things that i learned doing this:

on one hand, i spent too much time doing this. on the other hand, if i didnt have to rest for a flight out of the country tomorrow, i wouldn’ve spent a lot MORE.

a fun let’s play. rip joof.

[video from here] [song from here lol]


this thing popped up in my mind at 3am, @azka-bendu gave me the idea with “Ame: Nice gf “ and @thelegendary-kylo the last part (that used to be an old meme of mine x”) )

why do you think I put Lapis as a Ravenclaw instead of Peridot ? She learns new magic tricks and then Ame comes with dumb ideas like this.

Edit : I’m trying the second time to post this,tumblr please stop blocking my art gdi

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I am always so curious in learning new things, but I get so concerned in where I get my information. I always end up diving into constant Google searching. Google's great but I want something to give me exactly what I am looking for, instead of having to rearrange words and sentences to find what I am looking for. I need an easier way to gather information, opinions, and facts, what do you suggest?

good for you!! I totally agree with questioning information and finding reliable sources. So much “information” out there today is fake, misinterpreted, misrepresented or under researched  

Whenever I’m researching something I generally do the classic google search but make sure I’m using websites that i trust (government, university, peer reviewed journals) and identify if the source I’m using has a reason to be biased (e.g. has a food company made donations to government research regarding diet?) I also like to make sure the same idea can be found in multiple souces

this is a great way to make google more effective 

I’m also a big fan of google Scholar where you can find peer reviewed (mostly) scientific journal article on the key words you search (just google “google scholar” to find it

and don’t forget your google tools where you can filter your results

:) does anyone else have any tips tricks or ideas???

mod Jay :D


「hello everyone, Areen here! hope you are all doing well. Today I completed one year on this blog. It’s kinda hard to believe it’s been one whole year since I made this blog haha. Looking back, it really has been a fun year spent on this site making new friends, learning how to make graphics, dealing with constant glitches, getting into new fandoms…

I would like to thank all of my wonderful followers, my mvps for helping me reach this milestone. You all give me motivation to keep making new things and try to get better. My mutuals owning such amazing blogs but still follows me haha, you guys inspire me so much. All of you just make my blog what it is and with all of your support and love, I’m really enjoying my time on this site ♡
Here are the blogs that I follow. They are all amazing and super talented people:

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Thank you so much! hope you are all having a wonderful day/night ♥

I hate to say it but it’s like the writers have no idea what to do w Malec they’re either fighting, apologising, kissing. And I love watching them more than anything else on the show (oops?) I’m not expecting an whole episode dedicated to malec but we all deserve more than we’re getting. We don’t know why Magnus and Alec are so into each other, what happened on other dates. We’re learning slowly but we’re getting much more hetero stuff than we are w an male/male relationship. Idk it just bugs me. I read this small thread on twitter explaining the same things and it just made me think.

So I spent today doing training in Tokyo and we had this really great keynote speaker (who I found out regularly sends her university students to teach at schools in one of my BOEs!).

Here’s one of the things she said that I thought was brilliant and extremely true:

“Elementary school teachers in Japan teach subjects like building a house. They first lay a foundation brick by brick, and once that foundation is solid, they start to build up. They expect English education to work similarly.

"But language acquisition doesn’t work that way. It’s less like building a house and more like adding lacquer to a wooden spoon. You don’t lay down bricks; you paint on the first coat and it’s invisible. You have to repeat the same thing twenty, thirty times before it sticks–but then you have a beautiful red lacquer.

"That’s what the teachers don’t understand. They want bricks to be laid down, not realizing they’re made of sand.”

just got home from a full day of therapy shit at hospital. I did a session with my psychiatrist and stayed for the entire group instead of leaving halfway through like i normally do. 

I told him how affected ive been after reading that post about someone else’s similar school abuse experiences and how my nightmares have increased and now my psych wants me to write out a list of the things that i remember from primary school and i think he wants me to try and remember actual events.

i would honestly rather die.

in group we were learning about cptsd which is why i stayed. but now i have a migrane from doing too much and all of it be personal, but also because i was talking about what i remember from primary school it is a spectacularly bad idea for me to try and sleep at all, because anything less than full immersion distraction means memories. so. fuck me i guess??

im not going to write the list till thursday night. i dont want to spend the week remembering things. i hate rmeembering things. i hate the slippery feeling of following a memory and knowing you’re just seeing the light distorted around the edge of a massive black hole. I hate remembering inconsequential things that fill me with dread.

I hate that i return to the same memories over and over because ive run through them a hundred times and i know that i can remember them as a story and not as an experience, but even doing that means that im shifting that huge sinkhole of Bad Time closer to my waking mind and shit slips through.

I hate remembering something for the first time and i know this is whats going to happen i hate recovered memories more than anything else

I dont want to know what i scream about in my sleep

I’m not sure how to describe it anymore, but I know this. I’m not sad. I’m not bruised. I’m not scarred. I’m not struggling to wake up everyday. I’m not fearing what will happen next. I’m not worrying about how I should say something. I’m not worrying about how I should dress. I’m not worried about how loud I laugh. I’m not worried about how much I talk. I’m not worried about doing everything wrong. I’m not scared anymore. I’m happy, and it’s becoming my usual. Things still surprise me, they’re still foreign concepts, but I’m learning what it’s like to have someone care about you. I’m learning how it feels to mean something to someone. How it feels for someone to say “I appreciate you.” and mean it.
—  //im deserved more than I ever let myself have, and now, I’m letting myself have it//
11 questions

1. Always post the rules.
2. Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you.
3. Write 11 questions of your own.
4. Tag 11 people (or however many you want) 

I was tagged by the lovely @pinkharold 💕

1. Do you speak more than one language? If so, which languages do you speak and where/when did you learn them?
Yes I do!! I speak three languages! French, Dutch and English!!! I learned French at home and I learned dutch at home, school and while watching Dutch TV programs. I learned English in school but mostly through the internet, like watching tv shows, movies and talking to people online!

2. Who would you put on your ‘to date list’? You get a free pass for 3 people from anywhere in the world.
To date? well only one person tbh and that’s Harry :) 

3. What is the most amazing thing you’ve seen this week?
Uhm I think… idk maybe the fact that I met more people online?? does that count? or that I finally watched power rangers?? and got really happy that there is a canon autistic super hero and a canon lgbt super hero :)

4. If you had the courage to do anything you wanted, would it change the choices you make?
Yeah!! because then I wouldn’t be stuck in the place I am right now.

5. Have you ever collected anything and if so, what was it?
Yeah!! haha I used to collect all kinds of things like little cards they used to distribute at supermarkets or like collecting all kinds of lipsticks. I don’t know those are the things that came up in my mind. 

6. Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?
uhm I think I would say I’m both. I’m not really social in real life but I wouldn’t say that I’m an introvert either. I guess I’m an introverted extrovert :)

7. If you could trade places with anyone in the world, who would it be and why? I don’t think I would like to trade places with someone, the first one that popped into my head was Ariana. But then I thought about all the nasty comments and shit she has to hear every day and then I was like?? no I would rather be myself. I do wish I was stronger, more motivated, skinnier and better. So in other words I would like to be a better version of myself.

8. Favourite ice cream flavour?

9. Who has had the most influence on you?
I would say Ariana and Harry. But also my family and also (ex) friends I guess.

10. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
It would be in London or still live in Antwerp :) London: because I fell in love with the city but then again it’s such a big city. I still love it though. I would get lost if I was on my own tho… vduhbcij lmao. But it has always been a dream of mine. But I have no idea what I would like to do at this moment so yeah.

11. What is something you’ve always wanted to try but have been too scared to? Hmmmm…. I think living by myself, on my own. But I’m not a very independent person because of many reasons but yeah I’ve always wanted to live on my own. :)

okay, I guess I have to tag people now 😹: @transkrelborn@grandestruly, @testfaye, @buterabenzo, @grqnde, @cupcakelirry, @paynesenterprise, @nliallofficial, @stylespayne, @ifheartscouldfly@onlyanqel, @sweetcreatured 

and here are my questions!!! :) 

1. what’s one word that describes you ?
2. what are five things that make you apologetically happy ?
3. what’s one of the best gifts you’ve ever received ?
4. what’s something you’ve achieved that you’re really proud of ?
5. who inspires you ? (it could be anyone!!!)
6. what does your url mean ?
7. if you had three wishes, what would you wish for ?
8. what’s your favorite quote ? (if so by who?)
9. what’s your favourite meme? 
10. what’s your top three fandoms? 
11. who was your first (celeb/fictional) crush?

I hope that when people see my photos and my posts about family life they realize they are seeing and reading the best bits. Sometimes I think people assume that it’s all there is, that I’m the perfect mom/wife in a perfect marriage with children that are perfectly mentally physically emotionally healthy that behave like angels. I also have deep sufferings and struggles. Struggles I don’t share with anyone except God and a spiritual advisor. Pain from my own childhood and my attempt to repair and break that chain with my own children.

We have a house full of all types of people. Some of us have mental health issues, a lot of us are neurodiverse, we’ve got some learning disabilities and lots of health issues and lots of pain and suffering we all bare. Sometimes I question if I’m a bad parent, if I’m doing the right thing, if my kids are getting too much or too little when it comes to provision, and sometimes I don’t know how to spread myself thin enough for everyone.

Maybe someone who follows my blog even sees my parenting and life as the way to ensure my children stay Catholic and more importantly away from mortal sin. But my kids are just people. They’re gonna make mistakes and bad choices and my job is to ensure they frequent the sacraments to help them with that. As they age a lot of their issues become their own, like their choices. We’ve had masses where we all receive the Eucharist, and Masses where none of us can.

Sometimes I spend more time apologizing for my own behavior or mistakes then I spend quality time with them.

Parents, not even Catholic parents, dont do everything right. They make the same mistakes as kids do, except they are scared out of their mind their children will suffer from the sins they suffered from and committed. That’s probably the biggest mistake we make, wanting to protect them from any and all suffering. We put a spiritual helmet on them but not let them ride their bike out into the world. We give them spiritual weapons but we don’t let them out into battle. We don’t want them to be wounded like we are or we were.

It isn’t the easy and the blissful life, but it’s a holy life. I hope that’s what people see.


It’s been quite some time since I last wrote something on this blog. Lately, I have been so busy with my life but I am really enjoying everything that’s been happening. This post is to let you know that I still breathe and that I am finally at peace with myself most especially at times of my solitude. This is also a testimony that things really do get better.

i. I finally got back to school and I am very much busy yet so motivated. I have a long way to go but I know I’ll get there. I learned to not be so hard on myself. I’ve always been so patient, but now I am finally patient with myself as well. It feels so great to get back on track. 

ii. I don’t think people will ever understand how much violence it took to be this kind and gentle. Now, I am even kinder and more patient when dealing with others but I have also learned so many things like how to say no, how to refuse bullshit from people, how to stand up for myself, and how to live my life unapologetically. I can finally be so kind without letting people abuse me for it.

iii. I celebrated my 19th birthday last month (May 2 to be exact). My birthday wish was to have my life and all my shit together again (hahaha) and it actually came true. A few days after my birthday, I adopted a cat (yes that one in the photo). I named her Lexi. I went out alone one night at around midnight to buy some ice cream and coffee at a nearby convenience store and stayed there for a while. Lexi (who was just a random stray kitten to me then) popped out of nowhere and just approached me, played with me, and sat on me and beside me that night. I took her home. My mom hated me for it but oh well, I fell in love with Lexi. She’s my soulmate in cat form. Now I’m busier than ever because I’m taking care of my Koko (my dog), Lexi, plus my four little turtles. Proud mom right here.

iv. I didn’t think I could love again, but I fell for this amazing guy named Geir. He’s been taking such good care of me since day 1. Even though I am still in the midst of fixing myself and my life, he’s the reason why I am in a much better place right now. He was (and still is) so patient with me. He’s always trying to make sure that I’m alright. He never fails to make me feel so happy and loved. He taught me how to love myself and he helped me get my strength back. I can now do things that I couldn’t do before because of him. I am waaaaay too thankful to have Geir. My daily routine sounds boring (waking up, going to school, going home and sleeping) but God, it feels so great because I always get to see him, talk to him, and spend time with him. As mundane as my life sounds, he fills my days with wonder. It truly feels amazing to have someone love me and take care of me for a change. 

v. I still get anxiety attacks every now and then but not as bad as when I was still stuck in that dark place. I finally feel secure. I have Geir and I have my friends and family to take care of me. I am soooo soo thankful. I am finally happy. Genuinely happy. I now know that 1.) no matter how awful things get, problems are only temporary and we can all surpass them. 2.) There will always be people who truly love and care for us even though we don’t see them. Have faith in them. Talk to them. Stick with them. Let’s get rid of people who make us feel worse. And 3.), we have to be patient with ourselves. Let’s forgive ourselves for our mistakes and try to figure out how to become better. Let’s strive for growth. Live life unapologetically. xx

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If you could rewrite Lucy's magical and combat development how would you do it

Okay, so the thing about Fairy Tail is that it actually doesn’t give a shit about power levels in any real way. All training arcs take place off screen and most development just happens, sometimes with absolutely no warning at all (wendy)

But, the first thing I’d do is ditch the Stardresses.

Few reasons for that: they’re a ripoff of Erza’s requip, they came at the last minute and devalue her bonds with her spirits, and Lucy is not a physical fighter. She never has been, and that’s okay! Amongst her teammates the fact that she relies solely on actual spells makes her unique.

So Lucy has two spell types: her spirits, and the Metrias. And I’m not all that sure Lucy even can improve on her spirit magic other than summoning multiple spirits, so she needs to learn how to use her them a lot better. I mean, Angel wasn’t a kind wizard, but she was a smart one. Then, I’d put serious focus on Lucy picking up more Metria spells, possibly ones that line up with her spirits’ elements. 

So, get Lucy a) learning how to use her spirits strategically, because she’s shit at that, and b) get Lucy learning actual spells of her own, and then meld them into Lucy using her spirits to wear out enemies or get them into the optimal positions for her to fire powerful spells at them and cement her as an intelligent fighter. 

Then you could have, like, Lucy ACTUALLY fighting alongside her spirits, instead of her fighting and them just kinda helping out sometimes like we do now. 

(and possibly renaming her Metrias to something else, because metria means ‘measuring’, so Aqua Metria was… measuring… water…?) 

Interesting things I learned from “An Extraordinary Story”, Part 1

A couple things to start off with:
- I’m going to go fairly in-depth here, so if you do want to eventually get the book I would recommend not reading the post.  I will be spoiling most of the interesting tidbits I learned from it.
- If Future Press or whoever wants me to remove this post, I’m totally okay with that.
- This covers the first two chapters of the book, the introduction and “Anatomy of The World”.

And now, here’s the cool stuff I’ve learned so far!

- Ryan Payton, who wrote the introduction, worked on Metal Gear Solid 4, directed Halo 4 and had an undisclosed role in the creation of The Last Guardian.  He met Fumito Ueda in a paintball match where he shot Ueda in the face.
- Nick Suttner, who seems to be the main author of the book, wrote a book on Shadow of the Colossus for “Boss Fight Books” (I plan to get this as well)
- Ueda’s favorite part of the game is the final “jump” command to tell Trico to fly away from the village.
- Trico is 5.8 meters tall and 16.5 meters long.  Its tail is 7.6 meters long.  It isn’t referred to using any gender pronoun in the book.  It has 2,586 different animations.  The sounds it makes were intended by Ueda to be sounds you wouldn’t imagine it would make just by looking at it.
- At one point there was a foxtail-type plant you could find to get Trico’s attention, just like you would with a real cat.

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I was sketching some Edit!tale pages

And then I realized I didn’t know how to draw Toriel!

So, I searched Toriel in Google Images to see references that may help me…

Bad idea

I forgot that is a really bad idea to search Toriel on Google Images

Kids! Do. Not. Ever. Search. Toriel. On. Google. Images at least do not scroll down

At least I learned how to draw Toriel kinda…

A cute UT!Toriel :D

Now I have some questions about Edit!tale Toriel’s design, I’ll have to ask Macken or Fallen

HEY @mackenzieakari OR @fallentheartist!!!

Any special things about Edit!tale Toriel’s desing that I should know besides the maroon eyes and the dull blue robe? ^v^

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((yo, u inspired me to make my own OC ask blog but i have no idea wtf i'm doing ._. any tips? ))


1. Don’t feel like you have to have every detail of your character planned out ahead of time! One of the things I’ve enjoyed so much about having this blog is how it’s allowed me to learn the more minor things about my character at a good pace. You’ll be surprised what you’ll come up with as you interact with different people/situations!

2. Don’t be afraid to change facts about your character as you go! My original main story for Wendy was almost completely different from what it is now, but through seeing other characters and being inspired by them, it made me rethink a lot of stuff with Wendy. Looking back at Wendy when I first created her, she was almost an entirely different character, but as I grew up, so did she, and more than likely so will your character. Let it happen, it’s completely normal!

3. DON’T BE AFRAID TO INTERACT WITH OTHER BLOGS. YES, EVEN CANON ONES. I think a lot of us grew up in an internet/fandom culture that really heavily frowned upon almost ANY sort of OC/Canon interactions, and I feel like even now there’s a lot of pressure for OCs to pretty exclusively interact with other OCs. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had the pleasure of talking to a bunch of incredible, interesting characters, but the reason I made Wendy in the first place was well, because I loved the canon characters so much! And honestly, from my own experiences (and as someone who also runs a Canon character blog), interacting with OCs is fun! So get out there!

4. DON’T STRESS!!! Rp/ask blogs are supposed to be fun! It can get pretty easy to get lost in asks/replies and stuff and get overwhelmed, but remember that at the end of the day, we’re all just trying to have fun with characters we like. It’s ok to take a little longer on certain replies/asks. Don’t feel like you HAVE to get every reply out as soon as you can, trust me, you’ll burn out WAY faster than you think.

5. Make a rules/FAQ page! It doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t have to include every single detail/scenario you could possibly imagine, but you’d be surprised how useful having some basic ground rules will be in running your blog. A lot of rp blogs that I know say they require some sort of rules/about page from their partners, and I completely get that! It helps to set up what sort of things will or won’t be acceptable to talk about/rp. If you’re stumped on what you could put for rules, take a look around on some other pages and see what they usually include. You’d be surprised what can be relevant for a blog!

Finally, if you’re looking for OP blogs to follow, @opask-directory is a great resource! Feel free to message them yourself to get added to the list.

Again, thank you so so so much for the kind words, and if you ever want someone to interact with, feel free to message me. Good luck, and I can’t wait to see more about your character!!!

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How about headcanons for having part 3 joseph as your best friend? Maybe youve been friends since childhood and just got old together?

Some of what I wrote leans more towards Part 4 Joseph, sorry \(;´□`)/

- In some ways, Joseph has matured, a far cry from the wild young man you had grown up with. He’s still a handful though and you two get in just as much trouble as you did when you were teenagers. You’d think you would have learned your lesson after all these years but he still manages to talk you into doing the most ridiculous things
- If you thought Joseph would grow out of his love for comic books, you thought wrong. He drags you out to all the local comic book stores in search of new comics and he has a habit of buying all the kids in the shops some, cheerfully telling you that it’s because they remind him of when you both were young
- Smokey being friends with Joseph meant he quickly became your friend as well and the two of you have a long standing tradition of having lunch together every week, during which you two swap stories about Joseph’s various antics, complaining good naturedly about your best friend
- After a lifetime of friendship, you two, along with Suzi Q and Smokey, have developed multiple traditions. One of Joseph’s personal favorites is going out and obtaining an obscene amount of fireworks for New Years to set off on the front lawn of the Joestar estate. Once Holly was old enough, the tradition expanded to you taking Holly out to pick up sparklers so that her parents could surprise her with the fireworks. Then after she grew up and had Jotaro, you continued the tradition with him until he had grown too old to play along
- When you found out that Joseph had a son, the first thing you did was rush to the Joestar family home to a)make sure Suzi Q was fine and b)to kick the ass of your oldest friend. When Joseph had gone to Morioh, you had tagged along, determined to keep him out of trouble
- You had also been friends with Caesar, and every year you both make the trip to Italy to visit his grave. You two sit side by side and fill Caesar in on what had happened since your last visit, the two of you interjecting into one another’s stories. It took a long time but eventually you two were able to visit him with a smile rather than tears
- Both Erina and Speedwagon had been like family to you so when they passed away you were just as devasted as Joseph but you remained strong in order to help Suzi Q handle arrangements so Joseph wouldn’t have to
- Every year, without fail, Joseph goes out to get your favorite dessert from the bakery you two have been going to since you were children. They know both of you so well that they start preparing your order as soon as you walk through the door

I was tagged by @glassesgirl0401 and @bluecrownedbird thank you both!!

1. What is your sex and gender?

  • cis female 

2. What do you identify as?

  • I don’t even have a label for it?? I’m just cool with anyone 

3. Are you skilled in Martial arts? What do you know or want to learn?

  • Nope not at all. Maybe i’ll try Karate

4. How many followers AS OF THIS MOMENT?

  • 4,271

5. Are you a morning person?

  • not at all! I love my sleep

6. How many languages have you studied/fluent in?

  • I’m fluent in English but I can speak a little bit of Italian 

7. What are your hobbies?

  • reading, baking and writing little drabbles

8. What is one thing you did in the past month that you are embarrassed of doing?

  • hmm…. nothing from I remember… I must be lucky !

9. Do you work/highschool/college?

  • I’m at university 

10. Tell us one funny joke!

  • What’s black, white and red all over? A penguin with a sunburn !

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I'm thinking of getting a job at Wendy's as a cashier but I'm scared because I'm kinda slow to learn thing and I get really nervous and awkward when interacting with people I don't know so if someone were to yell at me I'll end up having a break down. Idk what I should do

I used to be the same when I started my job but tbh you’ll get used to how to do things and then it’ll be like second nature. You just have to get over that initial couple of weeks where you’re learning. As for the being awkward with people thing, honestly having a job like that will do wonders for your social skills. I mean it did for me anyway. I used to be so quiet until I got a job and learnt how to be social. It’ll do you good, hopefully