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ok my favorite example of older generations not understanding young people was when I won an art competition. 

Some background: this was a high school competition hosted by a retirement community. Our art teacher made us enter so i just used the best piece i had on hand, which happened to be about alzheimer’s, with a portrait of an old lady being the main focus. kinda a shoe-in for a prize. 

a couple years ago my friend got an honorable mention at this thing. and she got 25 bucks. the places went: honorable mention (like 20 of them) third place (like 5-10), second place (5 ish?), first place (3-2), and best in show (1) I got best in show so I was psyched about getting quite a bit of money if an honorable mention was $25

turns out they replaced it with a gift basket. Now probably the best gift you can give a high school art student is money. siding that maybe a gift card to like michaels. And if you really want a basket then food. or nice art supplies.

heres what i got (to the best of my memory):

1) a bag of chex mix. yay.

2) a box of just normal-ass chocolate chips. why??

3) some other food items, including a bag of microwave popcorn, knockoff pirouettes, and three (3) lindt chocolates.

4) a puzzle. of cherries.

5) coloring pencils. Like crayola quality.

6) those really bad paintbrushes you use in like 1st grade.

7) a coloring book. Not an adult coloring book but not a child’s one. One you’d give to a 9 year old who wants to do an adult one but would get tired in .2 seconds.

8) some sort of magnet for decorating lockers??

10) a wine glass. Im not kidding. They put a fucking wine glass in a gift basket for a high school kid.

you know, items The Youth are interested in.

I’m talking to a guy who worked next door to me two summers ago that I always noticed but never spoke to… around the time that I was also talking to Noah… And then began my year long relationship…. And I’m just So in awe at the way things happen in my life sometimes it honestly does fascinate me

Forgive my nostalgia

One year ago today these two little devils crashed their way into my life, and surprisingly changed it. I’ve met amazing people I would never have known if it weren’t for this game, and now I finally feel a part of something. So thank you Jacob and Evie Frye. Evie, thank you for proving that women are just as badass as men. Jacob, thank you for making me smile and…well…other things 😜

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When I was younger (even so much as a couple of years ago) I liked a lot of really disgusting things in fandom because I didn’t know any better, things that, had I seen now, I would’ve completely recoiled from, things that now disgust and humiliate me. There are things on my blog that make me deeply uncomfortable that I can never take back, that I can never apologize enough for, and I’m literally waiting for the day this fandom claws its way down into the deeper recesses of my blog and vilifies me for mistakes I made when I was ignorant 

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3 years ago i had an old neigbour living right next to me in the appartement. She was very nice and always offered me things. In summer 2010 i went to italy, when i came back it appeared that she passed away. A few days later i woke up in the middle of the night, and my bedroom door was open and i saw a figure of a person, i couldn’t really see who it was because of my poor eyesight but i believe it was my neighbour. It never happened again, perhas she was saying goodbye.

Fuck Yeah Moderator Gracie: 1/10 That is very sweet it seems you must have been important to her for her to appear after death to tell you goodbye.Thanks for the scares!
I’m not sure the millennial generation has the patience to watch twelve, thirteen episodes of an hour-long show—even a half-hour show.

Ynon Kreiz, the president of Maker Studios (The New Yorker)

I am really incredibly sorry for the dumb shit adults say, kids.

Help my family pay for my mother’s funeral

Hey, guys. I’m sure many of you are aware of what’s been going on with me irl, but for those of you who don’t know, allow me to explain. 

My name is Lina, I’m a freelance artist, and several months ago my mother was diagnosed with stage four, terminal cancer in her intestines. even with treatment, the doctors gave her until the end of the year to live. This diagnosis came as a shock, and so soon after my dad passed away only two years ago. it was the last thing we ever expected to happen.

still, we didn’t want to give up, and wanted to provide my mom with treatment, but because she didn’t have insurance, my sisters and i paid what we could for her treatment out of our pockets. we took care of her, and for a while, she seemed like she was getting better, but then her health took a turn for the worst in the last few months.

she fought this wretched cancer for over seven, excruciating months. despite all our efforts and hopes, the morning of October 8th, at the age of 58 my mother passed away. 

in the span of only two years we’ve lost both our parents. now, aside from having to shoulder my mom’s medical bills, we have to take care of funeral costs as well. but we cannot do this alone, so we’ve launched a GoFundMe so that we may raise funds to cover the costs of my mother’s funeral, and her medical bills. 


friends and family have already generously donated, but we need all the help we can get. please, even $1 will help us, and will be greatly appreciated. however, if you are unable to donate, then please reblog this post so that others will see it, sharing our gofundme on facebook and twitter will also help spread the word.

I’m sorry if you’re tired of seeing me talk about this, and would rather i posted more art, but this matter affects me directly, and i have no other choice but to bring it to people’s attention.

Thank you very much for reading.

the most poignant part of x men: first class imo was charles saying the men on the ships firing torpedoes were “just following orders” and erik’s whole being tensing and recoiling from this man he had grown to love. I know it’s silly to feel this deeply about fictional characters representing real and tragic events, but the entirety of the nuremberg trials was nazis protesting that they were “just following orders.” erik realizes that charles has sympathy for anything and everything including, in his mind, the institution that tried to wipe erik’s people off the planet. his first people. his jewish legacy. charles is blinded by hope, in erik’s eyes. even monsters who follow orders are still classified as monsters, and charles doesn’t get that. that chasm of misunderstanding is what holds them apart for decades. charles can’t see people as monsters and erik can’t see them as anything else. 

morning warm up doodles in which one unbearably polite Englishman meets another (who is quite blatantly a fan)

Five and a half years ago, Harry and Louis went to Old Trafford to see United play a game. And they were so excited to go and see the players and get the star treatment after their stint on the X Factor, which culminated in a duet with Robbie Williams on the final. 

And now we’re all watching Louis walk into the same stadium to play on Robbie’s team against Niall in Soccer Aid, and I’m just really emotional and proud of Niall and Louis and everyone playing for this worthy cause. It’s special.

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it’s like a step by step guide for how to feel bad.

Let’s be honest: at one point, we’ve all lain awake in the dead of night and asked the very same question…

How are u gonna argue that cisphobic oppression is a legit thing that happens in the Real World and simultaneously believe the term cis was created by tumblr sjws like 2 years ago lmao

  • TF2 comic team on August 31st 2015:"Okay, everyone! We admit, it took us way too long to release chapter 5. Chapter 6 will be out MUCH sooner! 3-4 months probably!"
  • 10 months later:"Wait, the last issue came out almost a year ago! Holy shit! Better work on it quickly! We should be able to finish it at the one year mark."
  • On the day of the "anniversary":"Oops, we thought the one year mark was September 30th, not August. Buuuuut we're almost done now and we will DEFINITELY concentrate on working on it until it's done! Should be able to finish it by the end of September!"
  • End of September:"Oh, we somehow got distracted by some REALLY COOL things that are happening at Valve right now! You will LOVE those unspecified things too! The comic? Uh, yeah, it will be out in a couple of months. End of the year. Probably."
  • February 30th 202X probz idk:"WHO IS EXCITED FOR ISSUE 6?! ... ... Anyone? Hello?"