held no emotion it it.

He smirked at her and blew out the smoke. In response to that the nameless girl lifted up one eyebrow, as if to ask him if he seriously thought that would get her to come to him. And then rolled her eyes.  Before he could even say or do something, the girl and her friend already disappeared inside while the door closed behind her.

The Club was packed, hot bodies grinding at each other , drunk people laughing, some even trying to start a fight. Y/n crinkled her nose, the alcohol stench mixed with sweat was definitively not on her list of favorite things. Rukiya who was standing in front of her turned around, took her hand and and started to walk where Akiho was standing, which was hard as they had to squeeze themselfs between people to get to their destination.  

As they arrived there Y/n sat down on the bar stools while Rukiya decided to stand. ‘’Four Tequila orange shots please’’ The tall beauty screamed over the music to the blonde girl . She nodded and immediately started to pour out the shots.  

‘’They’re supposed to be here at 9.30pm-’’ Akiho said as she lined up the beverages. Meanwhile Rukiya leaned closer to her so that she could understand the short girl ‘’Apparently something happened with the boss and they had to delay it a bit.’’

 Rukiya raised her eyebrows ‘’Well i don’t care if they got stabbed or anything, it will make this night better if they’re not at a good condition’’ she said and handed Y/n ,who was scanning the club looking for any signs of Gang member from other groups , the glass.

‘’Anyone catching your eye?’’ came Rukiyas voice right next to her ear. ‘’Nah i wasn’t even looking for that.’’ She replied and rolled her eyes . ‘’C'mon boss let loose we’re at a club!’’ The dark skinned girl exclaimed , Y/n looked at her, the strobing lights accentuating her features making her look otherworldly, yet slightly bizarre, and sighed. ‘’Aight lets get this party started’’ Rukiya cheered and held up the shot

‘’To hoping this meeting will not turn into a blood bath’’ She said and clinked the shot glass together. ‘’Damn did you need to ruin this moment with that negative shit? ain’t no one wanna think about ‘em right now’’ Rukiya grimaced.

‘’Aight hoe, to us and the gang may we stay together for a long time’’ She retorted and Rukiya grinned. They both threw back the shots and bit into the orange slice that the Akiho had provided earlier. The shot burned in Y/n’s throat which led up to her scrunching up her face while Rukiya threw her head back and laughed.

‘’I’m going to look for this guy i saw that has black hair and crazy ass dance moves’’ The tall girl shouted over the music and disappeared in the crow, Y/n nodded and waved with one hand and pulled out her phone.

Y/n: Status report

Hyun-jin: hacked into their security camera and from what I’ve seen and heard he’s going to keep his word, i wouldn’t go 100% on that though, something in my gut is saying that they’re going to ambush you guys, be careful.

Y/n: Alright good, ill contact you later.

Hyun-jin: K                                                

Suddenly the music went off, while all the light was focused on the stage that was in the front of the club.

‘’Hey Hey Hey! i see you guys having a great time but the rap battle is about to begin, as ya’ll already know all types of rappers are here tonight some that are even famous so you know its going down in this bitch.’’ Said the Mc ,a bald guy who was wearing a white tank top that showed off the tattoos on his chest and arms. He continued to introduce some guy that you have never heard of.

The crowd responded by giving semi- cheering as the Artist came up to the stage.

Loud bass filled the club and he started to rap, it was okay thought Y/n but judging from how the crowd was responding she clearly weren’t the only one with that opinion. ‘’Not bad not bad!’’ said the Mc after the nameless rapper finished.

‘’Not bad ? that shit was whack’’ came Akiho’s voice who was still behind the counter. ‘’Even Hyun-jin could spit better than that and what the hell was going on with his hairline?-’’ She continued as Y/n nodded and proceeded to take a sip of the drink that Akiho had provided earlier. ‘’It’s so far back it probably  shook hands with Jesus’’ Y/n snorted almost spitting out the drink, turned around and playfully glared at the blonde girl. ‘’you tryna kill me?’’

‘’oh hush you would’ve been dead by now if i wanted to’’ she waved her off, which was a bold faced lie and they both knew that. ‘’Where’s Rukiya though? they will be here in five minutes and her ass still ain’t here yet’’ Y/n coughed. ‘’Right here beside you, its time you grow eyes on the side of your head’’

She heard the velvety voice that belonged to the tall beauty. Y/n turned around and there she was, standing in all her glory while next to her was a black haired boy.  She looked at him, then back to Rukiya and raised an eyebrow. ‘’This is the dude i was telling you, you know the one with the dance moves’’. ‘’Ah yes i remember’’ She answered and took another sip  

‘’I’m Jung Hoseok nice to meet you guys’’ He said and smiled brightly. He was cute Y/n would give him that, but she had a feeling there was more to the sunny demeanor that he’d let other’s see. They all exchanged pleasantries until Akiho nudgedY/n showing her the time.

Her eyes widened and she turned around ‘’anyways Hoseok right? nice meeting ya but its time for us to disappear’’ Y/n said. His face fell and he nodded ‘’Don’t worry lover boy give her your number and shell text you all day, literally.’’ She deadpanned while Rukiya shrugged her shoulder. ‘’cant blame me i love texting’’ ‘’more like sexting but thats for another topic’’. He laughed at the banter between the two girls and pushed his hair out of his face.

‘’I cant be with you guys i’m the only one on this shift tonight’’ Akiho sighed while shaking the cocktail mixer. Y/n waved her off ‘’Nah no problem we can handle this tonight but i’ll have you on speed dial if something is’’ ‘’Alright see you and be safe’’ Akiho replied pouring the drink into the glass.

‘’Will do, c'mon Rukiya lets go’’ She threw over her shoulder.  The tall girl typed her number into his phone and then whispered something into Hoseok’s ear ,which he replied with nodding and then continued to kiss him on the cheek leaving him flustered with a slight smirk on his face.

Y/n  laughed ‘’You totally have him hooked’’ ‘’I hope so , he’s so fine bro like i touched his stomach and  holy fuck was it hard he probably got abs . It’s like god came down and took his sweet time sculpting him’’ Rukiya sighed dreamily ‘’I wanted to propose on spot bitch he got it all , personality, body etc,  no joke i would no fuck that, i  WILL spread my legs like peanut butter for him’’the shorter girl grinned at that ‘’spreading them cheeks from Georgia to Florida huh’’ ‘’aside from the fact that we’re in South Korea and not America , yes’’ Rukiya smirked.  During the whole talk they walked to the back side of the Club where an hallway was that led to the Rooms that one could rent.

‘’Alright they’re supposed to be behind this door, Hyun-jin hacked into the security camera’s here so she’ll watch us from time to time’’ whispered Y/n ‘’I swear if we get killed tonight I’m coming back to haunt her sorry ass’’ Rukiya mumbled and secured the halter on her left thigh. ‘’Seconded’’ she replied and took a deep breath and opened the door.

Another successful performance for Yoongi, the crowd loved him and he was pretty sure that he’d win the rap battle tonight. He took the towel and the bottle of water that the staff member handed him and wiped his face. ‘’Yo yo yo suga my man you really tore it down tonight’’ said Jihoo, the mc from earlier, and wrapped an arm around yoongi. ‘’It was given’’ came his reply a faint smile on his lips.

‘’True man true’’ the guy laughed and messed up the rappers hair. ‘’How long are you going to stay bald tho you already look like a yakuza with them dragon and snake tattoos’’ Yoongi asked. Jihoo wiggled his eyebrows ‘’you don’t know that i used to be in a gang?’’ Yoongi deadpanned, he’s known Jihoo for almost ten years now and from what he’d experienced and seen from him he wouldn’t survive one day with the mafia. ’

‘’Remember how you called me at three o'clock in the morning cause of that spider in your bathroom?’’ ‘’That spider was huge Yoongi do you hear me? h u g e’’  The mint haired boy sighed and peeled off Jihoo’s arm that was still around his shoulder ‘’Stop being so dramatic it wasn’t you’re just a wuss’’ ‘’Im not’’ came back as ‘’whatever you say’’ said Yoongi and waved as he made his way out from backstage.

He walked over to the bar and sat down. He first looked at her face and then the name tag. ‘’Akiho? give me whiskey on the rocks’’ ‘’Coming right up’’ she replied and went right to work. A few minutes later she put down the drink in front of  him ‘’here you go’’ ‘’Thanks’’ he replied and took a sip. The liquor burned his throat giving him pleasantly warm feeling. ‘’He sighed  ‘’having a rough day?’’ she asked her expression indifferent ‘’More like a rough year’’ she hummed at that ‘’aren’t we all?’’  ‘’I guess so’’ he answered and shrug his shoulders. ‘’Well at least you’re not suffering alone’’ she said and continued to dry the glasses.

Yoongi threw back the remaining’s of the drink, put 20 bucks on the bar-table and hopped off the stool ‘’Keep the change’’ he said over his shoulder, not waiting for her reply as he made his way outside. He opened the door that led to the backside of the club where no one was. He wasn’t really in the mood to be with someone. The loud music mixed with the stench of the club gave him a slight headache. He took out a cigarette lit it and inhaled deeply and stared at the night sky.

A groan ripped him out of his thoughts , he looked around and didn’t find anyone. ‘’did i just imagine that’’ he thought weary . Only a few seconds later he heard the same noise again but this time he could distinguish from where it came from. He put his hand on the wall and walked slowly to where the garbage was and saw a person or thats what he thought it was, leaning against the trash bags. The lamps on the wall weren’t working making it hard for him to distinguish who or what was there

‘’Fucking hell where’s my phone’’ He muttered and checked his leather jacket. A few seconds later he found it and turned on the flashlight app. He was surprised, the object turned out to be the girl he saw earlier on the front side of the club. Bruises tattered her face , neck and he presumed they were everywhere. ‘’Fuck what i’m i supposed to do now.’’ He muttered and ran his hand through his hair. As he picked her up he noticed that on one side the fabric of her sweater was wet and kinda sticky. He lifted it up and saw an open wound.

Fuck fuck fuck he panicked , let down the material and put her arms around his neck and hold her legs so he could give her a piggy back ride to his car. Once he arrived at the parking lot, forgetting about the winner announcement , he put her into the passengers seat and put the seatbelt on. Now that the car light was on he could look at her  properly.  She had sharp features that at the same time seemed soft. Long eyelashes and plump lips. She was beautiful but to put it short she looked like a hot mess.

Moving slightly she groaned out in pain. He panicked he didn’t know if he should bring her to the hospital or to his apartment and stitch/bandage her himself up. The wound didn’t look that deep so it couldn’t be that bad right? Yoongi started up the car and drove home. 

He put on relaxing music and hummed slightly to calm himself down. Where had she come from? why was she beaten up to the point of unconsciousness, where was her friend that she came with? All these questions ran through his head but there were no definite answers, yet.

He finally arrived home , this time carrying her bridal style up the stair which was a bad decision as he now couldn’t reach for his keys in jacket. He sighed, put her down and quickly opened the door to his apartment. Putting her on his couch and went straight to the kitchen, took  out the first aid kit and returned. ‘’She better don’t kill me for this’’ he thought and started to pull off her sweater leaving  the nameless girl in her bra. He took out the antibacterial liquid and cotton and started to clean her wound.

From time to time she would move and groan and swat as his hand away when the pain got too much. After some time cleaning it he took out a cream and bandages and carefully bandaged her up, He decided not to stitch the girl up since he had no experience in it or whatsoever.

 Fifteen minutes later he was finished, stood up and sighed. Yoongi picked her up again and walked into his room and put her on his bed. Taking a shirt, he contemplated if he should give her a pair of sweatpants but he thought that he’d be pushing it so he decided not to.

He pulled the fresh shirt over her head, covered her with the blanket and went to the kitchen to get glass of water. He returned , placed it on the nightstand and also left some painkillers beside it. The mint haired boy took out another blanket and his pajamas and walked back into the living room. He quickly changed into the comfortable clothes, brushed his teeth and washed his face and laid down on the couch. It wasn’t even five minutes before he was knocked out.

Y/n opened her eyes. Well she tried to but couldn’t as one eye was swollen. The pounding coming straight back as the light hit her full force. Groaning she lifted her head and saw that on the nightstand water and a pill  she assumed to be painkillers. She reached over took the water and drowned the pill quickly. Thats when she noticed that she was in a unfamiliar room. The walls were painted white, littered with decorations , pictures and papers. Next to her was a huge kumamon plush bear ‘’ Where the hell am i’ She asked herf and jumped out of bed.

‘’Bad decision’’Y/n  muttered as she had almost collapsed from the pain on her ribcage ‘’fuck what did that fucker yesterday do’’ She continued and slowly walked down the hallway into the living room. She looked around, the living room was decorated similarly to his bedroom, just that there was also was a couch, tv and a dinning table. Speaking of couch thats where she saw the mop of unruly mint hair that belonged to the boy from yesterday night. The rest of his body was hidden underneath the blanket. It was a miracle that he hasn’t choked to death yet from not breathing fresh air.

Y/n slowly walked over and shook him. With no avail ‘’wake up’’ She shook him again. He grunted and turned the other way. She sighed deeply still clutching her side and tried to rip of the blanket as best as you could with one hand. ‘’Dude wake the fuck up’’ She said , still not answer it was like he was dead.

 Finally after a decade she ripped the blanket of and shook him hard it wouldn’t surprise her if he got a concussion from it . ‘’The hell?!’’ he grunted and quickly sat up and looking around.  Y/n lifted her eyebrow when his eyes landed and her

‘’Where the fuck am i and what the hell am i doing in your home?’’

hey hope you like this part!!, again id love to hear your criticism and opinions on this chapter!  

Barry & Iris | Alt. 1x13 Scene
  • Barry: It kind of feels like you don't want to be with me, but you don't want anyone else to be with me either.
  • Iris: I have wanted nothing more than you to find someone who was amazing.
  • Barry: And I did. And you went out of your way to convince her that I wasn't available.
  • Iris: I wasn't trying to. She wanted to know why you keep canceling on her. I couldn't think of any other reason you'd be acting like that if you really liked her as much as you say you do.
  • Barry: *opens mouth to interject abt how he doesn't have feelings for her anymore, but she keeps going*
  • Iris: And as far as MY feelings go...*sigh* it's...complicated.
  • Barry: *confused* What does that mean?
  • Iris: It means that I love Eddie & I'm living w/ him & my best friend out of the blue tells me he's been in love with me for years & then less than two months later is dating someone else.
  • Barry: *annoyed* How long was I supposed to wait for you, Iris? I mean, does this you-"
  • Iris: No. You shouldn't. It doesn't...*pauses to catch breath* I'm still reeling from what you told me, okay? I don't know how I feel about it yet, and I'm not going to break things off w/ Eddie if it turns out to be nothing. So...don't wait for me.
  • Barry: *conflicted*
  • Iris: And I'm sorry about Linda. I never specifically said it was me you were trying to get over, but she must have connected the dots somehow. You're trying to move on, and I made it difficult for you without intending to. But really, Barry, if you want to be with her you should stop making her doubt that you do. I never have to wonder when you & I are together. *leaves*
  • Barry: *standing there helplessly, feeling more confused & conflicted than ever*

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I hope they don't drag BC. Until now I'm ok with the slow burn but this season something more has to happen, at least a confession. I'm not even talking as a shipper. Their relationship changes every season, they shouldn't stagnate. Rn it's obvious and if they hold them until s5, fans and casual viewers could lose interest and imo it would be too romantic. If this is about survival, put them together and then you can focus on their leadership, the end of the world and all those things

I don’t see them as dragging the relationship. I see them as pushing it to the brink until something has to happen. I see them as making Clarke and Bellamy ready.

They were building the tension until Clarke made a movie after The List, and Bellamy freaked and ran. And yet the next episode, where they were separated for most of it, served, to a large degree, to show that Clarke Griffin loved Bellamy Blake more than anyone, being willing to sacrifice her own people for him. And yet, the next episode had her with someone else? This is laughably transparent. But not to Bellamy, who goes cold with her, and has more distance between them in the following episode than at any time in the entire show, despite his fears that she had been killed and his relief that she was saved, and even despite her attempting to comfort him over troubles with his sister. And yet they end the episode apart, Clarke accidentally revealing a measure of her feelings for him while refusing to let him say good bye and admit his feelings for her. 

This leaves Clarke, separated from him, to long for love and support, and get to enjoy a few good things in life, while Bellamy, in full action mode, comes to realize that he cannot save anyone who doesn’t want to be saved nor is he responsible for everyone, which is something that has been weighing too heavily upon him. The next episode has Bellamy letting go of his responsibility and claiming something for himself, something nice, because he deserves to live, while Clarke recognizing the value of her people, love, and not incidentally Bellamy’s idea that we save who we can save right now, takes on his role of sacrificing himself for his people. 

Sorry. I don’t see the relationship stagnating. I see that they pushed it to the limits that the characters were ready to face, then separated the characters and had them individually work on those limits, making them ready for whatever happens in their relationship when they meet again. 

They’re working very hard to make sure that both Clarke and Bellamy are full, whole characters, before they get them together. They don’t need each other to fix something that is missing in themselves, they need each other because they love each other and support each other and want each other. 

It isn’t a first love fairytale romance. It isn’t the story of one person longing for the other and finally winning their reward. It isn’t the story of two hot people with instant passion who dive right in off the bat and hope it works out. It isn’t the story of being with someone because you think it’s time to be with them. It’s the story of two equals joining together because they want to. Something IS happening. Right now. It’s not stagnating, it’s growing, even when they are apart.

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I got a kinda thinking type of thing. so I saw how you did your Matt and pidge poc. Which I think it's fine and I actually really liked it. but.....if someone made Allura white, I think the fandom will explode. and I've been seeing that a lot in movies too. where if they made a poc white everyone freaks out, yet if they made a white person a poc then no one freaks out. Which I somewhat understand with the whole white washing which shouldn't be a thing. yet do you think it's double standards?- 1/

2/2 I see how it can be and I don’t think that’s right. it seems like now a days if someone does something like that they might get called racist when they are doing exactly what your doing with turning Matt + pidge = poc instead they’re doing Allura = white. I know some people might be really upset by that. yet it’s the same thing only different skin color. I’m not saying, hey I’m white and this is offensive to me! I’m saying hey, why is this ok? Yet this isn’t? - fishybear. 1/ was me.

Making Allura white is erasing her coded identity as a black woman and therefore erasing what little representation poc have as a whole in media.

Me making white characters into poc will literally do nothing to harm the white population or erase any representation they have because white people are featured everywhere and don’t have to worry and wonder if this show will have a character that represents them.

The only people who get hurt by people drawing white characters as poc are in my opinion the whiny racist ones who have nothing better to do than focus on the (1) piece of art actually doing this ya know?.

And it makes me laugh when I see people (usually white) try to dispute or disprove that the character is in fact coded poc. Like…there’s literally no reason to fight against it like a die hard unless you’re just that racist lmao.

I’ve come to realized in the middle of the night, that I could have with a couple friends in my middle school years did those silly play air instrument competitions my old middle school held. The thing would be acting like your playing a guitar but the parts is playing a piano, and such. Could have made a complete fool of myself and acted like playing a guitar, but it’s the piano you can hear.

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Mr. Kirin is it too big of expectations if you can already imagine your book up on the big screen? Even if you only have two chapters written but you have it all mapped out in your head? { ya can post publicly :) }

Hello there, writerly friend~ ★

I have been waiting for this question for a long time. So much, actually, that I know exactly what I am going to tell you. But, before we get there… I have a bit of a story to share.

Back before I began writing full-time, I used to work at this laboratory of sorts, doing work for this big evil company. I worked a lot there, I am talking 60-hour weeks. It nearly killed my writing. I spent so much time and energy working at this place where I was undervalued and underpaid. It was… a dark time. Full of uncertainty and hopelessness.

The only saving grace was that I often got to work alone. I could put on music, or Pandora, and listen to something other than the machinery. It was during this time that I picked up my love for audiobooks.

One day I was listening to comedians Pandora, continuing my eternal search for comedians that didn’t make misogynistic jokes, and — just like that — I stumbled upon a bit by Mike Birbiglia.

I was unable to find a clip of it, but I know for a fact that it is Track 5 of Sleepwalk With Me - Live.

During this bit, Mike talks about his first experience doing stand up. Basically, he lied to get himself the job— and when he get’s on stage he is so nervous that he reads his 11 minutes of material in less than 3 minutes. He runs home. Doesn’t even take the pay. And later that night he’s telling his girlfriend about how ‘great’ the gig was. He then talks about how he knew the gig had been a disaster— but he kept telling himself that he needed to be a little delusional, because the alternative was to never do stand up again and let go of his dreams.

I don’t like all of his material. I think he’s a problematic character. But that line stuck with me— it resonated with me as I continued to do that awful 10-hours a day, 1-hour commute in-and-out, get-up-at-5-AM, no-you-can’t-ask-for-a-raise, piece-of-shit job I had.

There is no sure-cure to depression. Hell, there is no cure to life stepping on you and keeping you pinned to the ground— but I can tell you how I got better.

I allowed myself to be a little delusional. Or, as I like to call it— I let myself dream. I would imagine myself doing TV interviews. I would imagine myself doing Q&A’s at conventions. I would imagine my stories as movies, TV Shows, comic books— everything.

And it helped, because I paired my hope with my courage. I kept writing, and I kept building this blog— all while telling myself “things are going to work out, I know it.”

People will tell you that you ‘shouldn’t get your hopes up’ but I disagree. They might as well be telling you to not dream. There is so much negativity and hopelessness in the world as it is — with things you have no control over — and yet people have the gall to look you in the eyes and tell you to not dream. Not to inspire yourself. Not to fuel your heart.

Sure, I get it. Dreaming alone won’t make things happen— and I know that firsthand, but dreaming helps. Hope is the fuel of change. It is the material dreams are made of. And I will say this now— because I need to say it. If you disagree with what I have said, consider this:

Despair has never achieved anything, and it never will.

To answer your question: No, there is nothing wrong with being a little delusional~ c;

Dream, writerly friend. Dream. Imagine your stories, and your art, out in the world touching the hearts of countless— but do not expect the universe to bring these to you. Pair your hope with your courage, and you will make your dreams a reality~ ♥︎

Friendly reminder that scanlating is a long process. You have to wait for the raw providers to give you the scans, clean them, translate them, check for mistakes, typeset it and put it all together and then up online. Those who do this usually have many projects at once and don’t work on only one series. They also are people with a life outside of this, they are not paid for doing any of it and they also have work or school and other things to do. They are not at your service. Don’t harass them, don’t be dicks to them, because that? That’s the best way to ensure that they’ll either drop the series or stop scanlating anything at all. It has happened before.

Plus also another reminder that this Retrace is 76 pages long. The whole process, on 76 pages. The chinese scan team for PH usually works in one or two days, very few anyway, the mag just went out yesterday. So don’t start now complaining how they suck because they don’t have anything put on their website for us yet.

Also this also applies to all the other people kind enough to provide any scans or translations or informations. Try to respect them a bit more, they do a lot for us and being angry, whiny and impatient isn’t a great way to thank them.

With his clothes on, you wouldn’t tell how many holes Jack had punched in him, honestly. That was his reasoning for sending his best friend a nude - showing off the work he’d had done on his hips, navel, and genitals, classy little piercings that generally gave off a feminine air. 

Jack laughed every time he saw them in the mirror, because really, he wasn’t all that feminine, but anyone who saw his torso wouldn’t know.

He’d stroked himself until he was hard enough to show off the more intimate bit of metal and leaned back, holding the camera of his phone over him. He bit his lip and snapped the picture, nodding a bit at how it looked before scrolling to find the number and hit send.

It took a minute, as always, to send a picture, but about halfway through the one thing he was not expecting was a text from an unknown number popping up.

[text] Hey, it’s Jamie. Got a new #.

Fuck. FUCK.

Jack scrambled to switch to airplane mode to pause the sending, but it was too late. His phone made a little wooshing noise and the picture was sent… Jack just hoped no one else had switched numbers to that one yet…

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{black butler starter thing} This wasn't usually Taylor's line of work. Normally it was the lower demons that made contracts with humans, but this one intrigued him. A mob boss, a criminal. She seemed interesting to him, so why not? Why shouldn't he make a contract with her? {I hope this is okay eee}

Selling her soul was not something that Pepper would typically consider. And yet…. here she was, calling upon some dark force to aid her. As far as she could see…. she was damned anyway. So long as she succeeded in this life…. she was content with what would happen in the next. And so she reclined in her desk chair, perfectly content as black smoke began to plume out if somewhere unseen. “It seems someone has answered my call.” She said, fixing her suit cuffs and peering into the darkness with her calculating emerald eyes.