things that should be taught in school

Things that should be taught in public schools
  • Basic cooking
  • Personal finance (taxes, balancing a budget, retirement, etc.)
  • Better sex ed
  • Human sexuality
  • CPR and basic first aid
  • Mental health management
  • Resume writing
  • Interviewing skills

And so many more practical skills that you can’t just acquire by googling for a few minutes or going to a gym.

anonymous asked:

My school is so whitewashed it hurts, my friend and I mentioned black history month and almost the entire class just started yelling at us saying that "it makes no sense", "there should be a white history month", and that it's stupid I'm in pain like black history is important !!!! It showcases their accomplishments and talents, showing that they're people too !!!! ITS IMPORTANT

That frustrates me to no end, because literally almost ALL of the history we’re taught in school is whitewashed history already, and becoming more whitewashed. And I say that with having an educator as a father and taking classes on the US education system. All year long is basically white history appreciation.  It’s amazing how many things that I learned happened in America with people of other nationalities that were never taught in school. To the people who say “it makes no sense”, consider your privilege of always feeling represented in history books. You’ve never had to wonder what people of your ethnicity were doing or dealing with during certain eras in US history. Black history month was created specifically to shine light on how many contributions to American history black people gave that we are not taught. And if people of privilege just took the time to look into it, I think they’d be surprised how much they weren’t aware of. It’s so important because representation matters, self-worth matters, and this month is to specifically focus and encourage the black community that their minds, their words, their actions, all of it can make a positive difference in this world. 

Teacher picked on me for being autistic, I got her fired.

When I was in 4th grade, i had a teacher named Mrs. Seeles (Like Seals). She was regarded as one of the kindest teachers in our school, to everyone. Everyone but me. I had quite a few learning disabilities that made much of her class confusing and hard to keep up with, especially with the way she taught. She would go over one thing and then have a test on it the next day to see if we learned it, which i always did bad on. 

Now, I was no means a perfect student. But I did my work without complaining, I did homework like i should. My best friend at the time, Jack, would attest to this, as he liked to copy things off my work because he was a sneaky kid. We sat next to each other so it wasnt very hard to get answers from one another. We were both boys so it got a little excitable sometimes and rowdy (not to mention we like-liked each other)

Mrs. Seeles didnt like our friendship in the least, and would always snap at us, more specifically me because i was seen as an easy target. I would never speak up against it or try to do anything, unlike Jack who would demand that we werent doing anything wrong. So she decided to focus in on me instead.

Whenever I passed in class work or homework, she wouldnt grade it. I would get bad reports home saying how I wasnt doing what I was supposed to be doing. All in all, my parents believed her more over me because they never trusted me to begin with. So Jack and I plotted. 

Being only in 4th grade, it wasnt the best plan, but it worked. I would do my work, then Jack would write the exact same things as I did. We did this for months. I would recieve bad grades while Jack excelled in his. We got the papers back. We stored them away.

Near the halfway part of the semesters, We both brought this up to our parents. We called each other on the home phones and explained what had been going on. How Jack would copy my work and Pass it in just like I did, but I never got the credit. We showed them the papers, which were exactly identical. Mine were marked wrong, Jacks were marked right.

My parents were furious. Because of that teacher their child was failing the 4th grade. They threw a fit over at the school board council, gave them complete hell. Within the week, Mrs. Seeles was packed up and leaving the school.

The new teacher that replaced her was wonderful. I went from failing to As in weeks. 

Fun Fact: I actually stopped doing a lot of my homework because of Mrs. Seeles because why do it if it wont be graded? That problem developed heavily into my mind and its been a problem ever since. hope your happy. Graduating from High School this year, going into Theatrical Arts College.

I’m just going to put my two cents in here…

Kids should be taught about puberty before they start going through puberty. They should learn what to expect, what kinds of things will be happening to their body, what kinds of things they might feel, etc. before it actually starts happening.


So that they know what’s going on before it starts. So they don’t feel weird when things start changing. So they know if something may not be going the way it should be.

I was taught, only very briefly about periods before I got mine. Even my sex education in school was pretty bad about periods. So when I had extremely irregular, extremely heavy, and very painful periods, I didn’t realize there was anything wrong. I thought that was fine. Turns out I had PCOS and could have been treated for it. I could have periods that didn’t require me changing out overnight pads every hour in order to not bleed through to my underwear and that my debilitating pain could be lessened somewhat.

It’s so important for kids to know what to expect, and what could be abnormal so that they can get help if they need it.

Further, when we say that sex ed needs to start early, we’re not talking about teaching 5 year olds about vaginal vs. oral vs. anal sex, or about sex positions, or anything not age appropriate. We’re talking about teaching kids age appropriate comprehensive sex ed. Stuff like the puberty stuff above, or about the basics of consent from a young age (as consent goes beyond sex to things like even giving hugs and respecting boundaries), or about their own anatomy, or about recognizing abuse.

And yes, teaching teenagers about safe sex. Because teenagers have sex. Regardless of what kind of sex ed they receive, even if they’re taught to abstain until marriage, many teenagers will have sex.

They need to be taught how to be safe about it so that they don’t end up with unwanted pregnancies or STIs. They need to be taught that consent can be revoked at any time so that they feel safe and comfortable exiting situations where they otherwise could feel trapped and understand that continuing with a partner who had previously consented but now is saying no is rape.

Teaching kids and teenagers age appropriate comprehensive sex education doesn’t put them at risk. Quite the opposite. It makes kids and teenagers more knowledgable about themselves, about consent, about what abuse looks like, and about being safe.

Spoiled || R.B.

Word Count: 1875

Pairing: Ross x reader

Summary: Coming from a rich family, you never had to work a day in your life until you met Ross. After a confrontation with him, he makes you work for your orgasm by riding his thigh.

Warnings: smut, thigh riding, blowjobs, dirty talk, rich!reader, spoiled brat!reader

Requested by @faee12 : “Omg can you do a imagine with Ross and thigh riding”


Also, listen to Blackbear’s new album while listening to this preferably I miss the old you and make daddy proud trust me it makes it 100x better.

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dear rpc,

This has been a long time coming.

I’ve got some things on my mind about the RPC that just need to be said. I’m prepared to receive hate from all you “tolerant” and “anti-drama, accepting” individuals because when someone doesn’t agree with your oh-so-open-minded viewpoint, they are wrong, yeah? I just have to get this out there.

You all need to chill the fuck out.

Roleplays are meant for fun. I have not seen a single group RP that has pre-written bios (whether fandomless or from a fandom) not receive some sort of hate. No one is fucking perfect and maybe the FCs they chose are there for a reason. 

Here are some key points that should have been said long ago:

  • Representation is important. HOWEVER, if someone has more cis/white characters, you really have to think about the setting to their RP. I don’t know about you, but in 17th Century England, I’m pretty sure there weren’t a ton of non-binary mixed-race people running around. 
  • It’s kind of hypocritical AF to tell an RP that they need to have a certain amount of trans and/or non-binary characters and then condemn them for using cis-gendered FCs to fill these roles. I’ve looked. I’ve asked around. There are not a ton of non-cis FCs with available resources. Many of these FCs are also from YouTube and a lot of RPs ban YouTube FCs. Those that aren’t from YouTube are either older than what the RPs demographic requires or lack in resources. If you’re able to make gifs/resources of these individuals, do it, and stop bitching, but many of us don’t have that talent. Let’s be real, anyway. A majority of the world is cis-gendered and heteronormative and most RP admins won’t force anyone to write a straight character. In fact, most RPs I’ve been in wind up having like 75% LGBTQ characters, which is awesome. Just keep that in mind when judging the RP main from the outside.
  • Again, think about the setting to the RP! I’ve had tons of hate given to me about not including certain types of characters, but one RP that I was in/ran took place in the 1970′s in the United Kingdom. Hell, I graduated high school just 10 years ago in a liberal area in a blue, progressive state and there were 0 kids that were out of the closet as gay/bi/lesbian out of the 180ish kids I graduated with, let alone out as trans or non-binary. Since graduation, I know several that have come out, but it took them time. What I’m saying is that you have to think of the times when writing a character or observing a group RP. Unless it is in some kind of AU world, we have to be real. Up until recently, and even today, being in the LGBTQ community isn’t universally accepted.
  • Speaking of being real- why the fuck are we so goddamn uptight about including characters that are hateful? WAKE THE FUCK UP. There are homophobic, transphobic, racist, bigoted, misogynistic people in this world and pretending they don’t exist because it might offend someone in the RPC is a little ridiculous. Pretty sure everyone I know (myself included) that is part of the LGBTQ community or that is a POC has experienced hatred because of who they are, what they look like, and how they identify. These things should be represented because it may help people to cope with situations in real life that are extremely real and can happen any time, anywhere!
  • About whitewashing. IT IS NOT COOL TO FUCKING WHITE WASH YOUR RP. Having 95%+ white FCs is just not acceptable. However, AGAIN, people need to keep the setting in mind when criticizing an RP. I had about 10 kids in a class of 180 that were not white. I, myself, am mixed. As a teacher, I have personally seen in different school districts how diversity can vary depending on location. One school that I taught in had a total of 3 POC children in the entire fucking school. The school I currently teach in is about 40-50% POC children. Another school that I visited had 95%+ POC children. If you are running an RP that takes place in rural Wyoming, that area is probably predominantly white with mostly closeted individuals. If you are running an RP that takes place in New York City, it is probably much more diverse. HOWEVER, I do think it is the job of an RP to offer diversity no matter where the roleplay is situated. But I swear to fucking god I’ve seen people get hate for their RPs that include about 50% POCs. Chill the fuck out. Most admins will let you change the FC, anyway, if you are so inclined.
  • Problematic plots. Grow up? Honestly. If someone wants to write a plot that you consider problematic, then don’t fucking read it. Maybe this person is using this sort of plot line to cope with a situation they dealt with in real life that was similar. Bad shit happens every single day and, again, pretending that it doesn’t in fear of offending someone is just stupid. Sure, some plots in group RPs should never be written and are definitely problematic- but I think, as a community, we are realizing that. These kinds of RPs are now far and few between. But indie RPs or those in group RPs that want to write plot lines that can be triggering should not be condemned because of it, especially if they tag these plots! Just blacklist the fucking tags that may trigger you and move on with your life.
  • Problematic FCs. FUCKING CHILL THE FUCK OUT. I’ve seen people call FCs out for being “problematic” when the evidence just isn’t there. For example, FCs that did something 5-10 years ago that was a joke and is taken way too fucking seriously. Comedians and rappers that use offensive material in a funny/creative way should not be condemned forever. Grow some fucking skin and learn the difference between real bigoted, racist individuals and those that are using “offensive” content in their work for a reason. Maybe it is to create awareness. Maybe it is to shine light on these issues. Maybe it is to mock those who really believe that way. Whatever the reason, does it fucking matter when the person has been condemned in the RPC and in real life for their “offensive” content plenty and has often times apologized. Sometimes it is just ignorance. We all make mistakes and say things that we shouldn’t. We all have done things that might offend someone. Sometimes it is just because we don’t realize it is offensive. Celebrities are people too. They make mistakes. Calm the hell down. There are more important things to worry about.
  • Speaking of more important things to worry about… We need to come together and grow up. We need to get thicker skin and let these things slide. We need to stop sending hate to people that have “offended” others. An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind. If you think an RP is problematic, just ignore them. Block them. You don’t need to have a vendetta against them. You don’t need to send them hate. You have no idea who the admin is, what they represent, and how they feel in real life. Your hatred and condemnation might cause them great pain, anxiety, and depression. Many of us RP to escape situations in our lives that are shitty. Some of us are dealing with things beyond comprehension and RP is a way to escape and cope. Some of us are just here to write and explore our most creative selves. Whatever the reason is, we’re here for fun. I’m not saying that some of the above mentioned is okay. White washing is not okay. Being actually bigoted in real life is not okay. Not including diversity in your RP is not okay. But no RP is going to be 100% problem-free in the eyes of everyone on Earth. The good news? There are lots of other RPs out there or, perhaps, you can create your own how you want to. Give admins a break. They work hard and, on occasion, may slip and include things that are offensive. If it is truly, honestly a problem, politely tell them and move on. 

Thanks for listening. 

headcanon #4

kara has spent her entire life pretending she didn’t hear things. eliza and jeremiah fighting over whether she should be in public school, alex arguing with eliza over why kara’s always getting special treatment, kara’s teachers telling her parents she shouldn’t be taught with normal children because she’s socially stunted, one of kara’s college classmates bribing a TA, her first boyfriend saying ‘I love you’ on the phone with someone else, snapper in the conference room with the senior reporters cackling about how far up cat’s skirt she must have been to get this job. the list goes on. kara has been forced to become a master in controlling her emotions. she cannot react. it’s why she has so much pent up rage, she can’t let herself feel. she has to put on her sunny danvers facade and act like she hasn’t heard every nasty thing anyone has whispered under their breath. 


Don’t you wanna know?

1. What was the last thing you googled?
2. You have to listen to these songs:
3. Do you chew on your straws?
4. Have you ever been awake for 48hours straight?
5. Will you get married? Do you see yourself getting married in the next 5 years?
6. If you could move somewhere else would you?
7. Read on a Kindle or paperback book?
8. If money was no object, what would you do all day?
9. University or life experience, which do you feel best prepares you for life?
10. What is the one thing that should be taught in school that isn’t already?
11. If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?
12. When you have 30 minutes of free-time, how do you pass the time?
13. What’s the best/worst gift you’ve ever given/received?
14. What was the first thing you bought with your own money?
15. What would your parents be surprised to learn about you?
16. Apologize or ask permission?
17. Beach vacation or European vacation?
18. What is the ideal number of people to have over on a Friday night?
19. Who is a non-politician you wish would run for office?
20. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
21. What do you usually think about right before falling asleep?
22. Ever been addicted to a iOS/android game? Which one(s)?
23. List 5 goals on your life’s to-do list:
24. If you HAD to change your name, what would you change it to?
25. What is one thing you will never do again?
26. What words of wisdom would you pass onto your childhood self?
27. If you could speak another language, which would it be and why?
28. If you were head of a major TV station for one day, what would you play?
29. Which one of your friends would make the best U.S. President and why?
30. What’s your favorite holiday and why?
31. How would you survive a zombie apocalypse?
32. In what ways are you the same as your childhood self?
33. If you could master one skill you don’t have right now, what would it be?
34. What was your dream job growing up?
35. If you could live forever, how would you spend eternity?
36. If you could bring one musician back from the dead, who would it be and why?
37. What was the last picture you took with your phone?
38. What kind of sickness have you lied about so you wouldn’t go to work?
39. What was the last lie you told?
40. What is your perfect pizza?
41. What question do you hate to answer?
42. What keys on a keyboard do you not use?
43. Who would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with?
44. Is there anything purple within 10 feet of you? What is it?
45. When was the last time you ran/went for a jog?
46. Have you been to the movies in the last 5 days?
47. What after school activities did you do in high school?
48. What ice-cream flavours do you love/hate?
49. What is your secret recipe?
50. What channels do you have subscribed on YouTube?

freedom of speech
but i still try to watch
my mouth so that
you’re not offended.
freedom is my soul
but we’ve given up nature
to be commercialized
if my soul is up for grabs
i guess my heart is next
if sex sells then my lips
must have a price tag
and if your breasts don’t
fit his fetish i guess
he’ll pay in order to be satisfied
with your body, oh the irony
and they say that nothing’s
wrong in a society where
jail and prison is just another
business that’ll grow as crime rates
don’t stop and as long as we keep buying
someone’s going to get locked up
and we’re not alone, yet
we’re powerless when
we work against each other
if racism is dead then
why was my mother called
a chink recently by a black kid
down the street? children
don’t grow up mean,
we learn subtle cues from our parents,
our role models. money isn’t evil,
but we can make it deadly.
play the beer ads with
the world’s most interesting man
drinking it, i’ll give up my livers.
design a new phone and a new watch,
my wallet, you can have it too
so i can keep up with my friends
and how much fun they’re having
while sharing it on facebook,
there’s nothing wrong with a little love,
but you’ve got to love yourself enough
to see problems in a system.
it’s not perfect, it’s not perfect,
but it must work, right?
and if debt is out of hand
while we have people living
on the streets, are we too screwed
to fix things? in one way or another,
we’ve already bombed ourselves
out of existence. it’s sad really.
supply my heart more chains
and i’ll demand for imprisonment.
less trees for birds to sing,
less forests for tigers to hunt,
less flowers for bees to pollinate,
we’re so far from this place.
we turned earth into a scary place,
and venting about society
won’t fix the pieces inside of me,
or you. i guess it starts with who
we’d want to be instead of who
society says that we should be
and everyone has their share
of problems, we can’t build a bridge
if we’re on fire. we can’t stop world hunger
if we’ve got children hungry within ourselves.
we have classes for world history,
but not a single fucking course
on how to love yourself.
it’s assumed. you were taught these things
at home. like everyone has a perfect home.
you show up to school on time everyday,
you must be stable, you must be okay.
so we have school shootings because
he wasn’t loved enough, a world filled
with constant struggles, we know more
about the Kardashians than we know
who we want to be when we grow up.
it’s sad really. what’s right or wrong
if it’s played in the songs? we’re still
growing, so i guess that’s worth noting.
and i pray that we never stop growing.
we must learn how to love the guy
who worships another god,
even if he’s black that doesn’t mean
that he’s after you, even if he’s white
it doesn’t mean that he’ll oppress you,
even if he’s asian it doesn’t mean
that you should assume he’s chinese,
even if he speaks spanish
it doesn’t mean that he’s a mexican.
it starts kinda small actually,
it starts with the children.
what are they watching nowadays?
what are they really doing on those ipads?
how much are we really teaching them
while we’re rushing to make coffee in a society that’s addicted to caffeine? i’m not better
than anyone, but i can see the problem
even if i wake up every morning
and do nothing about it. just because
we don’t talk about it, it doesn’t mean that it’s not there. oh it’s there. it’s not money.
it’s the people who regulates it.
it’s just business, right?
fuck it, we’ll just make more money out
of thin air. and then one day,
the money’s going to run out.
one day, people will stop using it.
one day, the richest people will become
poor too. one day, it’ll start all over.
and i pray, that one day.
if it does happen, we’ll be given
a second chance to not fuck things up.
if we’re lucky, we’ll learn how to love
even if it’s not worth loving.
maybe rape cases won’t be shrugged off.
maybe skin won’t matter as much
and gender won’t matter too.
maybe social constructs will be
less constraining once we notice it
enough times, confined by our
own self beliefs like as long as
it doesn’t hurt me, it doesn’t matter.
there is a certain kindness
that we lack as a whole,
have you seen roadkill lately?
numb to the sight.
once you’ve been told something
enough times, even lies
start to become the truth.
tell a child that he’s average
and won’t amount to much
and he’ll most likely grow up
feeling like he’s average and
won’t amount to much.
tell a child that he’s special
and unique and he might grow up
feeling special and unique everyday.
it really does start with you.
you can change the world
even if it means you’ll need
to change yourself first.
—  societal woes
1) You’re best friend is not always going to be there for you. You’ll have a falling out, it’s normal.
2) don’t make life decisions based on temporary people.
3) Love is painless, love is good, love is real. Never believe that love doesn’t exist because it does and it will find you when the time is right.
4) Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it comes at the worst time possible and you have to know what’s best for you, take care of yourself first.
5) Not everyone is going to like you. There’s nothing you can do about that. Don’t try your hardest to please people that have a negative view on you.
6) It’s okay to go out. Have fun. Be safe.
7) Hang onto people that make you feel good and get rid of the negative. Life is too short to spend time with people that make you miserable.
8) The man with the alcohol on his breath that tells you he wants you, don’t let him talk you into anything. It’s the alcohol talking and he wont want you the next day.
9) Don’t let people use you. Whether it’s for your looks, your brain, or your stuff, fake people are not worth your time.
11) You don’t need attention from guys to be valuable.
12) Don’t give attention to people that you aren’t interested in just because you’re lonely.
13) If you don’t like school because of the people surrounding you, separate yourself from them. High school is temporary.
14) Do what you want because it will make you happy, your happiness should be your top priority.
15) Don’t lie to the people you love. Honesty is important in any relationship.
16) Sometimes it’s better to keep quiet. Not everyone needs to know your business.
17) Stress is relative, adults aren’t going to understand. Remember that they’re also going through things you wouldn’t understand.
18) Pain is temporary, no matter how bad it feels now.
—  18 things I wish my mom taught me before high school. \ ( @lizz-khalifaa )
Aqours - academical headcanons

@kyokanan and I come up with some good (and sometimes crazy and more often angsty) stuff for Aqours. Like, seriously, what are we doing? I don’t know. xD

Now, have a blink on what’s constantly being send back and forth between us. I spare you the angst, have the fun - Aqours’ academical headcanons.

Dia - Uranohoshi’s top student, pride of the Kurosawa family. She’s just as you’d imagine her. Excells at all subjects (PE does not count, in her opinion) with relative ease. Extremely proud that she always scored first in every test… except that one time where someone actually managed to beat her. She refuses to acknowledge that ever happened. She is the student council president and a Kurosawa after all. She won’t fail. Never. And of course she expects nothing less from the rest of Aqours, too, but…. yeah.

Mari - The one and only who managed to beat Dia once! To this day, no one knows how she did that and Dia was so done after the announcement. No one has ever seen her study. She fools around, gets distracted and does not pay attention in class. So everyone expects her grades to be not that good? But she is actually second, closely behind Dia. Only smirks if you ever question her how the hell she does that. Fun fact: The night before tests the orders of coffee at the Awashima Hotel skyrocket.

Riko - She’s the ray of hope for Dia because she is actually quite good and ranks third among Aqours overall. She may not be as naturally gifted as others and has some problems in some subjects but she makes up for it by working hard. Actually the best among all second years at Uranohoshi. Fun fact: Ever since transferring her results in PE, especially track and stuff, have improved a whole lot. There might be a connection with a certain Mikan mentioning a certain dog once it’s Riko’s turn to run.

Ruby - You’d never guess it, but Ruby ranks 4th overall. Rather similar to Riko actually. She does have her fair share of problems but she really tries and studies. Her big sister is her role model after all and she wants to make her proud. Dia thinks she could do better with a little more self-confidence but she is still proud. Shines whenever she gets interested in a topic because she’d look up all kinds of stuff. If that happens she even rivals Dia.

Hanamaru - Zuramaru could be a lot better… if it weren’t for science. She excells at literature and languages and she enjoys these subjects a whole lot. Sometimes even the second and third years ask her stuff and 9 out of 10 times she can help them. But science… not a single lessons goes by without at least one quite and amazed “Mirai, zura!” from the back of the room. All attempts to tutor her have failed so far because Maru would be so amazed by little things that they won’t be able to deepen the topic.

Kanan - Under normal circumstances Kanan would be 4th or on par with Riko. But due to her absence from school she missed quite a lot and has to catch up on all of it. Which is actually quite difficult for her. She’s the type who picks up a lot of stuff during lessons by listening to explanations; not so much by studying. So Dia (and Mari, too, but she is not that much of help) tutors her. Fun fact: Got scolded by Dia ever since middle school “Kanan-san, if you’d spent less time diving and more time studying then-” “Nah, it’s fine. Wanna go swimming?”

Which leads me… to the baka-trio of Aqours.

You - She’s “the best” out of these three. Ya’ see, You is giving Dia a headache. Naturally she is about average in all subjects. Without studying that much. Except PE, she’s the MVP among all the second years and the team with her almost certainly wins. That’s a rule. The problem is that someone is a rather bad influence and manages to distract her 99% of the time she should be studying. Fun fact: Did I say she was best at sports among the second years? Not even You can beat Riko running for her life when she is “chased” by a dog.

Chika - According to herself she does study on a regular basis, she doesn’t know why she has bad gra- Oh, is that a seagull sitting on that branch? How pretty. Literally 1000 things will become more interesting than studying and all of them will manage to distract her. Will manage to get You joining her in doing everything but studying every single time. The reason why she hasn’t failed tests yet are the last minute study sessions she’ll have with You. Fun fact: Dia is her new tutor, alongside Riko. Or they should be, but to Chika they are totally different people.

Yoshi.. Yohane! - There is no need for a fallen angel to study human arts or science. The black arts are most important and should be taught at school. Handed in quite a number of application forms to include this into the normal schedule. Dia has torn every single one of them into half. Study sessions with her are a pain and Dia would have already given up if it weren’t for Hanamaru who takes Yohane’s black feather “hostage” for as long as she doesn’t take things seriously. Fun fact: Zuramaru and Yohane make a deal for every test that’s coming up. If she manages to score more than 60 little demon Maru will volunteer in the next dark ritual. Yohane does study.

ECG: quick and dirty

I’ve had countless sessions and lectures on ECGs. I don’t know how many websites I have bookmarked, or how many times my eyes glazed over reading Dubin. I’m also terrible at cardiology. I was on my way to accepting my fate of being horrible at ECGs forever, until I had a life changing session on ECGs taught by a great ER doc. I want to post it here because it was probably the most useful thing I learned in med school, and it will stick with me for the rest of my career. 


1. One ECG is never enough. Always get old ones for comparison. If none available, do another one. Because. One ECG is never enough. 

2. RATE. Look at the number on top of the printed ECG. It’s stupid not to use that number. Yes, you should know the rule, 300-150-100-75-60-50. People say you shouldn’t trust the machine because… well, it’s a machine, and it can make mistakes. This is true. I don’t like to look at their “diagnosis” until I have gone through it myself. But the rate is just a number. Plus you should be able to eyeball it and be able to tell if it’s tachy, brady, etc. If the machine is telling you it’s 200 and if it looks tachy, then it’s probably the right number. 
3. RHYTHM. Is there a p-wave for every QRS and a QRS for every p-wave? Is the p-wave upright in lead II and down in aVR? Good. Done. BOOM. It’s sinus rhythm. ***if you cannot clearly see the p-waves then you cannot call sinus. move on.
4. AXIS. Again, look at the number at the top of the page. If it’s between 0 and +90, then it’s normal axis. If the number isn’t provided, or if your preceptor doesn’t believe in the convenience of machines/technology, look at the QRS complex of lead I and lead II. 
  • up in lead I, up in lead II: normal axis
  • up in lead I, down in lead II: left axis deviation (most common causes are left anterior hemi block and left ventricular hypertrophy)
  • down in lead I, up in lead II: right axis deviation (most common causes are right ventricular hypertrophy…PE)
5. did someone say HYPERTROPHY?
  • look at V1
  • is the R wave tall? (greater than 7mm?) right ventricular hypertrophy.
  • is the S wave tall? (greater than 11mm?) left ventricular hypertrophy.
  6. P-waves
  • look at lead II
  • is it wide? left atrial enlargement.
  • is it tall? right atrial enlargement.
7. PR interval
  • should be between 0.12 sec and 0.2 sec (3-5 small boxes). I used to always get this interval and QRS complex (less than 0.12 sec) mixed up. Think: atria depolarizing + shit getting to ventricles is gonna take longer than ventricles depolarizing. [2 things happening] versus [1 thing happening]. [0.12 sec-0.2 sec] versus [<0.12 sec].
  • long PR interval means there’s some sort of block at the AV node. 
  • 1st deg block. PR interval is long. everything else is normal. cool. 
  • 2nd deg block
  • type I: PR interval progressively gets long. eventually a dropped QRS.
  • type II: PR interval is constant, but randomly dropped QRS. 
3rd deg block “complete block”
  • there is no association between P waves and QRS. they run separately. **QRS does NOT have to be wide. Just look for P wave/QRS complex disassociation. I sometimes get this and 2nd deg type II mixed up. The only difference I try to remember is that PR interval is constant in 2nd deg type II, but is variable in 3rd deg. 
8. QRS complex
  • narrow or wide? 
  • narrow: good. signal coming from somewhere above ventricles. 
  • wide: think BBB (bundle branch block)
  • if the last deflection of QRS is DOWN, then it’s a left BBB
  • if the last deflection of QRS is UP, then it’s a right BBB. super easy. no more of this bunny ears crap. 
9. ST segment
  • always look from J point, and compare with the isoelectric line of T-P segment (NOT PR interval). 
  • elevated/depressed… STEMI… duh. indicates ACUTE ischemic changes. 
  • look for reciprocal changes of the heart. if ST elevation in lateral leads, could see ST depression in the septal leads. PAILS:
  • posterior up, anterior down
  • anterior up, inferior down
  • inferior up, lateral down
  • lateral up, septal down.  
LBBB can look like STEMI. How to tell?
  • disconcordant changes is normal. (QRS and STEMI on opposite sides of the isoelectric line.)
  • concordant changes is abnormal. 
  • massive discordance is abnormal. (STEMI is greater than 5mm)
  • this isn’t that important. Moving on. 
Inferior STEMI. Could right ventricle be involved? 
  • order a 15 lead
  • is STE in lead III > lead II? likely RV involvement
10. T waves
  • is it inverted? indicates recent ischemic changes. 
11. Q waves
  • is it significant? indicates old ischemic changes. will likely be present if followed rule number 1 of reading ECGs. (1 ECG is never enough= look at old ECGs). 
I literally go through this list of 11 points in my head when I’m reading an ECG, regardless of whether or not I have an atrial flutter jumping at my face or if I see a massive anterolateral STEMI. Obviously I needed background knowledge on ECGs and the physiology of the heart before constructing this list, but this basic checklist has been very, very useful to me so far. It might look lengthy, but it doesn’t take a lot of time at all- a patient is not likely going to have all these issues with their heart.    Anyway. I still don’t love ECGs, but it feels pretty wonderful to be able to be able to evaluate it in a systematic manner, and get the theory behind interpreting the scribbles of an ECG reading. I don’t get these moments as much as I would like to, but it’s that crosspoint where my classroom learning actually meets real-life applications that gives me happy brain-gasms for days. I love knowing things and more importantly, knowing why.

What to do the Summer Before Vet School

So you applied to vet school, waited 809,089 years to get a decision, and you got accepted! What an awesome feeling! So…. now what do you do for 2-3 months before vet school begins? Never fear, your friendly vet student is here to help! 

-> Relax. I know, I know, you hear this all the time. BUT SERIOUSLY. You have 4 years of vet school to work, study, and worry. Go hiking at a national park, go lay on the beach, go read a ton of great books. But whatever you do, DO NOT PRE-STUDY. The only thing you should study is the back of your eyelids while you are napping. “But soontobedvm, what if I never had anatomy before? What if I had a few gap years and haven’t studied in forever?” I know you don’t believe me, but not only whatever you study will be taught within a lecture or two, vet school is good at catching everyone up to speed quickly, regardless of whatever background you are from. So please don’t burn yourself out already by pre-studying! If you are worried, I have several other posts about preparing for vet school, mental health, and anatomy here, here, here, and here.  If you want to glance at your anatomy book because that excites you, then by all means do so, but don’t feel like you NEED to pre-study, because I can ensure you will quickly be on the same page as everyone else. :)  

-> Establish good habits. Now one thing I WILL advocate the summer before school is to get into good habits that will follow you into school! For me this was getting into an exercise routine and trying out and freezing recipes for my crockpot. This could mean discovering your de-stressers, revamping your nutrition, or simply making time in your daily routine for “you” time. These types of things in my opinion was way more helpful to adjusting to school than pre-studying ever was. 

-> Settle in. You know what is worse than starting school and not knowing anyone? Starting school and not knowing where anything is. Take a few days (or a few weeks for some people) and explore the town you are in. Go discover some future study spots, take the route to school once or twice, unpack everything, go find something fun to do, that sort of thing. It might just make adjusting to vet school a little easier if the rest of your life is organized. :) 

-> Wait to buy materials/books. I know, I know, you are chomping at the bit to buy books, because I was too. HOWEVER, do not waste $200 a book quite yet!! Wait until you either contact your big sibling (Most schools have a second year buddy you are paired with), or communicate with upperclassmen via your school facebook group/email. You will either get hand-me-down books or online PDFs that are FREE, or you will get the down-low on whether or not you actually need these things. So just try to be a little patient and wait and see what materials you actually need! 

-> Get excited! This is it folks, you are going to be a vet in 4 years! It’s going to be a crazy, ridiculous, exhausting rollercoaster of a ride, but you always have someone to help you through the tough times, and never forget that we are all here rooting for you! 

There’s this theory I’ve head that Mars was once the same distance from the sun that Earth is now, and at that time, millions of years ago, it could sustain life and Earth couldn’t. Knights of Cydonia is based on the idea that millions of years ago, there was a complete civilisation that lived there. Then Venus came into the solar system as an enormous comet, sucking all the oceans away from Mars, destroying the civilisation and going into orbit around our sun. But, anyway, Knights of Cydonia is this fantasy that there were a bunch of knights, with phasers or whatever, fighting to the last moments when Venus came by and sucked the oceans away. It’s the idea that there’s something deep down within us, the human spirit if you want to call it that, that cannot be manipulated and is aware of what’s going on and will do everything in its power to fight it. There’s this other great theory about Earth. You know how people think that all the continents used to be one continent called Pangea and all the rest of it was water? Well, that’s bollocks. What really makes sense is that the Earth is expanding. All the continents fit together in a perfect globe, and it makes much more sense if you think that Earth was once about half the size that it is now. A lot of the stuff you get taught in schools, you’ve got to watch out for, it’s all a bit loose. Especially science because it changes all the time. It’s always in motion, it should never be fixed. That’s the whole thing about science. Religion is fixed but science is constantly in motion and searching. I think it’s a shame sometimes when certain things are presented in schools like fixed theories. Even the biggest theories are under threat from new ideas.
—  Matt Bellamy in 2006, when asked about the “story” behind Knights of Cydonia
For all those students going to community college next year

Okay so here’s a brief rant so feel free to skip this post if you’re just here for the lulz.  I just want to talk for a second about Community College.  Right now there’s a bunch of high school seniors, single parents, “old” people, and others who are looking at going (back?) to college in the Fall.  And for many of them, Community College is one of the options they are weighing.

If you are one of the people, GOOD FOR YOU. I know what it’s like to have people ask, “Really?  You’re going there?  You know you’ll probably never really do anything interesting if you go there.”

Just in case nobody has told you… that is all complete & utter rubbish.

As somebody who did go to Community College, then transferred to a state school, and then attended a well-known private northeast university for graduate school, let me assure you that Community College was absolutely the best choice for me.  Unlike the other institutions I mentioned, most of the teachers at CC were there because they wanted to educate me.  They weren’t there for tenure or research opportunities or grant money or to use students as trained monkeys to publish papers for them.  They were there because they wanted to help students learn.

They taught me the value of education and the importance of learning and that neither of those things should be limited to a classroom or degree program.  They taught me that my value was not in my grades or in my school but within myself.  They taught me to listen to people and understand them.  They taught me that sometimes I had more to learn from the single mom sitting next to me or the old guy sitting behind me than Kierkegaard or Newton or Shakespeare.

So if you keep hearing voices diminish your future because you’re looking at Community College, even if one of those voices is your own, tell them to shut up and show them the list of successful people that got their start at Community College.

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Rant as Promised

Ok, so in super sons and other older things, Damian is homeschooled by Alfred, and (not to say anything about Alfred’s teaching skills) this is horrible. 

Damian is obviously too smart for normal people school, public or private. At the age of ten he had the illegal equivalent of multiple PhDs in a variety of subjects. But Bruce needs a way to occupy his time and figures schooling is the best way.

This is terrible. He’s not challenging him at all, so Damian is bored and acts out. Tim does the same sort of thing (from what I’ve seen at least) but isn’t as much of a loner or have as much of an attitude as Damian, so when Damian acts out it’s to prove he can be by himself and that he’s so much more intelligent than his father seems to think whereas Tim just does things to occupy his busy mind. He went and taught Jon’s class for crying out loud! And instead of understanding this and adjusting to it, Bruce gets mad.

To be fair, we don’t know what Damian’s being taught, but it’s safe to assume that it’s below his level and not stimulating enough. Bruce should either bump up the difficulty (if he even can) or find another way to occupy Damian’s time (some parents hang out with their children but that’s just a thought)

Ok, rant over.

This is Our Life

Originally posted by frozen-delight

Pairing: Sam x Cas x Reader
Word count: 1,196
Warnings: Couple swears
A/N: This is an AU :)

Coming down the stairs barefoot, you slipped your earrings in before pulling your hair up into a loose ponytail. “Cas?” You called out, not knowing where he’d gone off to that morning after he’d gotten out of bed. “Come on, babe, I have to be to school soon to set up.” You chuckled.

Cas came out of the kitchen holding your 6 month old daughter, Eliza. “Sorry, she was babbling in my ear, the radio was on, I had my laptop open, planning the lessons, and well…” He shrugged with that cute smile.

“Try not to let them wear you out.” You teased. Moving closer to them, you took Eliza from him and smiled at her. “Be good for Daddy, princess. Don’t be afraid to tell your older brother to play nice.” You tickled her belly, earning a laugh. “But, Mommy has to go to work. Dada will be home early today.” Kissing her cheek, you passed her to Cas, kissing him gently. “I love you. I’ll see you this afternoon.”

His blue eyes lit up, as they always did. “I love you, too.”

With that, you moved towards the door, slipping on your flats as you opened the front door. As you were closing it behind you, you heard your 4 year old son, Max, running down the stairs. “DAD!” You chuckled to yourself, knowing Cas was the best man for watching those two.

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endless list of Disney AUs (13/?) [for @danstevenstrash]

Belle & Adam: Star-Crossed

Villeneuve in the 1990s was deceptively peaceful. Toted to the rest of France as a “quaint little town”, it was often a popular tourist destination during the summer while people passed through on their way to Paris. But beneath the flower shops and family bakeries lay a bloody, bristling feud that dated back as far as the Elizabethan era. 

It all started when a Tolbert ancestor slaughtered a Delacour ancestor in the streets over a woman. The murder was bloody and the murderer executed, and both families were left with wounds that wouldn’t quite heal. But instead of turning their wrath upon the young woman who sparked the duel, they turned against each other. For decades, the endless fighting went on and on, resulting in bloodshed and tears. By the time that 1996 rolled around, no one could even remember why, precisely, the Tolberts and the Delacours hated each other. They just always had. 

That is, aside from the youngest generation. The rival families each had an only child - the Delacours a daughter, and the Tolberts a son. They were both exceptionally bright and destined for great things, and the people of Villeneuve had high hopes that the fighting would end with them, partially because no one ever imagined that they would stay in such a small town. Belle Delacour wanted to see the world and write adventure novels and Adam Tolbert wanted to move to Paris and write poetry. 

Of course, it should have come as no surprise to anyone that the two didn’t become enemies, but friends, based solely upon their many shared interests. They tried hating each other for a year or two in grade school, purely because it was what they were taught to do, but after a while it just felt… stupid. Why should they hate each other just because their parents did? 

That being said, it was a friendship destined for secrecy. Whether or not they liked each other, they were still from fiercely rival houses - and things would turn sour terribly fast if they were ever found out. Yet, keeping their relationship hidden grew harder and harder as they grew from children into young adults and their feelings for each other developed from simple friendship into an incredibly complicated romance. Nights would be spent stealing kisses on Belle’s balcony or tucked away in the back of the town library, huddled up in each other’s arms for as long as possible. They read each other poems under the cover of darkness and whispered sweet nothings in each other’s ears until dawn - a habit that proved most unpleasant for their sleep schedules. 

They had to get out of Villeneuve. It was simply a fact. 

But when Belle is attacked while sneaking home from the library after midnight and Adam kills her assailant, getting out of town may prove harder than they had planned. Feuds that begin in blood can’t be rid of bloodshed quite so easily - be it the result of hatred or of love.

silverskye13  asked:

Hello! I've been really admiring your colored pencil work and was wondering if you had any tips or suggestions on how to blend colors? Or maybe any good references/tutorials I could look at? Thank you very much regardless, and I hope you have a good day!

Hi ! I hope you don’t mind me publishing this publicly, because I’ve been thinking about sharing some traditional art tips I’ve discovered over the years and this ask is the perfect occasion to do it.

Okay first of all I’m self-taught and never been to art school so maybe some the things I’m gonna say are actually bad ! Take it with a grain of salt and experiment yourself ! Also this is gonna be about coloured pencils only so… Yeah.

Okay so :

- I know the tool doesn’t make the artist but when it comes to coloured pencils it makes a great fucken difference whether your pencils are 1euro offbrand Rik et Rok at Auchan or… Better quality. If you’re really determined to work traditionally with pencils, you should think about getting some good pencils, where they have more pigment and a thicker consistence. I’m partial to Faber-Castell Polychromos but they’re very pricey so if you find another good brand that’s cheaper go for it (also hit me up ahah)

- Every brand is different. As I said, I primarily use Faber-Castell but recently my aunt gave me another brand that is a also “quality brand” (I don’t have the box at my flat so I don’t remember the name) but while the colours were really vibrant they also spread and smudged much more easily. I didn’t really like it, but if you’re used to it, I’m sure you can do great stuff !

- Also, use untextured paper. I don’t know why they say grainy paper is ideal for pencils ahah ^^ It gives a weird pixel effect when you scan it because of the tiny white holes you can’t fill with your pencil. I like smooth Canson paper better ! I use Exacompta paper but I mean there are a ton of brands who offer the same stuff.

- You can sketch with a mechanical pencil and everything but you shouldn’t keep graphite pencil on your page when you colour, otherwise your colours are going to get a weird greyish colour and it’s just Ugly. For me it’s the hard part of drawing digitally: I sketch with a mechanical pencil, then I take a coloured pencil and erase every line to trace over it with the coloured pencil. It’s boring and hard but it’s for the greater good.

- When you line with the coloured pencil, take an “in between colour”, like that’s what I call some colours that blend well with everything ? Because lines will smudge so you want to avoid clashes. Dark colours such as purple or black I tend to avoid because huge dark smudges aren’t a good look, unless you’re going for something in that colour palette. Same for all other colours, especially blues (cause the SECOND you use yellow it’s Over - be super careful with yellow and blue I’m warning you so you can avoid my fate). I usually take a deep pink (magenta) because pink is the ideal blend colour since it’s between warm and cool tones. Sometimes when I want to go for a more natural look I use browns that blend well too.

- Also once you’re done colouring reline everything because smudged/less clear/less vibrant lines

- I tend to line everything with the same colour so there is continuity within the drawing. I use other colours for when I want a certain item to pop up.

- Pink is your ultimate best friend. Want to make that gradient between yellow and blue ? Use pink in the middle. It works for everything. I love pink.

- The trick is, go lightly at first, then add more and more layers. Think a bit like digital layers ? You do your flats first (rough colours, you don’t even have to fill it all properly like you can leave some white), then you put a layer of another colour (usually with the strokes in another direction like if your first colour has vertical strokes then go horizontally or diagonally), then another, then another again, and you refine that shit until it looks good.

- If you go on my earliest art pages you’ll see that my art wasn’t as well coloured as it is right now. Shit was LIGHT AS FUCK (and I kept complaining that I wasn’t able to get deep colours ahah). As with all shit, it’s gonna take a while to get it right.

- I hate colouring clothes so my Bullshit Secret Technique is horizontal or kinda wavy/following the movement of the clothing crosshatching with a lot of colours until it makes a decent gradient (see  all of my drawings in April 2016)

- Single coloured flats are hard. Get one colour, then get another colour and draw over your flat. Okay it won’t be all the same colour but 1) nuances are good 2it’s easier for some reason. Maybe it’s just in your head ? I don’t know.

- If you can get one of these small eraser pens like pens but they’re erasers, get them, especially to erase your sketch, it saves lives. At least it saved mine. It’s so much easier to erase one line at a time than erase everything then lose track of where was what.

- Get a white gel ink pen for highlights and tiny sparkling stuff
- Know where the light parts of your drawing are going to be beforehand because there’s no way to get them back once they’re gone.

- Get a tablet and draw digitally. You can do much more stuff much more easily. Patterns ? Highlights ? Fluorescence ? Ctrl-Z ? Flats ? Resizing ? Last-minute glow in the dark ? Can’t do that traditionally. It’s too late for me cause I’d have to relearn everything and I’m lazy but if you’re getting started draw digitally.

- Otherwise add tiny sparkling stuff it’s really lovely.

Aaand here ! I don’t know if that really helped you, I’ve said it before but I draw really instinctively so it’s hard to explain what I do ^^’ Thanks for the compliments though, and have a nice day too !

anonymous asked:

Should I go to art school to be good at art?

No. I honestly attended art school in college and I have learned basically NOTHING that I already knew. See, art is a personal exploration, most of the people that you admire are actually self taught like I am and all you can do is practice, use reference to understand how things are made, look at tutorial and listen to people’s critic. But there’s no VITAL need to go in art school unless YOU find it important.