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the (changing) direction of this blog

ive kinda wanted to make a post about this for a while, but im still not sure how to make it

for the longest time i havent really enjoyed running this blog anymore, mostly because i feel like its become less of a blog to do with my interests that i happen to share with others, and now more something i feel is dictated by others. i feel like when i go to reblog things, its less ‘i like this thing’ and more ‘will people like me for making this post? how will people react? will this make people not like me?’

and it isnt fun anymore. i made this blog like 4 years ago to share my interests and have fun, and somewhere along the line i’ve become caught up in this social mess, and i don’t want to be involved in that anymore. i want tumblr to be fun. because if it isnt fun, then theres no point being here.

and i still want to be here. so i want this to be fun.

so, im making this blog more fun for me. you’re probably going to see a better reflection of my interests here now. you’ll see things i like, and if those things arent for you, feel free to unfollow! but if you still want to stick around, i love you very much. im happy to spend my time with you. 

this post is a little messy.. but i hope it makes sense! sorry if this is a little jumbled. if you’ve read this far, thank you. 

Four years ago, we posted the very first strip

Much has changed in that time. Names, genders, locations, relationships, art styles, jobs, interests. 

And yet, Thor still won’t give up on his brother. No matter what happens.


Waaaaah man, this is unreal, so unreal. I started this blog a year ago, and AdminSkies joined me later that year, then AdminBaepsae joined. Like we grew and grew and you guy are freaking amazing!
We love all the support, love, hugs you send us haha 

Seriously this is such an amazing thing, I, I mean we seriously love you like with all of our hearts! 
Thank you so so much! Seriously, you guys are the best thing that ever happened to, to us! 

Let’s be forever young! ~~~~

-AdminKookie, AdminSkies, AdminBaepsae

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So a bit ago my brother mentioned that he was really worried about Rex because if anything happened to her I would become horribly grieved and go back to where I was a few years ago. At first I tried to assure him saying I’m stable and able to cope enough that I’d be able to handle it well enough without being completely ruined…but I think this whole thing just proved me wrong, at least in this point in my life. I’m horribly dependent on Rex, when I got the news that she almost died, even though I knew she was fine, I was launched back into that helpless state I was in before I had was such a horrible feeling. Just completely overwhelmed with dread and depression, all that mental building I did instantly gone.

I have mixed feelings about this discovery :\


Here I am once more three days after the second to last episode of 4A writing about how frustrated I am with the progress of this show.

SO. Like obviously other can Cort and AJ scenes I loved this episode. It had exactly what I was looking for when it came to suspense and I’m a flashback-loving person so I really enjoyed everyone remembering things from S1. 

The flashbacks also reminded me that what happened wasn’t too long ago…really just over a year…and that made me question what they’re really going to do moving forward with 4B.

I would love for this show to evolve into something less teenager and more teenage-adult. I would love to see the characters we’ve all kinda watched “grow up” for the last (three years+ for us) year and some odd months actually go off to college and have different experiences.

I think having Callie and Brandon go to the same college or the same state different colleges would make sense and that could mean one of three things.

one: Brandon ain’t getting into Julliard. I think the SAT thing might come back to bite him in the ass and could force him to look at closer-to-home options for college. It makes since filming wise and budget wise. 

two: Brandon get’s into Julliard and we barely see him. It would be a nail in the coffin for Brallie(unless they brought it magically back up in the series finale). 99.9% sure they’re not dumb enough to send Brandon off to college and have us barely see him…plus I would hate that for David as an actor and I just plain think that would be so unfair to him.

three: Brandon gets into Julliard and Callie gets into NYU. 

Those are the only three things that make any sense to me moving forward..tell me which possibility ya’ll think is most realistic.

Moving on to the episode I wanna talk about Mike and Stef talking about Callie and Brandon while Callie and AJ were in the closet.

but before I do…like really…was another…AJ and Callie scene like that necessary? I get it set them up for Callie and AJ hearing all that from Mike and it also led Callie to tell AJ about what really happened when she met Aaron…but…

**kinda prediction for 4x10** AJ AND CALLIE ARE GONNA END I CAN FEEL IT. (2A vibes all the way)

Like for real I am so over talking about them it’s crazy I hope this is the last time we had to see them in any type of “romantic” situation.

Moving on to Brandon and Cortney all I can really say to that is thank fucking god. It was time three episodes ago but it’s okay as long as it’s done I’m happy.

Brandon being in New York felt good. Brandon doing what he loved felt good. It gave me season one vibes the whole way through when he was playing to Callie doing dumb shit and it also gave me season three A vibes because it reminded me how connected they really are when it comes to music. I loved that part of the episode I think more than anything we’ve seen this whole season.

Now for kinda the “big” part of this post: A lot of you guys have been asking me what I think is going to happen in 4x10 and if I think we’re going to get any Brallie…

Short answer? Yes. I think it would make sense to end the season with some kind of “Brallie” moment. How could it not? 3B was left on two cliffhangers - one being Nick and the gun and second being that Callie and Brandon had sex is now in the open.

The entire season so far has hinted at Nick coming back and we’ve also gotten a lot of jabs at the Brallie secret. We see the promo is very Nick/Mariana heavy so it would only make sense for the episode to contain something (big or small) related to Brandon and Callie.

How could it not? I know the writers and producers have stepped back from Brallie a lot this season and pretty much ever since Callie got adopted - and even then we had Peter Paige and Bradley Bredewig referencing Brallie as “star crossed lovers” - so what’s happening now can truly only be one of two things.

One: Brallie is “over” (for now). That’s it, done, nada, nothing more (for a while). If they don’t reference Brallie in some way in 4x10 I have low hope that we’ll get anything until the series end or maybe even a little bit before. 

Two: Brallie is c o m i n g. Like truly buckle up get ready for a wild ride…coming

I feel like there can’t be any in between. We’re either in for something soon or we aren’t because I can tell you right now these two have been through more love interests than in any other show I’ve ever watched and it’s getting really extra. It’s unnecessary.

If they bring back that blonde girl (and I’m totally blanking her name right now) for Brandon as another potential love interest or any one else for that matter I feel like it would be so lame and that’s putting it very lightly.

If Callie and AJ break up and Aaron magically pops in to replace that and they build that storyline It’ll be lame as well. 

We’ve already fucking seen Brandon and Callie build up other relationships with other people and I’m just tired of it.

Like Brandon and Cort are done and AJ and Callie will be done (please) so what’s the point of going through yet another relationship build up if it’s just going to end with Brallie? 

I hate the notion that if they (brallie) were to get together now it would get “boring” - I find that very untrue  - infact I feel like if Brallie were to start rekindling the fire now and we just didn’t see as much of them when they go off to college or whatever I would even be fine with that as long as they fucking choose each other. I’m ready, like it’s time. Just because the show’s time frame has only gone on over a year I feel like as viewers this whatever they’re building with other people is so boring.

As far as what we’re going to get? I have no clue. It’s probably going to be something in the last 2 minutes like 2A and it won’t be a kiss. It’ll be words or a decision they make to themselves apart to be together and we’ll have to wait until 4B to finally see them make the decision together. 

I have hope, and the only reason I do is because I keep thinking “how the fuck could they not”???

Newt Imagine #151: Since You've Been Gone

*Does not take place in the Glade*

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Warnings: None

Requested: Yes


It all seemed like a dream to you. You tried shaking off the thought. The thought of your best friend leaving; shaking the though of the fight that happened five minutes ago.

You and Newt have been best friends since you were eight years old and have done and been through everything together. You two were like two peas in a pod, things were swell. Until not to long ago when you got a call from him.


You were sitting down doing your homework at your desk when your phone rang. It had been Newt. Usually at around this time he’d be here doing homework with you, but instead he was at home, doing who knows what. So you answer, “hey, I thought you were coming over? What’s up with you? You’ve been acting really weird lately, is something wrong?” You sit back on your seat and pick up your legs, wrapping an arm around them.

“We need to talk.” He said, voice almost cracking.

“What about?” You half laugh, “is it about what happened at lunch today? Look, I told you Newt, I will buy you lunch as soon as I get paid.” You giggle the rest.

“No.” He said rather sternly. “It’s not about that it’s about us, well me.”

“What about you, Newt?” You ask as you put your legs down, feet firmly on the carpet.

“Y/N, love. There’s no easy way to say this, but…” He began to crack again.

“But what Newt?” You grow concerned.

“I-I’m moving.” He gulps.

“Oh. W-where too?” You ask, panic rising in your chest.

“England. M-my dad got a job back home, and we leave tonight.”

You feel tears forming in your eyes, and anger coming like a sudden breeze. “What?! Newt. H-how could you not tell me this?”

“Because I didn’t want to say goodbye. Y/N, I love you and I care about your feelings. I didn’t want to hurt you.”

You were already in tears, “well you’ve done a crappy job at doing so, you shuckfaced shank!” You cry into the phone.

“Y/N, please don’t cry.” Newt said.

“How can I not?! Newt! You’re my best and only friend! How am I supposed to do stuff without you? We’ve been through so much together, Newt! So much!” You cry.

“Y/N-” he tried.

“No. You know what. Go. I don’t care anymore. Go find yourself a new best friend. One with the same accent and everything! Go replace me you shank! Odds are I’ll replace you!” You snap.

“Hey! You know I’d never replace you! How can you say that?! Y/N, you’re my best friend!”

“Apparently not! Because best friends tell each other everything and you didn’t have the nerve to tell me you were moving almost half way across the freaking world! A-and back home? I thought you said this was your home. It’s good to know where I stand, right?” You say folding your arms.

“Are you bloody kidding me right now?!” Newt scoffs. “You’re a real piece of work, aren’t you, blaming me for something I can’t control! And yes, England is and always will be home, not to the likes of you! At least I have more than one friend unlike your lonely ass! I hope you have a bloody blast replacing me you stupid klunkface shank! I never want to see you ever again!” He spat into the phone.

“I never wanna remember you either, you fucking asshole! Have a nice life you stupid bitch!”

“Fine!” He yells.

“Fine!” You yell back.

And you both hang up.


You wipe the falling tear and ball up your hands into a fist and pound the bed, then you shut your eyes crying harder.


Five years later. You had completely forgotten about it. Okay, complete lie, you still remembered Newt. You remembered that fight you had and all the pain of going through high school for three years without him. Sophomore, Junior, and Senior year. You didn’t even go to prom. Every day you went through school, went home did your homework and stayed home doing nothing the rest of the day. Completely zoned out. Even graduation was a bust. All you did was have dinner at a fancy restaurant with your parents and went back home to do more nothing.

It’s been two years since you graduated and you had a well paying job, but still lived with your parents. It wasn’t all that bad. You helped them with bills and they helped with laundry and little things too. It was a win win situation, one might add. Anyway, while you were at work, your mom called.

You answered your phone quietly, “hey mom!” You whisper. “What’s the matter?” You smile.

“I’ve got terrific news!” She shouted into the phone.

“What is it?” You giggle softly.

“I know it’s old school of your father and I to do this but…” She trailed off.

“But what?” You ask in a little excitement, taking a sip of your water.

“We’ve arranged a marriage for you!”

You spit it out, “WHAT?!” You shout, earning a couple of shushes from some of your coworkers. You smile politely, “Sorry.” You tell them and hide your heated face behind your hand at your desk. “Mother you did what?” You mutter into the phone.

“We got you a suitor!” She exclaimed.

“Yeah, I know that. But why? Aren’t I a little to young to be getting married? Especially to someone I don’t even know!” You shout in a whisper tone.

“Oh, you know him. In fact you’ve known him almost your entire life.” She giggled.


“What was his name?” Your mother continued. The conversation went quiet for a second before she shouted his name, “NEWT! Remember? Your best friend.”

“Not a ding, mother. Not one single ding.” You lie through your teeth. You see your boss walking down the hall. “Okay mom, gotta go. The boss is literally walking my way. Love you.” Your tone changes immediately.

“Okay, we’ll discuss this when you get home, bye sweetie I love you-” she’s cut off by you hanging up.

Your boss then passes by your desk and she smiles at you with a curt nod and you smile back in return and relax into your chair…well almost.

When you got home from work, you walked upstairs to your room trying to avoid your parents when your dad spots you coming out of the bathroom. “Hey honey! Did ya hear the good news?”

“Hi dad, and yes. Mom called me during work just to tell me.” You squeal sarcastically, balling your fists in the air and shimming.

Your dad chuckles, “sorry about that, hun, it’s just ever since that boy left you’ve been distant lately.”

“I’m not distant, dad, I’m just focused on my work.”

“Not for the whole time you were in high school, bud. You seemed happier with him around.”

“Yeah, but dad, we had a major fight.”

“Then maybe this marriage will bring you two together.”

“It was over the phone. I highly doubt it.” You scoff as you walk towards your room.

“We’ll see.” Your dad chuckles as he walks down the stairs.

You shut the door closed and nosedive for your bed and fall into a deep sleep.

Later that day you wake up from your nap and walk down stairs to see him sitting on the fucking couch. ‘Shit.’ You thought. ‘Pretend you don’t even know the creature.’ You mentally say. ‘Maybe he’ll give up.’ So you smile and continue down the staircase. “I’m awake!” You smile as you take the last step, making his head turn.

Your eyes meet for a second and he smiles at you, getting up immediately and rushing to hug you. You awkwardly patting his biceps, “and you are?” You pull away staring into those stupidly adorable chocolate eyes of his.

“It’s me, Newt. Remember? Your best friend?”

“N-no. I’m sorry, I don’t. But it’s really nice to meet you…” You trail off.

“Newt.” He repeats, lifting his eyebrows.

“Newt.” You smile politely. “So…” You trail off more awkwardly. “How was- I mean. Where are you from?”

He looked confused, “I-I’m from England. I-I moved here when I was young…er, but… Are you sure you don’t remember me? We were best friends since we were eight.” He said looking at you even more confused than ever.

“No.” You nod your head recalling the many, many, many memories you two shares. “Wanna sit? Or would you like to see the town or?” You throw some suggestions.

“Um, maybe a night around the town will jog my memory.” He smiles.

“Okay, then let’s go.” You smile. He offers you his hand but you grab his bicep and lead him out the door.

While out, you and Newt talked. A lot. While he tried to reminisce about your time together. You desperately tried to forget them, especially the one where you two had a major fight, that basically led you to all this.

Then when he wasn’t trying to knock some sense into you, he talked about his school and the many mates he had and the girl he fell for but never really mentioned her name. He even talked about where he worked and how his life was. And vice versa. For the moment he wasn’t bringing up the past you kind of liked this Newt. He had changed so much.

It was getting late and Newt took you back home. While he walked with you, he slipped his hand into yours and interlocked them. Suddenly the rush of old feelings you had for him came back. So you closed it by softly pressing your fingers back. You could feel him brushing his thumb over your hand as he swung it back and fourth as you made it to the front door of your house. You didn’t want to let go now. Things were already so different and you didn’t want the night to stop. Newt looked at you, “Y/N, are you sure you don’t remember me?” His eyes began to gloss with water.


Newt cut you off with a kiss. You wanted to kiss back, you really did, but then came the fight. The fight that basically ended your friendship. So you pushed him away, making him groan. “Y/N, is something wrong?” He looked truly concerned.

“Yes. You left me.” You begin to cry.


“You left me all by myself in high school. You didn’t even say goodbye, you didn’t tell me you were leaving so soon! You left me all by myself Newt!” You opened your eyes then glaring at him.

“Y/N, I-I’m sorry.” He tried.

“No! Just stop okay!” You open the door, “you said it on the phone and I’ll say it again, I never want to see you again!” With that you slammed the door in Newt’s sad face.


A couple days had passed and Newt had tried everyday to talk to you. He would go to your office building and ask to see you only to be let down again and again. He even went to your house after work to check on you. He was desperate to talk to you. He wanted to make things right between you two. He knew exactly how he left things before moving to England, and he wanted to make things work again. Newt had been lying this entire time.

You were getting ready to go eat when you heard a knock on your desk. You looked up to see Newt holding a bag with food and two sodas. “I-I brought you lunch, I was hoping to join you if that’s okay?” He smiled very lightly.

You put your purse down and walk around the desk and grab one of the bags and soda and walk out to the hall and lead the way to the lounge. When you got there you closed the door and put the food on the table and folded your arms, giving him a slight glare, “didn’t I tell you to leave me alone?”


“Then why are you here?” You question him. “Also thanks for the food.” You add.

“I need to talk to you.”

“That’s exactly what you said five years ago and look how that turned out.” You fume.

“Y/N, I’m really sorry I hadn’t told you sooner about me moving, but I really didn’t want to hurt you.”

“You did either way.” You reply coldly.

“That’s because you started yelling at me and didn’t let me explain!” He shouted back. “Look, Y/N,” he calmed, “I’m terribly sorry that we had that stupid fight, but I want to make it up to you.“

“How? Newt that was five years ago.”

“Well, you know how we’re arranged to get married?”

It began to click.


“Yeah. I was the one who asked your parents if I could marry you.”

“W-why?” Your breath began to hitch in your throat.

“Because,” he said walking closer to you, “I’m in love with you. I have been for the longest bloody time. I spent most of my time in England regretting the fight. Every day was a fucking nightmare because I didn’t have you there with me. I missed you so much, Y/N. When I found out I was moving back to England I was devistated. I didn’t want to move, I wanted to stay here with you and spend all my high school career with you. I wanted to take you to prom and hopefully tell you that I’m completely and utterly in love with you.” He said as he searched your eyes for a response. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Y/N. I did then and I do now.”

You couldn’t help but cry. He pulled out the engagement ring and got down on one knee. “Y/N, will you please marry me?”

You cried harder as you nodded your head yes. Newt broke into a smile as he slipped the ring on and got up to hug and kiss you. You kissed back with an equal force as you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him close. You broke the kiss and his in the crook of his neck, “I’m so so sorry Newt. I love you too.” You cry.

He squeezes you tight, “it’s okay. None of this is your fault, baby. None of it.” Then he kissed the top of your head.

You pulled away and looked at him, cupping his face, “I love you so much. Please forgive me for pulling that stunt.”

“You’re forgiven.” He lightly chuckled. “C'mon, let’s go eat.” He rubbed your back.

You nod smiling as he led you to the table and you both sat down to eat and talk about everything that just happened.


Some things to consider

*deep breath*

Okay, I wasn’t going to make this post. I’d been holding these thoughts in and only sharing them with people I trust a lot because I really don’t want to end up where I was a couple years ago. That was a horrible experience, and I’m still not completely over it. However, since this keeps happening and it’s incredibly upsetting to me, I figured I’d give in and talk openly about why a certain scene in the most recent episode of Zetsubou-hen bothers me so much.

Komaeda Nagito is canonically a teenager who is extremely ill both mentally and physically. He has a disease that is causing his brain to slowly rot away on top of having cancer. Komaeda Nagito lost his parents at a very young age due to a plane hijacking/crash and, if his POV manga is to be believed, he was the only survivor. Apparently, he’s been completely alone ever since. He has no relatives and no friends. He’s been left alone to do whatever he wants since elementary/primary school. Komaeda Nagito has gone through severe trauma throughout his entire life, from the loss of his pet dog to the plane crash to being abducted by a murderer for an unknown amount of time. Komaeda Nagito has been confirmed to have extreme fears connected to these traumatic events, one of them being a fear of planes. In the Island Mode of SDR2, the mere mention of the jets at the military base is enough to cause him to have a meltdown. Komaeda Nagito lacks a lot of awareness of himself and what is socially acceptable, as evidenced by some of his jokes and his attempts to help his classmates. Komaeda Nagito doesn’t take care of himself properly. All he eats for breakfast is bread, even if someone has gone out of their way to make a bigger meal for him. Komaeda Nagito has no self-worth or respect. He views himself as a completely useless, stupid piece of trash whose only worth lies in perhaps being of use to those he admires and respects. Komaeda Nagito once told one such person that he was up for anything they wanted to do to him. On another occassion, he told them that he was completely fine if they wanted to see him naked. Komaeda Nagito most likely does not have a complete understanding of sexual situations due to not having someone to properly talk to him about this stuff, the experiences he’s had, his illnesses, and some of the casual jokes he makes with Hinata in both the main storyline and in Island Mode. This can possibly be further evidenced by the scene in episode 2 where he is given aphrodisiacs.

Komaeda Nagito was the only person who stood up for a classmate who was being sexually harrassed by another classmate. Nobody else stepped in. He was the only one.

So, now you’re telling me that he has been missing for a year. One whole year. Not one of his classmates misses him. They all talk badly about him and joke about him, and they don’t particularly care much about the news that nobody’s been able to contact him. You’re telling me that the reason he’s been gone this whole time was because he was in another plane crash, and he landed on a deserted island. He’s been all alone for all that time, after re-experiencing one of his childhood traumas.

Okay. I think I understand the setup for all of this. So then. What are we going to focus on during this scene?


Wow, doesn’t this sick teenagers naked body look good under that waterfall? I bet you’re glad this episode wasn’t delayed, huh?

Oh, and let’s not forget that the last episode had a csa joke about him.

Guys, I know that I’m getting worked up over a fictional character in some anime. It seems silly, sure, but I think that it’s warranted. The treatment of Komaeda’s character in these last two episodes have been in really bad taste, and I’m not happy with it. Komaeda is one of the most fascinating characters I’ve seen in anything! He’s done so much for the series, even if so much of what he did was bad. He’s a character that made people think. In the second game, he basically single handedly moved the plot forward. In the third game, his scenes weren’t always in good taste (I mean, they stuck him in a position of servitude to a bunch of kids who treated him horribly and portrayed that as comedic), but he was still so smart and was able to manipulate so many things! He’s intelligent. He’s interesting. He’s complex and sympathetic. He’s capable of so much plot-wise! Yet, here he is, reduced to a useless comic relief/fanservice character that nobody cares about.

There’s nothing funny or appealing about that. It ranges from annoying and unfair to straight up gross.


It’s been a long time and I’m sure most of you forgotten who I am and that’s cool (my name is syaz and I’m now turning 21 and I started this blog at 17/18 and holy shit time goes by so fast)

As some of you may know, I slowly dropped out of the fandom agessss ago (about the time when the whole Tom leaving the band drama) and I guess those kind of things happened (17 year old me will have been appalled at my actions haha)

Anyway, I have started selling away my merchandise. Beginning with my CD collection. I have a bag full of shirts and patches and stickers and bracelets just laying around so if any of you have any interest in that let me know! (Trying to get extra money cause uni life is hard sob sob)

Okay now that I’m done with the boring stuff, how are all of you??? I kinda miss talking to people here. I haven’t listen to the new album (I’m still kinda traumatised from the whole Tom leaving the band thing)

I think I listen to their single briefly but at the same time I wasn’t paying much attention in fear I wouldn’t like it and I will hate to hate a blink song

Also I listened to +44 a few weeks ago by accident and all the feels came back so I guess my love for them will never go away

Still a very special band to me even though I rarely listen to them

Anywayyy, tell me how you guys are!! What are your thoughts on the new album cause like I said, I haven’t listen to it yet

Hope you guys are doing well :)

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Do you ever just... scrap every bit of a story you've written so far in order to completely rewrite the beginning? Because I do that with literally everything I write because whatever I come up with first just... never works.

On the occasions that I’ve scrapped a story, it was because it lost its momentum and I had not figured out an ending yet. This happened about a year ago, actually. In every story, there is a point where I look back on 90 page of work and say ‘this is a stupid story.’ But I keep writing until I run out of steam, and then I take inventory of what I’ve written- why I liked the idea in the first place, what did work, why the things that didn’t work failed. 

Because even if the story was awful, I had explored some good concepts in it. So I took note of what I liked about it (a character development, a concept, a dialogue) and I started over with those things in mind. I called this ‘the second draft.’

I look at it this way: the first time you write a particular story is going to be the first time you explore a concept. You’re going to get stuff wrong. You’re going to have inconsistencies. The first draft is the author on a journey. 


i am honestly so in love with the thought, the idea, the existence, the affection, the love you give, and you. you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me and i wouldn’t trade you for the world. I love you with all of my heart and i cannot wait to marry you and have a great future. you’re the love of my life and i’m so glad that i had the courage to go up to you and talk to you and text you when i had the chance. two years ago when i met you at only 14 i knew it was you, it was always you. we’ve had the rough times and good times, great times. thank you for everything you have done for me and made me a stronger and better person. thank you for being there when no one else was. you’re my babygirl & i love you so much, i cannot wait to what our future holds😍😍😛👅💦😫☺️☺️ @hannahkroesch

I had an ask about Red Robin, but it disappeared? Here’s the run down for the person who asked:

About five or six years ago, I went to Red Robin for the first time. I ordered a dessert which, at the time, was listed in the menu as being for multiple people. It was an ice cream-Oreo-pie sort of thing, and it was huge. The server told me there was no way I’d be able to finish it all by myself. I told her that it was so on and vowed to eat the entire thing.

In the spirit of friendly competition, the server refused to give my family the check until I finished eating. She would walk by the table and hold it up in the air to show that yes, she had it, but no, we weren’t getting it. She would also check in to make sure I wasn’t cheating and that I was eating it alone. In a similar fashion to that of the scene in Matilda, I finished the whole thing. I thought I was going to die afterwards because I was so full, and felt incredibly sick. All I wanted was to go home, but when we got out to the parking lot, our car broke down. And we were stuck there. I had to sit in the Red Robin parking lot for over an hour while the car was fixed, close to tears because I felt so sick, but feeling ridiculously triumphant because I had eaten that whole damn thing.

So today, I went to Red Robin for the first time since what my friends and family have dubbed “The Red Robin Incident.” I was surprised to find that they still serve the same dessert, and obviously I couldn’t resist, so I ordered it. This server cheered me on and encouraged me to “prove everyone wrong” and insisted that she had my back and that she was rooting for me. She came over to actually cheer me on as I took the last bite, and broke out into applause. She told me that she was very impressed, and that no one ever finishes the whole thing, she had never seen anyone do it before. Overall, it was totally worth it.

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Hi☺️ I'm studying German and I've just finished my grammar book. The question is: what do I do now? I know I still have loads of things to learn (vocabulary mostly), but how can I do that? Any advice?

oh boy do i!!
i was in the same boat about 2 years ago when i had covered all the content in teach yourself - german grammar you really need to know and although i felt i had a pretty good grasp of the basic grammar and could pronounce and spell words pretty accurately, i still struggled with comprehension, speaking and vocabulary :’(

- i was very lucky to get a lot of secondhand textbooks and dictionaries for free from my school because the year i started learning german happened to be the same year that the german teacher retired so they had a bunch of materials they didnt need anymore and they were kind enough to let me have all of them. i used them to touch up on some of my shakier grammar points and read the comics and articles in them which was really helpful because they had little glossaries on each page with new vocab so i could see it used in context instead of just having to wrote memorise hundreds of words. while i did find the textbooks very valuable in my learning i dont think it would have been worth buying them brand new however if ure able to buy secondhand textbooks for a few dollars each or borrow them from a library to use i would definitely reccomend it. i had genau and ganz genau, feuerwerk 1, 2 and 3 and katzensprung 1 and 2 but as far as i know they are only available in australia and new zealand. there is also another german textbook series available in australia called deutsch down under however i have only had the opportunity to flip through it at abbey’s a couple of times so im afraid i cant say whether its any good or not

- i used mindsnacks to catch up on the really basic vocabulary that i still didnt know and revise what i already knew. i definitely think it was worth paying for the full version because the app is really beautifully designed and it really does feel just like a game because its designed for young children, the only criticism i would give is that it doesnt include the plural forms of nouns and the grammar it teachers isnt really very useful but overall i was very pleased with the couple of dollars i spent on it especially seeing as i hadnt had to spend much money on textbooks or dictionaries

- as i have discussed before duolingo doesnt go into much detail on grammar or focus on pronunciation but one thing i find it to be really good for is filling in holes in vocabulary. the creators of duolingo have also recently released a new flashcards app called tinycards which i have tried and think is really excellent. its currently only available for ios but i expect that the team is in the process of developing an android version

- i dont think bliu bliu is very well known in the language learning community?? back when it was in beta i used to use it a lot!! u have to pay to use it now since its come out of beta but apparently lingq supposedly has a similar free platform and is a free app for ios and google devices as well as being available as a chrome extension that performs basically the same task

- please use linguee it will change ur life. its a dictionary website thats also available as a free app for both ios and android!! it shows noun genders, plural forms, multiple examples and excellent quality audio recordings for nearly every word, and u can even download the dictionary to use offline so u can still learn when u have no internet connection

- around the beginning of last year i started watching german youtube regularly to further improve my pronunciation and listening skills and try to pick up on some more natural kind of colloquial language used by teenagers. i remember thinking everyone was speaking very very fast at first but after about 6 months i had grown accustomed to it and was able to understand enough to watch pretty much anything comfortably without worrying about the speed. ive explained the benefits of getting exposure to content even if u dont actually understand it in this post and discussed the pros and cons of subtitles in a bit more detail in this post.

- while the grammar book did cover the majority of important basic grammar it definitely didnt teach me everything. a couple of the websites i used that had really helpful detailed higher level grammar explanations were the uni of michigan’s german portal and lingolia. sometimes its really hard to find some aspects of german gramamr explained in english so if ure having trouble with googling for a particular explanation try searching for it in german

- other than that i get as much exposure to the language as possible. on an average day i would say i spend a minimum of 3 hours using german without even noticing it because of social media, reading books and listening to music - theres a list of german artists i like in this post that i update regularly :’)

i also have a growing list of german resources including grammar explanations, printables, vocab lists and song translations that ive made so dont forget to check that out if u havent already uwu

happy learning!! x

#GoingThroughIt with @colonlessfemale

This is the first post of our new series #GoingThroughIt, which highlights young people creating amazing communities of support on Instagram. To keep up with Amanda’s colonless journey and her body-positivity mission, follow @colonlessfemale.

A year ago, Amanda (@colonlessfemale) didn’t realize that losing her colon would be one of the best things that ever happened to her. But for her, #GoingThroughIt meant understanding body positivity in a whole new light.

Instagram: What’s the story that you share on your Instagram account?

Amanda: I got sick a year ago, and I didn’t know why, and the doctors weren’t telling me what I could do to help my body go back to normal. They just kept giving me a bunch of medicine that wasn’t working, and I just kept getting sicker and sicker.

After three months, I just couldn’t do it anymore. It was super draining so I ended up getting my colon removed and having a colostomy bag. I was actually supposed to get rid of my colostomy bag, but I’m really comfortable with it so I decided to keep it. And with that it was a mixture of anger and, also, wanting to show people that this is what’s happening in the world with the food industries, and that’s why I got sick.

Instagram: Is there a specific point in the last year that you knew you could get through losing your colon?

Amanda: I think one of the hardest times was after I was supposed to have my bag removed. It was a three-stage surgery, and after the second stage of the surgery I had a complication where blood wouldn’t stop coming out and I passed out.

I remember being in the hospital and wanting to fall asleep, but I was in so much pain. That was a hump for me where it was just like, “Damn, I never want to go through this again, so I’m going to take care of my body and I’m going to help other people take care of their bodies,” because I don’t feel like anyone should have to go through this.

Instagram: What advice would you give to someone who is experiencing body image issues — whether it’s from just being a regular person or feeling it as a result of a medical problem?

Amanda: Owning your body and owning your sexuality is really important. We always look at these people on billboards or people that have time to do their makeup for an hour every day, and it’s just so unrealistic and so impossible. Most people don’t have time to go to the gym every day. Most people don’t have time to put on (or can’t even afford) makeup. It’s really ridiculous to be looking at all these people that are highlighted on social media and off the social media because we all have different body types.

We’re all different ethnicities. We’re all different races. There’s not just one form of perfect — so I think I’m perfect. But I think I’m perfect because I’m not perfect. I’ve been through many things in my life, and I have scars and a poop bag. To me, healthy body image is about owning yourself and being like, “OK, this isn’t perfect, but I’m going to make it look cool.” I make my bag look cool. I own it. I’m just like, “This is what I have, and this is what it is — and it’s not changing because I don’t want it to change.” I don’t care how much that looks normal to one person or not. I think it’s rad, and I think it’s cool, so I’m going to keep it, and I’m going to work with it.

Like fat, scars, stretch marks? All that is beautiful. Not perfect white skin. Freckles. Wrinkles. Burns. Everything is cute if you make it cute. If you own it and you’re like, “I look perfect like this,” people are going to be like, “Oh, my god, they’re so pretty.”

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day 2016 August 23 

Gigantic Jet Lightning over China 

That’s no meteor. While watching and photographing this year’s Perseid Meteor Shower, something unexpected happened: a gigantic jet erupted from a nearby cloud. The whole thing was over in a flash – it lasted less than a second – but was fortunately captured by an already-recording digital camera. Gigantic jets are a rare form of lightning recognized formally only a few years ago.

The featured high resolution color image, taken near the peak of Shikengkong mountain in China, may be the best image yet of this unusual phenomenon. The same event appears to have been captured simultaneously by another photographer, further away. The gigantic jet appears to start somewhere in a nearby thundercloud and extend upwards towards Earth’s ionosphere. The nature of gigantic jets and their possible association with other types of Transient Luminous Events (TLEs) such as blue jets and red sprites remains an active topic of research.

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My two cents in the Religion/Depression conversation: I've shown depression symptoms since I was a little kid, but I started having panic attacks when I was 16. My mom made me go to a counselor/pastor at our church, whom she also saw. I was always really aware of that, and never felt secure about confidentiality. This especially sucked since my mom being abusive was one of the things I needed counseling for most. It's made me irrationally reluctant to see a therapist ever since.

I completely understand your feelings. I started having panic attacks when I was like 7 or 8, and I had them right up until a couple of years ago, when I finally learned how to anticipate their triggers, and understand what was happening when one came on. (The absolute worst was waking up almost every night for close to ten years having panic attacks. I am so glad that’s over.)

But to your point: your pastor would have been bound by ethics and I believe law to maintain your confidentiality. I remember being in therapy when I was a kid, and again when my kids were little and learning how to deal with their biodad, and all the therapists told me (as a child and as a parent) that they are bound by law and ethics to hold everything they are told in confidence. The only time a therapist can talk with a parent about a child’s sessions is if the therapist believes that the child is in danger.

So you’re going to need to be courageous, and I know you can do it, and you can talk with a therapist who you can trust, so you can get help. Dealing with the reality of an abusive parent is one of the hardest and worst things in the world a human can experience, and you don’t need to work it out alone. In fact, you can’t. Please please please see a therapist who can help you, because you deserve to be happy and live a fulfilling and happy life.

A Very Non-Statsy Love Letter to the Community

One year ago today, Crit Role Stats posted its very first article. What started as a one-man project of counting crits and live commentary has turned into what amounts to a full-time job for a team of individuals tracking all sorts of things that happen on a show featuring a bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors as they sit around the table, roll dice, and play Dungeons and Dragons.

Over the past year, I have been extremely fortunate to talk with many wonderful critters over Twitter, Skype, and Tumblr, meet some of you at conventions, and collaborate on several cool projects. While a part of me is sad that I have not yet had the opportunity to meet many of you or find you at conventions like SDCC or GenCon, I can say it is still extremely heartwarming just to see all of your amazing faces and to watch the love that just exudes from all of you wonderful people. In time, I hope to share my love with many more of you in person.

As for Crit Role Stats, this project has truly become something else. I want to extend my thanks to all the volunteers who make it feasible to track many of the zany things we log, and to the network of other awesome critter projects I’ve had the pleasure to watch in motion. I want to thank the critter community at large. Y'all are crazy awesome, fun to watch, and even more fun to talk to. The creative energy, the loving support, and the joy and charity that this community perpetuates has been a powerful force to experience and be a part of.

I want to thank Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray, Taliesin Jaffe, Sam Riegel, Taliesin Jaffe, Laura Bailey, and Travis Willingham, who are some of the kindest people I have ever met. I also want to thank Liam O'Brien and Ashley Johnson, two individuals I haven’t had the opportunity to meet but whose hearts are very influential on those around them. I also want to thank the Geek & Sundry crew, who tirelessly do the work of 20 people with a skeleton crew, as well as the rest of the individuals at @geekandsundry who have made the leaps and bounds of this community possible.

Especially, I want to express my extreme gratitude to @thesingingbadger, not just for her work on organizing content, cataloging stats, and directing critters for episodes to watch, but for doing all of that tirelessly week after week. I want to express my extreme gratitude to @dragonmustang01, who has taken on several very sizable and awesome projects. I want to express my extreme gratitude to @kathatherine, who introduced me to this show and community in the first place, and continues to support this project in many ways. Thanks to all of you, for your regular work and support.

The Crit Role Stats team is going to be taking next week off to deal with a series of major life events happening for all of us (nothing bad, just very attention-worthy!). We’ll be running live commentary on Twitter for the episodes when they air, but the ask boxes on both Twitter and Tumblr will essentially be closed until August 29. We look forward to continue being the primary source of Critical Role statistics and trivia for as long as Critical Role and Critterdom continues!

Love and stuff,


“I refuse to buy into these comparisons, because you don’t see it happening to men. All you seem to see is “Which New Mother Is Sexier?” “Who’s the Hotter Mama?” “Who’s Got The Better Booty?” If we continue to show young girls that they are being compared to other girls, we’re doing ourselves a huge disservice as a society. I surround myself with smart, beautiful, passionate, driven, ambitious women. Other women who are killing it should motivate you, thrill you, challenge you and inspire you rather than threaten you and make you feel like you’re immediately being compared to them. The only thing I compare myself to is me, two years ago, or me one year ago. How does 1989 measure up to Red, sales-wise? You just try to lead by example, and you hope, someday, that if we talk about feminism enough, maybe we’ll start to actually see it make a difference in the way young girls perceive themselves and each other.”

I love all the different ways that the Triumvirate can from. 

I love Kirk and Spock finding brotherhood and solace in one another, and maybe getting too caught up in each other for their own good. I love them realizing that they can’t just sequester themselves from the world. I love them wanting to share their love with their cantankerous old doctor friend, because they are the reason he puts himself in danger and although some days he hates himself, they love him.

I love McCoy and Kirk each being heart and soul to the other. I love them teasing Spock lovingly for years, scheming all the while about how to get closer to him. I love McCoy thinking it could never happen, that Spock would never love him, and I love Kirk being strong in his convictions that this is the right thing to do. I love them trying to convince Spock logically to join them, when really he made up his mind to do so long ago.

I love Spock and McCoy sniping constantly at one another, orbiting like burning stars, eventually pulled close by shared gravity–close enough to crash. I love them passionate but unbalanced. I love them fracturing apart yet incapable of leaving. I love them realizing that Kirk needs them, and they need Kirk to keep them steady. 

I love all three of them falling together, hard and fast, soft and slow, but falling. I love them curled into one another on a dangerous mission, each protecting the others with his body, his life. I love them coming to the realization simultaneously: together, they are complete. I love them forming the equidistant points of a triangle surrounded by a rising sun; infinite diversity in infinite combinations.