things that happen to the mun

little thing but important thing

okay so I’m not calling anyone out specifically for this, it’s happened multiple times with multiple users so I thought I’d address it

please don’t use the messaging feature to talk to Al. if you’re going to send this blog a private message talk to me, the mun. if you want to say something to Al, send an ask. It just makes it awkward for me because some people will try to force rps on me this way, and I gotta know someone and actually talk to them about rping before I do it. it just kinda makes me feel like the person doesn’t care about me, just the character. cause yknow, there’s kind of a real person behind Al.

and another thing, please actually read updates before you send an ask. I mean you have to come to the blog anyway to send one, and I don’t update so much that you just can’t find the time to scroll down to the one maybe two new posts a day. I’ve gotten like three asks telling al about the oliver blog being obsessed with gil after I replied to one of them already, and they’ve been deleted and any more I get will be deleted too.

sorry for being kinda bitchy about this but cmon guys, it’s just a little common sense

smokingnarcissus  asked:

//♥ what's the worst thing that's ever happened to you rp wise?

:// I think the worst thing to happen to me in RP was when I had a nearly three year stalker here. Back then Alexander was a King Candy Bug, and I thought after I made and began developing him as an OC they would leave me alone, but nope.

This person would take my art and use them as avatars or for their own reactions which made no sense since their ever changing muse was anything but Wreck it Ralph related.

This person was relentless and seemed to thrive off any type of interaction they received, even hate. They treated everything like a story, an RP. I couldn’t even speak with them OOC.

Everything was always in character.

This person I’ll admit, was a really good writer, but they were frustrating.

I tried everything, I tried apologizing and being nice to them, rping with them, reasoning with them. Then they started to get a little weird with me like, collecting any selfies I took and putting it on their phone and treating me like a lover, even when I established that I was and still am, seeing someone.

And when I distanced myself from them realizing that I couldn’t even be friends with them they lashed out and pissed me off even more.

So eventually it got to the point  that I had a public meltdown on tumblr, calling them out.

Oh and I did try to ignore them in between all this, never worked. They would change accounts and users and themes and muses so I would end up RPing with them everytime until I recognized their writing. They never tried to hide it.

After that they still remained a thorn in my side, but eventually over time they finally must of gotten tired and just vanished. 

I had another person like this but they got the message quicker and left me alone.

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((  👻 = What is the scariest thing to ever happen to the mun and muse?

Matthew’s scariest moment was probably the first time he met Alfred, because he attacked Alfred and in return got chased out by Alfred’s school 

And for the mun,,, probably um,,,, my dog almost drowned and that was pretty scary,,, ))

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NAME : john hamish watson
NICKNAME : johnny, johnny boy, watson, doctor, boswell, clever boy
ZODIAC SIGN : cancer
GENDER : male  
FAVORITE COLOR : blue ( he not so creative, my son )
AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP : 0 to 8 hours ( glares at a certain detective )
LAST THING YOU GOOGLED : tube planner london
HEIGHT : 5 ft 6 inches


NAME : michelle
NICKNAME : michie / mishi, chellie, mitch, satan / velnias, michelliarty
ZODIAC SIGN : gemini
GENDER : female   
LAST THING YOU GOOGLED : height conversion chart :’)
HEIGHT : 5 ft 4 inches 

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😊 = What makes the mun and muse happiest?
😭 = What makes the mun and muse the saddest?
😡 = What makes the mun and muse the angriest?
👻 = What is the scariest thing to ever happen to the mun and muse?
💙 = What is one thing that can calm down the mun and muse? Is it a person, thing, or place?
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🍀 = Who is an important person in both the mun’s and muse’s life?

Lets get some NaCl-y on Munday!

Lets get salty on Munday!

  1. What’s the worst role playing experience you’ve had?
  2. What would cause you to leave a fandom?
  3. Why did you leave your last fandom?
  4. What are some things you are tired of seeing in the RPing community?
  5. Have you ever had to block someone or cut off contact with them?
  6. Your view on Mary/Gary sues?
  7. Things that you will not tolerate?
  8. Has anyone hurt/betrayed you?
  9. Your view on minors interacting with muns that are older than 18?
  10. Your opinion with ships between muses that include a minor and a legal adult?
  11. Have you ever received anon hate?
  12. Your opinion on people giving canon characters mental illnesses?
  13. Your opinion on straight shipping?
  14. Your opinion on muns making canon characters Trans/ gender fluid etc.?
  15. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  16. How much does it take for you to get angry/upset? How long does it usually last?
  17. Something that you find unforgivable?
  18. Have you ever felt like something off about someone?
  19. What’s the worst thing that has happened to you in the rping community (Within an ooc situation)?
  20. Wild card: The mun discusses any situation/problem they want.

Everyone’s so panicked about the hair like it’s a permanent thing and really horrible, but Thor having short hair has been known for over a year. I guess nobody paid attention until there were more photos. Also, the reason for it being short is probably just a story element. It’s all grown back by the time he has a discussion with Dr. Strange. 

{{Okay, so residual haunting was a canonical thing in the old Star Wars EU, right? What with the echo of Anakin’s massacre of that Ghorfa tribe still remaining on Tatooine in Tatooine Ghost. Makes me think, what if there’s a similar residual haunting in the ruins of the Jedi temple on Coruscant, repeatedly replaying the massacre that had happened inside during the events of Order 66?}}

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Ok you said maybe Dallas had to kiss blake in spin the bottle, if so what was blake thinking?

spin the bottle and seven minutes in heaven. Blake stuck inside a closet with Dallas. Blake literally crying and banging at the door. Dallas sitting in the corner, palms sweating because oh God What Do I Do 

He’d gently tap Blake’s shoulder. Softly, so softly says “let’s just get this over with” 

Blake refuses. Tries to pick at the door. Tries to scale the walls. In the end he’d sit on Dallas’ lap lamenting his sorrows until he passes out.

cue Blake sniffling “you’re not so bad, Margo.” and then pecking his lips. When the rest of the group opens the door Dallas would have to carry Blake out, princess style, and he’s the literal incarnation of the Maleficent “HERE’S YOUR PRECIOUS PRINCESS” gif

I mean, of course, assuming that spin the bottle seven minutes in heaven thing ever even happened in the first place..

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How would Juuzou, Shuu, Haise, Ayato, and Arima react to their baby. (Sorry of this is too much, love you!) (HC's)

Domestic head cannons will never be too much


  • He can’t believe how soft and fragile they are
  • Traces their nose and eyelids while they sleep
  • Has so much patience 
  • Falls in love with the faces they make
  • Promises them they’ll have such an amazing life


  • The baby was spoiled before it was born
  • Shuu sings them to sleep
  • Gets nervous when they’re fussy, especially if he doesn’t understand why
  • Playfully nibbles their fingers and toes
  • He would show off his baby


  • Probably stares at the foot and hand prints on the birth certificate because he can’t believe how tiny they are
  • Really nervous the first few weeks
  • Scared of hurting the baby but loves them so much
  • Would literally just hold his child and stare in awe because they’re the most amazing thing ever


  • Just as nervous as Haise
  • Feels like he won’t be a good dad
  • Gets agitated when they cry and he can’t figure out why
  • Not because he doesn’t love them, but because he feels like he’s failing as a father
  • He literally thinks he’s failing as a father when really his baby is just teething
  • Watches his baby sleep
  • Thinks his baby is the best thing that ever happened to him


  • Is a natural
  • The type of dad that’s prepared and then some (had like 200 diapers before the baby was even born)
  • His baby could sneeze in their sleep and he’d wake up
  • Plays with their chubby cheeks
  • Has 100+ photos of his baby on his phone
  • Most of them the baby isn’t doing anything too exciting and some are blurry, but he can’t bare the thought of deleting a picture of his child

Thanks for the request! xo - mun C

200+ Followers and B-Day!!!

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First off, I have to just say an all around thank you to all of my followers because this couldn’t have happened without all of you.  (Literally this is all because of you plums!)  This blog has meant the world to me and I was a bit terrified to jump into the fandom so late in the game, especially representing a muse I care so much about.  However, the mcu fandom has welcomed me with open arms and all the love in the world.  The lists will be long but it will be worth it I promise so bear with me.  I know there are many of you whom I have become close friends with and I am sorry if I don’t get all the personal stuff in here.  This blog is my therapy and each one of you has helped me through these months more than you can ever know.  (Also I reached 200+ on my birthday, Feb 8th, and that makes it even more astounding.)  I seriously hope I don’t miss anyone O.o

The Baes 

@synthozoid - My best friend who spent 8+ hours putting this blog together way back in May 2016.  They are my world and, even though they have been mia because of life, I love them and can’t thank them enough for this blog.

@wigglyxwoo - She is amazing and I suggest you follow her, and all of her sideblogs. ( @pietroxtime, @badxlucked, @wearebartons, @lilxlionxman )  Also her smols is adorable and she has been there to listen to me rant.  She has given me so much confidence and was the first Wanda I ever followed <3

@fiirstavenger - This mun has been mia for a while, but I always enjoyed their Steve and they have my heart by being the first Steve who ever interacted with me.  (Starting Bucky was truly scary because I know there are many amazing blogs for him)  Miss you a bunch and hope life is going well. ( @withwakanda)

@the–redacted–of-hellskitchen - First ever Murdock to follow me and you have set the bar so high.  I am fairly certain my new otp is BuckyMatt because our muses are such hormonal teens that bring out the best in each other.  We have way too many threads and I still want a good 20 more.  Wishing you the best with all that schooling stuff.

@aliancvna - Blessed does not begin to describe how I feel about having been given the chance to interact with you.  I know life has been a bit rough and you haven’t been on to rp as much, but I always look forward to see replies from you.

@xcuratiox - You are one of my favorite OC’s and I am so happy that your are back.  Literally jumped for joy when you sent that reply.  I hope you stick around for a while because your character is so amazing and fleshed out.

@chugamunk - Oh Clint.  There are no words to describe the awesomeness of mun and muse.  Ecstatic that you are back and our threads are all over with verses but that is what makes them amazing.  Can’t wait for more fun and freakouts. 

@techmaestro - I finally got to our super planned out reply, but I wanted to say that you are an amazing writer even though we have only just begun!

@igniscore - Your food porn is not fair, but I am glad we have become fast friends.  I hope Tony and Bucky become better friends, with Zorro’s help.  Our gif spams are the best.

@pinchapaprika - I have no idea how it happened but friendship has blossomed.  I know school is rough and muses have been hard but you are an amazing mun.  So happy to have met you!!

The Team - I enjoy rping with you and your muses.  I want to say so many things about each and everyone of you, but then this post would never end.  You are all incredibly unique and it means the world to me when I see your replies.  Very lucky to have been followed by you and I hope you all never leave me. <3333333333

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Mutuals - I haven’t had the chance to interact with any of you, or maybe a just a few threads/messages, but thank you for following me.  Life has been crazy which limits my chances to send out open starters.  (I haven’t even been able to do an open starter post yet).  However, pop into my IM or messages if you have some ideas and I will see what I can do.

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Hey I thought- Since Makaron has been showed on this blog maybe I should introduce it to you !

Makaron has a story. Long ago, when I was in high school, I was passing one of my final exams, it was about physics and I SUCKED AT PHYSICS SO BAD.

So this happened:

I’m sorry for the non-frenchies out there but I won’t translate all that-
(I’ll probably redo all of those silly doodle in english just for you tho)
The thing is, I was so bored I ended up creating this little guy and I was laughing alone in my seat while everyone was working hard for their future. 

And since that day, makaron became my mascott, and even made differents versions of it (like you can see on the pictures above, these are little figures I did~)

I love this jelly bean so much-  I’m happy that you guys seems to like it as well !
And I can’t wait to show you a little more, if you guys want !


Every few months I bring this monstrosity out like “YES. TODAY. TODAY I WILL PAINT YOU” And then I realise how much of the original lineart needs fixing and it goes straight back in its box. 

But it’s been a while, I still need a profile image, and I needed to cool down after a full day of sketching. So watch as I slowly dither over what colour scheme this thing should have and fix S1 Gaston’s face IS2G.

thing that pisses me off number #1: when muns think your hiatus is freedom to do what they want with your muse. has this ever happened to you? you go on hiatus, you’re gone for like a week, and you come back only to find out that someone your muse knows has been on their soap box complaining about how your muse has been ignoring them? bitch, what? you knew i was on hiatus, you knew i wouldn’t be around, why would you do that? you just forced my muse into a conflict i may not have wanted and you, the mun, just got on my nerves. a double whammy of b.s. and i don’t like it!!! ppl need hiatuses sometimes, don’t punish them for it—especially when they’ve made it known. 

Posts You May Not Have Seen

Hey kids, this blog has officially been around since Dec 2011! So since ya’ll love being in the moment it occurred to me that you might not have had the time or patience to dig through my tags, posts, or lists. So here’s some posts that I am pretty fond of and think will help people out, all in one place.

[[I’ve been thinking and, well, I’d like to host a TF2 throwdown on May 6. It’ll be the day I turn 14. I want to officially say goodbye to being 13 with a game of TF2 surrounded by coffee and ice cream. I’ll be playing it for a full 24 hours straight (If it’s not a school day which I hope it’s not) and, if I end up not being able to, then I can host something else. I just think that, now that I’m this close to turning 14, I want to do something special. We can watch deadpool, maybe, or play something else. What I really want to do is to play some sweet ass games and have fun with my friends.]]

So I promised you a Kingbury thing

Vaguely, Samuel Seabury remembered reading a philosophy book early in his education that talked about people who lived in a cave. What would the people experience, the book had contemplated, if they left the cave? How would they react?
Here, in this palace, Samuel thought he knew exactly how they would have felt—small, in awe, and utterly, hopelessly out-of-place. He didn’t know who to talk to—and worse, he kept getting lost. In fact, he probably couldn’t find his way back to the side door he’d been admitted through. Where was he staying again?
Suddenly the corridor he was walking down emerged onto a balcony walkway that wrapped around the walls of and looked down upon a first-floor dining hall. Sam felt like a small boy again. He clutched the balcony railing and marveled at the crystal chandelier, at how far away the first floor seemed, and how many floors there still were above him.
Suddenly a door on the far wall flew open and a man rushed out, giving an already nerve-wracked Sam Seabury no time to duck into one of the nearby unoccupied rooms.
The man was muttering frantically to himself and didn’t seem to have noticed Seabury, so the bishop crept backwards, feeling along the wall behind him for a doorknob.
“This is idiotic. Bloody ambassadors—as if I don’t have enough on my mind—” The man was dressed fancifully in obscenely expensive clothing, although he was certainly beautiful enough to look good in anything he wanted to wear—
Sam pushed that thought away forcefully.
The man stalked down the hallway, pausing only long enough to tear the powdered wig from his head (“The damn thing itches, and I refuse to wear it any longer!” he yelled back into the room he’d emerged from) exposing a head of pinned-up, wavy dark blonde hair, and eliciting a small gasp from Sam, who was somewhat appalled at such rough treatment of such a lovely wig.
Upon hearing Sam’s shocked noise, the man turned and spotted him across the overlook. “Perfect. You will do just fine,” he murmured, stalking around the balcony-corridor to the other side where Sam cowered, petrified.
“Sir,” he protested as the man grabbed Sam’s hand and yanked him into the nearest empty room. It could have been a sitting room, or a conference room, or a bedroom for all Samuel knew, because the next second he was pinned up against the neatly wallpapered plaster, and…being kissed?
Yes, his brain confirmed, that was exactly what was happening. That didn’t mean it made any sense, though.
The other man pressed his body against Sam’s with no explanation and roughly claimed his mouth, leaving him at a loss. It wasn’t very pleasant, but…it wasn’t really unpleasant, either. What was the etiquette for being suddenly kissed?
By the time Samuel’s brain caught up with his body (“Kiss him back, you’re supposed to do the kiss thing too, Sammy”), the man had pulled away, breathing heavily. Sam remained in his place against the wall, eyes wide, cheeks flushed, lips still slightly parted.
“Thank you for your service, sir,” the man said finally, and strode regally out the door.
“Um, sir—” Sam recovered his wits as best he could and followed him out, only managing to catch a glimpse of the blonde man as he turned down another hallway and disappeared.
Samuel stared after him, confused and discomforted, before turning to address one of the men—they, too, looked rich, he noted with trepidation—who were hovering around the entrance to the room from which the mysterious man had first emerged.
“Good sirs,” Samuel called across the overlook, “do you happen to know the name of that man who left his wig just there? Perhaps we should return it.”
Perfect, he congratulated himself. Very smooth.
The men collectively sneered at him, and he shrank back. Not smooth enough?
“Do you not recognize your King when you see him, colonial?”
Oh no.
Samuel Seabury gazed at the hall down which His Majesty King George the Third had disappeared, horror written across his face plainly.
Oh, dear.

@ask-sam-seabury Here’s the first draft of the thing. Should I post it to ao3? What say you? (mun or muse, or both, whatever strikes your fancy)


((I can’t believe I’m so far in tkcd that I can’t even say anything about it to peeps I know cause like, I’ve seen it all,all I can do is watch all my friends try to finish it. Usually they beat games before me, but it’s boring to be pretty much done))