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What's the cutest thing that happened to you lately? :0

lately…hm…the entirety of yesterday was p cute tbh…I went to the store near my house w my sister and there are these stuffed animals they’re always selling and they’ve got unicorns and pegasi and Ava always asks me to buy her one and I always say no but yesterday we decided that for our birthday, I’m gonna buy her the pegasus and she’s gonna buy me the unicorn, and we were giggling about it all the way home

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As soon as I saw the ask about "Daddy, pass me the salt" my immediate thought was, "Wow, what if your father was Bruce Wayne and that happened?"

Oh my god, I just stared at your message a few seconds before getting really uncomfortable while I imagined it. XD I can totaly say I would never ever bring J into my fathers house if my father would be Bruce Wayne. :’D I would be so fucking scared if J finds out that my father is Batman, because Bruce goes ballastic about the daddy thing (not to mention that my boyfriend would be his arch enemy XD), and oh god this is too much for me to handle! XD But your message really got me thinking about it. XD

to my future husband,

i saw that someone earlier had written a letter to her future husband about the things he should know about her, and i’ve always wanted to do that so i figured: why not start here?

the first thing you should know about me is that i’m a pretty insecure person. it gets the best of me sometimes and causes me to obsess over things other people can’t see. just know that there will be days when i don’t want to leave the house because i feel too ugly, and that there will be times when i will need more validation from you than you will want to give. i can only hope that you are patient and kind, and that you will be my rock when i’m at my worst.

i love cheesy romantic stuff. all the things that happen in the movies, you know? my favorite things are surprise hugs from behind and the way guys look at girls when the girls aren’t looking. i dream of sunflowers from a blue-eyed boy and a guy who will take me to Disneyland (don’t worry, i won’t make you wear matching Mickey ears with me).

red is my favorite color; i especially love red dresses.

i’ll probably complain about my dad quite a bit. he’s super protective of me and will likely do some sort of background check on you behind my back. he doesn’t like most of my friends though and is suspicious of everyone i know so if he’s a lil iffy about you: don’t take it too seriously.

i’m the biggest foodie you will probably ever meet. i will always be down to get whatever food with you (and just a +: i’m a good cook too!), even if you’re craving mac n cheese at 9 a.m because let’s be honest, we’ve all been there.

i have two dogs and they’re the greatest. i nicknamed one of them Churro. i was also on a diet when i gave him that nickname.

i’m a Harry Potter fanatic. Ravenclaw all the way. also i was never really a fan of Harry and Ginny but Ron and Hermione? oh yes.

i like my pizza with lots of toppings (with the exception of pineapple) but my favorite toppings are paprika, onions, and anchovies (yes i’m like the 1% that actually likes anchovies).

i’m a city girl so i love the noise and the hustle and bustle of my hometown. put me anywhere with a population less than a million and i’ll be uncomfortable. if you’re a small town guy though, no hate!

i listen to a LOT of music and religiously organize my playlists. i admittedly want a record player. 70s and 80s music is my favorite but i like to sit back and enjoy some jazz and chillhop now and then. if you like The Cure and Duran Duran, i could not love you more.

my favorite movies are either from the 80s or have bomb cinematography. Dirty Dancing, Can’t Buy Me Love, Ben-Hur, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty are at the top of my list. i also love horror/thriller movies so if you can sit through Would You Rather with me, you rock.

i’ve been told i’m really funny. hopefully you’ll think so too. i play the clarinet but want to learn how to play the oboe. when i was in third grade, i wanted to be a diplomat but somehow also wanted to be an author. i go through phases with certain foods and right now my obsession is peaches. i don’t like talking to people on the phone because it makes me anxious. i only drink black coffee. i drink green tea every day. corgis are my favorite. i go out of my way to look for goat-related Vines. i hate vests, have a weird aversion to thin long-sleeved shirts, and love trying on sunglasses.

most importantly, though, i am fiercely loyal. if i keep you in my life, it’s because i genuinely like you as a person and can see you in my life in the long run. i have a lot of problems, but being faithful and dedicated in a relationship is not one of them. i will give you all you deserve and more, and i only hope that you will treat me the same way.


Hello again tumblr

It’s been so long since I’ve been active in this blog (or any blog of mine) but life has happened in the past few years… I left university, my father died, my grandma died, I went back to uni and I’ve been depressed the past 5 years of my life and I’m tired of feeling that way.

Reading has always been my favorite thing to do and has always been my escape when I’m feeling down and I’ve still been reading but in a passive sort of way and I’m tired of it.

Checking my inbox and seeing that my blog mattered to some people and to have people asking me about the Hogwars House Reading Challenge (which I though was a complete failure but apparently I was the only one who thought that) is been what has inspired me to try to get out of my funk and be a productive member of this tumblr comunity that I love so much.

I don’t know if you care about what I just posted right now but the gist of it is that I’m planning lots of new things for deliriaforbooks and I’d be honored to have you, my people, participating and enjoying my content :)

If you’re a book blog or you just enjoy books the send me an ask so I can check you out and follow you! what is booklr enjoying right now? mood boards? do people still like edits? what would you like to see?

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Adelle Dewit and Giles :)

aka my mom and dad!!!! thank you ilyatsm (i love you and them so much)

adelle dewitt (dollhouse) 

  • first impression: who the fuck is this gwendolyn post acting bitch
  • impression now: when is she gonna adopt me 
  • favorite moment: like topher, adelle is at her absolute best (imo) in the last half of season two. i loved all of the planning and underhanded stuff she did to keep her house and take care of her people and she pretty much became my mom in the second epitaph after she became everyone else’s mom 
  • idea for a story: adelle leading the world after the series finale (but i’d literally never write it because where would i even begin??? ahh)
  • unpopular opinion: i don’t care what her reasons were or how much i love her giving topher’s plans for the weapon to her bosses was the actual stupidest thing that ever happened on dollhouse 
  • favorite relationship: adelle/claire and adelle/caroline tbh don’t look at me (also adelle/topher but only in that sweet motherly role she took over when it came to him at the end of the show)
  • favorite headcanon: she’s a super duper closeted bisexual 


  • first impression: oh great he’s british 
  • favorite moment: when he strangled ben!!! to death!!! this fucking guy!!! what the hell happened to him!!! (i love ripper!giles so damn much) 
  • idea for a story: i’m writing him into this fic thing right now actually and (duh) i’ll literally never show anyone this piece of garbage but he’s married to jenny and they’re pretty darned happy and they’ve adopted buffy and dawn who are also pretty darned happy which is cool i guess because joyce is fucking dead i killed her 
  • unpopular opinion: giles in season six is the actual fucking worst which is pretty heartbreaking for me considering how much i liked him killing ben at the end of season five and everything. like. damn. way to make me mad @ joss whedon 
  • favorite relationship: giles/jenny and giles/ethan tbh 
  • favorite headcanon: there is always rum in his tea or coffee. always. and, to go a step further, it’s a thing he picked up from his girl jenny. bye 
I Don't Care Who You Are (Twilight)

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Don’t you know who I am!?Aro yelled out.

Alice inhaled to see a hooded person walking through the woods.
I am the one who decides what happens to you.
I am the one you fear.
I’m the reason bad things happen, I
am the bad.
You slipped through my fingers once, why else are you alive?”

Suddenly the hooded figure walked and was suddenly outside the Denali house.
“Everyone prays that I don’t visit…but know I always will. There are ways to avoid me, but not always. You lead me to them, like a game we play.”

The hooded figure moved on and suddenly they were watching the Egyptian coven, then the Romanians.
“I know you so well, oh how you wish I didn’t.
I know how to leave you expended, I do it to everyone.”

The Volturi were next, Alice watched their intense expressions. head after head, being ripped off in what appeared to be paranoia.
“Don’t think you can protect yourself from me. No door, no lock, no key, no window can keep me out.”

They stood outside the Cullen home, looking through the window. Alice saw Renesmee, Bella and Edward.
You turned to Alice.
“I’m a crisis, and I don’t care who you are.”

((Alice has a vision of an unknown sinister figure (you), and is given the impression that her family is in danger

Inspired by the ‘I’m a crisis 2012’ commercial ))

PM || Gaiden

Why is my batty cousin calling me over to his house the night before an exam because of, and I quote, “Notebook… Aiden… hand… bed…”. Did I miss something? Did something happen? Fill me in! I want all the details! Especially since I’ve been tracking this thing for a year now, and work in such close quarters with you two on a daily basis. Update me.

Slept over at a friend’s house last night and this is the first time this little cutie and I met. She was already wagging and all excited at the door and 5 mins of me being there she’s already, that.

And oh we also cuddled to sleep. She relieved me from all the stress I got last night. Best thing that has ever happened on my birthday.

See you soon, little ball of fur.

1d as things the kids at the daycare where i work have done (part 2):
  • harry:cries when someone accidentally knocks over the house he built out of lincoln logs
  • liam:puts himself in timeout when he thinks he did something wrong
  • niall:when asked what d-o-v-e spells he yelled out "guitar!"
  • louis:comes up to me and whispers "hello poopy" in my ear and walks away

Does anyone else notice the slightest of smirk on my face?
This photo was taken in the city, close to the street, and the moment the camera snapped, a car full of boys drove by screaming “Faggot, Queer” etc.

I am so used to these kinds of things, that I have learned to brush it off with a smirk. But the truth is I will always remember the first time it happened. I still think about how all of the blood rushed from my face one second and then back to my cheeks in the next. It was 6th grade, in the middle of no where, Georgia. I was in fourth period, chorus class, and another class mate exclaimed out loud that I sing like a girl and then asked me if I was a faggot, after auditioning in front of the entire class for a solo in the Christmas performance! My nerves were so bad already after worrying all day about that audition, only to be humiliated after it was over. I was so upset that I couldn’t speak, the only thing I could do was walk away, but as I started to leave the class room my teacher asked me where I was going. I turned around and shouted “I’m going home! I am wasting my time here with jerks like him!” She told the student who called me a fag to apologize, but before he could open his mouth I shouted “Are you kidding? I don’t want his fake ass apology!” Then I left and walked home. I walked home every day any ways and Chorus was my last class, so I literally just went home, and cried.

When those boys called me a faggot today, it didn’t devastate me or make me cry. Instead it reminded me of my old self, my delicate and childlike self that couldn’t take the sting of bigotry. Though I can’t change the past, I can be present, by being a glimmer of hope for so many others who may be going through what I did growing up.

No matter what stage of your life, no matter how thick your skin is…
Words leave marks, open wounds and resurface old memories. But in these moments we have a choice to change, be different, be better! It took me years to not be hurt or offended by bigotry, but it took even longer for me to convert that negative energy into something positive. For anyone out there who might be needing to read this, like I needed it that day in chorus class…

Do not give up.
Do not be afraid to cry.
Do not pretend to be someone else.
You are allowed to shine & you are allowed to flourish.

-Elliott Alexzander


Phew! First set done! So these are based on the Mystaran Zodîac, or at least my DM’s version. I have plans for more, that incorporate our characters and their archetypes, as well as things and people we’ve happened upon. When will they get done? Someone with better fortune telling skills than I will have to answer that.

something i wrote to her

I was living in a house in the middle of nowhere. I was surrounded by nothing. I was nothing. Then you came and suddenly nothing became everything. I asked if you wanted to stay - you said yes - but I didn’t understand why would you want to stay in a place where nothing ever happen? Why would an everything stay with nothing?

Days passed by and I was the happiest person in the world, because you were a part of my little world. You gave colors to my house and to my heart; you filled the nothing with flowers and smiles and something that I thought was love - I wasn’t sure though. I didn’t know love but I knew you, so for me, I guess that was the same thing.

One day you decided you didn’t want nothing anymore, I mean, why would you, right? You’re everything. So you left, and I sat in a chair in the middle of nothing hoping you would come back.

In the first day, I thought you were tired; that’s why you didn’t come back. In the second day, I thought you needed some time to think; that’s why you didn’t come back. In the third day, I thought maybe you were waiting for me to run to you and be a part of your world; but then I realized, why would an everything want a nothing to be part of their world? Since then, I’m here at the same place sitting in the same chair, staring at the same nothing and hoping you’ll change your mind and come back to me. It’s been 9 months. Please, come back. I love you.


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Home Town

The Raincoat Killer

riding your bike home in late august early evening
cool air puffs up in the sleeves of your shirt
go past an old friends house and wonder what happened to her
think about getting under bedsheets and feeling safe

we like to pretend we are the same people
we met under a rainfall of maple seedlings
i was always a neurotic kid
shredded paper, chewed things, made piles in the back of my desk
mittens freezing hands together “pretend to cry you’ll make him feel bad”

the kind of weather that tells you everything is ending soon
a slap to the face
you decided to grow your hair out long
you realize that there’s so much ahead of you

When My Son Met Another Out LGBTQ Kid 

On The First Day Of Middle School  

The first day of school. It’s always embarrassing. Embarrassing for me, that is. Normally, I’m the too cynical, too loud mom, who curses too much. But on the first day of school my internal chant of “You are not going to cry” starts before we are even into the car. There is no precedent to excuse this. Nothing particularly horrible has ever happened on a first day of school. It just turns me into emo-mom extraordinaire.

And this year was worse. Not only was it my oldest son’s first day of middle school, but I wasn’t going to be there. I had back surgery a couple of weeks ago (I’m going to be fine), and I am not yet supposed to do things as exciting as leaving the house for major emotional events. This was the first year I was going to miss. It sucked. For me. My son was totally cool about it and absolutely blase about my inner turmoil.

All day I waited. And I worried. And scenes of bullies in John Hughes movies kept scrolling through my head, and I just knew there was some barely pubescent little hellion who would be totally deserving of my wrath before the day was out. It didn’t matter how carefully we had picked his school as somewhere that would embrace and celebrate who my kid is, the awful scenes of bathroom swirlies and kids being bashed against lockers kept rolling. And by 3pm, I was mess.

Instead, that afternoon my kid burst into the house, all smiles and said, “I made a transgender friend today! She has other gay friends!” He was bouncing. My oldest son is gay, and the idea of having other gay kids in his classroom for the first time (there were no other out gay kids in his elementary school) was what made him really look forward to middle school.

My son went on to tell me that his new friend’s parents want her to be a boy and not a girl. “So I told her my parent’s will like her a lot.”

I leaned over and kissed his forehead and both of his cheeks. “I am sure we will, baby.”

“Mom!” he swatted my hands away. “Just stop.”

(I am going to stop here and take a moment. I don’t have a trans kid. My gay kid is about as gender conforming as you can get. I have no experience having a transgender or gender nonconforming child. But if you are a parent with transgender or genderqueer kid, it’s time to get with the program. Your kid needs you to love who they are, and not who you think they should be.)

I really wish I had been a fly on the wall at the school that day, but instead I just tried to get the story out of my son of how this conversation had transpired. I just couldn’t imagine some 11-year-old transgender girl announcing her gender identity to my kid out of the blue.

So from the details I can piece together from my 11-year-old (who thinks his mother is ridiculous) here’s what happened:

My son was lost and couldn’t find his next class, so he found someone who looked like they were lost too.

He walked up to this other student and said, “Hey guy, what’s up?”

The other student said, “I’m not a guy. I’m a girl.”

“Oh,” said my kid. “Hey girl, what’s up? Are you transgender?” The girl looked at him for a minute and then nodded. “That’s cool,” he continued. “I’m not transgender, but I’m gay.”

“That’s cool,” she said back. “I have some gay friends who go here too.” My son was very excited to hear this. It turns out they were both lost and looking for the same classroom.

Then they walked past the bathrooms, and the girl explained she needed to go, but wanted to go into the girls’ room because that was her real bathroom. My son said he would stand outside the door while she was inside and wait until she was done, and then they could find their class together.

After that was completed, they continued through the halls and she asked him how his parents felt about him being gay. He just shrugged. “It’s fine. We know a lot of gay people. A lot.” She told him about her parents, and things went from there.

They found their classroom, and afterwards promised they would find each other the next day.

And now I feel like my kid really is in some 80s movie, but the 2016 version. Because come on!? For real? I am 40 years old, and the idea of two lgbt kids just happening to randomly find each other both looking for the same class just seems too perfect a set up, too unreal. If I watched a movie or a TV show where a conversation like that happened, I would probably roll my eyes at the too-perfectness, the fakeness, of it all.

But it did happen, and it made my kid’s first day of middle school awesome.

So, maybe it is time to put emo-mom away for awhile, and just let his life happen. Because we are in a new age, a new world, a new reality. Will there be assholes and homophobes? Yes, always. But there will also be two LGBTQ kids who find each other randomly walking down the hall. And that is pretty fantastic.

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I used to work at a Greek restaurant and apparently was followed home after my shift. I live in a gated community and he somehow got in, even though I made sure the gate closed behind me. Then this dude harassed me in front of my house despite threatening to call the police. He said he saw my walking to my car after my shift and knew he " had to have me". No one was home besides me, and I honestly can say that was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.

Hey kiddos! A lot of you said you would be interested in reading another instalment of my punk au [masterlist link here], so I finished this up for you all. This comes directly after this fic, so I recommend reading that one first for some context. I believe @onemuseleft asked me about what happened after that fic foreeeever ago, but the ask is buried in my inbox so I can’t go find it. Anyways, here you go! 

2.5k, hurt/comfort, tons of fluff. 

Steve picks Tony up in the middle of the night and takes him home with him, because there’s no way Tony can stay the night in his house after the incident with his father. Tony finds himself actually reaching out to Steve for help… and he’s going to have to get used to Steve wanting to help him. 

It’s a good thing to get used to, though. Tony doesn’t mind at all. 

*Warnings: mentions of child abuse

Even after all the months they’d been dating, Tony still wasn’t used to how exhilarating it was to be on the back of Steve’s motorcycle.  

It was exactly what he needed tonight, too. The feeling of being pressed against Steve’s back with his arms looped around his waist made him feel more steady; the comfort of his solid form always made him feel more grounded. The rushing of air all around them as they rode made him feel like maybe if they went far and fast enough, maybe his problems would slip away into the distance. Maybe then, Howard could be a distant memory.

He knew it was a matter of time before he would have to go back, but he tried not to think about it. Right now he was with Steve, and that was all that mattered.

Keep reading

actual things that have happened for all your transient family fic needs

so, a la the weasleys, we all know those fics where there’s just this huge giant family that seems totally chill with adopting the hero into the fold, or a single person that just kidnaps an abused kid to take care of them, and i’ve seen some criticism that this isn’t realistic and not how real people / families actually function

and i’ve got some news for you:

- until the age of six i lived in a house built by my great grandfather. a list of the permanent members of this household: my grandmother (head bitch in charge), my mom, me, my great grandmother. a list of people who lived there sometimes (only counting people who got their own rooms, because otherwise. whoo boy): my second cousin, my other second cousin, my second cousin’s girlfriend, and then notably an entire five person family whom my grandma knew and needed a place to stay.

- i remember my grandma and me came home one day and there was just this boy i had never seen before sitting on our doorstep. “hi aunty. i need a place to stay.” my grandmother was not this person’s aunt, but you know whatever. im actually pretty sure we weren’t even related. she gave him a place to stay. this exact scene played out at least another half dozen times to my memory.

- when i was 6 the house burnt down. for unrelated reasons, most of my family died / got out of touch in the next six years. by the time i was 12 i was an orphan with two blood relatives to my name: my uncle who i had lived in with and his son, my cousin, who’s nine years younger than me. he has no memories of all the family we used to have. he was only a year old when my mother died.

- my uncle divorced the mother of his child and got a new wife. she and i didn’t get along. i haven’t spoken to my uncle in over three years. however this brings us to the most important part of this list, my uncle’s first wife: kelly.

- kelly’s family is my family. i call her mother grammy. i sometimes call her mom. her kids are my siblings. her brother is my uncle, her brother’s wife is my aunt. i’m everyone’s cousin. i’m not blood related to any of these people. i haven’t spoken to the only person left who’s known me since i was born in three years. when i go home for holidays, i go to her house.

- kelly has been married four times. she has four children from three different fathers. she loves them all. she doesn’t believe in ‘half-siblings’. they’re all her kids.

kelly is the old woman who lived in a shoe.

- she basically adopted me

- she drove 24 hours nonstop with her current husband to the other side of the country before they were married and had tbh only been dating for two seconds in order to pick up his daughter from her less than stellar mother. then she had the both of them move in with us.

- her brother and his wife couldn’t handle their newest child. the two they’d had had already been taken away by CPS. kelly took their child in and raised her for the first two years of her life while her brother was in jail the and wife was in rehab

- i legit came home for christmas and there was … this new child. whom i’ve never met before. living in the house. his dad is criminally neglectful and doesn’t care about him as long as he keeps getting checks from the government. so kelly basically kidnapped the kid and gave him a room and fed him and everything because fuck that noise (it wasn’t kidnapping cps knew where he was and couldn’t be assed to do anything about it because tearing a child a way from a home where they’re being provided for to be given to a father that doesn’t want them in the first place seems … backwards)

- her current husband’s daughter got pregnant at 17, and in spire of being the WORST MOTHER and doing NOTHING to help provide for her kid, kelly let her live with them for a year anyway at the age of 23 and helped take care of the kid (for reference, kelly had her first baby at 18 and by the age of 23 was caring for two toddlers and a newborn)

so. when people go ‘NO ONE WOULD DO THAT, JUST PICK UP A RANDOM CHILD AND START TAKING CARE OF IT’ aka the greatest tropes of harry potter, naruto, ect


yes they would.

the end.

So I’m having a pretty bad mental health day, like not even anxiety or something but full on depression. Where your bones feel heavy and your eyes won’t open.
Mum actually sympathised and now we’re going out for a small dinner. She said it would be good to get out the house as IV pretty much locked myself in until I finish my work load.
It’s still such a weird concept for me that now my family actually sees mental health for what it is, a health issue.
There’s no point to this post I just thought that was a nice thing to happen.