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so this is my first time watching Martin's Interview when the interviewer asks "..why do you think they love each other" (I mean, I saw it couple of times in gifs) but OHMYGOD I'm laughing so hard. He explained everything about 'ppl with the same sex being attracted to each other' etc for a few moment and then it mixed up with friendship and then I started losing it when he did the *TAKE A DEEP BREATH* "yeah.. I dont know..I dont know.." 😂 like, I just cant..

I love that interview, it’s just priceless.
Like, you can see how he starts to freak out in the exact moment the interviewer asks him “ why do you think they love each other so much?”

then he starts to ramble about how two same sex people can be super best bros forever like

then we get to the best part  –> Martin I AM JUST IN IT Freeman. His face at the end is just…

He just wants to run and hide from that question forever. Look at the poor thing.

The one thing Martin did though, which seems to be underrated:

In the scene where Culverton Smith is yabbering on in front of those kids, Martin’s acting is AMAZING. He goes from “ok let’s see what weird hairbrained shit Sherlock is on about now”, then as John himself questions Culverton, by the end of it he looks at Sherlock in total agreement like - 

“Ok, yeah. This guy is fucking suspect as fuck. Let’s take this guy down.”

He CAN do whole sentences with a look, that’s fucking marvellous

If Everett Ross meets Doctor Strange to discuss how to treat The Avengers.

Dr.Strange: I don’t care. Do as you want.
Ross: You do not care, eh? You wear that weird costume and just look like one of them, and you’re saying you don’t care? How amazing.

(And I want the both of them to start hating each other hahahaha)

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I like Martin, but a friend showed me a post about the horrible things he's said and now I'm unsure.

Hi nonnie!
I know just the post they linked you to (ten bucks says it’s @yourfaveisproblematic ).

And all I can say is that
a) that tumblr is a load of bs. When you look at Martin’s entry, 90 percent comes from one supposed article from the Daily Mail. Which should raise red flags immediately as it is an untrustworthy source at best. And this is putting it mildly. But if you know Martin, you will also know that he wouldn’t give them an interview if his life depended on it. Much less invite the writer to his home to continue the interview because time ran out and he enjoyed it so much, as the “article” claims.

And b) - in the end go with your gut about a person and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. When it comes to Martin, he can seem harsh in writing, but watch the interviews and vids and decide for yourself. As oftentimes, humour doesn’t translate well in writing so he can come across as harsh and seemingly egotistical when you just read the quote. But most of the time he’s the first to put himself down and state things in a self depreciating and ironic way.

So go and have fun with the videos and articles that aren’t from The Daily Mail ;)

Body Positivity

(I know it isn’t my blog theme but you’ll see the link with Sherlock)

You are beautiful, you may not look like someone you find beautiful, but you are. Let’s take as an exemple Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch.  

Now, we can all agree that they are stunningly beautiful, but…they don’t look a thing a like. 

One of them is short, the other tall, one of them’s got killer cheekbones, the other has got defined ones but they aren’t what you see first, but, he doesn’t need as defined ones to be beautiful, it’s not a flaw, it’s just how is body is constructed. 

They are both beautiful in a way that it’s kinda breathtaking, but, they look nothing a like. Just because I find that Martin Freeman is the most beautiful being on this planet, doesn’t mean I can’t think the same for Benedict Cumberbatch 💕 

You don’t need to look like your friends to be beautiful, you are stunningly beautiful too. 

I have a confession to make publicly. There is an aspect of myself, my identity and my sexuality that I have been in denial about for a long time now, but I finally feel like I have the courage to be open about it.

Those who know me well, know me best, probably already suspect what I am about to impart - partially because of the things I have been reblogging and the tumblr accounts I have been following of late, and partially because it is something that fits so well with the undercurrent of who I am.

It is hard to be candid about this - there are people in this world who would disapprove, even see my life as forfeit for what I am about to confess. But I feel I can suffer in silence no longer. It is time to come clean about who I truly am, the opinions of others be damned. I know those who matter most to me will still love and support me regardless.

It’s time to come out.


My name is Rhiannon and I am a Cumberbitch and Johnlock shipper

Like yeah I know he’s a weird looking otter alien elf cheekbones thing but LOOK LOOK LOOK HOW CUTE






*Is totally, completely, unbelievably unfollowed by everyone in the entire world ever*


“Looks like you’ve gone and got yourself in a fix again, baby brother.”

“Hector? You’re not supposed to….you can’t be here. They’ll find you and lock you up!”

“That’s none of your concern, is it, Little Lester? All I want from you right now are their names.”

“Who….Whose names?”

“Everyone who has ever hurt you since the day that I left.”

“That’s, um…. Jeez, Hector, that’s gonna be a whole lotta names.”

“Well, then. Good thing I’ve got a lot of bullets. Give me their names, Lester. Now, please.”

martin freeman in startup: running on a treadmill, his white t-shirt clinging to the skin, his jaw tense, his collarbone exposed, his hair looking darker, damp with sweat at the nape of his neck

me: this is the hottest thing i’ve ever seen in my life

martin freeman in startup, two minutes later: saying things like get back on the horse or do you wanna go to jail, or because friends shAre, and shuT Up, you don’t talk OVER ME, YOU DON’T DO THAT, and then snapping his fingers and talking very very quietly and it’s like seeing a jaguar moving through the tall grass, all effective grace, soundless and inevitable, and i have never seen a jaguar in my life but now i know, now i know how it must feel to undertand that you’ll be eaten alive, and to be petrified, because you want to, you want to die by his mouth

me: rosalía what the fuck

John Watson: Still-Life

Watercolour and colour pencil

I rang the doorbell of 221b Baker street with my watercolour supplies in hand.

John answered the door and I asked him if I could possibly visit the rooms and draw some of his things.

He was , of course, hesitant at first but finally let me in. I had a look around the flat, trying my best not to bother Sherlock and John in the kitchen, trying to find things that were representative of John. I then made myself comfortable on the sitting room sofa and painted this.

So I’ve been taking a technology class at school and currently we’re learning to use photoshop effectively.

It all started with this:

when I learned you could move bits of the face around to other places.

So naturally, I thought, hey! lets try it out on some celebrities, this ought to be a good laugh.

BAM BITCHES. many laughs. but what about on a guy?

Okay, I admit. Not as good as my last one. Maybe Jared’ll work better.

Awww baby fetus jared alien padalecki.

They grow up so fast *wipes tear*

This went on for quite a while

yes, quite a while. 

Until I thought - ‘hey, maybe I should take movie screenshots and do those!’ It seemed like an awesome idea. the thing about screencaps is that you get more of a natural face because the person isn’t posing, so I thought I would give it a shot. I decided to start with Harry Potter.

I don’t know what this looks like but it makes me laugh, so naturally, I continued.



Not my best work here but.. yeah

And then, going through the characters in the movie, I came to…


Like, I remember the good old days when I was all blissfully ignorant of fandoms and shipping and now I’m just sitting here in my room screaming over the first toss Kageyama ever sent to Hinata and that time when Steve ripped that fucking stump in half and Tony totally got a boner and they’re so mom and dad just like daisuga and then there’s the anamoly that is tanahina just fucking me up and the way Chat looks at Ladybug like she’s just the greatest fucking thing that ever happened to him and just Martin Freeman and Ash and Serena’s fucking CHILDHOOD MEETING and the fact that my otp naruhina has fucking sunshine babies and I just can’t escape from tumblr or ao3 and there’s just too much and I’m FUCKING DROWNING IN FANDOM HELL AND EVERYONE IS GAY AND STRAIGHT AND IN LOVE AND THE BROTPS ARE SO STRONG AND I JUST KEEP FINDING ALL THESE RARE PAIRS AND JUST FUC KING HAL P M E !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ahahahaahahahahaahhahhhaahaha! Couldn’t stop laughing at the idea of Jim Moriarty in Ace Ventura’s tutu! Look at his little face - bless him! I’d like to see the whole of Sherlock filmed in this way ❤️❤️❤️


I’m so disappointed. Sherlock fandom LOOK AT YOURSELF. This is childish and ridiculous, and I am disgusted with many of you guys. I thought this is the greatest fandom, full of the greatest people. I thought this was the fandom where we all supported eachother and the creators of the show no matter what. After all WE ALL KNOW how much work they have done for us. I came to tumblr to find someone who could talk with me about the final episode like a grown up and what do I find? I find so so many fans behaving like five year olds. You have sunken so deep, I can hardly believe it.

I find you sending hate to those who have given you all they have and more, but still you are saying it isn’t enough. I never knew that this fandom I once loved is full of greedy, selfish people. Have you ever actually thought that those people out there used their MONEY and TIME and all their CREATIVITY to give you something special. But you… you keep complaining about how your little ‘puppets’ didn’t dance in the way you wanted them to. AND THIS IS COMING FROM A JOHNLOCK SHIPPER.

I am a bisexual johnlock shipper, yes it would have been lovely to see some lqbt. But there’s something you don’t understand. SHERLOCK WASN’T YOUR FANFICTION. I can’t believe you actually thought that all those little ships would become canon. Like you actually thought it would happen??? The most brilliant fandom is ironically so blind to see the reality, to see how this goes. Let me tell you something, ships are fantasy. They are little fantasies your silly little minds created and that was totally fine until those same silly little minds forgot the reality. You got mad because the actual creators of the show, people who are why this show exists, didn’t follow those little fantasies.

Pathetic. Ungrateful. Disgusting.

Yes. Season 4 was different. Different writing, different settings… If you think it wasn’t your style anymore and you didn’t like it, fine. That’s fine and I totally understand.
But don’t you dare to call yourself a fan if you are hating on people who made this show possible. If you are, let me ask you something.. Who do you think you are?

I am sad. I am sad because I know this is the end of this series and fandom. I know you are sad too. But do you think that all the hate will give you what you want? Would you give special gift to an ungrateful?
Me neither.

We should be supporting each other, we are broken. Don’t blame the series. Blame those who write with bitter words of hatred and spread the unwanted negativity.

I am 100% sure there are other people who share these emotions, I am with you and I know how you feel. There are people who aren’t spreading hate, I am proud of you.

Take a look at yourself and think.

When you focus on bad things, you never quite see the good ones.
We got Parent!lock, we got super extra umbrellaswordgunthingy, we got Moriarty…. We got these and so much more!
We got Sherlock and John back in 221b solving crimes, like we always wanted. And we got hope. It is possible we will see them again. How isn’t that enough?


My Best Friend (Tom Hiddleston) CHAPTER 4

Chapter 1 2 3

I know you’ve been waiting a while and I’m so sorry that this has taken a long time, but its here now so :) enjoy my beautifuls xx I don’t know why it doesn’t seem that long to me but it’s over 2,000 words. 

Recap: I just lied to Tom Hiddleston, my best friend, the man that my heart truly belonged to- shut up, it’s never happening - but that night. God what have I just done?


It’s been almost two weeks since I walked out the door of Tom’s house, I never even went to go see my ex, I just went straight home and cried until my eyes were so swollen I could barely see and was walking in walls. Without Tom my life feels so dull as if theres no excitement, nothing to look forward to. I’m surprised I’ve even lasted thing long in not crawling back to his apartment and begging for his forgiveness - pathetic, I know. 

I’ve been doing better now though, I open the door to my own apartment and see several empty liquor bottles laying on the floor, clothes hanging on furniture and take out laying on the table from two nights ago. Okay, maybe I haven’t been doing better, maybe it’s time to go back and apologize. Pulling my apartment door shut and locking the mess behind it away from me I hear footsteps come up behind me, figuring it’s a neighbor I mumble “good afternoon” cringing at the raspiness of my voice from barely talking these days. I turn around after pulling my key out and am met with a large bouquet of red roses, my eyes narrow, those aren’t real. They’re chocolate roses! I look up and my breath hitches as I make eye contact with a disheveled yet overly handsome Tom. “Good afternoon” his deep voice rumbles and my mouth parts open slightly. “I-I…I was just going to uhm see you” I clear my throat as I take in his appearance, simple jeans, a black shirt and a blue hoodie. 

The corners of his lips tilt up in a ghost of a smile and tilts the bouquet towards me looking at me expectantly. I slowly take them hesitantly, “t-thankyou” I curse myself for stuttering like a complete nincompoop. “Uhm” this is the part where I invite him inside and show him how perfectly fine I’d been living on my own except…well, I can’t. “Are you going to invite me in? So we can talk..” Tom finally says seeing my hesitation and I turn around looking at my door unlocking it, I peek through and hold back a groan. “Maybe we shoul-” I get cut off by Tom pushing the door open from behind me and the mess of my apartment revealed. I walk inside ashamed and he closes the door behind him glancing at the bottles on my floor and empty packs of cheetos stuffed into an empty ice cream bucket. 

I purse my lips and quickly grab a loose hanging bra hiding it behind my back just as Tom turns to look at me. A frown taking over his handsome features, “Y/N…this is…” “Yeah, I know…I’ve uh, been busy” I say moving around to pick some bottles up. He pulls my arm back noticing the bra in my hand and lifts an eyebrow. I toss it behind me and he pulls me closer looking at me seriously. We both stare at each other silently, simply reading the flashing emotions in each others eyes. He sighs and looks down rubbing his lip with his thumb. I gulp “so, how have you been doing” he looks up at me with a slightly amused glint in his eye but it diminishes quickly. “I’ve been better” he says looking at me with those intense blue eyes. God damn him. 

“Can I get you something to drink…water…I’ve run out of…anything else” I say pausing as I walk towards the kitchen. “Y/N.” I hear Tom say behind me and I turn around again looking at him once more. Our awkward glances lasting longer than before, until my bottom lip starts quivering and tears build up in my eyes. His expression softens before we step closer and grab each other in a tight hug. (gif) I wrap my arms around his neck burying my face against his neck as well as I can with my height taking in his scent that I missed so much. I choke out a sob when I feel him stroke my back then pull me tighter. I run my fingers through his curly hair and we stay like that breathing each other in for what seems like ages. My toes begin to ache from tip toeing to reach not even his height and I slowly begin to pull back. He reluctantly releases me and brings his hands up to my face stroking my cheeks and under my eyes, wiping the mascara that has leaked down. He holds back a chuckle as it smudges even more. I stare into his blue orbs and our faces inch closer slowly…RING RING! Mother Fucker! 

We jump back at the sound of Toms phone and he sighs clenching his fists but pulls it out of his pocket looking at the caller. “I have to take this” he says looking up at me with sad eyes and I nod “I’m going to…pee” I say running to the bathroom locking myself inside and Tom answers the phone. I let out a deep breath and  I look into the mirror. What the fuck just happened. I rub my temples gently and pace back and forth rethinking my whole life. Yes, I’m dramatic. “Get yourself together” I hiss to myself and take in a deep breath. I turn the tap on and cup some water in my hands splashing it on my face. I gasp at the coldness of it and look up seeing my makeup leak down my face worse than ever. I groan, this is not like how it happens in movies. I grab some makeup remover wipes and clean my face scolding myself for being ridiculous. 

What if the phone call was Toms new girlfriend? Does he have a new girlfriend? Was he about to cheat on her?! I let out a frustrated sigh and feel like a crazy person scolding my brain for thinking such things, Tom isn’t like that. I tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear and sit on the edge of my bathtub, unfortunately, me being the clumsy little shit that I am. I fell in. I groan as my head hits the wall as slowly pull myself up. ”Y/N?” I hear quick footsteps and a knock on my door, before Tom even says anything more I yell out “I’m fine, just…I’m fine” I rub the back of my head and open the door looking at a worried Tom. “What was that?” He grabs my head and turns me around examining it. “I just fell Tom, I’m fine…I’m fine” I say slowing down. Toms hands fall from my head and wrap around my waist pulling me close. “I missed you so damn much you have no idea.” 

My heart basically leapt out of my chest and ran up the stairs to heaven because this man just killed me with a single sentence. I lean against him and mumble “I missed you too.” He pulls away and turns me around, “that was Luke…it’s a bit-” “urgent?” Tom looks at me guiltily and I give him a small smile, “go Tom…I’ll be here waiting, we can talk about it later, just go” I say rubbing his cheek and he kisses my forehead making my skin tingle with desire before giving me one last tight squeeze and leaving. I look around my apartment sighing, well while he’s gone I might as well clean up a bit. I bend down starting to pick things up. 

Later in ze evening

I lounge on my couch scrolling through netflix movies sighing as I realized I’ve watched almost everything that I like. I click onto the Sherlock series watching it for a seventh time. Hugging my sausage shaped pillow as I stare at Benedict Cumberbatch’s gorgeous face. Giggling at him and Martin Freeman. I hear my door unlocking and I tense up before I remember that Tom has my spare keys. I relax back into my couch as he walks in and glances at the TV. “Again?” he lifts an eyebrow and I grunt attractively in response. He kicks off his shoes and walks towards me sitting on the other end of the couch placing my feet on his lap. His large hands wrapping around my ankles and squeezing them gently. I look at Tom and he’s already looking at me. 

He grabs the remote and lowers the volume to like one, and I glare at him. “Y/N…you know we need to talk about what happened.” I sigh and look up at the ceiling dreading this conversation. He pauses and I whisper “I never went.” “What?” “I never went to go see him.” I say looking back down at him and I see a flash of happiness or relief in his eyes, “oh, where did you go?” he says looking confused. “Home” I smile and he squeezes my calf. “I see…Y/N I’m sorry I tried to control you…I didn’t intend for-” as soon as I heard a crack in his voice I stopped him and crawled over to his side snuggling against him. “It wasn’t your fault, you were looking out for me, can we leave it behind?” I say as I hug him and nudge my way onto his lap.

 His muscular arms wrapping around my waist comfortably he pulls me against him and kisses my temple appreciatively. I also accepted it appreciatively. “Sure love.” I smile and stay leant up against his chest as he turns the volume of sherlock up. “You should watch a different series, like…The Night Manager” I feel Toms lips curl into a smirk against my head and I scoff. “Puh lease, like I’d want to watch my best friend humping his brains out with his butt hanging out…I see enough of that plastered allover tumblr” I snort. No but really, I didn’t need to see that, not the butt part, I enjoyed that but I don’t need to see Tom grinding it up and thrusting into another woman - though it’s fake, with Tom’s acting it all feels to real for me. 

“It’s more than that Y/N” Tom says cupping my chin making me look up at him. “I know, I’m kidding, maybe I’ll catch up on it sometime but for now I need me some of that Cumberbatch.” I grin and look at the screen. Pretending to squeal and fan girl over Benedict’s long curly hair, I feel Toms arms tighten around me. “I have curly hair too, and Loki’s hair is longer.” “Ew, but it’s you, Mr smelly socks” I grin cheekily up at Tom and he narrows his eyes in mock anger, “Mr smelly socks?” I nod enthusiastically. Big Mistake. He grabs me and pins me on the couch, as he straddles me and digs his fingers into my side causing shrieks and giggles to escape my mouth. “S-Stop” I scream as he tickles me and lets out an evil laugh. Dear God he just turned into Loki.

 I laugh uncontrollably and squirm beneath him accidentally managing to hit my arm against his…area. I hear Tom groan loudly before pulling away holding his crotch. I gasp “Tom oh my god I’m so..sorry” I can’t help giggle a bit, yes I know it hurts, but I’m that person that laughs before helping you up if you fall. “Are you okay? I know I’m laughing which makes me seem like a huge arsehole right now but I’m genuinely worried about your baby maker” I bite my lips trying to stop the giggles from escaping and Tom glares at me. I shriek as he lunges for me and scramble off the couch running towards my table. I get around one end and Tom is at the other following my every move. I laugh hesitantly, “now now Tom…think about this.” He smirks and runs around the left side and I squeal trying to get away running into my bedroom where he tackles me and we land on my bed. 

“Oof” I huff out as Tom pins me down once more, “You’re heavy” I scrunch my nose and he grins down at me “it’s all muscle darling.” I roll my eyes and I scream as Tom raises his fingers threateningly. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” I say out loud as he wiggles his fingers in the air. “I’ll do anything! I’ll do anything I promise please!” I beg as his fingers inch closer. “Anything?” he raises an eyebrow. I nod quickly and he smiles leaning forward. I see the hesitation in his eyes but I almost choke and die when he whispers “Kiss me.”


I don’t know if anyone’s posted about this already, but I’m just gonna go ahead and submit it for discussion.

So this is a still from The Final Problem, where we get a chance to see Sherlock’s blackboard as the boys are rebuilding the apartment after the whole explosion incident.

The drawings on the board are in reference to one of the short Sherlock stories by good ol’ ACD called, “The Adventure of the Dancing Men”.

The story is about a dude, Hilton Cubitt, who’s married to this American chick, Elsie Patrick, who has this crazy nefarious past full of “very disagreeable associations” and tells Cubitt never to ask her about it, and because he’s a solid dude, he promises not to. That is until Elsie starts getting these weird letters from America with pictures of these little dancing men on them, and Cubitt freaks out and goes to Sherlock for help. Holmes figures out the cipher and translates the final message which says, “Elsie, prepare to meet thy God.” Sherlock runs to Cubitt’s manor and finds that he’s been shot in the heart and killed. Elsie has been shot in the head, but is still alive. The police initially think that the incident was Elsie’s attempt at a murder suicide, but Sherlock does his thing and convinces them that something else happened. He writes a note in the code and has a stable boy take it to a local farm, where a man named Abe Slaney is staying. A few minutes later, Slaney shows up, having thought that the message was from Elsie, and is forced to tell the real story of what happened. Slaney is Elsie’s former fiancé, and came to England to win her back. Cubitt caught him trying to climb in the window and shot at him. Slaney fired back, killing Cubitt. Slaney fled, and Elsie shot herself, though she does recover eventually.

With that in mind, the code on the blackboard in the picture translates to: “Am here Abe Slaney”, which in the original story is one of Elsie’s first notes to Abe in their correspondence.

Here’s what I make of it: Elsie’s life has several parallels to Mary’s. They both have dark pasts that they hide from their husbands. The police originally thought that Elsie was the villain who shot her husband, but discovered that she wasn’t evil after all. In the same way that Elsie shot herself as a means of protecting her husband, Mary threw herself in front of a bullet to protect Sherlock. And I can’t help but notice that John is the one looking at the blackboard in the still, like he’s the one the message is meant for. I’m wondering if this is maybe the writer’s way of hinting that Mary might still be alive?

Just some things I noticed! I’d love to hear any theories anyone else might have!

(long, heavy sigh) here we go again

okay, champs. time for a lesson in problematic behavior. i’ve literally had to copy and paste the same lecture so many times that i feel like i should get it tattooed on my stomach/chest so next time someone needs some education i can just flash them my titties and hit them hard with knowledge because i’m so fucking sick of having to go through every single page of this blog to collect all the same information that all of y'all should know already because the shows/fandoms aren’t in any way subtle about their problematic behavior

  • hijacking posts that have nothing to do with them and adding gif after gif from their shows even after the original poster asks them to stop
  • very problematic, romanticizes mental illness, often calling themselves “sociopaths” so they can be more like Sherlock, which, to people with associative disorders/who are on the Autism Spectrum find really offensive, because they’re making mental illness look like a trendy accessory
  • also says “we belong in an insane asylum” which is also really shitty because they’re comparing themselves to sufferers of mental illness because they watched a show
  • fetishizing homosexuality: only supporting gay marriage so Destiel and Johnlock can become canon; harassing actors about gay ships; hating female characters just because they get in the way of gay ships; harassing the writers (sending death threats to Mark Gatiss for example), harsh stereotyping (thinking that Moffat can’t possibly be homophobic when he’s clearly made homophobic statements because he has one gay friend) 
  • said that their fandoms were “more important than trans rights”
  • sends death threats to individuals who don’t like the shows/don’t agree with their opinions 
  • the shows themselves are very sexist/racist/heteronormative, and then the fans try to justify it/excuse it by saying “but captain jack was GAY! so it’s a LIBERATOR for GAY (men’s) RIGHTS!”when Jack Harkness was actually bisexual (oh look, bi erasure) and his sexuality was made into a fucking punchline 
  • defends the problematic things that the actors say/do (ex: Martin Freeman making rape jokes & calling Lucy Liu an ugly dog, Benedict Cumberbatch misgendering Chelsea Manning and calling her a man (even though she’s a trans woman and goes by she/her pronouns and is THEREFORE A WOMAN) because he disagreed with her opinions about leaking government secrets, and doing something like that on purpose is disgusting and extremely disrespectful, making classist comments about the UK’s education system and saying that students protesting said oppressive education system were “bloody idiots”. Before admitting that he grew up privileged and has no idea what he’s talking about.
  • racism, racism, racism! let’s talk about the shitty representation of people of color in these shows and how the fanbases treat them! SHERLOCK: One singular PoC, Sally Donovan: hated with a passion because she turned Sherlock in for being a shit and doing her actual job as a member of law enforcement, also slut shamed—Sherlock said that her knees were bruised, so she must’ve been “scrubbing Anderson’s floor” (aka having sex with him doggy style) and everyone thought it was very sassy and clever when it was actually extremely sexist. DOCTOR WHO: Martha Jones: generally hated for “trying to be the new Rose” and for “being clingy” when she’s the only companion who loved the Doctor but didn’t rely on him for character development. In the end, she realized that it was time for her to strike out on her own and leave the toxic situation she’d found herself in and left the Doctor in order to become her own woman, and a rather good agent/scientist also. Mickey: forgotten about. Nobody cares about Mickey. And then they make jokes about the fact that they forget him by calling him “the tin dog” (based on a comment someone made ONCE in ONE episode) and ignoring his entire arc of character development (which is a nice arc tbh, rather well written) in favor of poking fun out of the fact that they’re ignoring him. Other Random Side-Characters: there’s been a couple of PoC guest characters from oneshot episodes (ie: Lizzie (from the episode about the Star Whale), Martha’s parents (characterized as assholes and backstabbers), an Egyptian Queen by the name of Nefrititi, perhaps you’ve heard of her because she’s a real historical figure who got completely whitewashed for the episode and was generally useless, the kids Clara babysits (generally useless)). Not to mention that River Song ended up being Cleopatra, as if the whitewashing in this show wasn’t gross enough already. Apparently the new companion is black,which will be nice but let’s remember that he’s only the third PoC companion ever and the show’s been around for 50 fucking years. SUPERNATURAL: Tamara and her husband: dead. Kevin Tran: dead. Raphael: dead. Uriel: dead. Kevin’s girlfriend: dead. Alpha Vampire: dead. Kevin’s mom: not a lot of screen time, and for a while they thought she was, guess what? Dead. Joshua: dead. Remember Bobby’s black Hunting Buddy?: dead. Edgar (leviathan, Latino): dead. Shojo (Japanese monster): dead. The CIA officer who arrested the boys in “Jus in Bello”: dead. Jake Talley: dead. Gordon: dead. Okami (Japanese monster): played by a white woman (oh look whitewashing again! my favorite!) and also dead. 
  • in Sherlock, he makes it clear that he’s asexual, and the fandom often ignores it just so they can write fanfiction about Watson fucking him in the ass (ace erasure)

if you “honestly can’t understand what’s wrong” with sexism, racism, ableism, and classism then you really need to sort out your priorities. 

so yeah. we’re an angry hate blog. why, you ask? because we hate problematic behavior and it makes us angry. and all y'all little nerds need a few minutes in the corner and maybe a cold bucket of water to bring you back to reality