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I’ll try to be around for a bit longer. Tbh I feel so sick. In more than one way. I’m already deeply worried about someone very close to me. I really didn’t need this. I am really tempted to just leave.  I made a promise so I can’t give up fully. But I just don’t know if I should bother coming on here much longer. And I know all I’ll do is get some fuck of an anon calling me every hateful thing they can think of “Attention seeker” has been one in the past. Wow. For simply posting a goodnight or posting a message to stop being cruel to each other, that makes me a bad attention seeking person. Sorry for being so friendly. So long fuckers. At least til tmrw bc tmrw is another fuckin’ day.

There should be a support group for lonely people.

Not like an actual support group where you go to a meeting every Thursday at 5pm and you sit in a circle asking each other, “how are you.”

But, a support group where you’re supported to make friends and to take trips with each other.

Where some days you mingle and read books and grab coffee, and other days you go on rollercoaster rides or bounce on trampolines.

A once a week field trip for lonely people, with other lonely people. For the young and the old.

Yet, I worry that maybe it’ll make them feel more lonely once they go home and lay in bed by themselves…

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write #25 // @loveactivist

Small tips that make a (healthier) difference

Hey you! I dare you to try your best to follow this checklist tomorrow! But hey! Not so fast. Why not try it again the next day (and every day after that)? Sometimes it’s the smaller changes that can in fact help improve our health and wellbeing, especially when we think we’re short of time. School stressing you out? Everything is going to be ok. Try a few little things here. Tick everything off that you completed! Tell me how it goes for you!

This was a spontaneous post and I’ve found that I’ve been making errors in my posts recently! Plz correct me bc I am an egg. Hope u like it anyway.


  • Wake up as soon as you do naturally or when your alarm goes off. Make your bed! Open the blinds!
  • Get out of bed and s t r e t c h – all the way from the very tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes. (Trust me, this feels good)
  • Set your intention for the day. This might be weird for some, but try it. Example: Today I will be productive. I will be focused on my tasks and I will take the time to relax when needed. It doesn’t have to be as complicated – Example 2: I can do this. Remind yourself again.
  • Eat breakfast. A MUST. Try my favourite: eggs (poached, scrambled or fried) on toast with avocado or baked beans. Yes. We are on a roll today.
  • Drink one full glass of water within the hour of waking (don’t down it all in one go though!).
    • Add 1/8 of a lemon to this. Lemon is great to alkalise the body and getting that digestive system of yours goin! This will flush out toxins in the body and support your immune system too!
      • Side note: Wait half an hour before brushing your teeth after this (or maybe do it before) because lemons are acidic after all and can probably do some damage to your shiny whites.
  • Try having a water bottle by your bedside and beside you throughout the day as a constant reminder to drink water as you see it. Trust me, this has helped improve my water intake a lot.
  • Organise your day. What are your plans? What are of priority and what are not? Try brain dumping this, and then organising each task/item into a list, categorised in importance. This will help decrease stress throughout the day and easy referral back to this list.
  • Dress in some lovely clothes! Your fave sweater and some cool black tights? 100%!! What about that pretty skirt you like with a nice top? HECK YEAH!!!


  • Lunchtime! Eat again. Wholesome foods are an absolute must whenever you can.
  • Aim for 3-4 cups of water by lunchtime (inclusive of the glass of lemon water you had this morning).
  • Remember that intention you set this morning? Say it again.
  • Throw a compliment at someone. Be genuine. This will have a butterfly effect. If someone throws one at you to – don’t disagree! Say thank you. You rock, don’t doubt that.
  • Are there any ticks beside those tasks on your checklist from this morning? I hope so!
  • Throw in a random burst of exercise! In public too – who cares! Pick one of these: 50 starjumps! 3 sets of 10 squats! A quick walk around outdoors!

Arvo (/Afternoon… Straya):

  • Hit that 3pm slump? Same. Here are a few ideas to get you going, especially coming home from a long day:
    • NAP! 15-20 mins. No longer. No less. Be strict here or your sleep pattern might go funny and we don’t want that. (And groggy headaches are gross)
    • Exercise! This is so fundamental to our health and wellbeing. Try out short pilates videos (no equipment) here (that as living proof, work) or some really cool yoga videos here, here, and here. Yoga is great. Try this daily. Or take a brisk walk for 30 minutes  = wake up your brain, pick up your mood AND burn some fat. C’mon, go get your shoes!
    • Have a healthy snack, such as those listed in this great post by @tbhstudying. Get your brain and bod going, my friends!
  • Write down your to do list for any work, study or event related things that you need to complete this afternoon. Set out all your equipment, sort out your papers from the day and get organised!
  • Clear your (bedroom/bed/desk/floor/work/closet) space for 5 minutes every day. I’m guessing that you’ve started to pile a few things here like I do. This will save you time and help maintain cleanliness, staving away from the complicated stress that comes from having to reorganise just about everything which we all know to hate when we’re busy with other things.
  • Have you had your 5th and 6th cups of water of the day yet? Get to it!
  • Sit up straighter and you’ll look more confident and feel more confident. Your back will also be very grateful for this.


  • Continue all your extra to-dos. Get this done. You can do it!
  • Make sure to put something in your body guys. I’m talking food here by the way… don’t let that sentence mislead you! This is especially important for those of you probably thinking “I’ll just eat later” or “I’m not hungry”.  Eat. EAT NOW. PleASE.
  • Spend some quality time with your family. How’s their day been? Tell them about yours too.
  • Glasses of water No. 7, 8 and beyond should be here.
  • Prep your meals, lists, notes, outfits, etc. for the next day. Getting these things sorted now will help you get it out of the way and save you time!
  • Settle down a little. It’s time to wiiiind doooooooownnn. Read a book. Scroll through Tumblr (aaayeee!) – but not too deep into the pits okay guys. Watch a little TV.
  • I know a lot of posts say to switch off 1-2 hours before bed. If you’re literally glued to your electronics, try switching off 5 minutes earlier every day and replace that with something else. What about doing your prep items for the next day (listed two points back!!)? Or, do get those pesky chores out the way.
    • Side note: Cleaning your room often will help freshen it, get rid of itchy dust and decrease the chances of bugs and other smol random things to crawl around your room. (If that’s not a little motivation then I’m not sure what is…). It’ll also keep your space maintained so you don’t have to do it all at once. *Shudders* Plus the likelihood of those gross germs from the world hanging around and building up in there is a no-no.
  • Sleep! 7-8 hours. Your body will thank you for it. CRUCIAL for healthy brain and body function. Plus your mood and skin will improve (i.e. gOODBYE EYEBAGS and hELLO GLOWING SKIN).
    • Side note: I see you reading this at 12am when you should be sleeping. I see you.

I hope this has helped you guys a little or at least inspired you to make a small change to your daily routine! Try doing a few items here (e.g. glass of lemon water, sitting up straighter, 8+ cups of water) and record this on a habit tracker! The smallest changes often have the greatest effects!

Don’t forget to let me know how you go.

Kalyisah (@studywithkal)

agatha, video chatting penelope after long months spent apart: lmao so baz is part of your gang now?? how crAzY!!!1!!1! guess that makes him the third wheel now!!

penelope, thinking back to every gross coupley thing she has been subjected to since the start of snowbaz: … about that 

A little rambling on the workings of PR

I don’t usually post about things like this.  In my opinion, celebrity’s private lives and just that “private”, but there comes a point where a person gets tired of all the games…and especially of seeing people played.

 Do I think Sam/Cait are a couple?  I don’t know for sure, the only ones that do aren’t saying, but what I will say is that I think the two of them are a hell of a lot closer than normal co-stars.

 Do I think Sam/MM are a couple?   I don’t know that either, but I do know there’s something off about that relationship. I’m by way of being kind of an expert in body language and Sam is always too stiff and guarded in proximity to MM. Until I see Sam act and look at MM like he does Cait, then I’m far from convinced.

 Do I think there are PR games being played?   You better believe it!!  And I hate to tell you all this but the fans and even Sam are being played like a fiddle by a gal that doesn’t even know the proper attire for a birthday party.  

 So, what can we – as fans – do about it?

 Let me tell you a little story.  Once upon a time in the land of daytime TV there was a show called Days of Our Lives and a couple named EJ and Sami, dubbed with the portmanteau of “Ejami” by their fans.   Ejami had Sam/Cait level chemistry and the characters had danced around each other for 8 years, finally coming together in 2013.  Fans were happy and while Days was not the highest rated soap, it had the largest social media presence of all the soaps thanks to happy viewers who had and posted and tweeted and campaigned for years to get their couple together.    However, in 2014, their love story took a nose dive when EJ began a sexual relationship with a much younger girl to keep her from telling on Sami for murder.  At least that’s how it looked on the surface.

 The truth was, Days producer Ken Corday had concocted a rather devious plan.   In 2014, the Nielson ratings group began incorporating social medial statistics into their overall ratings and on January 13, 2014, Corday was scheduled to present these social media statistics to advertisers to help set the advertising rates for the upcoming year.   Days was already the highest rated soap in social media, but Corday was greedy, so on January 10, 2013, he had EJ fall into bed with a young blonde twit thinking that Ejami fans would react like always and blow up social media over the weekend with their displeasure, with making Days social media numbers even higher for the meeting on Monday.

 Thankfully though, this time the fanbase realized what Corday was up too and decided to take a different approach – they went silent.  From January 10, 2014 to January 13, 2014, Days of Our Lives went from being the highest rated soap on social media to not even ranking…something they have NEVER recovered from.    Simply from the actions or lack of actions by fans, Days slipped heavily in the overall ratings to the point of cancellation and in a last-ditch effort are now bringing back the two actors for an upcoming sweeps period to give fans what they should have given them in the first place!

 What’s my point in all this?   My point is that MM is taking PR lessons from Corday.   That picture she posted with the rainbow wasn’t some innocent thing, she KNEW using a rainbow would rile fans up.  You see in Hollywood, there’s one simple and very true rule “There’s no such thing as bad publicity!”  Every time you interact on MM’s Twitter or Instagram, whether to say yay or nay, whether you call her a saint or a slut -she benefits from it.  Every single time!   Don’t think social media is that important?   I have a friend that’s an actor – a relatively well-known soap opera actor at that -  who was just turned down for a role because his social media presence wasn’t that strong. No joke!

 Which brings me to ask if you’ve ever heard of a Q-score?   Quite simply a Q-score is a measurement of the familiarity and appeal of a brand, celebrity, company, or entertainment product.   Used to be, Q-scores were measured by a celebrity’s appearances on TV/film, talk shows and in entertainment magazines.  Nowadays, the score is figured almost solely from social medial statistics.  To put the score in perspective, right now Johnny Depp has the highest Q-score at 92. Trump’s Q-score is 98.  Sam and Cait’s Q-scores range from 38-42 which is a very respectable range for actors in their genre. The interesting thing is that this time last year, MM had a Q-score of 18, which has risen to over 30 as of today and why?  Because of Sam.   Here is a girl that has chased fame since she was 12 years old and she’s finally got her hands on something that can help her achieve that.  She’s going to continue to use him and us unless we do one thing.  

 Ignore her.

 Just like we did to Days of our Lives that fateful January.  Block little Miss M on every facet of social medial.  Don’t follow, don’t comment, pretend she doesn’t exist. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and MM has shown herself by her past behavior.  When she’s no longer getting any attention from being Sam’s perceived girlfriend, the truth will out and at the very least, she’ll stop posting those “in your face” pics of hers.            

 Sometimes the adage of “Ignore something and it will go away” just works.

White History Month

A Caucasian co-worker and I(Yup! The same one from the last post. Go figure.) were discussing why there should or shouldn’t be a “White History Month”. Nevermind the fact that EVERY MONTH is White History month. But I decided to humor him and play along…

“There should be White History Month” so we can expose all the evil things white folks have done in history and present that still affect the victims and their descendants till this very day like:

1 Cherokee Trail of Tears
2 Japanese American internment
3 Philippine-American War
4 Jim Crow
5 The genocide of Native Americans
6 Transatlantic slave trade, and the lies that Africans sold other Africans into slavery
7 The Middle Passage
8 The history of White American racism
9 Black Codes
10 Slave patrols
11 Ku Klux Klan
12 The War on Drugs
13 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
14 How white racism grew out of slavery and genocide
15 How whites still benefit from slavery and genocide
16 White anti-racism
17 The Southern strategy
18 The rape of enslaved women
19 Madison Grant
20 The Indian Wars
21 Human zoos
22 How the Jews became white
23 White flight
24 Redlining
25 Proposition 14
26 Homestead Act
27 Tulsa Riots
28 Rosewood massacre
29 Tuskegee Experiment
30 Lynching
31 Hollywood stereotypes
32 Indian Appropriations Acts
33 Immigration Act of 1924
34 Sundown towns
35 Chinese Exclusion Act
36 Emmett Till
37 Vincent Chin
38 Islamophobia
39 Indian boarding schools
40 King Philip’s War
41 Bacon’s Rebellion
42 American slavery compared to Arab, Roman and Latin American slavery
43 History of the gun
44 History of the police
45 History of prisons
46 History of white suburbia
47 Lincoln’s racism and anti-racism
48 George Wallace Governor of Alabama
49 Cointelpro
50 Real estate steering
51 School tracking
52 Mass incarceration of black men
53 Boston school busing riots
54 Man made Ebola and A.I.D.S.
55 Church Bombings and fires in deep south to Blacks
56 Church Shootings
57 How the Irish and Italians became white
58 The Perpetuation of the idea of the “model minority”
59 Housing discrimination
60 Systematic placement of highways and building projects to create ghettos
61. Medical experimentation on poor poc especially Blacks including surgical and gynecological experimentation
62 History of Planned Parenthood
63 Forced Sterilization
64 Cutting children out of pregnant Black mothers as part of lynchings
65 Eurocentric beauty standard falsification
66 Erasure and eradication of all achievements of Ancient Africa and Kemet
67 White washing of history and cultural practices of poc’s
68 Media manipulation and bias
69 Perpetuation of the myth of reverse racism
70 The history of white cannibalism
71 White fragility
72 White on white crime and white on everybody else crime
73 Irish slavery, Jewish slavery, African slavery, Native American slavery
74 White police officers murdering unarmed men, women, and children and not being convicted for it
75 Population control warfares worldwide
76 Chemtrails
77 Oil spills and chemical dumping in oceans worldwide
78 Water fracking
79 Gmo foods worldwide
80 Monsanto
81 World Wars 1 and 2
82 Wars on indigenous peoples throughout the world
83 Stolen inventions and blueprints from African people and other indigenous people worldwide
84 Steal concepts from cultures worldwide and then corrupt it
85 Mass murders and massacres worldwide
86 Eugenics and the history of sterilization of poc and history of fetal abortions worldwide
87. Flint Michigan water poisoning crisis

and too much more….

Yet you all have convinced the world and your delusional selves that melanated human beings “black” people are perceived as dangerous, unruly, racist, uncivilized, thugs, gangsters etc… Yeah ok not according to historical and present day facts.

Needless to say… We don’t have these types of discussions anymore. 😎😉😂

Love is not posting pictures online and sending long messages every night so you know I appreciate you. Love is not talking every day just so we are not going to forget we both care. Yes, it is great to do those things when you love someone, but it should not be something that you need. Love is, not talking all day and knowing you still love someone and nothing will change it. Love is, when you go out late and call me when you get home even though I am asleep because you know how much I worry. Love is, when you stop making up excuses and admit you did something wrong and apologizing for your mistakes and try not to do them again. Love is, “please get your homework done so you can get the job you want and be happy in the future”. That is love. Love is, “let’s go to bed we both need rest and I don’t want to go without you”. Love is, “I know you’re out watching the sunset because you’re upset, and I’m really sorry. But I’m upset too and would like you to go home so you can FaceTime me.” And then leaving my favorite thing because you will always be a priority to me. Love is not always the big things that everyone else will notice, but the small things that are not going to be noticed by anyone except each other. I do not need extravagant to mean love. I need you.
—  For you

Been thinking and writing a lot about real experiences I’ve had at university, through the lens of ‘maybe my school has some Fair Folk hanging around.’ Tbh, makes some stuff make a lot more sense. Enjoy: the adventures of the students at Elsewhere University who have no idea about the fae, but just notice that sometimes stuff is weird: In the corner of the dining hall, someone is always almost done a paper they never seem to finish. They are there every time you walk in, no matter what hour of day or night. You wonder when they sleep. It doesn’t occur to you to wonder if they sleep.  The basement tunnels wind under your dorm. You were just looking for the laundry room, but you have been walking an awfully long time. The motion-detecting lights keep flickering ahead of you though. Maybe if you keep following them, you’ll find your way.  At the end of the party, there are a half dozen half empty beer cans sitting around. You plan to clean up in the morning, and by the time you do so they are already empty.  You put “free pizza!” on the flyer for his event. When it rolls around, far more people show up than you expect. Some are strangely dressed, or look somehow both too old and too young to be students. Do they even go here? Where were they summoned from?  Your professor’s apparent annoyance at students showing up to their clearly scheduled and openly publicized office hours confuses you at first. At a certain point though, it begins to look like fear. They always gesture to the bowl of candy on their desk.

Feel free to take some!

 they say every time, as though you might have forgotten, as though you might have been forbidden otherwise, as a pacifying gesture.  You plan to take a five minute break from work. When you look up from your phone again, an hour has passed. You pause to quickly reply to an email, and realize that everyone has left the library. You think, I’ll just check Facebook to see if I have any notifications, and notice that the sun has already risen.  You’ve been protesting the university’s investments for years, but don’t know the names of the people who make the decisions. There is the school president, but it’s past her, even past the management company. Perhaps it’s a guy in a cubicle with a laptop, diversifying portfolios and calculating returns. Then again, maybe it’s something else that controls the endowment’s hoard. Maybe that’s why it likes feeding on such darkness – war, apartheid, prisons, oil.  When you go to a party at a frat house, don’t accept their food or drink. Don’t drink anything you haven’t poured yourself. Otherwise, you don’t know where or when you’ll wake up. You don’t know how long it will take to escape this night.  You wonder sometimes if there are passageways in the library – closets and bookshelves and bathroom stalls that lead somewhere else. You see people walking in to the library with sleeping bags and boxes of groceries, especially during finals week. You sometimes see them wandering around in their socks, looking lost. You see them leave, occasionally, and when the sun hits them they look as though they have been away for a while.  You’re supposed to drop your paperwork off in the registrars office. You search online for it, but only come up with a website that hasn’t been redesigned since 2004. It lists the building name, which you’ve never heard of, and no address. You search the building name and find two “halls” and one “house” with the name. When you go to each of them, they tell you that the registrar has never been there, but it’s up the main street, head north away from campus, you can’t miss it. You discover a building that though you’ve walked this way hundreds of times, you never noticed before. It’s open and they give you candy and more paperwork to get filled out. Every time you go back afterwards, it’s locked and dark, although the hours posted on the door say it should be open. You decide not to drop that class after all.  You and your friend decide to room together, and for the first few months get along great. You decorate together, you buy house plants, she gives you a necklace shaped like a silver feather that she found doing end of year clean up. You’re not sure when things start to get weird, but the day after Halloween you notice she seems mad and when you ask what’s up she says she doesn’t consider you a friend she doesn’t like you and would you just go away. For the rest of the year, things continue with pretty much that tone, and you’re never quite sure what happened. You survive the year, painfully, and leave campus for the summer. You run in to her in New York at a friend’s birthday party. After avoiding her most of the night, she catches you on your way out. She says she is so excited to see you, she’s missed you so much, and gives you a huge hug. A few years later, you take a four person class together, and she’ll reminisce about when you were roomies. She only ever tells stories from before Halloween. You wonder if she only remembers those. You wonder if she was only there for those.


anonymous asked:

I very much approve of the teenage inquisitor tag! Companions reacting to teenage inquisitor having some serious trouble getting over some very traumatizing things they experienced in the fade in Adamant, please!

Cassandra: She notices that they’ve been acting off since their journey into the Fade, and she worries for their mental state. Eventually, she will pull them aside, sit them down, and ask them how they’re feeling, what they’re thinking, and will either ask if (or tell them, depending on their behavior) that they need help. “No one should ever have to do what you did, especially not someone as young as you.” she says quietly. “We are here for you, and we’re going to work through this with you.”

Blackwall: He notices their change in behavior and knows they’re traumatized. He’s not really sure how to go about it, other than “I’m here to listen if you need it.” The Herald expresses guilt over the one who sacrificed themselves for their escape, and he does his best to reassure them that it’s not their fault. “I know this is painful, but sometimes things happen that are outside our control. It doesn’t make it any less painful.” He sighs. “I would know.”

Iron Bull: He sees what’s going on very quickly. He also knows how to go about it, and notices every tic and behavioral change, if any. Like the others, he offers to listen, and if they need it, a shoulder (well, chest, more like) to cry on. Vivienne hires a therapist, which he’ll pass pertinent information onto if needed. He’s looking out for them.

Sera: She’s having trouble getting over what happened in Adamant, too, especially if she went into the Fade as well. She swats at the Herald when they come to check on her, and when she starts telling them “never again,” she stops as she sees they’re clearly distraught, as much as she is. She stops short and asks how they are, and the two commiserate on the Fade.

Varric: (If Hawke Didn’t Die) He tries to get them to talk to him, walk with him, anything– he believes talking it out will help. He’ll also bluntly tell them that he can tell they’re having trouble recuperating, and that he’s there to help. (If Hawke Dies) He wants to comfort the Herald. He really does. He knows they’re in pain, too, but the grief is choking him too much. He gently pushes them away as he goes to write letters, and asks one of the companions closest to the Herald to talk to them.

Cole: He feels it. It’s a sick, looming, darkness creeping over their soul, mocking and taunting them with failure and death and loss– and to his dismay, it’s not a pain he can just get rid of with ease. “They aren’t mad at you,” he reassures, “and you didn’t fail. Sometimes people have to die. You’re hurting. You hurt so much, but I don’t know how to help. How can I heal this hurt?”

Solas: He’s actually quite exhilarated by the whole trip, and after finishing up several stacks of parchment with notes, he seeks out the Inquisitor, intending to chat them up about what he’s discovered. He stops halfway through the first sentence at their dead-eyed expression, and he frowns. “Oh. My apologies, I should have known that you would be affected like this, going through the realm of a powerful fear demon. Would you like to discuss your thoughts, da’len?”

Dorian: He’s quick to check on them and ask if they’re okay. He already knows the answer is no, but he wants to establish that he’s there for them. The Inquisitor is trying not to cry, but eventually they’re in his arms, sobbing freely. Dorian strokes their back, trying to gently shush and soothe them as best he can. He checks on them repeatedly every day for the next few weeks– no one should ever have to go through the realm of a fear demon, especially not someone their age. The poor thing…

Vivienne: She figures out they’re struggling with coping after trying to ask them about their experience in the Fade. Suddenly, she’s gentle with them, trying not to exacerbate their stress more than it already is. Depending on how long or how hard they’re having a time of recovering, she may actually have Josephine hire a therapist to come work with them– untreated post traumatic stress can be debilitating, and she wants to ensure they have the best care possible.

Josephine: She frets over the Herald, frequently checking on them and trying to talk to them; she can’t imagine the horror the poor kid had to go through. The ambassador quickly agrees to Vivienne’s request and sits down with the Inquisitor, telling them what’s going to happen, and worries incessantly for them. Her heart feels heavy with pity.

Leliana: She’s cool about it, briefly asking if they’re alright and then not pressing further. She does, however, have a few agents keep a closer eye on the Herald, to ensure they’re safe and attended to properly. She also asks for updates from some of the others on how they’re feeling and recovering.

Cullen: He knows what it’s like to be through a traumatic experience, and he relates and understands their pain perhaps the best out of all of the inner circle. He offers to listen, and the Inquisitor finds talking to him the most reassuring, because they know he really understands what it’s like. 

Misfit Appreciation Day 2017

Tomorrow is Misfit Appreciation day. A fun little day, created by my favorite Happy Sorceress where we have some fun and draw up fanart and the like for the DC character Charlie Gage-Radcliff, AKA Misfit, the fun and happy teleporting girl created by Gail Simone. Every year, I’ve been posting era-themed covers for it, starting in the 1940s and working my way up to modern day.

It’s kinda funny really. I’ve drawn Misfit so much these last few years that I feel I should have done a comic with her or something. LIke a fan comic thing or something.

I mentioned this last year, but I think I’ll just repeat it here. The idea here is that when the Flashpoint happened, and the DC Universe was shifting into it’s current incarnation, Misfit was teleporting (or bouncing) at the exact same time, and ended up getting hurtled through space and time, as seen in Cover #1. So she’s been attempting to bounce her way back home, decade by decade.

But for now, here’s the previous six covers I did for it.

The kickoff with MIsfit in Time


The Golden Age of the 1940s


The EC Comics era of the 1950s


A Jim Steranko inspired cover from the 1960s


Returning to a darker era with the Bronze Age of the 1970s


And lastly, the surreal of the 1980s British Invasion of the 1980s


For this year, we’re at the 1990s, which is pretty important to me, because it’s the year where I started drawing comics and decided that this comic book thing is what I wanted to do with my life. So I themed the cover based on the most influential comic series ever on my art.

More on that tomorrow.

*cue Shirley Walker music*

the little study/organization guide for lazy students

I decided to write this post for those people who don’t have that much motivation to study all day. Even though you’re not that motivated, here you’ll find a minimun of things you can do every day/week/month/trimester/semester that will help you keep organized!

So, the least you should do…


  • Do your homework!

I don’t think that’s a secret, but doing your homework helps you knowing if you understood the subject or not, and it’s also a way of revising what you did in class.

  • Clean your workspace!

Even if you don’t have a lot to organize. A clean workspace often makes you feel more at ease, and this way you can actually find your things.

  • Organize your notes!

You should organize every note you took on class when you arrive at home, so later, when you need them to revise, they’ll already be there. Usually I take notes in messily because my teachers speak so fast, so when I arrive at home I rewrite them so I can understand easily later on when I need them.


  • Organize your binders/folders!

Throw away papers you don’t need anymore and add important ones you’ve placed somewhere else. It’ll help you keep organized!

  • Revise!

You can do this twice a week as well, if you feel you need it. Even if you’re not studying for any kind of exam, once a week you should choose a subject and do a big revision: study the most recent arguments making flashcards, summaries, quizzes or any other technique you usually use when you study.


  • Buy new pens/pencils!

Of course, only if you need it. Usually I need more black/blue pens and pencils, but it’s all up to you.

  • Update your calendar!

Write the new important dates: exams, appointments, goals…


  • New stationery!

When there’s a new semester or trimester I need to buy a few things so I don’t need to ask people to borrow everything once school starts again. Most people need new notebooks for subjects like maths and physics, which make the notebooks end faster.

  • Do a big revision!

Revise every subject so you can remember all the things your forgot while on vacation! Usually I only do this with chemistry, physics and maths but again, it’s up to you!

+ bonus tip:

  • Buy a planner!

That is, if you don’t have one. A planner helps you knowing the work you need to get done for a certain day and it’s where you’ll write important dates.


I hope this post can help! Please tell me if there’s anything you find important that I didn’t write so I can add it :)

Things that I want to scream at the assholes in the cancer crew fandom
  • Anisa is a great person who does no wrong and should be respected as such. Stop leaving mean comments on her Instagram just because she is dating Ian. 
  • Don’t harass Joji on Instagram or Twitter. He is a human being who clearly wants his life to be at least semi private, and he deserves a break every once in a while.
  • Also I noticed a couple of days ago Joji posted a pic on his Instagram of an ash tray full of cigarette buts, and people were having a goddamn war in the comments because of it. Idk why yall are all of the sudden furious over him smoking (he’s been doing it for years) but do you honestly think that he gives a fuck?
  • If you got angry over Idubbbz’ new video on fan edits, but love it when he roasts everyone else, you’re a massive hypocrite. This video was meant to be taken as a joke with a grain of salt, like when he says the word faggot or the n word.
  • Did I mention be nice to Anisa
  • PLEASE DON’T FORCE YOUR SHIPS ON THEM. It clearly makes them uncomfortable, and they have said this before.
  • Please don’t try and find out where they live. The reasons for this should be obvious.
Warding, a PSA

Due to some problems we’ve come across with this shop, we are adding a new requirement that you must meet before adopting a companion:

Knowledge of warding and protection both physically and astrally

The knowledge of these two subjects are imperative to have in order to keep both you and your companion safe. Diving into spirit work head first without any protections set up is basically telling everything around you,”HEY! OVER HERE! FRESH MEAT!” This is how you attract malicious spirits. 

A malicious spirit can not only harm you, but potentially your companion as well. Just because your companion is a spirit, doesnt mean they are immune to other spirits. Inviting them over without any wards puts them at risk, which is unfair. It is like calling over a friend to your ‘house,’ but not having any walls set up to protect them from the elements. 

Here is a post that gives a little info on wards and gives some examples on what you can do to ward

You must set up physical AND astral wards. 
“But J! I don’t know how to astral travel yet! I can’t set up astral wards if I can’t astr-”
Yes you can. There are plenty of ways to set up astral wards without astral traveling. Visualization is your friend. If you can think of it, you can use it. Go all out with your camouflage, anti teleportation, invisibility, etc when you’re setting up your wards. As long as you have a strong intent, the wards will be strong. Granted, some wards don’t prevent some spirits, so you will have to tweak them sometimes. 

Do not forget to maintain your wards !!!!! Check up on them weekly at least so they are at their strongest. Make them super mega thick with super mega layers. Make them rubbery so nothing can crack it. Do anything you want.

The way I set up astral wards without astral traveling is super simple.
Look at your physical room (or wherever you spend the most time/feel the most comfortable). Follow the lines of where each wall meets another and visualize white light trailing in the wake of your vision. Follow the lines of one wall first, and once you make a square with your white light (or whatever shape your wall is), visualize the square being colored or filled in with your wards of choice. Continue this procedure until all of the walls, floor, and ceiling is warded. Then, expand your wards out to the rest of your house to keep every room and everyone inside safe. Use your intent to make sure it is impenetrable. 

If this method doesnt resonate with you, make up your own! There are no rules, really. Be creative. There are plenty of warding methods that you can find on tumblr as well. Try looking here if you want

Physical wards are another layer of protection to keep you safe. For physical wards, I use:
- witchy jars
- plants
- salt
- sage
- incense
- sigils
All of these are filled with my intent to keep me mega safe, because lord knows i don’t need any more trouble. 

“But J! I am a closeted witch! I can’t do any of those thi-”
Yes you can. There are hundreds of tips out there that are for discreet witches. Sigils are easy to hide. Use an oil diffuser with essential oils that correspond with protection. Light candles with corresponding intent. Plants are inconspicuous. So is salt. I carry a salt packet in my phone case. Hoard all of those salt packets from restaurants. No shame. 

You can do anything if it makes you feel safe. Does hopping around on one leg in circles make you feel lighter and the room clearer? Then do that. Does making snow angels in the carpet make your room feel safe? Then do that. There aren’t any rules. Do whatever if it makes you feel safe, no matter how silly it may seem. Does that necklace that you found at the playground when you were younger just seem to hum with protective energy? Bam, use that. 

As long as you have measures set up that are supposed to keep you and your companion safe, you should be okay at first. Of course, you will have to renew them and tweak them every once in a while to keep them in their best shape. My dedicated day to ward strengthening is every Sunday on cleansing day (which is also an important thing to have, but that post is for another time), but if need be, I fix them through the week as well. No protection is too much protection. 

Stay safe, my friends.


OnS Chapter 57 Survey - Midway

If you haven’t done the survey yet, please listen to demon!Yuu and contribute to the fandom data if you can lol. The original survey post with more information can be found below. 

>>> Original Post with Link to Survey <<<

For those of you that have done it already, I was originally going to publish some midway results, but after thinking about it, I don’t want those that haven’t done it yet to get influenced by others’ answers so it will have to wait.

At 390 responses so far, I should be closing the poll in a few days and will then post the full results on here for you all to interpret as you please after I get things organized.

There have been many interesting (as well as very amusing) written in responses to various questions so far and I thank you all for taking the time to share your thoughts! I won’t be able to fit every single one into the results post, but I will do my best to put as many as I can.

Lastly, I still ask those of you that are on multiple social media platforms to share the link in other Owari no Seraph communities if you can in these remaining days! Thank you and I can’t wait to share the results with you all!

Sims blogs to follow/shoutouts/faves PART 1

I want to say this out loud but it really annoys me when people complain their dash is empty. There’s so many simblrs out there to follow who post every day! Not everyone posts edited photos, some put up content, do streams/videos, tutorials, have projects, every day story telling and so on. This post will be divided in many parts because i cannot put too many links on a tumblr post. If you don’t want to see this post simply block the tag #simfollow

Don’t forget something! You all start from the bottom so (picture) quality isn’t always what should define your simblr :P

This is why i’ll be doing a kind of follow forever thing with so so many blogs you can follow! This list is not in order by any way and if i miss out anyone i will simply update it. Also to mention, these categories are made up by me and criteria does not certainly define the person’t blog. It’s just a small organization plan i made for them so you can browse them easier.

These people are supposedly active as i see while browsing through my follower list. Also they are mixed between sims 2 3 and 4 but mostly s3 simmers. They usually post sims related stuff as i barely see personal/inspo stuff on my dash :p There will be multiple parts since i follow about 1k people so!

I really hope after making these type of posts that i won’t see people complaining about their dash being empty as i am going to make as many parts of these as i can ^_^

Also please feel free to check out ALL of my masterposts HERE and if you feel like i’m missing out on any feel free to suggest me ideas for new masterposts!

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Okay so as of right now i’m playing a VERY dangerous game of casually hooking up with an ex, and girl you already know i CANNOT afford to catch feelings! So it got me thinkin, i’m sure my fellow thotties out there would appreciate a post on how to avoid catching feelings for someone who should be nothing more than a casual hook up.

First things first, you’re with this person to get laid, not to get emotionally involved with. You have to go into this with the mindset that you want nothing to do with this person other than sex. Don’t spend too much time together. You shouldnt be hooking up every day or even every other day. Try seeing the person you’re hooking up with maybe 2-3 times a week. If you’re constantly hanging out, feelings are hard not to develop. That being said, dont text the person or wait for a call from them. Youve GOT to make yourself less available. Distract yourself and stay busy, maybe even get a second hook up buddy (But please! If youre going to have multiple sex partners (even if its just one), please please please get tested, use protection, and stay safe)

Secondly, if you’re biologically ‘female’ (meaning you have a vagina) keep in mind the chances of getting attached increase if you’re engaging in sexual intercourse. During sex, the female brain releases a hormone called oxytocin. Sometimes known as the attachment hormone, oxytocin can induce feelings of love and closeness, so even if you had no romantic interest in your hook-up, your body might trick you into thinking that you do. If you start feeling somethin romantic for this person, the only thing you can really do is avoid talking to them/talking about them for a couple of days, and dont even DARE stalk their social media accounts.

Lastly, keep your expectations low. The person you’re fucking is not yours and you are not theirs. Dont get pissed when they forget your birthday or how much creamer you like in your coffee. They owe you nothing but good sex, just like how you owe them nothing but the same. This is about having fun and shamelessly enjoying yourself, dont make it complicated by getting feelings involved. Easier said than done, I know. But if you cant casually hook up without feelings developing, maybe hooking up just isnt for you, and thats okay. It isnt for everyone.

I hope y'all got a kick out of this and learned a thing or two! Remember, never doubt the power of the pussy. Know your worth and know how fucking kick ass and beautiful you are.

miinaharava  asked:

Hi! I love your blog and creations - thank you for them! I was just drooling over your "Nordic Inspiration" post and now I'm wondering where I could find some of the items you've used. 4th pic from top: window, jars & flower vase (on the table) and blanket. 5th (& 6th) pic: bowl (on the geo console - there's some green things in it, I don't know what they are exactly :D). Could you also recommend any other TS3 build/buy designer you absolutely rely on? Thank you so much! :)

Oh, thank you so much, darling! Knowing that you appreciate my work is very rewarding and makes my heart happy! Thank you! : D
I want to apologize for taking so long to respond. I was pretty busy with some projects and did not have time to look for these items for you. Some of them knew where to go, but others, like the flowers and blue jars, had no idea where to find it. But luckily, after much searching and some help from my dear followers here on Tumblr, I was able to find them for you. I just hope it’s not too late to answer …

1. Window

2. Flowers

3. Jars

4. Sofa blanket

5. Bowl with green things. Ow, And these ‘green things’ are artichokes. ;)

 About buy / builders designers I would recommend (I hope you are referring to the creators ….), I leave the list below.
P.S .: Please note that since I am a CC collector, I download things every day and so not all creators will be present here. Are many! But I promise that as soon as possible I’ll post them all. :)

1. simsinspring

2. Pocci

3. 77sims

4. Marcussims

5. PaisleyAvenueRedux

6. Florence

7. Plumblady

8. 01pond

10. steffor

11. D3VV

12. BuffSumm

13. Angela

14. AnoeskaB

15. SIMcredible

15. ShinoKCR

16. Severinka

17. pyszny16

18. Pralinesims

19. Pilar

20. NynaeveDesign

21. Mutske

22. Lulu265

23. Gosik

24. DOT

25. Cyclonesue

26. Cashcraft

27. ArtVitalex

28. sim_man123

29. spacesims

30. steffor

31. TheNumbersWoman

32. ung999

33. wondymoon

34. chisimi

35. aroundthesims3

36. applekissims

37. soloriya

38. backstreetsims

39. kalethegrey

40. murfeelee

41. mspoodle1

42. omfgingers

43. grandelama

44. vijinx0

>>No specific order.
Sorry for the long post. But lists so usually are guilty … : P

Edit: There have been some wonderful and talented creators who should have been on this list, but for an inexcusable failure of my so busy brain, they are not here ….. So I make a point of adding them here:





Adulting 110

This post marks my tenth Weekly Adulting Blog! Woot woot. I’ve amassed a lot of new followers since first starting this weekly post, and more of you wonderful and supportive people join me every day. Because of this, I have decided to recycle some of my favorite suggestions from the past nine posts for today’s blog.

Shoutout this week to @piratejenna and @squeakyrainbowsocks. Please give them lots of love!

1. Important documents. One of the first things you should do before you move out is get all your important documents from your parents/guardians. I’m talking your Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, high school or college transcripts, banking information, etc. Trust me.

2. Baking Soda and vinegar are your one-stop cleaning solution for everything. Clogged drains, shower heads, cat pee stains, etc. 

3. Automatic payments. Don’t enroll in automatic bill payments unless you’re extremely comfortable with the company. This will prevent companies from charing your bank account or credit card extra without your consent. For example, I’m confident that Birchbox won’t overcharge me, but have less faith in Verizon. 

4. Scented trash bags. Are literally the same price as regular trash bags, but help keep your trash smelling manageable. 

5. Food hygiene. Rewrap/repackage your deli meats and cheeses a few days after purchasing them. Wrapping paper has a shorter shelf life than the products themselves and will cause them to spoil early.

7. Keep paper bills. Bills such as internet, rent, and utility for up to five months. These help prove residency, which will be useful when applying for Medicaid, in-state tuition, and for some jobs. If you’re not receiving any sort of paper bills, keep pay stubs with your address on them instead.

8. Reuse containers. Get takeout often? Takeout containers are microwave and dishwasher safe, and are often durable enough to substitute as tupperware. Wash and reuse them!

9. Folding chairs. These are the answer to limited seating space in a small apartment. In my first apartment I threw a “Bring Your Own Chair” party because I literally had three chairs and a couch. Now I store my folding chairs in the closet during the winter, and leave them outside all summer long. 

10. Airborne. Flu season is upon us! Go immediately to your local pharmacy and pick up a pack of this magical tablets. When your throat starts to feel scratchy in that characteristic pre-sickness way, pop one in a glass of water. If you catch your cold early on, these will effectively prevent your from getting sick. Satisfaction guaranteed. 

anonymous asked:

You do realize nosleep is fiction? Quit making an ass of yourself and stick to posting true stories

Lol, some people get so outraged by the most nonsensical things.

I don’t think your inability to read tags before raging at a stranger online constitutes as me making an ass out of myself. Is it my fault you assume every single thing you read on a blogging website should be taken as fact? Nope. If this is how irate you get over somebody posting creepypasta and hoaxes (which I do frequently - I have pages upon pages in those tags) please unfollow cause damn, that’s asinine and really not normal. Maybe get off the internet and go outside or even read a book. Make sure you clarify whether or not it’s fiction or non-fiction first, though… That’s just a disaster waiting to happen. Anyway, have a great day nevertheless! Hopefully tomorrow is better for you.