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Just a shoutout to all my mentally ill babes; it’s totally okay to not finish things. It’s okay to start things, get really into them, and then drop them. It’s okay to kind of complete something and to kind of learn something. Sometimes holding interests and projects is really hard. And it’s okay to put them down and come back to them or not come back to them at all. It’s awesome that you’re trying and growing and listening to yourself as you engage with the world.

Constantly losing focus while you study be frustrating. We will go through some of the top study tips that can allow you to focus and study effectively.

Remind yourself why
One of the key things that help us maintain focus no matter what, is by getting really interested in whatever we are doing. So find a way to make your topic interesting, relatable and practical in your life.

Remind yourself that you want to study to expand your worldly knowledge, to graduate, get into a field that you can flourish in, and provide some value to the world with your awesomeness. Also try thinking in metaphors and whatifs. It’s your mind, no one else has access to it, so think of wondrous things to make yourself want to devote the next few hours of your life to the task at hand.

Before studying

  1. Plan out what you want to accomplish and give yourself a time limit. For example, I will read 10 pages from my psych textbook in 30 minutes, or I will spend 1 hour researching the key words for my report.
  2. Get enough sleep. Ideally around 7-9 hours. If you sleep earlier, you may need less sleep, but please never do less than 6. Constant sleep deprivation is deteriorating for the brain and body.
  3. Eat foods that help you focus. Which include blueberries, green tea, avocados, spinach, kale, salmon, nuts and seeds. I often have a spinach, banana & kale smoothie with matcha green tea powder, but you can combine some of the ingredients in a quick sandwich if you like.
  4. Your brain mainly works on sugar, but you need to temper it with a protein or something with low GI, to reduce any blood-sugar problems which can lead to sudden tiredness. A quick way to find a a balance is to opt for a fruit or healthy smoothie.
  5. Be aware that if you study right after having a heavy meal the blood circulating around your brain reduces and goes to help with digestion, so you may feel less alert. Smaller meals can help.
  6. Take supplements that help you focus: fish oil, omega 3, Ginko Biloba, vitamin B12, Co-Enzyme Q10, and iron.
  7. Identify whatever distracts you and find a way to minimise it. So perhaps you can go to a non-distracting environment, if that is an issue. I prefer libraries or coffeeshops.
  8. Surround yourself with motivated people. If you can befriend the top few students in your class, or at least be on nicer terms with them, hopefully their studiousness will rub off on you.
  9. Have all the stationary and materials you need at hand.
  10. Set up a reward system, but avoid food as a reward as it can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food. Instead try a relaxing activity, or hobby. Pretty much any incentive you can think of that will help you cross the finish line.

While studying

  1. Prime - Spend 2 minutes skimming or figuring out what you will be going through.
  2. Drinking game - Keep a bottle of water or two next to you. Drink a cup or a half cup worth every time you get distracted for more than 5 seconds.
  3. Put distractions in their place - Write down any distracting thoughts in a small notebook. But remember it’s not supposed to act as your pretty bullet journal, but you can make another spread for if it you like. I made a small notebook the other day to write down quick thoughts that I would otherwise dwell on. It helps me direct my thoughts appropriately to what I’m studying, and still have those important ideas to refer to later.
  4. Motivate yourself - Write out exactly why you want to be a [insert awesome career position] in detail with examples. Keep that page or post-it on hand and look at it when you feel yourself losing focus. It can give you a motivational boost and can inspire you to keep going. Sometimes I like to visualise specific scenarios of how I could help people once my finish my studies.
  5. Take strategic breaks - Remove yourself from your study space and think of something else for a few minutes. You can get a snack, walk around, do a quick workout, look outside, and notice nature. Practice being present in the moment. Listen to of the world around you and get out of your head.
  6. If you feel you can not sustain your concentration on a task for too long, you may switch between two different yet equally important tasks. But try to do a big task for at least 20 minutes, you never know, by then you might like it. Some studies show, it takes 20 minutes to really get into concentrating on something.
  7. Reduce as many distractions as you can, including turning off notifications and wifi, putting you phone on do not disturb or airplane mode, and try blocking apps.
  8. Track how you use your time. I like the apps ‘Now and Then’ and ‘Moment’ for iOS. So you can see how much you have accomplished or slacked off.
  9. Write draft first. Edit and prettify later.
  10. If you’re in the final stage, focus on the fact that you have made it this far and that you’re almost done.
  11. Try to make it fun somehow, perhaps with strategies you used when you were a kid.
  12. Use as many senses as you can.
  13. Record your voice and say whatever you are reading or writing in different accents.
  14. Draw quick doodles next to whoever you are doing to help you remember it better.
  15. As long it’s not your first draft, feel free to use colourful pens, highlights and tape to keep you engaged.

After studying

  1. Revise whatever you have accomplished just before your break, by quickly skimming through your most recent notes or readings.
  2. Consequent revision schedule. The best way to remember what you have worked on is to revise it in specific intervals, after you have studying it. So after five minutes, in that evening before bed, the next day, at the end of the week and then in three weeks.
  3. Reward yourself, as long as you feel like you ended up accomplishing something you couldn’t before.

You can try out each step for two days each to see which strategies work best for you.

I hope these tips can help you, and feel free message me if you would like more details for one of the points :)

Hello TF2 fandom!

I have no idea where to start here. Perhaps I will start where it started for me. I haven’t been around here for a long time; six months maybe, kind of late to the party. Had this blog for maybe two or three, and I came to a few realisations in that period of time:

i. I really fuckin love TF2,; like nothing I have ever been interested in before.

ii. The fandom is so awesome and there is such amazing art and writing involved (and it convinced me that fanfiction isn’t always as gross and creepy as it seems, and basically is the reason I bought a pen tablet).

iii. The game is a few years old and there’s this thing called Overwatch and everyone is saying TF2 is dying.

You can imagine that the last prospect broke my heart, but I have since realised that there is still a whole lot of us out there that still love this game so much and pour their heart into it, and that gives me so much hope. There are so many great people I have encountered that I want to thank for their beautiful creations and their attitudes and contributions to this fandom, This is like nothing I have ever experienced, and I really don’t want it to die, and I know none of you want that either. So, for the two or three people that will read this, could you please do me a favour? Please, never stop loving TF2, please, if you enjoy doing so, keep creating and putting things out and loving each other as much as we all love this game. We can make it through this, this is such a strong community and I really hope it continues to be so.

Anyway, thank you for reading this, and thank you even more if you decide to share it. I love you all, have a great New Year, perhaps I can finally finish my Tentaspy drawing before then. Keep being great

~ Much love,


helloooooo friends!!! i’d love to make some more voltron mutuals, so if you guys could reblog this post??? and i’ll check out your blogs??? some things i’m looking for:

  • i’m personally only really interested in primary ships and shallura!!! klance in particular is my lifeblood
  • i love tags!!!!!!!! (aka a tagging system would be awesome) my blacklist is my best friend sooo
  • i love memes lmao but this isn’t a requirement???? just a heads up i guess hahaha also….. cute…. fan art….

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I was tagged by the awesome @baelthrak to do the 6 selfies of 2016 thing- which was really cool of him, thanks man! 

It’s been a weird year with a lot of weird weight fluctuations, but it’s cool that I got tagged so here we go! 

I’m tagging: @mega-victini, @literally-mei, @etceterarum, @the-strange-life-of-barker, @eepots@rmick24, @turnipfritters, @bradtrot, @tsundereex and @the-ink-sp0ts

Feel free to do it even I didn’t tag you because it’s a great look back! 

That was just a completely unnecessary thing to happen when I’m trying to enjoy the one good thing to happen today. It’s really a shame that you were all robbed of this post because it was way too long and specific for me to retype from scratch. Long story short: I like Crabominable (whose name is the longest so far), Salazzle has such refuge in audacity that I like it more, some pokemon have cool new abilities and signature moves, Dhelmise is awesome, and the Ultra Beasts have regular pokemon identities. I was up to there when my battery died, so let’s go over the Ultra Beasts.

  • UB-01 or Nihilego is interesting. Rock/poison “Parasite Pokemon”, not what I would have expected at all.
  • Expansion is called Buzzwole and is the Swollen Pokemon. I hate it. I love it. Bug/fighting, as anyone could guess. This thing is fucking insane. It punched a dump truck once.
  • Beauty’s name is Pheromosa. I like it. It’s….also bug/fighting. Huh. It hates uncleanliness, which fits with real cockroaches but not the stereotype.
  • The one that looks like Guzma is Xurkitree, which seems kind of odd but it’s clearly a corruption of “circuitry” which makes it clever. Pure electric.
  • Celesteela is the metal….floaty thing. Steel/flying, evidently burns down forests with gas from its arms.
  • Kartana, the origami samurai. My friend wanted a grass/steel type, hope he likes this one. 
  • The giant enemy crab is….Guzzlord. Amazing name. Dark/dragon. It apparently eats everything and doesn’t poop.
  • Necrozma, the black emo vaguely humanoid thing. Vicious, feeds on light, fires lasers….same tbh. Pure psychic….it has a different ability than all the other ones. Interesting.
  • Magearna’s body is a mechanical vessel for a “soul-heart”. Whoever made it created an artificial soul and crammed it inside a robot. Awesome.
  • Marshadow is “craven and cowering”. Its helmet becomes colored in when it moves, and it’s fighting/ghost. It has Technician exclusively, and its signature move Spectral Thief steals the opponent’s stat boosts before attacking. 90 power.

So since the Ultra Beasts are Pokemon, I’ll be putting them on my phylogenetic tree. The first three I mean, since I need Sugimori art to add them. For the other Gen 7 invertebrates like Toxapex and Araquanid, I’m riding the slow pony until the games actually come out.

i just realised…

jesse mccree is like, the one hero in overwatch who doesn’t have any kind of supertech, unusual abilities or whatever to back him up. the closest thing he has to any of that is his arm and that doesn’t seem to have any interesting properties beyond “is made of metal and can punch through a train roof”. every other member of overwatch has either supertech, biological enhancements or supernatural abilities that makes them able to do what they do.

but not mccree. no. he’s got some flashbangs and a revolver, and that’s about it. the closest he gets to anything particularly special is deadeye, and that’s mostly about him being a really fucking good shot. in fact, mccree being an awesome shot is the only thing letting him keep up with everyone else. he’s an ex-gang member with a gun and a cowboy hat surrounded by genuine superheroes.

mccree is the hawkeye of overwatch.

As much as I’m not talking about it, V3 was a good game. Don’t mistake my silence for trying to ignore it, I just can’t talk about what I like because those are obvious spoilers.

It’s a small detail, but all of the improved and new trial segments really makes it enjoyable.

The new Panic Talk Action is fun (even if it is just the same rhythm game with different visuals), Brain Drive is fun, the Scrum Debate is cool and I LOVE the OST for it, the lying mechanic is obviously cool, just a lot of awesome features.

The characters are interesting/endearing (even… that one guy….), the twists are there, it’s just an overall solid game. A flaw or two doesn’t ruin the whole thing for me.


“Could you stop staring at me? It makes me uncomfortable.” Kurt says when he catches you looking at him.


“I know I may look weird to you.”

“I was actually looking at your tail. That’s so cool, can you grab things with it?”

“You…what? Yes I can.” He furrows his eyebrows, not sure what you’re thinking, “So you don’t think I’m strange?”

“Oh you certainly are strange but your appearance isn’t.” You smile at him, “You look awesome and that whole teleportation thing is great.” You had been really excited to meet him, always thinking he had one of the most interesting abilities. They were similar to your own as well so you hoped he could help you out a bit.

“Thank you.” He replies with a shy smile, blushing a little. Luckily you couldn’t see that.

MBTI types as things my ENTP friend has said

ISTJ: I’m honestly half interested half not wanting to touch it with a ten foot pole
ESTJ: I have even more work stories to tell you I hope you’re excited
ISFJ: I’m so happy those emojis exist
ESFJ: Well, then we let him live his lone wolf dream alone. And get killed. He will learn really quickly.
ISTP: Apparently you can ACTUALLY get executed which is awesome
ISFP: Why the fuck do you want to surround yourself with people that don’t even care about you
ESFP: @ me next time
INTJ: “A sourcebook of joy and encouragement”. It looks unopened.
ENTJ: He technically just took over someone’s job for a few months because reasons
INFJ: I have some great tumblr tags you can look through if you want to lose all faith in the human race
ENFJ: I’m not mad, I’m disappointed that I stuck up for someone that wasn’t worth it in the end
INTP: I should be packing but I’m definitely playing skyrim
ENTP: I unblocked them so I could start an argument with them
INFP: I get that you replace people; in time, the people you replaced people with will be replaced, too.
ENFP: May or may not have drank from the red well of mystery. How else would I know what it does?

Legit Tip #177

Or - “On Building Platonic Relationships Between Female Characters”

@more-legit-gr8er-writing-tips and I have been talking, and we sort of have this thing. We love relationships between brothers in fiction. (I’m writing a story that highlights the relationship between two half-brothers.) But we couldn’t figure out why we weren’t particularly interested in many stories that had strong relationships between female characters. (We’re talking platonic, here).

There aren’t really that many of them, to start with. There’s Frozen with Anna and Elsa. Which is a bit…shallow. (I actually like Frozen, believe it or not, but the story isn’t the most complex.) And then there’s Nani and Lilo from Lilo and Stitch, in which the sister relationship is awesome, but suffers from the fact that the story is more about a little blue alien than the sisters themselves. 

So we started talking about why this is, and well… as is the case with many things in our culture, a lot of it has to do with misogyny. 

I’m not going to go on a feminist rant, though I could, but when you write about sisters or female friends in fiction, a lot of the complexity is taken out in favor of:

1. Girls fighting over makeup or clothes.

2. Girls fighting over boys. 

3. Girls giving each other the silent treatment when they’re mad at each other. 

4. Girls making up with a little bit of crying and hugging before having a sleepover and maybe a makeover.

And I think when you have male friends or brothers, which is actually one of the few ways in society where men have the ability to show complex emotions, you get many and varied opportunities for emotional complexity. 

So, I want to say something here - 

In real life, female relationships are incredibly diverse and complex. 

And we just don’t see this in fiction. Even in so-called “chick lit,” which is where you would expect to see it, but especially not in YA or other genres, because when girls appear in these stories, they are generally side characters who don’t get the chance to build relationships with one another. 

I don’t have any sisters, so I can’t talk much about sister relationships actually. I do have several “best” female friends, though. (Both online and offline. This includes both my girls @gr8writingtips and @more-legit-gr8er-writing-tips.) And because I do also have a “best” friend who is a guy, I can definitely say that there is something unique and special about female friendships that you can and should be bringing into your writing. 

One thing to bear in mind is the way that women talk to each other about their experiences, as well as the shared experiences that women have. 

(*Note: I do realize that trans men can also have these experiences and I by no means mean to exclude them! This tip absolutely can include trans guys if you have a trans character who has a close relationship with women around them, but you must consider the special nature of the fact that they have transitioned and what this may mean to them!) 

For example, women talk often about the challenges they face being women in society - of being targeted by men and being subject to unwanted advances, or standing up for each other in these situations. The fact that J.K. Rowling never let Hermione have any female friends always stung to me. I get it, narratively speaking, but it would have been nice to at least get a peek behind the curtain at Hermione rolling her eyes at Ron (or even Harry) with Ginny and them having a bonding moment at the idiocy of boys. 

On Proper Female Behavior - And Why Being “Proper” Sucks

Another problem with stories like Frozen? They assume that the good sister, the nice sister (or the good friend, the nice friend) isn’t going to hold a grudge or be angry. Because good girls don’t do things like that. They forgive and forget, because that’s what women are supposed to do. And you see this a lot when it comes to female behavior in stories, which is one of the reasons that so much complexity is stripped out of these relationships.

It’s okay for a guy to brood and angst and hold a grudge when it comes to a relationship, but a woman is supposed to forgive and forget. But again, real life doesn’t work that way. 

To make your relationships more dynamic, realistic, and overall more interesting, do away with what’s proper and think about how people really feel when confronted with these situations. Maybe your character won’t be so keen to forgive being shoved away for the last five years, even after they find out that there were super special magical reasons for being kept out of the loop. Dishonesty is still dishonesty. 

So to Sum Up

I’m not saying that great female familial relationships and friendships don’t exist in fiction. What I’m saying is that they are not as common as those between male characters, especially in genre fiction. 

(Not that surprising, when you consider that genre fiction has so few female characters to start with.)

It’s genuinely important to me that more writers start actively attempting to put female platonic relationships at the forefront in stories and realizing their importance, outside of the chick lit genre. So consider writing more complex relationships when you write your girl characters. Think about how you can deepen the complexity of their relationships beyond the norm. 

And ditch the good girl behavior because it’s so not interesting. 

abigailsdomain  asked:

For the visual novel thing, there's an engine that does most of the work for you, I believe. It's called Ren'py. I have never used it, but I have played games made with that engine and there really good. So, if you're really interested in making an otome/visual novel game, take a look at it. It might give you a means. ;) Also, I too would not mind playing an otome game with your ocs. You're awesome Keii and have a great day~!

hahaha omfg thank you for this! man if i have the time LOOL that would be great ahaha. I have no idea how I’d want the story to go– but well, this is something definitely worth considering! TT v TT

Human  WC Headcanons #3

Spottedleaf has a makeup/beauty/fashion channel on Youtube.

Lionheart has seen The Lion King like a billion times and he never gets tired of it.

Brightheart has a half-shaved head.

Squirrelflight throws really awesome birthday parties. For one of Hollyleaf’s birthdays, since she really liked butterflies, Squirrel had a butterfly cake, butterfly decorations, and they got a butterfly garden in their backyard.

Sometimes, Jayfeather asks Briarlight about what certain things look like. Once she described herself, and Jay couldn’t stop smiling.

Goosefeather used to play Duck Duck Goose with Feahterwhisker, Bluekit, and Snowkit.

As a child, Crookedstar had an interest in cooking. He made little things like PB&J sandwiches for his family, and Rainflower usually took 1 bite and said something like “It was Okay, but you put too much Jelly.” Oakheart, oh the other hand, thought they were the tastiest things to ever grace the earth.

Graystripe has a lot of Twitter followers but he usually posts things like “I bought a rlly weird sweater today” and “the kids just introduced me to my favorite emoticon :Y #likewhatevenisthat”

Feathertail collects bird feathers.

Yellowfang cracks up at the comics in the newspaper.

Turtle Tail loves TMNT.

Princess was a school teacher for kindergarten.

letters to juliet sentence meme

feel free to change the pronouns and things to fit your muse!

  • “no, i’m not a writer.”
  • “i really thought i would never find you!”
  • “to be honest, i really don’t feel like going 100 kilometers to see a mushroom.”
  • “how long have you and ____ been engaged?”
  • “i have to write her back.”
  • “i’m sorry, i didn’t know true love had an expiration date.”
  • “i’m not lonely, i’m engaged.”
  • “i honestly think she has no interest in meeting a woman that can manage to jam ‘oh my god’ and ‘awesome’ in the same sentence.”
  • “_____ doesn’t approve. but that makes this all the more fun!”
  • “what’s so romantic about eating in the dirt?”
  • “let’s not invalidate my entire existence.”
  • “i’m _____. do you remember?”
  • “what is it with you and men? they fall at your feet!”
  • “i just didn’t have you pinned down as the save-humanity type at all.”
  • “i’m not a big believer in happy endings.”
  • “are you insinuating that i’m more of the type to be dumped rather than do the dumping?”
  • “if i found the love of my life, i wouldn’t stand there like an idiot, whispering in the garden. i would grab her off of that blasted balcony and be done with it.”
  • “i don’t expect you to understand any of this because you don’t know a thing about real loss.”
  • “i never should’ve kissed you. i was completely out of bounds.” 
  • “an angel brought you to me.”
  • “we’re family. so i think you’ll understand why i’m telling you you’re a total idiot.”
  • “i love who you are. but i’ve changed.”
  • “you look beautiful.”
  • “but it’s too late. it’s clearly too late.”
  • “i love you. i can’t believe i just said that, but i do.”
  • “are you gonna kiss me?”

anonymous asked:

digimon obvi lol

Top 5 things I’d change about digimon! I wish doushite

  1. For Sora to have had an involved role in Our War Game. As cute as the ending moment when Taichi’s email finally reaches her is, I’d have preferred her showing up to join the fight.
  2. For more focus and attention given to the amazing pair that is Taichi & Koushirou. I love the way they work together as a team - Koushirou bringing the brains and Taichi the boldness. Koushirou’s interesting because while he has a lot of confidence in his abilities, he’s crushed when he feels unsure about something. But Taichi believes in Koushirou no matter what, and vice versa. They are a mega awesome duo when together, and I just think there’s so many potential storylines there that never became a thing.
  3. For the story of the alleged “original Chosen” to be told. This is one I kinda flipflop on. Do I really want to know it? It’d wreck a lot of the world-building I’ve done on my own, probably. But still, this is like that itch that you just can’t quite reach to scratch. I want to know who they are and what happened to them.
  4. For the Piximon episode to be extended. One of the things I love about Adventure is how the kids are thrown into another world and then essentially left to their own devices, but it’s ok for them to meet a mentor now and then. I thought Piximon would be just that. Instead, that episode flies by, and the only one who really benefits from it is Taichi (and Piximon’s floor). I wish that story had become its own mini-arc with all the kids making a conscious effort to learn more about their partner and get better at working together. It also would have made Piximon’s death in Dark Masters so much more relevant.
  5. For Takeru or Hikari to have been the next leader in 02. No offense to Daisuke - I love him, I do - but I had thought they were setting up Takeru to be the next leader since his name already follows the pattern (to be fair, the pattern didn’t exist before Daisuke, though). It would have made sense for the only Chosen who’s been in both Adventure and 02 for their entirety to be the leader. And it would make sense for Hikari to take up her brother’s mantle. That could have been interesting since Hikari’s tendency to be insecure would probably mean she’s less of a natural leader, and part of her journey would have been about building that confidence and gaining everyone’s trust. I just would have liked those things, but they didn’t happen, and we got Daisuke. Luckily, he’s cute as button.

You guys, I started a blog! I just realised I didn’t post anything about it on here… it’s my 30 things before 30 blog and I don’t post often, but let me know if you’re interested cause I can share here when I add anything.

I’m not doing very well at meeting my goals thus far. Something really needs to change!

I had an awesome morning with my little buddy today, but he woke up in a funk after his nap and didn’t come right until I left him with hubby while I went for a massage. Hubby bought him a toy and a giant cookie so I can see why he mellowed out 😉 but he was a delight this evening so yay.

I’ve barely left the house to do anything lately, I really need to set myself up with some kind of routine!

Eating today was poor.
Too many crackers with avocado, jelly beans, and a pie for dinner (which was absolutely disgusting by the way! A smoothie would’ve gone down a LOT better)

No exercise. Always good intentions… why don’t I just do it? Why am I such a lazy shit?

Turning out the lights now to snuggle my little buddy and hopefully get in my 8+ hours straight. Levi is such a sleep talker and hubby is such a snorer 😉

Night y'all x


Don’t get me wrong the other characters were nice and pleasant, but so far I’ve enjoyed Subaru’s story the most out of the whole game. I think it’s because there was some mysterious situations, and communications between Subaru and another character that got me really interested. What can I say, I like mystery.

During his wrong route I was curious as to what secret he was holding, and why he was communicating with “that” character, but the truth of the mystery was quite an interesting result.

And so far, out of all the Marriage Ends I prefer Subaru’s because of how things are explained in his route about Hikari, and what actually happens after the ceremony… Which makes think, this game is pretty dark for a happy cutesy looking thing…

Seriously, what are we supposed to, I don’t think I can imagine such a happy ending after what’s explained in Subaru’s route. 


I decided that if nothing interesting happens in a day or that I can’t take picture of it not going to force pictures of nothing.
But today I went and got the venue for my wedding which is blowing my mind a little bit. Because now it’s a real thing. But the place is awesome, nothing wrong with a ballroom but I really wanted windows. So I found windows.
And another bat mitzvah crashed, which was cute but I’m sending a warning here, guys. Never use wooden utensils like these because no joke they make everything taste like a tongue depressor. Which was fun.

Hi, so my history crush is Giuliano de’ Medici and it comes with a long rant so I apologize in advance.  I can go really historical or really silly and this is leaning towards the second of the two so … here goes.

Giuliano was kinda born into this really awkward situation because he was the youngest of like 5 kids (one of them died before he was born) and he was the youngest son, so immediately he was pushed out to make way for his “awesome” brother Lorenzo.

Now don’t get me wrong.  Lorenzo was pretty cool (but he was also pretty ugly and had an annoying voice).  But he was also extremely stuck up and so concerned with own his self interests that he spent all his time doing his own thing and COMPLETELY IGNORING THE FACT THAT HE AND HIS BROTHER WERE ABOUT TO BE MURDERED.

Literally.  The Duke of Milan’s secretary (Cicco Simonetta, also an awesome guy) and the Venetians kept telling Lorenzo “hey I think the pope wants you dead” and “hey look lots of soldiers are heading towards Florence” and “this one guy said ‘Lorenzo is so annoying I want him to die’” but Lorenzo went off saying “lalala Plato is the best”.  Giuliano was supposedly “nauseated” by the nasty things Lorenzo did to get himself ahead of everyone else in Florence.

Once when Giuliano was 5 (and Lorenzo was 10), he went to recite poetry to the Duke of Milan and I can’t get over that.

Another time, Giuliano was such a teenager and would never stop complaining to Lorenzo about how he never had any say in anything and he felt like his brother never listened to him.

AND THEN.  The moment of truth.  The Pazzi (related family) and the Pope’s nephew (annoying Girolamo Riario who sorta wanted to take over Florence) and their friends ask Lorenzo to host a banquet.  So he does - and they plan on poisoning him and Giuliano!  But Giuliano, cinnamon roll that he is, has a stomach ache and refuses to come.  So they have to re-plan … They decide on poisoning them at another banquet that Lorenzo is going to hold, but, again, Giuliano has a stomachache!  So that day, while Lorenzo is at church, Giuliano’s brother-in-law literally comes to his house and picks him up and brings him to church JUST SO HE CAN STAB HIM.  What a nice thing to do, right?  So they do, poor Giuliano dies on the floor and Lorenzo doesn’t even realize what happened.

And now nobody really knows who he is.  If it wasn’t for Giuliano’s death, we might not have had Savonarola and Mussolini and all those other insane Italian people.  Giuliano could have saved the day.