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milliebobbybrown: These moments make me grateful for everything I have. Give your friend or family a hug. Don’t take things for granted because in this life it can get taken away. Thank you to everyone who came and saw me at #icc2017 💜

Negative Moon Sign Traits

This is obviously about the moon signs but you can check your sun and Mercury signs too because there are a few traits that work for all three. Also check your dominant sign (or the sign you identify with the most).

Aries: They can be unbelievably selfish. They may take it as a personal offense when they don’t get what they want. They reject and resent criticism, and can’t stand to be told what to do. They repress their emotions and might try to look cool and collected, only to unexpectedly lose control of their anger at the most trivial things. They want to do things their own way. They refuse to take responsibility for their flaws or accountability for their mistakes; their defense is to blame others. They can be pitifully immature, especially when arguing, and are often very petty and sometimes violent.

Taurus: They are extremely stubborn and refuse to give up on conflicts they don’t believe they’ve won. They want to prove their point and they want to prove it effectively, and since Taurus are so driven as a Fixed sign, they will continue to press the issue relentlessly. They are stuck in their ways; they want to do things the way they know and the way they believe works best with little room for development or suggestions. They are excessively conservative, both in their lack of progressive thinking and their tendency to be overly humble. They are easily stressed by unpredictability and very resistant to change – sometimes even the positive kind.

Gemini: They are prone to excessive worrying and nervousness, and may come across as uptight because of it. They are the moodiest moon sign and endure rapidly fluctuating emotions which they often have a difficult time expressing, so it is confusing to the people around them – it is also confusing to themselves, and they may not always know what’s going on inside. They are exceptionally restless individuals due to their combination of curiosity and susceptibility to boredom. They find it strenuous to settle down, and thus lack the ability to relax most of the time.

Cancer: They are often quite wrapped up in themselves. Their great potential for empathy is not commonly exercised to its full extent as natives of this placement are usually too caught in their own emotions to think about that of the people around them – in part, that is due to the intensity of their feelings, but it is also because they can be rather selfish. They are very manipulative. They hold onto their memories so tightly that they cannot let things go and continue to feel hurt about things that should no longer matter. They often feel taken for granted. They find it difficult to confront others, and are often especially self-pitying or prone to playing the martyr.

Leo: They want to be liked and seek approval from others. They may rely too much on validation of their identity and emotions. They need a lot of attention and they are easily offended by a lack of it or by negative feedback. They are very perceptive to how others view them and may be deeply affected by negative opinions/criticism from people they care about. They are very sensitive but they dislike it/don’t want to admit it so they sometimes try to be cold. They can be very self-centered and might fail to see someone else’s side of the story. Oftentimes, their main priority is feeling justified.

Virgo: They are the easiest moon sign to annoy. The tiniest thing can ruin their day, and they take their irritation out on other people with their sharp tongue or sour attitude. They get unreasonably upset when they don’t get their way. They either have their heart set on things too soon and are frequently disappointed or they refuse to get their hopes up and are thus rarely excited about much – no healthy medium. They are mercilessly critical of and extremely quick to blame themselves. They find it excruciatingly difficult to forgive their own mistakes, and maybe even that of other people.

Libra: They have a habit of lying or pretending to be/feel something false either to protect themselves, to avoid something, or to keep up a facade. They may seem fake for this reason. They often put the wants and needs of other people before their own to the point of being cruel to themselves. They are afraid of causing chaos or disharmony so they internalize their negative emotions, bury their discomfort, and try to forgive people who don’t deserve it. They give too many chances. They are overly concerned with being in the right, so they constantly question their own intentions and morals.

Scorpio: They have extreme trust issues and frequently disregard the privacy of others, as their suspicion urges them to intrude on the person in question. They must know as much as possible about everyone else but they refuse to open themselves up, and are usually too secretive for their own good. They have a tendency to isolate themselves. They have obsessive or addictive personalities, and the worst part is that they are constantly at risk because they seek out self-destruction, whether consciously or not. They need emotional drama and may hurt others or cause issues on purpose to get it.

Sagittarius: Their need for personal freedom is so potent and distinct that they might actively avoid any person or situation in which there is the possibility of feeling caged. They have a tendency to disappear without warning because they desire to know, to experience, to go. They are particularly restless people. They can be very blunt and insensitive, and often blind to their own wrongs because they want so badly to be right. They can justify anything they do if they think hard enough, and frequently do. They are extremely indignant. They can’t stand to feel controlled, and they have a tendency to overreact.

Capricorn: They have a hard time taking risks and would prefer to stick to the security of what is already tried and true. They seek safety in routine and tradition. They bury their emotions and always try to seem calm, cool, and collected, but usually just end up looking cold and indifferent. They can’t allow themselves to loosen up because they’re excessively concerned with rules and order, especially when it comes to themselves, because they are critical of themselves and won’t tolerate their own failures or shortcomings. They can be very controlling, because like to have power over others.

Aquarius: They are so set on being objective, intellectual individuals that they forget about (or more commonly, obsessively bury) their feelings. They see emotion as a weakness and therefore go out of their way to avoid it. They want to be different from other people and might build their identity upon the need for originality rather than their true selves; alternatively, they might be too afraid to stand out, so they go against their nature and follow society’s patterns, which is detrimental to them. They often play devil’s advocate. They have a habit of isolating themselves and detaching from their interpersonal life or dynamics because they want too badly to be independent.

Pisces: They often lack the ability to say “no” and may let others use them. They excessively sacrifice their own needs for that of their loved ones, and find it hard to stand up for themselves. They frequently feel used and walked on but fail to recognize that that is a by-product of allowing people to take advantage of them. They might lack self-control. They easily get lost in their own worlds and lose track of reality. They are extremely sensitive and take everything too personally; the other side of their admirable empathy is a tendency to get genuinely hurt over the misfortunes of others.

There are good people in your life; they’re just dressed in casual lives you’ve never thought to question. They’re hidden in between things you’ve taken for granted, in people you met but never took the time to know, in short answers you never looked into, in classmates and mentors. There are good people, once you’re ready to look beyond. Open up your eyes.
—  Dana S.
Open Letter to All Fic Readers




Stop commenting “Update please.”

Be it with a point or a thousand of exclamation points. It’s just… No.

I personally just feel like a fanfiction machine when you just urge me to update faster, even if I know you’re telling me this because you’re really into the story and all but? If you’re really going to spend time commenting…

Can’t you add something about what you liked most in the chapter? Or the story?

Adding “please” to your request doesn’t make it more polite in any way.

Like, seriously.

I’m going to update. Of course, I’m going to. So what’s even the point of your comment if not to be rude as hell and require from me to publish faster for your own greed like yo. Yeah, sure I’m gonna update but? Show a bit more? Gratitude? For the work? I’m doing? As a writer?

It’s like eating your goddamn meal and just handing out your plate to me say “More.”

If you’re going to comment on someone’s fic and ask them to update, at least add a compliment or a feedback about how great they did.

Give a constructive review.


It’s a rare opportunity for me to be surrounded with one of my favorite companions, the cosmic realm. When I unexpectedly had the chance to connect with them again, I maximized it to the point that I forgot the things that I had to do instead of stargazing and contemplating about life. But I guess it’s just a matter of how I see it but I know that this particular night made me realize so much about life.

Diving into the vastness of the universe, I’ve come to realize a bunch of ideas and scenarios that I know exists at the back of my mind. That night, these thoughts haunted me again. They’ve been wandering with me throughout this journey but I was too busy focusing on other things. Sadly, they get taken for granted for I only look at what’s in front of me. I let myself drown in the impermanent.

One thought that punched me in the gut is this: We’re all different from one another and we have our own pacing. It’s okay if you’re not in sync with your peers. It doesn’t mean that you can’t keep up; it just means that it’s not yet your time to bloom. But trust yourself, in the right time, you will. You can and you will.

I actually waited for the sunrise and admired how the sky turned from a shade of blue to yellow. I absorbed this majestic moment and this is where I realized that I am happy and content. Despite the roller coaster ride with what’s been going on, I managed to say those words in my mind. I don’t know how or why, but I am. I guess the busy routine life is just getting in the way of it. But on the greater scheme of things, I am grateful and content.

No matter how things get tough, I know deep inside that I am where I want to be and it’s just a matter of working even harder to move along the right path.

im looking at you rpc

stop making graphic commissions if you don’t have permission to use those resources. With resources I mean fonts, textures, stocks etc. This is SPECIFICALLY meant for those who ask real money for their graphics.

No, I don’t care about the whole “BUT I NEED MONEY” because it’s not an excuse. You can still be a decent person and ask for a permission if that’s what you need. In most of the cases these people say it’s okay to use their resources free for PERSONAL use but NOT FOR SELLING. Usually, these makers ask for some type of payment if you’re using them to make money. You can’t just go to google, pick a picture you like and use it in a graphic someone is paying for.


Why do I care so much you might wonder?? because the people who make these things shouldn’t be taken for granted. Making fonts, textures and stocks might be a way for someone to earn their money. And whenever you’re taking them without even reading their rules on how you can use them, YOU ARE HURTING THEM. ONCE THEY NOTICE YOU’RE TAKING SHIT FROM THEM FOR FREE TO SELL THEM THEN THEY MIGHT STOP MAKING THESE RESOURCES.

Not only that but it’s a legal thing too. You don’t just go to some store and instead of grabbing the free sample, you take the whole product that you’re supposed to pay for.

Be decent to fellow content makers. Please.

people celebrating the boy scouts’ inclusion of trans boys (and the girl scouts inclusion of trans girls) really just illustrates to me the serious problems with trans activism wherein the fact that these institutions enforce gender roles and limit what girls can do in terms of being outdoorsy and learning practical boyish skills isn’t a problem at all as long as it’s not discriminating based on birth sex. like, the goal of trans activism is just to shift misogyny and restrictive gender roles to the “right people” not based on birth sex instead of actually abolishing misogyny and gendered oppression. it’s disturbing that this sort of thing is seen as progress and it’s taken for granted that girls shouldn’t be able to be in boy scouts and do boy scout things 

So late, a response to @rebelcaptainprompts‘s prompt “Serenity”. Really just an excuse to write a Firefly AU…

“We’ve got a job,” Jyn announces as she walks into the hold of her ship.

As it turns out no one but Baze is there, and he just grunts, there’s less impact than Jyn would have wanted. Luckily, no one is there but Baze to notice, and he’s busy working on his guns and not going to say anything, so she rolls her eyes and keeps going through the hold. Her hands run over the railing of the ship as she goes; her fingers come off grimy, but she can’t help her smile. Her ship. Beaten and almost broken and running on fumes sometimes, but it’s her ship.

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The realization that she may love him, that she is even interested in him, is one that Ryder is slow to make.

He is alien, other, even from someone who comes from a galaxy populated by the other, from a ship crewed by a Turian and multiple Asari, a Krogan who grumbles in the kitchen and tells war stories during the long interstellar night.

He doesn’t seem to like her, at first, barely tolerating her questions, of which Ryder has many. Too many, if she listens to what Jaal complains about, but he has just as many for her, pointing to things on the ship she has taken for granted, facts about her own biology and culture that she takes as a given and trying to puzzle them out. He can’t even shake hands, when they first meet, and the ice between them thaws a few days later when he tries to teach her an Angaran clasp while she tries to teach him to grasp her palm firmly, to pump her hand up and down but not so hard that it feels like it will be pulled from the socket.

His eyes are nice, she realizes that day. They remind her a bit of a cat, but they are intelligent and clear, and there are so many shades of blue within them that her own feel inadequate. Then she blushes and looks away, and asks why her face turns pink. Her answer is a lie, and they both know it, but he doesn’t press her further.

On Voeld, the cold cuts through her suit, seems to get into the cracks around the Nomad’s door, getting through life support to blow on the back of her neck. Jaal surprises her then, handing her a flask of something warm and bracing, something that lights up her throat and her stomach as it slides down and seems to fill her with inner fire. It is Angaran, and safe for her to drink, but he only has a limited supply and she takes careful sips until he encourages her to finish it, saying her skin is too thin for an environment his kind is adapted to.

They exchange flirtations as he warms to her, and she to him. She proves herself to the Angara slowly, destroying kett and assisting where she can. She does it to win their goodwill, out of an earnest desire to help him, but some selfish part of her mind whispers that she also does it for him, so that he’ll notice her and smile at her, so that she can look at his eyes again and not feel so self-conscious. She’s not skilled at love and romance, and feels it keenly every time they talk, every time that she stammers out that she’d like to spend time with him, this time alone.

Then comes the moment where they face Aksuul together. There is a gun to Jaal’s head and everything comes into sharp focus. She can’t lose him, not now, not like this. Not when there are moments their hands touch and they smile, but don’t break away from each other. Not when Jaal sneaks into her dreams and gives them a hint of hope that she so badly needs, that same hope she has to transmit to others to keep them all going. A whole galaxy resting on her shoulders; is this so much to ask for?

The gun is pointed at him and every situation flashes across her mind in an instant. Trust. She has to trust, but to trust is so difficult. She trusted Alec, and so much of what he said were half-truths at best. When the gun fires, her trust crumbles to that last single rock, but the rock is stronger than the rest of them and she waits, watches his blood spill but sees how superficial the wound is and she can breathe again.

Afterward, she touches his face, her fingers light just below his wound, and every touch says “I think I love you.”

I have a lot of problems with this post, and the zillions of other posts like it, but I think one I’ve just identified is the treatment of things like redemption and narrative sympathy as a zero-sum game, things that can only be granted to one group by being taken from another group. 

Because, yes, our media landscape does have a big problem with denying the same complexity and capacity for redemption to women and people of color that it grants to white men, both by creators and by fandom. This is an important conversation that we need to have! But the way it so often happens is that there arises this idea that to defend women and people of color, it is necessary for white male villains to be punished, for their trauma to be invalidated, and their capacity for good to be denied. 

And that’s not how it works! It’s GOOD that fiction allows us to sympathize with people who do evil, and shows us the capacity for internal change. The problem is that that kind of depth is only granted to a narrow group, not that it exists at all. We ought to be advocating for more redemption arcs, more narrative sympathy, not putting down the ones that do exist in an effort to transplant them elsewhere. 

What Can Your Zodiac Sign Offer:

Originally posted by everyhtingslove

Written by Zodiac Society ||

ARIES: As an Aries, with your tough and can-do energy, you offer people motivation and support to pull themselves together. You give others the ability to be courageous and to have a thicker skin in order to survive a very tough world. You energy is inspiring and offer people vibrant and dynamic conversations because plain conversations simply bore you. People shouldn’t expect you to play games with them, you super  straightforward because you see games as a waste of time, and time is important to you! You are generous almost to a fault, but you will stand up for yourself and chew people out if you find yourself being used for your generosity.

Generous, Enthusiastic, Exciting, Motivational, Straightforward 

TAURUS: One of the best things you offer others is dependability. You are a shoulder to lean on for many of your friends who feel down on their luck even if they have upset you a few times. You are a consistent friend, and comforting others come easy to you because you know exactly how to comfort yourself. People can expect practical and realistic advice from you because you will make sure it is well thought-out before giving them your suggestions. You offer people, friends especially, a fun laid-back energy whom they can trust through and through. Your patience comes before the storm of your anger because you need to take time to figure out if it’s worth getting angry about– surprisingly, this is something positive that you offer others because you do not act unless it’s something that you will not regret doing. You offer genuineness. Your sureness empties you and people of confusion.

Dependability, Genuineness, Nonjudgmental, Comforting

GEMINI: People will never get bored with you. You lighten people’s day and your cleverness rubs off on them! You offer too much different things to the table that people will always come to you for some change of pace, some excitement, variety, and a fresh day. Your open-mind lets people feel understood and accepted, you have no stubborn bone in your body except for actual facts that you know– and you know a lot. You store an array of trivia and knowledge that you’ve picked up along your changing passions in life. People can come to you for almost any thing because you know it all, and if you don’t know, you’ll go and find out right away because you just need to know! You offer others clever and lively conversations that have a life of it’s on– others will find themselves talking about something they would never talk about to others or find the topic turning into something weird and crazy. What you don’t offer people a mind-numbing conversation, you’ll say something so “wrong” just to create a little energy going. Another thing you offer is your wide range of friends, you have so much, and you love sharing them with everyone and connecting them together or even playing match-maker.

Liveliness, Variety ,Cleverness, Trivia, Friends

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The Audition

FINALLY!! I finished :D Sorry it took so long and I really hope it was worth the wait :) FEEL FREE to leave feedback.


A woman living at the Sanctuary goes to try and convince Negan to take her in as a wife.

You put the finishing touches on your face and fluffed your hair as best you could. You gathered you looked as good as you possibly could in such dire times as this. Letting out a sigh, you run your hands down your sides and smooth out the dress you were currently wearing. It was light blue with short sleeves, that hugged your body down to your waist then flowed out at the hips, stopping about mid-thigh. The top had a scooped neck which bared just enough cleavage. It wasn’t the most tempting dress, but there were such slim pickings at the commissary. Hell, you were surprised they even HAD dresses. Not the most practical attire during the zombie apocalypse. Neither were the lacy black boy shorts and matching bra you were wearing underneath.

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Just here imagining

Belle & Adam snuggling and watching the sun rise. Belle says she and her father used to do that all the time. Adam says it’s just one of many little things he’s taken for granted but now wants to enjoy, especially with her.


Sirius Black + Aging

Years had passed between them, and in that time they’d both seen so much. Too much. He’d rotted in azkaban while she nursed her broken heart; and they’d both felt the hardships of the war. Briefly, she remembered the rows, and that anger they’d both had- but all that seemed less important now. They’d been young, they’d been foolish, and they’d taken things for granted. They’d taken each other for granted. The time they’d spent apart had long ago healed old wounds, but still the words stuck in her throat as she took in every piece of him, from that unruly black hair to the long, elegant fingers that had once tangled in her hair as he held her. 

He’d changed. Of course he had-  she’d expected that. He was older, more worn, and she knew that she was too, with a thinner frame and streaks of grey glinting in her hair. But her Sirius would never mind… if she could still call him that. She waited impatiently for him to say something about her showing up out of the blue, to scream at her for leaving… but still he said nothing. Just stared. She wondered, painfully, if he was broken after so long in that awful prison- and her heart clenched. If only she’d known. If only she hadn’t fled and she’d stayed, she would have been able to prove his innocence, to save him… but she couldn’t mull on that thought. She’d spent far too much time beating herself up for it. Her fingers clawed at her cloak, nervously, as they gazed at each other, and doubt trickled into her heart… but then, suddenly, she saw it. Deep within his old, grey eyes, that familiar twinkle glowed. It was quieter now, duller almost, but that didn’t matter. Tears formed in her eyes, and she felt her heart began to beat painfully. God, it hadn’t done that in so long. She’d missed the feeling of her pulse racing as she was glued to the spot by his presence, and those eyes. They gleamed with that youthfulness that he’d possessed since the day they met, and with fondness, and with laughter, and with, what she hoped was, love.

“Sirius.” She whispered. 

And Sirius Black smiled his first real smile in fourteen years.