things suddenly started to make sense

Well, this is annoying


So I’ve been working along as usual and minding my own business, and suddenly my left eye starts doing that thing that the retinologist has warned me needs to be looked at pronto if/when it happens. (Briefly: my eyeballs are too round, if that makes any sense, and I’m now at more or less constant risk of one of my retinas detaching without warning. Whoopee.)

So there goes tomorrow, and most of the next day, in terms of work, because now I have to go up to town and have an eye ultrasound and a pressure test and a retinal inspection and all the rest of it, and I have to have the magic eye-dilating junk put in my eyes, and all in all it means a day away from the computer, PLUS 24-36 hours of The World Is Blurry And I Can’t Work Or Read. 

This is going to play merry hell with the IE2 launch, as these are exactly the days when I would have been formatting and uploading the ebook files to the server in preparation for the previously scheduled release on the 9th.

Therefore, with the greatest regret, in order to make up the time lost to this little intraocular temper tantrum, I’m going to have to reschedule the launch to (formerly Tuesday the 12th, now – due to continuing trouble on the eye front) Friday the 15th. (Please don’t panic, it’s nothing drastic, just having some unexpected eye medication issues.)

If you’ve prepurchased the ebook, I’m so damn sorry about this delay. I’ll be doing an update to the placeholder file early tomorrow anyway, so you’ll have a good chunk of words to be going along with until Tuesday.

But my apologies again.

…Meanwhile, in an unrelated incident, I also broke my favorite Sherlock mug. :(  Nothing to do with the eye problem as such: but getting it out of the microwave I banged it against a nearby electrical fixture, and it flew out of my hand and smashed itself to bits on the counter. And it can’t be replaced, since CafePress got stroppy about things tagged “Sherlock” and required the design to be retired.

So I haz a sad as well as a pissed off. What a lovely day.   :/

(But my apologies again about the ebook delay. Dammit!!)

enochmandus  asked:

Oh yeah- I was talking to momtaku recently about how there's whispers around the fandom that Zeke's familial relation to Grisha is more along the lines of father and son. Which sounds farfetched at first, but when you actually start to think about it- suddenly it makes a terrifying amount of sense. It would explain Zeke's confusion (?) and hesitation when he finally confronts Eren. Because I'm pretty sure that if you found out you had a long-lost half brother, then it might be a shock.

I was actually wondering about the same thing! Wouldn’t the story be exciting if it was the case? I would’ve preferred the good old brother feud but this is very, veeery interesting.

Since @yusenki mentioned the translation notes in this post and since @ningen-suki reported the Japanese fandom actually speculating on whether Zeke is related to Eren or Grisha, the thought began to grow on me.

We don’t know how Grisha is, but considering how old he was when he was approaching the walls, there’s a possibility for him conceiving another child. The main reason why he wouldn’t look as old as he seems would be because he would have been in the same state than Ymir:

Ymir explaining her situation to Bertolt - Ch. 47

Wandering outside of the walls as a mindless titan for decades, long enough for Zeke to grow the beard. Meaning Grisha would’ve send his son… kill his own son? Talk about a throwdown. That would mean Grisha wouldn’t have be able to bear the guilt of killing his other son, so he’d send his younger brother do it for him.

While this is in the realm of possibilities, something… doesn’t sit right with me.

Especially the given details about Zeke’s face in comparison to Grisha. I believe Eren tried to fit the pieces of the puzzle when Zeke talked to him and the first thing he was reminded of, looking a Zeke’s face, was his father and not him:

Zeke being compared to Grisha - Ch. 83

From this panel alone, I can pick several elements pointing to them being extremely familiar: the shape of the nose, the chin, the forehead and the most important detail in this picture: the eyes. There’s the glasses as well, as Grisha and Zeke seems still to keep their sight problem despite shifting healing wounds. In contrast, Eren never developed sight problems (I don’t know if the time of injection plays a role in this).

The only two memorable times where Eren’s facial recognition were correct were between Annie and the Female Titan and between Historia and Frieda.

Frieda (left) and Historia (right) - Ch. 53

Yet Eren managed to make a connection between Historia and “the girl looking like her”, despite the two of them sharing only a father, which seems to suggest Zeke and Grisha have bonds closer to brotherhood than parenthood.

The second argument are the implications of the kind of father Zeke had. In chapter 81, the fact Erwin is sending his soldiers to the slaughterhouse made him livid, because he knows the idealists take everything too seriously. According to the depictions of Grisha in chapter 71, he… looks like more of a lighthead than the kind of people Zeke describe. 

Zeke getting upset upon remembering his father’s ideals - Ch. 81

Alternatively, the latter’s behavior when he was injecting Eren would prove the first theory instead of debunking it. And since Grisha associates the survey corps to freedom, despite learning they’re actively sacrificing their lives for advancement, that could be part of the “idiocy” Zeke identified in his father. 

Zeke could be talking about his and Grisha’s father, assuming the two of them are brothers, and him trying to convince Eren how much he’s been lied to could be synonymous of Grisha being influenced by his father way too much and therefore passing his influence on his son, making the whole dialogue more spiritual as it could be theorized Zeke wanted a different path from his father.

This is very confusing but I definitely wouldn’t exclude the possibility of Eren and Zeke being brothers. Quite the contrary. :D


When I first started watching it, things and lines would happen where I’d be like, “Well, that doesn’t make any goddamn sense, but whatever, everyone involved is clearly having a good time here. Sulu’s gay, right. I’ll take it.” BUT THEN!

Other stuff happens! And suddenly!


IN RETROSPECT, EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED IN THIS MOVIE MADE SENSE. (The Simon Pegg touch, probably–afaik everything he touches is like that!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • sciencey bs

yall better appreciate the hoops i had to jump thru to get this damn thing converted to the proper format for this goddamn site

so @lordsmellymort @infatuatedinnsmouth and i were talking the other day about how the star systems for denduron and eelong make no goddamn sense. like, three suns? that all work the exact same as one would here on good old earth? sun belt??? s un belt??? ? ?? ?? ???

basically we were dragging dj machale to hell and back over how he seemingly couldnt science his way out of a paper bag, and it was great fun until

my dad comes in and i tell him about it, then suddenly he pulls the science out and starts explaining how yeah, some of this bullshit isnt actually as bullshitty as it sounds? and he gave me some examples on how some of it might work in the real world??

basically on the car ride to dinner i asked him to explain all the shit so i could share with yall just how awesome and knowledgable my dad is 

Anything that helped you realize you’re not cisgender in some way is a valid experience. No matter how minor it might seem to anyone else, or even you.

I started to question my gender when I googled “what does gender feel like”, not paraphrased. Results said things like “Doing this activity makes me feel like my gender!”

My response to those anecdotes was “Wait… what?” And then it made me question my gender. I realized I didn’t feel any male/female things. Signs of dysphoria suddenly made sense: I didn’t think they meant anything before. Things clicked. I thought to myself that I might be something other than a girl in the past, but I didn’t think that was an option for me. When I realized not being a girl was indeed an option for me, calling myself non-binary in general felt RIGHT.

My point: this experience probably seems like a petty way to figure out I’m non-binary. But that is exactly what happened. And again, anything that helped you (=the reader) realize you’re not cisgender in some way is completely valid.