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ive seen so many posts about s2 and theyre all so negative idk if i even want to see it anymore?? help (i mean i want to see it i just dont want to be disappointed?)

I think the season was good overall! and for sure worth a watch.

My main issues with it were the lack of Lance and Hunk screen time and the very VERY few Klance interactions (mostly because it was so talked up by Strada and the rest of the cast like klance who is she never heard of her) 

I also felt like they sacrificed certain aspects and characters for Keith’s story arch like most of the show was actually focused on him (don’t get me wrong I love tht boy but I want to see the others too ya feel?)

I think it’s worth the watch though! there were a lot of good moments and some great character dev for everyone but Lance and Hunk I don’t wanna spoil things for you sorry for being vague

<3 don’t let the bad posts discourage you people tend to focus on bad more than good and trust me there was a lot of good this season!

also it is way too early to think much more than vaguely about it, but if the rumours are true and if I can swing putting some kind of plan together, would anyone be interested in traveling with me to London?  It’s so much more affordable to rent a flat or something like that, but I never have enough people with me for that.  hmu?

Pro tip if you’re writing something and you’re willing to put hours of research into weaponry, the time period, technology, etc, and not willing to put the same effort into learning about relevant social issues that affect the characters in your story, I have no time for you or your offensive bullshit and your excuses about ‘not knowing better’. We live in the information age. Google it. 


I drew this as a print for SLO in Beijing (although I can’t be there *SADFACE*). Merry Christmas!

Heat Headcanons

-With a mate, an Omega’s heat will usually only last a week. But without at least the scent of an Alpha, the Omega could be forced to suffer for up to three weeks

-During a heat the desperation to be knotted comes in waves. The length of breaks between these waves depends entirely on the pace set at the beginning of the heat. If the Alpha starts trying to knot the Omega before the heat has even really taken hold, the continuing duration of the heat will be more intense and exhausting with hardly any breaks between waves. But if they wait until the Omega is completely slick and ready for it, the heat will be easier and more relaxed for them

-An Omega’s first time going through heat with a mate and being nervous about everything. Worrying that being knotted will hurt, that the Alpha won’t find them attractive enough, worrying that their nest won’t be good enough. The Alpha picking up on the anxieties and despite how badly they just want to rut into the Omega, they take the time to snuggle into the nest and praise the Omega for how cozy and well put together it is, before gently coaxing their overheating mate from their clothes and slowly getting them to open up for them, and it’s all very nice and gentle…until the Omega arches and starts pleading for more

-During a heat is when bonding usually occurs. A couple bonds by biting into each others scent glands hard enough to draw blood and scar, doing it while being knotted helps distract the Omega from the pain of it

-Between waves of heat the Alpha will try to force the Omega to eat and drink and occasionally help them wash up in the shower…just so they can get them all dirty again ten minutes later

-Omegas in heat like to taunt their Alphas and try to aggravate them, because on an instinctual level they want the Alpha to pursue and dominate them and that’s exactly the reaction they get when they rile the Alpha up enough to snap and pin the Omega down with their full body weight and bite the back of their neck harshly to make them submit

-An Omega’s heat being unusually intense to the point that their Alpha is too wrecked and breathless to even move so the aggravated Omega just pushes them to lie back before sliding down onto the Alpha and satisfying themselves…it only injures a small portion of the Alpha’s pride

-Most Alphas love heats because they have a bit of a slick fetish and will happily spend a ridiculous amount of time licking up the excessive amount if slick their Omega mate is producing

-Alpha and Omega that are best friends and they are both fully aware that they are in love with each other, the Omega is waiting for the Alpha to initiate something but the Alpha is too nervous but one day the Omega goes into heat and pleads for the Alpha to help them out because it hurt so badly…a whole mess of instincts later and the Alpha is deep inside the Omega waiting for their knot to go down and freaking out because “oh my God I haven’t even asked you out yet! I’m so sorry, was this okay? Oh My God did I just take advantage of you?!” and the exhausted Omega telling them to shut up and that they’d arranged it all because the Alpha was obviously a scared little shit that needed a shove in the right direction

-An Alpha and Omega couple arranging to spend the Omega’s heat together, a few months in advance to ensure they are both level headed when discussing it (because consent is important) but the Alpha is too nervous once they actually go to do it. The Omega is literally all spread out and submissive in front of them and suddenly the Alpha is just like “Are you sure the heat wasn’t affecting you at all when we made this decision?” and the Omega is just so done “we’ve been planning this for months and if you don’t start fucking me right now for the love of god I will walk right out that door stark naked and get another Alp-” and that’s all the threatening encouragement the Alpha needs to start possessively latching on to the Omega’s neck and sliding themself right in

The 100th episode did not disappoint.

Though it does beg two questions.

When did Cecil and Carlos get engaged? And how did Cecil manage to keep quiet about it?

Like, this is the same guy who just had to tell everyone about his date last night, how did he manage to keep his engagement a secret?

Season 3:

It’s finally happened. We’ve waited for so long. You gather your friends and turn on the TV to watch the season 3 premiere of Rick and Morty. You turn on the channel and you see prison guards shooting at a escaped convict running away.

*record scratch* *freeze frame* “Yup, that’s me. The escaped convict with the blue hair running for his life. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situati-”

I know I talk about fancasts a lot and normally I’d just add it to the masterpost and move on. But… this one is just… so… perfect, it’s getting its own post.

First of all, we know Kent is vaguely based on Tyler Seguin

And you know who looks like a blond Tyler Seguin?

and is a world class pro athlete in a winter sport?

Gus Kenworthy, that’s who.

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Guidelines for Non-Borderlines

Situation: Your loved one with BPD tells you they’re upset

Do Not:

  1. Ask them sarcastically if they “really” feel like that
  2. Ask if they think [absurd exaggeration of the situation]
  3. Get upset at them for being upset
  4. Antagonize them (ie take the side of the person making them upset)
  5. Dismiss, mock, or ignore their feelings or any cognitive dissonances they may have


  1. Patiently listen as they explain the situation and their reaction.
  2. Validate their feelings. eg: “Wow, that sounds very upsetting/stressful/synonym of an emotion they mention/etc.”
  3. If you have a close enough relationship, very gently point out any contradictions with hard evidence. eg: “If he didn’t want to be your friend, he wouldn’t have asked you out for coffee.” Back off if this evidence is rejected; simply leave it ‘on the table.’
  4. Be attentive of what your loved one needs. Someone to vent to, a shoulder to cry on, space, etc.
  5. Give them time to recover.

Pay attention to the bolded word there; validation is the most important thing you can ever give someone with BPD. One of the main models for what causes BPD centers around growing up in an invalidating environment, where one’s needs, opinions, and even identity is ignored or dismissed.* The person with BPD then learns to constantly invalidate themselves; if you then invalidate them, it only feeds into the self-hatred and other destructive emotions that are common to BPD. 

I would go ahead and say that validation is the key to most relationships, but it’s especially important to those with BPD.

* Clarkin, John F., Frank E. Yeomans, and Otto F. Kernberg. Psychotherapy for Borderline Personality: Focusing on Object Relations. Arlington, VA: American Psychiatric Pub., 2005.

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“I didn’t ever think we’d be here, like this.” - Andreil ... Pretty please ! :D xxx

There’s a cuckoo clock on the wall of Betsy Dobson’s office, an ugly little thing with a vaguely orange patina and a hand painted figurine inside. It announces the end of your appointment, hell or high water, and Neil spends his mandatory sessions staring it in the face.

Betsy waits patiently and scribbles notes, usually. Nudges her things around her desk. Plucks cardboard answers out of Neil and files them away like they’re wafers of golden insight.

This particular appointment is not (strictly speaking) mandatory, but Neil’s hackles are all the way up anyway. It has everything to do with Andrew lounging at his side, making eery small talk with Betsy in the sprawling sun. Neil stares at the clock, and waits.

“Can we trouble you for some input, Neil?”

Neil glances over at her, then back at Andrew, where he’s regarding him with a truly colourless expression. More like he’s scrubbed it clean than the usual mask overtop of his emotion. Neil considers that Betsy, Andrew, and him might be an unusual group of people to cluster in one place like this. He realizes tentatively that they might be two of the people Andrew trusts most in the world.

Neil’s shoulders relax a little. “Input?”

“On your season. You have some tough contenders coming up in the semifinals, or so I’ve heard,” Dobson says, smiling encouragingly.

“You were talking about exy?”

“Yes, your lack of interest was unsettling,” Andrew says.

“That’s rich, coming from you.”

“I’m glad we could do this,” Dobson interjects. “It’s been enlightening, so far.”

Neil narrows his eyes at her. He can’t imagine what she’s gleaned from the three sentences total he’s spoken to her, but he supposes therapists will give unnecessary meaning to anything. “Great. Then can we get on with it?”

“Rude,” Andrew reprimands, eyes vaguely fixed over Betsy’s shoulder. Neil follows his line of sight to her framed certificates of merit, graduation, psychiatry degrees and various clippings lauding her achievement. Neil glares at the side of Andrew’s face. He fed Neil her credentials without even having to speak.

“This room has seen much, much worse manners, as I’m sure you know, Andrew.”

Andrew nods at her, and Neil’s frown deepens.

He’s only here because Andrew kept scribbling Dobson’s number on his belongings and suggesting to Wymack that Neil’s performance was suffering for his mental health. He’s been half wrestled into this chair by suggestions.

He had struck a deal with Andrew as a very last resort. If I’m signing up for someone to overanalyze my personal life, you — as a part of that life — have got to come in with me. 

Andrew had simply shrugged and come along. It hadn’t even put a dent in the momentum of the whole thing. And now Neil’s pinned by Dobson’s overly fixed eyes and Andrew’s familiar presence between him and the door.

“So. ‘Getting on with it’. How are you feeling?” Betsy asks, ballpoint poised over an already half-filled page. Neil scoffs. His eyes wander to the clock again, and he pulls at his armbands. She waits, and the warmth of her eyes and the sun and Andrew’s thigh pressed into his is all a bit much.


Andrew pinches his leg and Neil startles, catching his hand instinctively. Betsy watches this exchange over her glasses, and jots something down.

“I feel fine,” Neil reiterates. “I’ve had a couple of nightmares, but. Otherwise fine.”

“What kind of nightmares?” Betsy asks. He sighs. He knew it was coming, but it still stirs the pot of his blood flow a little faster.

“Bad ones.” Neil bows his head. He feels Andrew watching him, and he knows it’s not a demanding kind of watching. It’s a safety net. He looks up and meets his eyes, trying to give him permission without opening his mouth. They’re getting better at that.

“He relives Baltimore,” Andrew says, toneless. “Or Christmas. Or Thanksgiving in Columbia.” Neil flinches at that one, at the simple way it comes out of Andrew’s mouth, like it doesn’t burn his mouth and his whole throat to say it. (Like it does Neil’s.)

He’s extremely aware of giving away more than he ever has in front of a therapist. There’s something about Andrew at his side that twists all the faucets in his head so they run clean and hot.

“And how frequent is “a couple” of nightmares?” Betsy asks, expression serious.

“Every few days.”

“Every day,” Andrew corrects.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think this is your appointment, Andrew,” Betsy chides, smiling, but Andrew looks unapologetic. “Do you think you can give me a little insight into those bad dreams?” she asks Neil, her pen moving independently from her forward-facing eyes.

His stomach squirms. He watches the clock, and when the ticking gets to him, he switches to Andrew’s face. “I’m back… there. Like I’m watching it from outside. That’s it.”

“I would guess,” Betsy starts, putting her pen down, and tucking mousy hair behind her ears. It looks peculiarly like she’s throwing gloves down. “… that that’s not it.”

Neil swallows. “It’s— I freeze up. I can smell my own face burning off but I can’t move, even though the cuffs are off. Sometimes I wake up that way, and my body doesn’t work.” Every word feels like it’s a crown being pried off a tooth.

“It’s weird as shit,” Andrew interjects. “I’ve never seen night terrors or sleep paralysis from the outside.”

Betsy tilts her head, thoughtful. “It’s more common than you’d think. There are a few things you could try,” she says, riffling around in her desk and producing a pamphlet. “Giving yourself some time between practice and bed to wind down, trying for more hard REM sleep hours. Herbal teas. Dream journalling. Different things work for different people.” She hands him the pamphlet and he stares without taking it.

“I don’t really have any hours to spare,” Neil says, flinty. “And excuse me for doubting tea and journals, but I think you’re mixing me up with someone who isn’t a torture victim. Thank you, though.” Andrew looks at him and Neil shrugs. “I said thank you.”

“I’m just giving you your options,” Betsy says, unfazed. “It also sometimes helps to have someone else there.” Her eyes slide over to Andrew.

“Well it’s not helping,” Neil says, crossing his arms.

“It also helps, believe it or not, to talk to someone about it.” She picks her pen back up. “You see yourself as a torture victim?”

“I’m pretty sure that’s the definition for someone on the receiving end of torture, yeah.” His nerves seethe.

“Maybe you should start seeing yourself as a torture survivor,” Betsy muses. “Just a thought.”

Neil look down at his own hands, the criss-cross of mostly healed scars, the easy fist he can make without feeling any twinges at all, now. “Maybe,” he lets himself say, and his chest pulses with loss. Like that ‘maybe’ was the pop of a stitch.

“And maybe Andrew’s helping more than you think,” she continues. Neil nods without thinking, and Betsy leans back in her chair, a smile curling her mouth. “Did you ever imagine when we met, that we’d be sitting here having a productive appointment like this?”

“I didn’t ever think we’d be here, like this.” He looks at Andrew, who hasn’t stopped looking at him. “I guess it might work, for a while.”

For the first time, when the clock chimes at the end of the appointment, Neil startles. He wasn’t watching.