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Maeglin’s eyes

He was tall and black-haired; his eyes were dark, yet bright and keen as the eyes of the Noldor, and his skin was white.

This line is interesting to me, because it points to a difference between the brightness of Amanyarin eyes and their eye colour. It also demonstrates that non-colour-related “brightness” of the eyes is inherited from a single Amanyarin parent. The light of the two Trees presumably causes a dominant mutation.

My personal headcanon is that Maeglin has aniridia, which he inherited from Eöl. It explains why they have notably dark eyes and very notable light sensitivity. This is also a dominant condition.

I would love to know which part of the eye is affected to cause that distinctive “shine”, though I suspect the answer is probably “it’s not the eye itself, it’s the fëa” and I’ll have to continue making vague hand motions and claiming “alien elf biology”. At the very least, I’m going to say “it’s not the iris”.

so what happens if SFS uses the power of Dragon Emeralds (or the three keys)?

to be fair i haven’t really thought that far yet but you must consider the current SFS is actually stuck as mostly a kid. she should be an adult, but after her ‘death’ she was brought back young and doesn’t seem able to age..

however, perhaps there is a way to temporarily show her older self…

I got calum’s “stay strong” note to me tattooed on my forearm almost a year ago and I was lucky enough to show him it a few days ago in SF. 

Recently I just got the 5 strikes tattooed on my ankle a couple hours before the 5SOS show in SF. I got it with 4 other friends as a memory of all the good things that happened those 3 days I spent in SF with 5sos. Getting the chance to meet them all and to watch them do their own headlining show in America they have definitely made a huge impact on my life. They’re small but they mean absolutely everything to me. 5sos has changed my life for the better and these are my reminders of good memories and happiness. :) x

Last night was one of the best experiences of my life. Seeing G put on the most unforgettable show for his home town was amazing. You can’t compare this to anything. He saved the best for his last stop of the tour.


Some other things that happened during/after the SF LT Workshop are still on my mind:

1. When I first started my “DJ Duties” with Larry’s laptop, I noticed his screensaver was this pic by Shawn Welling with a black background:

& every time I re-started the music, I was like:



& every time I stopped the music, I was like:



I told Larry since I know how to use his laptop, he no longer has to look for a DJ at anymore of his US Workshops—because I will be there at each one!   :D

2. When Lau started to first teach his choreo to his class, he was speaking with a baby voice—it was too funny. Lau is weird….

3. Towards the end of the Workshop,  I noticed that while everyone was exiting the venue, a girl was trying to get Larry to remember her name. Lau stopped Larry with just a stare & a quick motion with his head of “NO”—& that immediately stopped Larry from putting that girl’s phone number into his cell phone (believe me Larry—mother Lau helped you to make the right decision)  0_0

4. I found out that the way to get LT to remember your name is to reveal it in a funny way. OK—DON’T LAUGH—but this is how they will remember my name from now on:

       While we were eating in the Japanese Restaurant, Larry offered me some of his sushi (remember…he had ordered about 4 plates of it beforehand—he was HUNGRY). I politely declined. He asked “Why you don’t like sushi?” I told him that the reason why I can’t eat sushi is because I can’t eat something with my name in it—that would be ridicule for life. Larry & Lau both asked at the same time “What your name?” I told them “My name is Ushi”. They both repeated my name & they both started to laugh & laugh….silly twins. They then said that I can’t buy Gucci….& started naming other things that rhymed with my name that I couldn’t have….just plain silly!!!!    :p  LT showed us their tattoos as well..Larry said that he was too ticklish under his arm—so the tattoo had to stop in that area. He said that there was an area by his neck where it hurts the most to get a tattoo…& he brought his shirt down & pointed that part out…   0_0

5. On the way back from the Japanese Restaurant later on that early morning, a homeless man started to follow Larry. Larry was sad because he had no change to give to him—but we tried to grab Larry because he didn’t notice the collection of homeless people that started to follow our group @ 2:45 in the morning. We told Larry “it’s ok….maybe next time we may have something to give to them”, & quickened our pace to LT’s Hotel (we were about 2 blocks away).

6. After I got hugs from both Larry & Lau that evening, their smells were like:

—Larry = still smelled like BABY POWDER…my shirt that I wore that night still smells like himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

—Lau = smelled like light cologne (not sure of the name), but I’m pretty sure that was because he had just taken a shower right after the Workshop…he did not have on the beanie hat—his hair was bouncy & fresh—like in that Mizani commecrial Lau did click here

Ok, Ok…I think that’s about it for the Report. Please note that I haven’t slept in @ 3 days because I’ve been thinking about all of this in my mind—wondering if this really happened or not—AND THIS REALLY HAPPENED!!!! :D

Now, excuse me while I cook this white rice, tomato/corn goulash, & turkey sausage for dinner…..I’m like Larry tonight—I’M HUNGRY!!  :D


midorikittykun said:

*SPOILER (?)* Actually, thinking about it in the morning, I feel like the most shocking thing almost wasn’t even just the killing thing, but more of the way it was done. Canon “deaths” are usually indirect (by falling buildings or flying buses) or more fantasy/Sci fi in nature (like vanishing or vaporizing). This was a very real, very direct way to kill someone. Being killed as a bystander in the chaos is a little different than what we saw in SF…

I was actually wondering if anyone would comment on this. Even, like, dying from a sword or a bullet is usually less, uh, “real,” mostly because I think there’s usually some form of struggle. Or, at least, preparation. If someone gets stabbed, you have those moments where they kind of sputter and try to hang on. If someone gets shot, there’s usually some sort of dialogue that leads up to it, or it’s not a headshot, so you still have the struggle. I think the most shocking thing about the death in SF was that, one, it happened so quickly–there was no time for life to slowly slip away or see it coming. It just happened. And, secondly, that it was done directly without a weapon. And the act itself–the snapping of a neck–isn’t something there’s hope for. If someone gets shot, there’s always that question about whether they’re really okay or not, etc. With what happened in SF you know as soon as it happened that it happened. It was brutal and unforgiving, and no, that’s not something one sees in storytelling that often. In a lot of ways, it’s not all that dramatic as far as storytelling–it’s quick and to he point, and the reader wasn’t eased in. 

It was not a nice death for the reader. Probably it was nicer for the victim, but not the reader. It was very real, and though I think people expected the death, they didn’t expect the way in which it was done, as you said.  

Now, what does that mean? I dunno. My reasons for doing it as I did were my own. You guys can make whatever you want of it. I just thought I’d add a bit to the discourse :D


San Francisco is cool. The people aren’t friendly, the streets are crowded, and everyone wants an in. If you’re like me wearing khakis, a white t-shirt, some converse or vans, you’re probably not standing out. Maybe that’s why I like it so much. Spending most of my free time looking for a quiet place to be or a way to escape a social situation, it would seem odd at first review that I found refuge in such a vivacious place. Things are happening in SF, life is taking place, and it is exactly what I said, cool. I hardly think it is the place for me, but it has always shown me a good time, this trip being no different. 

35mm film. 

anonymous asked:

Hi, I like your blog! I'm not a SF shipper, but I'm intensely curious as to what makes SFers think the ship will be endgame. I mean I understand not liking Hook or CS, or liking it for purely personal reasons (i.e SF works in a real world setting) but it's a whole 'nother thing to deny the story is heading exactly there given the ample of evidence (backstory, parallels, chemistry, similar issues of abandonment/love, etc). There is almost no present evidence to support SF, so if you could please?


A lot of SF shippers (myself included) do believe that something is going to happen with Emma and Hook. But that hardly means that it’s end game. Or even love. It’s just one other obstacle in the real story - Emma and Neal.

Back to your question here.. ample of evidence? Backstory, parallels, chemistry, similar issues of abandonment? Are you talking about SF or CS? Because it sounds like you’re talking about SF but of course I wouldn’t ignore this. CS doesn’t have many parallels.. if any, at all. Not like CSers think they do. They have superficial parallels.  Oh look, it was sorta kinda shot the same way. Or hey look, there’s a.. color, both are wearing. Many of those parallels ignore context and intent. But if you go searching for parallels, you’ll find it. Chemistry is different for everyone, it’s more subjective. Backstory/issues of abandonment… Was Hook honestly abandoned? We don’t know, I don’t know for sure. What he told Bae doesn’t really line up with his backstory with his brother. 

No present evidence to support SF? If you want to ignore everything that’s happened with their story to this point… sure, OK. 

And honestly? I’ve answered this shit so many times I really don’t have the heart to do it again with style and flow.

Gonna give it to ya down and dirty. It’s not being rude. It’s me being quick. For one, the largest fucking reason is THEY HAVE SAID THEY LOVE EACH OTHER IN THE PRESENT. 

That’s a big one. Ya know.. call me crazy, but when characters say they love someone I kinda take their word for it.

Daughter of the light. Son of the darkness. 

The girl destined to break the curse. The boy the curse was created for.

Both abandoned children, living on the streets alone. Meet, fall in love. 

Their story is tragic. She thinks he left her for $20,000. He really left her for selfless reasons. 

Years apart and they both hold on to something from the other. She holds onto the swan keychain and the car they used as their home. He holds onto the dreamcatcher they were going to put in their home.

Years later and they meet again. It’s raw and real. There’s resentment and regret and anger yet still love. But oh no, there’s an obstacle. He has a finance! One he didn’t want to tell her about it. 

But even so they seem to fall back in step with one another. Still make each other smile. Still know each other. 

She seeks him out to talk about what bothers her (returning home or not), he’s got her back when she’s accusing his fiance of murder. 

When they were younger Neal had said they protect each other and they prove it in the present. They do protect each other. 

So Emma finally is able to admit she still loves Neal and Neal is able to admit that he still loves her but it’s too late… there is another obstacle - the portal. He falls. She thinks he’s dead. She mourns him

He fights like hell to return to her and their son. 

They reunite only to have their issues bubble to the surface. There is no escaping their issues and the pain they went through. But, Emma tries to. And as an understanding man, Neal heeds to this. He’s respectful but moves forward at a gentle pace. 

But there’s a problem for Emma. She’s admitted she loves him. And now there’s nothing to hide behind. There’s no wall. 

But, there is another obstacle - Hook.

The thing with SF is. If it wasn’t going to happen… it wouldn’t be happening. There are more love interests to have around then an ex if it’s never going to happen. They can still have their issues and their pain and work through their shit without actively being into each other. Which they are right now. 

They’ve built the story up. Since season 1. It’s a long and slow burn. You (gen you) can choose to think it’s going to happen, choose to ignore it.. I don’t really fucking care.