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"I can't let you do that."  (a Walking Dead ficlet, Caryl + Tara + Morgan).

I don’t even know what this is, guys.  Speculation?  Wishful thinking?  I really don’t know.  Just me working through some dialogue prompts trying to shake the writer’s block dust off, and I guess I’ve been reading and checking out too many filming spoilers/pics, lol.  This probably has literally zero basis in reality, but eh.  I don’t care.  Anything that gets the creative juices flowing again can’t be all bad, huh?  I’m not 100% happy with it, but then again, I never am, lol. 

Just a moment in an alleyway. 

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Thanks you guys! <3 Hmm for non sped up videos I’ll probably post them either youtube or on my facebook (since tumblr doesn’t allow videos past a certain length) and then have a link? Like I’ll post the sped up version here with a link to the non sped up version for peeps who are interested in that. I’m gonna go make a buffer (heh) of videos and I’ll start posting them in… two weeks? 


I came upon a post back then where it said “If you can live in any fictional universe, what’ll you do” or something like that, with a mild consequence inserted somewhere in there, but who cares? If I’m in Bullworth, this’ll probably be the first thing I’ll do. It’s a win-win situation, really. I can’t see any problems here (except that I might get expelled an hour in for harassing everyone).

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Ooooo give the details about your boy

WELL. we went out to karaoke after dinner and i sat on his lap the whole time and he held my hand so i think that’s a sign???? also whenever i said i was thirsty he got me a glass of water. and then later when everyone dispersed, he helped me walk to my tram stop (i was literally holding onto him bc my heels are super high) and waited with me again for 30 minutes for my tram to come. and he told me that the reason he would’ve had to leave my party early was bc he’s supposed to take his grandma out to lunch the next day but was like “i guess i can function on 3 hours of sleep.” and he said he would help me decorate before my party bc i need his height to hang up some stuff hahaha. but yeah, idk things are going well when we see each other but he didn’t text me all of last week so i’m kind of like… what’s the deal. like i know he’s busy but what’s. the. deal.