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Gonna be honest, I contemplated not working out for about 2 hours. I’ve had a killer headache all day (Tylenol, why you no work?! 😡), work is super stressful, and I did not get enough sleep last night (what else is new? 😬🙈) Add all of this and I’m mentally and physically exhausted 😓 when I was walking my dog after work, I slipped on some ice and almost fell. The first thing that popped in my head was “if I fall right now, I would lay there for a good 5 mins before even thinking about if I could force myself to get back up” 😒
While I still have a headache and I’m completely exhausted, I am glad that I did haul my ass downstairs and workout (Total Body Cardio Fix👊) I did give 💯 which makes me feel a little better. Because I could have “worked out” and not give any effort. Anyways, rant over and thanks for reading if you’ve gotten to this point 😊

Zelo: Misconception

(requested by lil4me)

You walked through the door and shuffled quietly to your seat. Keeping your head down, you prayed you wouldn’t be noticed.

“Hey shorty!” came a cheerful voice from the back of the room.

Ignore him, you reminded yourself.

“Is that a new bow in your hair?” you bite your lip, trying not to be happy he noticed. “It doesn’t suit you.” Well there goes that fantasy. You heard the guys around him whispering and laughing together. You suppressed a groan and rest your head in your arms.

Today was going to be another wonderful day with none other than Zelo. You were used to it. He bullied you often, but it was usually playful banter. It was nothing too seriously hurtful. Still, it was annoying and mood ruining for sure.

You hear a tap on your desk and look to the source. Zelo stood beside you grinning. You quickly put your head back down, avoiding eye contact. “Leave me alone.” You mumble.

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Simon D - "you'll always have the key to my heart"

‘No I can’t find my car keys.’ You explained frustrated at how clumsy you can be. You kept on losing things and this was the second time you lost your car keys. It was also your last spare keys. You kept on shuffling through your bag trying to find your keys.

‘Where did you put it last?’ Kiseok asked calmly and you hummed thinking of the last time you saw your keys. ‘When I locked the car?’ You offered your answer turning your bag upside down and all the items in your bag come pouring out. Kiseok sighed out loud probably irritated at your clumsiness. 'I’m sorry okay. I just- I swear to god I’m not doing this on purpose.’

'What’s wrong?’ Jay asked coming out of the studio as you shook your head.

'Have you seen her car keys?’ Kiseok asked Jay as you continued to go through the multiple things in your bag. You groaned out loud annoyed and went to sit on the ground tired of yourself. Kiseok saw the narrowed eyes and the scowled on your face and he knew you were more mad at yourself than he was mad at you. You kept on losing things even after his countless reminders. 'Calm down okay. I’m sure it’s out there somewhere.’

'No it’s not. You always say that to make me feel better but I always lose thing. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I keep on losing all my keys. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to keep one key safe. Just take away all the keys and just keep them out of my way. I’ll just lose them if I keep them.’ You ranted out in frustration and you could feel the other AOMG members coming out of the studio from all the ruckus you were making at the entrance but you were angry and you didn’t care.

Kiseok kneeled down in front of you and smiled at you comfortingly. He took your chin between his forefinger and his thumb making you look him in the eyes. 'You’ll always have the key to my heart.’ He told you cheesily and you were caught off guard by his reply but the laughter of the guys brought you back to reality. You turned your head to see Jay, Duck, Elo and Gray were all there. You could feel your cheeks flushed at his statement as you pushed his hand away and got yourself up. 'Aish you’re so cheesy.’

He chuckled at your reaction knowing that you were embarrass but at least it made you felt better.

I’ve never had anything touch me in the way Dear Evan Hansen has. It makes me cry. And it helps me vent. And it makes me feel so much better after watching the bootleg, or hearing the obcr or seeing a performance they did on tv… It’s put into words things I didn’t know how to express myself. It’s so helpful and powerful. It’s what I needed in my life. I never expected to be this moved by something. Usually I don’t feel identified with anything and no one. But Evan is someone I feel it’s like me and that I understand. It’s weightlifting and it makes me happy and sad at the same time, cause I see too much of myself in him. More than I’m willing to admit and that’s a bit scary. I love this musical and it means more to me than I can ever express. And I’m all for shipping and AUs, I’m even working on a fix myself, but let’s not forget what DEH stands for. Please, don’t let the sugar coating get the best of this musical. I understand it’s needed cause it’s emotionally heavy and we need a break sometimes. But let’s not forget what this stands for and represents and that it is actually a very groundbreaking peace of fine art. Because for the Evan’s and Connor’s of the world this is a very important door that’s been opened.

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Okay so u gave me he ok to rant... on Tuesday i met this girl, and she was really nice, pretty&smart, but it was at a writer's thing we both won in poetry 4 and the group shared our inspiration for our poems and she said it was 2 help make other girls going through similar experiences feel better because she was getting bullied for literally no reason and she started it right after these girls told her they were going to try get her to kill herself and it makes me so angry someone could do that

Omg nO.

I fucking hate when people tell other people to kill themselves.

Like, how in hell can you be that cruel?

We always start Troy shortly after Patroclus has died and it always makes me so sad because I can rant and rave about the stupidity of the Iliad story as much as I want but when it comes down to it the whole thing is a tragedy on both ends, there is no good side to the war, and literally everyone but Menelaus deserved better

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Good luck on the blog! Imagine the hosts cheering up their s/o on a bad day.

Tamaki: Tamaki would invite them over to his house, and when his s/o would walk in the front door, he would appear with their favorite flowers and a cute present before sitting down at the piano, saying that he wrote them a song that he hopes they will think of whenever they have a bad day. If that still didn’t work, he would then wrap his s/o up in his arms and hold them tight, rubbing their back and telling them that everything will be okay in the end, and that he is always there for them, no matter what the problem.

Kyoya: Kyoya would cancel every single plan/meeting/appointment he had for the day and bring his s/o to all their favorite places (and I mean all of them.. it’s Kyoya) and he would buy them cute little trinkets and hold their hand, something he never does in public, but he would want to try to take their mind off of whatever was bothering them. If it was a person, he would personally deal with them later, but for the day, all that mattered was his s/o’s happiness.

Honey: Honey would be very cuddly and bring in as many sweets and flowers as he could, proclaiming that every bad day can be healed with flowers, chocolate, and just spending time with each other. If the day was an exceptionally bad day, he would wrap them up in a blanket with himself and usa-chan, humming softy in his s/o’s ear.

Mori: Mori would take his s/o out dancing and then back to his house, to just relax an maybe listen to some more music while cuddling on the couch. He would hold them tight and cover their face in soft kisses, reminding them that no matter how bad a day gets, he will always be there to make them feel better. Eventually they would end up falling asleep and when they woke up, his s/o wouldn’t remember why they had a bad day in the first place.

Kaoru: Kaoru would take his s/o out to eat, nothing too fancy because he wouldn’t want them to have to worry about how they dressed, not that he would make them dress up, but he knew his s/o would want to make themselves look nice. So he would probably just take them out to a cute little restaurant by the beach and get the table right by the window, so they could stare out into the ocean. Afterwards they would take a stroll down the waterfront, hand in hand, and he would make sure his s/o knew how much he cared about them, and if they were still upset, he would let them rant or complain or whatever they needed to do while listening intently.

Hikaru: Hikaru would need to ask his twin how exactly to go about making his s/o feel better, he just wasn’t good at that kind of thing. After getting plans from Kaoru, he would take his s/o out to the market, he was sure he could find something his s/o would like to do there. (Now don’t get me wrong, he knows exactly what they like and don’t like, he just doesn’t know how to go about it.) After watching his s/o for a while, their eyes would lite up when they fell upon an item that they just fell in love with. Later, when he had made his s/o feel better with hand holding, and telling them that whatever made them feel bad really didn’t deserve them to be so worked up, he would present the item his s/o had loved so much, a memory for a great day.  


So yeah, I made a post previously stating about the possibility of Victor and Yuuri having practice the duet long before their public performance at the Gala.

This might be ‘too deep’ but humour me here.

What if, in the first few months of practice, when Yuuri was agitated, Victor found a way to calm him (accidentally) and they ended up skating to the duet (that Victor had made) with floppy lifts and fun jumps and they tumbled every now and then but Yuuri was laughing. What if skating the duet was a coping mechanism for Yuuri’s anxiety? Sometimes when Yuuri gets too caught up, Victor just plays the song and they’re dancing together. It works because its the only time when Victor is riding away Yuuri’s anxiety WITH HIM.

So with that possible theory, what would Yuuri’s words actually mean in the scene of this gif?

When Yuuri was at his weakest, anxiety riding up to fry his brain, Victor had to pull this dick move and what else was Yuuri to do except REMIND Victor about the duet? The very thing that made Yuuri put his trust into when his anxiety acts up? And what if, after the China Cup, Victor choreographs the duet for real because he finally understands what it means to Yuuri and the completed ver. makes Yuuri FEEL EVEN BETTER because they share this. This is theirs. Their little secret.

And when it was time to show it to the world, they skated with ease. Because this is their song.

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Prompt: A professor (perhaps someone Umbridge-esque) disregards everything Molly says due to her blood status, something that Sherlock, Mary and John will not stand for. (Sherlolly)

Sherlock Holmes hadn’t thought very highly of Professor Hudson from the moment he first set eyes on him.  He was a cruel man who took pleasure in making students he didn’t like suffer.  Anything done in a way he didn’t approve of was seen as punishable in his eyes.  He’d reduced several of Sherlock’s fellow Ravenclaws, who were each noted for their uniqueness of mind and innovative thinking, to anxious puddles, desperate to get into the professor’s good books.  It was utterly disturbing to watch.  Sherlock was notoriously the only student completely resistant to any attempt by Professor Hudson to bully him.  No amount of detentions, yelling, or skewed grading could sway him.  The one time Professor Hudson was able to get to him was inadvertently through the boy’s close friend, Molly Hooper.

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About the TaeGi situation

I just need to talk about it a little.

I get - like seriously, seriously get - all the sadness and tears and nervousness. I too was on the brink of tears reading about them feeling bad and the members performing without them, because I’m sensitive like that. But. bUt.

Really, people, a lot of you are being too harsh with bighit. Of course, bighit is far from perfect, and in an ideal situation they wouldn’t get unwell at all and I know that their schedules can be ridiculous at times and we can all be concerned about that (and rightfully so), but if we just sit back a little with this particular situation…

Just. They let them rest. TaeGi complained about DIZZINESS and bighit sent them to the hospital. It turned out to be nothing serious, they were told to just monitor them in case they got dizzy again, and bighit decided that no, we don’t want them to perform like this, and we don’t want concerts where all the members aren’t present and pepped. They cancelled two concerts, refunded the tickets (have you considered what an economical setback this is as compared to ask them to just push through or something, which wouldn’t be beyond a lot of companies to ask), made a statement and are sending them home for another checkup, even after having been told that it’s nothing serious and after they’re already starting to recover.

That’s WAY better treatment than most idol groups get. They’re not dying. They’re feeling unwell, and they got to rest. That’s- That’s great. Like seriously great, and I think everyone should think about that a bit more.

Their health is incredibly important to me, just as I imagine it being to all of you, but throwing rocks at their company - who actually seems to be trying quite hard for being a idol company - isn’t helping them very much right now.

So instead of making a pretty good thing (read: bighit letting them rEST when they need to, which is actually what we all want, right?) into something more of a “let’s bash the company for all its worth” thing, let’s all just concentrate on wishing them a quick recovery and make them feel better, because they’re probably pretty down about not being able to complete the concert. They’re bts, after all.

If you read all this, wow, thank you.
It was just me needing to rant.

But I appreciate it, and while it may not be the best rant ever written (more likely far from it) I just really needed to say this bc everyone being so angry and bitter and stressed and worried is making me so DOWN and frustrated and I just.,, needed to write my thoughts down.

And to TaeGi, get better soon ♡

Meeting Taylor Backstage

I met Taylor for the third time on Sunday, as some of you may already know. That night was so chaotic and wild, both in real life and on here, and I was so overwhelmed by all the asks and dm’s and texts I had waiting for me when I left the arena that I really didn’t feel like posting the whole conversation until I had digested it all. I did, however, tell two of my closest friends exactly what I said and what Taylor said in detail and then I just saved that in a document until I was ready. I feel like there were some assumptions that night and a couple things I would like to clear up as well. Honestly, I have never had a more perfect encounter with Taylor and I don’t think I would change a thing about how it went down.

After Erica and that one guy from Taylor Nation took me backstage, they put me in the catering room. It was just me and three little girls with their mom and dad. I think they said they had something to do with the arena, but I don’t quite remember the details of my conversation with them. I couldn’t stop crying and shaking and I had honestly never felt such bad anxiety in probably my entire life. I was trying to compose myself though because I mean I needed to remember this, it could very well be my last time with Taylor and there was so much I needed to say and I needed to highlight the fact that I’m so grateful for everything she has done for me. So then, they took us out into the hallway and the guy who had brought me backstage told me to stay back with him because I would be last and then another guy came up and told me to stand against the wall so she wouldn’t see me til the end. It was soon after that that I saw Taylor and her mom and Erica coming out, and she was in her WTNY outfit and I started crying again and then while Taylor was saying hi to the little kids, her mom came over and started talking to me. And she said she remembered me from the other day and that she saw me in the Swiftmas video and that her and Taylor cried watching it and I told her about how I spent the morning waiting for my mom and then we cried and I felt so happy and loved. And she told me to come sit with her in the soundbooth when Taylor was singing at the bstage area, and I asked her in Hannah could come too and she said “Of course!”

And then I looked over at Taylor and I saw that family was leaving and next thing you know, she’s approaching me with her arms outstretched, all like “CECIIIIII!!!! I’m so glad you made it!!” And she gave me this huge hug and at that point I had still been crying, so it was especially perfect and I needed it so bad. Side note, SHE IS SO TALL and beautiful and her makeup is on point and HER EYES HDJSHDJSHDJ ANYWAY, I was like “TAYLOR!!!!” when I first saw her and then as I was hugging her I said “Thank you for the presents thank you for everything thank you for making me feel loved,” and I was still crying and she looked at me and said, “aw, you ARE loved!” and I’ll never forget her saying those words to me. She said, “my mom and I watched the video together and we both cried” and Andrea said something about it being cute and I said, “I cried that whole day!” and she was like aw in her cute little way. And then she said, “I really didn’t know you were in salt lake I’m sorry we missed you!” and I said, “OH don’t be! It was more fun like this!”, and she said, “That’s good!” and I said, “I got to go on a road trip with HANNAH!” And without missing a beat taylor goes, “I love her!” and then I started talking fast and I went on my little rant of nervousness lmao. I said “I was crying after the show for like two hours cause I thought you forgot me and Hannah was so selfless. She sat there with me outside making me feel better and we decided to randomly try this” And then I kept going, I told her about how when Taylor Nation called we thought we heard one thing but we didn’t because I was screaming and freaking out and we didn’t make out what they said right so we got our hopes up for her, but then it was a mistake and I felt bad that I couldn’t make it better for Hannah after all she had done for me and I ended it with, “I am just so sorry” and I can’t believe I didn’t stop crying that entire time. And It’s amazing because when you talk Taylor, it’s just so evident that she cares so much about everyone. Just the way she paid attention to everything I had to say, and after I was done she looked at me and she said, “Ceci, it’ll be okay, I see her all the time!” and she talked about Hannah for a little bit and then she said, “I just wanted to meet you!” and I hugged her and she said, “Tell Hannah that I see how much hate she gets and I don’t want her to get more hate and it would get worse because people would be mad and it’s just not worth it. Don’t worry about it!” and I said, “I’ve never had a friend in real life that would do so much for me without asking for anything in return like her” and I don’t know what Taylor told her mom, but I took the moment to pick up all the presents I had brought in for her from friends and random people that I had set on the floor before she got there and I said, “I brought presents! They’re not mine though! We drove forever and got here at like 4am and we stayed with this random girl from tumblr, LAURA!” and taylor was like “WHAT NO WAY!” laughing and I was like “AND THEN SHE MADE YOU COOKIES!” and taylor was like “You guys are crazy!” still laughing and I was like “HONESTLY we almost died like ten times on the highway just trying to make it over here and one time at a gas station we left the key in a I ALMOST exploded Hannah” and Taylor started looking through the pile of presents and the first thing she saw was the drawing of Scott Borchetta with nothing but a “music has value shirt on him” and a sticker of Hannah’s polaroid as his loin cloth lmao and she bursts out laughing and goes “OH MY GOD MOM LOOK AT THIS!” and Andrea goes and looks at it and she was all like WHO MADE THIS ONE and taylor pointed at the sticker and she’s standing there laughing and I was like “HANNAH AND CAILIN MADE IT” and I was like “TAYLOR wouldn’t it be funny if I got a picture of you with it for them” and Taylor goes, “OH NOOOO he’ll be so mad!” and then we just laughed and Andrea was like “I was telling Ceci she could come with me when you’re on the bstage. During what song do you think it would be the best view?” and they argued about the setlist for a while and then they decided on a song and I forgot it right then and there lmao I was still in shock that TAYLOR was right there in front of me.

SO then I was like “TAYLOR HOLD ON I have this close friend on tumblr Arlette and she loves you so much” and idk how but we had like slowly migrated closer to where it was darker and I was like “She loves you so much you have no idea but you always used to like her posts AND-“ and I remembered I brought my favorite polaroid from the ones that came with 1989 and I took it out and I was like, “would you sign something for her please!” and Taylor said, “Of course!” and she was like, “You gotta help me out with this one” and she wrote “arle” and then she didn’t know if there were two t’s or just one, and then she wrote the “I *heart*” and her name and while she was doing that part I said, “SHE CALLS YOU TDAWG ON TUMBLR!” and Taylor laughed lmao  and then we almost took our picture in the dark area but Andrea was like no, you guys need to take it by the white wall, so we moved over there again and they took one without flash and then another one with flash because he said the first one looked bad, but I actually like that one best lmao and then I was like “Taylor, I love you!” because I wanted to make sure I remembered to tell her and she said, “Itt was so nice meeting you! Love you!” and I said, “I love you so much!” and she said something about how she hoped we both have the best time and I was shaking  and then I went out with that guy from Taylor Nation and I ran back cause Taylor was about to go on stage. And these are my two pictures:

and this is the with flash one:

Okay, so, I need you all to know that I didn’t spent my time with Taylor “whining” about Hannah, as some anons kindly put it. And I didn’t beg Taylor or Andrea and neither did Hannah. In fact, I would go as far as to say this was my best experience with Taylor because I got to spend it telling her about these beautiful people that mean a lot to me and I got to surprise Arlette with her autograph later and I was able to give her Cailin’s letter and Laura’s cookies. And I got to see how much Taylor really, truly cares about us. She’s a beautiful soul. And yes, I didn’t get to tell her everything I had originally wanted to tell her, but those were all unimportant things. I wouldn’t change this conversation for the world. A little while after I met Taylor, when she was on stage, she pointed out and sang to Hannah and I think that was her way of trying to make things better and I mean, she didn’t have to do that. It was just so genuine and kind of her. I hope you all get the chance to meet her one day.

Why I HATE Facebook...

I’m sorry, I just need to vent here and, as you will see, I cannot vent on Facebook.  

I have an acquaintance from high school with whom I am  (correction: was) friends on Facebook.  We have different opinions about some political issues.  That is fine; I do not have to agree with everyone.  

Anyway, this person attended a pro-gun rally today.  In Newtown.  As a protest against an anti-gun rally.  On Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

SERIOUSLY???!!  I do not think that Newtown should be politicized in any way.  I find it incredibly disrespectful use the deaths of innocent children as fodder for your own agenda.  But especially not on a day honoring a man who fought for justice using non-violence.

The whole thing makes me sick. Maybe it’s because I’m a teacher from CT but it all just seems SO wrong.

Thank you for listening to my rant.  I feel a little better.  I think I will go look at puppy pictures or something now.


After posting the above last night, I received much reaction from people who disagree with me on the issue.   I want to be clear that I did not mean to create such backlash.  I posted it in anger and, hence received much anger in return.  I should have known better than to address such a hot-button issue in such an insensitive manner.  I meant only to vent some frustration and, actually, was disgusted at both sides of the issue.  Regardless, I hope you will accept my apologies. I have learned to never post anything when I am emotional or angry.  I take full responsibility and thank those of you who chose to set me straight.  While I did not deserve to be called some of the things I was, I accept that I angered you.  Please know that it won”t happen again.  Please accept my most sincere apologies.  I hope that we can all move on.

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I really hate some of the comments that I have seen when ouat announced that there was finally going to be LGBT representation At first I was extremely happy then I saw all these comments I am very sensitive when people say homophobic stuff and actually cry when I see hateful homophobic comments Any advice on how to cope with this? I have been feeling sad for a while after I saw the comments

I totally get you. Honestly, I do. I usually stay away from those comments, because I already know what they are going to say. But, every now and then, I click a link and instantly regret it. 

Here’s the thing, you are allowed to feel sad. You are allowed to cry. You are allowed to have feelings. You are only human, after all. 

It’s hard to cope with those things though. It’s hard to read it and not want to rip someone’s throat out. I ranted on FB and Tumblr and it made me feel a little bit better. And when I start drifting the other way again, I rant in my head. I’ve cursed that woman to hell and back for making that comment. 

Not that it will do anything. Homophobic people don’t give a rat’s ass how we feel. It’s the sad truth. 

So I would say, think about the positive things. Think about the millions of people that do respect and support lgbt+. Read all the fanfics that are fluffy and cute. exquisitliltart writes amazing fluff, in case you need someone to look up. 

Let me give you some gifs in the mean time of our ship. Viva la Swan Queen, love. It’s okay to feel sad, but always remember, there are so many people out there who do support us. Who love us. You’ll be okay, I promise. 

Remember this? They went from enemies to crying out the town hall. Progress!

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And this?

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Not to mention this..

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At the end of the day .. Whether A&E will go for it or not .. They are endgame. Their story will forever live on. 

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Dear apatheticenthousiast​, i’ve written so many posts about pizza-nudes​ over the years because she’s my soul sister and I thought it was about time I told you why you’re so important to me, I love you both and it seemed silly that I haven’t written about you yet.

Silje, you are such a great friend. I can honestly say you’re the funniest person i’ve ever met. You make me giggle and cry of laughter like no one else. I feel like I can be 100% myself with you, the good and the bad, like my voice after three hours of Singstar and how I grumpy I get when someone tries to take my photo and i’m sleepy. I can rant about problematic things to you, and I can have big feminist speeches and I know you’ll (almost) always react exactly how I want you to, and start ranting with me. 

You’re the kind of friend that makes me a better person (yeah, cheesy but it’s true). Sometimes it’s hard trying to always be positive and kind to everywhere in a world where it’s either taken for granted or people are problematic af, but when I talk to you about it, you help me stay open minded and compassionate. 

I love you because you’re so open minded and your heart is so gigantic. I haven’t heard you say a bad word about anyone, like ever. You’re so smart and good that sometimes I feel like i’m not worthy of being your friend but then we hang out and we have such fun together and we’re both so awkward and lazy that I realise that we’re meant to be friends, even if you’re an ISTJ and i’m an ENFP and according to the internet we’re supposed to be the worst match.

Anyways, I love you (aka jeg er glad i deg, for elske er et stort ord), and I hope we’ll be friends forever even if i’m homeless in New York and you’re some smart ass know-it-all somewhere in the north!

Love, Norah xox

"Comforts Of Home" - Will/Mia

Will’s bad day changes date night plans.  H/C and sexy times with Mia.

Poly!verse Masterpost

The kitchen looks like a fish market had exploded inside of it.

Will stands in the middle of the carnage, covered in flecks of rice and bits of flesh and strips of nori, apron-clad and gloves up to his elbows, and he’s forced to accept that after an hour and a half all he has to show for his efforts are a few rolls that look like a four year old had made them. He doesn’t have a back-up plan, Mia is on her way, his phone won’t stop buzzing, and he is about ten seconds away from having a meltdown. He’s been counting down to said meltdown all day, so he doesn’t even know why he’s surprised; how silly him to think that the day might have improved at some point.

And then Mia lets herself in, shouting, “Will?” because she has a key and he obviously hadn’t heard the bell go off because he’s drowning in his own ineptitude, duh.

She walks into the kitchen, stopping just past the threshold. She looks gorgeous—jeans splattered with color and sparkle, a layered tank top and off the shoulder sweatshirt combo wrapped around her torso, and her hair fluffed up and dyed neatly back to its original color, minus two streaks of magenta framing her neck. She has a brown bag in one hand and her purse in the other and a curious look on her face.

“Oh,” she says. “Shit, babe, what’s up?”

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