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Hello my beans <3

So I’m going to give you some news.  But you have to promise you won’t be mad at me.  Promise? Okay.  Here goes. I’m taking a break from this blog.

Several life things as well as several Amber things are forcing me to take a step back for a while. And while leaving y’all is the last thing I want to do, it’s what’s necessary.  After this week, I will not be writing or posting for an indeterminate amount of time.  I will effectively be on “hiatus”.  (but I’m not abandoning! I will be back!)

A few questions that may have crossed your brain:

1.      But amber how long will you be gone?

Wow what a great question, peach! I’m not sure :/ At least for the next month.  May is going to be crazy, stressful, annoying, and honestly depressing.  I have to study for and take my finals, pack up my entire apartment, go on vacation, then move six hours away.  So I am going to be stressed.  Plus, it’s graduation month.  Amber should be graduating, if she’d had her shit together for college.  Amber did not have her shit together.  Amber is not graduating, so amber is depressed, and will be depressed for a while.

I’m not telling you guys this to fish for reassurance, btw.  I’m sharing because I genuinely care about you guys and want you to know why I won’t be around.  So after I’m moved and settled and school is out I will probably be back on.  We’ll have to see how it goes.

2.      Should we still tag you in stuff? Can we still talk to you?

Absolutely, my loves! However, I’ll not be checking this blog regularly.  If you want me to see something, tag my main blog, @darkchocolaterey .  I’ll still be on over there occasionally; it’s just writing and this blog I’ll be taking a break from.  (also if we’re mutuals feel free to ask for my snapchat or number or anything <3) Feel free to follow me and send me messages over there! I still love all of you and I’m honestly so grateful for you guys, and I still want to hear from you!

3.      What does this mean for your writing?

Well, it means I’m taking a break.  I love writing, and I especially love writing for you guys.  But lately it just hasn’t been right.  It’s hard to explain.  I think some time off will allow me to fix some things I need to fix without feeling like I’m letting you guys down. (or maybe I am.  pls forgive me <3)

But everything will be on hold, including WIP series (like they weren’t already lol) and the NSFW alphabets (I’m so sorry!)

Now I just want to emphasize again, this has nothing to do with you guys.  I love all of you.  All 904 of you.  Y’all are literally the best group of followers ever.  I get no hate, no discourse, nothing but positive, glowing vibes from all of you.  

(I promise when I get back we’re gonna celebrate that number in style, btw)

Please continue to be amazing, and please remember I love you guys, okay?  Amber is just in a bad headspace, and certain things on my end of this blog are exacerbating the headspace problems.  A little break should be just what the CMO ordered!  ;)

I’ll be leaving at the end of the week, and in the mean time I have a fic or two planned and one NSFW alphabet to go up.

I love you guys, from the bottom of my potato heart.

hugs and kisses, my loves.  Amber <3

gridoff  asked:

hi! i'm new to simblr and i was wondering if you had any tips on post etiquette and tagging? thanks, love your blog!

the only thing i’ll say is DO NOT oh my god DO NOT tag a post s4mm or ts4mm of s4cc or anything like that if it’s not! a! cc! post! some people think it’s a way for their edits to be seen but in reality everyone hates it and you will have a 100% chance at getting blocked by me :^) if you need any other better tips tho i highly suggest you look at this post it has everything you’ll ever need to know, seriously

I’m going to pull back my presence on this blog. With everything going on with Cyrus, I am feeling the need for some anonymity. I’m going to keep this blog up. It’ll be more formal. Pictures (both dslr & insta), silly things the kids say, etc.. More personal things will be on a new blog, with pseudonyms. I just have way too many followers (over 4K? Idk how) to feel comfortable talking about it all & Cyrus will need some privacy, but I still need an outlet & a way to interact with you all.

If the small handful of you that I talk to on the regular &/or are mutuals with are interested in keeping up, let me know. I’ll tell you the blog name. It’s just easier for me to make a new, more anonymous blog than make something password protected or whatever. & I don’t want to ditch this blog completely either.

alright guys, i realized that i’m not following a lot of blogs (less than 300) so i need to change that. (i’m doing this here because there are a lot of you guys and i’ve already done something similar to this on my main not too long ago ;o;)

reblog this post if you post the following (and put in the tags which of these things you post):

- pokemon

- osomatsu-san (either no bl/ma/tsu or bl/mat/su is tagged for blacklisting purposes)

- boku no hero academia

- mob psycho 100

- noragami

- kiznaiver

- pokemon (im running out of pokemon content ;-;)

- kyoani

- seasonal anime (im into bnha season 2 and little witch academia rn as well as others)

- anime gifs

- pastel aesthetics (i have a pastel side blog)

- pets (i also have a pet side blog)

- osomatsu-san (i’m begging)


- if you have sideblogs dedicated to any of these things mention it in the tags!!

- i’d really appreciate it if you had a tagging system

- i will NOT follow ns/f/w blogs, blogs that support l/ol/i/c/on or s/ho/t/a/co/n, or racist/homophobic/transphobic/etc blogs

- i’m gonna be following under my main @4-gatsu so i’d appreciate it if you’re willing to follow that blog because i wanna make more mutuals! 

with that, i’ll be looking forward to following new blogs ^w^


I decided to take an actual hiatus from this blog until after I have finished reading ACOWAR next week. I have a few things planned/queued for the next day or two, but I won’t log in after today.

Instead, I’ll be on my sideblog this week, messaging and posting art and cultural things. I’ve also added tumblr friends on Facebook, which…. is the depths this crap has driven me to. I’m actually using Facebook again. But if anyone else wants my sideblog name, message or send an ask or whatever. I’m just trying to keep it ACOTAR-free.

Anywho…. I’ll miss all of you, but I am taking part in the ACOWAR readalong next week, which @a-court-of-feels-and-sobs has kindly organized, and I plan on reading it pretty quickly, so I’ll see you there.

One last thing is that I love love love these ladies for listening to me rant and rave and basically keeping me sane these last few days (and always, let’s be honest) since people have decided to be shitheads: @my-name-is-fireheart @squaddreamcourt @acourtofstarsanddreams @illyriantremors @kitashiwrites @cass-ian I know most of you are also on hiatus and won’t see this, but you are the best, I wish I could give you all squishes and show you how much I appreciate you!

anonymous asked:

I am having the worst day. My boyfriend that I trusted in so much abruptly just dumped me, I feel like everyone that was friends with him but still with me are now avoiding me, I feel like he hates me and that he's going to send people glaring after me, i feel really isolated and scared, I've been upset for a while.. I wanted to tell you that, your blog helps me get away from things. I love reading what you write and it makes me happier, it makes me feel like I still have a place. So thank you..

Oh honey…I’m so sorry that happened to you. I’m always here to talk if you need it. I don’t have any advice to give you, but I can lend you my ear. You’ll always have a place on my blog, I can promise you that :) I’m sorry if I can’t be that much help, but for you, I’ll only post fluff today to lift your spirits. ^_^ 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for short story writing? I'm currently writing one right now but not sure how to bring my story to a close as well as incorporate enough detail without it being too much. Very appreciative of you and your channel!😊

I do! I searched through my blog for some posts I’ve already made on short stories, so I’m just going to post them here as a comprehensive short story writing thing.


My process for stories looks like this:

First I draft, which is not always linear. Meaning if I’m halfway through and I realize I needed a scene earlier on, I jump back and write it. Mostly I do write in order, though. I also go back and edit a lot as I’m drafting.

Once the first draft is done I attend to any large plot issues I see. The story has probably been edited several times by this point since I edit as a go, but we’ll call it one draft even though it’s more like three. Plot issues sometimes involve adding/removing scenes, but this also involves going back to scenes that are severely under written since I am an underwriter.

Then, I usually do two drafts on the computer looking at line level stuff. Basically just reading through the story and cleaning it up.

After that I start printing hard copies. This is also for line edits. My focus is everything prose here (if I notice more plot/character issues I’ll fix them though). Grammar is usually fine except for the odd typo or comma splice (my first drafts are generally grammatically pretty clean). Mostly I’m focusing on editing for economy, meaning cutting every word that’s not adding something and arranging sentences to be as economical as possible. And, I’m focusing on strengthening the prose which involves: cutting -ing verbs, cutting -ly adverbs, using the strongest possible verb/noun/word, removing cliches and familiar phrases, fixing monotonous sentence rhythm, removing repetitive word choice, fixing repetitive noun + verb constructions, removing ‘to be’ verbs, removing filters, removing passive voice, fixing convoluted phrases, enhancing patterns or making them more subtle if too obvious, cutting weasel words, removing unnecessary telling, varying vocabulary and enhancing diction, adding specific details and removing vague ones. And more! Also on those printed copies I have a strong focus on expanding description beats (or dialogue beats) that were underwritten in the original draft, as well as trying to make every image or analogy original and interesting. Basically, I’m trying to make the prose as clean and interesting as it can be.

I generally do that 5-7 times. Each draft has two parts. First editing on the hard copy, then going back into the document. I usually edit on the hard copy in the evening, and then the next morning go into the document. Each half of the process takes over an hour. Sometimes two for earlier drafts, but the time gets shorter with each one.

Then it gets handed in to my workshop, and it’s generally on draft 7-9.

After the workshop I do all my plot edits first. Then, I go back into the line level, except this time referencing hard copy edits from my prof and peers. I’ll have around 13 hard copies with edits, although some people in my workshop don’t do many line edits so there’re usually only 5ish with a lot written on them.

Post workshop is going to be another 7 or so drafts.

After I get my final grade from my prof I’ll do another few drafts based on her final comments. I think for Melting Point I did like four drafts after getting my final grade, but they were quick drafts with very few line edits. Just adding some new stuff and final polishing.

So in total a short story is looking like 15+ drafts, probably over 20


I think one of the biggest misconceptions from people who don’t write short stories (including myself before I started writing short stories) is that the medium is restricting.

Yes, you have less words to tell a story. But, it’s not restricting. The short story form is so free. There is no one way a short story has to be. There are stories that only capture a single moment in time, there are short stories that span decades. In fact, in the short form, you can do cool, experimental, meta stuff that novels don’t accommodate as well.

It is very hard to get started in short stories when you’re used to writing novels, but I think the best thing to do is read some short stories, and jump into writing one. Once you’ve had more experience writing short stories, it’ll get easier and easier to determine what ideas function well in the short form.

I always like to make it clear that I never wrote short stories until I had to for school. I had a time restraint, and so naturally I had to get the thing done. I had to force myself to keep the ideas small. I’d suggest you impose similar rules on yourself. Refuse to go over a certain word limit, and make yourself contain the idea. Once you’ve done it once, it’ll be easier each time.

There are lots of ways to get started with a story. You can start with a character, determine their goal and subtextual goal, their want and need, and work from there. You can pick a setting that feels vivid to you and drop some characters in. You can start with a concept you want to explore. I like to use photographs as inspiration as a sort of prompt, building a story around the feeling of the image.

With short stories, sometimes it can be fun to just wing it. I am a plotter with novels, but often with short stories I don’t know where it’s going at first. I’ll get an idea for an image and just start writing. It feels like less of a risk because short stories are much easier to revise than novels. A lot of my short stories start with the first line. I write a few pages to feel it out, and the story usually clears up around the 3-7 page mark.

My biggest advice would be to just start. You don’t even have to know where it’s going. The more short stories you write, the easier they’ll be and the more adventurous you’ll realize you can be with the form.


When it comes to short stories, first I would go through this checklist:
1. Is the inciting incident clear and not too late in the story?
2. Is the climax clear and not out of the protagonist’s hands?
3. Are all the events in the story causally related?
4. Are all flashbacks needed, and described rather than explained in an expository way when they necessitate in-depth description?
5. Have you physically described your main character? Other characters?
6. Does your protagonist have an external and subtextual goal?
7. Does your protagonist face internal, interpersonal, and societal conflict?
8. Does the protagonist surprise us? That is, act in a way that reveals new complexities and facets of their personality? They are not one-dimensional.

Once you’ve dealt with all of those, I would recommend printing your story and doing line edits. When I’m revising a short story I print the story every evening, and read it through and make notes all over. A lot of notes. My most common notes are ‘sw’ which means ‘stronger word’ or ‘add one/two sentences/clauses to image’ which is basically just me wanting to carry an image more fully. But, I look for tons of things. Then, the next day I go through and apply all my edits. I repeat that for usually around seven drafts.

But, I would also recommend finding some betas of CPs to make sure you get outside feedback.


1. The economy and the skill of the language is key in a short story. I wouldn’t read a boring novel just because it had gorgeous writing, but I honestly would read a boring short story if the writing was amazing. Stay focused and be as economical as possible.

2. Cut the ‘connective tissue.’ All events need to have clear causal relation, but you can trim all the stuff around the edges.

3. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You don’t get this luxury as much in a novel. A heavily experimental voice or form might not be able to sustain itself for 80 000 words, but it can for 5000. If it benefits the story, don’t be scared to try something like second person or a really unique voice. It could make the story.

4. Every character should have an external goal (what is wanted) and a subtextual goal (why the goal is wanted). This applies to novels as well, but in a short story there isn’t time to ponder the goal, change the goal, discover the goal. Establish the goal and explore it, and make sure it’s clear.

5. Make sure your inciting incident isn’t too late. This has been the downfall of so many short stories in my workshop (including mine). Place it as early as possible.

6. Make sure the ending involves a character’s choice, and is not deus ex machina. This applies to novels, but I think it happens more in short stories. With so little time it’s easy to make the ending a coincidence or something outside the protagonist’s hands. Avoid this at all costs.

7. Compress the timeline as much as possible. Why have events be spaced three months apart if they could happen on the same day? It’ll make the story feel tighter and more cohesive, as well as reduce confusion.

8. Cohesion. Every aspect of the story should feel as if it is a cohesive part of the story.

9. Be careful about withholding information. I made this mistake in my first  story, because I was used to writing novels where the rate of reveal is slower. You’ll run into mad clarity issues if you’re revealing important details late in the story. Be clear as early as possible.

averca  asked:

Can you create a headcanon of Daichi, Noya, Kuroo, Bokuto, Akaashi, and Kiyoko standing up for their boyfriend/girlfriend when they're being bullied for being gay? I just kinda need some ideas for certain people at my school for making fun of a friend. (I want to destroy them) Thanks!!!! (Btw, I love your blog!!!) 😄

Thank you!! Good luck with defending your friend
I know you asked for headcanons but since there’s so many characters I just grouped them together, since that’s easier on me

Nishinoya, Bokuto, and Akaashi weren’t afraid to go right  after the people who dared to say bad things to their partner due to their sexuality. As soon as they found out who the bullies were, they made a beeline for them to defend their beloved partner, and are prepared to do so through physical means if necessary.

Daichi, Kuroo and Kiyoko didn’t go directly for confrontation, but if anything was said to their partner when they were around, there’d be hell to pay. They’d be incredibly passive aggressive, or just straight up hostile when they confront the bullies, but only verbally. They know their partner doesn’t want them instigating any fights, so they’ll intimidate the others as best they can.

Get to know me meme

Tagged by @bk4ever

Rules: tag 20 blogs you’d like to get to know better

Nickname: Tsukuyomi, I’ve been using it since 2001 or so.

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Height: Sorry I only know it in metric system. It’s 1,63. Short and kinda chubby.

Last thing you googled: “Needed forms for census” (but in Spanish).

Favorite music artists: Blackmore’s Night, Daft Punk, Asia Engineer, Michael Jackson, well anyone from the Motown in general.

Song stuck in my head: *It’s a little bitty pissant country place, ain’t nothin’ much to see…* (by Dolly Parton from the musical movie “The best little whorehouse in Texas.”)

Last movie you watched: Total Recall (the remake. Didn’t like it. The original is more enjoyable.)

What are you wearing right now: Light blue jeans and a white blouse.

Why did you chose your URL?Tsukuyomi is my nickname and I always wanted my own amusement park.

Do you have a you have any other blogs? Yes, a personal blog with reblogs, mostly old dresses, flowers, art (of dresses), inspirational stuff and sometimes, rants and things about my daily life (@sunriseamongtheflowers), a blog for my personal project, @lady–lioness in which I’m working now storyboarding the first chapter, and a blog I use as portfolio to apply for conventions and other events, @tsukuyomiartland

What did your last relationship teach you? Don’t try to fix anyone’s life. Also, the moment you see someone taking your hand when you offered a finger, RUN. And always listen to people’s advice, even if it hurts you. The advice that hurts is probably the right one. Don’t feel tempted to take the wrong way only because there are more people applauding you there. I talk about friendship, because I’ve been in a relationship with my significant one for seven years and we are marrying soon :)

Religious or spiritual?


Favorite color?

Pink. Combine it with white and you got me forever.

Average hours of sleep?

8 hours or so. Sleeping the proper hours improves your mood A LOT and helps to fight depression.

Lucky number?

7. Final Fantasy VII. Link slept for 7 years.

Favorite characters?

Link, Zelda, Impa (any of them, but specially the OoT ones), Zack, Cloud, Aerith, Tifa (from Final Fantasy VII), Peridot, Garnet (Steven Universe), Beth (from Little Women), Harle/Tsukuyomi (from Chrono Cross), Lara Croft (the classical one) Lady Oscar and Marie Antoinette (from Rose of Versailles) Marie Joseph Sanson (from Innocent Rouge) Rorolina Frixel (from Atelier Rorona) Alessa Gillespie, Lisa Garland (from Silent Hill).

How many blankets do you sleep in?

Only the same feather duvet all year. Well, just a sheet during summer.

Dream Job?

I’m living the dream.

People I want to get to know better????
Let’s see… @dysah and… @pearlls, and… @verieas and… @ingenue and @vint-agge-xx and @onisuu (even if I’m sure she made this a zillion times before) and… well I wish @xx–ingie–xx dared. And @alderion-al @blurbery @angiebluesart @yumivigo and well whoever wants.

EDIT: AND @chat-en-rose and @missdellarosa too because you rock

Hi, yes, hello

It’s me! Formerly spendthenightwith

As you can see I’ve completely wiped my blog, changed my URL, and will be starting fresh. I might consider reposting some of my old fics and drabbles, continue some of them, and dive further into the whole RP thing. So, if there’s anything you want to see please feel free to let me know.

Thanks for sticking around. I do hope you’ll stay while I get my content back to where it needs to be.

it's time

@arkhamknignt ummmm happy birth day? I love you a lot? ??????? btw i am one hundred percent actually willing 2 sign up for that online rival thing I swear 2 God
anyway I’m real happy I met you like all the time I’m also happy that ur ½ of the MOST iconic power couple of all time you’re stupidly talented and funny and? genuinely so relatable all the time you’re just pretty damn incredible u know?
thanks for giving me all the receipts I need to survive……..also for following me back in like June I still don’t know I pulled that off but I really do love you a fuckton and I would do anything for u. I would blacklist the genji tag I would never watch yoi again I would…….Not Die for you
speaking of things that im doing for you expect a drawing some time soon unless it just ends up being too ugly then I’ll delete my blog and my skype

Youd think an easy thing to add would be an “about me” page but I really dont care to have one lmao. I dont like about me pages? Well i like other peoples, but never my own. Im just…too multifaceted to be condensed into a consumable little paragraph. Like, i just could never possibly represent exactly who i am and what im about on an about me page and that bothers me

Also as i grow older, the less i want to put myself out there for strangers. Like not everything about me needs to be readily accessible.

I mean i have an about me page on my personal blog, but i feel so meh about it lmao. I notice that everytime i edit it, it shrinks too 👀

you guys are fantasizing about two real life people having sex with each other and you seriously don’t see what’s wrong with that? this isn’t an innocent thing. it’s violating. it’s wrong. and you should not need griffin or nick to tell you to stop in order to stop. i’m tired of this it’s getting out of hand and at this point shipboys blogs are being recommended to me just based on my reblogs of polygon content and it’s really uncomfortable? if this is content you feel the need to hide from nick and griffin then YOU SHOULD NOT BE CREATING IT. if you feel like it’s shameful or could be uncomfortable for them, YOU’RE RIGHT. stop it.

johnlocketernity  asked:

Hey I'm sure you're feeling this a million more times than me but this whole thing has got me so down. I keep being amazed by how much this fandom stuff affects my mental health. And fuck I just need some positivity and hope. Any suggestions?

Honestly, running a blog and having depression makes you immune to it (to a point). I’m sorry it’s affecting you too, I’ve definitely had slumps in the past so I feel ya man. 

I guess it also depends on what kind of positivity you need?

  • For in-fandom stuff I can direct you towards a couple posts that I’ve made that really solidify the belief that it’s not over and the lost special could exist for me. (those are the only ones i can think of off the top of my head, lmk if you want more)
  • Art is something that usually makes me happy, so you can also look through my art tag and send some appreciation to the creators!
  • If you’re looking for more of a distraction from goings on, I would suggest rereading your favorite fics, or going through my fic tag if you want some new material (be sure to leave comments/kudos if you like it!)
  • Possibly read the original Holmes stories if you’re into that
  • I live with a cat who is very needy so a snuggle with him always chases away the blues, even if only temporarily, so you could do the same if you’ve got pets.
  • For some reason this song is really helpful me when I need to wallow for a bit, it helps me get the tears out when they’re being stubborn. Plus it sounds amazing (Estelle and AJ Michalka?? yes please) and its gay and catchy and calming and has a really good message, even if it’s not specifically relevant to the situation. I always feel better afterwards
  • Just know that only people with the strongest opinions will stand out (it’s stats 101), but they’re only the loudest, not the most-correct. It can be overwhelming at times, but in a week, or tomorrow, or even in a few hours, the dust will settle and it’ll be easier to see that things aren’t as dark as they seem right now.
  • There might be one or two people who make you feel down, but there will always be 100 more to lift you back up. Let me know if you wanna talk, or you need more suggestions!

anonymous asked:

Got any recommendations for good fic blogs? I need more Evans fan fiction in my life (sfw and nsfw are both 👍🏻)

I don’t really read RPF, but @just-call-me-mrs-captain’s work is fantastic (and she can probably provide more recs if you ask!) and @chrisevans-sexualfrustrations has a wide selection of fics as well.

collector-of-my-own-happiness  asked:

Darling, this is your blog, your space. Being on the internet, being followed by other people, doesn't mean a thing. It is one thing to be conscious of others opinions and it is another thing to stifle yourself. If you need to vent, you do it. If you wanna be vague or angry or upset, you do it. Whine, complain, shitpost, you do it, I will personally fight anyone who dares tell you otherwise. And if you ever wanna talk without worry, feel free to message me 24/7; I'll get back to you when I can

Aww, i’m touched, thank you for this!

mandaka  asked:

@ the previous anon, if its during hyeprfocus i definately think it could be adhd bc i do the same thing as jace, since i know if i get up ill break my focus. I also think it could be executive dysfunction outside of that, bc ill do that too. Ill be like "wow I need to use the bathroom" 30 minutes later im still doing whatever i was before and havent gotten up until i /have/ to

!!! true 

This isn’t a personal blog, but I have some personal things to get out of the way:

1. I’ve done some research and had some conversations with my counselor, and it seems I’m almost certainly on the autism spectrum. I’m not going to get professionally diagnosed because I don’t have $2,000 to spare, but this would explain a lot.

2. I’m going to unfollow some people. Please don’t take it personally if I unfollow you, you didn’t do anything wrong, but I keep needing to remind myself that this isn’t a personal blog. I need to keep the focus on Déanism as much as possible.

3. I am going to start posting and interacting again very soon.

4. I’ve had a sort of revelation recently about how perfectly Déanism dovetails with cottage/kitchen witchery (which is something I’ve felt drawn to for decades but was never really able to connect with completely until recently), and I think most of what I post from now on will relate to that.

5. I hope you’re all doing well. May Dea bless you all.