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2x20 “What Is And What Should Never Be”
God, can you imagine waking up next to him and him sleepily looking at you like in the first gif? :’)


Look at this thing from like ages ago and has been collecting dusts in the drafts since the time when I was convinced that Chara is the warrior and Frisk is the magician in the intro reincarnated… Until I bumped into @passivechara ’s Reada and I became waaaaaayyyy too attached o)-(

92 truths

rules: once you have been tagged you are supposed to write 92 truths about yourself. At the end choose however many people you want to tag!

I was tagged by the lovely @sugdone Thanks babe! I love things like this, even though it takes me ages to do them. 💖


[1] drink: water

[2] phone call: unknown number so didn’t answer!

[3] text message: my brother

[4] song you listened to: Skies The Limit - Fleetwood Mac

[5] time you cried: watching the special tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman on THG: Mockingjay Part One blu-ray.


[6] dated someone twice: no

[7] been cheated on: no

[8] kissed someone and regretted it: yes!

[9] lost someone special: I thought I had, but perspective changes with time. So not yet.

[10] been depressed: yes

[11] gotten drunk and thrown up: oh hell yes and it was awful cos though I was off my tits, the sober part of my subconscious was aware and fully ashamed of the rest of me. It will never happen again.


[12] any shade of blue

[13] purple

[14] dark red


[15] made new friends: yes

[16] fallen out of love: no

[17] laughed until you cried: listen, I only have to really laugh for a couple of seconds and I’m crying! It’s bad. No joke.

[18] found out someone was talking about you: ohh yes

[19] met someone who changed you: maybe

[20] found out who your true friends are: yes

[21] kissed someone on your Facebook list: not in the last year.


[22] how many of your tumblr friends do you know in real life: none

[23] do you have any pets: not any more

[24] do you want to change your name: my middle name for sure.

|25] what did you do for your last birthday: the usual - spent it with family

[26] what time did you wake up: today I automatically woke up at 6am, but that’s not when I got up 😁

[27] what were you doing at midnight last night: re-watching Line Of Duty

[28] name something you cannot wait for: Getting final series (series 5) of Ripper Street on blu-ray. Hurry up and come out!!

[29] when was the last time you saw your mother: Er, ten minutes a go 😂

[30] what is one thing you wish you could change about your life: have endless amounts of money

[31] what are you listening to right now: Problematic - Five Star

[32] have you ever talked to a person named tom: several.

[33] something that is getting on your nerves: a lot of work colleagues and new manager. Oh, and certain fandoms.

[34] elementary: ??? I went through primary school, yes. I think I quite liked it.

[35] high school: secondary school as we call it over here wasn’t bad. It had ups and downs of course.

[36] college: I stayed on at my school’s sixth form and got my A Levels. Some good memories.

[37] hair colour: brunette.

[38] long or short hair: long hair, (short never seems to suit my face shape). And it’s really long right now.

[39] do you have a crush on someone: fuck me yes. It’s rare when I don’t.

[40] what do you like about yourself: my eyes; my wit; my ability to attract people as friends; my compassion towards all animals

[41] piercings: one in each earlobe and belly button pierced

[42] nickname: TJ/T/Taz

[43] relationship status: it’s complicated

[44] zodiac sign: Leo

[45] pronouns: she/her

[46] favourite tv show: so many omg. Top ones are Desperate Housewives; Being Human (UK); Elementary; Ripper Street; Ally McBeal

[47] tattoos: none but maybe one day

[48] right or left handed: left


[49] surgery: none

[50] piercing: earlobes

[51] best friend: laura. We made it through primary to six form and into our early 20s. She didn’t make a great first impression and then she disappeared and I haven’t seen or heard from her in over a decade

[52] sport: I have no idea

[53] vacation: somewhere in Ireland visiting family

[54] pair of trainers: urgh they were probably pink (I hate pink)


[55] eating: nothing

[56] drinking: nothing

[57] I’m about to: fall off to sleep omg

[58] listening to: NCIS blaring from the living room tv (I’m in my bedroom)

[59] waiting for: the want to go to bed

[60] want: so many things. But right now I’ll settle for food.

[61] get married: no thanks

[62] career: never been a career-minded gal. Sorry society


[63] hugs or kisses: hugs

[64] lips or eyes: eyes

[65] shorter or taller: taller

[66] older or younger: Depends

[67] romantic or spontaneous: hmm tough one. I’m not so comfortable with either. Maybe spontaneous, but not too sure.

[68] nice arms or nice stomach: I am a sucker for arms, so yeah gonna say arms

[69] sensitive or loud: sensitive but not in a Bedazzled kind of way lol

[70] hook up or relationship: relationship. The other is so not me

[71] trouble maker or hesitant: hesitant


[72] kissed a stranger: he kissed me. I was just working to work in the morning and he came out of nowhere and kissed me!

[73] drank hard liquor: yes

[74] lost glasses/contact lenses: don’t wear either so no

[75] turned someone down: all the time

[76] sex on first date: no

[77] broken someone’s heart: I doubt it

[78] had your own heart broken: at the time I thought so, but no

[79] been arrested: no

[80] cried when somebody died: yes, my grandmother

[81] fallen for a friend: several times


[82] yourself: hardly ever

[83] miracles: sometimes

[84] love at first sight: no way

[85] santa claus: nope

[86] kiss on the first date: sure, why not? If I want to then I will

[87] angels: not really


[88] current best friend’s name: Z

[89] eye colour: brown

[90] favourite movie: Clue

[91] favourite flower: anything but sunflowers. Fucking HATE sunflowers, you have no idea. I do love cherry blossom a lot. But I really hate sunflowers! Hate them.

[92] favourite season: autumn.

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Which Buffy character are you?

Buffy Anne Summers

[] You believe puns are the highest form of wit
[] You have blonde hair
[] Your parents are separated or divorced
[] You love ice skating
[] You’ve suffered from depression before
[] You have a big secret that you’ve kept for years
[] You are short or petite
[] You would die to protect your family
[] You still own cuddly toys/stuffed animals, and you love them
[] You have been expelled or suspended from school before

Willow Danielle Rosenberg

[] You’d describe yourself as quite ambitious
[]  You have participated in internet dating before
[] You suffer from stage fright
[] You are or were a straight A student
[] You are ginger or otherwise a redhead
[] You own at least one pair of overalls 
[] You’re great with computers
[] You’re an only child
[] You own at least one choker necklace
[] You’re no stranger to anxiety

Xander Lavelle Harris

[] You’ve had to wear an eye-patch before
[] You sometimes worry that you’ll end up like your parents
[] You own a skateboard
[] You have a jealous streak
[] You enjoy or are skilled at woodwork or carpentry
[] You own at least one Hawaiian T-shirt
[] You tend to attract quirky, odd people
[] You use your sense of humor to get through tough times
[] You know how to perform CPR
[] Of all your friends, you’re the “normal” or “sane” one

Rupert Giles

[] You’re awful with computers
[] Tea is your favorite drink
[] You can be quite sarcastic
[] You wear glasses, or have worn glasses
[] You’ve fainted or have been knocked out at least thrice in your life
[] You’ve been fired from a job before
[] You live in a different country now to the one you were born in
[] You get weirdly excited by the macabre and the supernatural
[] You love reading
[] You are the oldest person in your group of friends

Cordelia Chase

[] You often feel alone in a crowd
[] You’ve been part of a gymnastics, cheerleading, or dance squad 
[] You have or would like to pursue a career in acting
[] You’ve never been to university, nor do you plan to
[] You love fashion
[] You’ve been nominated for prom king/queen, homecoming king/queen, or something of that nature
[] You’d rather hear brutal honesty than a beautiful lie
[] You have an alliterative name
[] You quite like personalized license plates
[] You feel as though people underestimate your intelligence


[] You’ve had a difficult relationship with your father
[] You feel a lot of guilt and regret for your past actions
[] You love eyeliner
[] You have a dark sense of humor
[] You own at least two long coats
[] You are a mother or father
[] You’re a talented artist
[] You have at least one tattoo
[] You own at least one pair of leather trousers
[] You’re a bit of a loner

Daniel ‘Oz’ Osborne 

[] You have a very patient temper
[] You’ve had a one night stand before
[] You’ve dyed your hair at least three times
[] You have a talent for keeping a straight face when amused
[] You own a van or minivan 
[] You’re often prone to deep, philosophical thoughts 
[] You know how to play the guitar
[] You’re a man or woman of little words 
[] You are or have been in a band
[] You go by your last name, or an abbreviation of your last name

Tara Maclay

[] You own at least one cat
[] You have (or once had) a stutter or other speech impediment
[] You are allergic to seafood (or some seafood)
[] You know how to do tarot
[] Sometimes you feel like an outsider in your own group of friends
[] You have lost contact with at least one person in your immediate family
[] People often tell you that you have a beautiful singing voice
[] You know how to read palms
[] You are romantically attracted to the same sex
[] You own crystals

Dawn Summers

[] You sometimes feel overshadowed by siblings or other family members
[] You keep a journal or diary
[] You feel embarrassed about the crushes you’ve had in the past
[] You’ve stolen before
[] You know at least two languages
[] You enjoy chess
[] You are the youngest person in your group of friends
[] Harry Potter is your favorite book series
[] You have a thirst for knowledge and love researching topics of interest
[] You tend to form unlikely friendships

William ‘Spike’ Pratt

[] You have a good relationship with your mother
[] You smoke
[] You can be quite reckless and spontaneous
[] You’ve dyed your hair
[] You’d describe yourself as a hopeless romantic
[] You love daytime TV/soap operas
[] You enjoy getting drunk on a regular basis
[] You’d be prepared to drastically change yourself to please a lover
[] You own a leather jacket, leather duster, or other type of leather coat
[] You have a short temper

Anya Jenkins

[] You think revenge is a righteous and just concept
[] You find bunnies to be overrated
[]  You would love to get married one day
[] You often offend people without meaning to
[] You consider yourself a feminist
[] You’ve had at least one really bad boss in the past
[] You admit to being a bit of a misanthrope
[] You’re great at board games
[] You’d describe yourself as a capitalist
[] You work or have worked in retail


Just a dump of random Double Nates screenshots I think I once had plans for?? But those plans have since been forgotten so here they are as is~
(Also maybe just me but I captioned with the file names & some of them give me a right giggle so~)

Time and Time Again

By: SassyShoulderAngel319 (also MrsWinxerSoldier for now)

Fandom/Character(s): Avengers - Steve Rogers/Captain America, Steve Rogers/Captain America, feat. Bucky Barnes

Rating: PG

Original Idea: This thing.

Notes: (Masterlist) ( @steverogersnotebook ) ( @whydouwantaname ) I promised I’d write this once finals were over. And that is what I have done. And let me tell you, this one is long. (Not as long as Winter Captain, but long.) I’ve definitely written longer one-shots, but I loved this one. Thanks for the inspiration. (This opening bit has been sitting in my drafts for ages.)


“Are you saying this thing can travel through time?” Steve demanded, looking at the metal box in the abandoned HYDRA base in Sokovia.

Wanda shrugged. “That was its original purpose. I do not know if it ever actually achieved that aim, but that was its intention,” she remarked. Steve stared at the machine for several moment. This could be it. The key to stopping everything before it started. The box in front of him could save… everyone.

He took a step forward.

“Steve, no,” Wanda warned. “It was never tested! It could kill you!”

“But it could also save everything!” Steve murmured quietly. Ignoring the younger twin’s protests, he opened the box and clambered in. It was a bit cramped for his bulky frame, but he didn’t care.

He flicked the knobs until he reached the desired date. January 4, 1945.

A day before Bucky fell off the train.

Steve hit the green button and the small box started to shake violently. He could hear Wanda calling out to him, sounding scared. But he continued to ignore her. This was something he was willing to risk if it mean restoring peace.

And saving Bucky from HYDRA.

After what felt like three days—but really wasn’t and Steve knew it—the shaking stopped. The captain opened the small door and unfolded himself out of the tiny cavity.

The first thing he saw was snow.

The second thing he saw was a soldiers’ camp nearby.

The third was the moon brightly shining from the black sky.

Adjusting his shield on his back, he dodged behind some trees, not wanting to be seen. He peered between the leaves and raised his eyebrows. Oh wow, he thought, impressed and pleasantly surprised. I actually did it. The camp a few yards away wasn’t populated with just any small unit of soldiers with no backup anywhere nearby.

It was the Howling Commandos’ camp.

Steve smirked to himself. He hadn’t seen those faces with his own eyes in years. Seventy to be precise, but he spent most of those in the ice. It felt like he’d only left them four, maybe five years ago. There was Monty, Dum-Dum, Jim, Gabe—

And Bucky—who was sitting next to Steve’s younger self.

Steve froze, entire body going rigid. Bucky…

The brunet had laugh lines around his eyes. He was smiling—heck, he was laughing. Steve’s heartstrings tugged painfully. It had felt like so long since he’d heard his best friend’s laugh. It reminded him of… well. The forties.

He snapped back behind the tree as the younger version of himself turned to look around.

“Alright, guys. Go to sleep. I’ve got first watch,” younger Steve told the Commandos.

“I can take first,” Bucky put in. “You took first last night.”

From behind the tree, only listening now, Steve smiled. He remembered when Bucky would do that.

“It’s fine. Kinda wanna be awake with just my thoughts for a while,” the younger Steve commented. Older Steve could practically see Bucky’s shrug, imagined the brunet holding his belt buckle with both hands the way he always had when he was wearing his uniform. Steve smiled and snuck a peek around the tree trunk. Bucky had walked off and was settling down on his bedroll.

About an hour into his watch, the young Steve got up from the tree stump he’d been sitting on and started to walk.

Towards where Steve was hiding.

A few choice words ran through Steve’s head. Maybe I could explain it to him… he thought. But a little farther away from the camp so no one will hear. He edged around the tree until younger Steve had passed and then carefully matched his movements from two paces behind, including where his boots fell so that there would only be one set of footprints and the sound of only one man walking. He knew how good his senses were.

He followed his younger self for several yards, wondering where he was going. Both had their shields on their arms after forties-Steve had taken his off of his back and twenty-first-century Steve had copied him.

Young Steve whirled around, moving to whack Older Steve with his shield—which Steve blocked with his shield. A loud CLANG! reverberated through the trees “Put that thing down you’re going to hurt yourself,” he snapped irritably. Young Steve recovered from the confusion of seeing himself—just an older, wearier version—pretty quickly and he obviously didn’t like being ordered around like that. He grabbed Steve’s shield, twisted it and slammed Steve in the gut with the rim of his shield. Older Steve stumbled backwards before collapsing into the snow.

“Why are you following me? What kind of imposter are you?” the younger version of Steve demanded, holding Steve down by planting his knee into his chest. It made Steve snort. He’d been lost in the future for so long that he’d almost forgotten how much of a pretentious punk he’d been in the forties.

“I’m not an imposter. I’m from the future. I’m trying to save Bucky.”

Younger-Steve’s eyes widened. “Why? What happens to Bucky? How far into the future are you from?!” He looked horrified.

“I can’t tell you that. Far enough to know what happens after the next few days.” He shoved his younger self off of him. “Put that thing away, you’re going to hurt someone,” he snapped again, yanking his shield back out of the younger man’s grip. Forties-Steve stared at him, still looking absolutely horrified. “If you don’t let me help you, Bucky’s not gonna die, but he’s going to suffer a fate far worse than death—at the hands of HYDRA.”

Forties-Steve froze, face stuck in horror. “What kind of fate?”

“They’re going to brainwash him, wipe his memories, and then turn him into an assassin.”

“No…” younger Steve whispered, face still looking absolutely horrified.

“Yeah. And if you don’t help me, it’ll happen all over again.”

Younger Steve sat down in the snow, staring at the older version of him. “How do we save him?” he finally asked, casting a glance through the sparse trees to the camp where the Commandos were sleeping.

“When you pull him behind you to shield him from a HYDRA gun, deflect the blast straight forward, rather than your right. If you deflect it to your right, it will blow a hole in the side of the train that he’ll fall out of. Not to mention that directing the blast that way throws you to the other side of the train from him and you’re not fast enough to protect him again. So when you pull him behind you, stand your ground. The shield should absorb most of the impact and send the blast forward if you do it right.”

“When will this be?”


“And I’ll be on a train.”

“You’ll understand when you get there.”

“And where are you going to be?”

“In case he does fall, I’m going to be in the ravine to find him before the Russians do.”

“Then what?”

“Then, I’ll return him to you. And when you go to the hangar—again, you’ll understand when you get there—make sure Bucky gets on that plane with you.”


“That one I’m not going to tell you. It’d spoil all the… fun.”

“And what about you?”

“Once I make sure you two both get on that plane, I’m returning to the future.”

“Steve?” a voice called. It was Bucky. Older Steve jackknifed to his feet and disappeared up a tree and into the shadows as a very tired Sergeant Barnes staggered upon younger Steve. “What are you doing? Who are you talking to?”

“Myself,” younger Steve answered—completely honestly.

“Well, it’s my turn to take watch. So go back and get some sleep.”

“Okay.” He gave Bucky a one-armed side-hug and they went back to camp. Once they were gone Steve dropped out of the tree, rolled, and straightened up. He silently made his way back to the weird time machine, crawled back into it, and set the controls for the next day, about an hour before the train with Zola on it would take Bucky away from Steve forever.

The machine shook again—not so hard and not so long this time—and he got out.

He wasn’t in the ravine, but he was really close.

Silently, he made his way through the woods and picked his way down the slope until he was at the bottom of the ravine. He looked around for anything he remembered—any landmarks so he wouldn’t have to search for too long to find Bucky—but everything was different from the bottom.

Steve cursed under his breath but felt a slight vibration tint the air. He started sprinting along the side of the ravine, knowing the train was on its way, barely avoiding slipping on the snow and falling into the river. He’d have to get as far in as possible in case Bucky fell off. I am not losing him like this again, he thought harshly. Even though he was far away from the outcropping the Commandos were sitting on so they could zip-line to the train, he could still hear the sound of the harpoon that shot the cable as it echoed down the frigid canyon.

Or, rather, it would have been frigid, had Steve been anyone but himself.

He could feel the vibrations getting more and more violent, washing his skin with uncomfortable tingling. The train was getting closer—as well as faster. He kept running.

After a moment, the train had arrived. There was no hole in the side of it and Gabe was making his way towards the front.

There was no sign of Bucky or Young Steve.

They must have gone inside a while ago, given Gabe’s position.

So they were probably fighting the HYDRA attackers.

Steve kept pace with the train for far longer than he thought he could. Adrenaline rushed through his veins and even though he could barely see what was happening, he saw Gabe crash through the glass at the front of the train—which had happened after Bucky fell originally.

Steve slid to a halt in the snow.

Bucky hadn’t fallen.

Steve sent a prayer of thanks towards the high heavens and started the run back to the time machine. It took a little longer because he was a little bit tired, but he’d done it. He’d saved Bucky from falling—from losing his arm—from becoming the Winter Soldier.

He climbed back into the box, folding himself into the cramped space and flicking the knobs for when the bomber plane would take off.

After a few moments of shaking and vibrating, Steve hauled himself out. He was in the huge hangar in the alps, near the door that would open the plane into the sky. He hid behind some crates and waited. All he needed to do was make sure Bucky made it onto the plane when his younger self did. Then, seventy years later, they would both be in the future and everything would be okay. Hopefully. Everything was still evolving.

He waited for almost two hours before the fighting broke out in the hangar. He stayed hidden but watched the Valkyrie start up and start cruising down the huge runway. Steve squished himself down farther.

When the bomber reached him, he saw the younger version of himself on the landing gear extending his hand out for someone in darker clothing on the car that Colonel Phillips was driving.


He leapt, grabbing Steve’s hand right as Phillips braked the car. The older Steve stared longingly at Peggy where she was staring off at the Valkyrie as it flew away. Steve relaxed against the wall for a moment, disbelief etched on the lines of his face. He stared at the crates across from him with his jaw slack.

I did it. I… did it, he thought.

Fighters were getting closer and closer to him. Quickly he climbed back into the box and set the controls for the day in the future he’d left only maybe ten hours before. Maybe.

The shaking and vibrations started up again. Steve didn’t know if he should laugh during the trip or cry. Both would be with relief but disbelief. What was going to change when he got back to the future? Was everything going to be okay? He thought he’d done it, but had he?

Because of the longer trip, the crazy shaking between times took longer. Not quite like the three-days that it felt going back to 45, but it took a long time anyway.

Steve settled on laughing and crying. Tears streamed down his face and he cackled.

Then the shaking stopped and he burst out of the cavity of a box to see Wanda looking at him with incredulity and anger. “Where have you been? You have been gone for two hours!” she demanded. Steve raised his eyebrows.

“I have?”


The door to the room burst open and another angry figure stormed in. “You ABSOLUTE IDIOT!” a furious voice shouted. Steve whirled around to see a tall man—but still shorter than him—looking ticked.

But he had short hair, carefully-styled. His eyes had laugh lines around bright eyes—and two normal arms.


Steve jumped over to his best friend and threw his arms around him. Bucky hugged him back, obviously confused. “What’s this for?” he asked.

“I’ll explain later,” Steve commented.

Bucky hesitated. “Okay?” he wondered.

Another man came in. Steve stared at him. They were still speaking? More must have changed than he thought.

Tony stared between them. “Hey, army bros, we should probably get going!”