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What would you do to DC if you met him?

well in another world i’d like to give him a good slap but realistically i already have it planned out lmfao i highlighted all the shitty things he said in his autobiography (which i now use to kill bugs in my room, i keep a tally in the back) and if i ever go to a GP i’m gonna carry around that book with me everywhere i go so if i run into him i’m gonna ask him to sign next to every single thing i highlighted and maybe also the insect fatality count just to let him know what he’s worth to me

casual Johnny sketches


Whether by knife or by gun, losing your life can sometimes be fun 🔪


All I fucking want is for someone to explain in what universe, after everything they’ve been through together, does Sherlock point a gun to himself

and John is like

instead of stopping him?!

And in what universe is John fucking drowning

And Sherlock’s like

And people are wondering why are so many fans upset, why they were rooting for this to be a fake episode? Yeah, among other shitload of things, you just basically killed these two characters and everything they used to stand for, for the sake of a soap opera/horror movie plot, no big deal. Why, why do this? If you love these characters you wouldn’t do this. I’m just so sad, this is not “Sherlock” anymore. I have the right to be upset, my favorite show has been mutilated beyond recognition. damn right I’m gonna rant about it.


Owari no Shipping Week: Day 4:  Happy / Smiles / Kisses


shading? never heard of her

also i spent a considerable amount of time cursing under my breath trying to draw this im never drawing kisses again…. ok maybe i will but not any time soon bc wow that was difficult

i think this year only taught me to love the smallest things. okay. okay. so the world is trying to kill us. so the world has succeeded in a few cases.

but in the shower this morning i realized that little girls are going to dress up as ghostbusters this year for halloween. that we have a movie where women save the day and don’t need to look pretty. 

okay. so a human pile of excrement is our republican candidate. but target, lifeblood of my middle-aged mom side - target took a stand for trans rights even though they didn’t have to. ben and jerry’s came out in full and explicit support of black lives matter. small things, i think to myself. how many people stood in the florida heat to give blood in the wake of the orlando shooting. how many people donated time and money to the victims, how the hospitals refused to charge the victims. 

it’s the small things. hamilton sweeps the tony’s with a cast of diverse actors and actresses. pokemon go gives people the chance to make friends and embrace nature. disney responds to public demand, makes mulan right and promises to cast all chinese actors. 

sometimes it’s us. us, our small bodies, just little atoms of resistance, sick of the way things are going, promising ourselves to the void. my school at umass amherst responds to the idea of a clown killer by dressing up in hockey equipment and threatening to hurt anyone who would hurt us; i watch frat boys form teams to get girls home safe just in case. i watch our generation flood the streets after police killings, i watch our footprints refuse to backtrack. i watch peace rallies, christians forming protective rings around muslims praying, young girls demanding better from double standards, protests that swell the streets. 

i think: okay. the storm is trying to swallow us. but we are somehow staying. more than lighthouse, we are the waves, picking up in the face of the wind, laughing, asking the world to keep throwing things at us because we only grow, we only survive, and we still make good out of terrible; carve it out of our own bodies if we have to; but we do it.

we make good. we make good. and it’s pretty incredible.

Bum's Broken Bones

Sorry, I’m taking a bit of time to respond to questions because I want to address them all properly. ^^“

But outside of that I would like to discuss something I’ve been pondering.

In chapter 2, we saw Sangwoo break Bum’s legs with a sledgehammer. Based upon where the bruises, bandages, and swelling was at I’d say he broke/fractured Bum’s tibia/fibula bones and maybe some of the tarsal bones in his ankles. It takes a healthy person to heal from a tibia/fibula fracture around 6 weeks, Bum not having the best medical care, normal sleeping habits, adequate diet, and environmental setting will probably take him few weeks longer.
My main concern isn’t that however, it’s the fact that he’s not receiving proper medical care for his broken bones. Most people have to put braces on (or at least a splint) to make sure the broken bones stay aligned and heal properly. All Bum has is bandages and pain meds. If his bones get misaligned during the healing process (with all the moving and cleaning Sangwoo made him do I wouldn’t doubt it if it had) and stay that way, it can really impair mobility not to mention deform how Bum’s legs look. Bum will probably have to keep using crutches until a doctor can re-break or Sangwoo re-breaks them for Bum and they try to figure out a way to align it themselves.

Or Koogi could take this part of the story in more fictitious way, and by god’s miracle Bum doesn’t misalign his broken bones despite how much Sangwoo slung him around and heals properly and can walk just fine. :’) Idk maybe I’m getting too deep lol, I think about health stuff a lot because I was a nursing major in the past sorry.

Edit: Just read a tibia fracture can actually take longer, up to 4-6 months. The fibula is what can take up to 4-6 weeks.

2nd Edit: My bad Bum’s left leg only got the sledgehammer, his right broke on the fall down the stairs.
A thing of thing 1 and thing2 but not really thing1 and mostly thing 3.

Quick background: Playing first session of Shadowrun 4e, tasked with stealing data from a “secure” facility. Started off with stealth. Followed by sex, murder, infiltration, bluffing and much chaos. After a person was murdered and her corpse and building set on fire and the guards shredded by van mounted machine gun, the GM said:

“The building of fire and stealth but not really stealth and mostly bullets”

The way he said that has now become something of a meme within our group.

PS. Apparently killed 49 people isn’t considered mass murder, because we were one short. Shadowrun.

(Un)lucky Numbers

Humans are weird right? We have weird diets, we don’t know how to let the environment kill us, and we believe the oddest things. Like a day can be unlucky because of a number, or saying something makes it more likely to happen, or certain things bring bad luck. I just don’t see some of these things passing as we go into space.

Alien: Human friend, why have you locked yourself in your room?

Human: Because it’s Friday the 13th.

Alien: What does that have to do with anything?

Human: Bad luck, something always happens. I’m just going to sleep, see you tomorrow.

Alien: I… okay? *walks away perturbed and confused*

Alien: Human friend, have you made contact with your, ah, “Parents” recently?

Human: Shhhhh, don’t say it.

Alien: Say… what?

Human: Nothing, just… nothing.

Alien: … Do you mean, refer to your “pa-”


Alien: But… why?

Human: They’ll call and then I have to deal with them and explain why I ran away to another space ship.

*comm rings*

Human: I’M NOT HERE!

Sold my soul to a three piece(a gravebone playlist)

“…the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell?”

“This is Eng Lit, Jones.”

“…I forgot my glasses.”

Happy birthday @chunbunny​! 

I bet the sexual tension between those two would be unbearable until graduation (6 w 6)


get to know me meme [2/30] shows
supernatural (2005-present)  “ that is exactly why our lives suck. i mean, come on, we hunt monsters! what the hell? i mean, normal people, they see a monster,and they run. but not us, no, no, no, we search out things that want to kill us. or eat us! you know who does that? crazy people! we are insane! ”