things that i learned doing this:

also:gonna try to knock out two birds in one stone (forgive me for that, pertaining to my last reblog) and i think i’m gonna try to make a markiplier fan game.

i desperately want to and with teamiplier in existance, it gives me much opportunity.

many goals have been reached being in this community. and i must keep going.

i’m ready to start this new journey.

Man sometimes I just think about how mad it is that Buffy delivers one of the most painful, dramatic episodes/reveals in song form. Like wtf Joss get it together. WHY IS THIS EPISODE SO GOOD. IT HAS NO RIGHT.

1. boys are just girls
2. i grew up believing that their hearts were made of gold but it turns out that they’re poured from iron and iron rusts if you leave it outside long enough
3. the arms that sometimes hold me together at 2 am are home to a set of shaky shoulders that cannot bear the weight of the world forever
4. the scars that mark their body do not always have pretty stories behind them
5. they jump from windows two stories high hoping to fall from their problems {but all they get are scars on their lips}
6. bruises do not only bleed skin deep
7. silence does not mean ignorance
8. sometimes when they say their head hurts it’s because they spent the whole night prior with stinging eyes and a wet pillowcase
9. they soak in every word you speak and it either builds them up or tears them down no matter how many times they tell you they’ve forgotten what words you said
10. they get scared
11. they are tender and loving but the world has made them cruel and told them that they’re not allowed and so they close themselves off and shut you out because they’re afraid to scare you away with their feelings
12. their eyes speak volumes
13. just because the world has taught them to only want a girl for one reason, not all boys just want sex and they really don’t mind waiting
14. they like being told ‘thank you’ when they hold the door open for you
15. they are insecure
16. they want to fall in love
17. their lips harbor secrets and their eyes bury lies and their hands are healing and their clothing provides solace and their scent is a home if you’ve allowed yourself to fall that far
—  17 things I learned about 17 year old boys by the time I turned 17

When your husband’s a big dork

if you had asked me 5 years ago what i thought i’d be doin today, my answer would not have been “living with my kind and gentle partner, taking a drunk pee while eating a rice krispy treat”, it would have been “dead”

but let me tell you

this rice krispy treat is dope and my partner is sleeping soundly and its raining outside and i am proud of myself for fighting every goddamn day for even a bit of happiness

Today, I tried.
That’s enough.