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Not sure why I feel such a strong need to say this NOW but:

Magic doesn’t come from herbs or symbols. It doesn’t come from semi-precious stones or funky colored candles.

Non-witches use those things all the time, sometimes on a daily basis, and never really do magic using them.

Someone who doesn’t BELIEVE in the healing properties of Rose Quartz won’t benefit from them. Someone who doesn’t believe that burning a green candle can bring luck and money won’t draw those things to themselves by burning a green candle.

The magic comes from YOU. Your belief in those things is what allows them to work. Herbs, fancy candles, stones – those are all conduits and boosts for your own, innate magical power.

Do certain herbs and stones have innate power? Yes, I believe that they do. Certain days have power, certain phases of the moon have power. Not necessarily because I believe those things (aside from the astronomical/cosmological stuff like eclipses, solstices etc.,) have innate power, but because many people, over a long period of time, have believed that those things have that specific power.

However, I also feel that YOUR personal associations with a plant, stone, color etc., can override those because YOU are the one doing the magic. It is YOUR ENERGY being channeled through that particular conduit, after all. How could it NOT have some effect on the way the magic works?


This is as close as we got to cute Easter pics this year because Hubert was actively trying to eat all the cute stuff I was posing him with in the beginning😂.

🐰💚💜Happy Easter, everyone! 💜💚🐰


-that funky ass beat at the start
-dream kids on the floor looking like they’re spazzing out but actually dancing really well and Jisung slaying his solo dance 

-Jisung spacing out is that cutest damn thing

-CHOREO ON FLEEK (serving kinda that VIXX Error move)


-the footwork is so adorable ogmgmogmogm
-all of them are shook, same tbh 
-“let’s talk about love, let me talk about love, yeah I’m talking ‘bout chu, yeah I’m talking ‘bout chu" 
-the moment they all realized that the cup was open for anyone to grab and they decided the smartest thing to do was run for it 
-okay no but what happened to the cup 
-tell me how many times renjun had to retake this scene cause he kept dropping the broom (?) 


-look it’s haechan swimming in our tears

-look they’re throwing me out the window


-LOOK AT THESE CUTIES THO (no but all of them look so attractive wowowow) 

-Tell me how many times renjun had to retake this scene because he couldn’t slide in the proper direction/almost hit his head on a table 

-not gonna lie, my heart jumped a little at Mark + human anatomy mannequin
-everyone is doing something but Mark and Jisung are just screwing around lmao
-DID THEY JUST DO THAT GRIND ON ME MOVE THO. HOW DID THEY GET THE STRENGTH TO KEEP DOING THAT (I mean they had to retake the video a bunch of times) 

-I’m really loving the amount of solos Jisung has

-it’s like woodwork but they do it with cardboard cause they’re still too young to be in a workshop lmao 


-it would have been so shocking if that dude was one of the other NCT members omg 
-everyone’s so upset but Chenle’s still having the time of his life. “Who cares about her when I have this cardboard car hell yea”  or he’s just smiling thru the pain

-okay but this was cute overall omg kill me
HTGAWM's Aja Naomi King Plays Coy About Dating Alfred Enoch

How to Get Away With Murder fans have really been shipping Aja Naomi King and Alfred Enoch.

We’re talking about a real-life romance.

And Ms. King is doing nothing to quell the hopeful whispers that really took off earlier this week when King posted a pic on Instagram of her and her parents visiting with Enoch in London.

I caught up with The Birth of Nation actress last night at The Hollywood Reporter’s Most Powerful Stylists dinner and asked if she wanted to clear up any of the dating speculations. After all, Enoch was photographed just last month apparently kissing a mystery woman believed to be his girlfriend during Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

“I would like to clear up nothing,” King said with a big smile and a big laugh. “People could think what they want and I’m going to let them.”

She then laughed some more. “He’s a beautiful man and I think I’m quite a lovely young lady,” she said.

Too cute—but what a tease!

King captioned the photo of her parents and Enoch, “Had the best time in Paris and London. Another great adventure with the people I love most in the world!!!”

“My parents love Alfie,” King said. “They do. They do.”

Getting used to hearing him talk in Great Britain took some getting used to. “It’s so weird,” King said. “When he was here, he would only speak with an American dialect. It’s really startling. So when I called him for us to get together in London, I was like, ‘Where are you doing? Talk normal. Stop speaking in this weird accent.’”

Love life aside, King attended THR’s dinner with her stylist Tara Swennen. The actress looked perfectly chic in a butterfly print Roland Mouret dress and Jimmy Choo heels. She credited Swennen for “nudging” her out of her comfort zone when it comes to fashion.

“I’m such a sweet girlie girl and I like that she edges it up a little bit. She’ll so some really funky things with me,” she said. “Make it a little more va-va-voom. Make it a little sexier. It’s nice.”

something i think about a Lot is how i want more fantasy that’s just. fun. that’s lighthearted and exciting and atmospheric and above all filled with joy. like ghibli movies, like stardust (my Personal Headcanon version of stardust that marries the best parts of the book with the movie), like parts of avatar the last airbender

where good wins over evil not through terrible sacrifice and tremendous battles and hardship, but through kindness and gentleness and good-ness. or where there is no “evil” and the journey is about discovering and uncovering and exploring yourself, becoming the best you you can be under the circumstances you are given

where it isn’t the Entire World at stake, where every adventure isn’t full of mortal peril and enemies around the corner, where the world feels like it’s beckoning you

come on! the road is waiting for you! see what’s out there! go, go see!

vld characters meet the sorting hat
  • pidge: the hat hasn't even touched her head before shouting "slytherin!" her hufflepuff brother claps and cheers from his table, happy to see his little sister in a place where she can follow her dreams.
  • keith: much like pidge, the hat almost immediately decides he's a gryffindor. lance watches jealously as he's loudly accepted by his new housemates.
  • hunk: another very quick decision, this time for hufflepuff. he goes to sit by matt and waves at pidge and keith, on opposite ends of the room. lance is cheering the loudest for him.
  • shiro: the hat takes its time with him. "you could go far with slytherin," it says. "no thanks," he replies, thinking of keith. "gryffindor," he silently prays, figuring someone needs to be there to keep keith in check. "interesting," the hat says. "ravenclaw!" it announces finally, much to everyone's surprise. keith, matt, pidge, lance, and hunk give him a standing ovation. shiro is confused, but not disappointed. he takes his seat, smiling graciously at the people who greet him.
  • lance: the hat is silent for a long time. "gryffindor, gryffindor, gryffindor," lance whispers to himself. "why?" the hat asks. "it's the best," he answers. "hmm," says the hat. "why not slytherin? your ambition could take you far." lance scoffs. "no. no way. that's the lame house. sorry pidge," he adds, though she can't hear him. the hat is silent for several moments. "then i suppose you'll have to be... RAVENCLAW!" this surprises everyone, but shiro, pidge, matt, and hunk all applaud for him. he goes to sit by shiro at the ravenclaw table. he wonders if he's really good enough to be in ravenclaw, let alone the same house as his hero. but as time goes on, he settles in and proves himself to be a true ravenclaw.

When ur chunky asf but it’s okay bc you still manage to squeeze into your house😅


it’s still munday anyway and i got a few of the first results from yesterday’s photoshoot!!! these were from the very first set we did so im still a little bit awkward and stuff, but there’s a bunch more to come!!

i LOVE how powerful my thighs look in the second one lol, while i always considered my thighs to be my most hated bodypart…

More details on this mural thing in Limerick (via Limerick Leader):

“Limerick hosts ‘monster mural’ for Gorillaz global campaign”

'LIMERICK city has been chosen as a prime location to promote an upcoming album by world-renowned virtual band Gorillaz.

As part of a unique global campaign for the new album Humanz, Steamboat Records was tasked by major label Warner Music with delivering a “monster mural” along Limerick’s riverfront.

Mark Carey, owner of Steamboat Records, said that this project is a “big coup for Limerick”. The giant graffiti piece is on the wall outside the Riverpoint building, by Shannonbridge Roundabout.
“We work with Warner and all the major labels, and Warner are doing preparations for the Gorillaz’ new album launch, which is called Humanz. And they wanted us to do some funky things to create a bit of hype for it. And this is part of their overall global marketing campaign, and they are hoping to plan these kind of things in a few cities around the world,” he told the Leader this Friday afternoon.

“We said: ‘Yeah, we can make that happen. We can get it done quickly, and really well.’”

The image depicted in the city centre is of fictional Japanese lead guitarist, Noodle, and is featured on the album’s front cover and music video ‘Let Me Out’.

Mark commended Limerick artist Steve O’Donnell for delivering the project in the space of 24 hours. Mr O’Donnell operates his own street art-graffiti business in Dublin, All Out Design.

Steve, who described the project as a “monster mural”, posted on social media: “It was an absolute joy to work on this one. Everyone seemed to enjoy it just as much as we did painting it! Constant well wishes, beeps and even a few cheers throughout the day!”

Mark added: “The Riverpoint is such an iconic building in the city, and it works well for two reasons; it is close to where we are, and it represents the future of Limerick.”’

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Emmm something about them being the tallest couple in history??? Like when all of them have a group hug they kiss over their heads cuz they cant help themself??? or something something ... thank you for all the fics and like thoughts you have :))

….the tallest……couple….in all of history??? you’re right??? anyway i’ve been thinking about this a lot anon since you sent it in and i have gathered that this is where their tallness gets them:

  • sometimes it’s the Best, because they can literally get away with exchanging exasperated glances with one another (alright, isak’s usually exasperated, even’s mostly always mildly amused) over their friends’ heads and none of them will notice because they’re in a whole different atmosphere tbh
  • sometimes it’s the Worst, because they’ll be kissing softly in the kitchen, being cute and whispering sweet nothings to each other and block out the entire world until they hear noora clear her throat like, “uhm, hey guys”, and it’ll burst their bubble and she’s kinda standing there sheepishly
    • and she’s like “sorry sorry i just,,, can’t reach the cinnamon could one of you maybe get it for me”
    • and isak is both embarrassed and irritated, embarrassed because he can’t believe they didn’t notice noora just rummaging around in the kitchen and irritated because gdi noora why are you so short he was havin a Soft Time
    • (even’s usually the one who’ll get the Thing for noora, because isak’s too  busy either covering his face or glaring, depending on his mood that day)
  • someone always fucking asks how “the weather up there” is and isak will always roll his eyes and even will always answer, unironically, that it’s “just peachy thanks, what about down there??” and isak will never understand why even humors them
  • you’re right though, they so do the Kisses Over the Others’ Heads thing, mostly just to bother them though. i mean obviously they love kissing each other, but they don’t do the PDA thing too often, so like, it usually goes like:
    • one of the girls (vilde, it’s usually vilde) will purposely stand between them during a Group Hang and talk loudly about how they’re the First Real Gay Couple she’s ever known, and how she absolutely loves gays!!!! and the rest of the group are like wow she’s being problematic,, but no one says anything because eva is there to defend her would-be gf
    • so as she talks loudly about All the Things her and “evak” do together (which,,,, aren’t many but vilde likes to embellish and even tells isak to let her have her fun because he’s a fucking prince that’s why) even’ll just kinda,,, lean a little over her head and isak knows what he’s tryna do so he’ll lean back and give him a kiss, then another, then another, and they’re just little pecks until vilde kinda drifts off
    • and she’s like “are they kissing rn” and the rest of the group snickers like “yep”
    • and she sighs because she should know better by now it always happens and she moves out of the way and by now isak and even have already moved away from each other, isak looking smug, even looking amused, and vilde’s like “you guys could just tell me to move you know”
    • and isak’s like “not as fun”
  • sometimes it’s ridiculous, because they’ll go to the bathroom together at some random restaurants and they’re too fucking tall for the stalls, so even’ll just kind of look over at isak standing next to him and grin widely like “soooo do you come here often” and isak is so embarrassed by his boyfriend
    • especially when there’s someone else in the bathroom. because this doesn’t deter even, nope, if anything it just eggs him on further
    • “i didn’t catch your name??”
    • “even please”
    • “even please, wow, what an interesting name, is that foreign? you look foreign.”
    • “even can i just. can i just take a piss in peace.”
    • “hello, sir?? did you know this beautiful boy next to me is foreign”
    • (isak’s not sure how they haven’t gotten beaten up yet???)
    • even’s cute about it for the most part though, he’ll make a whole show about how beautiful the boy in the stall next to him is, make a whole backstory, flirt with him while he’s literally taking a piss and interrupting isak’s own (he’ll blush and sputter and hiss at him to shut up, god dammit) 
    • and then other times he’ll be embarrassing and look over at isak’s stall, right at his private parts, and just click his tongue and say “nice”
    • no matter who is in there
    • with absolutely no context
    • isak hates him but he loves him so much
  • being tall boyfriends is also a nuisance with their normal-sized shower, since they’re just tryna do funky things in there sometimes but one of them will always hit the showerhead and at this point they’ve started to ignore the fact that they always come out of there bruised, because they’re busy tryna do something else and that just fucks w their adrenaline,
  • group hugs are definitely awkward because they can see everyone from where they are and who is hugging who the hardest and sometimes it becomes gossip
  • they don’t have enough leg room when they’re having a movie night with the others so they’ll kinda end up awkwardly sprawled against each other, legs tangled, tryna find a comfortable position that also doesn’t look kinky ((though isak’s pretty sure the rest of them do it on fucking purpose just to see him squirm))
  • so yeah being the Tallest couple in all of history has its drawbacks,,, but isak’s just glad he found someone taller than him to love, ‘cause having a crush on jonas for a while made his future look pretty effin uncomfortable
  • ((and he’ll kill you if you tell, but he likes feeling small around even,, just kinda. his hugs are great and he loves it when even rests his chin near the top of his head and it’s. it’s good. he loves tallness more than he hates it sometimes and he’s grateful for it, even if short people do act indignant when isak ruffles their hair and tells them to watch out ‘cause he heard it’s gonna rain down there just to hear even laugh))

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@ that "can you draw many spocks" anon: can you pretty please draw more of spock in leggings + "babe" crop top? it's beautiful :>

here u go spock anon!! and thank u ♡!!(˘▽ ˘  )

if there’s one thing i lov it’s boys in crop tops excuse the funky colors and shapes i think ive been watching too many fashion week shows <:’’

Northern Downpour (Calendar Business demo)
Panic! at the Disco

I feel like this version of Northern Downpour is not talked about enough, if at all, in the Panic bandom. Let me list the differences between the studio version and this demo version. I’m not going to add the alternative version into the equation… Too much to talk about in too little time. 

1) In this version of ndp, Brendon sings the entire first verse, pre chorus, and chorus. Due to the fact that Calendar Business cuts off this demo to splice it with the studio version, we do not know if Ryan gets to sing melody in this version of the song. 
2) There are several note-able (ayy) differences in the melody itself. The first difference is noticed off the bat, as Brendon slides down to an F on “dream” of the first line. The second being that “to the sea” is A-C-Bb rather than A-D-C. He continues this pattern as he descends again on “be.” He ends the phrase a third lower than he does in the studio version, ending on a D instead of an F. “Foreign tongues” follows the same melody as “to the sea.” “Tripping eyes and flooded lungs” is the same as the studio version, but on “Northern Downpour sends its love,” Brendon descends to the D as before, but then swings down to a C. The rest is the same as the studio version until we encounter “weathervanes” which has changing notes, as apposed to the studio version. Specifically, it goes A-G-F on “vanes.”
3) I’m not going to get into rhythm, as it’s not my strong suit. If someone else wants to talk about it, just add it to the post via reblogging, or shoot me an ask and I’ll add it and cred you. 

Honestly, I really like this version of ndp. I’m sure it’s harder to sing (as we all have the studio/alt versions already in our heads, and plus the A-C-Bb thing is pretty funky), but with Brendon playing the toy piano (off his keyboard), it holds its own lovely charm. If you want to hear it from it’s original source, and not my crappy computer recording, click here to view Calendar Business. The demo is around 8:50 until around 10:04.