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Please tell us the 400 words of a vampire serenading a plant

I want to but it’s Hunger Pangs related and I should really keep some things under wraps before launch :p

I will however say Vlad tends to his collection of rare and deadly botanicals with the utmost care. They are his sweet, murderous plant children and he loves them unconditionally.

And because mobile won’t let me add tags

#hunger pangs, #i love my shitty vampire okay, #he just loves all things living, #even when they try to eat him, #he breeds carnivorous black and purple roses #i named them after his fairy goth mother @jeneelestrange #she’d be so proud of his collection or rare and poisonous deadly blooms



Little thing I did for blogthegreatrouge’s PJ Daycare AU \;w;/

I have this headcanon that Goth mostly calm during the day but get excited when it’s time to read a story for the kids ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

I’d add more kids- but ya know tumblr limits.. either way hope u like it! ;w;

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Can you suggest some blogs like yours?? I'm desperate for content that isn't sexual or gore :(

The “goth” and “gothic” tags are minefields when trying to find good blogs, so if you’re not aware of it, try the “gothgoth” tag! There is a lot less sexual posts there and I don’t think I’ve ever come across gore there either. As for blogs I follow, here are a few. I don’t go through my dashboard often, so some of these blogs might have changed the type of things they post, but I don’t tend to follow sexual or gory blogs so they should be fine (:

The list could go on for ages, but I just woke up from a nap so here are the first to come to my mind, haha! (:

Another one… Yeah… Another shit Potht animation…


So here! The audio is from “7 ways to make it official” by Mister Epic Mann (link: The animation is based and has been inspired by a flipnote of the great and awesome Aly-senpai!! (aka Salty Milk). It fits Poth so well, I couldn’t resist!!

Made in two days!! 👍

Damn… This is the Fourth animation I made about them… Good god!! What did you do to me Neko and Anger senpais?!?! (It’s Rosato’s fault)

• Palette belongs to @angexci
• Goth belongs to @nekophy
• Mimi… Yeah you know… the ugly thing
honking twice… Welp that… It’s me :3
• Inspired by @saltymilkcharacterfaq (I’m tagging this blog cuz it is her only tumblr she has (you should check out her art on DA btw. Her name’s Captain Dark Kitty. She’s awesome!!!))
• Animated with @flipaclip

Imma make up a art challenge

The challenge is for 30 days you draw one certiain thing. Imma call this challenge the ‘ship child challenge’ where each day you draw a ship child. It can be your own ship child or a ship child that someone else made. This challenge can work for any fandom. It can be a ship child from an OC x OC ship, a canon x OC ship, or a canon x canon ship. The fun thing about this challenge is you can create ship children as you go. Is there a ship that you like that hasn’t many ship children? Well here’s your chance to make one yourself! You can draw multiple ship children together on a day if you want, it doesn’t have to be only one. Even a ship drawing of 2 ship children counts! (Example palette x goth) imma challenge a few people with this. I challenge @undertaletheblogartist09292004 @emilyplayzyt @missyartsy @arakicanaria and @you! (Idk who I should tag so yea) sorry if anything I said was confusing I’m really bad at explaining things. I myself am gonna do that challenge (why else would I make it? :p) if you do end up doing this challenge I hope you have fun doing it! Thats all for now.

Mannnn…Obviously I knew white culture is racist af, but I s2g before I joined Tumblr if you would’ve told me that there were literally hundreds and hundreds of white kids running Dylann Roof, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Columbine, mass murderer fan pages, I don’t think I would’ve believed it. (search the “Dylann Roof” or “true crime” or “tcc” tags - or don’t)

That is some truly disturbing shit. Fucked up. And NO, it is not just some “harmless phase” they’re going through, and hell no, putting “I don’t condone” in the bio doesn’t begin to negate how deeply fucking problematic that shit is. If I was white and found out my kid was hosting a “true crime” blog, I’d be hella worried. (I’d say the same for Black parents, but tbt the overwhelming majority of the kids I see in that tag are white, white passing or self-identity as white.)

This is not the same thing as liking the Addams Family, painting your nails black, or preferring to dress in all black goth clothing. It’s neither “cute” nor “quirky” behavior to be excused away. Worshipping serial killers to the point where you know all their birthdays and all their personal details, and writing fanfics about them, and wondering how their day in prison was today is nothing less than a flashing red warning sign - and if you know someone like this, you should be extremely fucking alarmed.

I’m not just saying this because I’m black. I would be just as concerned about finding a kid enthusiastically running a “true crime” blog (read: mass murder worshipers) as I would if I found a kid who liked to harm small pets and animals.

And the (predictable) rebuttal that “most of these bloggers probably won’t end up committing mass murder” is not comforting. The vast majority of human beings don’t commit murder. That doesn’t mean that we should ignore the ones with gun fetishes, or those who worship serial killers. #sorrynotsorry.

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Today’s goth rant

If you’ve known my tumblr for a while, you probably know that i hate elitism in goth. Typically i call out older goths for bullying the younger generation over petty bullshit BUT this does not mean that i side more with the newer gen of goths. In fact, I have more in common with the older generation when it comes to my view on the sub culture and there is this tiny thing that has snow balled into a bigger thing that young goths do that  ……I. Cant. Stand….Which is try to completely redefine what it means to be goth. And many young goths do this without even realizing it.

First off, I am aware that goth is a music based sub culture but i am also aware that it has changed to the point that the music no longer draws people to the community. Basically, its the rest of goth that draws most young people in, clothes, mindset etc. And this is fine. I mean it cant be helped now that its changed so much. BUT that does not mean that you shouldn’t respect the old scene and music. That’s one of the first things you should look into.

Now lets get down to the one thing that has recently been irking me about some goths(typically but not exclusively females under 30) is this “Upper class goth” thing. Now originally i think this was meant to be a joke between Adora Bat Brat and a friend or something, but was eventually turned into an actual tag on instagram and tumblr. I’ve even seen a woman on facebook use it. Now people like Adora, her followers and her friends may not see anything negative in using this tag, but i’ll explain why there is nothing positive about it.

Firstly, Its pretentious as hell to label yourself as the “upper class” version of something. As if everyone else who doesnt have fame or money like you is less or lower class. 

Secondly, goth has never been about being better than someone else. Goths were misfits that came from all walks of life who were connected through music and dark interests. The term “upper class goth” is so outlandish and vain sounding that a goth from the 80′s would probably laugh in your face if you referred to yourself as it.

And lastly, the term is typically used to describe goths who go all out with their looks. As in makeup, hair, extreme fashion etc. So in order to really define yourself as upper class you need to appear that you have money and the type of life that supports your constant outrageous look. Which again, is just about the most un-goth thing i have heard.

Goth is about music and finding your place in the world among other outcasts. Its about keeping an open mind and not labeling yourself as better than another person. If you rather focus on just the look and fashion, label yourself as something else. Keep goth out of it. Goth isnt about money or status. Its not about dressing to the nines or being gother than someone else. The term “Upper class” does not belong in goth and personally leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

DISCLAIMER: the following was my personal opinions and i am not hating on anyone who uses the tag, i am just stating why i dont agree with it and why i dont think it belongs in goth.

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Sorry if i'm bothering you with something rather personal.. But i always feel like people think can't be a punk/goth while being healthy and exercising. I struggled/struggle alot with mental illnesses and having a healthy lifestyle helped a lot for me but i always feel kinda judged or "left out" of the punk/goth culture

I would guess health and exercising are topics that are not widely talked about in our subculture because they don’t hold a place in it in the same way things like music or fashion do. But that doesn’t mean they have to cancel each other out, and no one should make you feel left out, especially since you’ve managed to find such a good way to deal with your mental illness.

I have personally never run into this problem in any way (meaning I haven’t seen it happen or experienced it) but I know you’re not alone! There are loads of goths who exercise and lead very healthy lifestyles. For example, @xtoxictears openly talks about her lifestyle and often shares her experiences from the gym, as does her boyfriend @behold-munro. You could also check out the “fitgoth” tag to find more people who are in the same situation as you.

Sorry I can’t be of more help since this is a bit out of my territory, but you’re definitely not alone in this! (:

(I’d suggest coming back in a few days and checking out the likes and reblogs on this post just to see if someone with a similar situation has liked this or shared their story. There’s also a reply here and a second one here!)


The sound he just made at discovering two kitties by themselves. Obviously they belonged to SOMEONE but to who? The young teen carries both in his arms like new born infants. Jack doesn’t know what to do, haring just moved in not too long ago to this neighborhood. So who should they got to but the Goth King himself?

“Well…it’s a good thing they have tags. Perhaps there’s an address we can follow them to.” Damien chuckles as Wes continues to nuzzle the soft cats in his arms. The boy truly needs a fury companion. In no time with simply intruction, they manage to find the owner’s home and ring the door bell while arguing with Wes that he can’t keep them for himself.

The Obsidian Bond

I’ve noticed a lot of kids on here chatting about “The Obsidian Bond”, which appears to be a website “Fearless Vampire Killers” have set up for their fans. Which is cool, fan sites are adorable, however they’re asking their fans, which are mostly preteen girls and are therefor unlikely to be making their own income, to pay per month to access this website.

I’m not sure how much they’re asking in order to access this goth rip off of Facebook, but it’s a fucking joke. Your fans already pay lord knows how much to hit up shows, to buy merch and to buy CDs/downloads, they the fuck should they pay money to access a fan site when there’s plenty of sites online offering the same thing for free.

The band have a Facebook page, which is free for all to access, why in the lord’s name do they need to have their own version with a price tag attached. I fully understand artists need to make money, especially when they spend as much money on make up and hair dye as this band clearly do, but I really, really think charging children to access a social media site dedicated to a band is ludicrous.

I’m not a fan of this band, I’ve never heard them, I think their only selling point is one of them isn’t too offensive to look at. However if after reading/hearing about this complete piss take of a website (aka: Money making scheme) I feel nothing but contempt to them.

Someone shouldn’t be made to feel like less of a fan because they don’t have disposable income or as the case may be in this situation, given the main age group of their fans, because their parents don’t have disposable income.

Grim as fuck, man. Off with their heads.


So I was tagged by ego-x, snotcherss and postpunkfaery to do this 6 selfies thing, so here you go. Including one with my new haircut

I have no idea how many people I should tag for this so I’m just going to name a few skogenshjarta, nyx-alexandra, spinal-vertebrae, hellray, thecradleofhumankind, thebutterflyboy,  soppkey, andr0queer and raind0wn


As I have the whole day off, I have decided to give myself the “Helen Mirren Pastel Mall-goth” makeover

It should come as no surprise to anyone by now that I fucking love bright pastel lipsticks holy shit they are so much fun (also fun: bottom-right picture because making disgusted old lady faces is the best thing)