things that i'm really happy are called

Jonathan/Nancy/Steve things that make me really happy:

-Jonathan making mixtapes for both of them all of the time always
-Steve SINGING TO BOTH OF THEM aah can you imagine
-Nancy calling both of them idiots and kissing them both on the cheek
-Steve and Nancy standing up for Jonathan whenever people try to make fun of him (ง •̀_•́)ง
-Steve and Jonathan consoling Nancy in their own ways whenever she’s anxious because of school or having a terrible night because of missing Barb or having nightmares about the Demogorgon
-Jonathan taking photos of Steve and his gorgeous hair and of Nancy and her adorable smile
-Steve ATTEMPTING to take photos of Jonathan when he’s looking at Nancy like she’s the world and of Nancy being her beautiful self. The photos are either phenomenal or you can’t make out anything in them
-Steve teasing Jonathan about the way he looks at Nancy, but in the end just having a full blown conversation about how amazing she is where Steve does most of the talking and Jonathan has a dreamy look on his face
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・’(*゚▽゚*)‘・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*


happy birthday @imaginaryanon ♥

“It doesn’t need to be like this. There’s another way. A way that doesn’t make you lie to everyone including yourself while claiming that you’re not a liar. We call it the Dark Side, yes, but it’s a description that desperately lacks depth. What’s dark about being true to yourself? What’s evil about love and passion? Tell me, if you still think yourself a Jedi.”

I really like today.  :)
  • I got my car inspected at a place called Friendly’s Car Car–and the name was quite accurate!  Super speedy inspection–I finished less than a chapter of my book–and super nice people.  I’ll definitely be going back.
  • Purchased all kinds of healthy snacks and stuff for dinner tonight at Trader Joe’s–more friendly people there!
  • Prepped a bunch of small containers of sliced vegetables, yogurt, fruit, and nuts/granola/pumpkin seeds because not only have I really enjoyed having them at work for lunches but I came home from book club last night to find the husband eating my pre-prepared yogurt and all the toppings that I keep separate but stacked on top (to prevent sogginess).  He’s been wanting to eat healthier and I know he’ll do it if snacks are grab-n-go ready and it’s not like it’s difficult for me to just prepare more so he can have some.  :)  I ordered a few more of these containers because they’re the perfect size for sliced fruit/veggies!
  • Just dropped off some books in my neighbors’ little library and left a thank you note for the ones I borrowed in their mailbox!  I took Walter with me and he enjoyed the extra mid-day walk!
  • On our way home, my elderly neighbor (who I always wave at but have never really chatted to) told me that I had a “beautiful dog.”  So, I asked him if he had any pets and it led to a whole conversation and I brought Walter up the drive so he could pet him and when I left he said, “I’m going to have to tell my wife I got to pet a dog today and talk to a nice neighbor–you did a good deed today, young lady!” I’m pretty sure it was nicer for me, but how sweet of him! <3
  • I’ve gotten a lot done on my project, as well, and I’m going to have time for both a bike ride and the gym with my gym friends today!
Brandon is of course extremely heartbroken over the loss of Juilliard. He will struggle and come to terms with next steps after making a last minute call and plea to Juilliard. I can tell you that Brandon really grows this season, he comes to terms with several of the mistakes he’s made as a young man trying to figure out who he is in this world. He’s a more open and honest Brandon in some ways. That’s not to say that there won’t be secrets this season, but I believe that Brandon makes moves during these next ten episodes from a very good and open-hearted place. Brandon has always been a caretaker, but that need has often led him down some pretty precarious paths. But now, I do believe that Brandon is on a better and more self-less path this season.
—  Bradley Bredeweg
Relationship Things. . .

The husband called me from work at 5pm to tell me that he was going to go out to happy hour with some of the new Korean ex-pats and a few of the other people from work.  It’s naked Wednesday and the husband’s company happy hours last a looooong time, so I pretended to give him some crap about it, but really I couldn’t possibly care less.  I LIKE him to go out and have fun.  He and I both know that if I feign sadness about it, it’s just to ensure that he’ll take me out on a date to “make up for it” later.  Annnnd, we can check that off the list! ;)  He’s promised me a date this weekend!!!  He was like, “I know you’re just either going to eat cereal for dinner or order Chinese, drink wine and read your book–you’re probably thrilled I’m not coming home.” Ha!  I mean…when the opportunity for quiet wine drinking and reading time comes along WITH the bonus of not having to make dinner, can I really be upset?? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

A couple of the guys and one of the girls who work with him, though, are absolutely never allowed by their spouses to go to those things alone.  Either the spouses go, too, or it doesn’t happen.  I go to work things with the husband sometimes, but there are certain activities the company does (like tonight’s happy hour) that families are NOT encouraged to attend and it’s always kind of awkward to have one or two spouses there, practically super-glued to their husbands/wives.  And, when the husband is the one holding the corporate card for these events…which are for the team only, it’s a really irritating position to be in.

It is, of course, absolutely none of my business, but I’m nosey, so I’m curious nonetheless.  I wish I could know what the deal is in these situations.  Relationships are so interesting!

Every notification on my phone makes me hope it's gonna be you...

I often wonder when you stopped loving me.

How did that happen?

Did you really wake up one day, realized you didn’t miss me because you had so much fun the day before and just… gave up?

Do you think what you felt for me was actual love? Or you just loved the happy bubbly side of me?

Was seeing my insecurities so bad that your feelings died?

How can it be called love if you give up so easily?

I know life isn’t a book or a movie but what we had was really so weak and meaningless to you that it wasn’t worth trying?

Couldn’t you stand by my side and ride out a big wave together?

Why didn’t you come to me when your feelings started to fade?

Why couldn’t you tell me it felt wrong or lacking or not enough?

Why let me believe you loved me, let me dream up our future and then just tell me the feelings were only in my head?

Why was I so easy to let go and forget? Why did you never regret the breakup? Why couldn’t you give us another chance? Why do you so assuredly say you don’t love me?

Are you just talking to me because he’s unavailable?

Am I just a replacement? A placeholder?

You call me friend multiple times,

is this your way of saying that things won’t go any further than this?

Did you already choose him?

It’s okay, really, i don’t mind…

I just wish you didn’t give so many false hopes.

  • Me: well, I worked on this piece for a few hours... I guess it's a good start, I have a clear idea of what I wanna change up, let's just post what I have cause I'm happy with it!
  • Me, not even five minutes later: I hate the lack of a unified color palette, I gotta redo half of the details, those lines need work, I FORGOT HER SCARS A SECOND TIME AAAAAAAああああああああ

I feel so happy about how close Josh and Simon have become lately. Like, Simon calling Josh ‘boo’ and ‘baby’ and all of the things they’re doing together. They’re starting up a new series just like the ‘Random Games’ series (which really does need to come back). I feel so privileged to witness this beautiful thing.

Today was the best bday ever. Everyone was so so nice and kind and I really appreciate it. I felt very loved. I was super surprised by the effort people put to tell me they care and gosh it made my day so much. I got to see the bubbies tonight too and Adam called me his big sis and started asking for dating advice which is so funny cos he’s 11 but I’m really happy he trusts me. The mafia is fam for sure and I’ve loved every second of watching those kids grow. I never thought I’d ever feel this happy in myself, but I’m really happy with how much things have changed. I wish I could go back to past me and let her know that it gets way way better and that I’d actually like myself. But it’s okay, everything happens for a reason

hello there ok so first off i really really liked your drawing of castiel with a cigarette! could you draw dean smoking? that would be awesome :D “ ~ Nonnie.

Well Nonnie, for you I can at least try ;__;

Okay I had a blast with this one. Overhead view with a pose I’ve never tried before, drawing a skeleton of all things, first time doing slime. Papyrus I love you, but your face is SO hard to draw. It took me an hour just to get that the way I liked it.

This is based off the extremely talented @abadtime ‘s fic “Best of times, worst of times”. Any of my friends will tell you if it involves papyrus i freaking love it and this fic has pulled my heart strings more times than I can count. I had SO much fun drawing this.


An early 20-something girl getting accidentally knocked up after a night at the club isn’t a miracle. Nobody would ever call that a miracle. Nobody. At best, a “happy accident” might be appropriate. 

But to go to the Sun and say it’s a “miracle” that “restored your faith in religion” even though you didn’t want kids at all up until the second you found out you were supposedly pregnant is the single most ludicrous thing that has been claimed in the 11 months of eyeball-deep shit we’ve been wading through. 

The single most ludicrous thing.

  • maya: you're really cute
  • maya: you make me happy
  • maya: you actually put thought into our little game, don't you?
  • maya: I finally like you
  • maya: well that had to hurt
  • maya: give me that and I won't call you ranger rick all week
  • maya: no matter what bad bad thing you did at your old school, you're still such a huckleberry
  • maya: i've always known your name
  • maya: I like us all very much
  • maya: you won't be proud of him if he doesn't do this?
  • maya: what do you think you getting hurt would have done to the people who (care about you)
  • maya: of course I like you
  • maya: you're a good guy
  • maya: if you had gotten hurt I don't know what I would have done
  • maya: have I ever said something nice to you
  • lucas:
  • lucas:
  • lucas: nope

A/N: For my darling Chinx (seastarved) on the occasion of her birth. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I wrote you a thing because it’s (only mildly) easier than mailing myself to India. Go eat some cake my sociopathic runaway wannabe.

The pestilence was a curse, the quarantine was condemnation, but it was the way that the sickness burst through the doors of the orphanage – the only place that she had ever called home – that really changed Emma’s life.

CS Plague AU


Death Walks Behind You



Emma thought it would be impossible to predict whether the first day or the last would be the worst.

One was laden in chaos – the scrambling of families and children, the begging and pleading as at the crack of almost dawn soldiers came to their streets. They came with wooden barriers, several men high and who knew how thick, dragged and lodged into place in amongst violent protests, swords snagging anyone who tried to get through. Emma watched it all as though it were happening in slow motion; people moved slowly in the shock of it, movements playing catch up to their thoughts, too distracted with the sinking of their stomachs.

They were still blinking away sleep.

And it was loud. The shouts and cries so loud and desperate that it all became white noise, too much blaring in her ears to handle.

They came with death warrants, disguised as planks of wood.

It was a quarantine.

The word was almost as quick to say as it was to enact, almost as quick to enact as it was to understand.

Nothing was quicker than the panic and the way dread took up residence.

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alayne-stonecoldfox  asked:

" i strive to look elegant everyday" i forgot this was an actual baelish quote and you reminded me and now im really happy

The thing that kills me is that we don’t get the wardrobe we deserve in the show to back up that statement.

“Littlefinger came calling an hour after the Grand Maester had left, clad in a plum-colored doublet with a mockingbird embroidered on the breast in black thread, and a striped cloak of black and white.”

“Lord Petyr was clad in a blue velvet tunic with puffed sleeves, his silvery cape patterned with mockingbirds.”

“…he came forth dressed all in shades of rose and plum, his cloak patterned with mockingbirds.“