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THIS JUST IN @crabbngs Kiri confirmed by independent science to be the softest substance in our known universe. more at eleven

Read Kings of Sorts, your day will be brighter

I made a high(er) def. Daraya because the cowards at hiveswap refuse to upload a quality jpg (it’s also transparent)


Had to get a doodle out at least of this guy, like geez. I’m shocked there hasn’t been much art of him (or so I have yet to see yet, if there is a lot more out there). I’m relaxing and going practice doodles tonight to wind down, but yeah! 

You know what’s cute?

Venom not actually knowing how to tie a tie.

You know what’s even more cute?

Kaz tying a tie for him one handed with the same proficiency he disarmed that one kid with, because V actually has to wear business attire for once.

*vinyl scratch*


(By the way, I was the mysterious artist anon ehehe X3)

(This is my first time drawing anything cyberpunk-themed so I hope it turned out ok?)

I hope you like it!

(I also hope you get better soon!)

Eyyyyyyy. Meet Shapherd. The guy with a mechanical arm and the most badass coat I’ve ever seen. (Nikki and Ffinli have competition now) Also he’s the second tallest.

Hey folks! So I mentioned a few days ago that I finally bought photoshop, and to celebrate, I’m doing icons again! 

want one?

  • reblog this post! (even if you don’t want one, if you could reblog this post to spread the word I’ll love you forever!)
  • send me an ask with a detailed description of what you want (bonus points if you include a screenshot for me to work with!)
  • check out my icon page which has a bunch of awesome icons of game of thrones ladies!
  • as always, please credit me if you’re using them!
  • I’ll only be making icons on weekends but feel free to send requests during the week! Just be aware that it won’t get done till the weekend. 

I’ll make icons for the following fandoms (but I could be bribed coerced into doing them for other fandoms)

  • harry potter
  • game of thrones
  • the bold type
  • voltron
  • yuri on ice
  • bts

icon dump below the cut!

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anonymous asked:

This might be really weird and bizarre but I was totally in love with the 'fox neck sweater' you made for TS3 years and years ago. I was wondering two things: if you still have it somewhere, if you could convert it to TS4?

lmaoo omg it’s not weird or bizarre i’m totally flattered you even remember it tbh ^3^ but i have it only as a download on my mediafire, i don’t have the psd of it or anything saved if that’s what you mean. as for converting it omg i don’t even know how to recolor or make poses or even play the game yet so i’m afraid i don’t know how to go about converting it, i’m sorry! <3