things that make me laugh every time

i think my favorite discourse thing is “i wasn’t referring to all lgbt people when i said ‘the q/eer community, i was just talking about people who identify as q/eer!”

it’s complete bullshit and it makes me laugh every time because, other than in literally having a discussion about all people who identify as q/eer what would you have been talking about that referred to only those people and not the entire lgbt community?

like no, you were talking about all of us and are now trying to back out of it with a (bad) lie lol


Positivity Week - SEPTICSUPERweek

Day 7:

What would you like to say to Jack?

If I ever met Jack, or even if he was simply to see a message on tumblr or youtube, I’d want him to know just how important he is to me in my life and many other peoples lives. He’s one of my best friends despite me not knowing him, and he’s always there to get me through tough times. When I don’t feel like speaking to anyone or doing anything, he’s always there to cheer me up. He honestly makes me feel like I actually matter, despite what I tell myself otherwise. Every single day he’s there to make me laugh until my cheeks hurt, and he’s always there for every single person in this community. Whenever some form of negativity finds its way into our community, we all take a stand against it and fight to get back the happiness that we’re known for. Even simple things like the motivational phrases he writes on his whiteboard, or on a tweet or tumblr post, or even him just outright saying something inspiring, can be enough to encourage me to enjoy my day and live it to the full. I’m so grateful for Jack and this wonderful community, without him, I wouldn’t have talked to so many awesome people, especially @yesantiplier who is such an awesome lil’ human being that I’m glad to call a tumblr friend :D

There’s so much more that I could write but I don’t want to clog peoples feed xD So all in all, thank you Sean for being one of my best friends, I love ya, ya green haired goof ball :D

Also, one last thing, I’d like to thank everyone who participated in this #septicsuperweek, it’s been so enjoyable to see what other members of this community have to say about Jack and their time here, I’m so happy to be in this with you all, here’s to making every week a septicsuperweek :D (cheesiness = 110% xD)

Thanks for coming up with this awesome idea @puk128 :D


- Bec

Collection of thoughts I had during my second viewing of Rogue One:

-Anyone who doesn’t see that Cassian is bisexual is objectively wrong

-Bodhi talks way faster than I remembered and he never shuts up

-K-2so still made me laugh every time he speaks

-‘Cassian thinks so too’ why does Cassian not want to bring Jyn to Jedda? Is it just that he doesn’t trust her? Would he rather go alone?

-Chirrut and Baze were way gayer than I remembered like damn guys chill

-Cassian’s hair looks so soft I just want to touch it

-Bodhi died as he lived: alone and in a cargo ship

-The hug at the end makes me irrationally emotional? Like it’s not a romantic thing (to me) it’s just relief and gratitude and sadness and fear all poured into one action

-The music was better than I previously thought it was

-Cassian is a bit of a dick to people but I kinda love it

-Bodhi’s face throughout Jyn’s speech to the rebel council was so perfect

-Everyone deserved better honestly why did they have to suffer?



The prime example of what you used to be able to find in random YouTube search terms. I think I’ve tried to fit references to this clip in half the things I’ve ever worked on (Not sure what’s wrong with me). This bizarre sketch, its pacing, its execution, all together form the PERFECT bad sketch, one that STILL makes me laugh JUST AS HARD a decade later. I don’t know how they didn’t do it by design- every single ingredient here is perfect. Unintentionally, one of the funniest clips of all time. 

Tomorrow- the Honorable Mentions list before #1!

I drift in and out of depression.

I’m intelligent… I know.
I’m pretty… I know.

My friends call me perfect; they say someone would be so lucky to have me.

I’m fun… I know.
I’m interesting… I know.

I tell myself these things over and over, a repeating song of endless personal praise.

Every time I crush on someone they show no interest.

Every time I flirt, I laugh, or I try they turn away.

Am I intimidating? Maybe.

I try to be friendlier, be less talkative, talk more, sit up straight, make eye contact, text first, say hello, good morning, goodnight.

I can’t figure it out.

I repeat, I repeat. I am worth wanting, I am worth looking at, I’m beautiful, I’m whole.

Yet I remain alone. No one looks, no one stares.

I lay awake at night slowly believing I am unwanted, unapproachable.

It helps to write it down, it really does.

But it doesn’t make anyone care anymore than they already don’t.

—  11:26

Idk if this sounds normal or super creepy but I adore all the little things in people. I love getting to know people better and learning how they think and noticing old scars or unique behaviour, little quirks, birthmarks, stretch marks, freckles, habits, what they’re passionate about, noticing things like if they bite their nails or have any ticks, what makes them emotional, or if they are afraid of anything or what makes them laugh, and hearing childhood stories and feeling rants, every tiny little thing that makes someone a person. And my favorite thing in the whole world is when people take the time to notice these little things about me.

idk how people do it. idk how people look at the one person they’ve said they love and detach themselves because things are hard. it could be an excuse to find a way out or maybe they’re not strong enough but when I look at her in the tough times I see so much to hold onto.

I see all the memories, all the I love you’s, and sweet good mornings together.

I see all the little things she does, like the way she crinkles her nose when she wears her glasses, the way she stretches in the morning, and how perfectly she says my name.

I see the funny, but cute, inside jokes that make us laugh every time they’re brought up.

I see all the things she’s given me even past the cute gifts, like the feeling of being home and everything that comes with that.

I see the person I’ve spent time planning a future with and all the amazing things we’ve talked and tried planning to do.

I see the things I could never forget even if I tried.

idk how people do it. I’ve spent months loving and caring for her and when things get hard, detaching myself is the last thing I want to do. yes, I see all these things of the past but most of all I see myself continuing to love this girl in my future, in our future.


7/6/16 (idk how people do it. don’t give up just cause it’s hard, fight for the right things and the right reasons. find those reasons)


Oh, Right, THAT Guy

One thing that makes me laugh about this scene every. single. time. is that when Obi-Wan sends a message to Anakin here, he bothers to identify himself as OBI-WAN KENOBI, full name. 

Really, Kenobi: how many pompous British OBI-WANS is Anakin likely to be getting messages with orders in them from?! Would he really not recognize OBI-WAN’S voice? When he might even be able to SEE HIM?! Maybe Anakin really is that slow to catch on in their holo-Skype calls, though. 

Obi-Wan: Hi, Anakin, it’s Obi-Wan. 

Anakin: [deeply confused] …who?!

Obi-Wan: You know: Obi-Wan Kenobi? From the Jedi Temple? I’m your Master? We live together? I have that wolfman hair? We see each other every single day? 

Anakin: Ohh. THAT Obi-Wan. 

I’ve never been the person to clam up and get tongue tied but when we lock eyes I swear everything in my body freezes in pure admiration. I know you hate your laugh but fuck it resurrected all the butterflies in the pit of my stomach to the point where I feel like they’d come out of my mouth if you just kept laughing. And when you smile at me I feel the chills creep up the small of my back until they spread to every inch of my body. My body aches to be near yours all the time and I can’t tell if that’s a good or bad thing but everything in me tells me to let go and let myself feel all the captivating things you bring out in me.
—  I’ve never felt this way about a person but I’m glad it’s you that makes me feel like this (February 14th 11:18pm)
Springtrap's Struggle [LOUD]
  • Springtrap's Struggle [LOUD]
  • My voice

This is my personal interpretation of what I think ol’ Springy sounds like. I like to imagine he’s in constant pain because let’s face it, he probably deserves it. On a side note, I would not recommend choking yourself while voice acting. It’s rather unpleasant. 

Anyways, hope you enjoy it! Feel free to make a request if you wanna hear more VA stuff from me!

Transcript under the cut

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anonymous asked:

yea but, how bout them tit pics, bitch?

Hey you! Yes, you. I see you dropping these sweet little messages in my ask box every time I’m active on tumblr. I know, you’re shocked because I’ve never replied to any of the numerous doting billets-doux from you. But I’m replying to this one because I wanted to tell you that you make me laugh. How is it that every time I post a few things, you end up here, asking to see my breasts? Do you have your post notifications on for me? Or do you obsessively check my blog every hour of the day? Do you have a micropenis and therefore no experience with women? Or maybe it’s your degrading demeanor that repels the ladies? Either way, that makes me chuckle. I picture you thinking to yourself, “Maybe this time, if I call her a cunt she’ll post nudes? Bitch didn’t work last time.” It’s as if you are trying to decipher an exact formula of degrading names to send to me that will unlock my desire to expose my body on the internet; which is hilarious to me. Let me tell you something, dear anon. I will not be posting “tit pics” on my blog, nor any type of nude photo. Not for you, not for anyone. Good day.

Jamie Benn #1.2

Here is the part two of the Jamie Benn original drabble. This is longer and just full of angst. It’s like angst all day everyday for the next thousand words but I hope you enjoy it still and I hope it will make you want a part three because I honestly can’t leave it just like this, right?

Part 1 here. Part 3 here.

Word count: 1, 369

Originally posted by bennyandthestars

A strong sense of déjà vu hit as you slumped on the kitchen stool. Jamie was making a fruit and protein smoothie, the one he drinks first thing in the morning every day.

He looked up from fiddling with the blender, “nightmare?”

You frowned at him, “why do you think that?”

He snorted, “you look like you didn’t sleep well.”

You flipped him the finger, “fuck you, you know this is how I always look in the morning.”

He laughed, “and it scares me every time.”

“Whatever.” grinning back at him.

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Got7 Reaction To You Being Clumsy

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Requested by anon

Mark: *laughs every time you fall or knock something over and finds it a source of entertainment*

Jaebum: what did you break now jagi?

Jackson: it’s okay babe *comforts you whenever you break something*

Jinyoung: *so sick of you breaking shit but also loves you too much to be angry for long*

Youngjae: she’s constantly falling and breaking things and it makes me worried! *exposes you*

Bambam: *also clumsy asf and doesn’t mind*

Yugyeom: *laughy baby loves you*

You don't have to say I love you. (TylerxReader)

Tyler P.O.V

(Warning: Gets very cheesy and fluf) Plot: Tyler talks about reader.

I was currently doing research with while Y/n Was making breakfast for all of us. The thing Is I couldn’t get her off. No matter how much I tried. Think of it this way. If I had a dollar for every time I thought of her, I would still have a dollar because she never leaves my mind. Cheesy I know.

It’s just the way she smiles and laughs it’s just makes me all giddy inside. She makes me smile to the point my checks hurt. It’s hard, really Damn hard, to keep my feeling locked in. I just want to hold her. Be the reason behind her smile.

“Dude, close your mouth. You’re drooling.” Josh chuckled.

“Shut it, Josh.”

“When are you going to tell her? It’s not very hard to see. Why hide it?” Josh  did have a point. Why was I hiding. Rejection? Fear? I honestly have no idea.

“I don’t know Josh. I- I just want what’s best for her. I’m not the best she could do. She needs something more than me. I’m just not good Enough. I’ve learned to accept that I guess.”

It’s true. I’m not good enough for her. Hell, I’m not good enough for me.

“Well, tell me about her. Tell me what you like about her.”

“What is this therapy?” I chuckled.

“Come on.”

“Fine, I like how she smiles so bright when she hears her favorite song come on. I like how she’s not shy and she’ll dance in public making a fool of herself. I like how she’s so sweet to people no matter who they are but can be badass if needed. I like how she’s nice but sassy. I like when she blushes when you catch her rocking out to her music.i Like the face she makes when she’s focused on something. I like how she’s so passionate about something she loves. I like how she has a nerdy side like how she believes in aliens and likes video games and reading. I like how sh–”

“I’m gonna stop talking now.” I blushing. Uggh.

“Tyler, you don’t have to say I love you to say I love you.” Josh winked.

Its short but it’s something. I still don’t have wifi using Data but bear with me. Oh and thanks for 1.1k :))

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I live for the moments where Isak makes Even laugh.

hello my amazing anon! i’m very happy that you decided to send this to me. i’m sorry it took me so long to reply to you. i’ve actually written this reply in my head a hundred times, yet every time i end up feeling like no words can possibly convey what i want to say because i feel very strongly about this. i have so many emo feelings, dear anon. because it truly is the purest thing.

i know there are things a few giggles can’t fix, and i know i’ve said this before, but i think that if you are going to be with someone, that person should be someone whose presence relaxes you. someone who makes you laugh at the dumbest things because you just feel so good and comfortable with them. comedians and funny people can make you laugh, but it’s very different, i don’t think they make you shine. when Isak makes Even laugh, he makes him shine, i really do think so. it’s just so amazing to see how comfortable they are with each other, and how much comfort they find in each other’s presence! and how Even is so fond of Isak that he can’t help breaking into a smile mid-kiss, that’s the best kind of kissing there is if you ask me!

i think having this kind of a connection is so very important in a relationship because it helps you deal with the difficult stuff. this is just my personal opinion, but i was so happy to see them have a laugh about Even running around naked because it meant it’s not a taboo subject for them, it’s not something that should be swept under the rug and never spoken of again. they don’t have to feel ashamed about anything with each other! i have anxiety so sometimes my reactions to things don’t make much sense, but i feel very lucky that in my relationship we can laugh at my moments of utter despair afterwards, it makes me feel a lot better about myself and helps put things in perspective, i feel less ashamed. i’m happy to know that their relationship is a safe haven where both of them can unwind and be themselves!