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I keep getting messages about when the next installment of TIHYLH will be out or if Mr. Min has been discontinued so I decided to make this so you could see what projects I am working on and where I am in the writing process as well as a quick reference for my recent updates.


My Way (08/31/17)

Watch Me (06/26/17)

This Is How You Lose Her: Namjoon (06/12/17)


To help you understand where I am in the process please refer to this sequence all of my work goes through:

Planning > Outlining > First Draft > Revised Draft > Beta Reading > Final Edit > Published

Mr. Min - Chapter 7 - Yoongi x Reader x Jungkook

You and Yoongi are reluctantly forced to spend more time together and Mrs. Min decides to take action.

First Draft - currently at: 11k

This Is How You Lose Her: Jimin - Jimin x Original Character

Revised Draft - and now randomly writing a second version of it? lmfaopleasestopmeI’mgoinginsane

Message Received (working title)- series - Mystery Member x Reader

The only thing worse than you work life was your personal life. One night stands had lost their lure and there were too many bars that knew you by name. When your overbearing (not to mention sexist) boss demanded that you join the company fundraiser and play along with their matchmaking game the last thing you expect is to find a guy who had been harboring a secret crush on you, too afraid to approach you directly. Now if only you could figure out who he was.

First Draft - > 2k

Cinder and Smoke - series - Namjoon x 2 OCs x Seokjin (the expansion of The What Ifs)

Love can make you do crazy things. Stupid things. Hurtful things. It makes you volatile and quick to judge. You lash out at those you claim to care about, carry the burden of secrets that aren’t your own, and hide in the shadows of other’s happiness. Sometimes love is too powerful. It’s a fire that can rage uncontrolled or linger as embers that go unchecked or, perhaps, unfed. Given the right fuel, we all are capable of combustion. In an ideal world, those we care for wouldn’t be caught in the flames but, all too often, we consume them whole.



My Way series - Jungkook x Reader x OC

Coming Down (working title) - one shot - Jimin x OC

Sessions - series - Therapist Namjoon x OC

Jimin x Reader Exhibitionist One Shot

This Is How You Lose Her - series - Jungkook, Yoongi, and Hoseok


What would it be like if some of the egos found out you liked tickling? Only gonna do some of Mark’s so lemme know if ya want more xx

Dark: Would be be surprised and curious at first, but as soon as he was fully in the know…the teasing. I repeat THE FUCKING TEASING. In public and in private he’d be whispering in your ear about everything he’s going to do to you, in precise detail. His hands would rest on you more and more, fingertips trailing down your back and sides as he pulls away with a knowing smile. He’s the sort who’d remind you not to cause a scene in public. But when you’re alone he’d have you at his mercy, always wanting to draw every reaction out; every snort, hiccup and embarrassing squeal. Always smirking and talking about how much you’re LOVING IT. After he’s done his teasing he’ll go for your worst spot maliciously, not relenting until you’ve screamed yourself hoarse or promised him something he wanted. Loves to get hands on. Afterwards though, he’d always take you close and remind you of how endearing you are and how you should NEVER be ashamed of what makes you happy…and that he is more than happy to provide.

Wilford: He would fucking squee when he found out and think it was the cutest thing ever! He is the sort that if he thinks there is a TRACE of sadness in your demeanour then he will get rid of it with tickles until you can do nothing BUT smile, loves to cheer you up with it. He would always get a twinkle in his eye and is a big partaker in cat and mouse chases, he’d saunter about with innocence in his voice before he wrenches you from your hiding spot and goes to town, laughing along with you. LOVES TO FLUSTER YOU AND GET YOU BLUSHING. Is the person who will dub himself as the Tickle Monster™ and will speak to you in a baby voice to get you giggling before he’s even touched you. When he DOES begin he takes into consideration where you like to be tickled most and works from there, and is always really affectionate with nuzzles and half-hugs throughout the whole thing. He is also the utter patron of raspberries, they’re his go-to method because it means he gets to use his facial hair at the same time (unf i got actual chills when i wrote that 😍) Is basically the King of Silliness and Floof.

Google (main boi only): Would be very…very curious. Would do intense research on the whole thing so he wasn’t out of the loop (if you had a tumblr relating to it he would TOTALLY monitor it 24/7) and would keep himself updated. He’d have a catalogue of everything that makes you tick, offhandly mentioning certain phrases just to fluster you in public and relishing in the influence he had. When it comes to actual tickles he’d be methodical, keeping an eye on your physical limits, whilst also teasing in a nochalant manner. Remarking on your sensitive spots and how curious it is that you stammer at his words…does him speaking make the tickling more effective? He may investigate that furthur…Is the type to plan a session rather than be random…though sometimes when you’re reaching or stretching he won’t be able to help himself. Likes to think he’s just educating himself but he can’t deny the increased warmth in his core when he makes you laugh.

Bim: Would also think it’s the cutest thing in the world but would go above and BEYOND to make sure you knew it. A big fan of tickle-hugs, just likes coming and trapping you and making you squirm all while he’s CONSTANTLY calling you cute and adorable. Another thing, if you were say…cuddling on a couch…you are getting tickles. He won’t try to pin your arms but he will sit or lie on top of you with a cheeky-ass grin asking ‘what’s so funny?’ or ‘did I miss a joke?’ Basically his cheeky boyishness comes out. IS THE BIGGEST TICKLE FIGHTER EVER!!! Loves wrestling you and may even sometimes let you get your revenge cuz he (may or may not ahem) like it too; nothing but playfulness with him. He’ll always ask if you’re okay and will have a refreshing beverage on stand-by because he’s a caring lil bean.

Dr Iplier: He’d be ecstatic and giddy, overjoyed more at the fact that you told him because he’d feel honoured knowing you trusted him enough to tell him. Would undoubtedly don his medical attitude when tickling you, telling you how “concerned” he is at your reactions to very “innocent” touches; but you can see that spark in his eyes. He would make a point of using the word TICKLE or any variation of it in every single goshdarn scenario, knowing how much it’s killing you inside and loving how it affects you. He’ll be very teasing in his touches, lingering over a death spot before going in for it with a cheeky ferocity. Likes to pointedly ask if something tickles and if he doesn’t get a verbal answer well then you’ll both just have to sit there waiting till you do; really loves to make you stutter and basically fuck up your word trail. King of the Techniques, he knows how to use his hands…basically.

The Host: Would be immensely happy since he loves discovering new things about you, he’s the sort of guy who’d incorporate it into a gentle massage by giving the odd tweak or skitter; likes to make you jump or catch you off guard in general. If you think you’re safe when you’re nowhere near him then you are SO WRONG like he’ll narrate little tickles or tingles when he knows you’re out in public; when you next see him he’ll be all like ‘did you have a nice day?’ like the teasy ass little asddfghj that he is. When he gets down to business though he can be truly relentless, he doesn’t need his eyes to know exactly how to torture all your sensitive spots. Loves to narrate about how incredibly ticklish you are and how much you love what he’s doing to you, he’ll wait till you start begging before he stops. But afterwards he’ll rub down all your spots and help you remember how to function properly as a human being. One thing that he does especially is tell you how much he loves tickling you, because he KNOWS you’re having a good time and he loves nothing more than to make you happy 😍

okey dokey i am flustered now why am i like this, i’m tagging @ticklefandoms in this cuz you motivated me to write a thing so yeah THANKS xx


                           “It’s been a big thing for me, shhh, you know? It’s so funny how noisy my brain is. Everyone’s brain is noisy—it’s what it does—it makes thoughts. And the problem is, I think, in most of our lives, the root of suffering is following that brain noise and listening to that brain noise, and actually identifying with it as if it’s who you are. That’s just the noise your brain makes, you know? And more often than not it probably doesn’t have much to say that’s going to help you.”

I’m getting kind of tired of posts and comments on Sam’s hair. Yes, it’s stunning, I know, but there are millions of other things to observe about Sam Winchester like:

  • His hundreds of weaknesses
  • and thousands of strengths.
  • The cute little mole on his chin
  • How he smiles with pain when he cries
  • how he smiles with sunshine when he’s content
  • How when he’s getting along with Dean he leans back as he talks
  • and when they’re fighting he hunches forward
  • The veins on his arms
  • His awareness of his faults
  • How he shakes his head when he lies
  • How he clears his throat when he’s uncomfortable or confused
  • His beautiful neck
  • His strong long fingers (unf)
  • That cute ‘ready to kill’ stance he makes when he’s about to fight
  • How he leans in to comfort strangers
  • His shoulder to waist ratio
  • like this is just what’s on my mind right now but if I took the time this list would be longer than his dick (which is very very long)

but yeah go ahead and make more posts about his hair (≖︿≖✿)

Next time you hear me talking about ordering Chinese food, please, please, please tell me to get up offa my lazy ass and make this, ok? Damn, I make a fine pan fried noodles with ground pork and veggies. Unf. Too bad there’s nobody here to enjoy it with me, but that’s ok, I’m just going to eat the whole giant wok full all by myself, then climb into my bed and moan. 

That’s probably just as well, because this thing is full of cabbage. 

See No Evil.

Part 2

Original Request

Can you do one where the reader comes back to the bunker after hunting a witch and tells Sam and Dean that she thought she only got hit with a knockout spell, but an hour later the guys hear her scream or something and they find that she’s blind (temporarily). She could be frustrated that she has to rely on both the guys for help, just some cute/protective friendship. Thnx :)

Warnings: Blindness?

Word Count: 782

Summary: After being attacked by a witch spell the reader suffers with temporary blindness, frustrated as the Winchester have to help.


“I’m fine guys, seriously.” You reassured the concerned Winchesters as they led you back into the bunker. Their arms hovered around you, as if you were about to break like a china doll at any moment.

“That bitch…I’m sorry ‘witch’” Dean corrected himself with his index finger held in the air, “knocked you out for hours, just with her words.” Dean stated and you rolled your eyes at him. You loved that the brothers were so protective and caring of you, but sometimes they forgot that you are a hunter too. And that you’re not as fragile as they think.

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knight-commander-becky said: Is the movie really that good? I’m still debating weather to see it or not i feel alone in my corner

Don’t feel alone! This movie isn’t for everyone and if you have no interest in seeing it, you shouldn’t feel pressured. For me, as a writer and a lover of actions films, Mad Max: Fury Road is one of the best movies I’ve seen in years. I’ll include why below the cut and try to keep it as spoiler free as possible. 

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