things that keep me up at night tbh

a mini masterpost (if you will) to thank you for 150 followers!! [edit: at the time of posting i have 191 followers omg!!] y’all are the sweetest :) also, thank you for the request @glitteratti !! 

01. handwriting (at least for me) makes or breaks a spread

i’ve always found that if my handwriting looks nice and neat, i like the spread so much better regardless of whether it matches/has a theme/whatever. i would say take the most amount of time on your handwriting and maybe you’ll feel more proud of the spread?? idk that’s what works for me lol!

02. don’t worry about making sure you have a theme

ok real talk my bujo spreads literally never have a theme everything is always a riot of color and i just paste/tape/glue/write whatever i feel like into the margins on the sides. i think there seems to be pressure to make sure your spread is super color coded with perfect brush lettering and washi tape that perfectly matches your ink color and tbh those are nice and if that’s ya thing great!! but to me they’ve always seemed unattainable and i never strive for that

03. fill it with what you like!! do what you’re feelin’

it’s your bullet journal. no one else can or should tell you how to create it as it is a representation of yourself (and i’m not trying to do that in this post i’m just offering what works for me!! what works for another studyblr will be completely different). example: i’ve been really into star trek the past few weeks and consequently, my spreads have been full of star trek lmao because right now it’s making me happy!! plus i’ll love to look back one day and remember this feeling and to me my bullet journal is like a low maintenance diary bc u can literally do anything you want with it 

04. don’t be afraid to break your own traditions

i remember thinking at the beginning of my bujo journey that everything had to be perfect and each month i had to create my habit tracker exactly the same and doing one thing differently would stress me out and like,, no! my main advice is do whatever you’re feeling and don’t compare it to others in the community (and i know people have some amazing bullet journals so it’s hard not to compare) but in the end what’s right for them may not be right for u!!

05. update it every night before you go to bed!!

because the request was about remembering to keep it up! tbh i don’t do this as often as i should but one of my daily habit tracker things is “prepared for the next day” and i only check this off if, at the end of the day, my bujo is updated and ready, my lunch is made, my clothes are laid out, and i’m prepared for the day ahead of me and the only reason i ever am prepared is because i’m so vain that i want to fill in all the little circles and cross every item on my list and tbh trying to keep everything organized and neat and that satisfaction of being able to cross something off my to do list is the only reason my bujo functions for me lmao (if anyone is interested my other habit tracker categories are productive (which i only check off if i finished all my to dos), play with my dogs, and duolingo!)

06. when designing your spreads, don’t have a reference image open!

imo this messes with my creativity. if i try to copy someone else’s spread i get frustrated and i always feel like it looks really bad compared to theirs (which is a bad mentality anyway bc u should never compare your work, least of all your creative expression, to another’s like this). however, to clarify, i think taking inspiration from people is a great thing!! i love to look at other people’s bujos and try to incorporate things they’ve done but i don’t think it’s respectful or helpful to copy someone’s style exactly. (also if anyone is interested i could make a lil post about people with great bullet journals?? or maybe i could do bullet journal compliments???? does anyone want this lol i’m just typing as i’m thinking but lmk if i should do bujo compliments!!) also @studyrose ‘s bullet journal is probably my favorite hers are always beautiful and i get a lot of my ideas from her so u should check it out :)

07. maybe make an aesthetics tag?

i have a tag #aesthetic (feel free to check it out!!) of images i reblog (mostly art and photography) that i can look back thru and print out to glue into my bullet journal! it’s super helpful when i don’t have any magazines to clip. i also have an #art tag on my fandom sideblogs (i’m such a nerd i can’t believe i have more than one lamoamo) and i frequently print fanart from them as well!! (just make sure to credit the artist if u post a pic involving their art i used to not do this but then i realized how disrespectful it is so i make sure to tag the artist now lol)

08. it’s okay to take a break from bullet journaling, especially if it’s becoming more of a hindrance than a help. it’s meant to help you organize your life and if it becomes more of a hassle than it’s worth, just take a break. reset. come back for the next monthly spread better than ever.

i have done this many times in the past and you don’t owe an explanation to anyone. it’s meant for you.

hope y’all enjoyed this!! again, lmk (shoot me an ask/message me/talk to me!!) if anyone would be interested in bujo compliments :) thank u for being amazing if you’re reading this i love u!!

xoxo sarah

Uh hello Im kinda nervous posting this, since im not the proudest of my art, I hope you don’t mind me share this with you ;_;. But I drew all four of your guys soulmate ocs since they’re all so great and I didnt know who to give it to since it was all four of you guys. And this my first ever time of me submiting anthing on tumblr. Okay im done rambling i hope you like it \(;^;)/

Oh my sweet lord jesus this is the greatest thing I have seen tBH. *I’M SCREAMING* 


Omg. Okay. OMg. I have no words, this is great! Keep up the fantastic work. You’re amazing. <3

@themissimmortal, @cupnoodle-queen, @nifwrites LOOK AT OUR BABIES


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Tbh, I know there are so many important questions GRRM has yet to answer about ASOIAF, will Dany and Jon bang, will Sansa kill Littlefinger, how will they defeat the Long Night? 

But the question that constantly nags at me is whether Jon is going to ride Viserion or Rhaegal. Like are they gonna go Viserion to mirror Ghost’s albinism and ice dragon imagery? Or are they gonna go with Rhaegal to mirror Jon’s true parentage?

Like these are the things that keep me up at night.

[There’s always a way! Believe in yourself!]

Painted a lil positive Sport last night :0
I know loads of artists have done positive sportacus stuff like this, but he y here have another one :’) Have a great day guys!! <3

Live in Chicago Highlights

Okay lets do this

In order of appearance: 

We’re so Starving:
-I want Ryan to play me like his guitar

Nine in the Afternoon:
-“do you kNOW WHAT I MEAN”

But It’s Better If You Do:
-All of the guitar tbh
-“And I wouldn’t be caught DEAAAAAAD”

-All the back up vocals. All of them.
-“You’re a regular decorated emergencEEEEEEE”
-“Just sit bahck” when did Ryan become British
-“Sit baAAAACK”
-The chick yelling “Ryan”

She’s a Handsome Woman:
-A Rock and Roll Song™

The Only Difference:
-“Don’t you seEE”
-Spencer’s mic

Behind the Sea:
-“Lets get a lil atmosphere goin”
-“Or Lake Michigan” “that’s way prettier”
-That low ass note B starts on
-Brendon’s lil “yay!"s

Lying is the most fun:
-"Lets get these teen hearts beating faster fastahr” lmao thanks ry
-“Where was it we lAST LEFT OFF?”
-(“Oh pick up, pick up”)
-*sighs the word fuck"
-“Hold a lover clooooooooose”

I constantly thank god for Esteban:
-So slo
-(I just really wanna be able to play guitar as well as Ryan)
-“Douse the LIiIiIiIGHTS”
-“Just stay where I can see you douse the LiIIIIIIIIIIIGHTS”
-“Don’t you get it baby don’t you move”

That Green Gentleman:
-/Guitar fills/
-(“Things have changed for me!”) bless ry
-“Hey that’s okay, I’m on my way and I’ll SAYY”
-“Things have changed for meEEe”

There’s a good reason:
-“You guys like Jazz at all?” (all of this part tbh)
-VOICE so deep????
-“Woooah *gasp*”
-(“keep up!”)
-*less certain “JAZZ HANDS”*
-“You can’t stahnd it” return of Ryan The British Boy™
-”And I know and I know it just doesn’t feel LIKE A NIGHT UP WITH NO ONE –SIZING YOU UP"

Folkin Around:

I write sins:
-“Oh!” *giggles*
-tambourine so fast wow

Northern Downpour:
-Ry’s intro wtf
-“I see your lighters and cell phones”
-“There you go”
-“Northern Downpour sends its love // I Love You”
-“I know the worlds a broken bone, but melt your headaches call it home <3”(i want to die)
-Like everyone is doing backup vocals
-“Come on Chicago!”
-“There we go”
-*cheering* *cheeky tambourine* *louder cheering*

Time to Dance:
-The crowd doing the “dododo"s
-“Have some composure where is your postuUuUuUre”
-“You sure, you sure?”
-“We got Mr Spencer Smith playing the drums”
-“Your hometown boy Jon Walker on the bass”

Pas De Cheval:
-The other Rock and Roll Song™
-How the fuck do guitars work
-“Imagine knowing meEEEE OHH”
-“You’ll never know until you’re thEEERREEE”
-“This is one of the most fun playing live I’ve had with this band”

Mad as Rabbits:
-”I wanna see a lot of love in the crowd, I wanna see hugs and kisses andgreat things like that" RY YOURE SO GAY
-“yOU WERE A MAP!” [[harmony!!!]]
-(ry what the fuck are you playing)
-“I LOVE YOU (I can’t tell what the fuck brendon says but same)”
-The “WAHHHH” that endlessly scares the shit out of me
-*casual goodbye*

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Hey! Love the art! Widowtracer is, in my opinion, one of the best things ever! All I wanted to ask was where did you learn how to draw and how long did it take to master your craft?

Aw buddy….I am no where near being a master of my craft at all. XD in fact every time I’m trying to draw an idea, I think “idk what im am I gonna pull this off??” And hope that something close to it takes shape after hours of figuring it out. >w< tbh it keeps me up at night that I’m still so far from where I wanna be…but doing my best rn to get a bit closer at least! I’d love to draw professionally for a living but I still got a lot of git-gud-ing to do..

I learned how to draw by doodling on my own growing up…and then I studied with several teachers for a few years. ^^

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i love you all on discord, but damn its so hard to keep up lmao. i'm not witty or charismatic and i wont write smut. you guys are too mucuh haha.

I’m sorry you’re having a hard time keeping up friendo. I don’t know if it’s any consolation, but sometimes things I say get lost in the speed of the chat too. And tbh I am a giant hot mess but everyone is so sweet and kind to me. I actually just had a nightmare last night that I got an anonymous ask that said something along the lines of “I don’t like you and I’m glad you’re not around to annoy me on discord for a while.” Everyone has insecurities and wants to fit in, even me and I am one of the admin 😂 so don’t fret sweet anon, I guarantee you’re treasured. Just because you don’t write smut doesn’t mean we don’t like having you around!

So yeah, this has been a weird week – and I’ve had more than my fair share of weird weeks.  But none have involved straight up aliens!  We’re talking total world-domination-invasion kind of aliens.  And for those keeping score at home, they’re called the “Dominators” and NO, I did not get to name them. SMH.

Things were looking pretty grim, but part of me was, admittedly, a little excited for a “reunion” of old friends (shout-out to my Star City peeps!).  You might say I’ve been feeling a bit like an “alien” in my own life lately – there are just so many secrets! I mean, we got Caitlin trying to hide her frosty inclinations. How do you keep that quiet? (Hint: you can’t). And then there’s Barry.  I’m still bugging out about how all this time he’s known Dante’s death is on him. Even though I’ve tried to accept the realties of Flashpoint, Barry’s apologies are starting to sound like a broken record.  And it doesn’t make me feel any less alone in all of this. Safe to say, I was in dire need of some extraterrestrial distraction. We all put all our woes on the back-burner and teamed up to stop the Dominators. Best part? I got to powwow with my girl Felicity! She is the Gail to my Oprah, the Sam to my Frodo.

Now, with zero experience dealing with said aliens, I realized I needed to do some, shall we say, research. Bring on the Netflix! While the others were busy training, I snuck off and threw myself a little extraterrestrial movie marathon. I polished off all the essentials: Men In Black, ID4, Star Trek (Abrams style), E.T.  (holla at my boy Spielberg ), and a few classic Marvin The Martian shorts – because, who doesn’t love that little guy?  And of course, no movie marathon would be complete without a giant sack of Big Belly Burgers.  It was an awesome, epic night.  Well, sorta.

TBH, it was a bit lonely. I would have totally dug it if Kara (Barry’s alien friend–-but not the freaky destroy-your-world-and-eat-your-brains type) could have joined me.  And no, it’s not because I want to see if she has any friends she could set me up with on Earth-38 (well, maybe a little…)! It’s just that I’ve never watched alien movies with an actual alien.  Like, would she root for the alien invaders or their human counterparts? These are the things that keep me up at night.  Regardless, I got some good pointers from the flicks (totally going to start working on one of those flash-memory-erasing-pens from MIB — I would love to mess around with HR) and I’m pretty sure channeling my inner-Ripley helped in our quest to save the world.

If I learned anything from my binge-athon, though, it’s that the only way to overcome darkness is to stick together. Times may be frakkin’ crazy right now and nothing may sound better than building a fort and watching Marvin the Martian cartoons until the darkness passes, but the truth is that now is when we need friends the most. Nobody is perfect. Not even superheroes. Not even best friends. I don’t need to vibe anything to see that.

So, the world is saved. No biggie. But now it’s time to celebrate. I was thinking of hosting another movie night, except this time all my BFFs are coming (and I’m making Barry bring the popcorn). It’s gonna be out of this world!

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Did you do anything for the solstice?

No, I rarely ever do tbh, I’m bad with planning and timing these sorts of things. Yesterday was also a very bad day for me to do anything - I have been sleeping awfully lately due to my anxiety / panic attacks keeping me up, and I fell asleep right after work and woke up later in the night.

I wish I was more involved in the solstices, because I think they’d be cool to celebrate, but I just, don’t most of the time. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hi, Ailu! I remember finding your artwork about nearly a whole year ago on DeviantArt, and I immediately fell in love! I just wanted to let you know that your art is amazing and I will continue to support you! Please have a nice day/night.

ADSDSFGDDH shit this really did light up my day— Thank you so much i flove yuo 

i flove you is a thing now—

I’m glad to have ppl like you following/supporting me tbh, cause honestly this is what makes me want to keep drawing 

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ByaHisa for the askmeme?

Who worries about what they will look like when they are older?

Neither. I mean, it’s canon that the entire Kuchiki clan is like…unfairly good looking, so Byakuya doesn’t have anything to worry about. Hisana doesn’t give a shit what she’ll look like as an old lady as long as she lives long enough to become an old lady. 

Who hogs the blankets?

Hisana. Definitely Hisana. 

(“…you know, this is rather unfair of you, Hisana. I mean, if we’re going by body size, I should be the one to get the majority of the blan–”

“Shut up.”)

Who eats the others uneaten pizza crusts?

Hisana. Apparently nobles are ‘too good for pizza crust’ or some shit.


“I am not–

“First sandwich crusts and now pizza crust too? I don’t know how anyone finds you intimidating.”)

Who is more likely to cry over a sad book or movie?

Realistically? Hisana. But I have to admit the mental image of Kuchiki Byakuya crying over a sad movie is rather amusing to me. 

(“…are you crying?

“Certainly not. What is there to be sad about? Just because the dog died–” *sniffs* “–after serving the family so…so faithfully and–”

“Byakuya, would you like a hug?”

“…yes, please.”)

Who talks smack while playing video games?


(“Muahahaha prepare to choke on that blue shell, Byakuya–”

“You think that is enough to prevent my victory? Your optimism is endearing but ultimately futile. My success is inevitable, love; it is only a matter of time.”

“Sorry, what did you say? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of your impending defeat–”)

Who sings along with the radio?

Byakuya. He likes to quietly hum along to his favorite songs; during those moments, Hisana usually just closes her eyes and listens to the sound of his voice.

Who would enter them both into a talent show?


(“I can’t believe you entered us into a talent show. Really, Byakuya?”

“Do not worry, Hisana. With my artistic talent and skill in stand-up comedy, our performance will be unforgettable.”

“…that’s what I’m worried about.”)

Who would accidentally set the kitchen on fire while cooking?


(“For the last time Byakuya, no, you cannot use kido to ‘speed things up’!”)

Who would throw the other into a pool?


(“You’re not nearly as funny as you think you are, you know.” 

“On the contrary, I am hilarious. Now hold still; the WSA is doing a calendar on ‘dripping-wet captains of the Gotei 13′ and I need to do my part.”)

Who shops for groceries?

Hisana. She sent Byakuya once. She never did again.

(“Byakuya, dearest, when I told you to go grocery shopping I didn’t mean buy the entire store.”)

Who kills the spiders?

Neither. Hisana makes sure every spider found inside the house is carefully and gently set outside.

(“That’s it, go on. Make sure to catch lots of mosquitoes for me, yeah? There’s a ton by the pond, more than enough to keep you happy and well-fed. Don’t disappoint me now; I expect you to do your part in making this world a less buggy place.”

“Hisana, are you giving that spider a pep talk again?”)

Who is the morning/night person?

Tbh both of them are the type who go to bed super late but also get up at like 6 in the morning. 

Who proposes?

Byakuya, although it was a close thing. And by ‘close’, I mean that Byakuya spent so long planning the perfect proposal that Hisana got fed up and decided to take things into her own hands. By which I mean that she got down on one knee and got as far as “Byakuya, will you mar–” before Byakuya panicked and flash-stepped out of the room. 

(He returned with the ring, btw)

I’m tempted to start a side blog where all I do is write. Write about the things I’m passionate about, and the things that scare me. About what makes me mad and what keeps me up at night. Things that don’t get talked about enough, or maybe are talked about too much. Thoughts that sit in my mind for days, weeks, months. But like most things I’m “tempted to start”, I probably won’t lol

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Hahahaha nice! I think you can find value in dreams but when I'm asleep, "dream rules" apply and things happen. Louis usually doesn't like me for an unknown reason. Harry and I are buddies/coworkers. Niall is usually surprisingly intelligent and (he has explained the history of the Irish troubles to me at a pub with our mutual friends (???) and the other night I had to keep him from ruining a wedding so we helped rescue some refugees.) Liam doesn't show up very often. Ben Winston was the worst.

i’m having a great time reading these 😂😂😂 and i think niall sounds fairly true to form tbh

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roy mustang?

❤️Roy Mustanggggg❤️

Only the sexiest anime character that ever was?

1: sexuality headcanon: He’s totally bi. He loves women, but he will fuck the hell out of the right guy. Totally did Hughes back at the academy and totally did Ed when he turned 16.

2: otp: RoyEd 100000%. Steel and Sparks, ride or die.

3: brotp: omg I wanna say two: Hughes and Riza. Soldier things.

4: notp: RoyAi. No offense to those who dig it, and canon wise, obviously it’s credible. But tbh it does nothing for me.

5: first headcanon that pops into my head: Had several, sorry! He guzzled coffee like his life depended on it, because he was up so late at night doing what he considered his real work: surveillance in the state. After the Promised Day he keeps obsessive tabs on Ed (and Al) with contacts in Risenbool. Dr Marco did restore his eyesight, but it wasn’t 20/20, and Roy is now farsighted. Because he went through the Gate and practices Fire Alchemy, he is by default the most powerful Alchemist in Amestris.

6: favorite line from this character: “When I, who am called a ‘weapon’ or a ‘monster’, fight a real monster, I can fully realize I’m just a human.”

7: one way in which I relate to this character: He likes dogs? Not much beyond that.

8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: My major crush on him. I’ve had one since 2003. Roy Mustang is *sex on legs*- wow.

9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave?: Problematic fave, for sure lol

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things I now think about too much: what happened during Anders' harrowing. How did he deal with it. What demons did he face. These are the questions that keep me up at night.

(Whoops, my fingers slipped. This is based on the headcanon that this codex entry from DA:I pertains to Anders’ Harrowing. Tbh I’ve never actually seen a fic detailing his Harrowing, so now there is one. Dialogue is also borrowed heavily from the magi origin because most of it is probably the same, given how the Chantry likes their speeches and rituals and rites and whatnot)

[Also on AO3]

It was the middle of the night when Anders was harshly woken and all but dragged from his bed. Even in his half-asleep stupor, he knew what was coming. He was of age, and he’d known it would come eventually. The Harrowing. As much as he feared it, the fact that they were taking him meant that, despite all his trouble making, at least he wouldn’t be made Tranquil. Whatever this ritual entailed, even if it meant his death, it must have been preferable than being made a soulless husk. The blonde held on to that thought as the Templars kept him moving, trying to ignore his heart threatening to burst through his ribcage.

Keep reading

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tell me about yourself tell me about something awkward/embarrassing tell me about a funny story or something tell me about your favourite meme tell me a secret

Haha, all right, I guess that’s one way to interpret that post :)

  • Oh boy, what’s there to tell, I’m anything but interesting, haha. I enjoy reading, drawing, writing, watching anime, listening to music, playing games. I love food, flowers, nature, the night sky. I’m a curious person, and I love learning new things. I love talking to people but I suck at keeping conversations going. I’m a bit of a goofball. Umm.. that’s all I can come up with for now. 
  • Tbh my entire life has been awkward/embarrassing so I don’t feel the need to specify :))
  • I can’t think of any funny stories right now, I’m so sorry :(
  • I don’t think I have a favourite meme.. I’ve never been such a fan of memes, I often don’t understand them, haha. I guess the spongebob meme that has been going around is kinda fun. I also feel like there’s a phrase in the Haikyuu!! fandom that has become sort of a meme and I can’t help but laugh every time I encounter it. (For those who are curious, it’s “you should’ve gone to Shiratorizawa”)
  • A secret: even though this blog might make me seem kinda cool, I’m actually really lame and boring. Gotta get that out there, I don’t like deceiving people whaha (sorry that’s the only thing I could come up with lol I told you I wasn’t interesting)

I hope you got to know what you wanted to know. Have a nice day ^^

(it’s anon/honesty hour!)

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Hey Prim!! So I went to prom w this guy and we were just going as friends but the night seemed really romantic like we had a couple close slow dances and he would pull me aside sometimes and try to teach me these other dances and stuff. But it's been a couple months and we've rarely talked since that night. I know he's kind of shy in some ways but I kinda thought he liked me and now I'm not so sure, and my feelings for him keep growing. What do you think of all this?

hi there! aww im glad u had a fun time last prom! anyways, the way i see things maybe he’s just a little overwhelmed or maybe even shy! it will not hurt to say hi tbh, go send him a lil what’s up, how’s it going! i hope it all works out, luv you! 🍑

the thing about asip that fucks me up sometimes though is like, did sherlock ever do that sort of thing with other people? i mean he did it with faith? and john? how often was he out here trying to sweep sad lonely people off their feet? or men, especially? or was he always rebuffed immediately? i think he was shocked john actually showed up at 221b the next day tbh- thats why he’d already moved in before john even came. like was this a soulmate thing? how was he so confident? what were his other efforts to make friends like? did he ever make any?? efforts, i mean, since clearly he didnt make any other friends. i mean i have my ideas but this keeps me up at night. an enigma wrapped in a mystery