things that might shatter my heart

the good thing I like about myself right now is that I dont have real expectations from this life any longer. These almost last two years have humbled me in such a way that I do not wait for anybody to win my heart, I don’t dream about any big career, I don’t have something that might shatter me if I don’t get it anytime soon. This does not mean that I am not working on myself, that I am not studying or never plan to get married. I am just kind of okay alhamdulillah with the things I have and if I get more in the future, then alhamdulillah for that and if not, alhamdulillah as well because I didn’t expect it from this life anyways.

the love declaration

I honestly can’t wait for a german dub of the s4 trailer, while I generally hate german dubbing (and especially on sherlock), hearing him say “ich liebe dich” might actually shatter my heart into pieces. those words are so very rarely used in german and even german media, it’s a very serious thing to say and I feel like it means even more than the english version- at least for me. 

When HTTYD 3 comes out in theatres…

I will sit down in my seat with my favorite movie snacks…

And the people around me will ask before it starts…

“Why are you crying?”

And I will turn to them and say…

“Preparing for the worst”

They won’t understand…

Then it might begin…

And if the first words I hear aren’t “This is berk”…

They will be those 8 words, those 8 soul crushing, heart shattering words….

And I will know…..

I was preparing for the right thing.

Stony Prompt #11

“It’s like you don’t believe me when I say it.”

If Steve has learnt one thing in two years of dating Tony Stark, then that the man has more issues than he lets on. It’s taken him quite a while, but once he’s peeled away all these layers of sarcasm and faked ignorance, all he found was someone too easily hurt and with a heart so fragile, it might shatter at the slightest disturbance. Steve is surprised by himself for all the anger he feels, anger at everyone who hurt Tony and broke his heart a little more each time.

If the terrorists that had the brunet captured weren’t already dead, Steve thinks, then he’d kill them with his own hands.

But ever since Steve found out about the many insecurities and issues Tony has, he’s been working on showing Tony that he loves him nonetheless. That all these things Tony thinks are making him weak will never drive him away.

He remembers all too clearly one of the first nights where they slept in the same bed together, and Steve was startled awake by Tony’s whimpers. The brunet had twitched in his sleep, breath uneven and panicked – Steve recognized the signs too well, given his own load of nightmares. But what he hadn’t expected was Tony’s reaction when he woke him up.

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You brush away the reasons of my sadness whenever I let them slip out of my mouth. You make me feel stupid for being sad and you make me feel foolish for letting you know it, but I can’t apologize for how I feel. I can’t apologize for my heart shattering with every damn unfair thing I see. I can’t apologize for wanting to die when I see the people I love in pain, when I see them giving up. I can’t apologize for something I can’t control, but I might need to apologize for the way I handle it. I might need to apologize for holding on to my cigarettes like they’re the only thing that can save me. I might need to apologize for thinking that the only thing that saves me is my killer. I might need to apologize for the way that every long, difficult breath I take, every cough I let out because my lungs couldn’t keep it in, every word I speak, every single damn little fragment of a thing I do, is a death note. I might need to apologize for so many things. I might need to apologize to someone, but not to you.
You know what'd be a fun sketch challenge/meme?

Picking an OTP

And draw their journey to their first child.

Like for a natural birth go:  Finding out their pregnant and maybe even conception before that if you wanna draw smut, First stages of pregnancy, Middle stages, Final stages, brth/meeting the child together for the first time?

Or do the same but through the stages of adoption or surrogate mothers as well. Like making the decision, going through all the legal actions, preparing themselves and the house for the new baby/child, them meeting the child/baby for the first time?

It’s be a nice way to develop a relationship between two characters or even just develop one character. There’s so many different situations you can illustrate; Was it an accidental pregnancy, was the child wanted, were the people married, dating, strangers? Are the social issues to get around with the child’s birth or adoption, what kinda turmoil do they go through, does it strengthen them or does the child push them apart? Is one of the partners abandoned and left to take care of this child, will they love it more or be bitter towards it?

I might have to do some of these.

Hold My Hand

Hold my hand so I know I’m not alone;
Keep it safe and sound, warm me to the bone.

Hold my hand and tell me how much I matter;
Because my soul my lift and fly but my heart will always shatter.

Hold my hand and don’t let go so I know I’m worth something more;
When I’m with you I feel alive, like something you might adore.

Hold My Hand, a couplet set a bit more on the sad side. It’s about part of the importance of contact comfort, and how it can help deal with a lot of things people harbor up inside.