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Shy- Andre Burakovsky

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Ok so that was NOT how I wanted game one to go, but it’s the Pens. Why guard Sid? Not necessary Caps… Oh wait… Anyway enough of me! Enjoy!

Warning: mentions of alcohol

Anon Request: Love ur writing! Can you write a Andre burakovsky one where you meet his team and you’re kinda shy? Thanks! Lots of love<3


              You sat in the corner, smiling silently.

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ok but the taako pocket pudding thing keeps reminding me of b99′s “gina linetti keeps a hairdryer in her handbag and jake peralta assumes that’s normal behavior and asks other women about it” thing. 

and like. imagine lup just casually asking about barry’s pocket pudding, cause you know, taako has pocket pudding, its like a thing dudes do, right? pocket pudding. 

and barry just being so confused and alarmed. is this….is this a euphemism?  is this a prank? what the hell is pocket pudding??? what is lup referring to? 

I’m Gonna Leave You Anyway

Bellamy wished he could say that this was the worst part of his night. He really did. Because here he was, chugging champagne like it was water as he listened to Gina give a lengthy toast. Gina was several months pregnant with a massive wedding ring on her finger, giving a long speech about Raven and Finn’s love and commitment to each other.

It was the sort of toast that he had imagined his sister giving at the wedding he had planned on having with Gina. He let out a small groan, not that anyone could hear him… since he had been moved to a table in the back after the earlier… incident.

Yes, he wished he could say this was the worst thing that happened to him all day. That being stuck at a horrible wedding listening to his ex-fiancée give a speech about love while he quietly got drunk in the back of the ballroom was the only terrible incident.

But, the massive bruise on his face was a nice little reminder that this was just the second-worst thing to happen to him that day.

“All joking aside, we are all so happy for you two. I love you, Raven. I love both of you so much,” Gina said sweetly, cuing everyone to raise their glasses. Bellamy begrudgingly rose his, and Raven accidentally made eye contact with him before quickly forcing a smile back on her face.

“You are going to slip out before they cut the cake, right?” Miller whispered, and Bellamy started groaning.

“It’s not like Raven has another hairdryer to throw at me,” he snapped, before downing the rest of his champagne.

It was no secret that Bellamy didn’t support this wedding. He had been very vocal about it. He wasn’t happy about their engagement… and that was before everyone found out that Finn had been cheating on her. He tried to have several calm conversations with Raven, explaining why she should reconsider marrying Finn, all of which she ignored or blew off as him just being cynical about love.

Bellamy wished that it was just his cynicism. He really did. Gina really did a number on him. But, he was proven right when Raven showed up at his apartment sobbing, just months ago. Raven broke down and told him all about the girl that Finn had been screwing on the side, freaking out about cancelling the wedding and what everyone was going to think. He reminded her that this wasn’t her fault, and that no one who mattered would think less of her for what Finn did.

He really thought he had convinced her to end things with Finn. Which is why he was surprised when she never called off the wedding. He and Octavia tried over and over again to convince her that she was making a mistake.

Eventually, Octavia gave up, saying that it was Raven’s mistake to make. And Bellamy tried to be supportive… he really did. But, this afternoon, he snapped. He stormed into Raven’s dressing room and listed off every reason why she and Finn were a horrible couple, obviously highlighting the fact that he had been screwing some girl on the side.

And then, Raven calmly said that she has forgiven him and that they’re trying to make this work. This made Bellamy lose his temper, screaming at her as he wondered how she could be so stupid. She screamed back at him, going off about how he was supposedly projecting his issues around relationships onto her.

It took until she flung a hairdryer at his face for him to leave.

I’m Gonna Leave You Anyway

I need to offload. This terror attack has really taken a toll on me; no other attack like this has left me on edge and in tears. I am on the other side of the world sat in my lounge room, safe and unharmed. All day I have been glued to my screens, being updated regularly about the casualties and how the attack happened. I saw the video of the moment the bomb went off, that shook me a little bit. But then later this evening I learned of the first confirmed death (Georgina/Gina). I nearly lost it because she reminded me of me (and I’m not trying to make this about myself, that’s just heartless). The whole thing sunk in at that moment - that a person actually attacked a crowd of teenagers and children. That a person sunk to a level so low they thought it was a great idea to take a bunch of young lives away from them. Being a teenager myself I was so shocked about this unfathomable situation. And only about 15 minutes ago I read about Saffie, an 8 year old who lost her life. AN EIGHT YEAR OLD. My heart is bleeding. I just can’t believe it. I thought that these people would only target adults, not children. I really don’t get why, and I am so upset and worried. I wish God would tell me why this sort of thing can happen. Perseverance is key, Manchester. We love you x


For Mother’s Day, Jenny flew back to Twinbrook and decided to visit her mother’s grave.

Today was one of the hardest days I’ve been anticipating. After six years, this was the first mother’s day I’ve spent back in Twinbrook. I haven’t visited her grave since I left.

I used to go to my mom’s grave very often when I was younger, the first few years without my mom were so difficult. The person I loved very much wasn’t there to hold me anymore, comfort me and to bring a smile on my face even when I was hurting. I couldn’t grasp the fact she was gone. Those years were empty because I was lost. I wasn’t the only one who suffered, my sister, my dad, my whole family was a mess. After my mom passed, Gina started becoming reckless, picking fights and starting trouble in school.. My dad was never the same.. Growing up, My mom was always more lenient and understanding while my dad was the ‘strict’ parent. It wasn’t that my dad was a terrible person, but he just didn’t know how to express or show his affection, and after the passing, he has changed the most. He often tried to neglect himself from this reality by burying himself in work, not really focusing on Gina and I.

Although she had destructive ways of grieving and moving forward, my sister was still always there for me. To comfort me at night when I was crying for my mother, praising me for getting an A for a project or helping me with homework while dad was uninterested, little things like this reminds me to be thankful of my sister who did her best to take care of me. I can kind of understand why she’s been strict with me for the past few years, it took a while for Gina to get herself together and realize she needed a change.. She is strict because she doesn’t want me to go the wrong direction and make bad choices like she did when we were younger. If only she didn’t live in a different country. I know how much she wanted to be here today, to visit our mother’s resting site. Despite her past actions, I know that my mom would still be so proud of my sister for taking care of us.

It was right after my high school graduation where my life started to change drastically. To get our fresh start, I decided to leave town with Gina and live in Bridgeport City. After I left, I began to feel so much guilt because I stopped visiting my mother’s grave. It wasn’t like I couldn’t, I just didn’t make the effort to. For some reason, I thought I couldn’t bear going-back and experience the pain I’ve felt when I was younger. I think I was actually afraid to go back. Since my time in Bridgeport, I was able to eventually move on, live my life and be happy like my mother would have wanted. I guess I never visited because I thought by doing so, all those painful thoughts and depression would return.

I still think about her a lot to this day. She was my everything and she shaped me to be the lady I am today. I could never forget her kindness, love and compassion. This year, I decided to seek closure by visiting the burial site of my mother. To not be afraid and conquer the anxiousness I’ve had for a long time. 

When I went to the grave, so many emotions became overwhelming as I looked at her name engraved onto the stone. Many tears were shed. This moment made me realize a lot of things. I spent so many times making excuses to avoid feeling that sadness again but I’m glad I came here. Although I cried, I also reminisced about all the good and beautiful memories I’ve had with my mother. I’m grateful that this experience has reminded me to cherish those memories. Knowing she is in peace now, knowing I can still fall back to the memories whenever I feel down has helped me reach a peaceful state of mind. 

Even though she is physically gone, she is still in my soul and heart. She is not fully gone because I know that she is still with me. I love you forever and always Mommy. One day we’ll be together again but for now, rest easy in the skies.

Happy Mother’s Day,

-Your little girl, Jen

I just can’t, for the life of me, understand why people would give up hope on Bellarke now

(Specially after that season finale)

Look, i know this season hurt…and i know people were expecting something (explicitly) huge on the season finale which might explain why some are losing their hope now

But ,man, this whole season was HUGE
(Including the finale, just hear me out)

How can we lose hope on the very season we got Bellamy saying out loud that Clarke left him
(Don’t be fooled, this statement was personal as heck. Why did it matter that Clarke left him? He wasn’t exactly implying that he needed her as his co-leader, he was plain admitting that they have an important relationship and she hurt him leaving.
This has never happened before this season
This is huge)
Or how could anyone say there is no hope after the season Clarke CRIES over and because of Bellamy, Clarke admits she’s do ANYTHING for Bellamy (even die for him)
(Let me remind you that Clarke is mostly a “rational” person, she the girl that vowed that love is weakness and didn’t change her mind until this season)

And how can anyone think this ship won’t come through on the same season things like “too bad you weren’t that devoted to Gina” and “Start with Bellamy Blake” were said ?!?!?!?!
(Again, these things might a detail, but man they were declaration we NEVER had before on this darn show.
These are the writers saying pointblank that Bellamy Blake is devoted to Clarke, and Clarke’s biggest weakness is Bellamy. Period.
How can we ever take that for granted?)

And finally, how can we believe things will remain platonic with all of these damn handholdings going on
(No, no, no don’t even think i’m delusional or that these things don’t matter.
Do you hold your platonic friend hand all the darn time? Cause let me tell you, if it was that ordinary and usual, we’d see characters doing it all the time? We’d see bellamy or clarke holding hands with all of their friends???
-instead, if i’m not mistaken, we only saw Clarke and l.exa kinda holding hands? Buuutt is none of my business -
And also
Ask yourself this… which other duo had as many shots of their handholdings as Bellarke?
None. The answer is none. We got Cl.exa kinda handholding once. And Kabby once or twice. Both romantic pairings. Again, none of my business…..)

And finally, and specifically, i know the handhold at the finale wasn’t enough for many…but, my dudes, that was HUGE.
Clarke is the fearsome leader, Clarke is made of stone, Clarke is a fighter, she doesn’t like showing weakness or fear. She goes to wars with her head up, face mountains with unshakeable resolve, fights her captors until they get tired of her.
And yet, there she was, ASKING FOR BELLAMY’S DAMN HAND before the procedure. Admiting her weakness, her fear TO HIM and admiting that she needs HIM, like she’s never done with before.
And, please, don’t even begin to think this scene was just showing oh, how beautiful their friendship is. Tv is not an accident, why on earth would they need to focus on their hands- to force EVERYONE to see this scene- if it wasn’t something important? (Therefore, not ordinary) . They could have just shown them and their handhold could have stayed at the corner of the screen ,you know. But they didn’t, because they wanted it to matter.
Because it does matter, it does change things, because viewers who once didn’t see that there was something going on between them are now seeing it (my friend pointed out this scene specifically as the one that made her see that)

So if even people who didn’t see it before are seeing it now, why on earth are people who have always seen it losing their hope now??

Seems like now is the perfect time for us to keep it