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Bts Reaction: Their gf is small and fiesty and someone flirts with her so she sasses them


A/N:So i didn’t want to make the reader be mean to a random guy cause it makes no sense for them to be so mean to a guy that could be really nice about it, that being said imagine the sleaziest guy you can think of while reading these please


You were waiting for Namjoon while he went to the bathroom after the both of you enjoyed some nice time together in a cafe

You were waiting in the booth the both of you were sitting in when a guy that you had caught staring at your for a while sat across from you and you internally groaned

What the guy said:
“You know, you look a lot like my next girlfriend, why don’t we go back to my place? ” he said cockily

You scoffed and laughed and at that precise moment Namjoon came back and walked up to the table throwing the guy a questioning look

“Yeah and you look just like the guy in about to turn down two seconds from now” you said with mock sweetness

Namjoon put two and two together and figured the guy tried to flirt with you. He chuckled slightly and tried deciding whether or not to let you tell this guy off like he knew you could, but his possessive side took over and he pulled you up and out of the booth and to the exit


being Namjoon, he absolutely could not leave without rubbing it in the guys face that you were taken

“Nice try but, up guess she’s just not interested

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You and Yoongi were at your favorite local coffee place. It was all going pretty normally until some sleazy guy decided to come up to your table and flirt with you in front of Yoongi

What the guy said:
“Hey sexy, I saw you from other there and I was wondering if I could put you on my list of things to do tonight?”he said, completely ignoring your boyfriend

You could feel the anger bubbling inside you at his crude statement

Yoongi remained quiet and took a sip of his coffee but by the look in his eyes you could tell he wanted the kill this guy as well

Granted, he WOULD have, but he knew you hated when guys like this flirted with you so he knew what was coming.

“Oh no Yoongi looking at this guy reminded me that I forgot to take out the trash this morning” you pouted

Yoongi held back the smile he so desperately wanted to show just to go along with what you were doing

“Mm it’s okay Jagi we can go do that now” he said while taking a final sip of his coffee to get up and hold his hand out for you

“Oh here you can have this, cause you sure as hell ain’t getting my girlfriend” Yoongi said while handing the guy his unfinished coffee

You gladly took Yoongis hand and pulled him to the door laughing the whole way

“I’m so proud of you”

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Now you didn’t want to be mean to this guy, but he really was the most sleazy dude you’d had the misfortune to come across.

You and Hobi were doing some shopping and he’d gone to go find some snacks he’d been craving for a while now

You were thinking about what to buy when you felt someone rub your shoulder as they passed by

Thinking it was Hobi you didn’t say much but when you realized it wasn’t you immediately moved away and gave the guy a dirty look

After turning him down as politely as you could he still wouldn’t give up and unfortunately Hobi was nowhere to be seen

You started being a jerk to him so he’d leave you alone and the guy immediately got defensive and started calling you a bunch of names

It started to get intense but you stood your ground of course, and Hobi came back at this precise moment:

“I heard life’s a bitch just like you” the guy scoffed

You laughed in his face and clapped back:

“Oh really cause I heard it was short just like your dick”

Hobi stared at the both of you in shock and dropped his snacks before going over to pick you up before you clawed the guys eyes out

He didn’t need to know what happened and hey he felt like punching that guys lights out but he also couldn’t help but laugh at what you said

“Damn girl why you so feisty”

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What the guy said:
“What do you say you ditch this guy and come home with me instead? I’m sure we could find something fun to do” he said while failing miserably at winking

Jin just chuckled quietly and you looked at him while trying to hold back your own laughter.

Jin found the whole thing amusing to be honest. The notion that this guy actually thought you would leave him was quite comical

Jin would have interfered of course if you felt uncomfortable in any way but the both of you were laughing at this sleazy guy that dared interrupt you date, so he wanted to see what you would say:

“Look dude, obviously I’m with my BOYFRIEND, and honestly, the only way you’re gonna get laid is if you crawl up a chickens ass and wait”you said

Jin was still chuckling when the guy left but as soon as he realized what you said he gave you a weird look

“Hah yeah that’s right! A chickens- wait what?”

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You were waiting for Jimin to come back from the bathroom. You were just standing there scrolling through your phone when you felt a not so accidental grabbing of your bottom

You quickly turned around and saw this guy eyeing you like you were a piece of meat

Jimin came back and eyed the guy while he gave his cheesy pick up line

What the guy said
“I know you! Judging from that body you’re the girl of my dreams”

You held Jimin back a bit so he wouldn’t fight with the guy and stood your ground

Yeah well that sounds more like a nightmare to me"you said while eyeing him coldly

Jimin kept his deadly stare on the guy but as soon as he heard your perfect comeback his smile came back and he pulled you away while giving the guy a smug look

His kissed the palm of your hand while giving the guy a dirty look

“My Jagi is so tough”

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You and Taehyung were out and about on a date and the both of you were laughing at just about everything as usual.

It had been a while since the both of you got to spend some time together so you didn’t appreciate it when some random guy sat next to you while wrapping an arm around your shoulders

What the guy said:
That’s a cute dress. It would look even better on my bedroom floor.he said while being uncomfortably close

Taehyung was always super possessive of you so the look he was giving the guy was deadly

You managed to rip the guys arm off you and push him completely off the chair and onto the ground.

“It would also look fabulous jammed into your windpipe. Leave. ” you said in a serious tone

Taehyungs eyes widened and he knew the guy had just unleashed the beast. He needed to get you out of there but he just kinda froze and watched you go off

“Damn through his windpipe?”

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You were coming back from the restroom when you noticed some guy looking like he was undressing you with his eyes

You sat across from Jungkook but unfortunately that same guy didn’t get the hint that you weren’t interested and he walked right up to you

What the guy said:
“Damn baby a man like me could show you a real good time”

You scoffed and threw him a dirty look while looking across at Jungkook who was clenching his fist, angry at the fact the guy would ever try to flirt with you

Jungkook was about to say something but you beat him to it of course

“You know, I’d LOVE to see things your way, but unfortunately I can’t stick my head that far up my ass, sorry” you smiled

Jungkook knew he should probably get the both of you out of that situation but quite frankly he couldn’t help but join in on your roast session

“Exits that way buddy”

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