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To everybody who messaged me via chat and wrote notes on last post about the voice acting thing...

Thank you so much for your nice words lovely people!!

Definitely this place is better than others, you can realize which people deserves my gratitude. Thank you so much guys, I’m so happy and glad because of your support. 

I’m sorry for filled this blog with unnecesary thoughts. I know where I want to go, and who listen to: You guys. You all are the best people I met, and I’m so glad again for your words ^^.

Let’s just the X-Event continue, okay? OKAY!!! :D

for some of you it’s already 2017, but i’m still in 2016 (help) so i wanted to thank every single one of you for being by my side during this weird year, i wouldn’t make it if it wasn’t for all of you. with this lame edit and a few words, i want to thank you for being who you are and make me smile. this follow forever will for my favorites blogs and mutuals, but i love every single one of you. this year i suffer and had fun with one direction and i found out skam and yoi, which made this year so much easier to get through and we made it. this year brought me bad things too but i could make it another year, so somehow this year was good. happy new year and i wish all of you only the best because that’s what you deserve.every single one of you are so special and i’m glad that i found my place here. i hope that 2017 will bring us peace, love and everything that we want. i love you and thank you for being here. and thank you for the 11K followers, it’s insane but thank you for the love and support. i’m just a normal blog but it means a lot to me.

bolded: ultimate favorite/ friends and people that i met that made my year so much better

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((I don’t even know what to say here, if I’m completely honest.  It might seem like a lot of rambling as I go forward.  I haven’t really had a moment to take it all in yet.  But death is a weird thing for me and it just hasn’t hit me fully until now.  You can ask me on my mod blog about it.

@askrustynail is one hell of a guy.  That must be said.  It cannot go unsaid.  Rusty is one of the very few that have been around as long as I have in this community.  And he is without a doubt deserving of a place on the Mount Rushmore of Tumblrpon.  Not only for his unique blog and his fun character, which is how we were introduced to him.  But for his kindness, his brilliance, his giving spirit.  That is what I and anyone who’s met him in person will take away from him.

I first met him at Trotcon 2013.  It was where I got my first jar of honey vanilla vodka from him.  It wouldn’t be the last jar I would get either.  I will fully admit that it wasn’t my favorite drink.  I did sample it from time to time, but I enjoyed sharing it with friends just as much.  I took the jar I got at Bronycon ‘15 to an Illini tailgate and shared it with my college buddies there.  Daniel said it was one of the best drinks he’s ever had in his life.

I still have the jar he gave me at Trotcon last year.  I plan on sharing it with everyone when we get back together this year, in a toast and tribute to him.

Rusty is a genius at mixing drinks.  He helped Wiggles and I out immensely during King Pirate Power Hour at Trotcon last year, serving as the unofficial bartender for the panel.  He got me to sample a drink that was basically hot sauce with alcohol in it.  It took me by surprise, but it was good.  He made that panel a lot more fun.

Rusty is hilarious too, and is outstanding at dishing out puns.  I know all you guys think I’m really good at it (for some reason), but Rusty was a pro at it.  During Punanel last year with Sam, I invited Rusty to come on it.  He stole the show for that hour and had people roaring with laughter.

Most of all, Rusty has a kind heart and spirit.  He’s always willing to help people out.  He’s always able to sense when people are in trouble or stressed and give them a calming presence.  And you could talk to him about anything too.  One of the last times we chatted in person, Rusty and I were talking about public radio and what I could try to do to get our station’s name out there more.

It’s going to suck to go to Trotcon or Bronycon this year, and not see him there.  There’s going to be an empty feeling, and everyone is going to wish he was with us for one more round or one more conversation.

I know this is going to sound cliche, but we can’t take life for granted.  Rusty is only one year older than me, and he’s not going to be with us anymore.  That’s just not fair.  He was taken too young from us.  I know I’m going to try and make a better effort to reach out to friends old and new, because I wish I had chatted with him more outside of conventions.  We should all strive to live life like he did.

And my heart goes out to @technomod.  It’s not fair for Rusty and Tech didn’t get to live the rest of their lives together.  We’re all thinking about you and want to help you in anyway possible.

So here’s to a last call with Rusty.  I’ll miss you good sir.  I’ll see you on the other side for drinks and arguments over football.))

Thanks to all of you lovely folks for sticking around through another 12 months of sporadic mushy fan-art.

It’s been a.. heavy year, with good and bad stuff. In the midst of struggling through some of the low points, I messed up and hurt other people, and that’s something I wont forget.
It was also a year with some ridiculously positive things. Things I’m not sure I deserve, but I’m so thankful for. To anyone who’s supported me this year, through reblogs and likes, here or on twitter, through patreon or ko-fi donations, it’s meant so much to me. Thank you. ;w;

I finally began to claw my way out of the sad place I’d been stuck in for the longest time, moving back to my old university city to study a master’s degree.. and then towards the end of the year @destiny-smasher and I became a couple. And I’m sure I’ve been overloading my blog with mushiness and things we’ve made for each other and so you don’t all need me to elaborate on that. But it’s been the best and warmest and brightest part of my year.. so I gotta mention it at least. <3

Anyway, it’s.. time to take a deep breath and move forward into 2017.

Happy New Year~!

I really, really hope it’s a good one for all of you.

Dear best friend

The first thing I noticed was your smile;

It was so real,

so real that it made everyone around you jealous, 

except me.

Instead of being envious of you,

I found myself mentally thanking the people who placed that smile on your lips,

because, my friend-

after everything you’ve been through-

you deserve to be happy.

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You deserve a break! You should step back especially if things are getting uncomfortable. I hope this stupid thing stops and you can get back to a nice place.

Thank you! I’m doing my best to separate my personal feelings when it comes to attacks on this blog.


Thank you so much.

I’ve received a lot of wonderful love from you all in the past 24 hours.

I’m sorry that people are giving you a hard time. I really appreciate this blog and the work you do here to give us spoonies a place to vent. You don’t deserve people’s attitudes like that

Hey admin, I think you’re doing a fantastic job. I was so happy when I first found this blog, and I’ve submitted a couple things and it helped me so much to be able to get my thoughts out. I hope you never get any nasty hate messages again!

I view this as a safe place to share/vent feelings and thoughts and I thank you very much for putting the time and effort into it. I have found many posts that I could’ve written, they match my life completely. It’s terrible that so many of us are sick, but good to know we’re not alone. As for the posts that I don’t identify with, I’m glad to learn about different chronic illness experiences. For the ones that I don’t agree with, I think it is good to be exposed to different ways of thinking. I feel like as a society we have forgotten how to have civilized conversations, where people can express opposite views without it devolving into a name-calling brawl. Listening does not mean agreement.

I’m sorry that you are having to deal with such anger directed your way. While I love this blog and am grateful for it, I would hate to think that you are risking your health. First and foremost, take care of yourself. Only you know what your limits are, so please pay attention to them.

Hugs and many more hugs!

And there have been plenty of others I’ve responded to privately. You all are amazing. I love all of you.

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I love you + your blog + your town so much and I wish you could just ignore all the hate and drama :( Tumblr is my happy place and it makes me sad to always see so much drama on your page lately. Pls ignore them. They're not worth your attention. You're wonderful and only deserve kindness and love! 💛💛

I guess it looks that simple when you are not suffering anon hate (or hate in general) constantly for everything you say, for every little tiny thing. But sadly it’s not that easy to ignore it. I wish I had a cooler character but I just can’t stand people trying to step on me ( ;u;) Rn I’m really struggling to not reply that person again and ignore them (it’s hard XD)

I’ll take advantage of this to say sorry to all my followers for all the drama! Thank you for sticking with me and defending me all the time! I know that I’m a problematic blog ꉂ(๑˃ꇴ˂๑) and that’s why I’m really grateful for those that stand it, you are the best followers I could ask for!!

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To music: I don't know what's going on in your life right now, but know that you are such a beautiful person. Truly. You deserve all the love in the world for what you're doing for all of us through this blog. I really hope things get better if they haven't already, I don't even know if your posts are on queue and that you're alright now but, you really are beauty in its rawest form; you are kind and deserving of love. Please never forget that.

Thank you so much. That was something I needed to see. I know this was sent 2 months ago and those 2 months have been the hardest of my life but I am trying my absolute hardest to make this blog a place of light even if it’s fulll of everyone’s darkness. MAybe if we leave all our darkness here we can all have a better day and it’ll be okay

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Hey umm...... I uhh... I may have intruded... on the guy that said mean things to you (the Casey blog) I umm... I sent them a message to apologise. I know it's not my place, or business, but he was rude, and you don;t deserve that. *hugs*

Thanks Butter. *hugs back*

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Hi! What does credit site mean? Not mean to be rude, I have not heard it before. Sorry for my English!! Thank you


Your not being rude at all, to be honest, I made the name up. I don’t really know if credit sites are a common thing but that is what my blog is. So that’s what I call it.

A credit site, is when I get credit back to the rightful owners of the images being used all over the place without giving them proper credit for their pictures. So I post them on my blog and give their usernames so they receive the credit they deserve.

I hope the way I explained it makes sense. If your still confused or have any other questions feel free to PM me. Have a nice day!

Being a paysite/webmodel does not mean I consent to having every picture of me sexualized or that I do not deserve respect.

It does not mean that I am not allowed to get angry, uncomfortable, or grossed out when my posts on this blog are reblogged onto blogs that are purely and obviously fap fodder.

This blog is not inherently sexual AT all.  This blog is clearly and obviously a place for self love, body positivity/acceptance, and fat fashion.  Absolutely none of that is for the male gaze and I have very right to be upset when it is used as such.  There are SO many places and things that are directed for the male gaze (which I even produce myself) - it is absolutely in no way unreasonable for me to not want to hear that kind of shit on this blog.

If you think otherwise - please go away.  I don’t have time for you or such a backwards mindset.

Also, you don’t understand how PROUD I am of hearing this song on Radio 1, especially because I heard Louis’ voice loud and clear and so many people heard it too and maybe people that are “new” found it nice and catchy and everything good this song is. 

I am so proud fans helped spread the word and this song that we related to Louis got its recognition, in particular because  all my love and appreciation and adoration - you know that if you know my blog - goes to Louis Tomlinson and his big heart and his great talent and his great voice. 

I don’t want to undermine anyone, everyone and their dog know that I love this band, I love each member equally and they are one of the best things that has happened to my life for so many reasons :) 

Louis has just a special place in my heart and I hope he’s getting all the recognition he deserves. Not just for No Control, but for everything


idk wtf i’m doing majoring in english………should have gone into graphic design………

anyway !

i just want to say that i really truly love every single one of you, i really do. i love being able to come on here and see people who love the same things i do and be able to yell w/ them and you guys just really make my world a better place to exist in and i’m so, so glad that you guys are a part of my life (or at least my dash). thank u so much for 1k, i’m sending all of u love and kisses and good things bc u deserve them!

👑 - the rulers over my heart.. u give hobi a run for his money

💖 - ur one of my favs nd im probably most likely head over heels in love with you

✨ - ur great and i lov ur blog but we dont talk much dont worry i still love u

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So, I’m sure as you’re all aware Riley is back to getting some serious hate again. It’s also becoming apparent on the show that we are slowly losing our bright little happy ray of sunshine. So, we need to show our baby girl some support. So over the next couple weeks, maybe even during the whole hiatus, or maybe until we finally get our Riley back, this blog is going to be completely, 100% dedicated to Riley Matthews. It’s going to be a safe place for positive things for Riley. You can come here to rant, submit things for her, give her support, or just to be on the blog. I will be posting things of my own, rants, and videos amongst other things, and reblogging every positive thing for Riley that I can. It’s time Riley gets all the support, love, and attention she deserves. Let’s help to try to our happy Riley back!


It’s been brought to my attention that there have been anonymous messages with disturbing content sent out to other people regarding my blog and myself, in order to “warn” me about some kind of organized maliciousness planned by certain members of the other ship that is supposedly to take place IF I write a “Selfless Carol” piece and post it on my blog.

I have many unsettling feelings about this but I wanted to address something right away;

- I am so sorry that these messages were sent to other people and disrupted their lives in such a callous way, especially because the “threat” was meant for me and a problem the “others” have with my own blog.
The last thing I would want to do is cause additional negativity to anybody else and unfortunately the news reached people that didn’t deserve to be affected by the HATE directed at me personally.
Nobody deserves that and I am so sorry that it happened the way it did.

- Our fandom has been under tremendous pressure and tension already and I regret so much that this has contributed to the atmosphere we have all tried so hard to improve. I didn’t come here to perpetuate any kind of drama or conflict - I have always strived to bring positivity to the CARYL ship and this is not something I wanted at all to be a part of who I am.
I don’t want people to fight because of me and I don’t want my blog to polarize this place even more. It makes me sad to think that something I did or didn’t do could end up causing others further grief and disappointment.
I am responsible for the words I say and what I do on tumblr - not you guys!

- I have turned off my anons to try and circumvent the situation but in my personal experiences I know that at least half of the hateful messages I get are not ANON anyways. I deal with those privately or simply delete them completely without pursuing any action at all.
I am not a very good fighter - one of my weaknesses is avoid conflict altogether and that’s what i strive to do. I haven’t been involved in much drama or heated discussions around here because of that but also because I have a hard time dealing with “attention” in a lot of ways. Sadly I think the influx of hate being sent about me to others is a direct response to my lack of response in the first place.
I am not proud of that at all and I am so sorry it backfired on other people because of me.

- I also want to thank all of you for standing up for me and supporting me.
I am not worthy of any of it at all but rest assured it’s definitely helping me cope with my own feelings about it.
I just hope you know I didn’t mean for any of this to happen. I never wanted to bring this kind of drama around here and I am so sorry that ALL of you had to SEE IT!

Yes, the other shippers are responsible for their hate and the messages being sent BUT since they were directed at me and because of me - I feel terrible about it!

I am at a loss really!
I don’t know how to fix it or stop it!
I screwed up somewhere along the line, I just wish the messages would have been sent to me and not for others to be exposed to it.

The only thing I know is that I love my CARYL family and I hope that at least something good can come out of this

Thank you - sorry about all the sad!