things that have made my 2011 better

Neymar for Esporte Interativo

Game against Juventus

We have to believe that we can do it,The other day my dad told me one thing, that stayed in my head and it’s true. In front of us we have a different team, but Barcelona are the same team. And we can do it. We did it once and we can do it a second time. We have to give our maximum. If everything goes well, another comeback will happen. I believe in the team and in our power. Everything is lost so we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We have to go out onto the pitch and do our job. It’s very difficult, mainly when there’s a big score against you. Juve are a great team, a very well structured side and that’s why it will be difficult to turn things around. We have to run twice as much. If we have a 1% chance to pass, if there is one more game, it’s 99% running, 99% faith and 99% God’s willing of the goals which will come in.

Where he would like to play?

I’d love to play one day for Flamengo, with the Maracana full, in the Copa Libertadores.


Santos took me to court and I don’t know why, there are a lot of stories that people don’t know, some said I wanted to score a goal against them when we played against Barcelona in the Club World Cup. I have no obligation to congratulate them the day they celebrate their foundation, I don’t do what everyone else wants.


In the fourth (goal) Yes. I hoped for one more little gulp to give that pon, we almost got that flavor. And after a few minutes the penalty kick came out. I only remember at the time I got the ball to hit the penalty, at the time I was concentrating, I would only listen to someone saying that I only had five minutes to play. Then I already thought, “C…, I have to do this m…, if not I’ll f…”. Messi said: “You go.” I said, “Alright!” I just thought, “I have to do it so we can have at least a chance to try something extraordinary.” As soon as I scored the goal it was a total relief because it put us in the game. Already excited the whole stadium and everyone. And then the historic goal happened.

Assistance for the historic goal of Sergi Roberto

My first thought was not to be a hero, but to kick. But I saw two Barcelona players moving, which were Messi and Piqué. I had not seen Sergi Roberto. So much so that I play there for both. At the time, I thought it was Piqué who scored the goal. After that I saw Sergi Roberto coming in behind. Worse than in the game, I spoke to him (Sergi Roberto): “Enter the area that you will make the goal. Get in the area! ” Then he came in and scored.

Free kicks in Barcelona

I always have the urge to hit . But there is a hierarchy. Of course the respect is maximum for Leo (Messi). Whenever fouls happen, he’s the official scout. Sometimes, I approach for, if you have any chance or opportunity, be focused to hit. It hits and hits very well. I just wanna get the ball in.

Be the best in the world

I don’tt think of being the best in the world. It is not something I prioritize. Of course I have a very big dream of one day to win the Golden Ball, but this comes naturally. It does not matter (the team) where I am, who I am, whether it is the best team or not. And yes my state, my gift, my game inside the field. If I’m okay, things will happen. And I’m feeling very good here in Barcelona. I’m happy here. Every player likes to play alongside the good players, alongside the best ones. Here I stand beside the best.

If he wasn’t Neymar, who would he like to be?

I would like to be many. There’s one by my side here (Zico). I didn’t see him playing, but my father saw. I also saw videos of him (laughs). I really like Messi. Of the ones I saw playing, he’s the best.

New generation of stars

I really like Griezmann, an excellent player. Gabriel Jesus, despite his age. I have a great affection for him, I’m very fond of how he plays. We played the Olympics together, in the Seleção too. He is a boy of great potential. I think this is what is going to get there around the world. And Dybala is the famous Argentine player. If you leave him alone, he will use it. On Wednesday, we can not make space. As they (Juventus) do not do with us, they do not give us space. The same thing.

Does Luis Enrique scold the team for crying?

No … I think it’s the game. It’s more about the timing, the player’s feeling. You have to feel, if you see that it’s not happening the way you want it, you have to change. That change of pressure. If they are pushing us, give a “bicão”. It is not ugly no. It is a pro football game that is a championship game. It’s ball forward and we’ll press there. But it’s the philosophy here, always was. To leave playing, to get the pass, to seek to play football. Only they are pressing us and we have to really look for another way out.

Supposedly there was 20 minutes reprimand that Luis Enrique gave Neymar, Mascherano and Pique

It was five, only (laughs). No, just kidding. There was no scolding for each player. It was the team. We played a bad game, the whole team. Everyone took it hard. It was not just a player. It was not directed at anyone.

2015 Champions League Final

The dream, I dreamed about. Of course I imagined it. But sometimes, in our life, things happen better than you think. He closed with a flourish the game, the championship. It was one of the best moments of my life. Where I exploded, I went there where my family and my friends were. I think it was all wonderful, yes.

Buffon is the best goalkeeper you’ve ever faced?

I think so. I think Buffon is the best I’ve ever faced. I have a goal against him. Not only one, I made another in Brazil (in the Confederations Cup 2013).

Champions 2015 Libertadores 2011 or 2016 Olympics?

In Maracanã. The penalty (of the final of the Olympic Games of 2016). The walk to the ball is … Oh my God. It’s the worst thing in life. It had to be closer. It had to be closer. You get the ball and it’s okay. It’s awful. Is very far. The walk … Look at the goal too small and the goalkeeper … My God from heaven. And I would say, “Where am I going to kick this ball?” Then I got the ball, positioned it, everything with my head down. Soon I looked and I saw the goal very big and the goalkeeper very small. It was supernatural. I said: “Wow!” Then it relaxed me. I thought, “You’re ready for this, you trained for it.” That’s where I was calm, I relaxed and managed to move the goalkeeper. It was not normal, because he never had a penalty like that. It was always something quicker than normal. But at that moment, that happened.

Do you consider Brazil a favorite for the World Cup?

I consider. Brazil has always been favorite in any competition that enters, by the level of players it has. And we, over the years, of all the years that I’ve been in the national team, always had good players and a good cast. But we could not find an identity, a way of playing, a Brazilian philosophy. And now, we did it. We were able to fit in. Despite having some rotations, you see that does not change the scheme, the way to play. It’s always the same thing. So, I think Tite was able to enforce this in the National Team.

Why did the Seleção change so much from Dunga to Tite?

I don’t know. I don’tt think Dunga is bad as a coach. On the contrary, I am very proud to have worked with him. A great person, always been very good to me. I don’tt know either, what happened about Tite having changed all that. I think it’s Tite’s merit to put confidence in every player, in every industry. To train a lot. I think it’s something different, yes. There is something different that attracts the attention of the players, and the player becomes more focused.

Is Tite on a level to be a Barcelona coach?

I think he (Tite) is on the level to be coach wherever he wants. I think it would indicate (Tite for Barcelona) yes.

Who will be the next coach of Barcelona?

I don’tt know, nobody knows yet. Simeone is a great coach. I think for big coaches, it doesn’t matter what team he goes to.

Tite in the Brazilian Team

Tite gives a lot of confidence to the players. He treats everyone the same. You don’t have any holders, you do not have any reservations. Treat everyone the same. There is no training of the starting team and the reserve team. He makes the second team train the same way as the first. Because you have a moment that you will need. During the game or when someone is suspended.

100% of the national team

No one expected. We did not expect it, but we trusted our team a lot because it is a very good team. We knew that if it fitted, it would be difficult to stop the Brazilian Team. Thank God everything worked out. I hope we remain undefeated for many years (laughs).

Being “the guy”

Sometimes yes sometimes no. I don’t like feel this way (“the guy”). I know my potential, I know what I can do for the Brazilian national team, and I’m pretty much the “guy” of the national team. But I do not like putting myself in this situation. I think it’s bad. It makes a difference, when you have quality players and are the team’s stars. You see by the crowd, to scream name and when you enter the field. I feel it. In Santos, I felt this a lot, because it was practically the same. And in Barcelona too. So I feel like “the guy”, it goes (laughs).

Against whom do you want to play the final of the 2018 World Cup?

Who do I want against? I want to be in the final, I don’t know against who. Let me see a selection … Germany! You’re in! But we’re going to play against them now, right? No matter (if is friendly), you have to win! I don’t even want to go to Argentina. It leaves Germany and Argentina in the semifinal and it’s all right.

Exaggerated charges and Chapecoense tragedy

It’s not even a matter of taking a break from social media. These charges … It’s bad to talk about tragedy (Chapecoense accident). It is very easy for you to come and speak “my feelings” for such a thing. It takes the place of families and children. Cleber Santana’s son and the Kempes son sent me a message, and I sent them a video. Even before posting anything. But nobody talks about it, either. Nobody knows what’s going on. So I do not like, in a tragedy, to come and talk. Because I put myself in the person’s place. “My feelings? OK thanks”. But I put myself in place. It’s complicated for you to be in this situation.

Football or Counter-Strike?

I’m better, I’m leveling up in CS. But my thing is football.

Expulsion against Malaga

It was my mistake. I do not mean by the red card, the second. Because it was a very fast move, and I ended up going very hard. There it was. I was wrong later. Then it was a mistake, but now I can think. There, not at the moment. I took a card because I’m going to tie the boot, losing the game with 15 minutes.

My opinion of “shitty” hockey fans

I saw a list in Tumblr where someone listed things what makes people shitty hockey fans. That post made me really sad and I wanna say something.

My “hockey fan”-career started in May 2011 when Finland won gold in World Champions and since that I wanted always be a fair fan. No matter other fans’ opinions or their favourite team/teams and yes, you can’t like everyone or every team but you have to respect other fans. You are not better than others if you are telling which things makes people shitty fans. And this does not touch only hockey.  

Some of us don’t like Sidney Crosby. Some of us don’t follow NHL or think that it’s the best and only league in world. Some people are on Patrick Kane’s side and some people are not. Some of us are not able to see their teams playing. There are fans who doesn’t have fan stuff or never met a player. There are women who knows a fucking lot of hockey and loves to watch the game - not the players. There are also those “puckbunnies” who likes to watch more players than the game and they don’t recognize even offside or know what icing is. What these people have in common?

THEY ARE FANS. Just fans. Not fake, stupid or shitty fans. You can’t blame someone by their favourite team or opinion. This world has a billion of opinions and they are never arguing - there are just people who are not respecting each other. If someone wants to watch players faces or bodies, let them watch. Don’t get mad about it. People are different and so on. You’re not told that you have to like everybody but you have to respect others. 

I have a lot of friends who doesn’t like teams that I love and that is fine to me. I have also friends who thinks Kane is guilty and I think he’s not. But we respect each other’s opinions and are not arguing about those things. I don’t wanna make my friends angry or sad by blaming their opinions or favourite teams bc I hate when people do it to me. I know how bad it feels when someone is saying that I’m a shitty fan bc I love my teams or I have my own opinions. 

So let’s just face the fact that we are different and we can do nothing about it. Let people have their opinions and don’t tell them that they are shitty. Hockey has a room for everyone, not depending their favourite teams, players, opinions and on and on…. 

my update feelings

- lardo is Hair Goals
- is she straining from reaching stuff on shelves or is she sad?? don’t let my angel be sad
- 2011 shitty owns my heart and also my soul
- 2011 jack has SUCH A BABY FACE surely he can’t have made the hot list that year he could only have won, like, a puppy best in breed contest with that face
- chowder’s commitment to his aesthetic is truly admirable
- is that an official Sharks stuffed shark or did someone bring him that from sea world over break okay i need to know
- tango is my new son
- whiskey is a dick-sey
- i bet nursey will HATE whiskey to begin with because he does the aloof-and-disinterested thing far better than passionate nerd derek nurse ever could
- no seriously 2011 shitty looks like howard stark in captain america: the first avenger he looks like he should be giving some retro futurism convention talk all about rocket ships
- he should be manning ground control in educational stock footage or selling vacuum cleaners door to door
- ‘passioante’ bits you’re so cheeky you’re enjoying this aren’t you
- b̡͈̭̜̬̩̂̏l̷̹̒͋ẻ͇̥̜͉͇̙̺͛̐͒ͤͣ̓s̓ͪ͊̏ș̳̞̼ ͍̼̬̰͋́h̰̙̥̹̳͍̻͊̂ͫ͑͐̚i̵̪͒̍ͅs͔͇͙ͪ͂ͅ ̨̽ͭh̟̥̣̭ͭ͐͡è͚͓͞ͅa̵̺̗̮̳̟͖r̡̳̯͈͌̆̆ͬ̓̆̚t͕̣̟͚̲̖̟̀

On the left the picture was taken at my best friend’s wedding shower in 2011. The one on the right was taken yesterday. 3 years ago I made the decision of joining the local gym. Fast forward to 2015 and I have no idea how much I’ve lost but I do know that I feel 100x better & thanks to getting into shape I’ve been able to do things that I never thought I’d be able to do. I’m still working towards my goal and once I do reach my goal I’m not going to quit. I’m going to keep working out to maintain my weight and because I love it. I feel pretty damn proud of how far I’ve come. Yes, it took a lot of hard work, some pain, and determination but it was worth it. 

anonymous asked:

So I'm just a tiny bit discouraged looking at your first fanfic, where you said you were making a lot of rookie mistakes, but I can't find anything wrong with your writing style? Like to be perfectly honest, that's the level I feel like I write at right now...

(Long post, but I’m about to say some things that are really important to me, stuff that I think everyone ought to consider)

You know, Anon, I don’t think there’s any reason to feel discouraged by the possibility that there’s room for improvement.

I want to be clear. When I say “rookie mistakes” in Wondering, I don’t mean to say that the story is awful, irredeemable, worthless garbage. It means I can go through that fic and pick out plenty of things that I did as a writer at 14 that I wouldn’t do now. That could seem discouraging; I poured hundreds of hours into that story; I tried my absolute best at that fanfic back in 2011; it would be nice to think I made it perfect, yeah? But that’s nonsense. That’s impossible. There is no perfect. I’m thrilled I can see so many things wrong with it! Because it means I have gotten better–my diction choice and dialogue and characterization and pacing and plot-weaving–all of it has improved.

I also don’t think you’re in the wrong feeling discouraged, because building up self-esteem in writing is fucking hard. We’re all subject to this unfortunate side-effect of being human that makes us wildly self-critical, desperate for validation, and terrified of criticism. When I wrote that first fic, nothing terrified me more than criticism. Even the exceedingly nice ones! The fact was that the slightest critique made me feel like I’d screwed up the whole chapter. I couldn’t recognize my errors while writing, so that must have meant that I was terrible at writing. By extension, there must have been countless people reading my fic who were shaking their heads wondering why I even tried.

That was a while back. I don’t think those things anymore. I’ve long-since snapped out of it, because one of the most important epiphanies I’ve ever had about writing is that constructive criticism is a gift. There’s plenty of improvement you can do by reviewing your own work and writing constantly. But nothing will make you better faster than sitting your butt down with a notepad while someone whose writing ability you trust goes through your stuff and tells you what things need work

Because there’s no being perfect, and there’s no being the best. There are millions of people in this world who could read through my most recent, most polished, most edited work and find endless things I could be doing better, countless mistakes I don’t know I’m making. Writing gets a whole ton more fun when that possibility excites you rather than terrifies you. Because it means that I can keep getting better. I’m not going to stagnate. I’m always going to learn more, little by little, and I’m always going to be able to do greater things than I could do before.

Five years down the line, I fully expect to be able to look back on Tourmaline (24 chapter fic I wrote this summer) and pick out a bunch of errors, a bunch of things I would do differently and better were I to rewrite it in 2020. That’s how I feel about Wondering. If I rewrote Wondering today, it would be a lot better. But I do not think Wondering is bad. Wondering has things that could be improved. Wondering has dialogue that could be polished, settings that could be clearer, plot progression that could be less clunky, details that could be better described, diction that could be better chosen. And you know what? So does Tourmaline. So does chapter 2 of Dusting Off Bones which I wrote yesterday. So will chapter 3 of Dusting Off Bones once I write it today or tomorrow. Everything I ever write is going to have things that, at the time I wrote it, I didn’t realize could be better done. The exciting part is knowing that, eventually, I’ll probably be good enough to recognize them.

So I stand by what I said about Wondering having mistakes, but I also stand by my statement that Wondering is not a bad story. If that’s where your writing skill is, then people at that level and lower will probably be able to enjoy anything you write without a single issue. And people who are at a higher writing level can still enjoy it, even if they notice things that could use improvement.

There’s no dichotomy of “good” and “bad” writing. It’s a spectrum–not even a linear one–that pushes infinitely in the “what you write tomorrow will be better than what you wrote today” direction. It doesn’t mean what you wrote yesterday is garbage. It doesn’t mean to lose faith because what you’re writing right now isn’t perfect. It means you can keep getting better. 

If you’re writing at the level of Wondering right now, be proud of that. And keep writing. Keep writing until you could skim through Wondering again and go, “Hey yeah, I see what Chrissy was talking about. I can see what the problems are, and I also see how they could be fixed, because my writing has progressed to the point where I’m better than this.”

TL:DR Improving is exciting. What you’re writing right now is probably awesome. What you’re gonna be writing a day, a month, a year down the line is going to be even better because you’re gonna improve. Open yourself up to suggestions. Look through your own work with a discerning eyes trying to see what can be better. Be your own most helpful critic, and find others who are kind enough to critique for you. And once you can look back on your old stuff and see its issues, pat yourself on the back because it means you’ve become an even better writer than you were back then.

walker-nom  asked:

It amazes me how you come up with such fantastic fantasy creatures that just seem to flow together so fluidly. Got any tips on how you create these gorgeous animals?

(Super late reply woops)

Thanks! I’m honored you like them c: <3

Honestly, my best advice would be to just go with what feels right and don’t think too much about it— or at least not initially. 

A lot of the beasts and creatures I draw and create actually don’t have much forethought put into them. I usually just draw something random, going with what shapes feel right, and then decide upon its completion if it’s something I’d like to use again.

And there’s nothing that says you need to keep that creature 100% the same as its first rendition. You can always go back and change things!

My tora dragons have seen a bit of change:

June 2010

May 2011 (bigger pic since it’s long)

Design earlier this year (unfinished, as I scrapped it halfway for the below design)

Current design

Clearly far from the original design— or any others before it— but it shows the evolution of a creature that I originally made with little thought. After having the creature for some time, I was able to decide on alterations that I feel bettered its design and conveyed more power in the creature, particularly in its neck and forelimbs. 

Just experiment and play with shapes! Simplicity can be your friend, so don’t feel like you need to make something too fancy. If you’re satisfied with a simple, easy design— keep it. You’ll find it easier to draw again, and that you’ll focus more on the important details (face shape, muscles, etc) if you leave out unnecessary odds and ends.

Been a super, super long day -

- full of that high-intensity mania we rarely see. I have a headache that is threatening to do its own taxes.

We thought this would be a little heads-up, buuuuuuuut IDK how registration for LCHP isn’t going to be like the Hunger Games. I mean, there’ll be less killing, I suppose. Because the actual metric on the interest today is kind of blowing our minds.  We’ll figure it out. But we really want this to be super immersive and special and old school, so one of the things to do is to make sure people know, ideally before reg even opens, what’s going to happen at it. We don’t want you buying a ticket and realizing it’s not your thing. That’s one of the reasons for this soft launch, to kind of weigh reaction, and.. um… LOL.

Meanwhile, things continue to grow and change with main LeakyCon and we are including more geekdom and more communities, and making more connections between communities, and increasing the power that HP fans have to change the course of the geeky universe. Sometimes feels like we’re helping empower a generation of geeks to be the most proud version of themselves possible, you know? What a thing to be doing every day. As we grew the question became clear to us fairly early: How do we continue to take this awesome thing in its natural, best direction, but also create something that strikes to the very heart of our favorite fandom? We always knew we’d be back here in some manner, and the park in LA is perfect for it.

I remember when we started planning 2011. Remember the yearbook? That thing took an IN - SANE - AMOUNT - OF - TIME to put together. The staff who did so were tireless champions. But we had this vision of attendees walking around with side-messenger bags and yearbooks, celebrating their graduation, and that theme made for SO MUCH WORK but also so much awesome. And we are *so* much better at this now.

Both 2016 events and WHATEVER we have planned for 2015 and EVERYTHING on tap for 2014 (a lot of which is yet unannounced for various reasons) represents a kind of “holy shit this is actually my life and it is awesome” moment. 

Tired. Bed. NIIIIIGHT.