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1) Kook/min like spanking and they like it rough. This is canon. Fight me if you disagree.

2) Jimin in brown hair is so beautiful.. That soft shade of brown is perfect on him - it’s absolutely gorgeous. I realize I’ve said similar things in the past when he had black, pink, orange, and blonde hair… And I can reassure you that I was correct then and I’m correct now.

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lucy!!! i need your help. ok so while i draw i like to watch like teen comedies/romances and i've watched heathers and 10 things i hate about you (i loved them both tbh) and pretty in pink (i liked it, it was okay)... and i wanted to know, do you have some recs or know of more movies like this? oh also i'm watching jawbreaker and i've seen mean girls... thank you so much !

i only spent my entire childhood watching movies in this exact genre

teen: bring it on, drop dead gorgeous, sugar & spice, clueless, now & then, easy a, whip it, ghost world, charlie bartlett, the princess diaries, never been kissed, john tucker must die, stick it, dick, nick & norah’s infinite playlist, the to do list, juno, the sisterhood of the traveling pants, but i’m a cheerleader, youth in revolt, saved and the edge of seventeen

not teen: romy & michele’s high school reunion, josie & the pussycats, charlie’s angels and charlie’s angels full throttle, legally blonde, miss congeniality, 13 going on 30, 50 first dates, baby mama, for a good time call, best in show, the sweetest thing and ever after

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You know, I'm not exactly sure how it would be executed, but I think it would be cool if Janna just casually say how she have a crush on Marco when she is trying to reassure Marco (or Jackie) about what happened with Star and give some kind of wise advice about how you just need to search your feelings or something sappy like that .

It’d be an interesting direction to take with the character, especially since such a scenario would mean I’ve completely misread Janna so far.

Ever since ‘Sleepover,’ I’ve suspected Janna might still be a bit immature in her emotional development (lying about liking pink of all things), and her attitude in ‘Bon Bon the Birthday Clown’ and the revelations from Star and Marco’s Guide have reinforced those suspicions. I’ve been largely interpreting Janna as having feelings for Marco but lacking the emotional maturity to deal with it in a healthy way (which, incidentally, also reinforces my suspicions that Janna and Star are really, really similar in character).

Therefore I can’t really picture Janna giving any sage advice any time soon, though I could see her admitting to crushing on Marco in order to give terrible advice that sounds wise. However, seeing as Janna’s already something of a “big sister” to Star, if Janna got her own character development arc and matured a bit, she really could pull off becoming a giving wise advice sort of character.

So yeah, maybe we’ll get to see something like that in season 4.

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how do you make your colour choices when drawing? they're so soft and sweet, do you start off with those or use lots of pink overlays afterwards to get things the way you want em?

I like to choose the color that is transitioning into the next but still show more of the origin color and lighten it up to my preference

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idk if this is late, but i associate you with the color pink, typography edits, cute things, and better mind sets, as well as positivity in general ^^♥

I appreciate the “better mind sets” part so so much! Thank you babydoll aaa. I love our little interactions on this site ♡ they always leave me in a smiley mood ♡

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can you write sidon x male first date scenario? <3

Sure thing sweetie! Hope you like it honey!

-Mod Pinks

First date with male s/o (Sidon)

Terrified. Though he did his best not to look it, Sidon was nervous. At last, the two of them had the time to go out on a date, a real date, after nearly 3 months of being together and work getting in both their ways. Now the day had come, and he found himself wondering if (Name) would even like his surprise. Would he hate it? Think it was weird? Think-?

Hey Sidon! Ready to get going?” Sidon grinned as (Name) approached him, his excitement infecting the prince with energy of his very own.

“Certainly! Come on, if we hurry we might just make it at the right time!” The couple made their way by their river, walking side by side as they talked of the weather, their families, their friends, and everything in between. While this was their first… “official” date, it had taken them so long to get here that they already were comfortable with one another without much change. Though the hand-holding certainly was a very welcome change.

“-so there I was, ruins all around, my pen missing, and so many artifacts to record, so I- is that a waterfall?” From the mountain before them, cascading from high above, was a large waterfall, pouring out into the river below. Sidon gestured up to it, with a grin on his face.

“It is! One of the largest ones in the whole Domain! They used to say that the ancients made the water to bring water from the great heavens. Though, I just think it is rather beautiful.” He gestured with his other hand towards a stony pathway, leading to behind the waterfall. “Shall we?” 

With (Name)’s enthusiastic nod, they made their way to under the waterfall, to a small cool cove underneath it. The cool dark stone surrounding bright blue pools of water reflecting ancient paintings on the ceiling. It was gorgeous. And it was about to be even more charming.

“No wonder you told me to bring a picnic basket. This place is beautiful Sidon.”

“Not as much as you.”

Yea. Today was going to be a good day.

i’m thinkin of changing my blog’s colors back to the old dark purple theme i had going on because i’m not really feelin the whole pastel pink thing anymore

not even sure if i really liked it in the first place

Imagine Fury giving you the special assignment of getting Steve caught up with the world now days much to your dad Tony’s dismay, and in return Steve introduces you to music and movies from his era and your dad catches you dancing with Steve one afternoon... (My first Oneshot!)

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“Seriously, Y/N, this music is so much better than the crap now days!”  You had been playing your favorite songs for him.  

“What you don’t like Pink Floyd?”  One thing you and your dad had in common was your love for classic rock and you happened to be wearing your Pink Floyd tshirt that day. well, it was your dad’s shirt.  

“They’re ok, but trust me on this!” Steve Started playing “Boogie Woogie Bugle boy.”  “May I have this dance Y/N Stark?”  You smiled.  You didn’t notice your father and Fury sneaking into the room then.  “You may Captain!”  

Soon you were both laughing and having a good time.  Close to the end of the song you here a loud “AHEM.” From Tony.  

“Daddy!”  You whined.  You started to blush a deep red. So did Steve.  “Your Mother’s gonna here about this.”  “And since when did you like this over our stuff?!”  Tony said smirking.  “It’s not bad actually daddy!”  “Steve did you want to show me that movie now” You asked him still blushing.  “Yeah, let’s go before your dad starts his sarcasm remarks here.”  

“Watch it Capsicle!”  Tony said. “I just barley gave you permission to start dating my daughter so don’t screw it up!” You scowled at your father again.  He could be such an ass sometimes but you loved the man dearly.  “What movie is he showing you?” Fury asked.  

“Casablanca.” You said.  “Enjoy kids!”  “Oh we will!” Steve said grinning to himself knowing it would end up into a make out session with you without Tony watching.  

“Oh by the way Y/N!”  “What dad?!” “I want that shirt back.”  “Mom said I could keep it!” You said.  You followed Steve to your bedroom.  “PEPPER!”  You loved doing that to your parents. You went to enjoy the movie with your sweet captain. 

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I have yet to read Crooked Kingdom, but the scene in Six of Crows that never fails to make me smile is when the crows are talking about the best way to steal a man's wallet and then the scene where Matthias tells them that his ghost won't associate with Kaz's ghost

that’s def a good scene for sure.

your blog is so bright and well organized! im so bad at tagging and organizing myself i forget so much i really admire people who seem like they have it together. im really starting to feel the pink blog thing ya know… idk i might be inspired to change my own theme on my personal pretty soon we’ll see!

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