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kajuned  asked:

Hey Scout, do you know the difference between Rob and Rich? They both seem funny, friendly and goofy, but is there anything noticeably different between them? Do you know?


i’ve been watchin them do their thing for like 4 years and have gotten to know them both a little better over that time–these’re the things that’re very loudly distinctive to each that sets them apart from each other, but it might just be to me:

when you have a close friendship with someone you definitely start to mirror them, but their differences are what drove them to that point. they pretty much have the others’ back where their weak areas are!

SW REBELS pretty much had an onscreen forcebond in the last episode.

To whoever is interested for sw lore that can be used for reylo meta , there were some pretty nifty cool things within the last episode of SW Rebels.

SW Rebels pretty much had a onscreen forcebond between a light side user and a dark side user. Albeit it was not specifically called a bond, it was referred to as a connection including in the episodes summary.

Things that are interesting to note from the latest episode (S3 ep 11)

  • The lightsider was haunted by the darksiders voice 
  • the darksider was able to abuse of this connection to drive the lightsider user on edge and even make them see things including the darksider themselves
  • The connection was amplified if the 2 users were in close proximity allowing the darksider to be even more haunt the lightsider with visions.
  • The connection was the end result of a specific type mind mesh between the two a few episodes before.
  • they shared memories which allowed the darksider to find the base where the lightsider was staying
  • within the episode the jedi(who is the lightsider’s master) was asked why the lightsider is willing over and over to trust the darksider. He simply replies “I don’t think he’s willing to, he’s taking one for the team”. Whether or not this means that the connection gets both users to trust each other more is uncertain but seems to be leaning that way.
  • The darksider by the end of the episode seems to have clung/got attached deeply to the lightsider, and while in previous episodes he has told the lightsider to become his apprentice, in this episode he pretty much begged the lightsider to join him in a very emotional speech. (The darksider has issues with being lonely were also confirmed lmao)

Further more it is handy to remember that within the same season SW Rebels confirmed the existence of a being that uses both the dark side of the force and light side, effectively putting him in the middle, and that certain objectives, such as unlimited knowledge from both sith and jedi holocrons can be achieved if a lightsider and darksider work together.

MBTI Types with a Smartphone
  • INFJ: My phone is mostly for Tumblr and Pinterest... and chatting via IMs with people who will later hurt me.
  • ESTJ: My phone is for calling people... That's what phones are for... calling people.
  • INTJ: My optimized iPhone 6S+ is to keep tabs on my $600,000 stock portfolio. I find everything else to be irrelevant.
  • INFP: My phone is for cute cat pictures and sad black and white gifs... life is sad... I'm sad. Why does nobody like me? *cries into tea*
  • ISTP: Phones are for calling people... and oh look there's a calendar! I didn't know these things had that feature... nifty!

supermechabadger  asked:

tbh I think the cool kids are really the only interesting humans. 'cause I caught joy ride and a couple of s1 eps earlier in the week and they really seem like genuine good kids and really care about Steven. Like they don't talk down to him like /some/ gems do (pearl *cough*) and they don't just pretend to like him cause he's a kid. AND they don't try and downplay/ignore Steven's trauma and they actually listen!! I doubt the writers will but I hope they get some development (1/2)

(2/2) Also they got some weird parallels with the crystal gems ssssooooo it probably wouldn’t be brought up (but in a perfect world/show I think the writers could come up with some nifty ideas for this weird parallel thing they got going with these teens)

omg i agree. the cool kids are oddly enough the better CGs to some extent

Snow and Ice Masterpost

Winter Witchcraft - tips and ideas, kitchen magic, incense, fire, snow, lots of stuff

Melting Icicles - useful magical ingredient, protection, 

What can you do with snow? - list of ideas, concecration water, protection, slowing things, stasis, offensive magic

A Spell for Snow - pinecone, water, sugar, white ribbon, incantation

Snow Sigil - sigil, attracts snow

Sweet as Snow - low spoon, snow, sugar, wish spell

Snow Magic - uses for different types of snow, sigil work, divination with snow, snow alters 

this was short and sweet, if you find other nifty things to do with snow or ice in magic, let us know!

Tip to anyone who plays ACNL

I worry about losing those villagers I’ve worked very hard to get all the time, and I know that’s something we all worry about. But a few weeks ago, a friend of mine told me this nifty little thing that really made sense:
If you write down the date of the last day you played in ACNL somewhere you’ll remember, and enter that in when you go into the game again, it’ll be as no time has passed at all. I’ve tested this, only a few days at the time so far, but it has worked great for me. 

I used one of my most undeveloped towns to test this theory. I chose a day where I had a Perfect Pears premium, and Hamphrey had set up his fence. Left the game alone for three days, then started it up and immediately chose “set time/date” (before loading! this is very important), and put in the date I had the Perfect Pears Premium and Hamphrey had set up his fence. The Premium was still there, and Hamphrey’s fence was still up, like no time had passed at all. 

The reason this works, is because the last time you saved your progress was on that day! After that, time will move parallell to the time on your 3ds, which means that if you leave the game at for example 12:00 on 04.04.04, but the time and date on the 3ds is 10:00 on 01.01.01, the time when you come back three days later will be 12:00 on the 07.04.04 in game, but on the 3ds it’ll be 10:00 on the 03.01.01. 

Just make sure when you start the game, that you don’t actually load it before you set the time. It saves when you load it, so anything that has happened in the game during the time you were gone, is now permanent. If you use the tip I’ve just told you about though, it’ll be as nothing has happened and the day never changed. 

TL;DR: To make sure your villagers accidentally don’t move out when you don’t play, write down the date you last played in the game. When you decide to play again, choose “set time/date” BEFORE!! you load it, enter the date you wrote down last time you played, and finally, load your save. It’ll be like no time has passed in the game!

I hope this helps someone! Use at your own risk.
Feel free to ask me any questions~


ART: Viria 

So I decided to make some piper icons ‘cause why not.

If you like the art, you should follow the artist and check out some of her other stuff, she’s really awesome ( just click the link to get to her tumblr)

If you use, please reblog!!

An anon asked about the reactions to Sole having a pin-up girl tattoo on their leg/back/arm: 

 Cait: “HEY, I thought I was d'only girl that ya’ needed for inspiration” winking at Sole as she walked infront, showing them what she meant by bending over, to give sole a good look at her booty, purposefully teasing them. 

 Curie: at first she wonders why sole would want to ruin their perfect skin by inking, but as Sole explains what tattoos are about she understands the sentiment, though initial objection she admired the craftsmanship and thought the pin-up thing was pretty nifty 

 Codsworth: “Sir/mum… when did you get that? Did you spend sometime in the navy or airforce while out in the commonwealth?” Codsworth has no real objection to Sole’s tattoo, as long as Sole is happy. 

 Dogmeat: When Sole has it showing, say after getting out of bed or something, Dogmeat looks with a tilted head, he can’t quite make heads or tails of what the thing on his friends leg is, he once tried to lick it off thinking Sole had spilt Nuka Cola down themselves

 Danse: “Soldier… since when did you have a tattoo, why didn’t you tell me??” With a massive smile Danse rips open his BOS uniform and proudly displease the MASSIVE, Brotherhood logo tattooed on his magnificent chest 

 Deacon: “Heyyy that’s some nice ink there, I never really cared for tats myself… a lot harder to disguise” Though Deacon didn’t really care for them, he appreciated good artwork when he saw it 

 Hancock: “Woahh, where’d you get that? I’m not gonna lie… that realness is kinda freaking me out babe” Hancock loved looking at tattoos so when he saw Sole’s big pin-up on their back he loved to just look at it, the way it moved with Sole’s back muscles was trippy as fuck 

MacCready: When he saw Sole’s tattoo he felt a little taken back, turning to Sole he said “I… I wanna show you something” MacCready slowly rolled down his jacket from his shoulder to reveal his own pin up “It’s… my wife, Lucy. I wanted something to keep with me always… to know she’s with me.” The most heartfelt reaction of all of the companions, it brought Sole and Mac closer, the felt their connection grow stronger as the reminisced of the good times.

 Nick: “Huh, kinda looks like magnolia, that a coincidence or a token from that night in Goodneighbor?” Sole turned bright red but they daren’t give Nick an answer 

 Piper: “Blue ya’… ever think of me like that ;)” Sole turning red and sheepishly trying to avoid eye contact, Piper got her answer. She’d put her theory to the test later, when Sole came back they found Piper; perched on the printing press in lingerie, crossed legged and with a “come hither look" 

 Preston: kinda in between, although he’s more fond than not, he likes the generals individuality and thinks that whoever Sole had it based on is one lucky lady. It’s a simple "It’s nice general” but Prestons warmth made it a precious moment 

 Strong: doesn’t really care but is proud Sole can take a lot of pain “Human take pain good, would make good super mutant" 

 X6-88: Heavily fascinated by Sole’s tattoo, "Sir/ma'am what is the purpose of this picture on your arm?” Sole explains the premise of tattoos to X. Later on, X comes backs, tears of his courser uniform to reveal a full body tattoo, the badass he is 

 Sorry it’s been kinda slow today, there should be a couple more tonight. Enjoy guys!

ashtraysonfire  asked:

Hey, i love your advice and i want to talk about something i have been struggling with for many years. I tend to eat and eat alot when im bored and mostly stressed, i suffer alot because of this because all i want is to put whole organic foods into my body that come from our beautiful earth, but i always end up eating bad and i truely feel that if i can get passed this, my body will thank me, my mind will be less clouded and i can help myself with self love and self care. Do you have any advice?

Hello my lovely. First I have to say that if you fear you might have an eating disorder you need to consult a doctor. Personally, I’ve never had an eating disorder but as an ADHD adult, I have eaten out of boredom or anxiety just to fill the time or cure nervous ticks.

Here are some things that I do to avoid this: 
1) find a nifty cup that you find fun and appealing - funky shape, funky color, light-up, whatever… fill that baby with water and maybe a few peices of frozen fruit. Suck on that straw whenever you feel like eating when you’re not hungry. Chances are, even when you are feeling peckish that you’re actually thirsty, not hungry. Humans rarely drink their needed water amount. Holding the cup, and sucking on the straw gives you something to do without consuming calories and snacks. 

2) Empty your cupboard and your fridge of anything and everything prepared. If it comes in a box, throw it out! And don’t buy more. We are always tempted to eat the things that are quick grabs. When we are forced to prepare a meal, it requires us to make intentional decisions and plan out our snack/meal. We tend to make better choices, and preparing a meal is it’s own meditation. For Buddha and the enlightened masters, something as simple as preparing food, or cleaning, contained sacred qualities. Peace in the monotony of it. Do not feel like this is a waste of time. Believe me when I say, moments to prepare food are needed throughout our day. They bring connections with ourselves, and connections with our food, our body, and the natural rhythms that we’ve lost in a hectic world.

3) Have a schedule every few days to prepare snacks - Spend 20 minutes cutting up carrot strips, and other veggies, and putting them in tubberware in the fridge. These will be your quick grab snacks when you don’t have time to prepare a meal. Make some tubberwares of nuts/dried fruit for the cupboard too. Make yourself graze platters to snack on of only raw foods. 

4) when you feel like eating because you’re bored or wandering around your house, choose to meditate instead. Sit down and practice breathing long breaths in and out. Remember, meditation is not clearing your mind, but rather exercising control over your mind to allow thoughts to come and go without zeroing in on them and entertaining them.

5) Remember when I said it is SITTING that promotes the need to snack? Avoid sitting as much as possible. Get an elevated platform for your desk and stand. Sit on a yoga ball. When you’re watching TV, sit on a yoga ball, do stretches on the floor, get up every commercial and do an exercise. Just one… that will convince your body that you are not bored. And if after doing all this you are a little peckish, grab some veggies to munch. When snacking avoid grains, bread, potatoes, crackers, chips, and anything out of a bag. 

6) Remember all of this doesn’t happen overnight. These are lifestyle changes, and decisions to change how you live through your day and your week. If you forget and end up sitting for 4-5 hours, go take a walk. Be gentle with yourself, and tell yourself these are rewards for being alive and healthy. Avoid thinking of them as deprivation or punishment. Because they’re not. They’re beautiful loving choices for yourself. You’re not depriving yourself of food, or even yummy foood… just the urge to grab things that you don’t actually want anyway - you’re removing what I call the “lazy but really disgusting food”. If you went out for a nice meal, you wouldn’t order that stuff… none of that is a reward, they’re time fillers/savers. Reward yourself with GOOD HEALTHY food and healthy activities. ^_^

I hope these help! 

Next up is Monofell!Toriel!

More information will be revealed through the use of asks and once the comic starts!


As a mother who has lost more than just two children, she has a few problems  that she needs to work out.

But despite everything–it’s still her. She’s still a caring mother who loves all of her children and would do anything to keep them alive.


Role in Monofell

She plays a similar role to the original Toriel in the sense that she greets Frisk, saves them from Flowey, and gives them a nifty little cell phone.

But all good things must come to an end–and it is revealed that she has a few more problems than people seem to think.

Notable Differences

  • Her color scheme, alongside Flowey’s and Asgore’s, is pure black, grey, and white. 

  • She has black eyes with white pupils (it’s sadly not shown here).

  • She does not spare Frisk if their health drops too much–she is willing to outright kill her child just so they can’t leave her.

  • She has an obsession with slugs–not snails.