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Look I understand that 80% of the events in Les Misérables were a little too complicated for the movie but someone please explain to me why anyone working on that film thought it was a good idea to cut a scene involving Hugh Jackman being smuggled out of a convent in a coffin?


Hey guys! This has nothing to do with PJO but a week ago, when I came back from running, I found this dying baby on the street without too much hopes, so I started to take care of it, take it to the vet and feed it.

Now, luckily, it’s better, and if everything goes well, on Monday it could go fly and be free.

So, can I ask you a favor? Can you wish for it recovery? It health is the only thing that occupies my mind now.

I have stardust on my lips from the many stars I have kissed. I have mysterious rocks and dust upon my feet from the different planets I have walked. I have sprinkles of light and beauty freckled on my nose from the many supernovas and meteor showers I’ve seen. But with all these magical things happening around me, you are the one that occupies my mind.
—  bie-buenos

Sometimes I feel so lost in myself. Does anyone get that feeling like no-one understands them? Anyways I pray to God constantly to show to me that there is more to this world than the people which i have met, than things which I have failed at and the feelings which occupy my mind constantly. Regardless of these feelings, I am grateful. Grateful for freedom. Grateful to have escaped these traps of people which I once dedicated myself into finding their salvation. We accept the love we think we deserve but i deserve better. 

Take a deep breath and relax

In and out.

In and out.

In and out.

Everything will be okay.

I keep making lists
of ways I could keep you,
all the things I should say,
all the things I should do,
and it occupies my mind,
encompasses me–
apologize more
speak sweetly
love endlessly
keep loving
apologize again
apologize for everything.
See, I keep making lists
like keeping you is something
I could still do,
like I didn’t already lose you.
—  m.m., “I think it’s some kind of coping mechanism”


Inspired by mine and @burn-gormans-eyelashes‘s prehistoric AU.

This is the real Sol. He visits the Earth during the night, wearing only a cloak made from the stars and sky but he tends to get lost. If you see him, you must help him find his way back home so the sun can rise again in the morning.

Don’t mind me, this is just a quick thing to keep my mind occupied so I don’t think about my doctor’s appointment.

Autism v.s. Racism...? o_O Just What...?

I know I don’t go to Tumblr much these days, but that’s because there are a lot of things occupying my mind irl (mostly coming to terms with my autism). But we’re not going to talk about my absence; tonight, we’ll talk about what I just observed: SJW drama.

I was just scrolling through my Tumblr feed on my iPod when I noticed an argument between anti-feminism-pro-equality and at least two others about the placement of Autism Selfie Day and the hashtag blackout. Let me be clear: I am ill informed about why exactly blackout became a thing, aside from the generic arguments about representation in media. As such, I want to avoid any discussion about racial issues in this post if I can (look at Starbucks’ race together hashtag, but I digress).

Based on the two posts I’ve seen where the arguments took place, the two users who I will not name accused the named user of racism against black people for reasons involving blackout that I cannot understand. AF-PE, in response, has 1) asked for evidence of racism, and 2) defended that April 2nd was Autism Awareness Day anyway, so having a campaign dedicated to encouraging selfies from those who have autism was appropriate. These two points are the crux of this story.

1) In response to being asked for evidence of AF-PE being racist, nameless user A responded with “You’re well known on Tumblr for being a racist bigot, so I don’t need to provide evidence!” As someone who has undergone a 3 hour workshop to understand how proper social justice works and to train as a resource person for LGBT people going through a hard time, I see a missed opportunity on Nameless A’s part to educate. If I was interested in making the world a better place, I would have taken a screenshot, politely explain what the offender did wrong and why, and suggest better actions for next time. The goal of social justice is NEVER to attack the person, but to attack harmful actions; attacking the person will not only do nothing, it will make things worse for everyone.

2) As I’m only beginning to understand autism spectrum disorder (ASD), I’m going to work with what I do know from reading and visiting ASD support groups. April is in fact Autism Awareness month, although AD-PE’s specificity on April 2nd does hold water as being a dedicated day (an Autism conference I plan to go to happens to be on April 2nd, and always has been in past years it was held). Based on my understanding of blackout, not only is it a new trend on social media, it’s already been declared to have a specific date in March, which has passed at that point. I can understand why people would be upset with AF-PE taking blackout and making a whole week dedicated to selfies for as many marginalised people as possible, but at the same time, I think that is why AF-PE is in the right; intersectionality, or the idea that discrimination to one group is connected to discrimination against other groups, should be a sign that no one group has a monopoly on equality (otherwise, it wouldn’t be equality, would it?). Back to the point I want to make, Nameless B asserts that AF-PE doesn’t know anything about ASD awareness. How ironic; I, being autistic and trying to understand all there is to know, am inclined to say that AF-PE is not in the wrong, and that Nameless B actually is, at least based on what I just described above with my knowledge of ASD activism. If you really want to prove AF-PE wrong, Google “Autism Awareness Day” and give the results of your search; if it turns out they are right, you could stand to do some learning too, since education is never a one time deal, but rather a continuous lifelong process.

You might be asking “You said that no one had a monopoly on equality. Why are you defending AF-PE’s exclusionism?” That’s right; there is no monopoly on equality. If you are passionate about racial issues, I won’t stop you. But since we are approaching a time for ASD awareness, maybe you could raise awareness for both causes? How about doing something to help black people with ASD? Problem solved, in my opinion; it’s more productive to hit two birds with one stone than to complain about how one activist campaign supersedes another. So go ahead; make someone’s darkness go away with your inner light!


I’m here. I didn’t die (yet) and I didn’t abandon WildeHopps, but I’m currently unable to write about Zootopia and translating my fics is not an exception in this not-being-able-to scenario. However, the comics I’m doing with @rem289 will proceed without problems, so don’t be sad. I’m so sorry, but other things occupied my mind and now my heart is elsewhere (*cough*with Nishinoya Yuu*cough*). I’ll try to reply to all the messages you left to me!


do i refer to f scott fitzgerald as:

  1. f scott fitzkingofmyheart
  2. scotty f
  3. fitzy
Big Shoutout to all the BvS Lovers out there!

There’s no way I could have gotten through this month of negativity without the onslaught of meta, positive posts, and overall happiness and love regarding this film.

Now that I’m working at a place where I have access to a computer (and working a full-time job), I look forward to the countless posts about this film and the characters in it. It helps occupy my time and opens my mind to things I hadn’t thought about.

I saw the film 5 times in theaters, and honestly, each time I was looking at new things because you guys pointed it out. I’m not the most subtle person; things in literature/art tend to go over my head more times than not, I admit.

So yeah, I just…I’m here for the part of the fandom that is really invested in the DCEU/JLU (whatever the fuck it’s supposed to be called…).

My only regret is that I didn’t have (or seek out) any of you guys back when MoS came out. I really felt alone on that one!