things that are clothes

I wish I could be like a Star Wars animated character and just have one outfit perfectly and impeccably made for me, a bunch of copies of that outfit, a couple of variants of that outfit for Cold, Undercover, Fancy etc, and just wear those until I have Character Development that necessitates a new outfit.

I’m a very blunt person and that makes the world view me as a cunt. Like I’m not gonna sugar coat shit for you. I’m gonna be straight forward and tell you how I feel because fake shit is a waste of my time and so are you.


Sick Viktor | Pt. 6 Mama Yuuri edition
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well this took longer than it should ^^; meet my new Ocs!! Salus and Andrea!! i haven’t fully developed a story for them yet (actually i have but im afraid some might say its pretty dumb ;v;) and i might make more comics about them soon!!