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Saving and Backing Up Work Guide

Things my job and college taught me about saving and backing up work:

  1. Iterative saves. ITERATIVE SAVES!!! Make a new save every work session. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Also make one once you complete an important step (save for final sketch, save for inking one character, save for inking bg, save for animating a hand, save for first pass of animation). That way in case you accidentally delete a layer or your file gets corrupted, YOU DON’T HAVE TO START OVER!! Also this is good for when clients go “oh you know what, I actually like the look of this one thing from like 4 exchanges ago, can you change it to that?” Also in case the power goes out midsave and corrupts the file. Note: Google Drive automatically does iterative saves for a lot of things (docs, images, spreadsheets, etc) which is SUPER nice
  2.  If you work at company or are freelance that sends work files, please for all that’s good in the world, MAKE A SAVE BEFORE YOU MERGE YOUR STUFF IN A DRAWING PROGRAM! Some poor sap (possibly you) a year from now is going to have to tweek something and you are going to make their life an absolute hell when they find you’ve merged everything.
  3. Save on a portable hard drive or an internal drive. Back that drive up at LEAST once a year onto a different drive or onto CDs/DvDs/Bluerays.
  4. Save on Google Drive and/or dropbox. Have it on a cloud SOMEWHERE in case you need it. Especially for school projects because you probably will forget your portable hard drive at least once the day an assignment is due.
  5. If possible, keep your Operating System (Windows and/or Linux) on a SEPARATE harddrive from where you save your work. JUST IN CASE your OS gets corrupted and you have to wipe windows. So get two drives, one for OS and your programs, another for your work and other stuff you don’t want to get accidentally wiped.
  6. I know this is stupid and most people will ignore it, but have a naming convention for files. This way it’s easier to find in case something goes wrong or you have to find a file 2years later for whatever reason. A quick and easy one, Client_Project_Descriptor_#. Example: I’m doing a color piece intended for print with a rocket for SpaceX and this is the 4th time I’ve sat to work on it, I might do something like: SpaceX_PrintColor_Rocket_4. If you want something more specific for the work session number, you could do a time date stamp like YYYYMMDDHHmm (Year, month, day, hour, minute). There’s lots of variations, but that’s the easiest one I’ve done.
  7. If you think about saving, save. If you’re working with other people, just saying “SAVE” out loud when you think about it. In school and at my job, a lot of people appreciated the reminder. This is especially appreciated if you notice something in your cube/side of the room flicker (an indicator that the power is about to turn off).
  8. LEARN THE CORRECT SHORT CUT KEYS FOR SAVING! This is handy if your computer is hooked up to a power backup. Some places ONLY have the computer towers attached to it AND NOT THE MONITORS. So using the shortcut key, is very important.
  9. Learn where programs save automatic backups and/or temp work files. If a program crashes, DO NOT IMMEDIATELY OPEN THE PROGRAM OR RESTART YOUR COMPUTER IF YOU CAN. Google where the temporary files are kept, there may be a backup that way. This isn’t reliable and sometimes the file is partially corrupted, but this has saved my ass so many times with different programs
  10. Have a saving “ritual” when you’re done working. What I mean is: name properly, local save, cloud save, flattened/combine/viewable save (png, jpg, pdf, obj, fbx, ect).

Anonymous asked:

How do you avoid an info dump when world building? My story takes place in a futuristic world where a lot of the plot is based on what happened in the past, so I’m finding it hard to avoid explaining and just show the reader.

My post Weaving Details Into the Story talks a bit about this. Ideally, you want to spread those details out by weaving them into other things that are happening. For example, say you have to characters who have to make a spaceship cargo run. During that flight, they could strike up a conversation that leads to discussion an important historic event. That way, the details play out in dialogue while something else important to the story is happening. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :)

adhd daisy johnson

(some canon, some headcanon) 

  • dropped out of school 
  • talks to fill the quiet 
  • urge to move cities a lot, doesn’t tend to stay in one place 
  • easily bored if she’s not being stimulated 
  • very empathetic 
  • messy room 
  • has trouble feeding herself consistently if she’s not on a schedule 
  • has a hard time learning about things she’s not interested in 
  • hyperfixates while coding 
  • naturally impulsive, follows her gut 
  • thrives under routines, but has trouble making them herself 
  • used to be a night owl before training with may
  • has trouble forming long term relationships (platonic or otherwise)
  • has a hard time regulating her emotions, can be overly defensive 
  • was never officially diagnosed because the nuns didn’t want it on her record 

feel free to add more! 

I had presented Aaron a distorted me, and I couldn’t give him me while wrapped in secrets- stories I’ve never told. They trap you, and you become so wound up in your own story, in the pain inflicted on you in the past that you’ve worked hard to keep at bay, and the people and actions and all the things you’ve been running away from, that you don’t know what to believe anymore. Most important, you lose touch with yourself: The self you know, the you deep inside, is obscured by a stack of untold stories. And I had been groomed to believe that they were all I had in this world, and the keeping of them was vital to my survival.

Janet Mock, Redefining Realness

Here Janet is talking about overcoming her fears in telling her boyfriend (now her husband) that she is trans. 

This part resonated with me so much, and I could deeply relate to her anxiety about revealing a part of herself that her partner may not have understood or known how to respond to. 

Knowing and loving who you are is so important, yet it can still be hard to trust that when you put yourself out there, others will love and appreciate and understand and embrace you back. 

Arrow 5x18 “Disband” - What We Know What We Hope

What We Know

Extended Promo


OLIVER CALLS ON THE BRATVA FOR HELP — Diggle (David Ramsey) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) are shocked by Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) decision to call on the Bratva to help take down Prometheus (Josh Segurra). Concerned the Bratva may overstep, Diggle has a hard conversation with Oliver about what happens if things go south. Meanwhile, Felicity learns something shocking at Helix.

Promo Stills

Cast on IMDB

This list is missing at least Carly Pope. Probably Willa Holand is only to be credtited without appearing.


Rebecca Bellotto

She co-wrote 4x16 “Broken hearts”

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It was painful but so Olicity perfect even if was a second break up. I have high hopes that there is going to be some Olicity tidbit in 5x18, one that would make me feel things are evolving to it’s final solution, the adult talk… the Olicity back on my screen.

What We Expect

After 5x17 Oliver Queen reacts. He’s up for vengeance against Adrian and he reaches for Darkness to fight Darkness. He turns to BRATVA to finish Adrian off.

At this point I don’t know if Oliver is BRATVA anymore, not because of the tattoo having disappear but for Oliver’s betrayal on Season 2, the same betrayal that earn him Anatoly less than friendly welcome in Russia. And then again during that Russian episode BRATVA and Oliver finished up on friendly terms with Anatoly expecting to pay a visit to Star City. At the time Oliver didn’t like it, now it’s Oliver that calls them.

Star City Mayor calls the BRATVA to kill the psychotic killer that is the Star City DA.

Originally posted by miss-sparkle-bottom

I’m pretty sure it’s the first time a Mayor calls in a Criminal Organization to his City. We know what Oliver wants from BRATVA but in exchange BRATVA is going to want something from Oliver. There’s something in Star City that BRATVA wants… a weapon? Just to take over criminal underground with Mayor support?

What I know is Oliver is willing to pay the price.

IMO it’s all worth it as we get to watch Anatoly in Star City, inside the Arrow Bunker even, and, if I’m seeing this right, working with Spartan, Canary/Dinah and Wild Dog (it looks like him standing very still on the staircase in the Promo - I maybe wrong though) this is going to be fun.

BRATVA is going to create all kind of havoc, and the Team will tackle them. Double fun.

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Oliver is going after Adrian. As Mayor he takes his day job very serious too and Quentin seems not to shy away from Adrian. You have to love Quentin.

Originally posted by heckyeahreactiongifs

On his offtime Oliver takes the other mask

and goes after Adrian. It’s going to be another epic fight Oliver wearing the mask this time

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

hoping that’s why Adrian has his arm hurt. I would much rather it would be from the fight with Oliver than by the limo being ramed over by a truck

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Oliver IMO is going to take every step he can to keep the ones he cares about safe - the Team, Diggle, Felicity, and (yes) Susan.

Thing is Diggle doesn’t look like he’s allowing BRATVA to take the lead and gain any control over Star City; or Adrian to manipulate Oliver into playing at his level… and Diggle is going to get punched.

(Mary Tagus GIF)

Felicity is just going to work on her own angle, taking advantage of her expertise, skills and Helix. But her purpose her drive is the same, Adrian.

Oliver just wants her far away from Adrian, Helix gives him that in a away. Even if I do think Adrian is in some way connected with Helix (as he was the one driving Felicity to it) Oliver and Felicity don’t seem to be aware of that (they could but I don’t think they do). She’s going to find something bad about Helix, something that should give her pause but it won’t because, like Oliver, she’s willing to pay the price to take Adrian down.

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Random thoughts

I’m ready for Oliver to fight and beat Adrian. Both as Mayor and as Arrow. Resigning is not really a good place for anyone to stay, especially a hero so I’m happy Oliver is reacting and fighting.

Protecting the people he loves is so ingrained in Oliver I can understand he wants The Team far from the fight but… punching Diggle?

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

I’m think Adrian is going to be taken by surprise by Oliver’s move. I dare venture that after extracting Oliver’s confession Adrian thought Oliver would be on the brink of suicide. Guess what…

Originally posted by cuong205a

…the game isn’t over and your opponent is not in Checkmate anymore.

About Olicity the Synopsis mentions something on the lines of Felicity not agreeing with Oliver calling BRATVA. That part is missing from stills and promo and I’m thinking that it’s missing because of it’s goodness…

Originally posted by cybertronicvagrant

…it can be a fight, a discussion but as long as there’s emotions, sparks flying and personal space invasion, I’m good.

You know how much I dislike having Susan face on my dash and I seriously consider *redacting* those stills but then I saw her face and she doesn’t look happy, opposite Oliver that is all so attentive but not really giving a damn… I think the moment as finally come

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

I don’t think this episode is going to be a happy Arrow episode (when did we ever had one?!?) it will be dark. Not as dark as last week but dark. 

Oliver is not okay (how could he) and it shows. It looks like he’s not listening to his friends and he’s going to tackle things without a pause to consider Diggle and Felicity objections. That’s not Oliver, That’s not the Oliver we know. He’s being driven by a need for revenge and willing to pay the price no matter how high… that can never end well.

Felicity is not okay (how could she) and it shows. The wedge between Oliver and Felicity is increasing as she also get’s to be driven by the need for revenge, taking a different path the purpose is the same as Oliver, she’s willing to pay the price I’m guessing a price higher than she ever expected,… that can never end well.

But I do think we will have an Olicity moment. A small bit of light shining on the dark… it’s enough for me, after pitch night even the light of a small candle feels like the Sun.

Originally posted by v-lucas

Why do I think we will have an Olicity moment? Because last episode was so unbalanced, last episode was pure Dark, pure Oliver; the writers need to get back on balanced ground with all their storylines moving forward. And Olicity is a key storyline.

I’m excited for the episode. I can only see things progressing and Oliver will grow and be different and Felicity will go down her path and also be different. And that’s why I love them, they evolve, they develop… 

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Character Analysis 3: Maddie Fenton

following up with another one of my favorite ladies: maddie fenton. i have a few posts about her already: x x x x

maddie is such a mom and she loves being a mom - she has her own life and hobbies, don’t get me wrong, but she’s there for her kids. there’s actual evidence from the show that she was involved in her kids lives and stepped back as they became more independent. she knows how balance her own life and her family life and also knows how much interaction each family member can tolerate. (jack needs constant interaction, jazz wants minimal interaction, and danny wants almost none.) 

she’s crazy intelligent, hard working, and humble. she knows jack sometimes takes credit for the things she designs or makes, but she also knows he does it for attention not for the actual credit. she still gets annoyed about it and talked to him about it, but she doesn’t openly correct him anymore. but when jazz suggested that she try for that article of genius monthly (or whatever it’s called), she was completely surprised by the idea that she would talk about herself like that (and was extremely pleased when danny got a highlight instead). she doesn’t do the work for credit or acknowledgement, she does the work for her own personal reasons (whatever they may be). 

she also has an interesting range of skills including martial arts, mechanical and electrical engineering and design (in multiple fields), theoretical physics, medical emergency response, and so on. she never stops learning and finds a way to make everything relevant to her work.

another she, that woman is patient and you can see that come across in everything she does. she doesn’t get frustrated when a project isn’t working out right - she keeps working on it or steps back. she is patient with her family and her kids’ friends and she listens to them. she may dismiss an idea but that doesn’t mean that she didn’t hear it in the first place.

she’s also forgiving - but only if it’s deserved. maddie didn’t forgive vlad for his actions in maternal instinct (even if she never told jack about it) until after he saved danny’s life in reign storm. even after that, she was wary of vlad and her relationship with him was never the same - but she still forgave him.

jack and maddie also have a very loving relationship - it’s actually the only relationship in the show that is actually mostly healthy. they have their issues (who doesn’t) but they know how to give and take and they also know how to communicate. 

maddie is a naturally kind person who doesn’t let herself get taken advantage of and puts effort in all of her interests. she has faults - she can get sucked into whatever she’s doing to the point where she checks out, or she can get a little too protective when fighting ghosts, but she’s mostly a good person. i’m a little surprised that a lot of people want to display her as the one who experiments on ghosts because usually it’s jack who is doing that (but she is the scarier one so i get that i guess).

I was going through all my unfinished and rejected text files (there’s… quite a few). So, instead of leaving them to collect dust on my computer, I decided hey, why the hell not. Think of these as the roughest of rough doodles. Doodles that might be missing hands. Or are all drawn in side-profile. Most of these are NOT finished.

This one in particular was an AU in which John had died and his ghost latched on to Karkat.

At first Karkat thinks he’s going crazy.

It hit all of them hard. Fuck, it hit him harder than expected.

It was John, of course it’d hurt.

John had represented a lot of firsts and even more lasts, but Karkat hadn’t been stuck on a comet with John for three years, hadn’t talked to him over pesterchum for ages, hadn’t gotten the chance to grow close to him. He’d grown to feel a lot of things about John, scattered all over the goddamn emotional spectrum at that, but not close in the way a scene in a certain movie made Jade cry, even if it was a comedy. Especially if it was a comedy. Dave stopped drinking apple juice, Rose stopped smiling, altogether.

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hi could you do an ethan x reader one where the reader is asexual but they're scared of telling ethan because they don't want him to think they're weird or break up with them

I sure can!! Please enjoy 😊😊💕💕


- Pacing back and forth, being as it was a hard thing to talk about

- You still love him, but you don’t know how he’ll feel

- Hands shaking, replaying what you’ll say in your head before you talk to him

- Crying cause you’re stressing out so hard

- Eventually calling him in and sitting him down

- Telling him that you’re asexual but you don’t want to break up

- ‘So what’s the problem?’

- Totally unfazed, he doesn’t judge you

- Choir music

- Hugging him and just thanking him repeatedly

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"don’t think she fully understands the important place that fanfics hold in fandoms and especially LGBTQ" IA w whole post but this, Lauren actually rb'ed on feb 2015 ~talk about gay fanfics as a good thing coz there is no positive representation as u said and we should go write our stories themselves ssweet-dispositionn(.)tumblr(.)com/post/111979624991/my-mom-giving-me-realistic-life-goals She didn't mean RLS, but i feel hurt/disappointed coz Camren was obvsly real, hope C is ok w L's behavior

If she really understood she wouldn’t have chosen those words - but maybe she was being really impulsive like she can often be and didn’t think things through - I think Lauren has a really hard time handling being a public figure, and I think it’s gotten even harder because of the mgmt’s demands. 

anonymous asked:

Can I get angry at ableism and homophobia etc. in media I consume without being "entitled" or an anti? I realize that a lot of this media is symptomatic of society, not the other way around, but it's kind of hard not to have feelings when things seem to attack the very nature of what I am

I think you can definitely get angry at media you consume! I even think you can talk about it! Feelings are a thing, and humans have them, and they don’t go away because they are inconvenient.

Where I see the problem is that I think people use feelings in ways they’re not supposed to be used. People get wrapped up in feelings and they forget what a creator is, it seems to me. That’s weird to say but here’s what I mean:

Making a thing takes work, effort, and time. Most people who make things have many long years of no one liking the things they make, and working very hard to improve. Then one day a powerful person called a Publisher gives you an in! And you get to try to sell the thing! And make more things!

Also, maybe this lessens when you get famous and start having to write things just to sell it, but… making things feels a little bit like making kids, in a way. There’s part of you in it, offered up to the world. You make yourself a little vulnerable, revealing through what you draw or write what matters to you and what you think about it, at least a little bit.

Critics of media, on the other hand, tend to have a view of creators that really doesn’t jibe with my experience. It seems like they think creators have the world handed to them, or at least that the creators they’re mad at must. So anything they say is fair game. They don’t have to ask themselves if the creator has a mental illness, or if they finally made it after years of soul-crushing despair. The Thing hurt them, End Of.”

And even if the answer to all that is no, they still don’t seem to realize the thing took work. That making it meant investing in it. That being told it’s nothing more than bigoted garbage means that projects that may have taken years of your life were pointless and silly. Humans are finite beings, and you’ll never get that time back, but it doesn’t matter, because watching one episode means I can tell You’re A Bigot without ever meeting you or bothering to ask why you wrote that scene that way.

I don’t know if it’s still a thing these days, but also, there was a while back where people had a serious bee in their bonnet about how people apologized. It had several steps:

  1. Explain in enough detail what bothered people to prove you understand the complaint 
  2. Do not defend yourself by citing what you intended, even if you can clearly see why people took what you wrote a certain way and you meant something entirely different
  3. Say you are sorry
  4. Promise never to do it again
  5. Follow through on never doing it again, even if you honestly believe the whole thing is a misunderstanding

That’s messed up. For a whole host of reasons. The simplest being “that’s mean” and the more complex being “wait, any time a writer tries to ask a complicated, thorny question, it’s likely to touch sore spots. That might even be part of the point. Do you mean to be saying art needs to be simple, because it sure seems like the upshot of what you just said?”


Here’s what I’d say to someone who goes and reads my novel and it triggers them, or they think it’s homophobic or ableist or whatever, and this is deeply upsetting or even hurtful to them:

Please go ahead and tell me.

But when you type up that email, please remember that I’m human. 

That I’m both disabled and queer myself.

That producing it took a lot of work.

And, especially, that NO ONE caught the bigotry–not me, not my betas, not the team of readers that chooses what to accept, not my editor. In light of that, please don’t assume I am just stupid. 

If many people didn’t catch it, it is possible that we are all unobservant, yes. But it is also possible that there is another way to interpret what you are reading. Please at least consider this.

And while I know that feeling like something is “attack[ing] the fundamental nature of who I am” makes objectivity hard, please try not to be mean.

The Blackest Day

(Request: hellooo, could you write an imagine based on Lana’s song The Blackest Day? (Daryl x reader) )

Note: Enjoy

Warning: mild angst

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Ever since my baby went away
It’s been the blackest day, it’s been the blackest day
All I hear is Billie Holiday
It’s all that I play
It’s all that I play

You lay on the hard prison bed, crying yourself to sleep. You had a talk with Daryl today. You should have waited to talk to him about how you were feeling. He had come back to the prison distraught over Merle’s death, and then you had spoken to him about your relationship. He took it all the wrong way, throwing things across the small cell as he thought you wanted to break up with him.

“You wanna do that shit to me after I lost my brother?” he shouted, clearly hurting inside.

You tried to tell him he was getting it all wrong, you didn’t want to break up but he wasn’t having it. He shoved his things in a bag and moved to a different cell, and now here you were, lying alone in a cold and hard bed.

Because I’m going deeper and deeper
Harder and harder
Getting darker and darker
Looking for love
In all the wrong places
Oh my god
In all the wrong places
Oh my god

You spent the next few days trying to cover up your pain by hooking up with different guys in the prison. It wasn’t going well. You tried it with Rick, but it was awkward as he had just lost his wife, so you respected his decision to not do anything just yet. Glenn was already taken and all that left was Carl, there was no way you were gonna try anything with him, that would be sick. You sighed as you gave up trying, wishing to be back with Daryl. You tried to approach him a few times but he either just brushed off your presence or walked away.

Carry me home, got my new car and my gun
Wind in my hair, holding your hand, listen to our song
Carry me home, don’t wanna talk about the things to come
Just put your hands up in the air, the radio on
Cause there’s nothing for us to talk about
Like the future and those things
Cause there’s nothing for me to think about
Now that he’s gone, I can’t feel nothing

You were told that you would be going on a run with Daryl one morning. You hesitated before nodding your head and walking outside. You saw him leaning against the car waiting for you. He said nothing as you approached him and you both got in the car. Halfway through the journey you opened up the window, letting the wind blow on your hair and face, cooling down your heated skin from the Georgian sun. You looked over at Daryl who kept his eyes glued to the road. Your eyes roamed down his muscular arms and landed on his hands. You remembered a time where you would hold hands in the car while going on runs, but those days were over. The silence was growing thick between you and you had enough of it. You turned the CD player on in the car and waited for the first song to come on. You heard the familiar words and rhythm of the song that you and Daryl used to make out to. Old memories flooded into your head as the song continued to play. None of you said a word throughout the whole song, both of you remembering past times. That’s when you realized there was nothing left for you two to talk about. It was over and you had finally come to accept that.

enter21  asked:

Thought of another question. And again feel free not to answer or direct me to another post. At what point did the boys become exclusive? Have they always? Did they ever talk about it? I know they become serious around year 2? or just knew how deep the trust they were both in. Hugs!

Hello again and thanks for the questions!

I’ve always made it a point in the actual story line to highlight how much they haven’t really talked about things like this up until now. 

They have joked about being boyfriends and partners, but up until before they ran away it would have been very hard to talk about seriously because it would have hurt too much. Wanting the only thing they couldn’t have kind of deal. Plus I don’t really think they need to talk about things like how serious they were when their actions and feelings were changing to reflect it - I don’t really like to spell things out with words when it comes to this sort of thing. 

It’s more this shared morality that if you’re ‘dating’ someone as they were in their own sort of way, then you don’t see anyone else, because I imagine them both to have high moral standards in that regard. 

What if a giantess is unintentionally scaring a tiny lady she just stumbled across in her home? The lil woman tries to run and hide while the giantess is on her hands and knees trying to catch the tiny. It’s sort of like a game of hide and seek, only this isn’t a game and the tiny woman is actually running for her life. The giantess has no intentions of causing any harm, but that is hard to tell when there is a rather large woman trying to grab you.
After many failed attempts, the giantess finally gives up, but she is quite upset. It breaks her heart realizing that the tiny woman is afraid of her and is trying to escape.

( fearplay is one of my most favorite things pls message me / talk to me about fearplay and such. pls and thank u )

Hoop Madness

Happy Birthday  @sushisecor! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Originally posted by mostly-jensen

Yawning, you glanced at your watch. Only an hour had passed, and you were not even close to cracking the case yet. As Sam and Dean continued to talk to the parents of the victim, you turned your attention to the little girl sitting off to the side of the porch, a hula hoop in her hands.

She seemed so lost, so scared and forgotten that your heart broke for her. It was her sister that had been killed and you knew that it was hard on her.

Sitting down next to her, you were about for a moment, just letting her get used to you being there. Slowly, you began drawing her into conversation, talking about the only thing you could think of, her hula hoop.

“I used to be pretty good at that, once upon a time.” You told her, watching as her interest sparked. “The champion of the playground, if you would.”

“Really?” She had asked, looking up at you with her big, blue eyes.

Nodding your head, you took it from her, showing her that you still remembered how it worked. It worked, and soon she was giggling as you moved your hips, keeping the hula hoop going.

As you smiled back at her, you caught Dean staring at you with an unreadable expression on his face.

Later that day, you relaxed in the hotel room as Sam and Dean went on a food run. Sitting up when you heard the door open, you couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that he was carrying a sparkly pink hula hoop.

“Dean, why do you have a hula hoop?” You asked, climbing off the bed, as he tossed it your way.

“Happy Birthday princess. Saw you having fun with one back there.”

“Is that the only reason?”

“Nah. I enjoyed watching the way you moved your hips.” He admitted.

Tossing it back to him, you winked at him. “Well now it’s your turn. Show me what you got.”

Standing there with your arms crossed, you watched as Dean pulled it over his head, settling it around his waist, moving it back and forth. “Come on, don’t tease me.” You told him, just as Sam walked into the room, his hands full of fast food bags.

“Really Dean? A hula hoop?” Sam asked, rolling his eyes. Tossing the food onto the table, he headed straight for the door. “Let me know when the two of you are done playing.”

As soon as he was gone, Dean swirled the hula hoop, and you laughed as it did nothing but fall to the ground. His hip movements had been jarred, not smooth at all.

“Here, let me show you.” You told him, moving to take the hoop from him. With a sudden movement, Dean had the hoop over your head, pulling you to him, before pressing his lips to yours.

“Hmm. Maybe I should keep one of these things around.” He said softly, keeping you trapped with him in the small circle.

Happy Birthday from @katymacsupernatural

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Beck,,, I am anxiety,,,,, could u give some comfort hcs about pidge?????? Pls and thankie 💙💙💙

Of course my friend, I love you <3 

Pidge really likes cookies, and she used to make peanut butter cookies with her family all the time. It was a big ordeal where they’d all get together and make them and when they were done they’d sit on the couch and watch a movie while they ate the cookies. 

Pidge and Matt shared a room together, they had a bunk bed and sometimes they’d just sit at night and lean over the edges so they could talk until they fell asleep or their parents came in to scold them. They liked talking about space. 

Pidge and Shiro sometimes sit together on the couch and Pidge will be typing away on her tablet and Shiro will just sit there and watch her and it’s kind of a comfort thing to be in eachother’s presence, especially at night when they both find it hard to sleep. 

Lance and Pidge have a sibling bond that often has them laying on top of eachother when they’re relaxing and reading or sleeping or something and it’s just this unspoken comfort that they like to be near eachother. 

Pidge secretly likes when Coran ruffles her hair and he notices she would smile when he did it and one time she thought he was gonna ruffle her hair and he didn’t and he noticed she was visibly upset so now he tries to ruffle her hair more often because he likes when she smiles. Pidge likes it because her dad used to ruffle her hair all the time. 

I hope these help! <3 <3 

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am i the only one who doesn't see yoonmin happening IRL? i really love yoonmin as a concept bc jimin and yoongi complement each other so well and are so cute together but jimin always seems to have moments with jungkook, v and jhope and yoongi always seems to have moments with jhope and jin... I MEAN NO OFFENSE TOWARD YOONMIN i'm just curious why it's the most popular BTS ship

:,( x100

but tbh no hard feelings bc you’re allowed to feel whatever way you want about them!!! i know what you mean about jm/yg having lots of obvious moments with other members; they’re lowkey for sure, but i think once people get into them they end up noticing things like yoongi complimenting/taking pics/writing songs for jimin, yoonmin always mentioning that they’re talking/hanging out off camera and going to yoongi’s house (sry i’m still not over this lmao;;)

in my personal Yoonmin™ experience, i think the initial appeal to them can be that whole yin-yang thing they seem to embody? ex. high voice/deep voice, sunshine/darkness, athletic/lethargic, bright/cynical, etc. (in reality though they’re definitely more similar than they seem)

“opposites attract” couples like yoonmin are destined for epic romeo-and-juliet-esque angst fics but also meet cute fics where badass, tattoo artist yoongi dotes on soft, cafe barista jimin….. …  [slowly opens ao3]

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And the thing is louis would probably be ok with getting less attention himself because he's a really fucking good person. But this should go both ways.. people always talk about pick someone supportive and i always see louis being supportive and standing up for everyone and very little in return. Just because he'd be ok with cutting back for others doesn't mean others should be taking him up on it? Why can't anyone put him first? I'm so frustrated

He’s just that selfless I know which is why it’s so hard to see everyone else move on and have good things while he’s still stunting and being smeared in the media. It breaks my heart.

Frenemies//Part 4

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After spending the night wrapped in Spencer’s arms, it was hard to think about anything besides him. His warmth, his soft skin, the way he would run his fingers though your hair. His lips, oh his lips.

“Hey, wonder girl, genius, Mrs. Reid” Morgan said finally catching your attention, snapping you out of your daze.

“Excuse me?”

“Well, that last one got your attention, how was it?” Morgan said flashing you his mischievous smile.

“How was what?” you wanted to pretend as if you didn’t know what he was talking about, but you knew there was only one thing he wanted to know about.

“How was sleeping with Dr. Reid?” and there it was the million dollar question.

“Seriously Morgan there is a killer out there and you’re asking how sleeping with Spencer was? Is that all you can think about?”

It was all you could think about, but he didn’t need to know that, no one needed to know that. Suddenly you realized that Spencer was right. If the team ever found out they would never let you guys live it down.

But there was nothing going on right? You guys didn’t even have sex. It wasn’t official, was it? Suddenly you came up blank when you tried to answer that question. Just because two people say they like each other, okay love each other that doesn’t automatically make them a couple, or does it?

As soon as Spencer walked in, you sat up in your chair, and began to look through the files you had already memorized. Morgan noticed your sudden change in behavior but decided to save it for another time.

“Did you guys get anything?” Morgan asked as the rest of the team made their way into the room.

“Yup, Stephen Meyers, the only connection between our three victims” JJ said placing the photo on the board.

Finally maybe there will be an end to this case after all, “So where is he?” Morgan asked. “Garcia is looking into that right now.”

The phone rang drawing everyone to gather around the table, “Tell me something good baby girl” Morgan said playfully.

“Well you definitely top that list my lush chocolate–”

“Garcia, Stephen Meyers, do we have an address” Hotch caught her before she could finish.

“Yes, Stephen Meyers, I have an address, sending it to you now!”

Finally there was going to be an end to this case. Everyone split into two cars, you went with Morgan and Emily while Hotch was with JJ and Spencer.

You followed Morgans lead as he quickly got out of the car reaching for his gun, “Doesn’t seem like anyones home but, let’s find out” and just like that Morgan kicked the door to the ground. This trick never got old, and boy was it useful.

Morgan went left into the living room, as you turned right into the kitchen, the other followed up stairs. The light brightened the dark room as you quickly surveyed it. “Living rooms clear” you heard Morgan yell.

Just as you had opened your mouth to answer Morgan you felt a sharp strong piercing page on the left side of your leg. You looked down to see your hand already filled with the blood spilling out of you.

You fell to your knees as another shot was fired. Then another, and another, until you completely blacked out.

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Alec how're things with you and your muma? X

Alec - I don’t want to talk about it.

Magnus - Alexander, I know you don’t want to talk about it, but I’m here. I’m here for you, and you don’t have to face her or deal with this alone.

Alec - I know… It’s just- It’s hard.