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The Not-So-Glamorous Side of Being an Angel

-eating way to much or not enough because you really can’t tell how much this body needs
-a l w a y s t h i r s t y
-“what do you mean I have to wash the vessel AGAIN I just did that 36 hours ago”
-never really adjusting to having to use the bathroom regularly
-saying something that only divines/angels would understand around your human friends and they don’t get it and it makes things awkward
-“should I tell this friend who I really am I mean we’ve been friends for like 10 years and we trust each other with our lives but STILL”
-seeing fictional angels being depicted or described completely inaccurately and getting unreasonably frustrated
-being super clumsy because you can’t quite get the hang of piloting this dumb human body
-lying awake at 3am because you just feel so lonely and empty inside
-“what if my brain is just making all this up and fabricating memories because I subconsciously want to be Different and Special”
-being afraid to have children because you’ve heard nephilim described as “abominations” and you fear you won’t be able to protect them
-running into someone irl and just KNOWING they’re Angelic too and “omg do they realize I am too do they even realize /they/ are wHAT IF THEY KNOW ME”
-being Fallen and wondering if you actually are the bad guy of your story
-having a disability or chronic illness and wondering if it’s because your vessel can’t handle your powerful soul

Just…being an angel isn’t all fun and games.

What is a third eye? [Edited]

I am a medium, which means I can see and communicate with spirits. This means I possess what is known as a “third eye”.

It’s not a literal third eye in the middle of my forehead, for one thing. It’s metaphorical. It simply means that I can see things that exist on other levels of existence as easily as I can see things on this plane of existence. 

There are also third ears and third noses, meaning you can hear and smell things that are happening on a different plane. I know, it’s weird.

Let’s talk about the concept of planes of existence before I go on any further. You know when people talk about ghosts and say they’re “trapped in a place between our world and the next”? That’s a plane of existence. It exists close enough to ours to the point where those who have died can come through it and interact with our world. Some people (like me) believe there is a plane higher than that one where the afterlife or Heaven is located, and some people believe in a large variety of planes, like a plane where our souls go when we dream, for example. 

So, if you possess a third eye, you can see through to the next plane easily and see ghosts and stuff. You can also see auras, which is like an energy around people, and you can read auras to determine how people are feeling and what’s in store for them, etc.

How do you know if you have a third eye? My short answer is, you see dead people. The long answer is this: You can see ghosts and spirits in places where others can’t.

Period. End of discussion. It’s not a matter of “Do I have the ability to unlock this mysterious third eye?” because it is not. It’s something you are born with. You have it or you don’t.

But what if you saw spirits as a small child and grew out of it? This question gets asked to me more often than not. It’s really common for children to see spirits because they’re more willing to accept the fact that there’s a friendly man in their bedroom that wants to play. If a friendly man appeared to you when you were two, that would be awesome, but if you were ten, that would be terrifying. Therefore, spirits aren’t gonna just appear to ten year olds, because they’re not trying to scare you (most of the time).

It is possible that you do have a third eye and it is closed, as it is possible to open and close it. Maybe you saw spirits all the time as a child, and when you told some grown-up they sat you down and explained what imaginary friends were, and you came to the conclusion that spirits were all in  your head and you stopped seeing them. It’s possible you closed your third eye. It is possible to open it again, and it takes lots of meditation and some good communication with spirits. Do the reverse to close it. 

So let me break this down.

Scenario 1: You see spirits and ghosts regularly, you have a third eye.

Scenario 2: You saw spirits constantly as a child, but as you grew and became more skeptical you stopped seeing them, your third eye is closed.

Scenario 3: One time you saw a ghost, you do not have a third eye, you saw an entity that was powerful enough to come through the next plane and be visible in ours.

Scenario 4: You think you saw spirits as a child, you do not have a third eye, you have an overactive imagination.

Scenario 5: You think you might have a third eye and try meditations to open it and nothing happens, you do not have a third eye. 

Scenario 6: You want to have a third eye, you do not have a third eye.

That last one sounds pretty wacky but believe me, after the asks I’ve been getting, it needs to be said. You can’t just decide that you’re gonna have a third eye. You’re born with one or you aren’t. If you have to wonder whether or not you have one, you don’t have one. 

Please feel free to send me any asks if you have any questions other than ones ending in “do I have a third eye?” 

EDIT: Hello again everyone. I’m not sure how but this post seems to be the most controversial, as I’ve received plenty of messages saying that everyone has a third eye and anyone can unlock it.

Okay look. As someone with a third eye and has been seeing spirits unwillingly my whole life, trust me in that if you don’t have a third eye, there’s no way you can see spirits the way I can. If that were true, if anyone could have the power to see spirits wherever they wanted, we wouldn’t have paranormal investigation shows, we wouldn’t have to wonder about life after death, and so on. I know some paranormal investigation teams who would love to save thousands of dollars on equipment and be able to see spirits with their own eyes. 

Third eyes are rare. Most people do not have them, period. If you people who have been messaging me and telling me anyone can learn how to open their third eye, then prove it. Find someone and teach them to open their third eye. Go for it.

And also yes, there’s a variety of things people can see with their third eyes, like energy, chakras, auras, etc, but I’m talking about spirits because a) I’m a spirit communication blog, and b) it’s the most debatable. People can kind of tell if they can see auras because it’s obvious, but people seem to be convinced that they thought they saw someone out of the corner of their eye and now they have a third eye and are a medium. 

I’m not trying to be rude. It’s just. I mean. I can’t say “you don’t have a third eye” enough times for people to believe it.

I get asked this question quite a lot on social media and I think that there is a portion of the readership that feels quite strongly that Damen should have guessed and even can feel quite frustrated with him for not guessing.

The two things I’ll say about that are: first of all, not everyone does guess. Not even all readers guess, so it’s not that the clues were so obvious — and the clues were stronger for the reader than for Damen. The reader in a sense sees more than Damen in given situations. We see a broader picture than him, but even with all of that there are still some people — readers — for whom that’s just far enough out of their sphere of understanding that it was not something that they picked up on.

For Damen, that’s just a path that his mind would never run down. It’s inconceivable to him that something like that could occur. He’s had quite a sheltered upbringing in some ways — he’s a character who has been the recipient of a great deal of privilege. He has led quite a charmed life at least up until the moment of the coup in Akielos, and so there are some uncomfortable truths of human nature that he has not been forced to confront really ever in his life. And he has a good heart and he’s the sort of person who often just assumes that others are the way that he is. So I think that’s just not an imaginative leap that he was capable of making.

—  C. S. Pacat in response to the question, “How did Damen not at least guess about what was going on between Laurent and the Regent?”

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Read your thing on Percy having Tartarus related panic attacks at school. How about Annabeth?? THX YOU ARE AWESOME MMMUAH!

this is from forever ago, and for that I apologize lol it’s just been sitting in my drafts. 

  • this would definitely be a battle between Annabeth and her hubris from start to finish 
  • I think any time she encountered a problem she couldn’t solve, whether it be a math problem, a piece of poetry she just can’t seem to understand, or problems with friends, she would just flash to the mad look in her mother’s eyes as she charged with her following the mark of Athena. She would be flooded with flashbacks of her trials and Arachne’s cackle would echo in her head until she wasn’t sure she was breathing. 
  • Sometimes when she stays up late doing an assignment, or just can’t sleep, she finds that the darkness overwhelms her. It rests on top of her like the weight of the sky once did. Some morning she even checks for the grey streak in her hair. More than once her roommate has scolded her for forgetting to turn her desk lamp off after she’s done studying, and Annabeth can’t bring herself to admit out loud that most nights, its light is the only thing that keeps the darkness from swallowing her whole. 
  • She wishes she could lean on Percy, but on her hardest days she simply feels like a burden. When they’re together, she can see the happy gleam that has somehow managed to stay in his eyes since she first met him and she refuses to see it dim because of her. In her head, she sees the aftermath of Tartarus as her fault. If she had just been quicker, more alert, faster, smarter, wiser. But she wasn’t, and so down they went into the place she’s not sure they’ve escaped yet. No matter how many times Percy tells her it wasn’t her fault and he doesn’t blame her, she can’t seem to quiet the voice in her head. 
  • On a weekend when Sally and Paul are out of town, Annabeth stays the night with Percy. When she wakes up, he’s nowhere to be seen. She searches the apartment, even opens the front door hoping he’ll be standing there, but he’s gone. His phone is on his desk and suddenly her chest feels tight. She curls up on his bed, eyes shut tight, as she repeats to herself over and over “not again.” She’s not sure how long she’s like that when the front door opens. She keeps her eyes closed, too scared to take the chance of it not being him. Then his hands are rubbing her back and he’s kissing her forehead, trying to coax her out of her shell. When she opens her eyes, the tears take on a life of their own and suddenly she’s pushing him away in anger and then pulling him to her in fear. He apologizes profusely, saying he just skateboarded down the street to get them some donuts for breakfast. He left her a note on his pillow but it fell between the wall and the bed which is why she didn’t see it. He holds her until she calms down, but he doesn’t let it go. They spend the rest of the day talking, Percy challenging Annabeth in the way that only he can. By the time Monday rolls around, they have both agreed to finally talk to the therapist, a daughter of Apollo, that Chiron had been bugging them to see. 
  • Some nights she still feels a weight bearing down on her but morning always comes, and she steps outside, looks up and remembers that she has held the weight of the sky before. And she’s still here. 
21 Signs You Have An Unhealthy Celebrity Obsession

First it starts out small with you just wanting to watch their whole filmography then you start purchasing items your celebrity obsession associates with. Next thing you know you’re in too deep and you’re involved in what some might call an obsession.

1. You’ve built a shrine dedicated to your obsession

2. There’s multiple folders of pictures of them on your computer

3. They have an appearance? You’re there and five hours early

4. You’ve met them at least once, if you’re lucky you met them several times

5. Running a popular blog about them has its advantages

6. Don’t deny it, you’ve tried to dress like them

7. You’ve managed to sneak onto one of their sets

8. You get excited at the mere mention of their name

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9. You’re the go-to person on anything related to the celebrity in question

10. No matter what you will defend everything they do even if you know it’s wrong

11. Knowing their birthday is what you consider to be common knowledge


12. Every year you celebrate their birthday as if they were your friend

13. You spend hours learning everything you can about them

14. You’ve memorized all the awards they’ve won and the ones they should have won

15. Following their social media accounts is a must

16. If they follow you back respond AT ALL you’ve hit the jackpot

17. Every time they appear on the cover of a magazine you buy every copy

18. Pictures of them is your choice of wallpaper

19. You’ve gotten a tattoo of something that relates to your favorite celebrity

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20. If given the chance you’d do anything to meet them

21. Simply reading this list gives you the feels about your favorite celebrity

Kelley told “Tribbles” writer David Gerrold during his interview, “I always wanted the show to do a script that featured Nichelle and myself. Something where the two of us were thrown into a planet where there was a great racial problem, only reversed. The fact that I am a Southerner and she is black and that we’re trapped on this planet together could have been a very good story.” Gerrold commented that, in fact, such a storyline had been worked on but never brought to fruition.
—  From Sawdust to Stardust