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I love that we’re finally getting to see Liam shine on his own and show the world what an amazingly beautiful person he is <3. Liam’s one of those people that’s so bright and beautiful on the outside AND on the inside. There’s a reason so many of us say he’s sunshine personified and it’s because he truly is. That boy has such a kind, gentle, and beautiful heart <3. I know I’m using the word beautiful a lot and that it’s kinda cliche but it fits in describing Liam. Like sometimes I see him and I just can’t believe he’s real. 

I love Liam so much and getting to finally see him shining on his own is the best thing to witness. My heart is so full of love for him right now and always!! I couldn’t be more proud of my boy!

i just wanna say that one direction makes me so happy and it’s not naive to hope that they’ll get back together and it’s certainly not dumb to trust that they aren’t lying when they say they will get back together and i really hate that certain parts of this fandom make me feel bad for wanting them back together because the world is shit and one direction is great so stfu and let me enjoy things maybe

EXCLUSIVE: Doom meets Tony Stark: Sorcerer Supreme in Infamous Iron Man #9

We’ve talked about the role of superheroics and super-science in Infamous Iron Man, but Victor von Doom is a sorcerer as well. What can you tell us about the role of the supernatural in the book moving forward?

Bendis: What I’m most excited about is this mixture of technology and mysticism. I’ve touched upon it a few times in the past. One of the things people seemed to really enjoy was the idea of Tony Stark Sorcerer Supreme from the X-Men Annuals. I get a lot of letters about him.

I feel there’s a version of Tony Stark that eventually realizes that the next level he needs to get to with his technology is a spiritual study of self. Victor has done that, but he did it in a corrupt way, using black magic. What Tony would need to do though is a more pure thing that would take a great long time; maybe longer than he has left.

I like writing about characters who are using both of these things to make a more signature power set, or a more signature manifestation of their powers.

When we first thought about Infamous Iron Man I told Alex that half of the people will be like, “This is the book I didn’t know that I always wanted.” Because it’s not a book anyone ever said they wanted. Then there will be another group that’s like, “Why are you doing this? Where is Tony Stark?” We’re always going to have to deal with that.

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yo,, hit me up with them sweet sweet jared x reader headcanons

u asked for it BETCh i love my meme boy

(these aren’t laid out like normal headcanons i know but i’m not even sure if they are headcanons?? they’re kinda just big chunky paragraphs what i think dating jared is like,, also i’m p sure all the readers pronouns are gender neutral ! correct me if i’m wrong :) )

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BTS as me
  • Yoongi: wakes up before my alarm "ah, I can go back to sleep for an hour" wakes up 7 hours after my alarm.
  • Namjoon: am unable to make any point without using obscure illustrations and dorky hand gestures.
  • Seokjin: maybe you didn't find my bad joke funny, but I did, and I am going to laugh shamelessly.
  • Jungkook: pulls random skills out of hat to impress people but then get all shy and awkward about it.
  • Hoseok: am everyone's personal cheerleader because smiles are healing and wonderful and if the sky is going to be grey I might as well be sunshine.
  • Taehyung: am always spouting nonsense and then spouting more to explain it and somehow I end up making sense but it has no bearing on life whatsoever.
  • Jimin: I hug people. Constantly. Live off of praise but get all shy when people compliment me. Fall all over the place when I laugh. Am a smol bean. Always clinging to people. People love me anyways.
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