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Harry and the little sleeping boy. 💛 

“We’re gonna sing, very quietly, You & I.”


run away - chase atlantic // home - one direction

1 AM thoughts: Do you think the Lynches are ever comfortable enough together that they put together little impromptu concerts at the Barns like

- Ronan on fiddle, Declan on flute and Matthew on drum bless him

- and they cycle through a couple of reels & jigs, and Ronan is tapping his foot in time and he’s ravishing the violin like no offence but he’s won a whole childhood worth of awards he’s a pro

- and lets be honest Adam and Blue are thrivingTM

- and maybe it’s summer and all the firefly lights are out and the windows are open

- mallory is over for the week, and he’s nursing a scotch to dull the pain of Irish music so near his English ass

- and Opal is spinning around with Blue and Henry and Gansey’s heart is on his gd sleeve

- And Ashley’s there clapping along bc she’s actually great and Declan has chilled tf out with his womanizing

- but adam’s watching ronan

- like by this time adam knows he can sing and play fiddle and guitar and harp (ronan will absolutely never live that down thank you so much matthew for taddling)

- but there’s something to be said for the way Irish music is a Niall injection, and the three brothers might as well be pallbearers, only instead of a coffin, they’re hoisting Niall’s legacy in the air, breathing life back into his memory 

- ronan’s a little wet around the eyes, it’s been so long since he touched an instrument, so long since he loved a melody out of something rather than smashing a noise out of it

- he and declan are perfect they’re so in sync, they don’t even count it in they just breathe together and suddenly there’s music (matthew comes in like a bar late, too loud and excited)

- they play this really soft celtic ballad that Niall used to sing to Aurora but Ronan lowkey (highkey) sings it to Adam 

- and Blue and Gansey are slow dancing and it’s overfuckingwhelming all around

- anyway the lynches aren’t just fighters and I want to see them make something beautiful again (like I know they’re capable, Matthew and Aurora speak for themselves tbh)

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i’m hella picky and weird about my fics but yep. alright, i probably forgot stuff but y’know it’s okay. just go read @niallspringsteen and @vvitchseason‘s fics and you’ll be set. anyway here is the rest:

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My mom's Thoughts on You and I.
  • *video starts and Niall walks out*
  • Mom: What happened to his head? I thought he was one of the normal ones.
  • Me: He is normal don't be mean.
  • *Niall starts singing*
  • Mom: What horrible lip syncing.
  • Mom: Seriously his hair, I would at least cut it in the front.
  • *Niall turns into Liam*
  • Mom: See I like his hair, should shave his face though.
  • Me: No he shouldn't he looks good.
  • Mom: Is he a criminal?
  • Me: No.
  • Mom: That shirt makes him look fat.
  • Me: Shut up he's not fat.
  • Mom: I didn't say he was fat I just said that shirt makes him look fat.
  • Me: Just watch.
  • *Liam turns into Harry*
  • Mom: See he needs a belt other wise his pants would fall down.
  • Me: I doubt that.
  • Mom: What's wrong with his hair?
  • Me: His hair is fine.
  • Mom: He looks like he is in pain
  • Me: It was like -50 in that pier.
  • *Camera pans away from Harry*
  • Mom: Where are they going?
  • Mom: You forgot the boy!
  • Mom: Look now he has to run like a lost puppy, back to the camera.
  • *Harry turns into Zayn*
  • Mom: Is this the one I like?
  • Me: Yes.
  • Mom: Good he seems the most normal so far in this video.
  • Mom: Why are they all wearing the same sweater?
  • Mom: It doesn't look good on any of them, except H-A-I-R-Y. Did you see what I did there?
  • Me: Ha-ha very funny.
  • *Zayn turns into Louis*
  • Mom: He's gonna be bald by the time he's 30.
  • Me: Mom! No he is not!
  • Mom: yes he is just look at his hairline, he's gonna be bald with a beard.
  • Mom: That pier looks disgusting.
  • *Louis turns into Harry*
  • Mom: Look its Hairy!
  • Me: Stop talking mom.
  • *Camera starts to zoom out then in*
  • Mom: The camera is leaving him again!
  • Mom: The camera man has realized his mistake and is coming back to him.
  • Mom: I don't need to be this close to his face...
  • Mom: Oh is eyes are pretty at least.
  • *Camera zooms out and the boys and still frames are there.*
  • Mom: look its all of them!
  • *The boys walk into themselves*
  • Mom: That's cute.
  • *Boys walking and go into themselves at times*
  • Mom: Neil did a failed cartwheel.
  • Me: Niall.
  • Mom: Whatever.
  • Mom: Zayn just pushed Liam to the ground... rude.
  • Me: He'll live.
  • *Niall blows up balloon and it goes over the edge*
  • Mom: That's called littering.
  • Mom: Now a bird will probably eat that and die.
  • Me: No it won't
  • * Niall climbs on seat thing and looks like he will jump for a second*
  • Mom: No Niall! Don't jump you can get out of the band there are other ways.
  • *Liam pulls out box and Louis jumps on top*
  • Mom: Yes baldy enjoy your hair flowing in the wind while you still have it.
  • *Zayn kicks a ball out from nowhere*
  • Mom: Yes Zayn, kick the ball to your hoodlum friends.
  • Me: They aren't hoodlums, just watch.
  • *Louis kicks the ball into the air*
  • Mom: Go over the side, Go over the side, Go over the side
  • *Ball doesn't go over the side*
  • Mom: Damn it.
  • Mom: The camera is going away again!
  • *Video ends*
  • Mom: Well play it again so I can listen to the music this time.
  • Me: *Plays again*
  • Mom: Well that want bad, and no one was dressed like a girl, and they weren't on a bridge about to jump.
  • Me: They wouldn't have jumped, and dad liked Zayn dressed as a girl.
  • Mom: Don't talk about your father and Zayn i'm not competing with a man wearing a women's skirt.
  • *Mom walks away to go yell at my dad again for that.*

i decided to put all of em in a photoset cause flowers and 1d was cute in my head, if you wanna look at it all individually tho just click their names

harry || liam || niall || louis

anonymous asked:

I've been away for the last week and with no internet and I was just wondering if I could get a brief summary instead of delving into the terrifying depths of update accounts in twitter

here is what you need to know.

Louis has been suffering from a bad case of fondytis;

we are unsure if its curable at this point

Zayn has been channeling Johnny Depp in Cry Baby

and just generally looking like a museum piece in this crazy thing we call life

Niall is your god

and continues to regale us with riveting twitter tales

Liam is the president of the jorts movement

External image

and rocking some sweet sweet 90s dance moves to go with them

External image

and that leaves us with Harry

a cute little dream boat

External image

who likes to imitate his spouse

and looking adorable in jazzy new prints

a beautiful curly wonder

protect this boy at all costs

and I shall leave you with the boys looking super thrilled about winning some teen choice awards, taste the excitement


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The way harry look at Niall ! Gifsss pleaszzzzzzzz

i have several thousand narry pics and gifs on my laptop (no joke) so i just picked what was under my 800 pics on my phone

those are not only gifs though. credit to the gif and pic owners

here we go

look at the content smile on his face just by looking at niall

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