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Title: Exercise

Song: Supermassive Black Hole by Muse

Paring: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,000-ish

Warning: Sammy smut

A/N: This is for @mysteriouslyme81’s Supernatural Music 201617 Challenge. Don’t ask how this song inspired all of this but it’s literally the first thing that came to mind when I heard the first like 30 seconds of the song. Enjoy what my dirty mind came up with!

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Sam’s heavy breathing caught your attention as you passed the garage. Taking a few steps back you peaked your head through the door. Biting your lip, you let out a soft moan at the sight in front of you.

Black Hole by Muse blaring, shirtless, and dripping with seat, Sam ran suicides across the garage. His muscles flexing, his chest heaving. Your heart was racing just watching. He was fast, graceful yet powerful, and sexy as all fuck.  

Splashing some water in his face he grabbed the jump rope. God his calves were amazing; and that hair moving as he jumped, fuck me. Back muscles flexing as he huffed you carefully slid through the door, getting a better view.

Slowly walking towards him you watched as he dropped to the floor and start doing crunches. His sweat making his skin glisten as he worked. Your brain turning to nothing but white fuzz as you watched his abs contract with each movement. Getting towards the end of his set he let out a loud grunt that made you whimper a little.

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Please Read! This Is Very Important!

Last night, my boyfriend, Brandon, wanted to take me out for a dinner date. He took me to one of our favorite restaurants (also the one we went for our first date), which is a local Korean restaurant in our area. We had an amazing dinner and after a while decided to head back to his house to spend some time with his family.

We were on our way home when we came across an intersection where we had a green light. I don’t remember much after we crossed through the intersection, except a ringing in my ears and lots of sirens. The next thing I remember, I was laying in an ambulance with paramedics around me.

They explained to me that as we had passed through the green light at the intersection, a drunk driver had passed through a red light of the intersection and hit us on the driver’s side, breaking the window. Brandon’s car was totaled and we both ended up going to the hospital. I ended up with a broken ankle, around 50 total stitches because of 7 glass wounds, and a concussion. Brandon ended up with a broken arm, many stitches, and had to get surgery for some internal bleeding. Luckily, the accident wasn’t fatal.

This whole accident could have been avoided, if that man had made a responsible decision to not drive when he was drunk. After my accident, I decided to look into how big of a problem drunk driving is because it could affect anyone. I learned that around 10,000 people die from being involved in a accident with a drunk driver and every 2 minutes, someone is injured in a drunk driving accident.

This statistics shocked me and I want to do something about the drinking and driving problem. I decided to start with the tumblr community and I hope you will help me raise awareness.

I pledge to never drink and drive!

Please reblog this to raise awareness and pledge that you will never drink and drive!

I never want anyone to have to go through the scars that me and my family went through. One stupid decision could cost someone their life and a family could lose a loved one, so please never make that stupid decision! Thank you for reading and thank you to anyone who pledges to never drink and drive.

Castiel slid into the chair next to Dean at the university library, blue eyes lighting up as he smiled at his best friend. “Hello, Dean.”

“Hey, Cas, glad you made it,” Dean mumbled, barely glancing up from his book. He managed a half smile and a brief glance at Castiel before looking back down again. “This essay is kicking my butt, especially since I have to keep looking through those little tiny things you have to magnify to read.”

“Microfiche?” Castiel offered, and Dean snorted.

“Yeah, that.”

“What’s the essay on?” Castiel craned his head, trying to read Dean’s chicken scratch notes.

“The history of a notable engineering feat that has deeply influence society,” Dean replied, passing Castiel a typed sheet with the prompt listed on it.

“What did you pick?”

“The assembly line in car factories.”

Castiel bit back a laugh, grinning. “Are you certain you don’t want to be a mechanic like your father? There’s no shame in such a job.”

Dean rolled his eyes. “I don’t wanna fix the average cars every day for the rest of my life, man. I love restoring old cars, but I want to design and build new ones.”

Castiel nodded and opened his mouth to reply, but he cut off when he heard a giggle and the sound of smacking lips. His brow scrunched curiously and he glanced around, spotting a couple in the corner making out.

“They’ve been there for a while. I’m trying to tune them out,” Dean said, eyes still glued to a book as he copied text down by hand onto note cards.

“Wow, because the library is a preferential location for dating,” Castiel replied with a huff.

Dean finally looked up, grinning. “Did you just use sarcasm?”

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I stay quiet most of the time. I like to listen. Words are difficult because I rarely seem to find the right ones - especially when speaking. I miss people more than I miss things. I guess that’s why I hear voices and remember moments when I look at old photos. I hope for the best, especially for you and your life, even when things are gray in my own. I don’t hold grudges and I never would wish harm upon another, but I know that’s just me - I don’t expect you to be the same as me. Why do we pass by strangers so frequently without a single thought towards them? I sit in coffee shops and practically try on the shoes of other people, wondering what it’s like to be them. Where they came from, where they are going, what’s going through their head, what’s their favorite song, are they comfortable, are they happy? Are they cared for? Will they make it home safely? We’re all busy, but are we too busy to notice & acknowledge one another? Even on days where nothing feels real, looking someone in the eyes is better than 140 characters of a meaningless string of words. || stream of consciousness ||
[1.16.17, 7:10pm]

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I have a dire need of Robbie in A1

I’m trying to draw but all I can focus on is “hi welcome to chili’s”

in an alternate universe, the sun is barely shining through the blinds and we’re still in bed; in this universe, I get to run my fingers down your sides, hold your body close to mine and smell your perfume as you rest your head against my chest

in another universe, it is late in the afternoon and we’re both doing our own thing in a comfortable silence; the sun reaches in through the blinds and hours pass without being noticed

in an alternative universe, we’re winding down on the couch, watching a movie while holding each other close; your heartbeat enough to send me to slumbers

in this alternate universe, we only go up to bed at two am, falling asleep holding each other close, having a chance, for once, to kiss each other good night

—  in this universe, you are there and I am here and I wish I could comfort you // e.c.

One thing that always gets to me is that no matter how long i haven’t listened to music, with just the slightest reminder of the tune or hearing a song from a passing car or walking into a shop, i find myself recognising the lyrics and sometimes they stay in my head all day. But what I, and many other practicing muslims, need to understand is that this will always happen.
A prime example is my mother. Alhamdulillah she is a revert of 20 (maybe 21) years and Allahumma Barek, very practicing. Yet sometimes if an advert comes on the TV or she walks out of a shop i hear her humming the tune subconsciously. Some of these songs she hasnt heard since the 60’s and 70’s!!!
The point i’m trying to make is that these things will probably always happen. You will always have reminders from your jahilliyah. But see it as a test from Allah. You’re not a failure because you remember something you used to listen to everyday…. in the same way that Surah Al-Fatiha is in our minds because we recite it everyday, it will take a long time for those song lyrics to fade. That doesn’t make you any less than what you are. If anything, it’s motivation… see how far you’ve come! In sha Allah we will all continue on this journey away from the haram until we reach the doors of Al-Firdous, Ameen.

My mother taught me the skill of curses, and her mother taught her, back and back and back into the green land where the small folk were as thick as the air. A good curse is not said quickly, it is a slow thing. A good curse is no worse than spoiled milk. It is not about the milk. It is about the day that the spoiled milk occurs on.

See. The trick of it is to have punishments that line up in the shadows of sins. A good curse cannot be shallow. It must be everdeep, a forever that happens on the head of a pin.

A small example. A man pushed me down today in his hurry to pass me. Out of all of the paths, he chose through me. I am small and working and on the carpet of our store I skin my knee. It is okay. My mouth swallowed the world and spat back up a gold watch. The man stops by our jewelry counter. He asks to see that one in the front. I am cleaning blood off my palms. Taking off his old watch, he breaks the clasp. The gold doesn’t suit him. And he’s late for a meeting. And now it’s raining. A curse is a good thing, sometimes. Good things in the wake of being cruel never turn out pure.

A large example. Every interviewer who sits with women of talent and asks them questions about their weight and rabbit food and makeup. This is a bloodless crime, a drill in the heads of little girls watching professional women debased by their dresses. A bloodless curse. Every night, a plague: you were in the room with one of the most talented people of our age, and you didn’t ask them. Each night is another question. What could you have learned from them? The curse, this curse. A quiet one.

Here is how it is done. You are earth, and to cast a curse brings one back. So you live good, in a way that makes others curse you. See. The young girl is working and happy, but the man does not like where she is standing. The women are successful and deadly, but we are taught it is one or the other, brains or beauty.

Here is the trick my mother taught me. The best revenge is a life worth living.

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Howdy hey, Wen. I've been trawling through your blog trying to find mention of a somewhat rural cryptid that had rather violent tendencies that liked to roam around the lands of a specific town. The problem is, I can't remember any names- the creature, town, or state it's in. I *do* remember that it was advised if you drive through to keep your windows down, not to call out to it, and to pass through as quickly as possible. Severed limbs turn up there all the time and the thing...

…apparently has a blood-curdling screech/howl/ungodly noise. Any idea what it is?

I can’t think of anything like this off the top of my head. Hopefully one of my followers might know what you’re looking for.

Lost (Trigger Warning!!!)

Listen to lost by Defsoul when reading

     It was getting late. The sun disappeared behind the horizon as the light of the moon brightened the night sky, revealing the small, twinkling lights decorating the sky.

     Everything had changed. The spaces beside me seemed to get lighter as I continued to walk through the haze of people. The light from the subway station was the only thing guiding me through these lonely nights. My tired heart seduced me into listening to the silence whispering in my ear, and I nodded at its words.

     Everything was getting hazy.The life that had been walking alongside me had become blurry as my time passed by. I continued on my way to my destination as your voice became slurred in my head.

  Your face.

    Your smile.

      Your eyes.

     All becoming memories in my head, being pushed back by the new blankness taking up my mind.

     Everything was fading. The potted flowers I passed had lost their colors and turned into a bleak grey. The sky I saw through windows had become less blue as my mind blurred into the background. I tried not to look at the women whispering about me across from me. As time passed by, they seemed to stop speaking. I wondered why as I noticed my face on my phone’s screen, morphing into someone else’s. I wondered if they saw what I saw. My fingers continued to grow thicker as my hand gripped my phone, my face scowling at its own reflection.

     I grew tired as the train moved.

Here is a translated version of the interview with Araki from the first Stardust Crusaders Jojonium, focusing on Jotaro

The idea to make the main character of Part 3 a Japanese person had been in my head since the beginning of Part 1. JoJo was originally planned to have three parts. It would pass through different eras to the modern age, where the main character would leave Japan to go and finish things. I thought that’d be a fitting way for it to end. But I didn’t want to make it a ‘tournament-style’ manga, which were very popular in Shonen Jump at the time. That’s when I got the idea to make it like a road movie, similar to Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days.” In later years, when a certain TV comedian traveled across Eurasia on a TV show, he followed a similar route. Just like how I coined the “Bizarre Adventure” term before the “Bizarre Stories of the World” TV show, I’d also like to say here that JoJo used that route first. (LOL)

Jotaro was modeled on Clint Eastwood, who I really respect. Jotaro’s pose with his finger out, which has become really popular now, came from one of Eastwood’s poses with a .44 magnum. Jotaro’s “Yare yare da ze” quote also came from one of Eastwood’s lines, which went something like this: “Bank robbery? Gimme a break…” I took a lot of inspiration from the roles that Eastwood has played, right down to details like these. Perhaps because of that, Jotaro seems a bit mature compared to other shonen manga main characters. I think Joseph was a better fit for the Jump style of main character. But to me, Jotaro is a true hero. To me, heroes are solitary. They don’t seek value or praise for doing what they believe is right. In other words, their justice goes unrewarded. Sometimes, going down the just path makes them end up alone. Basically, I think heroes aren’t supposed to have allies. Jotaro never opens his heart and keeps his feelings inside because he’s a lone hero. Even after defeating enemies, he never goes wild and gets happy. He just says “Yare yare da ze.” That’s all he needs.

As of now, Jotaro is a representative character for Jojo. I based all the visual design of all later JoJos off of him to make sure that they would all be unique and different from him. It all came from the bizarre sensibility and fantastic among the everyday that was born from the idea of a young man in a school uniform traveling through the desert. And Jotaro isn’t just wearing a normal school uniform, but one with a chain on the collar, and two belts. I thought carefully about how to make him seem like a delinquent without ruining the balance. One image that comes to mind when you think of delinquents is how some boys attach chains to their wallets and hang them down from their pants. But guess what? Jotaro’s chain came first as well. (LOL)

Q: Where did Star P’s pose come from?
A: It was based on a piece by Yokoyama Mitsuteru, which served as the starting point for Part 3 “School uniform and the desert”. It came from his “Babel 2” work. If I was to draw Part 3 again, I’d probably go back to the source and make Star P look like Tetsujin 28

Being Autistic

I love being autistic. It’s something that i’ve learned to do. Progressively, i learned to love myself and, therefore, i learned to love my autism. Every little thing, even the ones that makes me cry so much, that makes me want to scream and bash my head against a wall.

I love the intensity with whom i perceive the world. Through my window, i can hear the world living. Birds, wind, laughters, the sound of light or heavy footsteps…  I can also hear roadworks that seems so far away for everyone else and i can hear the sound of cars and motorbike passing by. 

I can see the little bird perching on a branch, where everyone else is just able to see a tree or a forest. I can detect a pattern, a melody in the way words are organized to formulate a though, an idea. In the same way, i can see a tiny pixel in my computer’s screen and not being able to see anything else. I can watch a commercial and i can feel the bright colors hurting my sensitive eyes.

I can recite you tons of facts about cinema and tv shows. I can recite you almost word by word the movie “Mulan”, that i watched so much when i was a kid. I can speak with passion and heart about my special interests. 

But i don’t know when you’re not interested. I don’t know when i have to stop. I have troubles to keep my attention focused on something that isn’t one of my special interests.

I can feel the words flowing in my throat as i am singing. When i hear a song, i know exactly what the singer may “feel” in his/her throat when he/she sang it. Eating a sushi provides me a flow of tastes that is such a blessing in my mouth. 

But my throat is hurting me when i hear someone talking with a “sick” voice. I can’t eat a lot of things because it’s “too much”, because i can’t stand the texture or anything else.

I feel happy when people around me are happy. I can also feel their sadness. Their anger. And sometimes, i’m not able to differentiate all these feelings. I can’t tell if they’re mine or if they belong to someone else. I can’t stand it and everything hurts. 

Being autistic is so much more than just being quirky or a “burden”, as NTs and ableists like to call us. I don’t stim for attention. I stim because it procures me a wonderful feeling, in my soul and in my body. Jiggling my fingers makes me happy. Singing all the time makes me happy. 

Chewing something helps me focusing my thoughts and take away a bit of fear, a bit of stress. Touching my hair helps me to take away a bit of my anxiety.

Are you aware of me ? Are you aware of this autistic woman who doesn’t look like Rain Man ? Are you aware of me, who dislikes mathematics and can’t read a clock ? Are you aware of me ? 

I love myself. My strenghts, my flaws, everything. My body, as imperfect it can be. I love myself. I love my autism. Take away my autism and i’m not myself anymore.

Don’t cure autism. Provide accommodations. Make the world a better place for everyone.

tl;dr : i love myself and i love every bit of my autism, even the worst ones. Because the good ones are so enjoyable. I don’t want to be cured. I want to live the way i want.

She’s Gone - Part 2

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Request 1// Part 2 to she’s gone and Liam is freaking out by the second and Scott is doing everything he can so when they do eventually find her she’s covered in blood and passed out and Liam tries talking to her saying she’s his mom and she can’t leave him like everyone he knows has

Part 1


I woke up to darkness. Not a single light could be seen. My head was pounding. The last thing I remember was calling Liam, then the Wendigo caught me, and it was furious. It gained closer and thrown me against the wall. The agonising pain shot through my body.It grabbed hold of my phone and crushed it in his hands like it was nothing. Then everything went black. 

The darkness consumed everything. I didn’t even nowhere I was. The I realised something. My hands were tied. Not behind my back, but above my head. I tried screaming for help, but I was gagged. I was beginning to get scared. This thing was going to eat me. The pack needed to find me. Fast.

Liam’s P.O.V

“Liam! I found her scent!” Scott Shouted. I ran over to him terrified. I caught her scent. But I also caught the Scent of blood. Y/N was in a lot of danger.

“Scott I smell blood. We need to find her. We need to find her quickly before that thing kills her. What if she is already dead?” I started crying at the thought of Y/N being dead. She was like my mom and I couldn’t lose her. What would I do without her? 

“Come one the pack will follow us in their cars when we follow her scent. Liam, we will find her, don’t worry. Y/N is one of the strongest People I have ever met. So come on" Scott told me holding me by my shoulders making me look at him. I gave him a simple nod as I wiped away my tears. The only things I could think of would be the worst things ever. I had to stop thinking. I had to keep running.I had to find Y/N. I had to save her. We are running out of time.


I needed to think of something. Yes, the pack probably were on their way but what about they didn’t get to me in time. What if the wendigo comes back. Hungry? 

But everything I tried failed. Nothing was going to work. I was going to die. I was going to be eaten alive. What a nice way to go? But I never stopped trying. I tried wiggling my hands to try and get the rope loose. I tried everything I could think of, but nothing would work. That’s when I heard a door creak open. I stopped what I was doing and waited for my fate.

I saw the silhouette of the monster. My breathing got faster. My heart began racing. How could going Scott’s for  pack night turn out like this? End with me dying in one of the worst ways possible. How could my life end like this? I was to busy thinking to even notice that the Wendigo and getting close, maybe a meter or so away from me. 

I wasn’t ready to die. What did I do to deserve this? The wendigo was right in front of me now. Circling me. Then I felt the shape sting of claws going into my side. I felt it tearing at me. The blood running down. White glowing eyes, faced with my teary blue eyes. The claws of this monster running down my face. Leaving cuts and blood oozing out. I tried screaming through the agonising pain, but nothing got past my lips, which were slowly draining from the blood. The wendigo didn’t stop there, it kept cutting, slashing and tearing at me. Was this what Hell felt like? 

Everything started to fade. I could feel my body losing blood. I felt it dripping down my body. This was it. I was dying and I could do nothing about it. This was it. My eyes began to get heavy, they began to close.

Liam P.O.V

Y/N’s scent was getting stronger. We were close. Very close. But we need to be faster. I sprinted off leaving Scott behind.

“Liam wait up, it’s not safe!” Scott shouted after me, but I never stopped, not wanting to waste any more time.

That’s when I fell upon a building. This is where Y/N’s scent ended. She had to be in here. She had to be. Scott caught up to me and put his hand on my shoulder.

“Never run off like that again,” He said panting.

I swung open the door, the stench of blood hitting me in the face. This wasn’t good. I could feel the hot tears running down my face. I stepped in. The smell of blood getting stronger, as I gained closer. That’s when I saw Y/N. Blood dripping off her. She wasn’t awake.

“MOM!!!” I shouted running up to her. 

“Mom? Mom please wake up! I can’t lose you! Please wake up!” I collapsed to the floor. We were too late. She was dead. 

“Liam she still has a heart beat!”

Part 3?

This was inspired by Get Ur Freak On. First thing I thought when I heard the song were the Burners that pass through here heading to Burning Man. My friend shows me her pictures every year….and I remember this picture that she showed me. I tried doing a simple abstract ink drawing. I’ve had this idea in my head for awhile. I had a real hard time getting it to my head to paper.

At First It Was A Blink 

by reddit user BringMeNightmares

At first, it was a blink.

But then it was a stare. They would look right at me from the corners of their eyes. I tried to ignore them and go about my business, but it became difficult each day. I was new to this retail job, so I didn’t make friends very quickly amongst my co-workers. I suppose they didn’t like to hear me complain, so I tried to keep to myself while I folded clothes.

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because i love when things pass through the fandom

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 5 blogs you want to get to know better

  1. Nicknames:
  2.  Fishy or Fish… its my last name and my friends hate me? 
  3. Star sign:
  4.  Pisces
  5. Height:
  6.  5′9
  7. Time right now:
  8.  4:01 pm(holy crow, where’d my day go?)
  9. Last thing you googled: 390-77  ??? 
  10. Fave music artist: These are always hard because I never pay attention to who is preforming. I like Adele and Taylor Swift. That one band that does that one song?? 
  11. Song stuck in my head: Gilmore Girls theme song. 
  12. Last movie I watched: Secrete life of Pets?? 
  13. Last tv show I watched: Gilmore Girls
  14. What I’m wearing right now: Pj bottoms and a sleeveless t-shirt
  15. When I created this blog: This is my main blog, I don’t know why I didn’t just make a new one… but yeah, about 4 years I think. 
  16. The kind of stuff I post: Mainly twilight, I have an equestrian blog also. 
  17. Do I get asks regularly?: its picking up which is odd to me. 
  18. Why did I choose my url: I’m fond of contradictions but I also try and be extrememly optimistic about things. 
  19. Gender: Female
  20. Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
  21. Pokémon team: Mystic??? I honestly don’t know. 
  22. Favorite color: Lavender and Light Teal
  23. Average hours of sleep: 6
  24. Lucky number: 13
  25. Favorite characters: Esme Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Hermione Granger, Natasha Romanova, Lorelia Gilmore, I could go on forever. 
  26. Dream job: Anything with animals. 
  27. Number of blankets I sleep with: 2; one as an actual blanket, the other as a pillow. l

tagging: @lips-last-breath @rcsalie-hale @janevolturi @jakeblck  @alilaro  + anyone else who wants to do this!

because i love when things pass through the fandom

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 5 blogs you want to get to know better

Nicknames: Steph (i lowkey hate when people i don’t know/arent friendly with call me this though. You all have permission bc i like you guys)
Star sign: scorpio but i’ve got a lot of libra traits
Height: 5′5″ ish
Time right now: 11:04am
Last thing you googled: fifty shades of grey omfg ok i can explain
Fave music artist: mans zelmerlow, asbjorn, aquilo, florence + the machine, twenty one pilots
Song stuck in my head: ′with you in my head’ from the eclipse soundtrack
Last movie I watched: the notebook
Last tv show I watched: the walking dead 
What I’m wearing right now: sweat pants and a tshirt
When I created this blog: a few months ago, but i had my other twilight blog for about a year and a half, i just moved here so i could follow people
The kind of stuff I post: on this blog? just twilight pretty much. i have other blogs though for other content
Do I get asks regularly?: i wouldn’t say regularly but i don’t get 0 asks either
Why did I choose my url: because my last url was bcllaswan and i wanted to keep the Brand
Gender: female
Hogwarts House: ravenclaw
Pokémon team: no idea
Favorite color: right now i kind of like a pale green
Average hours of sleep: 6
Lucky number: 4
Favorite characters: rose hathaway, claire fraser, jon snow, bella swan, john grey
Dream job: don’t really have one
Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 sometimes 2

tagging: @sunnyinforks @strawberry-shampoo @q–uileutes @lapushwerewolves @cullenclan + anyone else who wants to do this!

Resist nothing. Like the Tibetan monk who once told me that he found peace by saying yes to all that happened. I met him again years later and reminded him of what he’d said. He laughed. “Perhaps,” he said. “It does fit with my life philosophy.” He had a lightness to him that is rare. His laugh, genuine. I almost expected him to levitate. If you think about it, how much time do we spend in our heads wishing things were another way, beating ourselves up, beating others up, crafting a different past, wishing for a different future? All of that is resistance. All of that is pain. Peace is letting it be. Letting life flow, letting emotions flow through you. If you don’t fight them, they pass through quickly and you feel better.
—  Kamal Ravikant

Concept: Every time Tybalt enters, he’s accompanied by more cats. Hell, give the man a few extra entrances just to further develop this idea. For example… 

Benvolio: Why, what is Tybalt?
Mercutio: More than prince of cats, I can tell you.
[Tybalt passes by in the background, now accompanied by at least 15 cats]
Tybalt: *through gritted teeth* Please… please stop following me. This is getting ridiculous. 

By Act III, he’s resigned to his fate. The line “Follow me close, for I will speak to them” (III.i) is delivered not to a servant, but to the cats. I’m not sure what exactly this would mean for the duels in III.i. It could make them hard to choreograph, though.

Wait – I just figured it out! In-universe explanation for the cats: Mercutio plants catnip on Tybalt sometime in the opening scene. Tybalt finally discovers it in his pocket in III.i. And THIS is why he fights Mercutio.