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I'm taking finals right now. Any tips?

i assume you mean this week and not right at this second, so i would say study! make sure you know the material. listen to music at the same time so you associate the material with the songs. i don’t really know because these things help me, you may remember stuff differently. when you’re actually taking them just try to stay focused and block out what’s going on around you. i feel like some people could give better tips so if you have any, feel free to add to this!

Other than loving my hookah and doing shitty drawings to kill time, I love that I have friends that don’t give a shit about being popular and only have fun doing their things and support each other.

I’m in a deep meditative moment of reflection rn 😳 and that kinda shit makes me feel fluffy and nice.

Not many people have this kinda thing so yeah, I’m happy, fluffy, and maybe even a little smug. 😏

Stay positive and have fun. Some people forgot how to have fun and least of all, how to have actual friends to mutually respect.

Really feel sad for those that aren’t as happy as me at this moment. 🐸☕

I don't care why she dresses that way, or why the album is the way it is. I do not want to see a grown woman writing about a fictional child and then putting them through abuse, after abuse, after abuse, and trying to turn it into some sick fairytale. Maybe for the edgelords of this century, that's cute. But for me, no. I don't want to watch someone casually talk about insanity, or write about kidnapping in the least serious way possible. It's like she has no idea that you can write about problems like this without pushing a character through all these tropes in the worst ways you can think of. I wish I could accurately put down how it makes me feel. It literally feels to me as if she actually likes writing about these awful things. Her brain is fixated on childish things like glorifying mental illness, excusing mental illnesses, being entertained by violent tropes, cheating, lost love, the list goes on. It's not creative, it's not cool, it's just trauma being used as a plot device. She literally created an entire character just to use and abuse. Just to abuse until she went "insane".

♡ ℓσνє ωιηѕ ♥

i’m going to be honest, this was literally one of the best things to ever happen in an anime. their relationship is so healthy and realistic and its actually treated seriously. its not used as a gag or bait to lure in lgbtq viewers, the series lets it develop along with the plot in a way that is so perfect and it


this normalizes same gendered couples and takes these kinds of relationships away from simply being a “weird sub-genre”. it’s proper representation, i really hope other production companies decide to follow in these footsteps. i don’t think i will ever be able to shut up about this


my two most favorite people in the world

Unpopular opinion

Yurio’s character is overrated. I can’t stand him anymore. His rudeness is over the top. He never misses a chance to call Yuuri a pig or make fun of him/insult him. I don’t want him to win the GPF, if someone deserves it, it’s Yuuri. I feel like everything is so easy for Yurio. He’s the Junior medalist, won two silver medals and now he places first in the SP. That won’t help with his ego, it will only make things worse for him. He needs to fall to get back up. He’s still very young , he has plenty of time to win other gold medals. For me the most cliche part of YOI is Yurio himself. You can find him in almost every damn anime. All the other characters feel like actual people but he’s a cardboard cut out tsundere. He’s a character to appeal to the younger audience. He’s pretty, hardworking, supports his family financially, he’s used as a comical relief, loud, rude obnoxious. All these traits are overused. From all the characters Yuuri is the most realistic of them all. I can relate to him on so many levels. I seriously highly doubt that anywhere in the world someone like Yurio even exists. I hope HE DOESN’T WINS THE GOLDEN MEDAL OR I’ll SCREAM FOR MONTHS

Things I've actually said as FB characters

Tina: ignorance may not be bliss, but it sure is a lot less effort

Newt: how many (actual) goldfish do you think I can fit in a Gatorade bottle?

Graves: *buys pack of gum insisting I NEED it* good gum is hard to gum by

Jacob: I just want to eat my feelings until I can’t feel feelings anymore

Queenie: how do I make people love me as much as I love me????

Credence: if we’re a part of the universe, does that mean we’re the universe experiencing ourselves?

Grindewald: As the ancient proverb goes, when life gives you mold, make penicillin.

shoutout to people with ocd who:

-have intense delusions and paranoia
-hallucinate little things
-have super graphic or ugly intrusive thoughts that make them feel guilty
-wash their hands so much that they bleed
-spend hours fixating on tiny little things they did wrong
-have involuntary tics and twitches related to obsessions and compulsions
-have to avoid certain topics to not have anxiety attacks
-can’t sleep because of their symptoms
-have dreams about their biggest fears or worst intrusive thoughts

trust me, you aren’t alone in these. you are strong. feel free to add on to the list

I hate that you are able to make me feel so pathetic and so alone because I love you so much that I actually asked you to stay and I never thought I would ask anybody that, yet it still wasn’t good enough. And I gave you everything and put my love before my dignity and you couldn’t even fight for me. I feel vulnerable and used. I trusted you with these things that are so fragile and you mistreated them.
—  I spoke too soon


dan wanted to propose to phil during their trip to japan. problem was, he didn’t expect phil to have the same idea.

it was slightly awkward; they’d been walking through a garden full of cherry blossom trees when phil started fidgeting and waxing poetic about how much they’d been through together. dan paid no mind until he saw him reach into his pocket and pull out a small black box while bending down. he grabbed phil by the elbow and yanked him back up, incredulous.

“you’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.”

in answer to phil’s questioning (and slightly hurt) look, dan simply pulled out his own black box, identical in design. they even went to the same jewelry shop, jfc.

in the end, after laughing at their own predictability and cheesiness, they decided to do it at the same time, sinking to one knee opposite each other under the cherry blossoms.

“alright, phil. on the count of three. one, two-”

“will you marry me?”


“i lied.”

“this marriage is already founded on deception.”

“so is that a yes?”

“only if we hyphenate it as lester-howell.”

“we’ll see.”


it’s fine tho really

For the first time in a long time I actually felt strong today!! I’ve been in a pretty bad slump these past couple of months but today something just clicked. I felt so good during this workout! I didn’t feel weak or tiny, everything went just right!

For any of you guys struggling in the gym just know that it’s hard work. You’re gonna have periods where things just feel off or like you’re not making any progress. Sometimes it’s a day, a week, or even a month or two but you just gotta throw yourself at it each time and keep pushing yourself! You’ll get there, I know it!

Sometimes I don’t feel real. My reality is so different from those around me that most days I feel removed and disconnected in a way that can’t be repaired. I see my friends living, actually living and doing normal things. At times I consider just leaving my room a step of progress, a good day. I suppose if you didn’t know me well, you would think I was the epitome of stable. God, the truth couldn’t be more the opposite. A year ago I thought someone else could fix me, that he could put back together my broken pieces, that he could make me feel. I was such an idiot. The only person who can fix me is myself, and I do want to fix myself. I just wish I didn’t feel so alone.
—  Hold my hand // k.s

drarry au: ivy league

the one where the boys are there to play soccer and study, but mostly there’s a lot of hate sex.
for ali~

now with fic

I don’t normally write personal stuff on this blog, but this year has been quite a roller coaster for me. Been through a lot of stress, learned a lot of things about myself, finally got off my ass and started working towards improving myself as a person. This december, oddly enough, my life seems to have taken an upswing: I don’t feel quite so anxious, I don’t feel so depressed, I’ve actually started reaching out and being more sociable. I feel like I can focus a little better. I feel more on top of things. I’ve made some amazing new friends. Yes, the year has been harsh, but… I feel strangely positive. Optimistic, even. Rejuvenated in an unusual way. It’s different, and it feels good. 

To all of you out there still having a rough time of life, or just to everyone: I believe you can do it. You can make something to be proud of, you can achieve your goals. If someone like me, a big bundle of problems, can get this far, so can you. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a spectacular start to the New Year.

Chronical Illness Translation: I'm okay

When you are chronically ill, your definition of “I’m doing okay” or “I’m alright” has to change. When people ask you, “How are you?” or “How are you feeling?”, the answer is actually, usually, rather unwell… but you don’t want to make things awkward or make the topic of your health part of the conversation so you either say “I’m okay” or “I’m alright”.

Just now I had a moment where my mom called me and asked me how I was feeling, the truth is I’m sinking into bed with severe fatigue, muscle cramps, joint pain, some nausea/migraine, and labored breathing & dizziness but because my pain levels are not screamingly intolerable, I answered “I’m alright”; to which she asked if I could go out and run an errand.

I had to all of a sudden clarify, “I’m alright as in I don’t need an ambulance at this very moment, I’m stable but I’m not currently physically able to do a task like that.”


It’s becoming that time of year. I’m actually excited for once because I’ll have a job, which means money, which means I can buy friends and family gifts, and I’m super excited because I love giving people things and making them happy. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy <3


Oookay, now that people have calmed down a bit (and the YouTube broadcast hasn’t gone live to spark Round 2 if it happens – please don’t happen) I think it’s worth it to step back and examine exactly why this moment in particular sparked such violent emotions in people. (Including me. Again, apologies for the rage, people who don’t follow me for this shit.)

I’ll give you a hint: it’s not because people think that Vax’ildan’s actions were “metagaming” or out-of-character. It’s not metagaming, and of course it’s in-character. It’s a volatile, distilled concentration of everything that people who are not 100% on board with Vax as a character have been complaining about for months:

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In reaction to the thunderbird tribe anon, wouldn't it be amazing if ilvermorny also had 4 founders, except they were native wizarding tribes? I feel like that would be way more likely than the current history of ilvermorny

Okay so I’m not american so this might be utter crap in which case feel free to let me know, but personally I’m calling bullshit on the ‘ilvermorny is the only wizarding school in north america’ thing

Like north america is so huge and diverse it just doesn’t make sense to me

I’m okay with Ilvermorny being structured and founded the way it is because to me, that makes sense. It mirrors actual american history in that the east coast is where pilgrims settled down and attempted to replicate, but improve, their home towns. Idk to me it makes sense that there’s an east coast school based on the british system because that’s where many of the british would have settled when they moved to america

However the rest of america is a completely different ball game

There should definitely be a native american wizarding school, probably with a completely different set up to Hogwarts and Ilvermorny. They probably wouldn’t even have a house system- more like nations as you suggested. And the magic they learned would be so different to what’s studied at Hogwarts and Ilvermorny. They could emphasise healing and herbology and care of magical creatures lessons would be so good omg

And maybe down in New Orleans or somewhere there’d be a school that centres around African or Caribbean magic which specialises in potions. Also they’d not give a shit about all the muggle secrecy stuff. I bet in some places the kids just go to regular high school and then spend the weekends or evenings at classes teaching them magic 

Idk again I’m not american but that just seems to make way more sense to me than everybody going to Ilvermorny 

Cursed Child Scorbus Rec List

This really has become more of an index than a rec list, with categories of: 

Full length chaptered stories, Series, arcs, collections and short chaptered stories, Atmospheric, poetic, ficlets and drabbles, Pre-slash, Fluff, Established relationships, Flangst, Dark Angst, Humor, Holidays, Coming Out, Smut, Fix-Its/Re-Writes, and AUs

Last time I counted there were over 200 fics on here!

Basically my requirements for this list are:
Is it Cursed Child compliant, in the CC universe or do the characterizations feel close enough to CC?
No disturbing side-pairings or themes (i.e. no dub-con, abuse, drug use, infidelity or major character death. Exceptions will have warnings.)
Is it decently written, easy enough to understand and not cringe-worthy?
Did it make me smile or feel things?
Have I actually read it?

There are many stories, especially multi-chapters and WIPs, that I haven’t gotten around to yet, so this list is mostly made up of one-shots. It is my New Year’s resolution to read longer works. Feel free to add your recommendations in your reblog! Happy Holidays you wonderful little fandom! 

Note: I have categorized these fairly loosely. Some fics may fit into more than one category, but I don’t list them twice unless they are individual parts of an arc. The first section is uncategorized. They are a few of my faves, though I definitely have favorites in other categories like atmospheric and fluff, however these ones seemed slightly more complex and are a bit longer. So consider this category…

A Good Place to Start

*Best Mates- picascribit

“You deserve to be with someone who really likes you. Who thinks you’re brilliant.“

Scorpius grinned. “I’ve got you for that.”

One of the first Albus/Scorpius stories I read after CC, and still one of my favorites. This is Part 1 of Pica’s Scorbus Arc, but it is perfect as a stand-alone. The stories do get more mature.

*The First Date- rainystreetlights

“Still under the impression that you should have been the first to get a girlfriend eh? What can I say… Ladies love me.”

“Ladies tolerate you.”

‘One-Shot set in Albus and Scorpius’ sixth year at Hogwarts. When Rose doesn’t show up, Albus and Scorpius end up going on an accidental first date. Pure Scorpius and Albus fluff. Awkward conversations and a lot of strange situations’.

I love this so much. This author has seen the play and it shows. Her characterizations and dialogue are so spot on. So awkward, adorable and heartfelt!

*The Ball- torestoreamends

‘A ball is being held at Hogwarts to celebrate the end of fifth and seventh year exams. Scorpius has agreed to go with Rose, and Albus shouldn’t be as upset about that as he is. Dancing, fancy robes, obliviousness, and a small sprinkling of brotherly advice ensue.’

This is so gorgeous. Just her description of the robes slayed me. Read everything by torestoreamends!

*Seasons- starlightpeddlar

‘From the moment Scorpius and Albus get on the Hogwarts Express for their fifth year, things start to change. Albus starts to gain confidence both in the classroom and out of it, and Scorpius’ realization that he has greater feelings for his best friend threatens to leave him more alone than he’d ever imagined’.

Wonderful four chapter prequel to ‘Quietly’. Quietly is quite long and intense, but this is a nice getting together story, though it is still quite meaty and introduces important themes for the series.

*Put Your Guns Away Its Tea Time- frombluetored

‘Ginny Potter estimates it will only take three days into the Weasley-Potter family holiday for Albus to act on his feelings for his best friend. Albus estimates it will only take three days for him to die of embarrassment. And Scorpius, well. Scorpius is just glad to be there with Albus in the first place.’

I love this so much! The characters are so spot on and we get to see other Next Gen kids as well as all the grown up characters we love. Come for the Scorbus, stay for Ginny and the whole Weasley clan.

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