things that look really ugly


Or maybe one day something just changed inside you in the way you saw that good friend, causing you to want her to be more than, well, just a friend.

Marichat week day 1: secret dating

he tries


…I can not believe that with my own two eyes I’m actually seeing Kai stopping Suho from touching Sehun while posing for a damn chicken ad.

happy birthday link!!

here is a list of my favorite things about link:

  • glasses
  • anxious
  • fidgety 
  • playful
  • silly
  • sensitive
  • likes to look ugly for humor
  • is actually really fucken attractive and knows it
  • twinkling blue eyes
  • dark hair 
  • pink mouth
  • hips
  • shoulder to waist ratio
  • creative
  • intelligent 
  • likes to make plans
  • nature
  • clumsy
  • picky eater
  • athletic 
  • morning person 
  • smoothies
  • colorful wardrobe 
  • dynamic hairdo
  • likes his dog more than people
  • college ho
  • lowkey a slut
  • daddy dom
  • sleeps a lot
  • stubborn
  • bossy
  • thinks he’s 22
  • laughter
  • smile
  • good dad
  • devoted husband
  • loves rhett
  • teases rhett
  • flirts with rhett
  • has stayed with rhett for 30+ years bc “when link likes something, he sticks with it”
  • hearteyes 
  • smooth ass fucker
  • honestly admits to things that most people would be ashamed to mention, he’s truthful and compassionate and feisty yet brings his A-game to work even when he’s feeling blue, he’s often private but still uses honesty and self-deprecating humor at his expense, he’s unafraid to be stupid or silly or childish, he knows what he likes and doesn’t like and can be blunt and straightforward, has a lot of phobias but is the bravest soul anywhere
  • charles lincoln neal iii

Ahhhh.. a bit of an old AU where Matthias is blind.
Basically- in this AU Matthias goes blind at 3 or 4 and meets Lukas in his mid twenties and falls in love with is voice. 

Lukas isn’t really happy with how he looks and whenever Mat asks to describe how he looks he says things like “I’m  actually kind of ugly. Well really ugly…” And Mat basically is like “I don’t SEE what you mean! Haha, all jokes aside I don’t care.” and kind of accepts it as fact.

Later on in his early forties a surgery comes out that is able to give his vision back and it is successful! Though, instead of being a normal person and you know, looking at the sky and world and stuff, Matthias spends his first few days of vision in YEARS staring at Lukas and scolding him for lying to him for all this years,,, cause dang,, lukas is pr etty.

when people uwu the director i just,

yes he was sad in one (1) scene u are correct but he still fucked up the lives of like 20+ ppl (if not more) and made multiple people develop trauma based disorders, AND justified it in one case by saying his victim was the same person as him
plus the whole “any time u disobey me you visibly and publicly move down a rank manipulating you into constantly trying to please me” deal with the freelancers, and all of this being explicitly on purpose

like im sorry but theres not a single thing u can say to make me like him. not even in a “well hes terrible but-” way. he has no redeeming qualities.

anonymous asked:

Do you think things were worse behind the scenes of the band than we thought? Like, we knew it was bad but I think most people sort of believed that the boys themselves were okay for the most part? Do you think it was worse than that?

I think things were way worse behind the scenes than most ppl (including me) thought

toys-of-dukeness  asked:

List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore♥

Thank you for the ask, Dukeさん! I’m super chuffed to be on your list!! I answered this earlier today but let me see if I can find 5 boring things to tell you about my sim Levi lol

1. He looks really weird, ugly weird, face melting weird, when he’s in woohoo mode! 

2. His waist is smaller than mine (-_- ;)

3. Sometimes I set him and Eren on auto to see what antics they get up to. Eren will raid the trash and Levi is always so disgusted with him…I’m sure they lose relationship points hahahaha

4. Even though he looks sexy when posing; game play Levi is a completely different! Levi dances like a granddad or a drunk uncle and he always pulls that stupid sim face. If my laptop allows me to play properly, I will show you a screen shot!! lol

5. I love Levi so much I used to have a small save of a tiny world, where all 20 sims were Levi clones! One time after some absence, I loaded the game and had no idea which was my ‘main’ Levi lol…


favorite character meme: three emotions ♡ [1/3] happiness