things that i'm really happy are called

i got this thing called spire for a graduation present that tracks my breathing and helps me de-stress. it vibrates when i’m tense and reminds me to take a deep breath and helps me meditate… honestly such a good gift since i have anxiety and need help calming down sometimes. u guys should check it out!!! i think it could really help some of u.

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Hi! I'm really sorry to bother you, but I was looking for a fic where Derek is a deputy in BH and Stiles keeps getting in trouble even though his dad is still the Sheriff and Derek is always the one who catches him; I can't seem to find it ;; Again, I'm really sorry if you don't do this sort of thing or if the plot is too like general. Thank you!

hmm, well there are a number of fics where derek is a deputy and stiles gets… in trouble. 

  • Darling It Is No Joke by thehoyden (E, 13k) The first thing Stiles thinks when he opens the door is that it’s not his birthday, but someone has sent him some kind of cop stripper.
    • super fun. stiles moves back from college and meets derek, and there are some mysterious things happening with a large wolf. 
  • Murder, He Wrote by mklutz (E, 32k) And that was how Stiles accidentally became a New York Times bestselling author.
    • this one is a lot of fun and one of my favorites
    • there’s the great deputy derek and sheriff mentorship&relationship, and stiles is trying to solve a murder so there’s lots of shenanigans.
  • Take The Gun, Leave The Cannoli by bella8876 (M, 34k) Stiles is back in town, freshly divorced, completely broke, and desperate for a job. When he convinces Jackson to let him go after bail jumpers for a bit of extra cash, he never imagined he’d get a chance to go after Derek Hale, the guy who took his virginity and broke his heart. The $50,000 payday doesn’t hurt either. But it’s not as easy as Stiles thought it would be, and the more he digs, the more he becomes convinced that Derek’s caught up in something that’s bigger than the both of them. They realize if they want to get out of this alive, they’ll have to put aside their past and figure out how to work together. Then maybe they’ll get the chance to see if they have a future.
    • adore adore this fic. it’s got a lot of great detective tropes and a lot of reunion and pining and past love stuff that i love. also not sure if it’s what you’re looking for, since stiles here is basically a bounty hunter who is after derek. (he is a deputy but just wanted on suspicion of laura’s death, etc, you know the drill.) 
  • The Guard and Red by andavs (T, 74k)  Derek moves back to Beacon Hills after twelve years in New York and finds that the city has a superhero problem, his sister has a co-op problem, he has a neighbor problem, and he and Stiles spend a lot of time hanging from a fake rock and yelling at each other at seven in the morning.
    • @andavs is extremely talented at all the things, and writing is just one of them. this fic has so many awesome secret identity things i adore. derek is definitely a deputy here. stiles’ trouble is more like… he’s a secret vigilante???? but it’s a FANTASTIC read. 
  • Emergency Contact by giantteenwolforgy (T, 1k) “My name is Deputy Hale. What’s the problem, sir?” God. Damn. Of course, Stiles would call his dad about fucking diaper rash and end up talking to the hottest deputy on the force.
    • absolutely hilarious and i’m 100000% percent sure it’s not the fic you’re looking for but you have to read it because it’s amazing. basically stiles calls the station with random problems and derek always answers and it’s great. 

happy reading and good luck, you should also try the deputy derek tag on ao3.

 i hope you enjoy at least one of these! have a good day! \(^_^)/


09.04.17 Happy Birthday To Moi~

Yusss today’s mah burfday so I drew myself a pic or two to celebrate 0w0 Yoosung tells OC Amy to quit her job (she does World Hacking i.e. hacks her way into other Worlds, some of which can be very dangerous) since he’s worried for her safety. Amy is all, bich that’s mah life’s work okay, and Yoosung…well he just kisses her 8D

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Hi Cathrel! Your art and AUs keep making me incredibly happy, your work is wonderful, the best of wishes and good vibes for ya! I ADORE KURO! Since I first read him all I could think was Keith+Kuro=shenanigans! Like bonding over bikes and basically all things that make Shiro's forehead vein want to pop out! I'm lmao imagining Kuro's "opps!" face at leaving a tipsy Keith at Shiro's doorstep! But is all good, Keith is a cute drunk.

Hello!! Thank you! <3 AND I ADORE KURO TOO LMAO 

[The Voltron Family] Kuro and Keith got along really well than Shiro would’ve hoped and he was happy about it. They call themselves “The K-Duo” and honestly, Shiro was just a bit endeared. He loved the fact that his family loved Keith as much as he did—well, his ran deeper because OBVIOUSLY. 

His twin brother and Keith shared their love for bikes—Kuro had one too so they would usually drive somewhere together whenever they wanted to hang out and be somewhere else to talk about stuff Shiro couldn’t handle—like Keith’s love for gore and horror (Shiro became a doctor for a reason!). Like tonight, the two men were out and Shiro was left with the kids.

It was getting late and Shiro was worried. So he tried contacting Keith but he wasn’t answering and so was Kuro. He hoped nothing terrible happened to them. Keith knew martial arts and so did Kuro, in fact he should be worried of their victims but for some reason he was so worried about them that he grabbed his car keys and opened the door.

There stood Kuro trying to keep Keith upright. He had his arm around his waist and Keith’s arms around Kuro’s. Keith was drunk.

Kuro: *startled* Oh. Hey! Sup, bro.
Shiro: Don’t sup bro me! What happened? Why is my husband drunk?! *looks at Keith* *tilts Keith’s head to look at him*
Keith: *looks up at Shiro* *is very very red* *smiles* Hey, sex god. You come here often at my house? 
Shiro: *frowns* Keith, I’m your husband. We live in this house. Also, you’re ace and drunk. You don’t—
Keith: Yeah, but you’re not. Not with that body. *scans Shiro’s body* *throws himself to Shiro* Hey, we should cuddle—in bed—and sleep beside each other until tomorrow afternoon.
Shiro: And we’re back to ace Keith. *thankful* *steadies Keith with his hands on Keith’s waist*
Keith: *giggles* Yeah, I don’t do the sexy times. S’not my thing. *slurs* Unless you marry me, then maybe. *plants kisses on Shiro’s face* I’m Keith by the way. What’s your name? *kisses Shiro more on the cheek repeatedly while giggling*
Kuro: Ohohoho *whistles* I have to say, your husband is really entertaining when he’s drunk. 
Shiro: He has no filter when he’s drunk. Which is why he’s banned from drinking unless there’s an occasion. 

Then Shiro spotted something on Kuro’s neck. Red spots of—

Shiro: *mortified* ARE THOSE HICKEYS?!
Kuro: *snorts* Yeah. Got a couple of them. *grins proudly*

Shiro was seeing red. Keith was now kissing his neck softly, murmuring things like “we could bake cupcakes in the morning when we wake up and maybe we can water the plants in my garden. i love my plants. do you love plants? i have a lot of flowers at the back. they’re wonderful. you should see them. hence, we need to cuddle in bed first because i’m sleepy.”

Shiro: *scowls at Kuro* ARE THOSE HICKEYS FROM KEITH?!
Kuro: *eyes widens in fear* Uh—
Keith: *grabs Shiro’s face and stares at him* No, ‘course not. *gives Shiro a peck on the lips* I like you. *giggles* I don’t like… *sneers at Kuro* him. 
Kuro: Gee, thanks, Keith! I thought we bonded! 
Keith: *growls at Kuro* You don’t like Fairly OddParents! Who even hates that show? It’s the best show ever created! *continues sneering at Kuro* *turns to Shiro* Hey, do you like Fairly OddParents? 
Shiro: *smiles* I do. It’s the best show ever created.
Keith: *giggles* I think I’m in love. We should get married! What’s your name? I believe you haven’t told me yet. I’m Keith.
Shiro: *wraps his arms tighter around Keith* *is very endeared Keith wants to marry him* I’m Takashi Shirogane.
Keith: *laughs* Okay, Takashi. Keith Shirogane has a nice ring to it, huh? *eskimo kisses Shiro*
Shiro: *smiles* It does. It sounds wonderful.
Keith: Good. We should—*abruptly stops*
Shiro: *looks at Keith sleeping in his arms* And he’s out. *looks at Kuro*
Kuro: *hands up in surrender* Just so you know I got my hickeys from other women ok! It wasn’t Keith! I swear.
Shiro: *squints suspiciously* *looks at sleeping Keith* *sighs* *looks at Kuro* You’re not getting out of this. We will talk in the morning.
Kuro: I figured. *chuckles* Just so you know, some men and women tried to hit on him A LOT OF TIMES at the bar and he just scowled at them and said “Do I look like I need a man other than my husband?” He’s really loyal to you. It’s sweet. 
Shiro: *smiles so wide* He is. *kisses Keith’s head*

Okay, but I LOVED Cars 3! It was the sequel we all deserved! I laughed, I cried, it was emotional and awesome!

I’m not going to go into details but just…I love it so much!!! I feel like it was the first Pixar movie in a long time where I walked out of the theater just super satisfied. Not that I haven’t loved the more recent movies but for some reason something felt missing to me, maybe it was just my mood at the time but who knows?

So…you know, if you haven’t seen it you totally should…just saying…and the short before it was pure perfection like OH MY GOSH!

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(hi! I'm rowan-buzzard-whitethorn) (primary accounts are bitches) anyways.... If this is your thing, feyrhycien HCs?

Dude I feel that primary account struggle. But I’m happy to oblige! 

So Feyre and Lucien are besties, we get this. Rhys gets it, he really does. But he doesn’t know if Feyre even realizes how much she flirts with Lucien. So he mentions it to her one day and she gets defensive, calling him out for being jealous. 

“i’m not jealous in the slightest Feyre darling, rest assured if you ever decide to flirt Lucien right into our bed I will be most ecstatic.”

Feyre freezes. “Really?”

And Rhys sees that glint in her eye and laughs himself hoarse. But they invite Lucien into their bed nonetheless and boyyyyy is he stoked about it. He hasn’t laid anyone properly since the disaster of Calanmai and he doesn’t really want to count that experience. Now he gets to jump in bed with the most powerful fae out there? Sign him tf up. FIREDICK ACTIVATE. 

Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly idk) Rhys and Lucien mesh VERY WELL in bed. They both shower Feyre adoringly, and Lucien’s mouth is as talented as one would expect given his talent in the sass department. 

Cassian accidentally walks in on Lucien with his mouth around Rhys’s cock and screams. Feyre laughs herself hoarse. 

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I wanna write a story for your Oc's just like a one shot or something. but I don't know if I'm allowed to or if you'd like it. Am I aloud to? cause I really love the zacues shipping.... is that what it's called?

OOOOOO my gosh!!!! d ude that would make me so happy holy cra p asflkj

if u want to please do !! i’d literally cry and be so happy for that ohmygosh

the one thing i wish is that i posted about all the babs more often so they’d be easier to tell their personalities and stuff laksdgj

as for ship name i h ave no clue omf . but heck they cute

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Hi, marcia, (can i call you marcia?) I saw your post about your old art compilation. Is that really you who draw that? I mean, from 2011, You really improve so much...! I'm bad at drawing. I cant even make a perfect circle, triangle, square, or a perfect single line! I want to be better at it, and your post really inspired me, thank you. :)

I’m really happy it inspired you to go forward!

However, I can’t help but notice one funky thing about your attitude and mindset. What you saw in that progress post are just stages. Completely taken out of context. They show nothing about how much work I put in these, how hard I studied or how many hours I spent on putting it all together. What you see is the final product. Only, at all times, it’s just the final product

Let’s say that I draw something every 5 days. That means that between each of those stages there are at least 70 drawings that you’re not seeing! Isn’t that a lot?

Besides…. my dude….. 2011 was 6 years ago!! 6 entire years!!! It’d have been really strange if nothing had changed since then!!

So don’t stress my dude, you’ve got all the time in the world to improve :D!! Go forward!! Never stop drawing!!!!!

And on a less serious note:

Have you ever tried these things? I’ve heard they’re great for drawing geometric figures 


I’ve finished my first gameplay on very hard difficulty and got the craved Clean Hands+Ghost+Shadow achievements and as much as ~*ego boosting*~*~ as that feels, for me, the real achievement was .. ..Emily…calling me ..  daddy :,,) 

The Natsuki CGs! Last of A Class

“Your kindness protected me when I was close to breaking. Thank you. I love you… for eternity.”

“I… I want to sing your songs with all of my being. For that reason there isn’t anything we can’t do. At least, that’s what I’ve decided.”

“So warm… This might as well be a continuing dream. In order to feel you like this, I will love you more and more.

(N: I’m sure you’ve all noticed but it’s a Satsuki CG and I’ve never been happier.)

“Your eyes… your voice… Everything about you burns me up. You’re quite unaware of this, though.”

“Calling me ‘cute’… I’ll change your mind about that kind of tedious thing. Sorry, but the cute one here is you.

“’I like you’ or “I love you’… Those are just sweet words. There’s something you want, right? Be honest…”

Voltron Season 2 sketch dump~


Can it technically be called a sketch dump when none of them are really sketches??


here’s a Megatron poster design thingy I made for my AP Art II teacher!! :0 in class he’d call me Megatron every now and again and it pretty much just kinda became my nickname lol. Sometimes we’d talk about Star Wars and Transformers (with what very little knowledge of G1 I have) and idk I just had a lot of fun in that class and wanted to make something to thank him!! 

there’s a lot of design mistakes here since, admittedly, this was my first time drawing literally all of these guys and the background probably could’ve been better (I had to rush to get it printed in time yikes) but other than that I’m really pleased with the way this came out!! and my teacher really liked it too aaaa I’m so happy!!

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Just found out that Jeff Kaplan confirmed a while back that Junkrat blew off his leg with one of his bombs and thought it was the funniest thing ever... also he's planning on making a spin-off to Junkrat and Roadhog's story soon. It's not like a serious and meaningful cinematic because he said these guys were really stupid. The OverWatch team calls them "dingbats". I'm more excited than ever!

((  I don’t usually keep up with or pay attention to when things like this are mentioned, but I’m just gonna take your word for it and be happy too. :)  ))

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Can someone be trans by choice? I've thought that I was trans for the past 2 yrs and here recently I went to get tested for T, but my therapist told me that maybe I only thought that way because I wanted to be different. Emphasis on "maybe." He wants to do more thorough sessions to make sure, but I don't believe that's the case. I've felt so happy and confident since I've came out, but what if I'm not really trans? Can I continue to be by choice or is that a big no-no? 😢

Lee says:

Imma call bullshit on your therapist, if you’ll excuse my language. From what you’ve said in this ask, it seems to me that you’re trans, and I think you’re doing the right thing by moving forward in your transition. I wouldn’t doubt yourself- transitioning seems to have been helping your mental health, and I think you should continue down the road to get T.

I’d ignore the nonsense he’s telling you, and consider calling him out on it, or getting a new therapist if you can. You aren’t choosing to be trans to be different, you are trans and it doesn’t matter why or how you’re trans, you are, and that should be respected.

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for drunk prompts: yuuri has a secret talent for flirting his way out of traffic tickets.. also happy bday again!!

not quiiiiiiiiiite what you asked for but i love some oblivious heartbreaker katsuki yuuri. thank you!!!

“just lie back and think of england” 

Yuuri loves Victor. Yuuri is also sure that Victor can be a terrible person when he really puts his mind to it.

(And Victor Nikiforov does not do things halfway.)

There are at least three waiters following Yuuri around the Barcelona Grand Prix Final banquet, sliding trays of champagne flutes under his nose at every turn. Victor’s cat-post-canary grin assures Yuuri exactly who’s responsible.

(When had he even found time between the pairs skate and the banquet? It might be a bigger mystery than how the hell Victor’s going to pull two routines out of his (“extremely well formed, Yuuri!) ass before Russian Nationals. )

“Yuuuuuri, the champagne is even better this year,” Victor’s arms are wrapped around Yuuri’s waist, his head hooked over Yuuri’s shoulder.

“I wouldn’t know. I don’t remember last year.”

“So cruel.”

“Yes, honesty is a terrible thing to force on a fiancee.”

“I’m glad we agree.”


Yakov appears out of nowhere, claps Yuuri on the shoulder. Yuuri spills his champagne. Victor lets out a noise somewhere between a yelp and a moan.

(He might have just made Victor cry again.)

“You’re moving to Saint Petersburg.” It’s not a question.


“Do not let Victor drive you anywhere.”


(No one wants Yuuri to finish his sentences tonight. Only his champagne.)

“Yakov! I am an incredible driver. Rude.” Victor’s pouting.

“Incredibly awful. You conveniently left out the second half of that statement.” Where did Yurio come from?

“I’m suing for slander,” Victor presses the second button on his speed dial.

“You won’t have a case once they take a look at your insurance premiums,” Yakov says.

Phichit sidles up alongside Yuuri, entirely too amused. Terror instantly floods Yuuri’s body.

(This is the same look Phichit had when he convinced Yuuri to try LSD in Detroit. Yuuri’s never looked at mops the same again.)

“I wouldn’t worry about it.”

Everyone in the circle turns to look at him. Everyone except Yuuri who’s buried his face in his hands.

“Please don’t.”

Phichit ignores him.

“One of us never paid for a coffee in college. Guess who.” This is also not a question.

Victor raises his hand like he’s in class. Katsuki Yuuri is the only class Victor’s ever tried to ace.

(Yuuri refuses to say this out loud because Victor will make a terrible pun about the “ace of Japan”.)

“One of us,” Phichit points at himself and then at Yuuri, “also never had to pay a library fine. Or cover at a frat party. Or locker rental fees at the DSC.”

Victor is riveted.

(Strangely so is Yurio?)

“Yuuri’s also never paid a parking ticket.”

“I am the luckiest man alive.”

“Oh god my ears,” Victor’s head is still resting on Yuuri’s shoulder and no one’s ever convinced Victor to use his inside voice.

Detroit, three years earlier


It is.

Phichit pulls the car over to the side of the road and hisses, “Yuuri, switch with me.” Phichit has half a learner’s permit. Which means he’s taken three questions in the online DMV course.

(“Yuuri, I know enough about America to know I should never step foot in a DMV.”)

They switch. Phichit kicks Yuuri in the face. Yuuri elbows Phichit right in the balls.

“I’m so glad I’m already sitting down,” Phichit wheezes, “now push your hair back.”

“I don’t—“

Phichit grabs a tube of lube from the glove compartment and slicks Yuuri’s hair back.

“Oh my god.”

(Yuuri is taking six showers when they get back to the apartment.)

(He does not want to know why Phichit keeps that in his ( “our!”) car. They’ve already heard enough of each other’s noises through the entirely too thin walls of their apartment to last twelve lifetimes.)

“Phichit what the hell?”

“Just lie back and think of England, Yuuri.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Just—pretend you’re on the ice. And when we get home I’m prioritizing your cultural education.” He plucks Yuuri’s glasses off his face.

“License and registration,” the officer stands at the side of the car. Yuuri turns around. The officer drops his notepad.

They escape with a warning. The officer—“please call me Liam”—escorts them back to their apartment. Please-call-me-Liam stays at their kitchen table for two hours, slides no less than eleven business cards across the table to Yuuri, and brushes his foot against Yuuri’s ankle five times before Yuuri apologizes again, scoots his chair back from the table,  and retreats to his room. Please-call-me-Liam stays another hour, shooting forlorn looks at Yuuri’s door.

Phichit can practically hear the commentator’s discussing Victor’s latest free skate through the closed door. Yuuri is so predictable.

Please-call-me-Liam leaves with an overzealous petition that Yuuri “call him any time. Day or night. Especially late at night.”


“I hate all of you.”

o h my god. ok

giles, upon hearing buffy has gotten excellent sat scores, isn’t going on about “well yes this is important but you must remember you are the vampire slayer before anything else. you can’t ignore your calling. your calling is your future.” giles is saying things like “i mean i know slaying is important but i want you to start thinking about an actual future beyond that.”

and this is the guy who’s supposed to be training a weapon, not raising a daughter. he loves her so so much and wants her to have a full, happy life but i don’t think either of them are really aware of how much he loves her right now and always

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I'm screaming!!! Do they really??? Officially!!!! Call him Uncle Gaara????? Is he Officially Uncle Gaara™????

The whole chapter is a mess and it’s giving me bad flashbacks of that Karin Tsukuyomi Thing I want to forget



  • abusers: And then I said "I wont do it again" ahahahaha can you believe they bought it, it's their own fault at this point for being so stupid, of course I'll do it again I'll do it for as long as I damn well please
  • abusers: I'll do it and then pretend it didn't happen just to really fuck with their brain and to escape any consequences, haha look how lost they look now!
  • abusers: If I say they're hurting me when they call me out I can get away with anything, lol
  • abusers: I'll say I only hurt them because of that one thing they did - lol, look how anxious they're now when doing things! I'm so powerful and I love it
  • abusers: I'll just call them insane if they confront me
  • abusers: wow they look happy, it pisses me off, let's remind them of what a failure they are using every single one of their insecurities
  • abusers: that's better, mental breakdown and suicidal depression, know your place, stupid
  • abusers: I'm still a great person tho my victim just doesn't count as a human so anything I do to them is justified and should be taken as a joke! :)

“E X O”
“Never don’t mind about a thing”
“Shawty Imma party till the sundown”
“That’s right my type”
“Yehet! Ohorat!”
“On my Bday no one congratulated me in 11 minutes”
“I really thought Seventeen’s Jeonghan was NCT’s Johnny”
“How can you say that to a baby of the group”
“So we were women before? (Overdose era)”
“I’m a baby so that’s why I call you baby too”
“*To Tao* Yeah, you are naturally ugly”

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I'm sitting here crying thinking about ducktales and how it's going to be amazing. And the fact that Donald is going to be in there and we can get Donald and the triplets hugs and bonding. And Scrooge and triplets bonding and all wonderful happy things.

 you are not alone x’D call me ‘overreact’ but i did cry a bit every time i re watch the trailer. it’s really hard for me to believe that the show is literally coming back this year..feels like a dream. but nope, it’s real.

YEs!! omg, it’s glad to know that donald’s going to be a part of this. i honestly very confuse why they don’t include donald in the original ducktales, i mean i know the reason why (btw it’s a stupid reason to kicked donald out because of his voice) but donald’s is always been in the comics, he’s always be a part of the team since the very beginning.. 

 no need to worry tho, Donald will be in the new reboot and that’s all matter. we finally can see more about his family bonding with HDL and Scrooge.. just like the comics always been. 

i mean, who don’t want to see Scrooge & Donald antics in Motion??

or maybe sweet moments of Donald and the Boys??

surely everyone wants to see this