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Time Out.

Hi. Jakei here. The real one.

I’m gonna delete the latest posts because this silly game is over. I learned something about this…”kind” of excersise. It was funny, but very serious as well..

Let’s get straight to the point.

In three days Underverse will have one year since I created the first animation, the pilot showing my favorite Sanses from de AUs. 

When I had the chance I tried to said all time this project started as a mistake, like a lucky moment to show people my love for art and videogames. But I learned to stop calling this story like that. Is just something that came up to my mind and made me feel more confident to do something I love with the chance to earn money with this to accomplish my goal to have my own house where I can live in peace with my only family that is my mother.

That’s my main goal. So, don’t think the rushers and haters are making me feel bad and forcing me to quit. I had to deal with real rude and evil people before, getting paid for being humillated from Mondays to Saturdays and coming back home crying because of a real stressing and miserable situation. I don’t think this is the same case here. I’m not receiving money from them. I keep with this because is a way when I can reach my goal giving love to my current job as a independent artist.

The latest posts were just for joking but I realized that some people was taking it too seriously. I’m very, very sorry for worrying you, but also I want to thank you for supporting me. Please don’t hate people who was involved into that shitpost, and don’t hate people who are really trying to hurt me. I don’t want you get hurt or having a bad time trying to defend me. 

Unlike other cases similar to this one. I learned to stop worrying about this. I prefer ignore this or even taking this with humor like I did this week for distract myself in some way due the delay of Underverse 0.3 has been a bit stressful to me because I’ll continue animating until the video is released. Stereohead Studios has also many important things to do so blaming someone is just useless and unfair.

Something that I’ve learned from other big artists that I admire with all my soul like Crayon Queen and Myebi/ Comyet… is that we have enough living hard situations in this world, in our personal lives, and the less thing we can do as recognized artists in this fandom is trying to make our blogs a nice place and spread positive feelings despite hatred and the amount of terrible asks people make to them, because we’re motivating people and teaching kindness and respect to each other.  Not for nothing exists options on this platforms to avoid those bad comments. Is a waste of time crying and messing up your entire day because two or three guys said something that could hurt you. 

Is not that hard when you’re used to it.

Those guys don’t even know you and You don’t know them. So… man… why even waste your thoughts and feelings when you can keep working on your own stuff and improving your skills? Making a space for you and your fans to laugh, to smile, to show you how far have you came because of their support.

You’re doing something you love and that matter. Probably others not, probably they won’t have to deal with this style of life. And I’m sure many of us started to be recognized thanks to this fandom. Everyone started with a little level or we was too shy to show our stuff. 

Drawing well, animating well, telling amazing stories won’t decide your happiness if you’re not happy, if you don’t try to trust happiness and show them that you’re really fighting for that.

If you feel your blogs or another places with things like “uuh I don’t like this thing i made” “I suck” “this person told me that and i’m so upset i hate them” “that person made something terrible go and hurt them because them deserve it” “i love what i do but my life is hell” “i’m tired of x and y because they want z” … things can’t change in your life if you don’t start by yourself.

I thought many times about cancel Underverse and leave this fandom, not only because of haters and stuff. It was because I was judged by many of other big artists that doesn’t like this kind of fandoms and are working in their own projects. I thought it was unfair because I was getting recognition because something that I didn’t create. I just created a fan story. 

I’m pretty sure when I post the next animation the chaos will be back again but I don’t even care. I don’t have 100k yet so I don’t have a multitude telling me what to do and asking me when. Anyway, if I had them, I wouldn’t still care. Because I have clear what to do and how to make it works. I’m not here just for teaching people how to draw or animate. I’m here too for showing them how to be nice and patient and how those two things can bring you to a better way to see the world. 

That we are real, nice people and we’re having fun, putting effort and love when we’re making something for you. Fandom or not fandom content.

Have a nice day.

And XGaster.

To the corner. Right nao.

aftg characters as lines from it's always sunny in philadelhpia
  • neil: [wearing jean shorts] what is white trash about that?!
  • andrew: smoke some cigarettes. the smoke will suffocate the bacteria in your stomach
  • kevin: everybody's dying bitch, let's get you some fruit
  • dan: later, dudes. S you in your A’s, don’t wear a C and J all over your B’s
  • matt: don't bring me down. not right now. not while my nips are like this
  • nicky: oh, i get it. cute. you leave this pen here and people are supposed to think, “wait, that looks like a dick”
  • renee: well, first off, through god all things are possible so jot that down
  • allison: we’re gonna get all in your face and point out your faults
  • aaron: i'm gonna get nice and drunk, play some video games until my eyes bleed

hey everyone, it’s ines!! in celebration of reaching a goal, i decided to finally do my first follow forever to thank all my beautiful mutuals for being so kind towards me ever since i started this blog! i know i don’t interact a lot with you guys (bc i’m a shy piece of trash) but i really hope you know how grateful i am and how much i love and appreciate every single one of you for dealing with my shit, sending me nice messages and making this hell hole such a positive and happy place for me to come to!! i honestly can’t thank you guys enough and i wish you all the happiness in the world bc you truly deserve it. 

…btw i’ve had this blog for a long time now (it’s been 5 years wow???), i’m pretty sure a bunch of my followers are inactive and i really feel like i need a fresh start you know? so i’m going to remake after i post this (i’ll keep the url unlovers so just follow me there if you want)

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Dear best friend

The first thing I noticed was your smile;

It was so real,

so real that it made everyone around you jealous, 

except me.

Instead of being envious of you,

I found myself mentally thanking the people who placed that smile on your lips,

because, my friend-

after everything you’ve been through-

you deserve to be happy.

((I don’t even know what to say here, if I’m completely honest.  It might seem like a lot of rambling as I go forward.  I haven’t really had a moment to take it all in yet.  But death is a weird thing for me and it just hasn’t hit me fully until now.  You can ask me on my mod blog about it.

@askrustynail is one hell of a guy.  That must be said.  It cannot go unsaid.  Rusty is one of the very few that have been around as long as I have in this community.  And he is without a doubt deserving of a place on the Mount Rushmore of Tumblrpon.  Not only for his unique blog and his fun character, which is how we were introduced to him.  But for his kindness, his brilliance, his giving spirit.  That is what I and anyone who’s met him in person will take away from him.

I first met him at Trotcon 2013.  It was where I got my first jar of honey vanilla vodka from him.  It wouldn’t be the last jar I would get either.  I will fully admit that it wasn’t my favorite drink.  I did sample it from time to time, but I enjoyed sharing it with friends just as much.  I took the jar I got at Bronycon ‘15 to an Illini tailgate and shared it with my college buddies there.  Daniel said it was one of the best drinks he’s ever had in his life.

I still have the jar he gave me at Trotcon last year.  I plan on sharing it with everyone when we get back together this year, in a toast and tribute to him.

Rusty is a genius at mixing drinks.  He helped Wiggles and I out immensely during King Pirate Power Hour at Trotcon last year, serving as the unofficial bartender for the panel.  He got me to sample a drink that was basically hot sauce with alcohol in it.  It took me by surprise, but it was good.  He made that panel a lot more fun.

Rusty is hilarious too, and is outstanding at dishing out puns.  I know all you guys think I’m really good at it (for some reason), but Rusty was a pro at it.  During Punanel last year with Sam, I invited Rusty to come on it.  He stole the show for that hour and had people roaring with laughter.

Most of all, Rusty has a kind heart and spirit.  He’s always willing to help people out.  He’s always able to sense when people are in trouble or stressed and give them a calming presence.  And you could talk to him about anything too.  One of the last times we chatted in person, Rusty and I were talking about public radio and what I could try to do to get our station’s name out there more.

It’s going to suck to go to Trotcon or Bronycon this year, and not see him there.  There’s going to be an empty feeling, and everyone is going to wish he was with us for one more round or one more conversation.

I know this is going to sound cliche, but we can’t take life for granted.  Rusty is only one year older than me, and he’s not going to be with us anymore.  That’s just not fair.  He was taken too young from us.  I know I’m going to try and make a better effort to reach out to friends old and new, because I wish I had chatted with him more outside of conventions.  We should all strive to live life like he did.

And my heart goes out to @technomod.  It’s not fair for Rusty and Tech didn’t get to live the rest of their lives together.  We’re all thinking about you and want to help you in anyway possible.

So here’s to a last call with Rusty.  I’ll miss you good sir.  I’ll see you on the other side for drinks and arguments over football.))

For the anon, who wanted a shirtless photo. Here you go. There is, in fact, no shirt in this photo. 😘

To those of you who think it’s okay to phrase things in a deserving manner, cut the shit. No one owes anyone anything. Sure, ask people to post shirtless photos in a polite fashion.

“At least” post a shirtless photo? If you’re disappointed with my blog and it’s lack of the owner’s nudity and annoyed with the bombardment of selfies during the week, you are in the wrong place. I know this sounds bitchy, but I’ve had this anon in my inbox for a good while now and I couldn’t shake it. No one should ever feel they have to do something because it’s expected or they “owe” it to their followers.

Be you, and do what you feel comfortable with. Live a happy life with your boundaries, not the boundaries of others.

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honestly the bi girl positivity fiasco just proves why bi girl positivity posts are needed

it’s true. people who are not bi girls want to act like bi girl positivity is ~*~superfluous~*~ because ~*~there’s so much of it already!!!1!~*~ but if you look at bi advice blogs, a TON of questions are from girls saying stuff like “i feel like i’m faking it” and “my friends say biphobic things to me” and i am 100% here for those girls, i have been in that place, i still sometimes feel those things, and they deserve as much positivity as we can give them, even if it’s sometimes as small as making a “bi girls are great” type post

Reg questions on if the Winchesters should grieve for Crowley:

Crowley absolutely deserves grieving. He was a great character that had trouble doing *the right thing* sometimes due to the inherent nature of being a demon but there is no doubt in my mind that his heart was in the right place when it came down to fighting the good fight. He showed incredible character development through the years and went out like a motherfucking boss, doing the right thing for the people he cared about.

Crowley deserved to be loved and respected. I will mourn him bitterly for the rest of my days.

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1/3 I have a headcanon that like, all the dragons have a soft spot for Hiccup. They absolutely love their riders and would definitely follow them to the death and beyond, they just come to him for their own reasons. Stormfly occasionally wanders in while Astrid is training and gently nuzzles a napping Toothless, then she nudges Hiccup for scratches and sometimes nips at his hair. Hookfang barges in when he's stressed at Snotlout and won't calm down until Hiccup starts talking to him and pets him

2/3 Hookfang tends to leave before Snotlout comes and gets upset, but later he’ll affectionately nudge Hiccup when Snotlout isn’t looking. Barf and Belch creep up and boop him with both heads on either side while he’s working. It scares the senses out of Hiccup but he knows they mean well. Meatlug tends to follow Fishlegs almost as much as Toothless follows Hiccup, so often when they pass by she nuzzles and hugs both of them. Windshear comes in with a gentle head boop, and stands by watching

3/3 curiously as he messes around in the forge, cocking her head a little when he exclaims excitedly. Back on Berk, it’s basically the same. Someone will be looking for their dragon, if it turns out they’re not at the usual places, they’ll find them with Hiccup. There’s just something about the way he talks to them and touches them. It’s not necessarily better than their own rider’s way, it’s just different.

Okay, well, first of all, I just would like to know what I did to deserve such a beautiful headcanon in my inbox. Like, what made this anon think that my blog was a good place to bless with this lovely thing. Oh my gosh. I’ve read this so many times (also, sorry about the delay! I always answer questions on a computer, and I haven’t been on one with free time).

I love this. 

And Hiccup pretends to be mildly irritated in front of the other riders (”Guys, please tell your dragons that I am not their babysitter.”), but in reality, he spoils them rotten. He wuvs them so very much.

Also, another thing that’s really bothering me is those bloody messages that the anon is sending to some really awesome blogs. @batboysimagine @redhoodshood @colormemeow are all amazing people and amazing writers who have no reason (as if there is a reason that would ever make someone say stuff like that??) to receive messages like that.

Honestly, it’s rude and disrespectful beyond belief. I don’t know these people apart from what I read on their blogs but I do know that they are amazing and beautiful people who have never been anything but. It’s totally uncalled for and it’s sickening that the anon would ever say that. If anyone is the coward it’s the anon.

I’ve been going through something really harsh these past few hours but I couldn’t even imagine how these blogs are feeling after those messages. It’s hurtful stuff and it’s nothing to be taken lightly. It’s bullying, simple as that. And seeing people like @tim-help and @batfamily-imagines stand against this is really assuring.

It really angers me that they are receiving messages like this because it’s absolutely horrific that they are receiving comments so bloody terrible and I can’t stress enough that none of it is true.

For someone to have the cowardice to attack these people who have done nothing wrong at all is unbelievable. And if anybody can explain to me where the hell any of this comes from apart from hatred and jealousy than don’t bother because it’s pointless. Nobody deserves to be treated like that at all.

Whether or not you anons realise, behind these blogs are real people! People who get hurt and feel upset and take these things seriously! And if you seriously seriously think that is acceptable that you can say something like this then please kiss my ass and get your head out of your own ass. Honestly, what the hell? If you think like this about anyone then please find some other way to go about it rather than voicing it. Even though I question how or why you would think that in the first place.

Once again, I don’t know these people and blogs that well but they are so amazing and they don’t deserve any of this!

Aaaand the results for the art raffle are in!!!

1st place - @stickynotebloke

2nd place - @raspberry-may

3rd place - @nata110

4th place - @crafter360

I honestly wish I could give out more prizes, as there are so many others of you that deserve them as well - but at the end of the day, I can only draw so many things without my hands dropping off!

Congratulations to the winners - I will be contacting you asap so you can let me know what you’d like me to draw!!! (If you’re unsure what your prize entails, check back here)

And last but not least, thank you to everyone for taking part; This blog wouldn’t be the same without all of you, and if you didn’t win this time then maybe you will when I next do one of these! Stay DETERMINED!!! <3

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💖 @smilefortheliving, @daddarios, @canislytherinthings and @alexandargideonlightwood... their edits always brighten my dash, they're so talented, kind and lovely and deserve all the nice things in the world ♥

@smilefortheliving - isabel, i love everything about your blog. your close-up magnus gifs make !! my !! life !! i love them so much ! you’re so lovely and positive and i love you and your blog

@daddarios - im gonna TRY and not turn this into a paragraph but i have a lot of love for you okay? firstly, you were the first shadowhunters blog i ever followed back in what ?? october maybe??? so u already have a lil special place in the shadowhunters section of my heart. and THEN u make these incredible gifs which i just stare at and my brain does a ???!!????!?!??? bc how (im taking photoshop away from you one day i swear) and THEN as if that’s not enough talent, you also write so beautifully ??? like so so beautifully !! and then ur this amazing lovely person who doesn’t deserve even a slightest amount of the shit that gets thrown your way. and andre’s right, you do deserve all the nice things in the world <3

@alexandargideonlightwood - aaaa i love your blog so much !! you’re always so positive and lovely and your edits are absolutely stunning !!! im so happy you follow me and i love your presence on my dash !!!!!

@canislytherinthings - some extra love for you !!! bc i love you and your blog lots <3

@moonylady - i just love u with all my heart <3

want one?

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I think for every hate message that you get, the booklr community should band together and send ten or fifteen love messages, because there is no place for that negativity here. You've made my experience with booklr so much nicer by sending me sweet things and liking my posts and taking the time to have discussions with me. You are lovely, and your blog is lovely, and I'm so happy that you're here! <3

I’m happy you are here too! You are always so sweet, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You deserve all the good in this world 💕💖

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This is such a nice blog and it really is nice to see a place full of positivity and kindness on this site, as a survivor of sexual assault it's especially reassuring to find a nice blog full of affirming things, (also I'm infp too!!) have a wonderful day!

This made me so happy. I’m so glad my blog can bring you some comfort and happiness anon! You deserve it!

(Also welcome to the club 💕)

This blog is a year old.

Happy blog birthday to me, or blogiversary, or whatever.

So, my first post round these parts happened a year ago. I was following a bunch of lovely blogs, but didn’t want to put my love for SPN and the fics I read on my main blog. I felt bad that I wasn’t showing the love for the creators that they deserved and that I didn’t have a place to celebrate all things SPN, so I finally gave in and created a place where I could reblog fics I loved as well as other SPN related things. Honestly, I never thought I’d write anything, I just really wanted to share stuff that I enjoyed and give the writers and creators the attention they deserved.

Now, I’m so glad I did. It gave me the opportunity to interact with some wonderful people I now consider friends. It gave me a spot to fangirl and be a huge dork about the show I fell in love with after resisting it for years. It eventually gave me a creative spot to share stuff inspired by the show and the characters. 

Thank you - to so many of you who have made this an enjoyable outlet, and have shared your creativity with us.

Thank you - to so many of you who have decided to follow my blog and seem to enjoy what I share.

(I’d list all of you here, but I know I would leave someone out, and this would become an unbearably long post.)

Go spread some love today and start someone’s week with happiness. Much love - Tiff.

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I just reached a follower count and I’m all over the place bc I haven’t done anything on this blog lately, where did you all come from????! 😭 😭 😭 thank you so much for reading my stories, leaving me super nice messages and even talking to me, you all deserve an award for putting up with me. Thank you so much, really really. 

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one more thing

you can’t have a WWII blog without nazis or nazi mentions in it, sweetheart.

the third reich and the fuhrer were a crucial part of the war history. what they did remains forever, and there was massive trauma for their victims.

this is both a WWII blog and a nazi blog, NOT intended to harm or shame people. all we wanna do here is have a good time, have some laughs, and maybe learn things. 

so if you’re going to focus just on the hitler stuff and ohhh how so antisemetic bruhh then you don’t deserve to be on the internet really. this is why i keep trying to tell you that i appreciate the rest of the leaders too in this place.

throughout my experience in the history community ive made a lot of good friends,memories, and i feel like it really teaches me things and helps me grow as a person. i don’t think any other fandom i’ve been in the past has made me feel this way,in all honesty.

i refuse to apologise or take down my reich posts. they are special for me, and i dont give two fucks what people are triggered by or what they find offensive. it’s 2017 and im slowly getting used to seeing people whining about everything that’s “not their taste” or whatever.

i guess they don’t understand this sentimentality i have with ww2 history, but oh well.

i have always wanted to be a writer, without question. growing up, i took solace in words. i found worlds in the comforting presence of books, i made my home within pages and letters when i didn’t have one in real life. my phone’s notes were littered with fragments of ideas, my documents full of short stories. i was blessed with creativity by some goddess with a flowing dress and milky brown eyes who made it clear what i was born to do. i was born to create. i was born to write.

this blog began as an outlet for my ideas, just a little place to store them. now, 15,000 followers later, i still can’t comprehend how it’s become so widely read. the fact that that many people clicked on this blog and read my words makes me soar with happiness. i sincerely thank every single person who thinks this blog is deserving of all the kindness i receive. i have met some amazing people on here. people that dream and think and write like me, who want the same things. people who say my words have rescued them, even just for a second, or inspired them or made them want to do something amazing with their life. my inbox overflows sometimes, but i read every single thing, i promise. and every single word or message still makes my heart sing. i used to think i’d never be able to make it as a writer, that i’d never get enough people to like what they read. but you all have changed that for me. finally, for the first time in my life, i think i have enough bravery and strength to actually make this what i do for my life. i’m still in high school, and i know i don’t have to have it all figured out, but i am glad i finally know where i want to be.

i aspire to create worlds with my words. and i think i’m well on my way to doing so. thanks for 15k.

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send ‘&’ for 3 blogs i recommend || Accepting

Just so I’m fair about this I’ll be selecting people as they appear on my dash, so!


I only recently started talking to Frillz but man, I don’t regret it a bit. The Discord Server is never dull when Frillz is around, always some crazy discussion or otherwise ridiculous hijinks. ‘you’ll get stabbed by a white supremacist!’ is still my favorite thing.


Bonnie holy shit. They deserve a fucking trophy for putting up with my bullshit. From angst to ‘Charlotte and Arthur plot to swap places with one another,’ they’ve seen a lot of dumb shit from me and enabled many au ideas. God bless you Bonnie.


I haven’t actually talked to Rye much, which is too bad because they seem pretty cool. I really enjoy Rye’s Robin and seeing him on the dash and I’m pretty sure I still owe Rye a reply, whoops. My bad. Very worth having on the dash, 10/10.