things that make me nerv

(i really love the bear in the marble soda preview hehee)

Can I be real for a second?

The only people allowed to make jokes like “demi people are only attracted to Demi Lovato” or “pan people are attracted to pots and pans” are people within that community. Like, if you aren’t the sexuality you’re trying to make a joke about, don’t. Because it gets real old, real fast

It’s two in the morning, and there go my inhibitions!!!  NSFW-ish under the cut lol.

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I don't understand why Brian has to have an open relationship why can't he just commit to Justin ??



We Shall All Be Healed- The Mountain Goats

Liner notes:

  • I let the mice chew through the bandages. One of them was this brown and white mouse who approached the whole task with a wonderful sense of play. Sparkling little eyes so lightheartedly intent on their work. Magnificent. Every little bit helps. I would lie there, in the boiling afternoon, watching the mice come and go, and I would fondly think of you.
    • Albums recovered from the trailer in Riverside
      • Curtis Mayfield “Curtis / Live”
      • Lou Reed “Blondes Have More Fun” (Bootleg, Australia 1974)
      • The Complete Works Of Bad Company
      • Jerry Jeff Walker Self-Titled
      • Ready for the World “Long Time Coming
  • I began to compile lists in my head. I remembered having read someplace that making lists was a way of calming the nerves. For me it only makes things worse.
    • Persons thought to have disappeared into the cavalcade of monsters
      • Rosie
      • You
      • Me
      • Tracy in Portland
      • Emil
  • I would reach for the telephone and then suddenly retract my hand as thought I’d nearly grabbed hold of a snake. That was me: letting it slide. Watching unthinkable things on the stolen VCR hooked up through no small effort to the cheap bolted-down TV. Eating Milk Duds all day. Milk Duds and Charritos. And Royal Crown Cola in bottles. You could get it cheap up at the Viva. For real.
    • Champions of the World
      • Chavo Guerrero
      • Ox Baker
      • Al Madril
      • Eddie “the Continental Lover” Mansfield
      • Black Gordman
  • In the great heat of the old motel I could feel the part of me that had been resisting the final disconnect beginning to wither. The kind of shrinking we practice turns us into invisible towers of strength. I’m sorry I brought you into this mess but I’m sorrier still that I’m not dumb enough to sink my arms in past the elbows. I have this sick feeling there’s something really great just past the point of no return. Stupid, huh? I let the mice chew through the bandages. I sat back and let the go about their joyful business. Ripping and tearing. They were setting me free.

West side riders know how we hold it down

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I'm a first year nursing student and I just started my second semester and I just reallyyyy want to know some study tips you or other nurses used because I know everything get's harder as the semesters go by and I just wanna make sure I'm doing everything I can to succeed as a nursing student! Thank you :)

Basic Studying Rules of Nursing School:

1. Flash Cards- making these guys helped me memorize things like labs and cranial nerves and I could stick them in my pocket and could study on the subway/ bus on the way to school.

2. Try not to procrastinate- this is hard- lol for someone like me.  It’s easier to study week by week rather trying to cram everything before the midterm/ final. Organize your study materials and go from there.  

3. If you do not understand a concept, then Speak Up!!- professors are more willing to help you understand something before an exam- rather than after you got an answer wrong.

4.Utilize your resources-  my school offered a writing center to help with papers and APA formatting (and it was free!).  My school also had librarians to help in finding articles on a topic for a paper as well as search tips to find the articles that I was looking for (this was also free). Most schools offer teaching assistants in the bigger core classes.  The teaching assistants were graduate students who answer emails/ questions/study sessions (these people can be very helpful).     

5.Take study breaks- some people think that if you study for 23 hours straight, somehow this will make you more prepared for an exam.  I don’t think so- in fact, I did better on tests that I studied for 2 hour increments and then had a break (i.e. dance party, laundry, watch an episode of the vampire diaries, go for a run).

6. If you are studying in a group- use the rule of 5- if there is more than 5 people in a study group it is not going to be a productive studying time.  In addition, DO NOT rely on these groups to LEARN (go to a group already knowing concepts and bounce ideas to BETTER understand).  This makes better use of your time.   

7.  Remember to get sleep and Relax!  You are going to kick ass and be amazing.  You are going to be the best nurse ever! 

:) !

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how would u describe ur life at the moment

So exciting and nerve wracking like I’m doing things that make me nervous and scared but I’m a way that I have to face them and do them because I know I’m gonna grow from it and so far they’re going really well… I’m having a freakin blast 🙈😂

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Remember you wrote that fic with homophobia in it? Fuck you. You're just some white straight bitch who's never been oppressed, and you don't have the right to write about homosexual people you straight slut. Leave before you get stepped on. Stop writing, before somebody makes you stop.

1. I am completely and utterly not-straight. But thanks for your assumption.

2. I’ve never suffered homophobia? Less than a week ago, I was called a two-faced demon for liking both genders. Three months ago, I was kicked out of a cafe for holding hands with my girlfriend. I’ve been told that nobody will ever love me. That I’m worthless. That I have a disease.

3. So don’t you DARE. Assume ANYTHING about my life. Don’t you DARE try to leave an ask threatening one of the only things that makes me happy - tumblr, and writing.

4. You seriously have the nerve to come here and leave that kind of ask? Putting yourself on the hurt, childish little pedestal you’ve made for yourself?

5. Get the fuck off my blog, Вы слизистый, эгоистичный, высокомерный бородавку.

So! This is what I will be up to next June-July in 2016. I took a leap of faith and booked myself into a trekamerica tour, coast to coast, and then coast to coast starting and ending in New York/Newark. Words can’t explain how excited I am. I’ve visited America several times in the past to see family and to sight see, but to see America across 23 states through camping and driving with a private tour and strangers (at the moment) I’m going to do so many amazing things with, is so nerve-clenching but it also makes me so excited. 

I’ve wanted to do this since I was in high school, so to be able to have the chance is just something I’m still getting my head around. Travelling alone is something I have never done before so it’s going to be an entirely new experience and I’m sure it’ll make a more mature and smart person out of me, that’s willing to put myself out there instead of hold back, which is what I need in my life. And saving money is going to be a pain in the ass haha! But if I keep looking at this photo, it’ll drive me to stay as positive as I can. My job isn’t the best, so it’s exactly what I need to push me through to the end!