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Sam and AUs

So after reading @awed-frog‘s post here, I finally thought I’d get around to addressing something in the spn fandom that really interests me: AU worldbuilding.  Namely, common tropes that get applied to Team Free Will.

Dean’s associated with cars, whether he owns the Impala or works as a mechanic (or both).  He enjoys cooking and baking.  He likes Taylor Swift more than he lets on, but he usually has a classic rock tape playing. He reads Vonnegut, considers his friends family and is smarter than he thinks he is.  You get the point.  Even in the very different world of an AU, Dean has core quirks and preferences that draw directly from the show.

Cas is the same way.  He owns a bee sweater (or maybe even a t-shirt that says they need to be saved).  He usually comes from a big family that he doesn’t agree with, which shapes his views on life.  He’s associated with religion.  He drives his awful Continental unrepentantly.

Sure Sam is usually a lawyer.  He likes rabbit food and going for runs.  The only difference here is that all three of those things, to me, are things that Sam chose in the first place because he thought they were things “real people” do.  So when they show up in fic, they’re showing less of who Sam is as a person and more of the person who he pretends to be.

Now, full disclaimer, I usually read Destiel when I read fanfic, so Sam isn’t as prominent simply because he’s not in the main pairing.  But I still think it’s worth mentioning.

We spend a lot of time talking about how Dean projects an image of himself that doesn’t necessarily exist–the womanizing, love-em-and-leave-em rough-and-tumble hunter.  We don’t spend a lot of time talking about how Sam does the exact same thing. 

In the past couple seasons, he’s been making strides and defining himself as a hunter, but I still feel like there’s a disconnect between the Sam that he actually is and the Sam we (and Dean, and their friends) get to see.

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody else had thoughts, especially on the bit about fanfic tropes.

Cry to Me

Prompt: one shot based on the scene in ‘Dirty Dancing’, it’s the scene where the song “Cry to Me” comes on. Like the reader and dean have an extremely sensual dance. Like Dean is holding up her thigh and that kinda thing, which leads to sensual sex?

A.n. Sorry this is short but I didn’t really know how to prolong it any more… It’s good, though! I swear! So all you people out there who only read one shots with 2k+ words, this is definitely worth a read, I promise it doesn’t feel short at all. You can also find the scene the prompt is talking about here

Warnings: smut (there’s a vague hinting at it being the reader’s first time if you’re sensitive to that kind of thing, though it’s not actually disclosed. In dirty dancing, I assume Baby was a virgin, so I tried to keep its ties to the original scene). That should be all

Words: 763

“Dance with me.”

The words tumbled from your lips before you knew what you were saying.

For a brief moment, your eyes looked into his. They were so green, so brave, so fierce, so sure. You wanted that, now more than ever.



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kc + roadtrip au 🙏

Caroline admits three hours into the road trip that she’s never really got the Beatles and likely never will. At this, Kol comes to the conclusion that Caroline is a spectacular failure of a human being. It doesn’t help that he was really vocal about it, but it helps with the easing of Klaus’ conscience later, when Kol is deposited somewhere between an abandoned gas station and the middle of nowhere.

Caroline, embarrassed that Klaus had to go such lengths to come to her defense, says, “Well at least now we know I’m capable of not meeting your expectations.”

“Never,” Klaus says easily. He lets her choose the music after that.


Food is a sensitive topic. If one were to lift the hood of his car one would find a cooler filled to the brim with blood bags, which Klaus refuses to go near.

“I like to enjoy my food, and I respect my body,” Klaus says. “There is no shame in that.”

Caroline sucks down her B positive with gusto, determinedly not watching the way Klaus slowly licks blood off his fingers. At least she’s stopped objecting to him guzzling down neck-straws right in front of her, as long as they’re compelled and released safely afterwards. And if he doesn’t get any blood on her dress.

“Especially that,” she warns, when he’s enjoying his meal and respecting his body so thoroughly he almost sways into her, teeth sunk firmly in a shroud of blood and flesh. 

The scent hits her. It’s blinding.

“Caroline,” Klaus says. His eyes are dark and beady, his lips stained red. The body lies in a heap at his feet, barely stirring.

Caroline blinks. She sucks her fangs back in.

Usually, Klaus recovers quite easily after a meal, but he steps over the body towards her, where she’s perched on the trunk of his car. His eyes have gotten darker, if that’s possible.

“Caroline,” he says again.

Her heart beats loudly in her ears. She wonders if he’ll tease. He’s seen, it’s impossible not to have. She wonders if she’ll feel bad.

He leans in close, and the smell of his mouth makes her hungry. “Yes, Klaus?”

Klaus’ fingers skirt at the lace around her knees. “Sorry about your dress.”


Laundromats aren’t easy to come by, where they’re going. When they finally find one, Caroline makes a great show of shoving in all the dresses that Klaus has ruined.

“I could have just bought you a new one,” he points out.

“You’re very rich, I know,” Caroline says, watching the washing go.

“I don’t like that word. It’s tacky.”

“That’s why I used it.”

“Do you not like the fact I’m able to buy you things?”

“I like that. It’s a nice assurance, on the occasion that one day I lose all sense of self-worth and actually come to you for money.”

“When you put it like that, it sounds rather vulgarian.”

“So stop offering.”

Klaus looks like he wants to argue some more, but they’ve had this argument before. He watches the washing go, too. He says, quietly, “I don’t know what else to give you.”

“You don’t have to give me anything.” Caroline rolls her eyes. “I’m here, aren’t I?”

Her clothes come tumbling out of the dryer smelling fresh and clean, lemon detergent and musky softener not quite managing to mask the Caroline that had seeped through the years of well-worn cotton. When Klaus helps her with the folding his hands linger.


The desert and dust seem inescapable. Caroline has her feet propped on the dashboard, seat thrown back, boots discarded. Her socks are blue, with rainbows on them. Klaus tries to note all of this with dispassion, but then her ankles cross, and he can’t quite watch the road.


As all good road trips go, they have to spend one of their nights in the car. The motel they’d left behind had words missing in its gaudy neon sign, and not even Caroline, who’d thought these things to be romantic on a tv screen, could bear the sight of dead roaches wedged between the flooring.

“This car’s roomier than it looks,” Caroline says. 

“A sound investment,” Klaus agrees.

They stare up ahead at the roof of the car. His hands fold over his stomach. Her feet are still propped on the dashboard. When Caroline peeks at him, he looks rather put out. 

“What else did you expect from a road trip, Klaus?” she sighs, turning on her side to face him. “It’s not wining and dining all the time.”

“Was good while it lasted though,” Klaus says mournfully.

“Really?” Caroline asks. “’Cause I like this, too.”

Klaus looks suspicious. “Do you?”

She reaches for his hand in the dark. Unsurprisingly, it opens under her touch. She fits her fingers with his, and suddenly the car seems warmer. “You’re closer.”

“You never say these things.” 

“You’re always a room away.” Caroline shrugs. 

Klaus turns to face her too. They’re parked on the side of a road, somewhere, the tank is only just halfway full, and they’ve still got some days to go. And then there’s Kol to contend with, who likely will not be pleased when he finally catches up with them. Klaus tells her this.

“Is there a reason you’re telling me this instead of kissing me?” Caroline asks.

“Just letting you know, we shouldn’t get too distracted.” Her lips are awfully close to hers now.

“You’re really vain to think that,” Caroline tells him, but she’s the one to moan when he buries his hands in her hair.