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So I met Daveed Diggs today. I awkwardly said hi and he said hi back but he was setting up and carrying things into the venue and I thought it’d be rude to ask for a photo so instead, I walked around the block three times because i was freaking out. Nonetheless, Clipping was amazing as always, I’ve never yelled song lyrics so loudly in my life, and I left smelling like sweat and just a little hint weed. Photo cred for the top right photo: @alyssadeloyola on Instagram

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I'm really not talkative and definitely never tried to make friends in ffxiv, my rule is to never use the chat as most of things said in it are rude. Ofc if we need to call a position I do but unless than stuff like that I stay quiet. The other day I was in a dungeon and the other 3 was talking a lot and I wasn't really paying attention I was just doing my thing healing/dpsing and then I was kicked and noticed they were saying things like "wow she's not nice she doesn't talk with us" ..but ???!

I’ve seen this happen before as it’s happened directly to me. Holier than thou “nice” players who will kick someone for no reason other than that fact that that person doesn’t speak. I don’t speak in party unless i feel comfortable to do so which is, quite honestly, not a lot. I don’t find a reason to. I don’t have anything to contribute to the conversation. I once had some people assume I was a bot because I wasn’t talking to which I replied “I’m not a bot, I just have nothing to say” and I was called rude for it.

I’ve been told silence is an “attitude” which is not at all true. There are plenty of people who don’t want to speak in parties for whatever reason. One of these reasons include minors who do not want to communicate with people who might be adults. Who might be dangerous. They are protecting themselves. Another reason is people who do not have an accessible keyboard and play on PS3/4. Hate to break it to some of you, but not everyone can afford a gaming keyboard for the console version. Another reason is anxiety, which is my issue most of the time. Another could simply be disinterest and the want to concentrate on the duty over speaking in party chat. 

And of course, another could be the fact that they don’t speak the native language of a majority of people in the party. Please remember not everyone speaks English. But don’t think that statement goes only for English speakers. Same goes for if the party is majority Italian and one person speaks Japanese. Or if ya’ll are majority Chinese and one person speaks Thai. Or if you’re majority French and one person speaks English. I’m well aware that language barrier bullying is not something that only occurs among English-speakers, but all over the fucking world so everyone else is just as guilty as we are in that regard.

Silence is not an attitude. Silence is simply a person not speaking because they don’t want to and it is not a reason to remove someone from the duty. People like that need to honestly get the hell over themselves with their overly friendly group cutting bullshit and fuck off.

– Mod Mhi

This? Was actually just tweeted 20 mins or so ago. Directed at Tony.

Now I don’t even want to get into the level of pathetic, crazy, insulting delusion this person lives in to think Tony EVER IN LIFE took a second look at BY, let alone THAT way (the romantic/sexual way). How the HELL is one so damn inconsiderate and rude as to tweet Tony this? Just HOW does one type that and think it’s even VAGUELY OK to do this?

How does one think talking about someone who is a co-star and has NEVER been anything more than a colleague (AND NOT one he appreciates particularly, by the way) in this fashion, directly by mentioning people, is something sane, appropriate people do?? It’s not cute, it’s not funny, it’s not even remotely OK. It is GROSSLY rude. You want to say those things because you’re that deep into delusion? DO NOT INCLUDE HIM. Learn BASIC FREAKING DECENCY. This is INDECENT to tweet to ANYONE, let alone to a COMPLETE STRANGER who is an actor.

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there's this thing called minding your own gosh darn business @that rude anon. if you don't enjoy vegas, don't read it ?? it's really not a difficult concept to grasp. keep you and your salty-ass negativity away from bri thanks so much 😊😊


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There's this person who wants to commission me and their O.C is soooo cute, but I noticed they always comments rude things on my light yaoi drawings (like "people commenting here are sick" and stuff like that). That makes me extremely uncomfortable and I've been thinking of refusing their order, but that would be a pretty silly reason. If you guys were me, would you accept or refuse? (especially when you need money)

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Hey, there's a tumblr named cjay321 who posts rude things about you on his blog, you should block him

@c-jay321 I didn’t know you had an evil twin on here!

Anon, I don’t really know what you’re on about here. I happen to follow c-jay, and if they ever posted rude stuff about me, I think I would have noticed that one. Not to mention that they’re kind enough to draw me fanart and tag me in stuff that will make me smile, sooo… I do believe this is either a bad joke or a misunderstanding.

Anyway, have a nice day! =)

reminder to all my MLM boys out there being polyamorus or liking/being in an open relationship doesn’t make you dirty or unfaithful or predatory or gross.

Polyamorus boys are good and pure. Boys in open relationships are good and pure.

Y’all shine so bright you’re blinding me, rude. Come kiss me better.

               when MULTI-MUSE ACCOUNTS ask to SPECIFY A MUSE       ;        it’s NOT because they want to be ANNOYING.          it’s to make it EASIER FOR THEM           but also EASIER FOR YOU.          by SPECIFYING A MUSE,            you will AUTOMATICALLY help them think of AN ANSWER   //     STARTER    //      IDEA on how to say certain things INSTEAD of having them think CONTINUOUSLY on who they should pick OR if they picked the right muse.             A MULTI-MUSE BLOG isn’t easy maintenance             &             sometimes THE MUN behind ALL THE CHARACTERS  needs a LITTLE BIT OF HELP  with choosing who to pick.           so BE HELPFUL        &          SPECIFY A MUSE WHEN ASKED.