things that remind me of gina

@asgardian-mischief replied to your post “Do you have hc’s for any of the International engines (aside from…”

Well imm gonna throw my two cents in but for Gina’s hometown, I just made it the area around Milano, because thats where her basis worked/works (yeah she still pulls trains!) It may have also been influenced in the fact that she reminds me of my mom, who is also from that region in Italy (in fact, my whole family is from Lombardy so uh, thats a thing). I would be okay if you made her from the south, but it doesnt fit her as much seeing as her basis worked on the FNM.

it was from you I got the hc from actually, you volunteered it during the stream where I drew her and Hery! I wanted to ask but i wasn’t sure if you were online and I was impatient to post lmao. But yeah that’s where Gina’s from! thank u for replying!

one thing i don’t understand is all the hate against people who dont eat meat in this website. 

like what is it? what makes you so angry about us? do we remind you that you support an industry based on the suffering of animals? do we remind you that thousand of animals will be born slaves, suffer throughout their entire lives and finally be saughtered because you people enjoy the taste of meat? do you not like to think about the fact that you dont need meat at all, but still choose it over more ethic and less cruel options? i dont get it