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I'm sorry I ask so much, but how did you get your blog to grow and have people send in requests? (also I'm using some dialogue from your old edits if that's fine :) but yeah, I just think it would be easier if people sent in stuff rather than taking from yours (i dont watch the shows too much soz)

Honestly, I don’t know. I never expected that it would turn into such a thing; when I started the blog, it was just something I had fun doing. :) It didn’t get requests right away, though; that happened over time. :3

When you’re looking for quotes, the internet is a great resource in general. You can use imdb, transcripts, or just type a series title and “quotes” into google. I definitely don’t watch all the shows I pull dialogue from; I’d have no time for anything else, if I did. 

some fun aus

ive written enough of these to know where this is going (send me a 🌟 if you want to see more? )

  • I bake when I’m stressed, would you like 400 cupcakes
  • you always wake me up when I’m napping bc you can’t stand the sight of how cute I am. did you know you could just nap with me instead
  • look I just need you to be my fake date to this one function so my ex doesnt realize how miserable i am…did I say one bc I lied and said we’re taking ballroom dance classes and now they are too
  • some serious drama is going on in your life and you had to rant to someone, namely me, this complete stranger, but I am 100% cool with it let me get some popcorn
  • I found you asleep in the building I have class in next and I looked so cold and tired you got a blanket from your car and tucked me in
  • there’s a friendly cat that hangs out here and we both made a beeline to pet it and ran into each other bc we only had eyes for the cat
  • I fix other ppls problems when I’m depressed what’s killing you and how can I help
  • did you know that you should not, in fact, put spoons in the microwave? bc this has been a learning experience for me so can you teach me how to draw some fake eyebrows on until they grow back
  • I see you all the time and I really like you and you’re very cute and I love to talk to you but I’m really bad with names and I feel like I’ve known you too long to ask who you are im so sorry
  • i cannot drive and you have a car and i dont know you very well but youre the only person i can think of to get me to (important place/event) and im begging you- why did you agree so fast
  • look. i like you. i like you a lot. but your music taste is shit and if you listen to that single one more fucking time i am going to break up with you and move to another country
  • im the idiot wearing nothing but short shorts and my sister’s tank top at the laundromat bc i spaced until the last second and had literally nothing else to wear, you’re the person that won’t stop staring at me and at first i assume its bc i look like a jackass but you’re really just staring at my butt
  • disney trivia night. i can name any fact, sing any song. you wanna go motherfucker (night ends in a duet, we have to share the big prize…and someone posted it on the internet and now everyone thinks we’re together??)
  • you’re literally only affectionate/touchy when drunk and you always sit by me so you can lean on me and you think i dont notice but i totally do
  • oh no, ii tried to make a romantic gesture for my crush but ended up serenading at the wrong window…except that you happen to be very cute, crush who?