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Honestly I can't stand the idea on Rey Skywalker, I don't exactly know why but it seems so unoriginal. I'm always a sucker for a good story but if they go with the whole 'turns out Rey's dad is Luke, SURPRISE!!' The story is only going to be predictable. Like I said before, I only dislike the IDEA of ReySky cause it won't make the story any less predictable. But in all fairness I guess that if they do ReySky that they do it better than what my mind can come up with.

I don’t know why you felt the need to rant about the “””””unoriginality””””” of the Rey Skywalker theory to me when it’s pretty damn obvious that I’m not only a believer of Rey Skywalker but positive that it’s going to happen. You come into my house…

Yeah, because Star Wars has always been the most original thing ever... it’s not like Star Wars is based on the classic hero’s journey trope that’s been around since ancient mythology, and almost follows that trope to a T. It’s not like Star Wars has always been recycling the same few themes for, oh, I don’t know, six movies before The Force Awakens even came out. Nahh, not at all! It’s not like Star Wars has been fairly predictable but still really enjoyable and well-done for the last few decades! Because a plot twist is totally the only way to make a great story and to make it original! /sarcasm

On a non-sarcastic note, you want unpredictable and original? You know what hasn’t been touched upon in a Star Wars movie? Father-daughter relationships. It’s always about the father and the son. You know what Rey Skywalker brings to the table? A focus on a father-daughter relationship!! Something that I would love to see in a Star Wars movie! And also something to consider… I seriously doubt they’re going to like, recreate ESB’s parentage reveal or something, since Rey’s circumstances in discovering her parents is so much different than Luke’s was.

Honestly, what is predictable about how Rey will handle going from being “no one/just a scavenger” to the daughter of a Skywalker? This is very unlike Luke’s own discovery of his father (Luke always knew he was Anakin’s son but the galaxy, Luke included, didn’t know that Anakin was Vader). There’s no saying how Rey will emotionally handle going from being a self-described nobody to a member of one of the most well-known families in the galaxy, and I think that could be incredibly moving and compelling.

And I’ll take relatively predictable (since Rey Skywalker was basically given to us on a silver platter in The Force Awakens, like the set up for it is undeniable… otherwise it wouldn’t be, as you call it, predictable and unoriginal) over some weird, hard to explain theory any day. Rey’s story focuses heavily on her family and their importance to her. Star Wars is about the Skywalker family and Kathleen has said that this series continues the generational story of the Skywalker legacy. Why would she be related to anyone else, especially when other families in this saga don’t hold the same weight as the Skywalkers since they’re… you know… the main characters and focus? When they’re really the only family legacy in Star Wars movies?

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I hate myself I want to stay in bed crying all day

Not to knock your methods or anything but I’m gonna be honest here, nothing makes you feel shittier when you are feeling shitty than staying in bed and crying all day ? Perhaps in short doses it can be cathartic but over extended periods of time it WRECKS you I am telling you! (I know from
experience … one summer I stayed in bed for an entire WEEK crying and napping and wallowing in my sad feelings - and it was a futon bed that was pretty low down to the ground TOO so it was! A whole effect! And anyway after that my mother dragged me out of my room and made me go for a walk and then said I was not allowed to be in the house between 9am and 3pm and if I wanted to wallow I had to go and do it somewhere else … which sounds mean but I’m telling u it was the best thing that happened to me that smart because I got out of bed and had to go walk down to the library if I wanted to laze on the wifi, or go exploring m town and ! Exercise and fresh air might not be the CURE for self hate, but they sure as heck help to stop wallowing in self pity and often help u to stop feeling worse … it’s like, an improvement in the little things, and I think it builds up towards the bigger thing a, you know !!!)
So like ! If u want to have a cry then go for gold but would suggest that afterwards you have a hot shower and cry under the tap until ur tear ducts don’t feel so sore and then get dressed and wash ur face and brush ur hair and all the stupid little things that u usually can’t be bothered to do, and get urself looking SUPER cute and then go for a walk around the block and back !!! And then you can go back to ur bed and cry if u want, so long as u promise that u space it out as frequently as possible with more positive outlets eg colouring in and drawing !!! AND !!! Please promise that u will look in the mirror each day and pick out one little thing that u like about urself, even if it’s the most menial thing like the shape of ur ears or that random sound that ur tummy makes when ur hungry?
The one thing I have learnt is that self love starts off small and at the beginning it’s a lot of “fake it til u make it” motto to get you going, until one day u wake up and realise u actually do love yourself and the whole of urself, ur head over heels in love ! But to start with u have to pick out little things to be positive about and stick with it, even if the reason that you are deciding to like ur nose is the fact that everyone seems to hate noses and ur nose doesn’t deserve that kind of hate, and BESIDES, it’s quite a cute nose! ECT ECT! And try catch urself on negative things u say about urself, contradict them with positive things until it isn’t a habit anymore !!! I’m telling u that even if this stuff sounds fake it ISNT and I know because I am out the other end of it, and I love EVERY little bit of myself, even the darned infection on my big toe and my sore sinuses !!! And when u love urself … there is nothing happier, bud ? U gotta take little steps towards it ! (And then one day U will BE there and it will be good, I’m so sure!!!)

So uh I just got back from looking at a place with my dad and a housing inspector and uhhh




holy shit theres so much to do jesus christ on a bicycle where do I start this house is a mess




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Do transits from outer planets to Venus/5th house/7th house have to be in effect for a relationship to begin or can you meet someone on a smaller transit like Venus conjunct mars?

The outer planets never have to be involved for any event to take place – the results of each transit depend on the unique energy of the planets involved & the route the aspect allows them to take. Like, for relationships, Venus can make pretty much any aspect / be in any house and a new relationship that relates somehow to the theme of the transiting planet could be initiated.

Venus conjunct Mars could indicate a new sexual relationship, a new competitive or sport-related relationship, a new adversarial relationship, etc. Venus conjunct Neptune could indicate a new spiritual relationship, a new relationship based on drugs or media/cinematic art, etc.

Basically my point is, it’s not limited to certain planets that are known to “start new things” or whatever, it can technically happen any time; it’s just more likely that new things will start if an initiative or renewing energy is present

1d as things the kids at the daycare where i work have done (part 2):
  • harry:cries when someone accidentally knocks over the house he built out of lincoln logs
  • liam:puts himself in timeout when he thinks he did something wrong
  • niall:when asked what d-o-v-e spells he yelled out "guitar!"
  • louis:comes up to me and whispers "hello poopy" in my ear and walks away

The Genderflux Shirt

It’s been a long time coming but I finally got a shirt from the beautiful brand Genderflux, created by the equally beautiful Elliot Alexzander.

In the beginning the shirt was novelty for me, a way to express my journey and show support for the genderfluid, non-binary and trans community.

 After getting the shirt and putting it on, something extraordinary happened. Wearing that shirt made things real. Real in the way I identify publicly, outside myself and with my family .

Internally I know who I am and how I Identified, but the Genderflux shirt allowed everyone in my space, which for myself is usually kept private. Yes I wear heels, dresses and make up in public, but that never defined me, it only showcased my killer sense of style and maybe a false outlook from our “ignorant society ” of what my sexuality is.

The Genderflux t-shirt brought questions and in a way that felt unfamiliar to me! Instead of people coming to me asking what I am, they asked about the symbol on the shirt, which opened a bigger conversation.

I choose the symbol over the words because I feel symbols bring unexpected company. For example, someone who has a very conservative view on gender might see the terminology  “gender queer” or “non-binary” on my shirt and more than likely are going to go on with their business, pass judgement and stay uneducated. However, with the trans/gender fluid/non binary symbol, I get the same kind of people but they are not repelled by the words, instead they are drawn in by the symbol, which allows me the opportunity to educate and start a conversation.

Be Beautiful , Be Complicate, Be Complex

-Jarrid Jones

Photographs Courtesy of, Min Daejune.

Want a GenderFlux Shirt of your own? Visit! Use the code “JJONES” for a $10 discount at checkout!


Visage is an independent survival horror video game in development by SadSquare Studio. Similar to Allison Road, the game is a spiritual successor to P.T. The game is currently is running a Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign. Visage will be set inside a huge house in which terrible things have happened. Players will be shown and will relive fragments of history that will send scares to player. Each of these fragments will drag players closer to what’s behind the dark history of the place. Players will witness, firsthand, how people died in the terrifying house. Each death has its visage.


 Now i know what grief feels like, now i know what anger feels like, i might even know what love feels like, i’m not a fan. I’m out.

So it’s been a year since I moved out of my parent’s house. These are just some things I learned while living alone. :)

  • freezer ziplock bags are worth it. It sucks when your ziplock bag busts and gets everywhere in the freezer literally this just happened to me today
  • keep your home clean, and invest in cleaning supplies. Only you can clean, and no one else. So do it.
  • Invest in candles/air fresheners. You get use to the smell, and if your home smells bad, but guests will be able to tell.
  • Plants make a difference.
  • Shower clogged? drain-o long hair props
  • when you leave your house, turn the air/heat off, and all the lights so you don’t waste money on utilities that you don’t need at the moment
  • Always have milk and bread.
  • learn to not be afraid of mice. living out in the middle of a field during harvest season is not fun. and put paper towels under mouse traps, or get poison (i recommend the little green blocks)
  • along with bugs. Raid (the kill on contact kind) works wonders. and get the kind where you can spray from ten feet away 
  • learn to cook. This is the easiest healthy recipes I’ve ever done. And tbh it was better when I did tablespoons of the seasonings (except the salt) instead of teaspoons
  • My nutritionist said Lean Cuisines, etc., are actually pretty good for you, so if you can’t cook, do those 
  • invest in different spices. they make a difference. don’t mistake garlic powder for sesame seeds
  • light a candle after you cook. prevents stink
  • there will be times where you have only 2 dollars in your account. Especially if you’re a college student. 
  • If you’re an ambivert like I am, alone time is good…until you get lonely. Entertain frequently, even if it’s one friend. My best friend would drive from campus to watch Once Upon a Time and NCIS with me, and we’d cook, and then go lay in my bed and watch netflix/rant about stress
  • JOIN CLUBS, IF YOU ARE A COLLEGE STUDENT!!!! seriously, last fall semester the only human interaction I was getting was through class. My uni’s German club saved me. I met some of my really good friends through this, and I was able to go to Munich, Germany to help refugees since I was extremely active in the club. 
  • get strong/creative enough to open your own jars
  • don’t be embarrassed to wear no pants and dance around
  • leave the door open when you use the bathroom…it’s liberating
  • stock up on bathroom supplies/keep an emergency pile (toilet paper, tampons, etc) because there will be no one to remind you that you need toilet paper 
  • air out your home when you can. it makes a difference
  • PLAY YOUR MUSIC LOUDLY seriously its the best
  • take a shower. It’s incredibly easy to just sit in your filth when you’re alone
  • washing your sheets, and cleaning your carpets (cleaning, not just vacuuming) makes the world of a difference
  • go to ikea, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, or Marshall’s. They’re amazing stores, cheap, I love them and they’re owned by the same big company
  • this is a good master post by @studyrelief
  • and this one with the help of @astrostudy
  • this is a good recipe master post that i’ve used by @kimberlystudies
  • this is a good treat-yo-self post by @positiveglittertruth in case you ever get the I’m-alone-blues…It happens. 
  • heres a easy no hassle post about recipes
  • how to grow the fuck up master post (account deactivated)
  • @howtogrowthefuckup the blog

I think this is all for now. I hope you enjoy! One thing I want to point out, is that living alone gets incredibly lonely. Please do whatever it takes to maintain good mental health!

So… Jaime has a nice chat with his lil bro, frees him and Tyrion kills Tywin, Jaime arrives 15 minutes early to Joff’s wedding with Starbucks and the kid dies. Jaime goes to Dorne because he is keeping the tradition of doing what he is not supposed to do in places he is not supposed to be and Myrcella dies in his arms… it seems like Jaime fucking Lannister is the leading cause of death among Lannisters.

For sixpenceee

(this is a plan of my house so now it will be more easy to explain the ‘’glitch’’)

For @sixpenceee

So I was 3 or 4 years old at the time (and I still remember it perfectly). I remember that I woke up in the middle of my house on the floor (the red star). It was sunny outside, I was really confused and I didn’t knew were I was, everything seemed new and unknowed to me. After looking around me I decided that I should just walk and see if I could find something.

I got to the kitchen and found a woman making dinner or something, without even thinking or anything I asked her where I was and calling her madam. When she heard madam she giggled and told me that I was at home and why I was calling her madam. I told her that it wasn’t my house and I didn’t knew her, she frowned telling me that she was my mom. I told her that wasn’t true and she assure me that it WAS true. I was really confused and I just start running to my room (I didn’t it was my room actually at that time I was just hoping to get out the soon as possible). I close the door and I ‘’woke up’’ standing in the middle of my room… I knew who my mom was (It really was the woman I saw) and the fact that it was my house and I was in my room…

 I never told anybody until I was 11 years old. My mom and me were talking about some memories of my childhood and I ask her if she remebered when I ask her where I was and I lost my memories for a second and she told me that it never happened, That night she even ask my grandmother if she ever told her a story like that (My mom talk to my grand mother praticely everyday) and no, nobody but me remember it… And I the weirdest thing is that I don’t remember anything from before that day and after that until until I was 4 practicly 5 years old.

Other weird things like that happened to me but it will be too long to explain so I’m gonna end it here but if you want to know just tell me and I will write these memories that still creeps me out.

i’m trying out a new style

conclusion: i’m never fucking doing that again CHANGE IS TERRIBLE

I want to talk about something really important

Okay. I never imagined having to write something like this before in my life. But please spend 5 minutes of your life reading this. Because I need someone to see this. I need people to see. I need people to know.

I’m 15 and I live in Turkey. And over half an hour ago our goverment was overthrown by the military.

We still have internet and our right to live, and our right to express our feelings and ideas even though we were ordered not to leave the houses until an opposing order was released.

This actually happened when my parents were kids too in the 80s. It’s something every Turkish knows and ocassionally makes a bittersweet joke about it. You know what they say about humor being the cure of many things. I think that’s kind of like that.
I can’t seem to understand or with a better word forsee what will happen next because I never lived through anything like this but they always talk about what a hard childhood it was. This isn’t as bad as the previous one but that doesn’t change the fact that it will take all of us back a few years in everything.

For now I just want to talk. About myself, my dreams, some plans and wishes.

You know I’m just enjoying the fact that I can be as selfish as I want for a while since all I can hear is gunshots out of my house. I’m not scared. I’m terrified but it has a weird sweetness in it. I will explain why later.

So when I was 5 I wanted to be a car racer, I never told this to anyone actually because they would say that I’m a girl and laugh at it probably. Then at the age of 7 I decided I would be an archaeologist and I was pretty ready for it until I realised that my sensitive skin would kill me if I stayed in the sun for so long. I was 11 then. I decided I would be a forensic anthropologist because Temperance Brennan from “Bones” was pretty damn cool doing it and it was just like archeology, only focusing on humans and didn’t have to be outside all the time. But I quickly got over this too and decided that I actually had always wanted to be someone who could do anything and saw it all as side quests in a game. Then I decided that I would be a game developer in Korea. This is still my job goal actually.

Well even though I’m not a very popular blogger here. But I have 300 followers and that means a number of friends who appreciate my work and spend their time for me even without seeing me before and that makes me so emotional that I feel like crying sometimes. I am so grateful to you all, even though I’m not the best writer around since I’m a virgin writing smuts and all, you have spent your time for me. That is all I could ask for actually from you. Thank you.

I actually am a better writr than this when I’m not all lovey dovey because I was always considered like a boy. Not that I’m blaming anyone for it though. I just was like that. I like writing books like Haruki Murakami does and I think I’m pretty good at it despite I can’t write anything as good as he does yet. I also have a talent for art, math and physics. I draw at least one drawing a day. And as long as my friends brag about the drawings I made for them it makes me feel like I am a great artist. That makes me happy too. I actually want to be a game developer because like this I can put everything I’m good at in one thing and make something that people would like to spend their time playing. I want them to enjoy a part of their life with something I made.

I want to go to Korea, to hear the language I admire, to see how they develop games in Nexon and to find myself someone. I want someone with cute eyes, a great smile, warm hands and a voice that will make me feel safe as he speaks when I turn to the other side of the room while a war goes on outside the door. Not that I want a war though. I hate it now. I want this person to like my cooking even when the food is burnt and we have nothing to eat pther than the ready meals, someone that won’t mind it when I play a 70s love song after a hiphop song and continue with a classical piece on a road trip. I want this someone to love and respect me both physically and mentally. I want him to be as proud of me as I will be of him. This is my dream.

And I want everyone to know that I will achieve this dream. I would even if this didn’t happen. Even if I weren’t crying and even if there wasn’t gunshots and tanks outside right now. And I will make this happen. I believe this and I belive in myself. That’s all I need for now.

But I also want everyone to know that this happened because our gobermwnt was okay with risking our lives, they were okay with giving citizenship to terrorists to get their votes for the next election, they felt safer when we were too scared to do anything and they didn’t mind destroying the roots of this country for their good. This is why the soldiers are fighting their country now. I actually feel happy that they are gone. Because our “freedom” wasn’t more or less before either. I mean what is the difference between being tied to a tree in the backyard with not being able to leave the house. A few meters isn’t something I mind. But this happened because of their tolerance to the terror. France or Turkey or Syria. It’s the same thing. Terror corrupts us all. You should not tolerate it. You should not feel relieved when there are 10 people dead instead of 100. Those 10 people had dreams. they had a past just like mine up here. Maybe nothing bad will happen to me after this. But I. I don’t wanna die here. I don’t want to die like this. I don’t wanna die for this. I have so many dreams so many plans. I don’t want to die. The windows are breaking. And there are bombs here. I don’t want this. I hate it. I hate it all. I hate everyone included in this. Please don’t support anyone who is okay with this. Please don’t let them. Please don’t be one of them. This is all I ask from you. Please share this with everyone you know. and I want you all to know. That I love every single one of you even though I don’t know you. I love you. You are my friend. My very dear friend who listened to my story. I’m glad. So glad. I might not be around or be able to post anything for a while. Please bare with it. Im sorry for that. If I will be okay, I promise that I will be a better writer I willa achieve my dreams. And i will make a few hours of your life better. I promise.

The funny thing is that The X Factor brought my parents closer. My mum has remarried now and I get on really well with her husband Chris, but my dad didn’t know him very well. Because they were talking all the time I was in the show and all travelling to London to see me, they started to get along really well. I remember my stepdad being in my house, putting the kettle on and chatting to my dad, and I was saying to my brother Greg, ‘Is this really happening?’ In fact, my dad and brother didn’t always get on, but they too are now getting on much better, so the show has kind of brought everyone together… it’s the 1D family!
—  Niall Horan, Dare to Dream page 172 
Your Roleplay is Just Fine

I’ve met a lot of people in my time RPing, and I’ve met a lot of people who are very insecure over their roleplay and get a lot of hate for it. So!

  • Noble roleplayers, whether your house is an entirely original idea or inspired by something else
  • Roleplayers who use titles like “Highlord” or “Archmage” ICly
  • Roleplayers whose characters are “tropes” like the suave rogue woman or the honorable handsome knight
  • Those who roleplay controversial things, like Scarlets and criminals
  • Those who enjoy dark roleplay, in whatever flavor that comes in for you
  • Those who used to be really good at roleplaying, then something happened and you feel like you can’t hold a candle to how you used to be
  • Those who prefer to roleplay background characters like a blacksmith or a cook rather than an adventurer
  • Those who are new and still learning the ropes
  • Those who roleplay LGBTQ+ characters
  • Those who roleplay non-white characters and constantly have to defend as to if it’s “lore friendly,”
  • Those who roleplay having a personal relationship with a major lore character, or having an artifact ICly
  • Those who follow lore to a t
  • Those who stretch lore 
  • Those who disregard lore all together and write their own original stories within the game
  • Roleplayers who try to be as practical as possible when it comes to combat, weapons and armor
  • Roleplayers who prefer to take the more fantastical route, entering battle bare-legged and with a weapon as big as they are
  • One-liner RPers
  • Para RPers

All of you. Your roleplay is just fine. Roleplay what makes you happy, you’ll find people who are into the same stuff that you are.

Roleplayers who are not fine and need some juice and a time out:

  • Those who make anyone feel like they’re lesser or deserving of hate because of how they roleplay

Littlefinger was no threat to anyone. A clever, smiling, genial man, everyone’s friend, always able to find whatever gold the king or the Hand required, and yet of undistinguished birth, one step up from hedge knight, he was not a man to fear.

Little Known Facts About Your Doctors

*I’m gonna make this into a poster and frame it in my waiting room. These concepts are completely foreign to my patients, who still live in an old timey world where their doctors are superhuman and live to serve their every whim. 

  • They require food. Lunch breaks happen more days than not, as do supper breaks. Your calls will not be answered during this time.
  • They sometimes have to pee or–*gasp*–poop. Inevitably you will call during one of these short breaks and we will not be available.
  • They enjoy living in houses and wearing clothes. These things cost money. 
  • They require paychecks on a regular basis in order to pay for the things that cost money. In order to acquire these paychecks, they must charge for the work that they do, and you or your insurance company or the government must pay for services rendered. 
  • They cannot be everywhere at the same time. They understand that you prefer to have a doctor who knows your history evaluate you every time, but if they are seeing patients in the office they cannot see you in the ER or the hospital simultaneously.
  • They have other patients besides you. When they are not available to see you, it is likely because they are helping another patient who is just as important as you are. When they don’t call you right back on a week day, it’s probably because they’re seeing these other people who are also patients. 
  • They are limited by human definitions of time. If they see patients 8 hours a day, there will occasionally be days when their appointment blocks are completely full to overflowing, and they will be physically unable to see any more patients in the allotted time. 
  • They require rest and time off. Though you would like for your doctor to be available 24/7 they, like iPhones, must shut down once in a while. They cannot work 24 hours a day. There will be times that they will be completely unavailable to you. 
  • They like privacy, especially during their “shut it down time”. They really don’t want you asking them about your rash or poo problems over Facebook. They don’t want to look at your mole in the freezer section at the grocery store. And they DEFINITELY don’t want you showing up at their front door unannounced at 6AM unless you are actively dying. 
  • They require sleep, preferably in one continuous chunk. Uninterrupted by a half dozen phone calls.
  • They work a LOT. While you think your doctor is being lazy ignoring your phone calls, they’re actually seeing patients or completing charts. When you think they’re late to work because they slept in, it’s actually because they rounded at the nursing home at 6am. When you are at home watching The Voice, they are at home or in their office finishing charts. 
  • They have families. Some are married. Some have kids. Some don’t have spouses or kids but really really want them. They need time to go out and find them. They need time to be with their families. Leave them alone to be with their families!
  • They take vacations. Your whole entire universe will not collapse if they take a week day off. There are other doctors. There are emergency rooms. Nobody gets sick on Superbowl Sunday, but if a doctor is off on a random Tuesday everybody literally falls apart. 
  • They get sick. And they don’t go to other doctors for useless antibiotics for their sniffles. 

Congratulations, you now know that doctors are, indeed, like all other human beings. Amazing, innit?

Sorry to bother

Hey yall~ so for those that may have may not have been around to hear, my grandmother recently had a serious health issue (dont really wanna say what it was but you can send an ask and ill answer privately ty) and had to be admitted for some time n get better yall know the deal. But she is home now and doing really well!! :’> The only thing is that since she knows everything and takes care of the house things have been a bit scattered and money is crazy tight for bills and food atm so now im trying to raise atleast $300/400 to help her out some and help destress about this since stress is what cause the thing to happen and have her admitted in the first place. If youd like to help at all I have a PayPal button right up on my blog (Link if needed) I would be eternally grateful for this!! Ill keep things updated as well so thank you thank you thank you so much for reading loves :’D